‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 6 – Update: Players Picked & Ring’d

After a long day of competing on Friday the Big Brother 19 Houseguests were settled in on who would be going up on the Block and who would be the target. Of course there are several different opinions on the latter which makes today’s Power of Veto competition very important for the dueling agendas.

Update: Results are in! Find out who won the Veto this week on BB19!

Big Brother 19 HoH Josh Martinez

On Friday morning we discovered Josh had other fish to fry than getting out either Jessica or Cody. He actually wanted Elena out this week. Well that’s different. Most of the house was anticipating Cody and Jessica being his target so he would have to do some navigating to get his target on the Block instead. Cody and Jessica helped him out with that one.

When the Temptation Competition was over we found out Cody had won and would be safe this week. Meanwhile Jessica managed to come in last and get herself a spot on the Block as the 3rd nominee. That meant Josh would have to pick two new nominees instead of either of the easy choices. Well that turned out to be his lucky comp, huh?

Soon Josh had Elena and Mark on the Block and began working the house to make Elena his target. Paul doesn’t like this too much and wants Jessica out. I suspect several of the other HGs agree and see her as more threatening than the laying-low Elena. Would any of them stick their neck out to save her though?

Elena believes she’s on her on in the Veto competition today. She’ll be up against Josh, Mark, and Jessica for certain. That leaves two spots for picks and Paul has already been working on Christmas to have her Ring of Replacement ready to go in case Cody is drawn. They don’t want Cody to have the chance to help save Jessica. Remember that as the 3rd Nom, if Jessica comes down there is no replacement which would leave Mark and Elena in the hot seat for Thursday. I think Josh would love that.

We’re waiting on the player draw later this morning but if Cody is drawn then it’ll be very interesting to find out if Christmas was willing to use her power here. Paul wants her to do that but she sounded a little resistant to the idea. However, Christmas is closing in on Josh’s side and he might actually like the idea of Jessica having a better shot at rescue so I’d guess he wouldn’t want Christmas to use her power and reduce Jessica’s odds.

As for Mark and Elena’s chances, I don’t see anyone else being drawn that would helping to save them with a Veto win. Mark and Elena will be on their own for this one. Josh definitely isn’t going to save them. He said last night that he wants to win the Veto and keep his noms the same. Not sure if he’d be so bold as to openly show his plans by saving Jessica, but hey, why not at the point that he could have Elena secured on the Block for Thursday night.

We’ll keep watching and waiting for the players to be decided and then on to who pulls off the win. Do you want Josh to get his way and Elena move up to being the main target or are they better off going after Jessica this week?

Update: Players were picked and ended up with Alex and Cody. Josh and Christmas were ready for this they had several extended talks about how she should not use her Ring of Replacement from the Den of Temptation so swap out Cody for herself. They even went and talked it through with Paul so he wouldn’t be surprised when Christmas didn’t use it… Guess what. Yep.

Christmas went and used her Ring of Replacement on Cody after he was drawn from the bag! Good grief. I don’t think this was a good strategy move for Christmas. She could have kept that power all season to use for herself in a pinch. Josh was happy with all three Noms as solid targets. But no, Christmas took out Cody from up’ing Jessica’s chances and making Elena all the more likely to head out this week.

Feeds returned to Cody sniffling and Jessica calling Christmas’s decision a personal attack. Nah. It wasn’t a brilliant game move, but just because it was bad for Jessica’s game doesn’t make it a personal attack.

Veto comp has finally begun as Feeds went off at just past 4PM BBT. This will likely take at least a couple of hours, maybe much longer.

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  1. Cody has a what 1 in 7 or 8 chance of getting his name drawn? If it is drawn or picked by house guest choice, will Christmas replace him with a weaker player or stronger player? Will it come down to a Jessica and Elena showdown for the VETO? So many questions this Saturday as to see which one will come out victorious and collect the Golden Power of the VETO.

    • I don’t think Christmas gets to choose who replaces Cody. She replaces him if she uses it.

      • Well, at least this week, since there are 3 nominee, Josh will be drawing the last 2 players. Josh won’t pick Cody or he would start a war with Paul. Josh has his plan but doesn’t want Paul to know what he is doing.

      • What I meant by using the Ring of Replacement, will the new player be a weaker or stronger player. Not that Christmas actually had the choice, sorry if I didn’t say that way in the beginning.

      • She can replace and then throw it it’s not a problem. It’s just that she doesn’t want to play her hand like that. And that’s exactly what’s going to get her in trouble. The rest of the house is going to see her as useless to their game and vote her out. Soon.

    • They will pick two players who is not a nominee or HOH so, that is 2/8 or 25% chance of being picked as a player for VETO. Christmas has that ring of replacement power and will she use it to replace Cody as a player if he is picked? Not in her interest if she is trying to evict Elaina because it reduces Jessica’s chances of surviving further!

    • I believe there is a 35% chance of him being picked. 12 people 2 draws. He needs either his name or Jessica’s name (where she will then choose him) to come up. So, 2/12 = 17%. If neither his or Jessica’s name is picked then he has another chance with one less name in there, so a 2/11 chance which is 18%. The total chance of either his or Jessica’s name being picked in a 12 person pool with 2 draws would then be 35%.

  2. Well Josh will find out if Christmas is really with him on his target or if she is still a Paul minion if Cody is picked.

    • Josh won’t realize it but bet ur ass Paul will realize that Christmas is playing her own game…….hmmm hmmm just keep watching..

      • I imagine he has already figured this out. She is not in that tight group of him, Alex, Kevin and Jason

      • Why? She’s one of the few that is actually starting to play the game for themselves and not as one of Paul’s minions…sure it sucks that she broke her foot and can’t compete but at least she’s adding something to the game strategically…

      • It isn’t fair, if she can’t compete she is not risking coming in last place in a comp and going up on the block

      • Yeah but theres a choice to play in that or not, it would be different if everyone HAD to play…then it would not be fair. But since they have a choice, it is.

  3. I wonder if they would let Christmas use her power if it is something she wouldn’t be able to compete in.

    • Sure she can. They can’t prevent her from using it, because when she can use her power, they (the HGs) don’t know what the comp will be.

    • Yes because they’ve made it very clear that it’s up to her whether she wants to participate in any competition and they’re not going to interfere in any way.

      • How long is her power good for? She’s had it for quite awhile now. I thought since they hadn’t mentioned it that it expired. Guess not.

      • Doesn t expire
        The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw.

      • I don’t think it expires like Jessica’s did. It’s more like if she doesn’t use it before final 6 (if she makes it that far) it just becomes useless.

      • It’s good until final 7 because it’s the last random draw AND in final 6 (onwards) everyone is playing, so it becomes useless if not used by then.

    • Jeannie.. I hear you. BB stated that she will be unable to compete in SOME competitions because of her foot. They don’t want a lawsuit on their hands..

    • I think you are watching a different season than me. Half of them seem like they want Paul to win…

  4. I don’t think that anyone else but Paul knows Christmas has the remaining Temptation. So if she has the opportunity to use it to block Cody and doesn’t ,add her to Paul’s hit list. And if she doesn’t use it, I’m sure Paul will let that slip at an opportune moment to the others which makes her a bigger target to the larger group. OTOH If she uses it, she moves up on Cody’s hit list. I really hope that the opportunity arises for her to use it just to see what she’ll do,

    • problem is, Christmas is already on Paul’s hit list. Albeit a little further down than most, it is still on there.

      • Christmas is setting the stage for Pauls demise and hoping to use Josh to get her plan in motion

      • Of course Christmas is on his hit list. He has been making subtle derogatory remarks about her since the beginning of the game. He is good at that with everyone. The only 2 I don’t recall him making remarks against are Kevin and Alex

    • Depends on who is left in the house. If Cody is in the house, he has a good chance of making F2. Alex is still a strong player and Kevin is one of if not the best player liked by all in the house. Hard to choose at the moment.

      • So Cody, Alex and Kevin.
        Interesting odds.
        I think if Paul is out then Alex will win.
        She hasn’t made any enemies, other than Jess.
        She’s been decent in comps.
        Plus she’s pretty much kept the target off her back

      • I’m glad to see Alex strategizing more now and I’m rooting for her to be the one to get Paul out, with the help of Jason, Jessica, (maybe Josh), possibly Christmas and Kevin! We’ll see.

      • Alex and Kevin I think are both playing good games. Cody won’t come close to final 2. Way to many enemies. He also reminds me a bit of Jase. All comp no social. He should be out in the next few weeks.

    • I think Christmas will become the new puppet master after Paul is voted out. I don’t think this group can function without a leader.

    • Agreed, Dan. And I predict it’ll be his own mouth that gets him evicted! The lie he told Elena about asking to be put up as a pawn but Josh kaboshed it was stupid. I saw that on the feeds & was like “why, Paul??!” That is a lie that is irrelevant and does not further his game in any fashion, HOWEVER, if he gets caught in that lie, it can sink his credibility and make him look like the snake Dominique called him. I’m pretty sure Paul did an extensive Big Brother crash course of seasons after his loss last year considering how he’s using intimidation factors like Evel Dick and the mind control strategy of Will K., Dan G & Derrick L. …however, what he can’t seem to control is his big mouth & learning when to just shut up & listen. All of the former BB players mentioned above knew there was a time to just lay low, be quiet, get a feel for how the house is going and gather that BB intel before trying to manipulate the house to vote their way. Paul’s ego is not allowing him to do any of those things, however, and instead, he is DEMANDING his crew do things his way. In my opinion, that will be the death of his game. Will Kirby never demanded…he cajoled. Paul should have watched a little closer & not taken bits & pieces from each of these guys…

      • And this is why Paul lost last year.
        Granted I WANTED him to win, but his aggressive gameplay can cost him this game…
        Huh a Russel Hantz comparison….. or I’m just being crazy.

      • Matt is using the Eat Cereal strategy, lol and continually wearing the same shirt so they ll eventually think he s part of the furniture

      • Yes it has, except most of the players who’ve laid low had a (sneaky-behind the scenes) hand in evictions. Matt is not really anything more than a pawn so far, so its not impressive as far as a BB resume.

      • If I’m not mistaken I remember him saying at some point earlier this season his plan was to lay low until mid game and then start to play. If his end game is strong he could certainly have a strong enough resume.

      • Don’t see it happening unless he unhooks himself (literally) from Paul’s rabid little beeyatch Raven. Matt is more interested in her goods than the money at this point and that girl is freaky weird when it comes to Paul, so imo, that makes Matt also one of Paul’s freaky little zombies by (at the very least) association.

      • tr8p u crack me up girl! Not sure if that’s the best strategy for a BB player, but apparently its the only game Matt has! haha

      • Het TGJ, did you see that Matt had on a new shirt Thursday night Maybe that will go in the rotation now.
        How you doin this morning

      • Doing great! I was watching the feeds, getting caught up after the DoT comp. Not sure why Josh is targeting Elena, but I’m getting frustrated with Paul & his lying for no apparent cause or reason… I think him telling Elena he “volunteered” to go up as a pawn, but Josh said no, could seriously come back & bite him. I know he’s studied previous seasons of BB by the way he’s playing, but if he’d really followed Will’s strategy closely, he’d no don;t lie unless it’s going to benefit your game & that lie he told Elena doesn’t benefit him in any way. It only serves as proof he’s a liar. smh. Stupid move imo.

      • We’ll see… Idk. I think he’s starting to believe his own hype unfortunately & he really should just stop trying to micromanage every little aspect of the game & just sweat the big stuff if you know what I mean?

      • Yeah but Elena has to survive this week or throw some embers on his game as she leaves. Either way it it will be great to see and hear.

      • Yeah, but that lie is a continuation of a pattern I’ve been seeing in him. He really needs to learn to just be quiet and listen sometimes…in the words of Judge Judy “God gave us TWO ears and only ONE mouth for a reason!” lol! Paul really needs to just stop trying to assert his will for a second & just listen to what’s going on in the house. Not to mention, he needs to keep some targets in the house that are as juicy as he is or he’s going to get (BB14) Mike Boogied! After Janelle (HUGE target) was gone…Boogie followed shortly thereafter. Worst move Boogie ever made was getting rid of Janelle! And personally, I bet Will was going wth are you doing Boogie?? lol!!

      • Our whole family was shocked to see the reddish colored shirt on thursday. My husband asked if it was given to him in a comp! If he has more shirts, I don’t get why he won’t wear them? Raven or Kevin would do his laundry. Or maybe production loves the easy editing if he is in the same shirt?

  5. Dream situation that would never happen is Elena wins veto and has to come down, and Paul gets too pushy about who goes up as the new pawn so Josh, Christmas and maybe Matt realize he’s NOT a team player and only out for himself. Put Paul up instead and then convince people it’s time to take him out…

    • Good plan, but highly unlikely.
      Paul still has his hooks in people.
      Depends if people will listen to Josh and get Paul out.

    • I would leave him in if I’m Christmas and Matt. It is so early in the game (game play wise) that having Paul as a target in the house will help them advance.

  6. I am pretty sure if Jessica is left on the block Paul will work hard to get her out, hopefully he overplays his hand and the house turns on him.

  7. Haven’t these players learned anything from the past? Derek, for example, knew that taking the weak ones to the end and getting rid of the strong players at every opportunity was the way to win Big Brother. Why they would any HOH even think about letting Cody and Jessica stay if they can possibly do anything about it is beyond me. Furthermore, if Christmas does not use the Ring of replacement if Cody is drawn for veto, then that just shows that she’s a terrible player that doesn’t get it, also. Taking out weak players and leaving strong players in the house deliberately at midseason is an almost guarantee that you’re not going to win Big Brother. It’s really bad gameplay.

    Josh, you disappoint me.

    • Well it is mid season, but not close to mid game. For Josh I agree he should take Cody and Jessica out. They hate Josh and would be one of their main targets. However, for many people in the house having Cody and Jessica stay would be good. Use Kevin as an example. He is trying to stay off everyone radar and coast for now. Having Cody and Jessica in the game means they will go after someone that is not him and others in the house will go after Cody and Jessica. Having them there advances his game.

      I would not be surprised to see Christmas use her power, but I think it would be a bad decision. That power will be more useful to her later in the game. She may even need it to save her own game at some point. It is also not the worst thing for Cody to remain in the game for Christmas. She is in a similar position to Kevin as she would be low on Cody and Jessica’s list of targets and it keeps the two main targets in the game.

      Derrick obviously played an incredible game, but he was able to do so due to the control he had over the house. For many people going week by week making sure there is always a target bigger than you is a good strategy to go with. In that case hard to find a bigger target than Cody. Think of it as Sandra’s strategy if you watch Survivor.

  8. I do see Josh using the veto on Jess if he wins. He seems hell bent on getting Elena out. I have noticed in this game he is not willing to compromise his position. This is his HOH and he wants things to go his way

      • If Josh were to do something like this, it would set up a divide in the house. I have been waiting to see things being shaked up in the house

    • Bad strategy for Josh, but great for many players. If I’m Kevin I am loving this idea. Removes someone from the game that isn’t me. Then next week you still have these large targets in the house that aren’t coming after you.

    • But he also doesn’t want to piss the rest of the house off and be on the chopping block next week.

      • He is already in the chopping block after Jessica and Cody! Keeping them inside the game helps him. His only mistake is putting up Mark and Elaina. He should have gone after the solid 6 of Paul, Kevin, Matthew, Raven, Alex, Jason. Since, he will not target Paul, he could have targeted Matthew, Raven, Alex, Jason and sent one of them home! If one gets off, nominate another! But, they are part of his alliance. True, but, Josh is at the bottom of the pile and set for eviction. Removing those at the top of the pile, moves him higher on the totem pole! It is not like Paul is going to ban him? He is not stupid. And if Jessica or Cody win HOH next, they will need Josh’s vote! Now, he becomes more valuable and he will last longer in the game, get paid more because they get paid a stipend per episode. And if he is lucky, even be taken to Final 2! That is $50,000 prize for doing nothing!

      • He may be too stupid to think of that. I think he is living in the moment of being HOH and the power may have gone to his head.

    • Jessica didn’t get her way when Ramses was on the block and it could very well be a blindside for Josh if he isn’t too careful here.

    (Seriously, if the guy with the meatball’s obsession vote her out this week I’ll hate him more -_-)

    • OMG, I find myself on Team Jessica … How did that happen.
      If i never see Elena & her bloated lips again, it will be too soon.

      • Getting with Jason and maybe Christmas in an alliance will be best for him. I love Kevin but he is so up Paul’s behind is bothersome.

      • Kevin had a decent strategy , except he wants f4 with Paul, Alex and Jason. He thinks they will fight it out from there. Very very slim chance he wins vs those 3.

      • Exactly why, if anyone else actually WANTS to win the game, someone should build up a gathering and take him out. I know you have to lie and all that to win BB but I think Paul is a scumbag. Not only for creating the mob against Jody the other day but he actually got pissed off at Jess for using the hex when he outright admitted that he planned to keep ZERO of the promises he made her. What a hypocrite! Does he think those of us at home think he’s a stand up guy? He’s delusional if he does.

      • Alex hasn’t done crap like I had hoped from the beginning. As of now she’s just another Paul-following floater. At this point I could see wanting to take her to F2 because she shouldn’t get one damn vote since she’s done nothing. Yeah, she got an HoH and veto in what? Week 2? But nada since and she’s not even trying. I hear that she’s just waiting. Waiting on what?

      • Tbh I don’t want to see any of them going home, but Elena was my pre-season winning pick xD I just want to see one of my favorites winning something :’)

      • Lol. I will never be on team Jessica, but I definitely want Elena gone instead. anyone against Paul should stay in the house. Even if Elena goes to jess’s side she will s till be up Paul’s behind.

  10. Oh, this is too funny, no HN’s this week except Elena cos she picked the wrong box last week and has the extra week.

  11. Just read that there is not going to any Have Nots this week besides Elena since she picked the wrong key. Wonedr if Production thought Mark needed a break since Josh was going to make him one again.

    • Or Jess might walk? Wasn’t josh going to pick Jess? Last time she was crying in stomach pain and threatened to quit , like went to the DR wanting to quit twice during her HN.

  12. I hope Elena goes home. Jessica and Cody are at least playing the game. So many people just “floating” and being Paul’s puppet!

  13. I’m surprised that Josh wants Elena out over Jess. Has he forgotten that Jess just tried to get rid of him? On top of that she’s one of the best when it comes to endurance comps. Why not go ahead and take out someone like that?

    Alex made a good point last night. If Jess and Cody are in jury then that’s 2 votes against Josh if he makes final 2 (I doubt it). But it goes to show that his plan is bad.

    At the same time, I’m glad to see someone thinking for themselves for a change. I think it would create some great drama if Jess comes OTB and Elena goes home. However, it could definitely cause Josh his game big time.

      • That is tricky. I want to say yes but if Josh gets there would he have the votes to win over the other person. Depends on who all he gets out and how many times he wins HOH.

      • He is very unlikable though and as we have seen many jury members tend to vote for who they like over who played the best game.

      • I was surprised when Jess said Paul, she said she would vote for him because he is playing 24/7 and winning not throwing comps. I wonder if Cody respects a player over floater(or Kevin social player). Cody and josh are the only 2 jury members so far and both are ?

      • I can name more than two that are going to jury. Well at least jury house safe. The two I can say that has a chance of missing jury are Jessica and Elena. The rest will either be in jury or in the F2.

      • Maybe if he plays it cool from now on. As long as he is in the middle of drama I don’t he’ll make it to final 2. He’s super lucky he made it this far.

      • I think Paul is taking Josh or if production wants, then obnoxious Raven. I also think Paul may want Kevin as F2.

      • Kevin would be a close vote vs Paul. Xmas, Jason Alex would vote Kevin. Matt, Raven, vote Paul. Would be interesting who Marlena would vote for? Or Cody? Jess has said Paul but Cody?

      • Yeah, Kevin actually could win this game with the social game he’s got going on. Everyone likes him!

      • I think Raven was productions original plan, and Raven could win over Paul(sympathy, fear if voting against sick girl). If josh makes it to f3 because showmances are the target for weeks, paul could beat him.

      • If (the ever dying) Raven won this game I would never (EVER!) freaking watch Big Brother again!! ;) Not only is she useless (so far) she’s also got to be one the the least liked HG ever!

      • Could you imagine her speech if she was F2 as to why she should win? And, did you hear her last night list all the tragedies in her life. She is unbelievable

      • I think originally she was cast because on paper she was a cute young dancer with a cause & story plus bonus, knew Paul! I don’t think BB knew what they were getting with Raven. If she is in the final 3 , I won’t watch the finale. I never thought I would say this but I would rather see Frankie or Jason (18/OTT) back or win. raven is in the best spot, people afraid to put her up, so many people are targets before her and she has Matt willing to sacrifice his game for her so I think she has a good shot at winning.

      • Cody would be a perfect final 2 partner. Who would vote for him besides Mark? The house can’t stand him. the danger is he is a unpredictable and who knows what he would do at final 3. One thing is for certain, the need to break up the showmances before its too late, starting with Jess and Cody.

      • Lol! Right! And if Cody was a smart BB player, he’d use that to his advantage by telling everyone “I’m the most hated person in this house…who’s going to vote for me in F2?” haha

      • Keeping Nicole in season 2 was Will’s strategy. He knew half the house hated her about (almost?) as much as they hated him, but he could pad his BB resume better than she could which is why he won.

    • I think it has a lot to do with the fact he is very attracted to Elena…and he wants her out. May sound stupid, but she gets to him!

  14. Josh got lucky because it was a simple HOH comp. Him winning the veto will be a gift from production. I think Jess has a better chance at winning between the other 3. It depends on who gets picked. Hopefully Cody.

    • If Cody plays and it is a endurance comp, look for Cody to win. Then all the Paul haters will say it is rigged for team Jody. If Cody plays and wins, look for Jessica to come off the block.

      • BB is a TV show first and TV shows need ratings to survive. If there were no villains in the house, no one would watch. It would be boring. I think the show is rigged only to the extent that they want to make it interesting to watch. If it means prodding a particular guest one week then they will do it. So I am assuming they want to help Cody and Jess and Paul because people either love them or hate them – but people will watch because of them.

      • Actually is season 8…the Mad Hatter POV was an endurance comp. The HG stood there on a pedestal dressed as Mad hatters from Alice in Wonderland with a glass on their heads…last one standing won POV.

      • Cool! The only one I could think of is when they had to hold the brief case closest to an hour, but I didn’t know if that counted.

      • when we think of endurance, mostly we thinking of things like standing on a wall, rope beam etc. However, some VETO comps are both mental and endurance based. They endurance part Cody would be god at but the mental he will falter.

      • I realize that, but you said endurance. There is a difference between straight up endurance and a combo of the two.

      • Well hell if your gonna get nit picky about it. The Comics comp is a VETO comp and it is more endurance than the black box comp.

      • Not sure, but remember the wall veto on OTT ? Having to stay on the wall back and forth and complete a mental aspect is pretty close, 30 minutes or more on a wall is at least very physical maybe not endurance.

      • Hard to say for sure. She could be doomed if she does or don’t. Cody will target her if she does and Paul will target her if she don’t.

      • Well her and Cody been had beef ever since he placed her OTB, so nothing would change there.

      • If she already made the deal with Cody, but if she hasn’t then not using it will keep her in the background for another couple of weeks. Paul wants others gone and so does Cody.

      • I think Paul is the only one who knows she has that power so I doubt she will make a deal to not use it with Cody. However, she could always make a deal with Cody to vote out anyone but Jessica and to pick him as a player when she is on the block again as long as he is still in the house.

      • Not if she wants to flip quietly. If she is secure with the people on her side like Kev and Jason, then she may do it. If Jason is running back to Alex and telling her everything and then they go blahbbing to Paul it will backfire on Christmas.

      • Yeah Xmas & Josh were talking about it & Josh asked her not to use it! This should get all kinds of interesting if Cody gets picked for POV!

    • Yeah, I agree. Veto comps are usually intelligence based. If that’s the case then I think anyone of them can win it. But we will just have to wait and see.

  15. Josh & Christmas appear ready to cut the apron strings with Paul this week… Josh doesn’t want Xmas to use her DoT veto pass even if that means letting Cody play in the POV comp. Lol! This should be an interesting week no matter what happens!

  16. I dont like Christmas being so cozy with Kevin, he is a married man after all and I dont remember who he said it to, maybe Paul that he was falling for her.

  17. josh needs to stop talking Sh** and repeating himself. He should just tell Jessica that he wants Elena out.

    • Josh should realize Cody and Jess will never be on his side. They will never protect him or defend him. Cody thinks he is lower than garbage, dumb as a rock and childish. If Josh save Jessica this week, he will regret it. She is not going to be loyal to him for it.

      • Ooo thank you. I’m so glad somebody’s telling it like it is! He’s an idiot. If Jessica stays, I hope they take him out first without deviating. He is beyond ridiculous. I’ve had it with him.

  18. What is going on with Kevin and Christmas? They are laying in the round bed together..he has his arm around her..she is laying on top of his chest…Isn’t he married..and if so..I guess this is strategy! I have noticed her really flirting with him alot lately. Games moves, I guess.

    • She has called him house husband. He has joked(or I hope a joke), that he is falling for her , she has come into his bed every night I have seen the feeds late, including when he was a HN. He gives her a back rub and she kind of zones out and lays there while others in the room talk. I think she is more lonely or needy then him.

  19. I think Paul might be wrong when he tells Josh Jess and Cody in the jury house will never vote for Josh to win. If I were Jess (or Cody), I’d vote for the HG who allowed us to go to the jury house together.

  20. Paul sleeping kept him from being Up josh’s a** when he was talking to jess again. and Christmas.
    Now Chris is telling josh to blink so she won’t be blamed for not using it.

    • Last I heard Christmas would use Temptation is Cody picked. Has she changed since the recent convo with Josh and Paul?

      • If Christmas really wants Elena gone, she should let Cody play (if he’s picked), because he’ll remove Jess if he wins, leaving just Elena and Mark out to dry.

      • Christmas is screwed either way. If she uses it, she’s screwed with Cody. If she doesn’t she’s screwed with the larger group.

      • They were in HoH with Paul. Everybody is back at Jess need to go 1st. So I guess she will use it.

      • I think she needs to or Paul tells the group what she had and didn’t use and then everyone’s after her.

  21. The last two posts show Josh deep in thought. It could be about nominations, it could be whether to fart.

  22. I don’t care how many times I see Christmas interacting with other HG she always seems like she is separate, like she doesn’t belong.

    • She doesn’t because of her injury. Right now she is with Paul and he will drag her for a number, but she knows that and is trying to flip the house. I hope it works. I think jess could win if that’s how the producers want it. There should always be two alliances or the game doesn’t work. Jess and Cody are one and Paul has everyone else. For viewing and game purposes, Jess could win veto.

      • Kevin also trying to convince Alex and Jason to align with Cody and Paul against Maven and Marlena. Going to need a chart to keep track of all these proposed alliances.

      • Completely wrong. As soon as Jess is out, they made jury, the whole game start anew. You will see 2 new groups formed. They have no choice. You said it, that just the way the game work. If Jess stay, it’s going to poisoned the game and you’ll have another week of 8 against 2 with Mark in the middle.

  23. it makes no sense to go after Elena over Jessica- none whatsoever.
    Hopefully the rest of the house see’s this – it seems like Christmas is more into her friendship with Jessica now and is using her discussions with Jess on the other house guests to sway them. Of course Paul is aggressive, but he is much more controlled than last season. His game-play should not get in the way of making smart choices though and Elena is not a threat at all in this game compared to the manipulative Jessica

    • Josh’s reasoning makes no sense. Everyone knows she is flip flopping. He hasn’t let the others in on a big secret. If she is flip flopping that means at least half the time she is on his side as opposed to Jessica who is never on his side.

      • He needs to go ahead and follow the plan to get Jess out. Elena will still be a target, a bigger one than him. Elena & Mark are the biggest flip floppers in the house this season and everyone knows that.

    • Christmas is definitely going to recruit Jessica. I think Christmas is about to lead an opposition against Paul

  24. Christmas made a mistake telling everyone her temptation because now if she hadn’t used it she would’ve looked bad, but now she’s essentially wasted it because Paul forced her to replace Cody in that Veto comp. Bad move on Christmas’ part to tell people she got the temptation because now it backfired on her, it’s going to suck when she really needs it later on

    • Forced…lol. Maybe it was fixing to run out. Glad she got it in before she is out. She wouldn’t win anyway.

      • It doesn’t run out lol, what I mean by forced is that Paul would literally turn everyone on her if she didn’t

  25. Alex/Josh/Mark/Elena in HoH strategizing on Veto comp. It sounds like Jess is the target, finally. I’m not too sure but I think they want her to lose the comp. badly.

  26. Sorry guys..I said before Thursday. It’s not even 24 hrs. My Baby is back in the game..Good dog! haha

  27. So according to Jess it’s 2 faced if you don’t do exactly what she wants you to do, even though she’s only ever done what’s in the best interest for herself and Cody? Sounds reasonable.

  28. Josh and Krampus should have secretly tried for Paul. Then after him, Jessica, then Cody. They would have at least 4 solid votes to get him out and good reasons why he should go.

  29. Mark says he will do the math challenge and Paul asks if he is good at math. He said he is good at guesstimating. Paul said that is math. Mark looked confused. Lol.

  30. Sat 2:57 PM BBTHOH
    room is trying to convince Josh to let them mess with Jessica during
    the comp. Josh is asking them not to. Everyone saying no NT

  31. So Paul is encouraging Josh to get out his pots and pans again to rattle Jessica, but Josh is saying no, he doesn’t want to look like a bully.

  32. Big Alliance ‘brainstorming in HoH right now……and Paul aka Lord Voltemort got his HoH back. ha!

  33. Maybe Josh was hitting on Elena and she shut him down. She made him a grilled cheese the other night and he said “I am gonna marry that woman.” She probably hurt his feelings and so he turned on her.

  34. Christmas is up to something. She told Josh she wasnt going to use her temp and she did. Earlier she was telling Josh to tell Paul that he wants Elena gone its his hoh, good thing Paul was napping at the time when he went to tell him. Is she trying to F Josh.

  35. I can’t wait for Jess and Cody to finally get evicted. I’m tired of hearing the HGs talk about it. It’s like watching a tv show with an over dragged out plot. Let’s move on to something new.

  36. So what happens if it is a comp that BB decides Xmas can’t participate in, like OTEV? I think that would mean Cody was back in.. She would get stomped into a pile of crap.

  37. Jess just said her bills are paid for next month and a half. I am confused, did she make jury?

  38. I think Paul needs to keep his mouth shut. He would not go on the block as a pawn. I remember last year he got mad at someone because they did not want to e a pawn so now it is different for him not to e a pawn. What a big baby and bully he is

  39. Winning HOH has opened Josh’s eyes, but unfortunately there are too many people kissing paul’s behind and he could easily get voted out.

    • That’s why Josh isn’t including Paul in his plans for this week if you’ve noticed recently!

    • Haven’t a clue. But he’s doing a good job, I think, of letting some know his reasons to getting Elena out of the house instead of Jess and/or Cody!

  40. Josh is talking to camera now saying how he respects Jess and she has worked hard. Still wants Elena out. Why he is fixated on Jess is curious to me. Cody and Jess were meanest to him. Cruel actually. He has constantly been gravitated to them though for some reason. I’m out, have a great evening everyone!

  41. Josh doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he still wants to evict Elena. This stuff just writes itself.Ha.

  42. Paul is right,if possible Jessica should go this week but if she wins the veto..then send Mark packing,Elena is not really a comp. threat but Mark could be when the game is on the line and besides he more loyal to Cody then Elena..getting Jess out would only serve to make Cody more determined than ever,not smart.

  43. Josh has to remember this is about votes..most of the house wants Jess out,goes against the house now will only undermine him with the others,not good when you consider he can’t play for HOH next week.

  44. This is just BB trying to create drama when there probably won’t be any. Josh will do as Paul tells him, they will target Jess this week. Anytime BB focuses on 1 HG its usually the other that goes (they think they’re shocking us, lol).

  45. Christmas talking to Josh again..reinforcing her agenda. “this is your HoH, don’t listen to anybody..blah..blah ha…then Paul walked in, telling Josh his agenda. lol..this is crazy.

  46. Josh needs to remember,one word from Paul a few weeks ago and he would have been gone,forgetting that would be a fatal mistake,Josh is not loved in the BB house,he’s being tolerated at the moment but that can change in a blink.

  47. Good Grief..why is everything a personal attack against Jessica and Cody if things don’t go their way? Everything is just fine with they have a temptation use and lie to the house and scheme around it..but, as soon as something is done to them..it’s a personal attack..those two need to get over themselves!

  48. Oh God. Every update infuriates me more how HGs are playing. First Jessica wasting her HOH week by not playing her won veto. And now Christmas. She was pretty much safe. There wasn’t a need for her to use the ring. Oh well.

    • No need for her to use the ring ? What ? What did you want her to keep it for ? The woman is on crutches with a cast. All she want is make jury and not be in there with Jess.

      • She should have used it down the road to save herself, and that was the plan until they went and told Paul. She made a mistake here.

      • Jessica going is good for her game too. The house wants Jess out. She needs them to keep her safe since she can’t always compete.

      • That’s what I though too , are they seriously wanting Elana out over Jess ??? Have I missed something ? I thought was good for her to use so Cody couldn’t play cause he could have won and again … Jody together again.. ugh 🤢 How does that make Xmas a target ?

      • I’m just going to use ABC123 words since it’s exactly what I’m thinking:

        “I would not be surprised to see Christmas use her power, but I think it would be a bad decision. That power will be more useful to her later in the game. She may even need it to save her own game at some point. It is also not the worst thing for Cody to remain in the game for Christmas. She is in a similar position to Kevin as she would be low on Cody and Jessica’s list of targets and it keeps the two main targets in the game.”

      • And everyone of them has said without Cody, Jessica was ok to be around.

        I’d keep Cody in for a while since he’ll always be a target and even by some stroke of luck gets to the end, do you think anyone of those people would vote him to win?

      • ..and if she didn’t use it, it’s possible to have those two still in the house. Am I right? The goal is to knock one out. Christmas was having second thought about using it, I guess she realized she doesn’t want to be seen as the uncooperative ally.

    • The HGs are playing like they don’t know everything we know – and they don’t. Christmas probably sees the end of the road for her game and she’s just playing one eviction and competition at a time.

    • I think people stay away from Jess because of Cody, and they stay away from Cody because of Jess. With either one gone, the other may function quite well with at least some of the remaining HGs. We’ve already seen Jess can; maybe Cody can, as well. If Cody stays, I can see Cody, Christmas and Kevin turning on Paul.

    • Yup, time for Jess to leave. Little Miss has said nasty things and how she would hurt people, like she would like to smash Alexs head in a door, or drag Paul by his beard and kick him thats not fooling around.

      • And other HGs, especially Alex, have said equally bad things about her. It happens every year.

  49. I’m totally hoping that Jessica can pull off a Win!! I’m over this being “Paul’s Game”! Time for the rest of the House TO Play!!

  50. It seems like Josh and Christmas, at least, are finally seeing that Paul is running the entire House… The longer he stays. The more boring this will be…. Cody and/or Jess need to start working the other Houseguests about Paul dictating every move.
    This is exactly why I always hate returning HGs!

    • Josh, Christmas, Kevin – and Cody all see it, and together they could be a formidable force against the other half of the house. Now, if they could only get together and realize they are all on the same page when it comes to Paul, at least.

  51. Read the CBS schedule, looks like there is another Friday episode on the 18th. It may be a DE or even a TE week. Hopefully it is not another battle back.

  52. Honestly, I don’t see Christmas using the ring now as a “bad move”. Was it the greatest of moves? No, but down the line most Veto comps become physical, so she wouldn’t be able to compete anyways unless she was 100% cleared, and she won’t be a huge target for anybody because she can’t win anything because of her injury. Christmas is easily going to float until final 3 as long as she doesn’t get on the wrong side of the houseguests, and not using the ring would have made her a laser target for Paul, and like him or not, he is good, and he would snipe her out of the game

      • I think that’s right – we’re in six weeks and there are still 10 people in the house. The house is still a bit crowded. ;-)

      • Not really, there are 11 people left with 7 weeks left of the game. Add in the one week where they do the surprise eviction along with the normal eviction, so they can do this
        August 10th – Eviction
        August 17th – Eviction
        August 24th – Double Eviction (End of Temptation Competition)
        August 31st – Eviction
        September 7th – Eviction
        *Change of days for Football*
        September 12th – Eviction
        September 13th – Eviction
        September 20th – Finale

      • Basically what I think, but no eviction on the 12th. 13th (if not 14th) is ok. But they usually have the F4 eviction on the Sunday before finale, so eviction on the 17th.

      • If we’re going by the schedule I think is happening…
        August 10th – Jessica
        August 17th – Josh
        August 24th – Cody and Elana (End of Temptation Competition)
        August 31st – Raven
        September 7th – Paul
        *Change of days for Football*
        September 12th – Mark
        September 13th – Jason
        September 20th – Christmas
        Final 2 – Alex and Matt
        Winner – Alex

      • Don’t know for sure, they may cut it out since Megan left. I’m figuring that’s how they’re making up for it

      • Depends on who is in jury and if production wants one of them back. If Paul’s in jury, for sure.

      • I forgot about the second double eviction I put lol, he goes out with Paul on the second double

      • There are always 2 evictions in a the week before finale. The finale is the 20th, the episodes would be Tuesday and Wednesday

      • Yes 2 evictions on the last week, but Wednesday and Sunday. go check what happened last year.

      • Victor went out Day 90 and Corey went out Day 92…with Wednesday being a live episode, Victor had to have left on Monday, as Corey followed him two days later (Tuesday and Wednesday episodes)

      • Remember the show motto: “Expect the Unexpected.” Could they do – s**t. I can’t come up with anything, but am sure there is something else they might have up their sleeve.

  53. And it’s also totally stupid how Jessica is crying of this being a “personal attack”. It was a game move…

  54. Unless I’m confused, which is always possible, why the heck wouldn’t they go ahead and evict Jessica? Am I missing something??

    • Josh is campaigning to get Elana out because Jessica and Cody are big targets that will stop people from thinking about targeting him

      • ok.. and not that I’m an Elena fan.. but the first thing i could see was most of the house wanting Cody and/or Jessica out ASAP from the beginning. Here’s their chance. I didn’t think Josh was that big of a target except maybe for… Jessica and Cody!

      • Little birdie has been whispering in Josh ear saying keep Cody and Jess together for jury.

      • I’m surprised Paul hasn’t tried to convince Josh that, if Jess stays on the block, it would be to Josh’s advantage to have the house vote out Jessica, because if Josh made it to F2 (when pigs fly 🐷 ), he’ll have 2 votes against him (Jody) for sure. On the flip side of that, if Jess stays and Josh continues to want Elena out but the House wants Jess out, I say flip Josh the bird (🖕)and vote out Jess. Josh doesn’t deserve nor has he earned anyone’s respect. And I would be shocked to the core if Josh ever got an HoH again – his current reign was due to a fluke, luck, whatever.

      • What kind of morals finds running around the house banging pots and pans together (and destroying someone else’s property) trying to make someone “crack” acceptable?!

      • Oh, heck yes. Her actions undercover (ahem!) speak for themselves. Also, her concierge job that starts at 10:30 p.m. is most likely also sacrosanct.

      • Josh is high on his HOH this week. He doesn’t understand that doesn’t necessary include “power.”

      • Quite, Cody has his flaws, but as a Veteran who fought for OUR Rights, I have a lot of respect for Him… His “Social Game” needs a makeover, for sure, but I think he’s one of the best competitors this game has seen in a LONG time; Physical and Mental.

      • I think it actually CAN make him a better player. He’s just starting to actually get the hang of the game, and with his History, it has to be a bit more difficult than the rest.
        I posted this way above, but here’s the summary of what I found about his Military Experience:
        Rightfully so, it turns out, because according to Cody’s official military file … he served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012, reaching the rank of E-4 Corporal with a specialty as a Rifleman. He previously served in the U.S. Air Force as well.

        Nickson received numerous honors … including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations.

  55. Paul go Christams to use her advantage and not let Cody play, Paul, say hello to all your sheep. Cody is still in this game

    • They know that he is still in the game, they just dont wand Cody winning veto and taking Jess down.

  56. Poor little Jessica,some people actually came to the BB house to play the game,a total game move by Christmas and if Cody and Jess can’t see that,then they do not understand BB,so these two can just sing “Cry Me A River” until the cows come home,but no one is listening.

      • These two have to have the worst social games in the history of BB,seclusion and anger seem to be their only calling cards,not a good look for anyone.

  57. Cody and Jessica are something else,they have only two game plans,screaming at the others and crying on cue,not exactly a winning combination for BB.

  58. It would have been interesting to see if either on had come in without the other how their games would have progressed. The combination of the two is toxic. Jess might have done better without Cody, not sure about him though.

    • You hit the nail on the head,”toxic”..almost lethal,like watching George and Martha in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”,not exactly fun and games!

  59. FYI, for anyone that may have questioned Cody’s Military experience. Here’s the summary of what I found:
    Rightfully so, it turns out, because according to Cody’s official military file … he served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012, reaching the rank of E-4 Corporal with a specialty as a Rifleman. He previously served in the U.S. Air Force as well.

    Nickson received numerous honors … including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations.

      • Well, I don’t see him using the veto on Jessica; he could use the veto on Elena? I know that is a risky move but in that way Jessica could go home.

      • Or not use it and trust others that Jess goes. Can’t see Mark doing that though, he’s too paranoid. Whatever he’s going to have a few people in his ear until the VEto meeting for sure

  60. Twitter is probably in shambles right now bc their queen is for sure getting booted out the castle lol I love it!

  61. The question now is: who’s going home?
    -(In case Mark use the veto on himself) Jessica? Or Elena?
    -(In case Mark use the veto on Elena) Jessica? Or Mark?

  62. Paul/Alex/Jason in the storage room scheming. On ‘feeds, the three look more and more like an alliance brewing.

  63. It is very entertaining to read all the “Paul Hater’s” scenarios. I don’t think he has a shot of winning this season, but he is doing a great job of playing the mastermind in rallying all the floaters to go along with his side alliance with Alex. People like Jason, Kevin, Matt, Raven, and Christmas are more than content to let Paul target and scheme to get out strong players like Jessica and Cody. That has been a tough row to hoe, but he is effectively eliminating their potential allies, and keeping the numbers for the votes against the prime targets, for weeks to come. Josh is playing right into Paul’s hands by trying to change the target from Jessica to Elana. It will be easier to get Josh out now (after Cody) when he will be able to use Mark and Elana against him. Cody will be the next obvious target, but the house will have to bide it’s time and wait til he fails in competition to get him. I don’t think Paul goes any time soon, unless Christmas somehow gets HOH in a double elimination week. Call it, “Paul’s Show” if you want, but he will become the prime target once he clears the way for his group of floaters. I think the floaters are playing a smart game so far, and Paul is their best weapon.

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