‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 6’s Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

We were back to split power between the HoH and the Veto holder which made the decisions less final for our expectations. Mark secured his chance at safety after winning the PoV on Saturday but HGs actually hoped to keep him from using the power. Don’t be silly. But wait, was Mark actually serious about using it on Elena like he said last night?

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 6

  • Mark decided to use his Veto on himself
  • Josh renom’d Raven in Mark’s place
  • Jessica, Raven, & Elena are this week’s final noms

So everyone involved went with the expected decisions after all. Mark was never in real trouble, but I bet if he knew how hard Josh has been pushing for Elena to go then he would have saved her instead. Now we’ve got Raven up there instead but just like Mark, she’ll be a forgotten nominee this week. The real choice will come down to Jessica versus Elena and right now things still look bad for Jessica.

Four votes could take us to a tie and Josh has repeatedly said he wants Elena out, but I don’t see us even getting to four votes. No one but Josh really wants Elena out this week when they have the alternative of Jessica available to vote out. Things could always change, but for now, it’s Jessica going.

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  1. Well everything going as expected. By the end of the week probably 7-1 or 6-2 for Jessica to go. Kevin needs to be careful about pushing the Cody alliance so hard. People are going to start taking notice. Matt and Raven were just talking about how Cody was doing morning laps with Jason and Kevin today.

    • Yep. The Cody-Kevin-Jason alliance is beginning to form. They will be the ones to take Paul out. Soon, I hope.

      • Jason doesn’t have a clue yet, but once Jess is gone Cody and Kevin can begin to educate him.

      • QUite normal actually. Cody will not stay in the bedroom all by himself. Jess gone is going to be the thing for him.

      • I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s made of without Jess hanging off, around, on and sleeping with him.😐

      • The best alliance. Forget about Alex, she is in too deep to breathe. My two faves and Paul leaving.

    • Matt needs to get a life. What the hell is Cody supposed to do stay away from everyone. Matt needs to go back to eating his cereal. Can’t wait until those two are gone. Boring.

  2. Yay so happy to seeing the sour poison of Jessica get the boot and not even make jury …ahe played a bad game and it’s mostly codys fault …ha ha good rid and don’t let the door hit your fake tits on the way out

  3. I don’t know why Josh is so hung up on getting Elena out. I know he’s trying to prove he’s not a blind loyalist to Paul, but really, not getting out Jessica would be a tremendously stupid move. If you don’t get those 2 out when you have the chance, you’re not going to get them out at all. Cody is a comp beast and Jess does have a decent social game. Granted, the 2 of them together have no strategy, which is why they’ve been on the block all but 2 weeks this season, but still its very difficult to get them out.

    • Doesn’t matter since it’s out of his hands. He can’t make that happen since he can’t vote.

    • He’s a blind loyalist to Paul. If he weren’t, he’d have put Paul on the block instead of Raven. Not only is he a loyalist, he’s afraid of Paul.

      • Josh would not have the votes to get Paul evicted this week.

        All he would do by nominating Paul is destroy his own game.

        Obviously one can make any move one wants, but in the end it all comes down to execution, and frankly the numbers aren’t there to execute a Paul eveiction just yet.

  4. She’s gonna wish she saved that hex for herself. She would have garanteed her safety and made it at least to jury. she thought Cody would be hoh this week, which he almost was possibly.. but that’s not good enough in this game. She didn’t look out for herself and now she’s paying for it Thursday.

    • If Jessica saved the Halting Hex, she would have been voted out last week. It would have been rendered useless! Paul already gave orders to vote Jessica out if she did not use the Halting Hex. She made the right move. Where she messed up is not competing for the Temptation safety competition that Mark won that week of Paul’s HOH. If her or Cody won that safety and VETO then, they could have extended the life of the Halting Hex by one week!

      • Good point!! They thought they were untouchable! I did think that people wanted Cody out last week. Either way she didn’t make the right moves last week or this week.

      • Sure the way it played out Jessica would have been voted out if she didn’t use the Hex. But if she used her BRAIN, she would still have the Hex and be sitting in a much better position.

        Jessica should have went up to Paul and said, I won’t use the Hex IF you take me off the block. No stupid petty B.S. like she tried to pull (two weeks of safety and get rid of Alex, you didn’t need to weeks of safety you fool, YOU HAD THE HEX!).

        In addition she could have pointed out to Paul that there are other dangerous players in the house and if you help keep me safe (on the down low), I can help you eliminate your other targets and help you manage the jury.

        Jessica’s problem is she THINKS she’s entitled to respect and a high position in the house despite her previous actions. A little smarts and humility would have gone a long way to keeping her in the game.

        It’s a shame, right after she won HOH, I was pulling for her. But as soon as Cody re-entered, he destroyed her game. Jessica quickly and completely lost the ability to think rationally.

      • I agree with everything you said of what Jess should have done. Those are all game strategy/negotiations. Cody re-entered the house, and she starts forgetting she’s playing a game for 500k.

      • She could actually have had the two weeks of safety in her hands if she had negotiated with the right conditions. The fact that Paul did not take her off the block was clear indication that she needed to use the hex.
        Paul on his part was hell bent on getting rid of the hex and also evict Jody in succession so he didn’t use the veto on her to buy her trust. (Paul wanting everything at the same time).

    • Thing is, she has mentioned she makes way more at work than being in the jury house. So I doubt she cares. Obviously the 500k is worth going for and even the 50k, but for her she’d rather work than be in jury

  5. If Josh could explain to Paul that he wants to be the one to actually put Jessica out by making it a tie and letting him have to pick the one to leave he could switch it up and take out Elena instead. Though I doubt this would work now since Christmas wouldn’t trust Josh and would probably tell Paul how badly Josh wants out Elena.

  6. Well, Josh you disappoint me!
    The perfect time to back door Paul, and Josh doesn’t have the Grapefruit’s to do it.
    Jessica will instead be going home on Thursday bite.
    I certainly hope that Paul does not win HOH Thursday note!!!

      • I don’t honestly think he’s as safe as he likes to believe he is, but I do think those who are looking to get him out aren’t necessarily gutsy enough to make those moves themselves and would rather use Cody as a scapegoat so that they come off as being squeaky clean to Paul.

      • That’s EXACTLY why I want to see Cody get HoH! I do like Cody, despite some annoying things about him, but he would most certainly gun for Paul and it would be highly interesting.

      • The best way to get rid of Paul is to put him and Alex on the block. Whoever does that will succeed. Alex is always working for Paul and giving him information. She influences Jason to remain loyal, then Kevin, Matt, Raven and others follow the train.
        So if Alex is on the block with Paul, even Cody as a third nominee (with/without Jessica in the house) will survive as the house will split and the HG will see the need to get rid of the the major threat and undue influence.

      • Dan Roxas, that’s your opinion!
        You are entitled to it.
        With your way of thinking, the game is over!!
        Just hand over the $500,000 to Paul.
        But, its a game, the votes he and you thinks he has secured could turn on a dime!!!
        Christmas is the one to watch out for!
        She is my longshot to win this game!!!
        Thanks Dan, for your opinion!!!

      • Here’s the thing Paul Jones. Josh could put Paul up, but if Josh doesn’t have the votes to evict Paul (and he doesn’t), he simply puts a target on his back. Why would Josh do that? He certainly doesn’t care if you’re entertained! LOL!

        The wheels are beginning to turn. Kevin is pushing to keep Cody for this very reason (to eliminate Paul). Kevin can’t really say it out loud just yet.

        It’s easy to sit, watch and complain that a player didn’t make the big move you wanted THIS WEEK, but it’s not your chance at $500,000 that goes up in smoke if the player misses his target.

        Paul very well could win this game. Frankly, he’s played the best game to this point in the season. But as the numbers dwindle, he could become exposed.

        Let’s play this from Kevin’s standpoint for example.

        Right now he’s in good with Paul and he’s pretty safe in the house. Currently, no one is targeting him. He is currently targeting Matt and Raven (although I doubt he votes to evict her this week). If he’s smart (and I think he is), he’s targeting Matt and Raven to reduce Paul’s numbers.

        He can get Jason or Cody (which is why he’s making overtures to Cody) to directly target Matt and/or Raven. Quite honestly, I doubt Kevin wants to win HOH and do this himself. Let other players take the heat.

        Once Paul’s numbers are down (honestly I think Paul could automatically right now count on votes to save him from Matt/Raven/Alex/Elena with Josh and Xmas probable votes).

        If you eliminate Matt and Raven or Elena (Paul’s most hardcore supporters) you may be able to push Josh and/or Alex or Christmas to vote Paul out. And there’s your eviction.

        But this week, no sorry, Josh does not have the numbers and it would have been very foolish of him to try.

      • Um…… what the heck are you talking about Mr Jones?
        I just think Paul wouldn’t go home.
        Why are you saying “its your opinion”?
        I’m not being negative, I’m just saying Paul has coverage from votes.
        If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but no need to be patronizing.

      • Um……..Mr Roxas,
        Apparently you feel that you & you alone are the only one entitled to an opinion around here!
        So, I will make this easy for you!!!
        You are so, so right.
        I am totally wrong!
        I am not here to make anyone feel like they are being patronized.
        I am not being negative or positive.
        I was just trying to join the discussion here about BB19.
        But I will now jeep any and all of my opinions to myself,
        that way you can feel good about yourself.

      • Um how was I entitled to my opinion?
        I never said you should keep your opinion to yourself.
        I just simply disagreed with you. And even if I’m wrong, you don’t have to be so condescending.

        Even when you say you’re not here to make someone feel patronized, you still come off as condescending. I never said you were 100% wrong, I offered a counterclaim.

    • That is Thursday night, not Thursday bite!!!
      And Thursday Night, not Thursday note!!!

  7. wish they would all just say the hell with it and vote out Raven…..she does not deserve to go to jury!!!

  8. So JOdy talking about the therapy offered after the show. Cody says he doesn’t need it.

    • He needed it BEFORE he went into the house and after he got back from his tours.

      • If Cody had PTSD won’t it have kicked in during the haunted house. I know one guy that ha PTSD can’t even watch any horror/action movies. Even movies with action heroes like Iron men are too much for him. I think Cody was born the way he is.

      • Think you’re right, especially the ego and the arrogance.
        I also know someone with PTSD and can’t be in closed spaces, always needs to be able to get out easily so he says the BB house would definitely be a trigger for him

      • That’s how I still am today and I wasn’t even in the military. Just suffered a traumatic experience.

      • That’s it, you never know what people have been through. Trauma can have long lasting effects. Hope you’re doing ok

      • PTSD doesn’t effect people the same way. My cousin’s husband had a delayed PTSD reaction to 9/11 and would leave his house at night to wander the streets endlessly. Meanwhile, a friend of mine has a co-worker who’s wife has a panic attack even at the sight of a single flame on a birthday candle. Both weren’t even at the towers during 9/11, but they were downtown and close enough to watch it all go down.

      • He doesn’t. People are saying that because he went to war. He is just a loner and hates people.

      • Yes, people here have diagnosed him but apparently he made it through whatever screening they have.

      • So did Raven and Josh so I am highly sceptical of the actual screening process!

      • Right, lots of players who have anger problems or issues have made it to the BB house. All I’m sayin is just cos Cody’s a vet and not very likeable doesn’t mean he has PTSD.

      • And has no girlfriend, and has no friends, and mother doesn’t like him, doesn’t get along with family, and has never been offended, all his words, not mine!!!

      • His parents probably should have named him DONKEY,because he sure acts like a jackass.

    • They have everything. Med Drs, 24 hr oncall/psychologist/psychiatrists/condoms..you name it.

    • Cody probably needs it worse than anybody else in BB history,except maybe Amanda,

  9. Raven says Cody was into her and she turned him down. That he said it wouldn’t work out because she can’t have kids.
    What a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christmas may not believe her.

    • Yeah pretty sure Cody was instantly attracted to Jessica as he revealed this in his first DR

    • Isn’t it easy enough to find out from the live-feeders? Do they have the ability to go back and watch from day one?

    • Imagine that! Cody wanting to be with a woman who states she vomits ten times a day. I can’t even imagine anybody wanting to make out with her. After all that vomiting she must have a lingering taste of puke on her breath at all times.

  10. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Paul take control, I am ready to see a power switch back to Cody. Also would be happy to see Elena go this week too, however the Meatball will fail to accomplish this with Elena and Paul getting so chummy lately.

    • She is putting it on thick, isn’t she? Does she believe that will be enough to get her to the end with him?

      • Well she certainly is catering to Paul’s ego with all the massages she’s giving him, but eventually he will run her over as his secret alliance to Alex will cause this to happen.

      • I hope that the other house guests notice what is happening and decide Wednesday night to flip. Probably not going to happen this house is soooo predictable.

      • Paul wants elena and josh at the end. Tehy are floaters and he could beat them. Not making the same mistake again.

  11. I wonder if Raven knows that Cody has a daughter because she said something about him wanting all boys. Pathetic girl, I hope she gets what she deserves at the end of this show.

      • I said good luck pulling that one off, since he’s the only deciding factor. My hubby swore our first was a boy because all first born babies were males. He forgot his mother was the oldest girl in her family.😃

      • I agree ,if that were the case then why were my 1st 2 children born female,we had 2 girls and then 2 boys,which is exactly what i wanted ,with my 2nd wife our only child was a boy.

      • My sister had 3 boys and then “finally” the girl. However, it is rare and probably hard to do. Good luck to them though.

      • No Cody was talking to Jess about them JOdy having 3 boys before they could have a girl He definitely wants boys

  12. Mon 12:53 PM BBTJess tells Cody how she was gonna walk out of Veto ceremony if there was another speech about her and then jokes about putting – NikkiMirage
    cyanide into the water

    Why do they (production) not do anythng about Jessica’s sick, violent comments/threats?

    • Raven has been out of it for awhile now. Her snorting is the only thing that’s tangible about her. Oh my, did I just say that?

  13. I am turning off live feeds because I just caught myself yelling shut up Christmas. OMG I laugh so hard they keep talking about one another they are so petty.

      • lol. There was a baby crying loudly in the BB house and i’m predicting it will be the 1st BB pregnancy news.

      • I don’t think this group will stay friends after the season ,its got nasty this year all but a few involved in it

      • Once the show is over and it’s party time, they will all be friends. Except Cody. He hates them all but Jessica.

      • Blech! Gag me with a gravy ladle!!! Even two weeks out of the game and Ramses, poor dumb schumck that he is, still hasn’t got clue one about Kevin’s duplicity and the effect it had on his game…

      • Kevin’s going to be homeless after this, his wife has to be burning his crap already

      • He really disappointed me. Does he not realize cameras are on him 24/7. All this talk of him falling in love with Christmas is disgusting. Doesn’t he know she’s gay?

      • 1st I’ve read/heard of Ch-tree being gay. When/where was/is that info? Of course, I have no feeds or BBAD. Scoop???

      • Eh, pregnancy rumors run rampant every season of Big Brother. The only thing that changes is who’s schtupping who. I don’t believe Jessica’s any more with child than I believed Rachel and Brendan got themselves in the family way during their time in the BB house.

      • It is just clues for HOH, Jess was the one starting the pregnancy rumors. I think she really believed that she was.

      • Jessica will use anything and everything to extend her time long enough to make jury… the girl is ridiculous. Women manipulating men with talk of pregnancy and babies goes all the way back to Eve coyly informing Adam she thinks she might be in need of larger fig leaves in the very near future… of course Adam the big stupe probably told her to just lay off the meat and potatoes instead and instantly became the first man in recorded history to suffer the debilitating effects of cold c*cking.

        Jess’s time would be better spent learning how to play nice in the sandbox and shifting attention off of herself and onto Elena.

      • I think BB is giving them clues for an HOH game. Paul Jason and Kevin were talking about that and counting the dog barks and the baby crying. It could be a Wednesday eviction or an early HOH. Double eviction. Production hasn’t told them anything.

  14. Why the F did Josh not nominate Paul when mark pulled himself down? They will NEVER get another opportunity like this again!

    • The votes wouldn’t have been there to evict Paul, especially if they know that they can break up a showmance instead.

    • The roof would’ve caved in if he would’ve put Paul OTB in marks place! 😀I know they wouldn’t have gotten the votes but I would’ve taken the chance and made a move. He would’ve at least made jury, that seems to be all these ng a are concerned about.

    • Josh said he won’t put up Paul because he owes Paul for keeping him safe when he was OTB against Ramses.

  15. So Paul lies to Mark and Raven about how many times the dog barked to give them wrong info. He tells the truth to Alex and Jason. Then Jason and Alex throw Kevin under the bus, telling about his talks with Cody and that he talks about feeling for Xmas. Big splinters starting to happen.

      • Do you mean Josh. I like him more than Paul, Raven, Mark, Elena and Matt, but then he needs to go. Maybe take him as F2 to assure a win.

    • Paul knows about Kevin’s plan. Kevin already pitched it to Paul. Paul told him to wait until they see who wins HOH. Kevin told Paul he wanted to pull Cody in and wait to evict himto make sure Cody wasn’t there to play in the jury buyback . In typical Kevin style he is playing both sides

    • If Mark and Raven are too stupid to count for themselves than they deserve to get the incorrect numbers. I would have done the same thing.

      • If only Cody and Mark could convince Jason and Kevin to vote out Raven…..that would at least be a tie. And who knows maybe Josh would vote out Raven.

      • Too bad Josh wouldn’t do it. He is too scared of Matt and Paul. I wish josh would see Mark would be really loyal to him. I would take Mark over Matt as a trusted ally in this game.

  16. I agree with others. There should be a surprise eviction and that should be Raven. After all only one person could win the game. Just let it not be Paul. I won’t mind Mark or Kevin to win just based on character. Josh impressed me for standing up to Paul for as long as it lasted…Xmas has super impressed me for planting seeds to dethrone Paul, but I am not a fan of hers either. The journey to a Mark or Kevin unexpected would be good as everyone dethrones everyone.

  17. Can’t stand Raven LOL I know Jess is leaving but it would make me so happy to see Raven get evicted

  18. Kevin knows what’s up with Paul and Production. He will get Paul out eventually.

    • That was funny, Kevin asking if Paul works for production since he is in the diary room so much.

  19. It would be in best entress for all house guest to get Jessica out.
    She with Cody holds alot more power than Elena, and would be a very smart move on the house part to get rid of her now while can, and have the chance.
    No, Cody want like it, and will Proubly go off on the house as have before, but if others wants the chance to win BB, gonna have to make bold moves as this to do it.

  20. Can someone please explain to me why everyone in the house says that nobody will ever vote against Raven? If that’s the case why don’t they give her the money now. It seems like everyone talk sh*t on her and her and are sick of all of her pity party stories. If that’s the case you would think they would actually want her out.

    • They’re afraid that it would make them look bad but they all (except Matt) are fed up with her. She won’t make it to F4

      • I would love to see her go this week. Who do you think would actually vote her out? I only see Alex and Jason? Who would she have to be be nominated with to go? She won’t get voted out over Mark, Elena, Josh, Xmas, or Kevin, Paul will make sure of that.

      • Today, Paul sounds like he’s getting fed up. She won’t go before Jody but as the numbers dwindle she could be collateral damage. Matt sure can’t protect her. In the end, I think only Josh and Matt would not vote her out.

      • yah, but Raven was a-hugging on Paul at end of Sunday’s issue of “The Edge of Dull,” “Search for Excitement,” “As the Stomach Churns,” “Days of our Dull,” “Young and the Witless,” “The Guiding PuppetMaster/Vet/Weiner Dog/Douche Bag/Boss Man.” (take your pick our insert one of your own). Please excuse references to prior, historical soap operas, but isn’t that pretty much just about what we’re watching? plus SEX & Sounds of SEX since not much in the way of censorship as in the historical soap operas. = don’t get live feeds, BBAD, any other talkies other than this one, or anything else.

    • I listen to them complain about her but then say how can you vote out the sick broke girl? No way she gets voted out if she dies till close to the end. She has Matt and Paul protecting her. Jason and Alex would be the ones I think that would vote her out. Not even sure Cody would unless it was F4 or less.

  21. Paul, Alex. Kevin, Matt and Christmas will vote for Jessica.
    Cody and Mark will vote Raven.
    Elena will get 0

  22. Is there a chance to see Raven going home? I mean, we can say whatever we want about Jessica and Elena, but at least they have some game, Raven is not a good TV character and neither a good game player.

  23. Does anyone think it’s inappropriate for Kevin to be so cozy with Christmas? He does have a wife at home. Just saying😬

  24. I think that this show is not worth watching after the rude display of behavior by all the people in the house towards Jessica and Cody. I hope that Paul’s parents and all his followers in the house are proud of the way they acted and bullied Jessica and Cody. I thought we are supposed to be teaching our youth to respect each other? Then we show stuff like this on tv. This is why our youth are being bullied and committing suicide. They see garbage like this on tv and they think it’s okay to treat each other that way. Julie Chen should be ashamed of herself, she has a young child of her own, is this the type of environment that she wants her child to have to grow up in? I would suggest that CBS. GLOBAL and all the other net works cancel this show or remove Paul and Josh from the show for the way that they behaved. There has been enough children committing suicide from being bullied that we don’t need to have it advertisedone in front of them, or maybe the networks need to be suit and that would wake them up. Then maybe they will STOP SHOWING THIS GARBAGE ON TV. STOP KILLING OUR YOUTH.

  25. Without Paulin the game it would have been boring,,he desearves to go far andI hope with Kevin

  26. So I’ll ask. Out of the 3 ladies, who do you want to get the boot?
    I’ll go first…Jessica.

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