Jessie Kowalski at Walt Disney World

Perhaps anticipating a need to escape all the crazy Big Brother drama on Twitter, BB15 HG Jessie Kowalski headed south for the happiest place on Earth. No wait, that’s Disneyland. Okay, so she went for the “Most Magical Place on Earth” and it looks like she had one heck of a time there on her trip.

No sightings of other fellow Big Brother HouseGuests on this trip, so yeah no Juddsie fun, but with several of the HGs embroiled in Twitter flamewars or heading west to support an awesome fundraiser we guess she made this journey on her own.

Well, not entirely on her own. Jessie toured Epcot with a beer as she advised there’s no better way to start your visit than with a beer from Ireland’s pavilion. Sure enough, there she is getting her beer, then heading over to Canada, and finally we even see an appearance at Mission Space. That’s one long-lasting and well-traveled beverage!

So yeah, this is a fluff post, but who doesn’t like Disney World, right? Check out the pictures below of Jessie’s fun. It makes me ready for another trip to Orlando!

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