Big Brother 19: Where Are The Underdogs? [Op-Ed]

Big Brother 19 has proven to be a difficult season for bloggers to cover because almost nothing about this season is typical.

For example, where are the underdogs?

This season we launched the Underdog Report because there’s always an underdog in Big Brother, right? Well, we thought so. But we only got through three Underdog Reports this season before they kind of fell apart. And I’m trying to piece together why.

Basically as soon as someone emerges as un underdog, they’re gone the next week. No one seems to have the fight in them this season or they just don’t care or are too outnumbered. It’s so weird.

Jessica was our Underdog of The Week in Week 5, and she was probably the best representation we’ve had this season. And even that wasn’t the best example because she made that terrible move when she was HOH, won the veto, had a special power and still failed to get her target out. But she at least fought and stuck around for a bit. But we aren’t seeing that happening any more.

When Mark and Elena became targets, Mark was able to earn safety and win a veto (that lead to Elena’s eviction), but Mark is missing a lot of qualities that make up a true underdog. He is a huge flip-flopper, and he’s just been another one of Paul’s followers, even giving Paul safety as late as this week! That’s insanity. Being a target and lasting an extra week is not enough to call someone an underdog, especially if  they’re making stupid moves all over the place.

So are there any underdogs left this season? Right now, not really. Kevin is kind of the underdog at the moment because they’re starting to shun him on the Live Feeds and he’s one of Paul’s decided upcoming targets, but Kevin hasn’t fought to be in the game at all yet. That might be because he thinks he doesn’t have to. Maybe if he learns that he’s a target that will change.

Jason was earlier an underdog but then became a part of the majority. Now, however, Jason is again on the outs, as he is Paul’s designated target after Mark. But Jason has proven time and time again that he’s just playing Alex’s game who is just playing Paul’s game.

So why aren’t there underdogs? Is it because this cast is just really bad at the game or is it because Paul decides the next targets two weeks out and there’s no time for anyone to squirm? That’s what’s been happening lately. As soon as Cody and Jessica were pinned down, Paul started focusing on Mark and Elena. And as soon as Jessica and Cody were gone, and Mark and Elena were pinned down, Paul started focusing on Kevin and Jason. So if the trend continues, no one will have any time to fight for their lives in the game.

The underdog may be something we never see again this season.


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  1. I still would say that Jason is an underdog. At the beginning of the season I would have said that clown has no chance of getting very far. He seemed rather clueless about the game. Right now he appears to be the target after Mark.But he has recently won comps, he is developing good instincts about people — he is now questioning Paul’s influence and has Xmas and Maven in his sights as targets. He has a strong alliance with Alex and gets along well with Kevin. If he and/or Alex could win the next HoH/ veto, they could do some damage to Paul’s base. If he makes it to F6, that’s an underdog story.

    • Jason was earlier, but not anymore. He is well positioned with Alex. If they win some comp and with a bit of luck he could end up at the end.

      • It is possible he could get there. a lot of game is still left and Paul has to have the right people win HOH for Jason to leave but not only that, that tree of temptation is still in play for two more weeks and that could hurt Paul’s game as well as hurting Jason’s game.

      • Yea, but the point is, he has as good a chance as anybody else at this point, so that doesn’t qualify him as an underdog.

      • Not if things continue according to Paul’s script. I it does then Kevin and Jason are the underdogs.They have more of the current hg’s against them than anyone else

    • about Jason – “But he has recently won comps, he is developing good instincts about people”
      jason’s bio/info has him as an auctioneer, show him auctioning. He even says himself about being able to ‘read’ people.
      Yeah, I think so, but it seems quite late in stepping up to help him.

  2. The real definition of an “underdog” is “someone or a team that is expected to lose”. So who do we expect the most to lose right now. I would say Maven. Raven, well, she’s not trying very hard. But I would say Matt would qualify at this moment as an underdog. Right now we really don’t think he can win, but if he choose to start playing hard in the next few week, he might be a surprise waiting to happen.

    • For me, there has to be an element of rooting for the person to win or prevail and I don’t have that with Matt. He is so not on my radar cos of his lack of game play.

    • For some reason and I will not mention why, Paul has been trying to slickly save Raven from going on the block or getting evicted. He doesn’t have to try hard because Matt has done the same thing, but he may want her to be next to him instead of Josh.

      • Since they met before the show (at a concert in Arkansas, I question if these two aren’t on the same page.

      • I know just a stretch LOL but I gotta cover all bases to be sure the one who wins is worthy of the title of BB19 winner.

      • Paul is probably quite sure that NO one, except maybe Matt, would vote for Raven over him. With anyone else, there is probably questions in Paul’s mind. I really hope if Paul makes it to F2 he does not bring raving lunatic Raven with him. She skeeves me out and I wish she had been sent packing before jury.

      • I wish she would go next, but I doubt that would happen, even if Kevin miraculously wins HOH and nominates Matt and Raven, he may go or save her if he wins veto. Hoping fro an upset when Matt finds out what a fraud she is.

      • I don’t think Matt is actually that into her…His eyes seem a little empty when he looks at her.

      • Totally agree. I could be wrong, but he seems to give off the vibe that this is just a fling. Although, the fact that his BB life mission is to get her to the end, even at his own expense (at least he claims that) is throwing me off

      • He thinks she is going to popular outside of the house and is planning to hold out to see if there is an opportunity to seize. Boy will he be shocked. He’ll drop her like a hot potato.

      • lol. His eyes seem normally empty. It may be all that air in his brain. I think he cares for her and enjoys nightly romping, but with this show we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

      • I agree with you – I do think he cares about her as a person….but I don’t see them dating outside of the show.

        When she was awkwardly dancing last night (I guess those who can’t do, teach?), he kind of looked at her like “yeah, whatever.” Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I was thinking he’d show more interest in her doing something that she loves. Or maybe he was just fantasizing about his next bowl of cereal

      • I thought the same, until the other night when Christmas wanted a pawn and he said “under no circumstances” was Raven to go up, that he would do it. How can he NOT be sick to death of her bragging about her mom being the lawyer/track star/Arabic-speaking/probable woman whose eggs they would harvest to save humanity BS; all her illnesses and injuries, and so many OBVIOUSLY fake; and just her lying and one-upping in general? How? HOW, I ask?? Any slight liking I had for him has dissipated under a cloud of “he really must be that dumb.”

      • He acts like he gave birth to her…WHY did you come on BB?? You have $500k dangling in your face, but you’d rather serve it on a platter to red-headed Gollum

      • Hey, now. Watch the red-headed stuff. lol I swear my grandfather never knew my real name. He referred to me as either Carrot Top or Red on the Head. I can truthfully say that I don’t ever remember him calling me by my name. But those are good memories.

      • Lol was just trying to clarify that I was talking about Raven – Absolutely NO offense intended! I’m a fan of red hair :)

      • I figured lol :) But I also do really like red-hair, and didn’t want to unintentionally seem insulting or hair closed-minded!

      • I have’t read any of the online stuff about her that other posters have commented about. All I am going by is what I’ve seen and read on here and Jokers. She obviously has a pacemaker and some kind of health issue, but there definitely seems to be something amiss with all of her stories, trying to one up anyone else who dares to have a pain, her eating habits don’t match up with what she says. Idk, many things are not adding up with her. I don’t trust her.

      • Same here. I watched feeds and never saw her getting sick or vomiting once. Maybe I missed it. People with that disease are on strict diets. Raven is not. The jumping and twirling and bed sacking hasn’t hurt her one bit.

      • I’ve heard her say she felt sick at her stomach but I’m not sure she has had any vomiting. It is odd, the way she seems to eat just about anything, except steak. I don’t think she eats that.

      • The only good thing about her going to jury is that we don’t have to hear her voice or see her butt again except maybe 5 minutes of total airtime for the rest of the season.

      • I do hope when Raven goes its in a DE and she can take Christmas with her…Christmas is a for sure piece of bad work…She is just as phony/2 faced as Raven with her egotistical sense of self worth…In the game she is useless other than a vote at the end…Had Christmas respected the game of BB and the persons in the house she would have said.. “Due to my injury I am gonna leave the game and hopefully play next season when I am more capable of being a worthy opponent” ..But she did not…Its not fair to the (few)HGs that are fighting to stay in the game. .Shes being dragged along no matter how u look at it…She does not deserve final 4/3/2 in any form..

      • She might have been given the choice because next season could possibly be an All Star season and she wouldn’t have fit the criteria. Or maybe, for personal reasons, she would be unable to compete. IDK, just thinking out loud. I was shocked when she came back. I would have bet money on her not returning. Good thing I’m not a gambler. I don’t see how she has functioned on pain meds. The few times I’ve had injuries or surgeries, hydrocodone causes me to have motion sickness symptoms. No way I could have stayed there.

      • There is no way that BB would lock themselves into promising someone they would bring them back. They would never do that for any reason whatsover.

      • Anything could happen, that’s for sure. A person could do something that tarnished their reputation and be uncastable(probably not a word, but you know what I mean). Paul said, last night, that he had very little time to prepare; that he didn’t have much notice. Wonder why?

      • Because Production didn’t want him to prepare anything. They do the samething with all the HGs, when they find out for sure that made it, they go to sequester right away.

      • So he was in sequester the entire time that the others were? The way he was speaking last night, made it sound like it was VERY sudden.

      • Doesn’t matter when, as long as when he find out he’s going in, he goes in sequester like anybody else.

      • She was mostly on something for “nerve pain,” so I’m guessing Neurontin or Lyrica. I don’t think she was on opioids for long. (Although Lyrica is a controlled substance, it isn’t a narcotic per se.)

      • The only thing is, they still think America would be pissed and they’d look bad if they voted out Raven, because of all of her diseases. Of course, we wouldn’t…

      • I can’t help but think a few of them are having their own doubts but understandably won’t say that out loud.

      • Yes. They don’t know.
        We really don’t know either, I am assuming because of what I have read, but she could be dying. They do talk about it on the show and think she may be stretching the truth.

  3. Christmas would have fit in that group right after she broke her foot. She is still in the game and is HOH right now but alas, she wound up playing Paul’s game instead of hers.

    • Looks like Paul is looking for the weakest to keep… Christmas who can play limited comps and Raven who, well is just Raven. Seems he has learned from last year not to aim for F3 with anyone who can put together a resume of comp wins or strategic moves

      • True but if it is between him and let’s say one of these people, Josh, Raven or Jason he will win. Anyone else and he could very well lose. We already know that Cody may not vote for Paul. Matt more than likely will vote for Raven unless she is in jury with him then depending on who is with Paul at F2 their votes could go either way. Same with Mark and Elena. Right now, hard to say how they will vote.

      • Nah… Cody doesn’t like him on a personal level, but Cody is a fan of the game and he knows that Paul is the only one playing. I think he’d vote for Paul.

      • Cody said that if Paul makes it to F2, he’d vote for him. Mark will do what Cody does, lol. Elena didn’t seem angry at Paul when she left. I think, at this point in the game, Alex is about the only one who possibly could beat him. So much depends on the next weeks and who gets who out. I really didn’t see Paul as a strong contender last season at this point.

      • Yeah but Cody said a lot of things while in the house and did the opposite of what he said. I know Jessica told him she would vote for Paul and I still wonder if he will vote for him because she said she would.

      • With Cody’s ego I can’t see him voting for anyone who was a weak player e.g. Raven, Josh. He couldn’t stand having been beaten by someone who didn’t play the game well. He did respect Paul’s game play. So I think he would vote for Paul or maybe Alex. If one of them is not in F2, it will be interesting to see who Cody votes for, surely his little speech when he votes in such a situation would be that he has no respect for either of the F2 but if I have to vote.

      • He would probably want to but then no $$ and he needs to get that truck fixed and buy new garbage bags to put his clothes in

      • Keep in mind, while in jury they will talk and compare notes for sure of how they got there. There has been four strong players this season, Paul, Cody, Jessica and Alex. Jessica can’t vote or be voted for. Cody can vote but can’t be voted for. That brings us to Paul and Alex, Jessica will NOT vote for Alex but Cody could or would he? If Alex is out then Paul will be the winner. Still the road to winning has some speed bumps but which one can get the bumps and over them the fastest will be the winner. I am not totally convinced just yet that Paul can do it quicker. There is still a lot of people left in the house and the closer they get to the money the harder it will be for Paul to win.

      • I’ve been hoping that all summer. I’d like to see Kevin outplay Paul. But that’s like believing in Santa Clause!

      • Did I read somewhere, maybe Elena’s exit interview, that she wanted Paul out of the game? Sounds like she might have been a little miffed at him if true.

      • Paul wants Jason the least out of everyone at f2. Paul fears Jason is the person who could beat him the most. Jason never watched the show, has 3 comp wins and counting, plus got that baby letter. Paul is really worried that people will like Jason because if the baby.

      • The reality is that none of those people can beat Paul at the end, unless it’s a bitter jury and crossing my fingers it is. All of that hard work for nothing will end the season with me cheering.

      • I do. I wish things were easier. I hate Paul and want him to lose. Since it is a game and he probably will go to the end, I’m hoping for another loss. I hoped the same about the vet hole of last season, but of of course she won and din’t have to work too hard other than her jaw muscles.

      • Not sure hate is a sound reason or basis for Paul to lose,just because he has played a good game up to this point is not a good reason to throw him under the bus,this is BB..$500.000 is at stake,wouldn’t you do your best to win?

      • Has he really played a good game or is it more the orhers are not even playing. I believe it’s the latter.

      • That baby letter should have everyone worried about Jason. Seriously like the idea of a baby on the way and giving the guy the win so he has a chance make sure that baby has everything.

  4. Everyone in the house would be considered UNDERDOGS except, the BULLY Paul.
    CBS shame on you for allowing Bullying to go on in the BB19 house all season long!!!
    Biggest bully being Paul The Bully.

  5. While it’s making for some boring gameplay, Paul is masterfully controlling this house. It’s breathtaking how he is lining up targets way in advance. But he’s so outclassing everyone else that it’s robbing the season of suspense.

  6. Paul tried to get Josh to bully Kevin..what’s wrong with him? First he talks about it’s not okay to bully Josh and personal attacks are off the table and now he kept pushing for it. How can anyone be proud of this guy? What a miserable human being.

    • Veterans always have their fans. Also, I think people like him because there is no one else to cheer for. Furthermore, he was adored last season; he was funny and likable, so people tend to overlook his nastiness this season. Not only that, he’s not alone in his bullying this season. Finally, he’s the only one playing the game. I think it’s a plethora of reasons.

    • I wasn’t a Paul fan (not last season, either), but when he sat there with his lemmings gathered around him and he instructed them to keep bullying Cody “till he cracks.” I lost any respect I might have had for him. I thought he was despicable then, and nothing has occurred that has changed my opinion of him.

  7. I think the “problem” with finding an underdog is that no “underdog” this season is likable (i.e. Jessica, Cody, Mark).

    And everyone can hate on Paul for being a strategic mastermind they all want, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he was brought back for a reason. He was really likable and deemed a fan favorite before coming back into the house for a reason.

    Btw, this horse-beaten-to-death talk about him being a bully is so tired. Jessica was a bully, Cody was a bully. The house guests got fed up with it, finally stood up for themselves, and “oh no,” now all of the real bullies want to complain that they can’t take a dose of their own medicine.

    • Jess and Cody are not likeable, but I like Mark. He just doesn’t really know how to play the game well, but as a person, he’s the most likeable there.

      • I actually like Mark too – EXCEPT I don’t respect his game play, (flip-flopping). I’d have respected him more if he took a stronger position earlier in the game, especially since he has proven he can win things the past few weeks. Basically, I’d be his friend in real life, but not his ally in BB.

        I wonder if he would have stepped up as a leader earlier on, the couples might have stuck with him, and banded against Paul. Cody made a dumb move week 1, and had a bad social game, but the majority were initially willing to follow him. If Mark would have been the one that the majority were following, I think this would be an entirely different game.

      • I often wonder how Mark would have been without Paul there. I think he and Cody might have run the house…

      • I can’t help but kind of like the big guy, too, but because of his attachment to Elena, I could not vote him as AFP.

    • To suggest Cody and Jessica aren’t likable is an odd statement as they are ranked first and second place on the “HG Rating” poll on Jokers. Paul is ranked fourteenth out of seventeen. I’m not suggesting Cody and Jessica are saints, and it’s obvious that people tend to support underdogs versus powerhouses, but to suggest they aren’t likable is simply untrue.

      And just because Jessica and Cody were bullies doesn’t mean Paul wasn’t. He was ruthless to two players that didn’t have a chance in the game. Not only was he complicit in the bullying but he rallied the whole house to bully Cody and Jessica. The old adage “two wrongs don’t make a write” is definitely in effect here.

      Finally, I don’t like Paul, but I certainly don’t hate him for his skill. Despite playing against players who seemingly don’t want to win, he is doing a really good job. His
      “third wheel” approach is pretty cool to watch. The reason I don’t like him is he’s a tool. I don’t think anyone else deserves to win, but the “Paul hate” stems from his personality being unbearable.

      • The funny part is the Paul calls himself a d*ouchebag. I like him, I can relate to him, and I’d be friends with him in real life. Wouldn’t trust/ want to be friends with someone like Jessica. Too immature and catty.

        Interesting thing about the polls… other polls I’ve seen – I think even on this site – have ranked Paul as #1 favorite for every single week except week 1 (Jason was the favorite, Paul was #2). Also, didn’t this past election teach us that polls aren’t always accurate lol? ;-)

      • Poll on site like here or Jokers are just that, they reflect what the readers of that particular site think. This is not representative of the whole BB viewership.

      • On the weekly popularity poll on this site from last week, Paul got only 21.42% to Cody 32.79%. The new one just came out.

      • Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort WEREN’T likable. It’s a fact.

      • Then why are they ranked 1 and 2 for many days now in the Jokers poll? FYI, there is a difference between fact and opinion.

      • Yeah that’s the weird thing about this site. Some people are allowed to have opinions, but then others are rained down on for daring to have a different perspective…

  8. I would consider Mark the underdog. He has been on the outs with the majority of the HGs for most of the season. If Mark plays in the Veto comp, wins and Jason goes home……Mark could convince Alex and one of the other couples ( Xmas & Josh, Matt & Raven ) to use him as their bomb against Paul & the gang of five.

    • Mark already played in veto and lost to Jason. No hope as of now for Mark. I agree he was the last underdog left.

  9. Also, the real “underdogs” this season were, as Cody put it in episode #1, “The Outcasts,” – Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin, PAUL, etc – i.e. NOT a “babe” or one of the relatively good-looking muscular guys.

    Cody and Jessica made nasty, petty, personal, and psychotic – and everyone’s favorite word – “BULLYING” comments, and happily are now out of the game for good.

  10. I stopped watching, too boring, no one with any balls to do anything at this point so I do not care who wins.

  11. Would say Kevin and Typhoid Mary(Raven),Kev seems to have forgot this is not a hotel but BB,just there..taking up space and Raven thought she was checking into the hospital and the other ones there were doctors.

  12. The most boring “Big Brother” ever. None of these people are smart enough to know how to maneuver in this game. They all defer to Paul which means he doesn’t have to do much strategizing so his position isn’t due to his “smarts” as much as to their stupidity. It’s almost as tho they have all decided that Paul needs to win and they don’t. I blame the producers for not choosing better contestants. This could go down as the worst season in BB history.

    • I feel so vindicated. I talked about how much the cast sucked going into the season. And everyone told me to “shut the f up,” bc “this is the best cast they’ve had in years.” LOL

  13. I see countless comments how boring and dreadful this year has been,really?..first of all no one is forced to watch BB,free least for i digress,why has this show succeeded for the last 19 years and already been renewed?..because people like watching a very imperfect show,warts and all..this is what brings the public back year after year,messy and sometimes loud and even uncomfortable but that is the attraction of BB.For the weak of heart and the PC crowd,would suggest the Disney or the Hallmark Channel.

  14. This is an excellent op-ed and I agree wholeheartedly. I would just like to add something and maybe you and others would care to comment?

    I just find it interesting that they would bring Derrick back into the house to host the HOH competition this week (and help give us what was possibly the worst filler episode of Big Brother ever). I don’t think that him being there was coincidence. I think they’re trying to tell us (or the houseguests) something.

    I haven’t seen one house guest dominate an entire house for a season the way that Paul is, not since S16 Derrick.

    Gaslighting, if you can get away with it, is absolutely part of the game. And yet, I don’t think I have seen a gaslight quite like this in Big Brother. I would have to say that potentially Paul is even better at it than Derrick. Derrick had to hide in the shadows while he did his work. Paul is gaslighting right out in the open and none of them even see it. Rather brilliant, I think. I’ve always heard the best way to hide something is to place it right out in the open. It seems that Paul is a good demonstration of that!

    Once a good gaslight takes hold, underdogs aren’t even possible any more because all of these people are now living in a fantasy world of Paul’s creation and they all think that they’re actually still playing a game when the game has already been played– on them. So now, it’s just a matter of time while we watch it simply play out to its conclusion.

    And no twist, nothing, is going to change this at this point unless Paul does something really stupid to throw himself under the bus. I don’t think he will.

  15. Paul is the master of idiots… I’d be happy if the final two ends up being Paul against anyone and he gets voted to second place. The season would then have an epic ending. Oh the glory of ALL that puppeteer biting him in the a** would be amazing. Although the idiots will most likely vote for him to winning stating what a wonderful time it was in the house following your every order.

    • Can’t understand why no one has called him out on his BS. Says he can’t win because he is a vet. No one has said if that was true he should have one last season but he lost and oh yea it was to a vet. Sick of Paul.

  16. Why do you keep pushing the narrative that Princess Butthole was an underdog. Her circumstances were of her own making, no one else. Underdog – a victim of injustice or persecution. Jessica was given many chances to make the game her own. She won HOH, which she f*cked up, she was granted the Hex, which she f*cked up, her dumb boyfriend was brought back, which f*cked up her and his game. When will people realize Jessica was a crappy player and she doesn’t deserve all of this adoration for laying in bed for 3-4 weeks making victim noises

    • These are likely the same people who wanted NicHole, part II. They both wanted to win the game on their backs, but only one of them succeeded.

  17. This is why I was a Paul fan last season. He was an underdog. Now I am beyond over the Paul show. And I was not a fan of Jody, but at least there was a power struggle then. Now it’s a snooze fest with Paul calling the shots and pretty much throwing all of his allies under the bus every chance he gets. I really do not want to see a Paul, Josh, Christmas final 3. So, for crying out loud someone please wake up and make a big move! And not a Christmas “big move”

  18. Paul happens to be, an overdog. And overdogs, don’t always win. But if you want to be a good player, you can’t be an underdog. Look at Steve. He wasn’t an underdog. His strategy was to lay low, and he ended up winning.

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