Jeremy McGuire celebrates Christmas

The Big Brother HGs were busy this Christmas sharing pictures and fun on Twitter and Instagram. We collected up a handful of photos in the gallery below for you to see what some of them were up to for the holiday.

We found Jeff Schroeder hanging out with his family. Helen was enjoying a dinner party and time with her kids. Aaryn got in the spirit by dressing up as a giraffe. No clue on that one. Another mystery is why Jeremy is wearing those wreath glasses!

Jessie caught up with her family as did Judd in a string of photos he shared featuring him with family and friends. Elissa even posted her family Christmas card.

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We will keep looking for more pictures and post what we find. Hopefully all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Now it’s time to get ready for New Year’s coming up very soon. Which Big Brother HG, from any season, would you most want to party with for the big countdown to 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Update: More Christmas pictures added from past Big Brother HGs.

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Source: Twitter & Instagram


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