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Big Brother Celebrity Edition Schedule – February 2018 Premiere

CBS has revealed the Big Brother Celebrity schedule with a February 7, 2018 premiere date hitting their primetime broadcast for a very speedy, two and a half week run of the series. It’s going to go by fast!

Sure enough, CBS is tackling the Olympics with their own series of games with the bright lights, but these ones will be taking place in Burbank under the Big Brother roof! The Winter Olympics are set to premiere on NBC on February 9th while CBS is going to get a headstart on them by a few days. Not surprised.

There will be plenty of BB Celebrity to watch too as we’ll get episodes up to four nights a week including two-hour episodes on Fridays plus the finale. Now all we need is more details on who will be the Celebrity edition cast after these first few rumors have started to circulate!

Big Brother Celebrity Edition Schedule:

  • Wed, Feb 7: 8-9PM – Big Brother Celebrity Premiere
  • Thurs, Feb 8: 8-9PM
  • Fri, Feb 9: 8-10PM – 2-hour episode
  • Sun, Feb 11: 8-9PM
  • Mon, Feb 12: 8-9PM
  • Wed, Feb 14: 8-9PM
  • Fri, Feb 16: 8-10PM – 2-hour episode
  • Sun, Feb 18: 8-9PM
  • Mon, Feb 19: 8-9PM
  • Wed, Feb 21: 8-9PM
  • Fri, Feb 23: 8-10PM – 2-hour episode
  • Sat, Feb 24: 8-9PM
  • Sun, Feb 25: 8-10PM – Big Brother Celebrity Finale

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! The really good news is that yes, there will be Feeds and they’ll be running 24/7 just as we’ve come to expect and enjoy in our regular seasons of Big Brother. And of course, you can be super awesome and support us by using our Live Feeds link for a Free Trial when it’s time.

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  • With the accelerated run... the feeds might be blacked out a lot if every day has comps and ceremonies going on.

    • Most celebrity BB's don't last as long as regular civilian editions of Big Brother. But you get twice the fun and double the paranoia every few days because there's at least more than one evictions happening with the possibility of doubles in one night.

    • Why not bother? That doesn't make much sense to not do something because it didn't last as long as you wanted.

  • As expected, it'd be a shorter run which most of the fandom who don't watch other BB's have not experienced yet.

    Hopefully, production will double up their efforts on keeping these celebs occupied every single day.

  • Do we know for sure if there is going to be a BBAD for the celebrity version? I know they were hinting that there would be one, but I've not heard anything else about it.

  • Two and a half weeks? Thats it? What a joke. It takes two and a half weeks just to get used to the season. It takes me 2 weeks just to feel comfortable getting to know the cast And in 2 weeks its gonna be over? I havent even learned all the names in week 2

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