Big Brother 19 Veto Meeting Plans Week 6

Houseguests are preparing for the Veto meeting later today in the Big Brother 19 house and we’re waiting to see the final plans made before they head in to the gathering.

Update: Meeting is over. Find out spoilers for who went up as this week’s renom.

Josh is making plans on BB19

Josh is going to have a decision to make, but as of last night it sounded like Mark, this week’s Veto winner, was still toying with his options. He was never not going to use it like several HGs thought possible, but would he really be willing to save Elena instead of himself? Well, this is Mark and he is overly protective of Elena after all.

Late in to the night Mark was telling Paul that maybe he’d save Elena, but she was there in the room and he was just joking around. Then later Mark seemed to take it a little more seriously and even proposed Elena make him an offer for him to save her with it. Ugh, come on Mark.

Would Mark really be willing to trade the Veto for the promise of a date back in Dallas after the season was over? Well I don’t think it’d really matter. Mark isn’t the target and won’t be evicted by the majority over Jessica if he stays up there, but if Josh’s preferred target is taken down then you know he’ll hold on to that little grudge in his back pocket.

At this point I do expect Mark to go ahead and save himself, but if he decides to save Elena instead I won’t be shocked, just disappointed. From there Josh will have to make a renom and he’s got some options.

The main choices for Josh are Raven, Matthew, and Christmas. Josh said he wanted to get Raven up there and she’s agreed willingly to go to the Block. Christmas has also said she’d do the pawn move for him. Matthew is unlikely and more of just an alternate in theory for Raven, but I wouldn’t expect him to go up.

Most likely scenario for today: Mark will save himself and Raven will be renom’d in his place. From there Raven will be the forgotten nominee and the choice will come down to Elena versus Jessica.

There’s been a lot of back and forth on the topic as Christmas has been playing along with Josh’s dreams of getting Elena out this week, but I wouldn’t plan on it happening. Christmas indulges his ideas here but then brings Josh back to saying they need to get out Jessica. It’s a strange dynamic as Christmas and Paul both seem to want Jessica out but it’s as though Christmas wants to own it in Josh’s mind instead of letting this be Paul’s thing. Interesting to watch.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Mark’s Veto plans? Which way do you think he’ll go today?

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  1. Paul could do the trick here and warn Mark that Josh want Elena out and since he change his mind 4 times a days, who really knows what can happen betwen now and Thursday. By taking Elena off the block, that would ensure that Jess can take that leisurely walk to her apartment.

    • I have been wondering that ever since the talk of who Josh was going to put on the block. Seriously, we all knew last week who was going to be on the block if any of the Minions was to win the HOH for this week. Once I found out Mark actually won the POV, I was wondering if he jump on a grenade for Elena and save her.

      • I think Elena is making promises to Mark (after the show) if he will use the Veto on her…Then while still in the house she is playing kissy kissy and u can touch me with permission…..just tune in to porn..the acting is better

      • I think she said it before she has no plans with someone far away as Mark and actually you could see her face and behavior when with him, a Thanksgiving turkey looks more excited than her lmao

      • I hope he doesn’t save her….use it on HIMSELF, as she would do. I don’t trust her flip-flopping and think her and Mark have “issues and problems”. Definitely want Jessica to be the next walking out the door! I liked Mark from the beginning; a sensitive guy who was raised by Grandparents. Of course, we know Paul is a superior game player. If he goes to the end, who will he take??

      • If Paul goes to the end. I suspect Kevin will be there too. If Mark makes it to F2, That is harder to figure out. Mainly because all of the ones I am thinking on is more than likely going to get evicted first.

  2. Mark will use the veto on himself. He can talk about using it on Elena but he’s so paranoid that in the end he needs the reassurance that he’s safe. If Raven goes up as the replacement nom I could see her getting 2 votes — Cody and possibly Mark

    • Who ever goes up will get votes from Cody. Mark comes off the bock, he will vote for one of Paul’s minions too. I lost track of how many can vote but I doubt it will be a tie between Elena and Jessica. Several want Jessica out and I see her walking unless Josh can some how convince Paul otherwise.

    • oh please…not little Betty-Boop on the block…LOL.
      they need a strong comp-player. Let’s see if Meatball would be willing to use Paul as the strong pawn?

    • I see Cody voting to evict Raven, since he told Jessica that Matt an Raven were big targets. I laughed so hard when he said that.

  3. They are all Idiots! Josh should blow it up! Mark Use Veto. Josh Renom Paul. Would be biggest move in BB history. They eventually need to Realize that Paul wins if he makes it to final 3.

  4. Should Mark use the POV on Elena, not only will he be on the radar of Josh but so will Paul. The reason for Paul is that Josh will know Paul had his hand in on it.

  5. Wonder what Josh will do when he doesn’t get his way on Thursday? They’ve kept him around because he’s been such a useful idiot, but if he starts throwing King Baby tantrums, he could end up on the block with Cody.

      • I am not counting her out that door until I see it, no way is she going to leave Cody in the house or jury house with Alex without her. Bad gut feeling………

      • I think “if” she does go that Cody will seriously consider self eviction.. Jessica and Cody have created nothing but chaos in the house so I would not put it past him to upset the game further…

      • The HGs have to make a choice of bringing back another evicted HG or voting out one of the nominees.

      • At the moment I don’t care about her drama or Cody’s. I want them out after Paul. I said that many times last season about Nicole while knowing that she was going to be gifted with the win, so hopefully I’m wrong this season.

      • Expect the unexpected, CBS is making us believe is a smooth sail for Paul but things will turn around, guaranteed!

      • To each their own! Raven annoys me to no end. Ive come to like Jess over these few weeks (I guess it’s because she has balls, but she’s definitely not good at the game by any means) I hoped she’s at least make jury.
        But I’m more with the fact I want Raven out of there

      • Don’t get me wrong, I want Raven out too but after Jess. Jody together not a good combination, too much of a pity party anymore. It would be interesting to see how Cody plays it if she’s gone and with whom

    • If Cody and Jess were actually playing the game, were smart and were socializing with the other house guests, Raven could be in danger. However since Cody and Jessica are not playing, are not very bright and are not socializing, Raven is in no danger.

      I could make a very rational argument for Raven going home.

      You know, at some point, someone is going to have to actually put Raven on the block to vote her out. If she is sitting next to ANY of us on finals night, she WINS! Who is going to vote against her at finals and look bad on national TV?

      Further more, who is going to be stupid enough to put up this sick girl, who really needs this money to perhaps live? I’m not sure I can do it? Are you going to do it?

      She’s up there now, this might be your only chance! If you vote to keep Jess, we’ll work with you (Cody, Jess). Let’s get a group together and flip this house, because you know what? If you don’t flip this house, do you think that anyone, other than Raven, can beat Paul on finals night?

      Let’s work together to get out the two biggest threats to win it all! After that it’s anybody’s game!

      What do you think?


      The problem is that Cody and Jess have so isolated themselves and played so poorly, that no one will trust or listen to them.

      • Jess and Cody will vote as a block on the jury. They will vote personal. They take everything personal instead of game play. So they will not vote for the best player. They need to be separated before jury.

      • Josh also plays the game spitefully. In the end he will cut off his nose to spite his face! This is a game, the best player should win whether we like them or not.

      • Cody will vote personally, I think Jess will be able to compartmentalize. She has said on the feeds that if Paul is at the end, he will get her vote. She respects his game (for the most part) but doesn’t like him as a person

      • I agree, my point is, if they were ACTUALLY playing Big Brother (and not totally isolating themselves), they MAY have an in if Raven goes up.

        I’m not saying it’s probable that they could pull the house flip off, just that if they were better players, a flip (voting out Raven) may be possible.

      • Exactly right. The proof is in the way they’re playing now. I can partially see why they’re playing only personal because of the way they were attacked several times and the way they have been screwed by the house. They possibly think there’s no sense in trying to align with anyone because they’ll be lied to. But still, that’s no reason to give up entirely. You have to try.

        I wonder if Jess knew that Josh was merely acting at the nomination ceremony? I figured Josh made such a display because he wants to keep hidden that he wants Elena out.

      • what goes around comes around stupid is as stupid does…Both were given 2nd chances in the game Cody won battle back and Jess was not evicted…Both continued with their superior “above the rest” attitude and made no effort to be team players..

      • That would require actual planning and strategizing. I’m still wondering how Elena made the radar this week.

      • I agree, but I cannot excuse the fact that the lemmings, led by Paul, made it personal to begin with. Yes, he did not handle the 1st hoh correctly, but Mark, Matt and Alex all backstabbed HIM. And he was new to the game and a Marine, who didn’t expect the disloyalty. Should they win, no, but I can cut them some slack putting up with these idiots.

      • PLEASE!!!!!

        The two biggest idiots (your word) in the house are Cody and Jessica.

        Nobody stabbed Cody in the back. He did this all by himself!

        Everybody but Paul is “new to the game”! That’s no excuse for Cody’s stupidity either.

        And to top it off, you throw Marines under the bus as naive waifs! Please!

        Cody is an anti-social know-nothing, it wasn’t naivete or being a Marine that caused his problems, it was his own jack-assery!

        If I’m not mistaken, he recently told Jess he has been watching Big Brother for a long time and he even tried out for season 15!

        That would have been the PERFECT season for him, he would have fit right in with all of the other miscreants from that season

      • Let me get this right. You were able to make these determinations about him after 1 week of play? He was backstabbed that week. I said he didn’t play well, but everything you said was personal. Thanks for making my point.

      • Let’s start from the top.

        Two biggest idiots in the house has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be Cody and Jessica. When you are playing a SOCIAL game for $500,000, you don’t isolate yourself socially. That’s pretty basic.

        My second statement is pretty straight forward. EVERYONE except Paul is a first time player. The “first time player” nonsense is simply excusing Cody’s poor behavior.

        Point 3, I certainly don’t expect that other Marines would be stupid enough to be completely blind-sided by “disloyalty” in a game that mainly involves DECEPTION!

        Everything in this GAME is personal! Cody has PERSONALLY rubbed all of the house guests (except Jessica) the wrong way! It seems he was unnecessarily blunt and rude from the moment he made his original nominations.

        Normal people, that means everybody in the house he is not “intimate with” is not going to put up with that type of anti-social behavior.

        And finally on a personal note from my perspective, I find EVERYTHING about him, from his attitude to his opinions to be offensive. Outside of the racists and perverts from season 15 (which based on some of his comments, I have no doubt he would have fit right in with), I dislike him more than any other player that I have watched on Big Brother.

        For me the game is generally not personal, I watch for the strategy, game play and for insight into basic human nature that I find interesting. But, honestly based on what he has said and done, Cody offends me on numerous levels.

      • Jess said last week when the whole house ganged up on her and Cody, she said she’d vote for Paul in a F2 because he’s playing an amazing game. But I do think Cody votes personally.

      • I know, but that’s only good if Paul is in F2 and it’s prove she not to be trusted with voting at the end. GET HER OUT NOW before it is too late.

      • Please. I think she’ll survive. I do hope this contestants are not stupid enough to fall for her sick stories. I’m just kidding, they are. I do think that because they live with her and can see evidence of whether she really is or not that could help them decide on what to do with her. I know Kevin is not fooled. At the moment Raven is not a threat to none of them and those are the floaters that go all the way to the end.

    • I really hope that she is not the forgotten nominee and gets evicted. I can’t stand the sight of this girl and she does nothing but cook.

      • Funny. The girl that play the game as a victim of a “fatal” desease that supposed to not be able to eat. She’s the one cooking and eating all the time. Go figure.

      • Right. She’s taking advantage of that slop pass and eating anything and everything. So much for a special diet.

      • Ohh. And she said she is vomiting 10 times a day. Never happen in the last ~50 days. I think she should stay in the BB house forever. It cures her!!!

      • That’s what I meant. When exactly is she vomiting and taking medications. I watch a lot of feeds this season, but not 24/7 so maybe someone has seen her do these things. I sure haven’t.

      • yah, but she was a-hugging on Paul at end of Sunday’s issue of “The Edge of Dull,” “Search for Excitement,” “As the Stomach Churns,” “Days of our Dull,” “Young and the Witless,” “The Guiding PuppetMaster/Vet/Weiner Dog/Douche Bag/Boss Man.” (take your pick our insert one of your own). Please excuse references to prior, historical soap operas, but isn’t that pretty much just about what we’re watching?

    • Now that would be a great game move, less likely to happen though .. Kevin has the right idea, love it, Cody will be free agent, smartest move is too keep him around plus he is target in front everyone else…

  6. Mark, you moron, Elena isn’t going to date you outside the house. She’s USING you, dude.

    That being said (I haven’t heard that a lot out of the house this year)… This week, JESSICA. Next week being the start of jury it will probably be DE. So… CODY and PAUL.

    Nothing else makes sense.

      • I just looked back thru season 5 and it was just 16, and 17 where they had a DE. Season 7 had juror 1 one day and juror 2 the next.

        For some reason I had it in my head that they’d been doing DE for jurors 1 and 2 for a while. Oh well. I don’t have a problem admitting being wrong.

      • Regardless, I still say Jessica this week, Cody next week, then Paul the week after is the best plan for them.

  7. I predict Raven and Cody will be kept on the show. She is “sick” (sympathy win) and he has a military career (patriotism). Paul will be kept for obvious reasons that only I see.

    • I don’t think either the patriotism or sick angles are going over very well. If that was what they were aiming for they definitely picked the wrong representatives in the robot and Baby Jane.

  8. I was beginning to think that Josh got some marbles but Paul and Christmas own him unfortunately ….

  9. I just wish Josh would do what he planned (gunning for Elena) and say to heck with Paul. But, I realize that since Paul has a majority brain-washed it’ll never happen. They wouldn’t have enough votes to keep Jess.

    Now, it’s not that I like Jess really but I think her there keeps the drama boat sailing.

    Cody is a comp beast so there’s a good chance he could continue winning HoH’s and Veto comps and remain for quite a while. IIRC, there are no temptations left, correct?

    IF Cody happens to get booted soon, although I do not like Paul, I will think it HILARIOUS if he goes on to win it all. Then these morons followers will see just how badly they screwed up.

    • I know this comment is off topic, but have there been any discussions about the last hour of BBAD last night? I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time … tears of laughter streaming down my face throughout Paul’s hysterical makeup artist performance! If any of you East Coasters didn’t see it (started a little after 2 am your time; 11 pm my time), you need to watch it. I don’t have live feeds, but I watch BBAD religiously every night. The first two hours were so boring, I almost turned it off … but I’m so glad I continued to watch it. No matter what you think of Paul, he can be absolutely hilarious and makes for fun late-night TV. It was so nice to watch an hour of good, clean fun … without butthole discussions, foul language, screaming matches, or under-the-covers romps.

    • The opportunity for them to get rid of Raven this week should be taken. They can put up with Jessica but getting rid of Raven could be the beginning of playing this game finally. Of course they are dopes and will never do it.

      • They all know that. Its just a matter of timing. Jessica and Cody are the strongest couple in the house and as Cody said, the more people who leave the easier it will be for him to win comps. They need to break up Jessica and Cody before its too late. Those two are not taking anyone else to final two if they get that far. They also have no real allegiances to anyone else in the house.

        For the rest of the house, getting Jess or Cody or both out is imperative for their games.

        I realize those who like them will rationalize otherwise, but the idea is for each house guest to WIN the game, not win it for someone else.

  10. I think seeing Elena and Paul together really annoys Mark, so he’s toying with both of them. He has no intention of using that veto on anyone but himself.

  11. Maybe Josh will grow a pair and nominate Paul. LOL

    But really want to see Jessica and Cody out before jury. No one should be subjected to anymore of their BS 24/7 after this week. Jess needs to go 1st then Cody will self-evict because he is really a punk.

  12. I’d like to see fake Ariana Grande go, just can’t stand her or her “it’s you and me against the house” martyr talk that she’s done to herself… Cody will be just this inert mass with her gone who will be picked off as soon as he can’t protect himself. “I don’t like them,” to mimic Cody’s favorite thing to say.

  13. Put up Raven and vote her out since you are so worried she would get the sympathy vote in the final two. I know I know before you respond Jessica is the target and will be the one voted out, but a girl can dream right?

  14. Mark are you that dense? Do you not know how this game works? And can you not see Elena isn’t into you? If he uses the veto on her he has to be the biggest fruit loop dingus busta fooligan in Big Brother history. Its said when CODY of all people says you’re an idiot.

    • I really don’t think he is. He knows that he has to save himself PLUS is a vote FOR Elena to stay (by voting against Jess) if he does use it. He can’t be sure that Elena would vote to keep him if he used it on her. Yes, he is a froot loop dingus busta fooligan, but I don’t think he’s THAT dumb. Obviously, I could be wrong….we shall see. Hahaha

    • Does Kevin EVER stop talking?? Is Cody speaking at all or is it a one-sided “conversation?”

      • Mostly Kevin. Cody said that next week he will try to win HOH and put up those who betrayed him. Such as the couples that promised they will stick together and betrayed him.
        Kevin is playing both sides again in front of Jason.

      • So Cody is putting up Mark and Elena? If he does, it is what Paul wants, kind of playing revenge more then smart.

      • a chat said he had a thing with xmas for taking him out of play to save jess. he will go after her 1st!

  15. I don’t get all the negative talk about Paul. I mean it get how he is aggressive, talks a lot and tries to manipulate or control every move in the house but that IS the game. He is a more out in the open Derrick to me. Derrick also controlled everyone and he had them playing for him instead of themselves. Paul is playing a similar game except the house is more aware of it than they were with Derrick.

    I think Alex is playing the smartest game. She sees the order that people have to go very clearly, knowing Paul will have to go too at some point, but only after her bigger threats are gone. the House must get rid of Cody and Jess or they will have no chance once teh numbers ore down.

    • So tired of the Paul Show. Without him, the other people would have to play the game. Right now, they just sit around awaiting their orders.

      • Every years its the same thing. A few of people play the game. A few just do showmances and the rest float around hoping to make it to the end by luck. Like it or not, some floaters always make it far in the game while the stronger players take each other out. You are not going to make people play the game because they think by floating, they are playing the game – and maybe that is a strategy that works.

        Matt once said he wanted to lay low and float in the beginning. Let’s see if he picks it up at some point.

      • That’s not his fault. He’s not holding a gun on any of them and saying they have to follow him. I don’t think a floater deserves to win this game. If both Paul and Cody are evicted who’s really left to watch? Christmas can’t win competitions with her leg and Josh had his week of fame. Mark is a wishy washy blubberer, Jason and Kevin aren’t competitors, Raven and Matt are worse than floaters….they’re not even in the water. That leaves Alex and Elena. So, I’d rather watch a little drama and scheming than watch a dull, boring house full of wannabes.

    • I agree. Paul IS the show. Especially his DR sessions and hilarious antics on BBAD. I nearly died laughing at his Makeup Application Lessons last night during the final hour of BBAD.

  16. Maybe. Oh just maybe. Maybe Josh wants to be remembered as the dude who sent paul home before jury. To me, THAT would put Josh in the BB Hall Of Fame.

    • Josh doesn’t vote to evict. If he puts Paul up no one wold vote him out except Cody. The rest of the house would turn on Josh big time. He’d be gone in a week.

  17. Josh and paul are both terrible people. Much of this cast is messed up. Nastiest group of players ever. None of them deserve anything.

  18. Does Josh not realize the number of “points” he could earn for himself if he were to nominate Paul in Mark’s place? This might be the time to back door him.

      • He needs Cody’s vote this week… If he wants Paul out. He might be able to have a tie.

      • josh is not smart enough nor clever enough to pull anything off. he made a mess with the elena/jess eviction.

    • Points from who? Points from Paul’s haters won’t help Josh in the game. Even if Josh put Paul up, the house would not vote him out and Josh will be alone in the game. After going for the golden apple, then trying to back door Paul who could ever trust Josh again?

      The right move for Josh is to let the house evict Jessica. Then they will protect him next week.

      The house should evict Jessica this week and Cody next, if they win HoH. With those two out, the stronger players can turn their attention to Paul. That would be the right move. I would be careful not to let Paul too far, but I would be even more careful to get Cody and Jessica out before its too late. They are the strongest competitors, IMO.

      • When you shoot at the King,you better not way anyone has enough votes take out Paul for the next 2 or 3 weeks,to try and do so would be a fatal mistake.

  19. Okay, now that I’m mostly caught up, here is my prediction for the next POV meeting and eviction-
    Mark (using his little head instead of his big head) will take Elena off the block. Josh will nominate Christmas (against all odds) as a pawn and Jessica will be given the boot the next day. Josh and Cody will have a blow out (the term “meatballs” will tossed about) and Paul will turn into an anti-christ because Josh didn’t listen to him. Alex and Kevin will be in the shadows, playing it cool and with any luck, someone will hide the pans. Raven will be in distress because of the commotion and will threaten anyone with her wit (or lack of). Tune in next week for the next installment of As the House Burns. Mahalo!

  20. Christmas is playing a stepped up game; I can only imagine how STRONG a player she would have been without that injury. Paul, Christmas and Alex would have been unbeatable teaming IMO. Anxious to see what few will remain loyal to Paul as he continues towards being in the Final.

    • I just saw on a chat that cody came hard at xmas this morning about taking him out of veto play. he is MAD! how is that gonna help him, he’ll never learn.

  21. I think Elena is used to getting her way with men…..and plays them well. I think Josh is upset she isn’t interested in him and that is why she is his #1 target.

    • I think its because she voted for him over Ramses. He seems to be the type who is very spiteful and will sabotage himself if he feels he’s getting even. None of the women are throwing themselves at him.

  22. In my hopeful world- wish Mark would use it on Jessica and make the house freak out- They need to end bb19 and give it to the puppet master Paul (who makes me ill)- I thought other seasons were bad- but this one so far is so predictable- all the house guests think Paul is great- They have forgotten there is only one winner-

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