Big Brother Encourages Derrick: Call It ‘Backdoor’ – But It’s Not

The Houseguests on Big Brother 16 have been working toward a goal for days now: evict Devin, but nothing is that simple especially with a player as strong and capable as Devin Shepherd. The situation called for a special approach, the ol’ Big Brother Backdoor.

When A Backdoor Isn't A Backdoor On Big Brother
When A Backdoor Isn’t A Backdoor On Big Brother

Here’s how a classic “Backdoor” works on Big Brother. You’ve got a powerful target that you fear could win Veto and take him or herself off the block and avoid eviction. So, you don’t give the target that chance. You use two pawns as nominees with the intention of replacing one of them at the Veto Ceremony with the original target who now has no choice but to face the eviction vote.

3 required elements: An original target not nominated; Does not participate in Veto comp; Renom’d to face eviction vote. Simple enough, right? Not anymore thanks to changes in the game.

Back in the day the HGs had the choice to pick Veto players, but eventually production changed that to a blind draw method to avoid complete control and keep some chance in the game. Once that change was put in to place it became that much more difficult to implement a Backdoor. The target now had a chance at being drawn to play for safety even if they weren’t originally nominated.

This week the HGs tried for a Backdoor, it didn’t happen. Devin was drawn to play in the PoV comp, but they lucked out and he lost. Devin will most likely get evicted, but it won’t be a Backdoor.

Why not a BD? Devin had the chance to compete for the Veto and secure his safety, just as he would have if he were originally nominated, something the Backdoor is designed to avoid. It’s the entire purpose of the move: no escape, and it didn’t happen. The intended “bypass” of the process failed and so it’s not technically a Backdoor anymore.

Last night, Flashback to 9:01PM BBT Cams 3/4, Derrick spoke with Frankie and Victoria about the situation. Derrick questioned if this would really be a Backdoor as a few days ago he pointed out it was not technically a Backdoor anymore. Now he has been told in the Diary Room that yes, he should call it that anyway. Production loves a good story line and here it is.

But hey, if we’re just throwing around participation trophies for “close enough” then lets congratulate California Chrome on his “close enough” Triple Crown win even though he didn’t get that pesky third step win at Belmont.

Credit & thanks goes to @BBFeedster for the heads up on Devin’s discussion.


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  1. I bet Production is going to subtly plant seeds in HG’s minds to try to keep Devin around for the sake of dramatic television.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they try. Devin has made for fantastic entertainment, but I’m guessing the HGs will recognize the value of this opportunity and nab it while they can.

      • He could of been this season’s Amanda, Frank or whomever to cause drama for the majority of the season. As we’ll all miss him telling us he has a daughter that’s for sure.

      • I’m still thinking Devin might not get evicted as the HG’s could suddenly realize they could get out Caleb who is the stronger player instead. Not saying it will happen, but this is Big Brother, pawns go home.

      • One advantage in keeping Devin might be that he would continue to be a bigger target than most anyone else would be, say if someone OTHER than Devin became the next HoH, the others could rest easier knowing that more than likely another attempt might be made at getting Devin out of the house.
        I still hope that Devin is evicted, though!

  2. So if it’s not technically a backdoor, would it be called a blindside then? It seems to need a name to avoid further confusion.

    • Let’s just call it an eviction! People are reading way too much into this “backdoor,” and “blindside,” issue!

    • Yes it does need a name, but not a backdoor, nor a blindside considering Devin played in the POV and he knew the plan almost from the start. A blindside is evicting a player that didn’t see it coming at all. You see blindsides in Survivor.

    • I’m no expert by any stretch, but I believe the diff between a backdoor and a blindside is (or could/should be) that backdoors happen to unfriendly targets, whereas a blindside would happen to an friendly houseguest/alliance member who would have no reason to expect it.

      Maybe we should call it…..a backside….an attempted backdoor/blindside that failed, yet the houseguest gets their arse booted out the door anyway? lol

    • Nah, it wouldn’t be a blindside either since Devin definitely knows what’s going on & is anticipating his eviction. Gotta keep the player in the dark for it to be a blindside.

  3. In my opinion, if the houseguests can pull this off with evicting Devin, then I tip my hat to the house for the plan. However for the record, no its not a “backdoor” since Devin played in the veto and I think that that’s a good thing because Devin can’t say a word, he played, had the chance to win and save himself and that’s it.

    But we will see if all this comes true as this is Big Brother and pawns do get evicted.

    • Absolutely. It’s a big move and a very nice feather in Derrick’s cap for the game. Definitely quite the achievement especially for Donny who beat Devin out to make it happen.

  4. Meh, the definition of words changes. I find the pedantic nit-picking about the definition as annoying as those who technically misuse the word.

  5. I think the term for a player that is being targeted for a backdoor that gets to compete should be called a “Squeeze Play”. The player is under a lot of pressure to fight for his life.

  6. It would be a Backdoor. The fact that he played in the veto comp before his nomination does not count. The determining factor is playing in veto comp AFTER your nomination. Knowing about a ‘plan’ to nominate you has nothing to do with it. If it goes as ‘planned’ … IT would be a Backdoor!!

    • No, that’s not correct. The whole point of a BD is to avoid the target from playing in the Veto. The Veto provides safety whether you were originally nom’d or intended to be renom’d at the Ceremony. That’s why they don’t want a BD target in the Veto comp.

      There’s no argument here that it has to be a surprise for it to be a backdoor.

      • Matthew my friend what’s happening? I’ve not seen you this stuck on an issue before. As mentioned the Webster definition of back door is opposite of what you’re advocating, but at the end of the day does it really matter? Isn’t it ok for people to use either the correct term according to BBfans or according to the actual definition of the word? Or even use them interchangeably if they want?

  7. And they really shouldn’t call the winners of a competition a winner if people are throwing(cheating) them. They should call them lucky losers

      • I agree it’s gameplay even though it’s not good sportsmanship, it’s karma for Devin to go out this way

  8. Can we please move past this blindside and backdoor talk that has been going on for days and just get back to talking about HG’s game strategy and what may happen on Thursday!

  9. In my opinion (since everyone has one) this group of HG will NEVER have a BD, not even a Blindside. Reason – They can’t keep their mouths shut. They blab everything. I mean that 100% LOL.

  10. Was it REALLY ever a backdoor to begin with? Devin knew this week that the house was against him. Therefore, it wouldn’t really be a backdoor, because that implies the person doesn’t know that someone is after them.

    • For a backdoor it doesn’t matter if they know about it or not. I think what you are referring to is a “blindside”

  11. It’s the closest thing to being a backdoor since they changed how veto players are picked. Maybe it’s not a perfect word but I think it is here to stay.

  12. No matter how much we explain the “origin” and the true meaning of “backdoor”..there will always be someone that wants to re-define the word.

  13. Backdoor – Get a contestant out reducing his ways to escape the seat.
    Blindsight – Tell a contestant that he is safe and on the voting, he is kicked out.

    Backdoor doesn´t mean get anyone that can´t play… it´s getting the player out with the lowest possibilities that he can get before seating on the couch for the votting.
    So, Derrick didn´t nominate Devin. So he could not play on the BOB. He got picked by random choice to play on the veto(remember that only 3 year ago the veto player started to be random picked). He didn´t win the veto.

    So, it´s a backdoor. Yeah he played on the veto, because he got the luck to see is name been taken out of the box (i will like to see Derrick, Nicole and Amber faces when that happened) but he couldn´t win.

    So, now Derrick will have to get someone into the couch… and it will be Devin. With the votes, Devin goes home… via backdoor.

  14. It would be smart for the house to get rid of Caleb now and Devin later. Devin will always have a target on his back.

  15. Back door, front door, side door…I don’t care what everyone calls it as long as Devin goes. How about we call it an eviction or a date with Julie!

  16. Thanks for the P.S.A. on backdoors because it is really annoying the way they misuse the word backdoor.

  17. Matthew, what’s happening? You seem really really stressed about making sure everyone uses the phrase ”backdoor” like some of you are… You’re an amazing host & administrator, let the minions fight over terms if they really must.

  18. Since there are many people who believe that misusing words doesn’t matter, i decide that “fish” should be another word for “soap”.

    • Well that certainly explains why I had a bunch of cats following me to work and why dinner tasted a little bit off. ;) So which useage of the term are you advocating for Clint, the correct Websters definition of the term or the correct BBfan page definition? Seems there’s a conflict in which ”rightness” is ”right”, right?

      • According to Websters dictionary, backdoor is simply an adjective that means “secretive” or “indirect”. Based on that definition alone, it is not a backdoor since Devin knew he was the target. But in my opinion, the correct definition is the one that Matt keeps on trying to explain because those are the clear requirements designated by the earliest seasons of Big Brother, and it also makes more sense. If one has the chance to play in a veto competition, then that person has an equal advantage to someone who is nominated.

      • …which is what I’m saying – people have to first decide for themselves which definition and useage of the word they will take to… at the end of the day, the discussion has moved on which is better for everyone. ;)

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