Diary Room – Judd Daugherty: Puzzles, Hangovers, & Sunburns In Week 3

I just finished watching Big Brother episode 09 and I have to admit nothing really surprised me this week after watching and reading about the Live Feeds. I must say that this may be one of my favorite casts yet. There are so many root-able players this season.

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother
Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

When Nicole and Derrick were discussing their nominee choices I was very interested to see how it would pan out because I missed it on the feeds but I did read about it. I think that it is extremely wreck less that Caleb would risk himself for Amber and I think this could be a move that he may regret FOREVER!!!! After Nicole’s talk with Donny we see him talking in the living room (horrible place to talk game) but he’s talking to Brittany and Jocasta about what he had discussed with Nicole and Amber walks by and decides to go spill the beans.

With all the paranoia that goes on in the game I can see why that made it an easy choice for Nicole to put Donny on the block. When we see Caleb talking to Amber in the bee room you can tell that he wanted to win her over by saying that he was going to throw the battle of the block for her. I mean of course she is going to be happy but I don’t think she is digging him at all. It’s kind of turning into a Pepé Le Pew show with those two.

I don’t think anyone was shocked by the nominations. Nicole nominated Donny and Amber and then Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta and with the information that Donny shared with Jocasta she did not look very happy to be nominated but I mean who the hell could blame her. We see Devins cocky smirk that he always has and he clearly knows since he is not nominated that he has more than a high chance of being back doored.

I was happy that Team America got their mission and I thought that it was hilarious that they were spreading that Amanda from BB15 was related to Zach and I think that it is very clever that they decided to say that Zach told Paola that information because she isn’t there and can’t be confronted about it. I hope that they succeed in their missions and that it doesn’t hurt Derrick or Donny’s games.

Battle of the Block was a puzzle and I immediately wanted to hurl cause I despise everything about puzzles even if I’m not doing them. I hate puzzles about as much as I hate hangovers and sunburns. I think nobody was shocked that Donny and Amber won this competition. But I did feel really bad for Jocasta you could tell how sick she was as the credits were rolling and Big Brother is not a great place to be when you feel sick. Based on what I have seen and read about from the feeds she was very sick and didn’t get to compete in the veto competition. Those daytime competitions are gruesome with the heat so I really feel for her.

I love that Donny has won the veto and that he is more than likely going to use it on Jocasta. I really like Donny he’s such a genuine person and has the best heart I’ve seen on Big Brother. I think this will be an interesting week if Caleb is up against Devin. Anytime you feel comfortable in that house, you are more than likely getting evicted soon! With Cody, Zach, Frankie, Hayden, Donny, and Amber considering getting Caleb out I think things will really get intense this week. Will this veto meeting be as intense as last week?!?! I can’t wait to watch and see!

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  1. Caleb is trying way to hard here to win Amber over. The aspiring model living in Hollywood isn’t interested in the hunting guide from Kentucky? Shocker! She still has Rodeo Drive an Lambos in her eyes, not a pickup truck and dead animals on the wall. Give her another month or so if she lasts that long. Stockholm syndrome will have kicked in by then and she’ll see him with different eyes.

    • Yeap, I don’t see Caleb in North Hollywood and Amber certainly won’t be moving to Kentucky.They might stay Skype friend for a wjile.

  2. Amber doesn’t want Caleb gone. She knows he’s protecting her and thinks he’s in good with all the guys even though he’s not.

  3. Love Ju-Double D! Right on except about Amber, she knows she’s protected. However she doesn’t know the others are already plotting her demise. When the time is right they will tell Caleb everything she has said about him.

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