Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 6: Friday Highlights

Well, there wasn’t much time on the clock for Friday’s Feeds thanks to a nearly ten hour Temptation Competition, but what we did have offered some good surprises and points in the column for Team Feeds. Josh is the new HoH, but he isn’t going to be Paul’s puppet after all, at least he’s trying hard to be with his new target and plan.

Josh faces off with Paul over BB19 plans

Sure, there was a lot of downtime on Friday due to all but two of the twelve HGs deciding to play for the Temptation, but for what time we did get there was a lot of very good drama. You don’t want to miss Friday’s surprises from the Feeds.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 4, 2017:

8:20 AM BBT – HGs are just waking up when Josh and Christmas go to talk in the Lounge. He reveals he wants to go after Elena instead of Jessica and Cody.

8:23 AM BBT – Josh says he’ll keep this plan quiet from Paul until they know if they can make it happen.

8:30 AM BBT – Christmas and Josh talk about Paul bossing Josh around and taking over his room last night.

8:46 AM BBT – Feeds cut for HGs to go to the Den.

10:10 AM BBT – Feeds are back from players announcing their decision to play in the Temptation Comp. All but Christmas decided to participate. (Josh was ineligible as HoH.)

10:30 AM BBT – HGs hanging out and chatting while waiting for the comp to begin.

10:45 AM BBT – Feeds cut again for the Temptation Competition.

8:24 PM BBT – Feeds return from the comp. Cody won & Jessica lost to become the 3rd nom.

8:25 PM BBT – Josh tells Kevin he’s putting up Mark & Elena. Josh asks Kevin to have his back no matter what happens.

8:27 PM BBT – Paul asks Josh if Jessica remains the target. Josh starts to push for Elena instead. Paul isn’t pleased. He says if they get out Jessica then Elena comes back to them. Josh says they can just get Cody and Jessica next week instead.

8:30 PM BBT – Matt comes in to HoH and asks if Josh is putting up Mark and Paul. Paul is none too pleased with that suggestion. He says he isn’t willing to go up as a pawn. Matt says they need to win the Veto, but Paul won’t agree to it.

8:30 PM BBT – Downstairs Mark tells Elena he expects to go up.

8:32 PM BBT – Paul reminds Josh that he has to start thinking of Jury votes. He warns Josh that Jessica and Cody won’t vote for him to win at the end of the game so letting both get to Jury is a bad move.

8:40 PM BBT – Josh and Paul have continued to debate the idea of going after Elena instead of Jessica. They wrap up and Paul leaves.

8:45 PM BBT – Josh camtalks that he’ll have to work on convincing Paul to come around on his plan. Josh says he’s dedicated to getting Elena out if she’s still on the Block come Thursday night.

8:47 PM BBT – Mark is up in the HoH room. Josh tells him he’s a pawn. Mark asks Josh to just tell him if he’s not really a pawn. Josh promises Mark he really is only a pawn. Josh confirms he’s putting up Mark and Elena.

8:49 PM BBT – Downstairs Paul told Elena that he tried to volunteer as a pawn but Josh wasn’t interested in the idea. Elena says if she goes up it’s because she was left out of the plan and looks bad to Josh as someone who wasn’t in on the vote flip against Ramses.

8:50 PM BBT – Josh questions (camtalking) if Mark is really his best option. He wants someone to win who isn’t up so they don’t change the noms.

9:00 PM BBT – Elena is upstairs now. She asks Josh is she’s going up as a pawn. He says she is. She’s okay with it, but then goes in on why his reasoning is all wrong. Josh continues to push that she’s a strong competitor, but Elena points out there are others who have been much stronger than she is so she isn’t buying his justifications. Elena says he should have said it was because she and Mark were the two votes against him last week.

9:05 PM BBT – Josh continues to defend his decision and says that Elena is a strong competitor and that’s why she is going up. Elena continues to push back and isn’t happy that he’s jeopardizing her survival in the game.

9:09 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Nominations Ceremony.

10:41 PM BBT – Feeds return from noms. Mark and Elena are on the Block.

10:45 PM BBT – Josh is talking to Matthew and Raven saying his target is Alex but adds that Elena is twisting the situation. Josh is trying to start working them against Elena. He tells them how Elena was suggesting other names for who should go up instead of her.

10:47 PM BBT – Paul tries to calm Elena upstairs in the HoH room. She’s upset and says it’s not like she’d be happy to be up on the Block.

10:50 PM BBT – Josh tries to talk with Jessica about having a private conversation later (likely to pitch a deal) but Jessica gets upset at him and starts arguing. She’s angry. Cody’s angry. Both are angry. They don’t want to talk with Josh and have nothing else to say to him. Josh tries again that she can come talk to him later.

11:00 PM BBT – Elena blames Paul lying to her last week for why she’s on the Block. She thinks it’s just her and Mark’s votes against Josh that led her to this position.

11:05 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that maybe Josh is going after Mark. (Nope.) She thinks if she can win Veto then Mark will go home.

11:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh that he made a good move by getting Elena up there and making her squirm. Paul says Mark and Elena are acting sketchy. Josh is relieved to hear him say that. (He may be just telling Josh what he wants to hear.)

11:45 PM BBT – Josh asks Alex and Jason to honor his noms and not change anything if they get to play Veto and win. He starts working on them to go after Elena instead.

11:50 PM BBT – Alex doesn’t seem to like Josh’s plan to vote out Elena, but she says that for now they will go with his plan and wait to see what happens.

11:55 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul he may be able to dissuade Cody from putting either of them up if he (C) gets HoH. Kevin thinks Mark and Matthew could end up as Cody’s targets. Paul thinks they can get those guys out on their own. Paul still wants Cody out if he gets HoH. Kevin agrees that if Jessica doesn’t win Veto then she needs to go this week.

12:45 AM BBT – Josh is camtalking that he still wants Cody and Jessica out, but thinks the best strategy right now is to get out Elena.

12:55 AM BBT – Paul tells Alex and Jason that this is good for setting up Elena and Mark to be used as pawns next week so they can BD Cody instead.

1:00 AM BBT – Paul suggests to Jason and Alex that they should get Matthew out before Mark. Jason loves that idea. Paul asks them if they want to get out Mark or Elena if Jessica wins the Veto on Saturday. Both agree that Elena is the better option.

1:05 AM BBT – Jessica and Christmas talking game. (Remember, Christmas knows Josh’s secret plan.) Jessica wonders if Josh is trying to make a surprise move, but questions if he’d even have the votes if he tried. Jessica promises she’s going to fight for the Veto.

1:15 AM BBT – Paul suggests to Kevin, Alex, and Jason the target eviction order should be Jessica, Cody, Elena, and then Matthew. Paul wants Cody gone before that Double Eviction.

1:40 AM BBT – Elena and Josh have circled back and having more of their pre-noms talk. Elena says she wasn’t suggesting other names, but just saying who had won more competitions that her.

1:45 AM BBT – Elena pleading with Josh if she goes home this week (one week short of Jury) then she can not financially cover her bills. Josh plays that he’s more interested in Cody and Jessica than her.

1:55 AM BBT – Josh camtalks that he needs to win this Veto so he can secure his noms and get Elena out the door.

2:15 AM BBT – HGs have been working on heading off to bed.

2:30 AM BBT – Elena goes and curls up with Mark. He says he’s missed hugging her. (Well I guess Elena is going to use all her moves to help her this week.)

Wow, okay there are going to be more twists and turns to this week than I initially thought we might get. Josh is a loose cannon and he’s going to be firing shots all over the place. Either Paul will learn to use that to his advantage or he’ll hurt his game by fighting this more than he needs to. HGs should sit back, let the Veto play out, see who ends up the final noms, and then starting moving their pieces for Thursday.

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  1. If Jerkisa is still on the block on eviction night and they don’t evict her… they are complete morons.

  2. Christmas should take Jess out of the veto comp. Send her home before jury. Keep the lovers apart.

    • Nope Christmas has a plan…She wants to get Paul out..Christmas needs to keep Cody and Jessica in the game so she can complete that task…Just keep watching…

      • I didn’t say she will, I said she should. I hate the thought of those two together in the jury. They might just produce the first BB baby conceived during the season. Ugh.

      • Yes because keeping Paul and his followers would more entertaining than keeping two people that would target the chosen one. #TeamJody

      • if your idea of entertaining is watching two people have anal sex on camera, well I guess you’re on the right team.

      • People have done that on the show before. That has nothing to do with the game so what is the point of stating that. Elena is a more dangerous and smarter player. She needs to be sent home:

      • Who cares if they are together in jury and have a baby. Elena is stronger player and they should not give up this opportunity to get rid of her.

      • Thank you! I’m been thinking this the whole time. Hopefully people understand BB is ALL about numbers early on but despite what many write on here (Paul’s minions, etc) someone will turn on him shortly. I think Christmas is that person – great for her!…one leg or not

    • I don’t think that she can’t do that. The Ring of Replacement only allows her to replace a picked Veto player, not a nominee. Or did I read it wrong?

    • Xmas cannot remove any of the noms. She can only replace those CHOSEN to play. Jessica threw the comp so that she would get a chance to play which was a smrt move on her part.

      • That’s correct. She can only replace those picked by the random draw and not any of the nominees. And that includes the special third nominee.

    • No they should take Elena because she is a smarter player. She is also more dangerous because she works with Paul and also Jody.

  3. I hate that Elana brought up money. Seriously! Please don’t cut my paid vacation short. Boo-freakin-hoo. If you couldn’t afford to quit your job, you shouldn’t have done it. P.S. To say she’s a radio personality is stretching it. She answers phones for a radio show, and she is only on air when she is late.

    • Agree. It so turns me off. Don’t play in this game if you need money, and don’t get on this show and cry about money. Nobody wants to hear it

  4. I wrote in another feed that Christmas would be the 1st to turn on Paul…. it happened…This week Paul needs to step back..stop talking and listen for a change…And I didn’t understand (BUT THEN AGAIN I DID) why Cody & Jessica shot Josh down in his offer of a truce…I believe that if Jessica gets evicted Cody will seriously consider self eviction…Just my opinion..Cody hates the game and the people in the house..Hes still there because of Jessica…If Jess goes I believe he will follow her..

    • Those two are really not a threat. Elena is a threat! Both her and Mark play both sides. Christmas has no game with her leg. All she can do is a mental game right now.

      • lol and sometimes a mental game is more of a threat than physical Think about it…”Derrick 1ST with Dan running a close 2nd’

      • I think a lot of people severely underestimate Christmas. I’m rooting for her, and I really want to see her win a comp!

      • Mark and Elena are no threats because their big alliance only uses their votes but, keeps them in the dark! They are at the bottom of the heap with Josh and Christmas and fit only to be evicted after Jessica and Cody are gone! The solid six of Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew and Raven will easily make it to last 6 if the stragglers on the chopping block do not wise up! How can they not see they are next? Now, they are targeting each other? Josh nominating Mark and Elaina is a waste like Jessica’s HOH where she put up Josh and Ramses?

      • They are on the bottom of the totem pole. Unfortunately they don’t see it. Paul makes all of his Minions feel special and chosen. This week would be a perfect opportunity to backdoor Paul. But, alas. . .HG’s can’t see thru the Paul mist and Production won’t allow it. Paul is their chosen “star” of this season and having him evicted this early would be in violation of his contract.

    • I agree with you I do really like him but he definately doesn’t think about game moves. Them kicking josh yesterday was stupid at least hear what he has to say.

    • Everytime i see Cody’s face i wonder why he bothered coming to the game. did he apply or did BB recruit him? to me, he offers nothing in entertainment value and is clearly there just to have a bad time.

  5. Downstairs Paul told Elena that he tried to volunteer as a pawn but Josh wasn’t interested in the idea.

    WTF? Paul is such a liar. And now he wants Matthew gone because he casually asked if Paul was a pawn. What a doosh.

      • I agree with you except the douche part lol. Paul is playing hard he needs to pull back a little or else is going to fall in paulies foot steps.

      • Agreed. It was always a turn off for me when someone would get angry that they couldn’t control someone else’s HOH. Paulie’s problem was that he demanded a lot while giving very little in return. Paul is starting to do the same this year.

        I wish Paul would play the stealthy game he played last year. I really don’t know why he feels the need to play a different game. The only reason he lost last year was because he took the wrong person to F2. His gameplay was solid otherwise.

      • The best thing that Paul did in his first HoH was listen to his group when they opposed his convoluted plan to use a pawn from his own team to try and BD Cody. He listened and changed his plan, solidifying their support. Then he went into power mode winning HoH’s, maneuvering the group through the Cody eviction, the Dom eviction and the Ramses blindside. And lets face it, he had to do their thinking for them or some of them wouldn’t be there. Now he needs to step back and try to be subtle, suggesting and planting ideas. He’s smart, so will he realize he needs to change things up in time?

      • I hope so. I really am rooting for Paul but he needs to stop playing so hard. I agree that listening to his alliance to BD Cody was a great move. I think because that plan worked he got a little cocky, and now that Cody’s back he’s going into overdrive to get him back out. He’s putting a giant target on his back right now. Pulling back and letting bigger targets emerge would be in his best interest.

      • He needs to shift his style from the early Paulie to the Derrick style. Not sure Paul can be subtle though.He’s out sooner if he continues down the road to the later Paulie though I’m not sure we’d see tears from him

      • I agree with you 100% gosh I really hope he doesn’t become like late Paulie. I despised him, and I really don’t want to dislike Paul. I was such a big fan of him last year and I really want to root for him. I definitely don’t think we’d see tears. Paulie tried too hard to be like his brother and failed. Paul already has 50K in his pocket.

      • I agree with you 100% and calling a female the c word didn’t help lol. If only he knew Jessica would vote for him in jury. Because she’s a fan and knows he is controlling the game

      • As a female I see no issue with that word. I use it myself on a few occasions. Plus meech of all people deserved it so I will always defend him on that front.

      • He was never going to get Nat’s vote if there was a female to vote for. Davonne said she didn’t like Paul’s answers in the final questioning and that’s why she voted for Nic. She was pretty supportive of Paul in the Jury house convo prior.

      • Oh gotcha. I think Davonne just genuinely thought Nicole played a good game, but she also left on Paul’s HOH so she could’ve been a bit bitter. Natalie I could see though.

    • paul said out loud to a group of people the other day “sure, put me up as a pawn”.
      I bet he’s quaking in his boots!

  6. This is a huge waste of HOH when there are better targets! They should have seen when Paul would not even be a pawn that he is only out for himself! Josh should have nominated Matthew, Raven, Alex, Jason. Pick any two of those and put them on the block. That is the best move! Keeping Cody and Jessica in the game keeps the target on their back. You think Paul will stop targeting Jessica and Cody? No way! Also, makes your votes more valuable if the core players are evicted! You also, raise yourself up higher in the pecking order. Do not understand people not wanting to make any moves because of fear! Look Josh, Christmas, Mark, Elaina are all on the chopping block! Only question is whose head is chopped off first! Just like last week when Jessica wasted her nominations on Josh and Ramses who are not threats in the game, this week’s HOH has been wasted yet, again!

      • Jessica and Alex are both stupid if they cannot see the forest for the trees. There is more benefit to their games to join up and fight Paul and his minions if they want that $500,000! Actually, they can take over the game from Paul but, will they wise up? If you watch Survivor, alliances switch all the time. Big Brother Houseguests could learn that there is more benefit to joining up with people you started hating provided it is to both mutual benefit.

      • I know he is in an alliance with them but, he is on the chopping block after Jessica and Cody. If he wants to last in this game, he has to make a huge move. So what, if Paul gets pissed? He is not going to go anywhere with Jessica and Cody still in the house. What about the others? Josh puts himself in a better position to last longer and get paid more in stipend since, they get paid per episode. The longer he lasts, the better for him and he gets paid more!

      • Josh will be a bigger target if he doesnt go for jess. Jody is coming for him & the rest of the house will as well.

      • Cody and Jessica will have Paul as their primary target and the others as well. If they were smart, they will not target Josh. He is less of a threat to them than Paul, Raven, Matthew, Alex, Jason and Kevin who are a solid 6! Those are the ones who should be targeted if one is playing to win! The rest of the Big Alliance might go after Josh but, not while, Jessica and Cody are in the Big Brother House! Divide and conquer! They have to keep Josh, Mark, Elaina, Christmas into the fold because if they do not, Jessica and Cody if they win HOH can get them evicted! Jessica, Cody, Josh, Christmas, Mark and Elaina if they were smart would all join up. It would neutralize the other 6 on the other side but, Josh made a huge mistake nominating Mark and Elaina! Paul could not care less because they are his targets as well!

  7. Ohmygoodness! Josh is such a dumbshit. Elena is not a threat with anything : not comps or strategy. But then, neither is Mark. Best players, imo, are cody, Jessica, Paul, Alex, Jason and Kevin. I think Christmas talking about evicting Paul is going to bite her in the butt fairly soon. Josh acting like no one had his back last week is pure fiction, he knew right away that the other hgs were taking out Ramses. Smh

    • I have whip-lash from how fast josh and Christmas decided on this plan. everyone was just waiting to get jody and then this happens? josh is really insane and not capable of holding power. not only is he betraying his group but when he comes off hoh they should target him. watch him cry!

      • I know it’s a game, but people did baby him and I don’t think this is how he should repay them.

      • maybe it goes deeper than the game, he think she is stuck up or something, the guy has such a fragile ego

      • Josh is like a lot of HGs winning HOH….They got power but only for a few days ..not a few weeks… HOH holders tend to forget that..Cody & Jessica made that mistake…HOH should always keep in mind that he/she has to contend with his choices/actions when he/she is no longer HOH…Josh is only a contender for the title in his own mind…Paul and Christmas are of course using him to further their own game without doing it as a team cause Christmas is backstabbing Paul….Joshes short reign of terror (oops) power might lead to an early exit from the house..

      • Christmas has been working Josh for some time, mothering him. He has told her she’s his #1. She probably sees this as her opportunity to start making some moves.

      • Yep and when Josh blows up her game Christmas will be moved right on out the door…Christmas and Paul seem to be forgetting who they dealing with…Josh is a blood clot waiting to explode..Josh is dangerous and sharing secrets/info with him is totally insane…

      • those 2 can have each other, in the end they aren’t a threat and I don’t see them getting a posse.

      • I agree, she couldn’t muster the support unless some of the others use her to go after Paul and then get her out.

    • All Elena has to do is share the HOH bed with Josh…That is what he thought would happen if he won HOH..that the females would come crawling…They crawling all right in the opposite direction…

      • I don’t get it either… Jody is Josh’s sword enemy, they will never work with him! Plus they are a way bigger physical threat in comps… meatball is being a meatball again… I don’t get the obsession with having to get E our right now!

      • She has flirted and rubbed herself all over Josh (and any other available male in the house) and as I said if she would jump in the HOH bed with him all would be fine…In Joshes world its “Either put out or get out”.. just keep watching..

      • I know what’s going on, I’ve mentioned it in other threads, I don’t to keep repeating it and ruin people’s experience thinking was an organic plan if you catch my drift.;-)

  8. Remember everyone, Christmas is still a wild card. She still has the Ring of Replacement.
    So, they can get Jessica out this week and the first on the jury by Christmas using her ring and replacing Jessica on the Veto Comp.
    I don’t see either Mark or Elena using the Veto on anyone other them themselves. So, Jessica can be evicted this week.

    • I just don’t get it, elena of all people
      xmas is having trouble with her foot, she still has a lot of pain and those meds hurt her game. i’m watching for that.

      • lol..its not the meds thats gonna hurt her game its her mouth…U don’t backstabb in the way Christmas is doing and not get caught…Especially with a blow hard like Josh…

      • All it will take for JOSH to blow everyones game up is somebody making a move to ( IN HIS EYES) disrespect him ..He would blow Paul Christmas Kevin or anybody else that is in the way out of the water… He loves to have center stage and run his mouth…Josh is a loose cannon and its a long time till Thursday…

      • surely, they know that josh isn’t doing this alone. where does he think he has the votes?

      • He’s trying to gather them. But if they vote elana out, they deserve to be picked off one by one by Jody. Why leave a power couple like that in tact?? They keep evicting ppl that hasn’t and probably never will win comps. Smh what going on??

      • Yes. He took a page out of Cody’s book. Lol but this is some BS. I don’t buy it for a second. Just the other day he asked production if he could do take her place as have not for TWO WEEKS! Now she’s his public enemy #1. Yea right! All of a sudden.

      • Ooo I can’t stand her! How she gonna plot with one leg. She needs to go have a seat or else she’s going to be scooting out to Julie.

    • Christmas cannot replace Jessica because she is a nominee. Only those picked to play who is not a nominee can be replaced! That would be Cody if he is picked to play. It would be a dumb move on Christmas part because she, Josh, Mark and Elaina are on the chopping block after Jessica and Cody are evicted! She should want Jessica and Cody to still be in the Big Brother House so they will remain Paul’s targets!

  9. who do you think will vote to evict elena?
    will kevin save jess because she’s from new England?
    will raven + matt= ratt, stay loyal to paul?
    will alex ever get over jess?
    will Jason vote what alex tells him to?
    can paul manage the votes to evict jess despite josh?

  10. I love the idea of Elena or Mark being evicted! They literally flip flop sides w/ every eviction. Cody and Jess have no one but themselves – that is except Marlena depending if they have power or not. Additionally, Cody and Jess may be more prone to get Paul out.

  11. Paul is a horrible strategist. What is the point in targeting Elena and Matthew, and even Mark. Those players are BLINDLY LOYAL to Paul and are his dumb ass minions. I don’t understand why Paul continues to target his own loyal allies. First it was Dominique, now it’s Elena, Mark, and Matthew. It’s like Paul wants to lose this game. He is giving the power to Alex/Jason/Kevin to just take him out. Even Christmas knows what Paul is doing. I do NOT see Paul winning this game. Especially by the moves that he is making.

      • Josh is terrible too. But my point is what is the point of Paul targeting Matthew? Paul also put the target on Elena and Mark too. Matt, Elena and Mark are loyal to Paul so I don’t understand Paul’s logic by turning on them.

      • sure, I know paul was gonna get to them but josh blew it all up by letting jody off the hook. he panicked because he lost control and he doesn’t know where to turn. now’s the time he’s throw his own mother on the block.

      • ahhhh the entire house put the target on Mark and then Elena when it became known that she was playing both sides…If Paul wants Matthew up its not to get him evicted he is a pawn..Paul wants Jessica out…There needs to be a HG (2) sitting beside her that will not get voted out…The 2 people that are sitting beside Jessica should be pawns and are safe all way round…As its Mark Jessica and Elena the votes can be totally up in the air….

      • Paul’s logic is simply MORE TARGETS!

        Matthew isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Paul is simply planting seeds. Sure many of these people are Paul’s minions now, but even the minions have the get voted out at some point.

        I think in most players minds (despite Josh’s plan), this week’s target is Jessica. But as you knock down targets, new one’s need to take their place.

        Remember in the end, there can be only one.

      • In reality Paul is not targeting Matthew .Matthew is only a pawn…He will not be voted out against Jessica..

      • Paul is targeting Jody, not Elena, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. (he’s planting seeds for the future)

      • lol I’m glad you’re here today. K, is not gonna be with us, I guess for a few business.

      • Oh, wondered where my sis was. I’ve been spending too much time on here the last 24 hours but I can’t tear myself away, anticipating what your boy is going to do next and how Paul is going to rein him in

      • I get that but my point is I don’t see the point in trying to get rid of Matt sooner than later when Matt is very loyal to Paul.

    • Have to give Paul credit actually. Maven and Marlena are wishy washy floaters and could easily attach Jody. I think he knows he has Kevin, Jason, Alex, Christmas and Josh so if he can get one other out he has the majority,

    • Josh is targeting Elena not Paul. Paul wants jess and Cody out because they’re targeting him. Dominique was not blindly loyal to Paul. She called Paul a snake, and Paul also thought she was in on the plan to BD him. I don’t see Paul winning but that’s because he’s a huge target and everyone knows he’s running the game. I can see one of his alliance members eventually blindsiding him.

    • Josh doing that will cause Paul to have him evicted. Paul runs the house and everyone’s HOH, except for Jess and Cody so he wants them out first. Mark and Elena is only because he knows they are playing both sides.

      • Actually Paul has played a major role in Jess and Cody s HoH by determining who got evicted — Jillian and Ramses and not their targets Christmas and Josh.

      • I feel like these HGs can’t win though. They do what Paul says and they’re a puppet. They don’t do what Paul says, and they’re stupid. Dsmned if you do damned if you don’t.

        I agree that it may not be the best game decision, but at least josh is doing what he feels is best for HIS game. And unlike stupid Cody, he’s not blindsiding his allies about it

    • so cody wins veto and saves jess, leaving Marlena up. does she really want to stick her neck out with such a public move?
      paul know she has that option though.

      • Did she just decided that today? Paul was suggesting that to her last night, but she seemed to be reluctant.(shady)

      • IDK, someone earlier said she had agreed but I only saw that she didn’t seem keen. She better look over her shoulder if she refuses cos Paul will be targeting her and make sure the others know what she could have done.

      • I know but what I’m getting at is,,she ready to make that public. If she refuses, they will definitely know she’s not with them to get out jess

    • If she doesn’t then Paul will make everyone not trust her. I think she was telling Paul that her power may have expired. She is not sure.

  12. I can’t send the link to a post of what matt wore everyday.
    the orange shirt 41.7% of the time

    dark blue 20.4%
    light blue 19.4%
    rames said matt only came in with 3 shirts.
    I don’t buy it that they took them because of logos, he could have turned them in side out.
    he has a creep about him.

    • Many of the HGs always say that production takes most of their stuff. They are only allowed to take a few things in the house.

  13. As annoying as Josh is I give him kudos for not listening to Paul for once.
    Then again he’s listening to Xmas

      • I think he is right. Elena and Mark are playing just to be a number for a majority. You want to get those people out. If he could sway Elena in any way then he would want to keep her. He is playing his game and not Pauls. This makes since for his game.

      • They are a number for Paul or for Josh? I doubt they could care less if he goes home at any point.

    • Part of me is proud of josh for playing his own game and not Paul’s but another part of me thinks this is a dumb game move. I don’t think josh realizes that he is extremely expendable to his group. They only keep him around because they think they can control him and he’s a number. Once he shows them he can’t be controlled he’s going to get the boot.

    • Except he’s listening to production. This makes no sense. After the HOH win, Josh was so excited to get Jess or Cody out. Now he wants Elana out? Hmmm

  14. “not willing to go up as a pawn” I don’t know why the HOH gives HGs the choice. It’s your week to do as you like.

    • He could do whatever he wants, he’s HoH, but expect resistance, and pitching ideas, because they’re all playing the game. Ultimately, it’s his decision.

    • To me, that would raise some serious flags. Paul wants loyalty but he acts like this when it’s mentioned his being a pawn? Kind of weird. If anything it says that Paul doesn’t trust me (Josh).

    • I agree as a viewer that’s what we would do, but being in the house and getting someone upset and they may not go home could cause you your game.

  15. Well…from the looks of things, if Josh wants Elena out and he wins veto, he better take Jess off the block

    • It is too bad that elena has to go since she would be a number for any flipping that may occur, but she is annoying.

      • While I do dislike her on a personal level, I don’t understand why she is Josh’s main target. Cody and Jessica were so hostile towards him, as was Mark…and all 3 would have been good for his game. So he’s going to take out the non-entity that is super up Paul’s bottom??

      • Josh knows that Elena is teasing him to help her in the game. Paul and everyone is telling him that she is playing both sides and because she voted to evict him instead of Ramses.

      • And Paul is right. There is no way Jess or Cody would ever vote for Josh at the end. And honestly, having Cody and Jess in the jury for weeks would make for a miserable jury.

  16. I am so happy Josh is not listening to Paul. Paul has to stop controlling people. Let Josh do what he wants.

      • I know! But it is fun when they do not let someone. Paul ran the house this year and last year so it is getting boring now. It no longer is entertaining to watch.

  17. As of early this morning it seemed as if Josh had changed his mind about voting out Elena. I guess I wasn’t paying too much attention when he was talking, especially after it seemed Paul had convinced him. Many times the HOH wants someone gone, but the house wants another. I think it is very annoying how Paul never mentions Raven in his eviction order. I’d much rather she goes before Matt. I wish someone wins veto so he can replace one of the nominees.

    • I think that Paul and then Alex both talking to him about potential Jury votes and how neither of Jody would vote for him had him reconsidering

    • Paul won’t recommend Raven coz she’s rabid in her loyalty to him. I think she’d pick him over Matt tbh.
      She would be a def vote for him in jury.

  18. Why in the world would Josh want to go after Elena? I could understand him going after Cody, Jessica or even Matt and Raven, but Elena? It makes no sense. If you want to weaken Jess and Cody, you take out Jess if you can. Josh never did look very bright.

    • Keeping Jody in the game, will be wise ofJosh because Jody would still be Paul’s biggest targets. This way Josh will be able to stay few more weeks. Elena also is playing both sides and she is smarter than Jessica and Cody.

  19. I’m shocked that Josh is actually smart. Once Cody and Jessica leave the house….he’ll be the number 1 target. So he’s shielding himself while making jody turn their target to paul again.

  20. Why did Paul sleep in the HoH room? Did Josh need someone to read him a bedtime story and put him back to sleep if he woke up during the night?

    Also, it’s noteworthy that Paul would refuse to be a pawn, yet being a pawn is exactly what he asked Josh to do when he (P) was HoH!

  21. According to Matthew Boyer’s summary, “Elena goes and curls up with Mark. He says he’s missed hugging her.” Did she say anything in return, or was it more of Mark giving his affection and care and Elena receiving without giving anything in return?

  22. And who are the two people who Josh has pissed off more than anyone else in the house and who want him OUT more than anything??? Why I guess that would be the two people he totally ignored putting up! Josh is so interested in “not making anyone else’s moves” (Paul’s) that he is totally ignoring the best move for his game – splitting up Jody.

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