‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 8 – Update: Players Picked

The Power of Veto competition is coming up for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests and we’re anxiously awaiting spoilers on not only who won the Veto, but who gets to play. Here’s what the house has been discussing in the build up to today’s backyard battle.

Mark Jansen takes aim on Big Brother 19

When Feeds came back we found out Christmas was the new HoH and her noms were Matthew and Jason, but it doesn’t sound like either of them are the target. Instead it sounds like the VTE-Mark plan is on track and they’re going to the BD route again this week.

Soon after the Feeds returned we heard Paul tell Christmas that after the nominations ceremony, Kevin pulled Jason aside and said if Jason won the Veto then he should leave the noms the same and they’d vote out Matthew. Well Christmas didn’t like the sound of that. We don’t know if it’s true since Feeds were down, but doesn’t seem outrageous.

Later Matthew and Raven discussed the situation. Matthew wishes Christmas had put up Alex instead of Jason. He suggests that if the plan to get out Mark can’t happen this week (ie. He wins Veto or there’s some twist.) then Matthew says this would be a good time to get out Alex.

Discussing their worst case scenarios, Matthew and Raven see they would just need her vote, Josh’s, and Paul’s vote to tie things up and then he’d rely on Christmas to break the tie in his favor and send Jason out the door.

Sounds like the infighting/plotting has begun. Excellent. We need that. It’d be a much more dramatic week if Mark did get drawn to play and won the Veto, but the odds are still tough for him to get in there in the first place.

We’ll find out soon enough when the players are drawn later this morning. We’ll get the updates posted when they’re revealed. Then the Veto comp will play out later today and we’ll have those spoilers too.

Update: Raven, Mark and Paul were picked to play in the veto. It sounds like Christmas got houseguest’s choice and picked Raven. Jason, Alex and Paul are a little sketched out by Christmas’ choice to pick Raven.

Veto comp is coming up later today so get ready to find out who won the power this week.

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  1. I’m very aware Paul will lie to manipulate, but I believe that Itchy Snitchy most likely did say that to Jason. Snitchy has seemed to have it in for Matt for awhile. Maybe it is just a way to keep a target off of him, or maybe he really has a personal issue with Matt, idk. Maybe Matt’s eating all of Snitchy’s favorite cereal. Maybe it’s just an itch that Snitch needs to scratch.

  2. I hope Mark win the veto and put Alex next to Jason on the block. He won’t get the number of votes to take out Paul against Matt.

      • Okay then, save the one that will most likely arouse general suspicion and force Christmas to make a replacement. There is no excuse for a pawn this time. They will vote out one of their own (i.e. target after Mark) without him getting involved. Then he (Mark) can point out another target (preferably a showmance) and convince them they could last at least longer in the house if they work together.

    • Even if Mark wins the POV he isn’t the one who chooses the houseguest. It the choice of the HOH. If Mark wins POV competition I’m sure he will leave the nominations as they are and either Jason or Matt will go home.

  3. I’m surprised that there’s not a plan to BD Kevin. That would shake up the house, and if he’s considered shady by Xmas and Co., why wouldn’t she try to do that?

  4. Have Matt and Raven had any conversations that they could be in danger since the other showmances have been targeted? I haven’t heard any, you would think they’d have some concern for themselves yet they seem to feel very secure.

    • I think Raven especially thinks she is very safe, and she might just be. Who would lose against her in F2? NO ONE!

      • Well, she is delusional, we know that lol but she did look scared when Cody revealed at his eviction that Alex and Jason had told him what Raven said about her allegedly turning him down.

      • Seriously! I haven’t read that anywhere yet in my catching up mode. How did I miss that little nugget when I watched the show at 4:30 this morning?? Very interesting!

      • Yes, when Cody gave his spiel and made his accusations he said that A/J had told him about their conversation with Raven about him. Just look at her face — priceless.

      • Cody should have blew up raven’s spot and told josh he just hated him bc raven called him a sexual predator and said he peeping on her in the shower. Would of loved to see her face lol. Then again im glad he didnt bc those are serious allegations the could bit josh in the butt in the real world.

      • I don’t understand why people think that. Don’t they all think she is annoying? I thought they were sick of her stories and one uping everyone. What has she done to win the game?

      • I don’t think any of the HGs really like her and from what I’ve read, the majority of BBN posters can’t stand her. I’m sick of her and don’t even watch the feeds. But I guess you can learn to “stomach” just about anyone for $500 K.

      • He’s on the – Post – Kellogg’s – General Mills – Cereal campaign to be their cereal eater spokesperson!

  5. Why are people wanting to see “infighting” ? Isn’t the objective of an alliance is sticking together and eliminating their opponents first, then going after each other once they’ve accomplished that? We’re so accustomed to seeing alliances break apart and turn on each other prematurely, creating complete kaos that we don’t recognize when we see one operating the it supposed to be. There’s plenty of time left to turn on each other, you can see they’re in the burgeoning stages now. Why is this; because they

    • They’ve successfully completed their goal. That’s how an alliance works. All that flip flopping, not sticking to a plan drives me up the wall! It’s refreshing to see an alliance stick with an order of operation!

      • That’s boring and predictable though. I’d rather see some excitement which is what this season is lacking.

      • It’s interesting to see the twitter feeds of some of the more famous houseguests in BB history. Rachel, Elissa, Britney, Dan, Janelle, Andy, Nicole, etc. They don’t seem terribly impressed how this season is going.

        On a personal opinion, I appreciate alliances much better when they don’t encompass 3/4 of the house. Because of that there hasn’t been a shifting power each week (or even every two weeks). I know Jessica won HOH one week, but she was doomed regardless who she nom’ed. and ultimately evicted. She aimed low and they mocked her for aiming low. Had she aimed higher, they would’ve gunned for her just the same.

      • That’s relative. I don’t think it’s boring at all. If the other side of the house had taken power and consecutively taken out Paul, Josh, Alex and Christmas, that wouldn’t be so boring to you would it?? I don’t think so.

      • Well it’s still an alliance sticking together. They are breaking apart already, you see, there’s plenty of time left backstabbing.

    • I’m not sure. It doesn’t seem she will trust anyone in the house better than Paul who would given her reason for taking out Jason. Until F3 though.

    • I doubt it. Alex has a secret alliance with him. Plus, these people are too scared to go against Paul. Heaven forbid they do that! These people drive me up a wall. Give Paul the check now.

      • I know she has an alliance with him. I watch. But if he backstabs her and gets rid of Jason she won’t be happy. I hope she teams up with Mark and Kevin and goes after him. She’s not scared to do anything. She’s been waiting for the numbers and she proved she’s not scared week one when Cody was HOH and asked her who she’d go after and she straight up said all the couples. Then Cody put her up. She’s a fighter.

      • I don’t know if she’ll do anything. I suppose it really boils down to how well Paul spins his tale. This entire season, Paul has spun a yarn for Alex in regards to several HG, and she has bought it hook line and sinker. For example, say what you will about Cody & his poor BB game play, but Cody was never a threat to Alex…Seriously, NEVER!
        And yet, Paul got in Alex’s ear and turned Alex against him. She became vigilant in her counting all of Cody;s sins! Just another crazy thing in this house… But, seriously, I’m sorry, I don’t see Alex suddenly dropping her rose colored glasses and growing the huge pair of cahonies it would take to evict Paul… IMO, she’s drank the Kool-Aid and is now a hostage just like the rest of these HG!

        I predict here and now, she will forgive the Jason eviction and stay “Team Paul”!

      • Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Depends how Paul spins it if Jason goes. If she finds out Paul backstabbed her I can almost bet she will go after him. People need to get together and start comparing notes. Jason is starting to see the red flags. He questioned why Santa picked Raven to play in the POV instead of Alex.

      • Santa? hahaha
        I was a bit confused cause of the Nick had on a Santa hat and beard on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ just this past week. I mixed the two up for a bit.
        but, “Santa” was great !!! ha ha ha !!!

      • Paul has more bull crap than anyone I know. Jessica and Cody are the only 2 who recognized him for who he is and they both paid the price.

      • Only because that’s where the numbers are. That could change later in the game. When the time is right. After all, she does have somewhat of a brain.

    • I really hope Jason goes, he will realize how stupid he was by not going after Paul after in the DE.

      • He ran to Paul to tell him everything Mark has said.
        I don’t know how these people function in real life without someone telling them what to do.

  6. This is the most chicken sh*t cast of BB ever!!! Now of course I understand why Christmas wouldn’t put up Paul but this is just boring anymore. I guess if they get Mark this week and Mat or Raven next then maybe it will start to seem that people are thinking and fighting to win. So far just a big, boring summer party that isn’t much fun to watch. This Paul worship is just pitifull. Please BB, do the unexpected and quit bringing back veterans/losers and let a fresh cast do their own thing in the future.

    • These people are idiots. I said it. They don’t know what playing for themselves is like. Paul is running the show and he doesn’t even break a sweat doing it. Everyone in the house is so gullible, they just follow Paul like a dog. It’s embarrassing and boring. I don’t want to root for anybody at this point. Maybe I will cheer for the person that gets a backbone and targets Paul. That’s wishful thinking I realize.

      • Right now, as much as I hate to say it, Paul deserves to win. The others have done nothing all season except be obnoxious.

  7. OMG! Looks like Jason going over Mark is in full swing. Christmas would have NEVER picked weak-link raven without Paul’s approval. Don’t care how he acts, lack of accountability is his alibi! Paul knew that was going to happen, make no mistake!

    Well, maybe this week might be exciting after all. I wonder what Alex will do if her BIGGEST ally in the house gets targeted? Will she man/woman up and finally play her own game… OR, will she cow down to Paul and accept his reasoning behind why Jason had to go??

    I mean, that is…IF Jason does go and that is still a HUGE if. We’ll see.

    • I want Mark to win the veto! The house needs some excitement and that could be interesting. Wtf would she put that lame crazy loon Raven up anyway. Well, there’s a good chance Raven will injure herself during the competition.

    • I read somewhere that Paul was just as surprised at Christmas’s choice of Raven. So was Alex. This may be the one time Christmas did something on her own. I just don’t know why she picks Raven other than she will probably not win.

      • After this season do you really think Paul was surprised? He & Josh were talking about taking out Jason instead of Mark the night of the DE. They revisited the topic the night Derrik was in the house and had another conversation with Christmas about it after Xmas won HOH.

        But, no… Paul was totally surprised!! LMAO! Not even close.

      • Christmas has a “plan”.. She has already pulled Josh to her…Kevin will stand by her…My guess is now shes working on Raven and trying to bring Raven into ‘her’ little personal web/army… As I said just guessing.. but that’s my scenario .. .I would say her plan is to take Paul out..

    • Of course she will still be with Paul., she does not even care if she wins or not, She wants and will everything she can to help Paul win it all

    • She may end up blaming Jason after listening to Paul’s excuses. Remember she had warned Jason not to f**k with Paul. She might get closer to Paul and report more while she feel vulnerable though.

  8. YES! MARK GOT PICKED! Now he just needs to win! More drama! :D It’s really only down to Mark, Jason, Paul, and Alex, so Mark has a fair chance of pulling this thing out.

  9. Which one said the other night that they were each other’s ‘ride or die?’ Jason or Alex? They said it in front of the entire house. I would evict Jason this week.. then Christmas and Josh need to pull in Mark..since he is alone.

      • That statement coming from Alex…”Ride or Die”, I’m sorry Boo you’re dead. I have to stick with Paul. He is going to take me too the end. After all, Im the only one other than him who wants too win this freaking game!!!!

      • Anybody other than Paul. He is alone, vulnerable and will appreciate anyone as an ally. But Josh has been Mark’s nightmare, position himself like his arch enemy, and have been used by the alliance to torment their targets for several weeks. That was why Jody refused to listen to him when he wasn’t targeting Jessica.
        I wouldn’t expect Mark to trust him all the way either. Other HGs can.

  10. I think Christmas, Matt, Paul, & Raven will throw the comp to Mark. Mark keeps noms the same. Jason is voted out or veto is used on Matt, Alex is renomed, then BD’.:-)

    • No, I think Jason is the target. Paul wants to keep Alex, but he wants Jason ut. Jason’s DE speech= stupid! It put a bigger target on HIS back than it did Mark’s because Jason, one of Paul’s minions, failed to bring this conversation to his Master pronto! Therefore, now, his master thinks he is disloyal… sorry, Jason, that’s what happens when you join a cult.

      • After Jason goes Alex will b PO’D. I think she will know Paul was behind his eviction. I doubt she will team up with him, but will tell him what he wants to hear.

      • I don’t know. If we go by past decisions…Alex will believe Paul.
        Paul has been behind every confrontation this season. Paul was even behind the Megan situation between Jess/Alex & Megan.

        Go back and watch…Paul went up to Jessica and told her Megan is calling you a racist. He never said for the Pao-Pao comment. He simply said to Jessica, “Megan told Alex you are a racist.”

        That set off a whole chain of events… Alex freaked on Megan and then Cody nom’d her and said, “I just don’t like you.”

        Paul was behind these things. He has been running the hose for a long time, I do not think he will let it go now.

      • i`m not sure, but I dont think Paul had nothing to do with that. I think Megan was the one that told Alex what Jessica said. And then Jessica went to talk with Alex, and Jessica told Alex that was not what happened and then Alex flipped on Megan without even hearing her side

      • Oh yes he did! I just re-watched that episode. Josh attacked Megan on three separate occasions, and definitely had her hating her BB experience, but what really set her off is when her friend Alex attacked her…and that was ALL Paul’s doing. He even takes credit for it in his DR. He told Jessica that Megan called her a racist..and left it at that. He didn’t say she thought you called Alex Panda or anything like that. He just said Megan called you a racist. Jess has since admitted to calling Alex Pao-Pao because she couldn’t remember her real name… It was a simple misunderstanding…but Paul turned it into a self-evict situation!

        It was that single comment that set off the entire Megan vs Alex vs Jessica debacle! Go back and watch if you doubt me…

        I think he knew it too, which is why he was trying so hard for a repeat with Cody & Jessica…

      • That`s ok I trust u. But Alex went off on Megan because when she talked with Jessica in the storage room to clear up the air, Jessica never admitted to Alex that she called her Pao., And then Alex left the storage room yelling at Megan. If Jessica had been honest and tell Alex what she really said …Alex would have no reason to go off on Megan. Jessica was the one that told Alex Megan was just calling her racist to make her look a racist. And that is when Alex got mad

      • Because Jessica didn’t know about the Panda or Pao Pao comment, hon. All Paul said when he got Jessica fired up was “Megan called you a racist!”

        Jessica has since admitted she called Alex Pao-Pao because it was the first few days and she could not remember Alex’s name… Raven called Alex Pao Pao too..even after Jess stopped. ;)I am telling you, I was as shocked as you were b//c I had forgotten about this…my friend reminded me and I went back and re watched the episode and…*HOLY-BLEEP_ she was right! Paul totally started that crap!!

        After all the other weeks and the constant bullying that just keeps going on… This proof that Paul really did kick it into motion just changed my entire view. He purposefully set Megan up and didn’t care when she got attacked for her comment, even tho hr knew that was not what she’d said!!

        UGH! That makes me sick and I am now actively detesting Paul and his “just win baby” tactics!!

      • and I`m not gonna lie in my mind I call Alex “Pao”… especially because Alex has shown no personality at all…

      • I don’t know about that, Alex has shown a lot more attitude and game excitement than Pao-Pao! She (Pao-Pao) was evicted almost immediately and did not win even one comp.. so I don’t see the comparison, except for the way they look and I think that is what Jessica meant. Point being here… Paul started the entire fight. Paul had Jess hate Megan. Paul had Alex hate Megan… AND, OMG- Maybe Paul influenced Cody hating Megan too! Considering Cody said, “I just don’t like you”…maybe he said that because of Jessica which is really because of Paul!!!

        Seriously, think about it. How different would this season have been if Megan simply would have asked Jessica “Who told you I called you a racist?”………..

      • Alex never gave Megan a chance to talk. But the true is that Megan did say Jessica was being a racist.

      • Don’t rely on the episodes. they’re completely edited and deceiving. Watch BBAD or the feeds and you will see whats really going on.

      • You are right. Jessica told Alex what Megan said. Megan mistook what Jessica said. Jessica said she wasn’t going to talk to Cody because Pao Pao was there. Megan misheard and thought Jessica said panda.

      • I know. Read what I wrote up there. What I said is Paul went to Jessica and got the fight started. That’s what I said. Alex did not freak on Megan until after Jessica confronted her. Now granted, Jessica sure as hell didn’t mention that she had called Alex Pao Pao either…but Paul is the one who stirred up that hornet nest. Rewatch the episode.

      • Alex doesn’t have anyone else in the house:

        Xmas: put Jason up
        Raven: no connection and can’t win anything
        Matt: no connection and doesn’t win anything
        Kevin: can’t stand and no longer really aligned
        Josh: no connection and not a strong ally
        Mark: no connection AND doesn’t like him
        Paul: the only person she’s been talking close game to for several weeks, and a strong competitor to help keep her safe

        Paul still needs Alex on his side

      • How do you figure Alex does not have anyone but Jason? All last week she was talking about how Paul is her bud. She and Jason think they have a final 3 with Paul based on the feeds last week. When did that change?

      • For Alex and Jason its not…Jason screwed himself with his noms speech during the DE.. Alex still has an “in” with Paul I wonder if Paul who supposedly threw the HOH comp to Christmas..so that she will be responsible for the eviction of Mark Jason or Kevin (who I don’t believe she will nom).. Christmas is a sneak but Paul is mastermind sneak….lol.. Paul just wants one of the 3 evicted…

      • I realllly think there’s a strong chance that Paul knew Xmas would be open to targeting Jason (left over resentment from breaking her foot), and you know he doesn’t want and can’t afford to have Jason’s blood on his hands.

        And he was getting so close at a friendship level with Xmas (the tandem thing, etc), and Xmas having the broken foot (house-wide sympathy for her) that it didn’t look suspicious for him to throw it to her.

        Definitely, Alex knows (at least is convinced) that she is close with Paul.

      • Just caught live feeds. Paul and Christmas still want Mark out but considering putting Kevin up if Mark wins veto. Jason a possibility too.

      • Agreed – Jason should have deferred to “you’ve shown you’re a tough competitor Mark, and Elena you have a great social game”…actually starting to laugh as I wrote that last part.

    • That sounds more like wishful thinking lol…There is no way that they will throw the comp to Mark! Matt & Raven want to get Matt off the block, Xmas and Paul want Mark out first before anyone else.

  11. Well I want Mark gone. He`s super chicken, and if you all think he will go after Paul, u guys will keep wishing , because he won`t , he`s to scared. With that said I hope he goes.

    • I’m hoping he will be the one to go after Paul, just like I hoped Alex or Jason, or Christmas, Cody, and Jessica. Christmas disappointed me as a viewer when she had me all excited talking to Josh and so did Cody and Jess by throwing comps. Alex by sticking too deep in his A** to see what hopefully will hit her in the face this couple of weeks.

    • Grosser still was when Raven was cooking and eating right from the pot with the spoon then putting the spoon back into the pot. That’s disgusting!

  12. Mark may very well win this comp but what remains is what will happen however it goes. Will Jason be sent home? Will this be the time to get Matt out and break up another showmance? Can Mark actually win this one? Will Alex go up as a replacement or will it be Mark or Kevin? So many scenario’s to consider…….

    • He should take out one person to arouse a suspicion. That way, Christmas will be forced to put up one of their own while he watch. Mark can thereafter instigate a target (supposed after him) to work with on a common course.

  13. These wack jobs are complete morons. They are so jealous of Cody, and completely obsessed with him. He is all they talk about……day and night. I want to Cody to win AFP to shove it in their flippin’ loud mouth faces.

    • They aren’t jealous, just bored, bored, bored. They have told all their stories so if anyone’s name comes up they start it all up again. Cabin fever?

      • You’re right – they don’t have TV, books, movies, or even a pen and paper. And they can’t go out in the yard.

        I don’t see them being jealous at all – it more so reminds me of when you have a roommate that you love upfront, but by the end of the lease you’re annoyed at everything they do. PLUS, they have no family interaction, so being able to bond over ANYTHING is probably what they’re looking for.

    • If I never saw Cody’s behavior on the show, and only saw his DR sessions, I might vote for him as AFP because of how hilariously stone-faced he was when saying anything that didn’t involve “destroying” the other house guests…That and the robot noises BB gave him on when he moved his head lol

      • I hope nobody that votes for him is gay or transsexual after he talked such awful shi@ about them!

      • Yeah, after making a mistake or two at the start of the season and being ostracized and harassed after that, rather than vent in private, I guess it would be better to lose it and make direct threats.

      • You mean the direct threats Cody was making to Josh? A little confused by your comment..

        Anyhow, Cody sunk his ship along with Jessica’s, hopefully now he’s enjoying some peace and quiet in the Jury house.

      • Ah jus difference of opinion I guess. I was responding to ur comment about “his behavior on the show”. Most of the times his behavior was in response to the other ppl. Threatening Josh is because Josh’s ” behavior on the show”. If anything, the way Cody handled things when the whole house turned against is what would put him in the running for AFP in my opinion.

      • Respectfully agree to disagree Melissa. (A) Cody drew first blood (B) Cody was a complete jerk anytime he was in power – and actually even when he wasn’t, near the end of his run in the house. He puts someone on the block “just because I don’t like you,” calls people fat (ironic that he started putting on weight), and gleefully talks about destroying people.

        Kudos for him not exploding again like he did when Paul got HoH the 2nd time and put him and Jessica on the block, but it’s kind of like saying “what a great dog! It didn’t attack my face when I walked by!”

      • Hmm. He drew first blood, assuming u mean putting Paul on the block, well it needed to be done, maybe not at that point in the game, but his mistake there was to try to do it on his own. That is not the same as the personal attacks against him after that. Anytime he was in power? That was one time that he made a mistake and paid for it the rest of his time in the house. So if in the diary room he says out loud what a lot of ppl would have been thinking given the same circumstances, better than going around antagonizing and bullying anyone. He might have exploded the 2nd time that Paul won HOH, but did u miss the part where he did not want to be in on the conversation in the first place? But Paul insisted. He called Josh fat, well how many times had Josh provoked him before that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he did nothing wrong in all of this. I’m just saying I could see where he’s coming from. Some ppl just can’t be fake, even with 500K on the line. Nothing wrong with that. Me personally, I think I would rather deal with Cody than them with the herd mentality.

    • I would not vote for Cody for dog catcher,certainly not AVP..for what?..for some ill fated pair who brought only 2 social skills to the game,anger and tears,might work in the Ozarks but not on BB.

    • I don’t understand how people want Cody to be AFP? He did nothing at all game wise after the first week when he went against his alliance and singlehandedly tried to put Paul on the block. After that he spent 90% of the time screwing Jessica. He only tried to play again when she went home and his a@@ was on the line. I am voting for poor Cameron who didn’t even get a chance!

      • Sorry, but to me that seems just as “dumb” as people voting for Cody. How can Cameron be your favorite? He did NOTHING and couldn’t beat Cody in the Battle Back. Blech.

      • When the three were on block (Can, Chr, Meg 1st episode) they got to choose whether to compete with just three three or have house vote. Cameron wanted to compete, the other two, wanted house vote.
        Cameron was greatly looking forward to comps and the whole house experience as he is a superfan.
        Cameron was not one of the 7 who pressed the button for the $25,000.
        Cameron wanted to PLAY BIG BROTHER!!!

      • Usually by this time in the season I have a favorite player but this year there is no one that I can, without hesitation, say is my favorite.

  14. Geez isn’t it just like big mouth Josh not to say a word when Mark won Veto to jump around like a complete moran like he usually does when it’s in his favor. Can’t stand him !!! If he says meatball one more time I’d punch him in the mouth if I was in that house. Another idiot behind him PAUL

  15. Christmas just hung a please evict me sign around her neck by picking the missing link to play the veto,not the week for this..who is she kidding,must not be serious about evicting Mark,the others should watch their back because Christmas is having power trip moment..

    • I didn’t get that either, except for the fact that she is following Paul’s advice on getting Jason out as a back-up option if Mark wins the veto.

      I KNEW Xmas would power trip.

      Side note, Jason please put on your mother f*cking microphone!!!!

      • She is fraud,most likely planing to evict Alex or Paul if Mark wins the veto,Christmas has backstabber written all over her cast!

      • Maybe Alex, but Paul is safe because stupid Mark gave Paul safety with his save a friend temptation.:-(

      • That`s why I dont want Mark to win POV…he`s dumb, he gotta go. and he will never ever go after Paul. If Mark wins HOH he would go after Raven

      • Paul doesn’t want Alex to go yet. In order for perfect Paul plans to go off without a hitch, he needs her to be around 2 more weeks and be the one who evicts Matt. Paul will fight for Raven and Alex to be safe if Jason comes down. Kevin would go up.

      • She can’t BD Paul this week (he got a week of safety from Mark). Also, I HIGHLY doubt she would even want to, both for personal and strategic reasons.
        1) They had their “tan-dam” punishment together where they got closer
        2) He gave her the Outback dinner
        3) He threw HoH to her
        4) He’s never screwed her over

        She doesn’t have a real ride-or-die. You can say Josh, but she knows he is not going to help her win the game like Paul could. She also knows Paul is on his own too (not in a F2 like Jalex and Maven)

        Agree with your point about backstabbing. Paul thought so too when he first met her (choosing people for the friendship bracelet thing).

      • Forgot about the Paul save,don’t trust her..she was talking smack about Paul when Josh had the HOH,right now she is the least trustworthy person in this game and Jason is a close second and by the way your post was really good!.

      • Thank you, Hep!! :)

        I remember that smack-talking to Josh about Paul…I was like WTF, Paul has never targeted you, and you don’t have a leg to stand on with that argument (lol so sorry Xmas, hope you heal 1000%)

        I think Paul made a great move by somehow realizing that he needed to pull Xmas closer and not just easily overlooking her as both a number and someone who could still be a competitor. I would think it would psychologically be easy to forgot about her as a threat because she’s 24/7 wheeling around the house on that scooter, ineligible for 1/2 of the comps, and has no known ride-or-die.

      • She is still a follower to me. She is still doing everything Paul wants, until I see otherwise. If for some reason Mark takes Jason down (very unlikely Paul will talk Mark out if it), Xmas putting up anyone but Kevin will mean she is thinking on her own.

    • Best player ever? Did you see his face last night when Derrick entered the house and said “I’m the new twist”?? Paul about sh!t a brick! His eyes got all round and his face froze, I think he seriously saw his 500 K flying away into Derrick’s hands at that point!
      Derrick won his season. I would not put Paul above Derrick and I sure as heck would not put him above Will Kirby, Dan. G. Janelle, Rachel R. Danielle Donato, Evel Dick…these people made the BB strategies, they didn’t follow them!

      • I think Jay is being sarcastic lol. Paul knows he’s not the best player, but he’s taking advantage of this cast’s approach to the game. He has said multiple times that he’s shocked he’s still in the game. I love Paul, but I would 100% put Dan, Derrick, and Will above him (in that order).

        And this is not directed at you TGJ, but more of a broad statement: With Evel Dick…time must heal all wounds, because the way he treated Jen (her being annoying AF aside), and the way he loudly called people out and even did his own pot and pan banging, brought up Amber’s drug use and questioned her being a fit mother, called people ugly, fat, and announcing Jen had a “crusty c*nt” after pouring ice tea on her head, lmao…Paul bullying? Really?? That said, I loved his season and was glad he won.

      • Also, the only reason I wouldn’t put Rachel above Paul (even though I LOVED her 2nd season) is that she gets too emotional. And, just like people are complaining about twists this season helping Paul, there were twists that helped her. I’m not mad about it, I wanted her to win lol. I just feel like she’s not as strategic as Paul.

        For Danielle: Great competitor…but the showmances both times! I’m glad her 2nd showmance turned out awesome in real life (married, etc). I want to say she’s better than Rachel – but they played literally against each other in season 13 and Rachel was the one who prevailed.

      • Rachel only prevailed over Danielle because production came up with that twist that saved Rachel when Porsha won HOH and was ready to kick Rachel out….

      • Yeah, that’s why in my mind it is kind of a toss-up…
        – They are both great in comps (good)
        – They both were in showmances on the show (bad)
        – They are both very emotional and loud (bad)

        I think Danielle actually has the edge over Rachel because she seemed a lot more strategic in her seasons, thinking ahead, whereas there were so many twists that benefited Rachel.

        It also sucked for Danielle because she lost her ally by default, her dad within a few hours of entering the house. Stressful for her, and unlike Rachel she no longer had a ride-or-die ally (whether she wanted him or not lol).

      • VERY VERY TRUE!!!
        The ONLY reason Paul looks so great this season is because he is the only one playing this game, for some strange reason he has the house wrapped around his finger and because he is playing the easiest game in Big Brother history!
        He is playing with a bunch of mindless morons who are just happy to make it to jury and receive their 15 minutes of fame!
        Sure Paul is playing a decent game, but if/when he wins, he will have absolutely nothing to brag about playing against this group of clowns!

      • Exactly. Playing with dumb sticks does not make Paul a genius. It was more because he was cast with idiots left and right so, like a professional boxer being put against rank amateur boxers. They don’t have any chance to win! Dr. Will would have spot him a mile away, the same for Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie, etc. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie actually play in an All Star, the only one Big Brother had. Some Big Brother House guests have joined Survivor and fared badly! Of course, everyone plays to win in Survivor!

    • Would put him in the top 5,Derrick is #1 in my book but in fairness to the others,BB 16 was my first season.

      • You’re lucky BB15 wasn’t your 1st season…I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch BB after that if that was their only impression of the show

      • I didn’t even watch 9. Season 2 was my first, then I stopped watching when I was in high school & college. Didn’t start watching again until 15, then that season was SOOO bad I literally Googled: best seasons of BB and retro-binge watched 6,7,8,10,13, and 14…then got back into it with season 16.

  16. I have never warmed to Christmas,her ego is a bit too much and always seems ready to unleash her bat out of hell personality at the drop of a hat,not very endearing..

      • Very,most of all..just too full of herself,hard to watch her in the DR,tries to over compensate for her injury by coming across like Jack the Ripper,way overboard at times.

    • I think she’s really insecure on the inside, and that’s why she seems always ready to be defensive and exudes the feeling of “I want people to like me, but if you don’t then aggressively F*CK you!”

    • Totally agree. And she claims she’s gonna make big moves ! So that’s her big move is to backdoor Mark ?!?… quite obvious Xmas so ur playing Paul’s game like every single person did since day 1 except for Cody & Jessica. Imo, that’s not a big move at all 😠 and yeah she thinks she all that but I’ve seen a lot better players than her !!

    • She didn’t want Alex playing. Plus I’m sure Raven would have whined if she didn’t have a chance to save her Matthew.

  17. Pretty sure Paul is setting up for Jason to go home if they can’t take out Mark this week. So it makes sense to not pick Alex, who would for sure take down Jason.

  18. Personally, I would vote for either Cody or Dominique. Cody is the only one that made a power move albeit backfiring. They all turned on him for not trusting them and obviously for good reason bc all but Jessica jumped ship on him. Dominique realized the Power of Paul too late but at least she called him out.

    • Cody did try to warn them about Paul’s game from last year in the beginning when they wanted to add him to the alliance. Cody never wanted him in the alliance. I think the reason he didn’t tell them he was going to nominate Paul is because he didn’t want them trying to talk him out of it or production trying to save him. Ever since they had the houseguests enter the house in 2 separate groups the first night there have been big alliances in week 1, and they never work. It seems like production is also pushing the big alliances, but the game is better after they get to know each other and form smaller alliances with people they know they can trust.

  19. Ironically all the people who got on Paul’s team are still in the Game, even though everyone hates Paul, thanks to Kevin, who brought Paul back by taking the first temptation, and the Bully Mark should go next, He started with Josh over a pool game, then Kevin, he is the Snake now. It’s amazing now how the atmosphere in the House with the House Guests is relaxed and cheerful with the Idiot (Cody) and Jessica GONE, Great Entertainment Big Brother!!!!

    • You can’t blame Kevin for Paul being in the game…..production was bringing him back regardless.
      Silly that everyone is blaming Kevin

  20. Sorry Tink, I didn’t know that You where on the Board of Directors for Big Brother, I’m Bad, I thought if someone took that temptation that would allow the House Guest back and get $25,000.00. Hope He (Kevin) enjoys the money, cause He sure ain’t going to win Big Brother!!

    • It was a setup. Big Brother knew nobody can resist the $25,000 considering they are making only a stipend of how much $1.500 is that per week or per month? Of course, they get their food and drinks in the Big Brother House for free and the notoriety they create for themselves! Hoping a producer decides they are good enough to cast into a reality show of their own! If that did not work, they would have come up with a twist that had Paul coming into the Big Brother House! Like the WWE, it was already scripted to happen that way!

      • I hope Big Brother isn’t make believe like WWE is?? Also I hope they don’t have to pay for there food and drinks, for a whole Summer, that bill would be outrageous?? Plus I thought Elana was smarter than that? She only settled for $5000, too bad for Her!! I guess Big Brother could create a show on How to Become An Idiot, starring Cody, that will work!! And of course Kevin fell for the setup. He isn’t that smart either, the Snake,

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