‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 4 – Update: Players Picked

In just a few short minutes last night after the Feeds returned we were able to confirm the new Head of Household and Nominations for Week 4 of Big Brother 19. Now it’s on to the Veto competition expected later today and we’ve got a few different plans in the works.

Update: Power of Veto comp is underway! Feeds went down at 3:25 PM BBT. Spoilers when the Feeds return.

Josh Martinez laughing on Big Brother 19

Jessica won Head of Household, which we’ll see play out on Sunday’s show, so that puts her and Cody in a safe spot for the week. Not so safe are her nominees Josh and Ramses. Josh is the target here, but that view isn’t shared by many outside the HoH room.

Downstairs you’ll find a different perspective. You’ll remember that Ramses has been a hot topic of being a target for Paul and that hasn’t faded. So while Paul may be going upstairs and making Jessica feel all warm and fuzzy about getting Josh out this week there’s actually a different plan.

Paul and Christmas have been drumming up support to secretly keep Josh and vote out Ramses. Matthew and Raven are in on it too and both agreed that they shouldn’t even tell Mark or Elena about the vote-switcheroo. Well this should be fun.

Here’s the rub though, to help keep this blindside on track the nominees would need to stay the same. If Ramses came down then the secret target is gone. If Josh comes down then Jessica will be looking for a new target and the HGs might be more tempted by that alternative instead of going with Paul’s suggestion to evict Ramses.

For players today we’ll obviously have Jessica (HoH) and Josh & Ramses (noms). If Jessica gets HG Choice then she’s going with Cody. He’s anxious to play and wants a chance to join the competition. He might not be a bad option for the blindsiders either since he’d probably keep noms just as they are to support Jessica.

I’m not sure anyone else would be going out of their way to save Josh or Ramses so those two are likely on their own in this comp today. That probably means they’d have less true competitors since many of these HGs seem to be rather passive when it comes to winning comps.

As of now the HGs are still sleeping away. There’s been no early wake up call for drawing Veto players, but when that happens we’ll update this article here with the details.

Update: Players were picked. We’ve got Christmas, and she quickly started making excuses to Ramses about why she probably wouldn’t be able to save him if she won, much less if she got to play at all. Joining the others in the competition are Jason and Cody (not Alex, as was initially thought).

What do you want to happen today in the Big Brother Veto comp? Should either of the noms escape the Block or do you want to see the power go elsewhere for changing up this week’s nominations? Share your thoughts below.

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      • Cody was never on Devin’s level of ridiculousness. I haven’t seen Cody go specifically on the offensive towards another player like Devin did to a few, including constantly assuming Donny wasn’t what he said he was. I haven’t seen Cody cry in reminding the house for a fifteenth time that he had a daughter. I never saw Devin win competitions.

        Like him or hate him (and I know how most feel about him) Cody deserves a better comparison.

      • Fair. That’s the only similarity I’ve seen. But as I mentioned in another post I think a big reason the alliance went to Paul instead of sticking with Cody was that moment the pendant of protection was revealed as Cody tried to re-nom Paul. Then Cody had to nominate like a 5th or whatever player all in one week and choosing Christmas solidified the group moving away from him. Point being I think if Paul gets onto the block vs Jillian, even if some still liked Paul, there’s a decent chance they see him as a bigger threat than Jillian and vote to evict him. When they saw it wasn’t possible is when they firmly became his minions. It’s annoying to me how many people (not you) called Cody stupid for trying this, as if he could possibly anticipate Paul was protected.

      • I don’t like him at first, maybe he will redeem himself , he’s from Plano and I’m in Plano and assure you ppl from Plano don’t act like that 😂

      • Don’t act like what? How BB edits Cody to make him seem emotionless?
        Cody is just there to “play the game.” He’s not there to be everyone’s best friend & hand out friendship bracelets He staying true to himself & not being fake by sucking up to people. I personally don’t see what the problem is with that?
        Sure “the fans” that ‘only’ watch the episodes will be tainted and not know Cody’s “personality & true character.” He looks like a zombie on all them! They edit him to appear as though he has zero emotion & like he doesn’t speak to anyone aside from Jessica.
        I personally think he’s a good guy!
        So to “assure” us Cody is nothing like the other people from “Piano” is in my opinion telling us that the people there are fake, followers, can’t lead, will backstab their best friends, are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, or not passionate plus plus…… that kind of sucks!
        Hopefully Cody will “redeem himself” (In your opinion) so you can then be proud Cody is from your “hometown.”
        With all due respect of course.
        Sorry if my reply came across as being Biatchy, I swear I’m not trying to be! I just don’t think some people can look past the episodes! He is a standup, straight shooter proud American! ❤️
        Again, I mean no disrespect to you whatsoever.

      • Naw, is all good .. if you knew anything about Plano then u would understand why I made that remark . He just appears very emotionless and psychologically off.. military I assume has taught him all that .. he may be a good guy , I’m sure they all are , Josh is young .. meathead . I don’t really like any of them cept paul, Cody , xmas , jess .. all that I see that are actually playing and not just taking up space ..

      • And no … bb can edit , but not BB Afterdark and the streaming . I watch all, there is no editing , he just has zero personality and horrible social skills

      • I don’t completely disagree with you. I have watched some of the big brother after dark’s and he doesn’t have much of a social game, actually not one at all but I don’t think he’s as bad as he looks on just the episodes. He’s just quiet, not loud and obnoxious, he is not happy with a lot of people so he is not being fake plus, (aside from his interruptions with Jessica) LOL he is there to play the game, not make friends. He is fun loving and carefree with Jessica, and I’ve seen him laughing and joking around with others. But on the actual episodes he looks like a complete zombie LOL
        I do think he needs to make a bigger effort to talk to the people he at least likes, not hide in the HOH room with Jessica all the time because that’s going to not work in his favour.

      • Yeah, that’s true .. he has been different coming back in though, u think ? I seen him smile , once :p

      • I 💯% agree with you in regards to Cody! He deserves a lot more credit than he is getting.
        Cody is edited for TV to look a emotionless, which is stupid. I don’t understand the reasoning for that. Sure he is quiet, and doesn’t jump up and down when he’s happy but the Guy has emotion! It irritates me the way BB edits him. They’ve done it since day 1 with Paul’s stupid “friendship bracelet” Cody didn’t go in and kissed Paul’s butt to get the bracelet, big deal! Good for him! He saw Paul as his biggest threat and wasn’t about to be fake!
        BB made him look like a total zombie, it was stupid because we already saw “normal emotions” on his introduction video! It irritates me so much! Clearly LOL
        I respect Cody for being true to himself and not being fake and phoney with anyone! Regardless if it was good for his game or not. Paul and Cody just have two completely different personalities. Paul is all over the house in everyone’s faces and very expressive! Whereas Cody is just there to play & Play hard! He’s not there to make friends (Jessica was just too hot to turn away) 😂
        Sorry, rant rant rant! LOL
        But yeah, I agree with you! I have said this several times, Cody is not given enough credit!

    • Cody took a shot at paul and it blew up his and jessica’s game. I feel sure they will take a shot at him but not until they can guarantee they can not miss this time.

      • Even if Paul is backdoored, I believe he has the support to stay. No for everyone else’s game it isn’t best, but it isn’t the worst either – not right now at least. He’s literally the most entertaining and I guess if you’re like Cody that’s annoying but he is the only one who’s even remotely trying to play the game. For example: what’s the point of Raven and Matt still being in the house? How have they contributed in any way this season, in any facet? Heck, even Ramses has contributed more than they have.

      • Really? Paul imo is more of a threat in the house than Ramses or Josh, so I think Paul has to win POV to guarantee his safety for the week.

      • It’s questionable whether most of the hg’s see Paul as a threat at this point. Most of them have been riding his coat tails to stay in the house. Cody screwed many of them over in his week as HoH. So far, Paul hasn’t betrayed them. Who do they see as the bigger enemy — Cody or Paul?

      • They all want him to take them to the end. What they don’t seem to realize is they can’t all make it to the end…and once they get there, every one of them should/would lose to him.

      • I think they would see Paul as a bigger threat. Yes, Cody did beat Paul again in the Battle Back yesterday. However, Cody did have an edge in that comp, as he already knew how the pulley system worked, whereas Paul had to adjust numerous times before finally getting the hang of it. Even then, one can make the case that Paul betrayed Dom (and now Ramses), whom he gave a friendship bracelets to on day 1. Also, factor in that Paul got to final 2 in his first attempt last season, and I think it’s clear that Paul is the bigger enemy/threat.

      • Not disagreeing with any of your arguments, just don’t think these hg’s are thinking that way.

      • Eh, I mean they still have almost a week to talk about it. It’s kinda like when people flipped on voting Christmas out week 1 instead of Jillian.

      • And when they even attempt to think that way, they get paranoid and think the opposite, bringing them to a non-thinking position! LOLOL

      • I get your point about Cody knowing the pulley system more than Paul, but with all due respect I’m getting tired of hearing about it. People act like Cody spent his life on this. He had done it once, about 30 minutes prior, not exactly mastered it. Also we want to talk about having an edge? Paul is a freaking returning player from a past season where he went to Final 2. He’s had an edge this entire time and if that’s not enough, gifted 3 weeks of safety on top of it. I’m not going to pretend I remember all competitions from Season 18 but did Paul seriously never face anything remotely close to this? With balancing a board or anything like that? I would bet he has. Lastly, Cody had already beaten him one on one earlier, when he balanced those apples on that tree it was down to him and Paul and Cody won.

        So we can stop making excuses for Paul as to why Cody beat him.

      • Also of note, in doing the maze race twice, Cody never dropped his ball into a hole once. Not even during his first time doing it. Maybe he’s just better than Paul at competitions. Maybe Cody deserves some credit.

      • SMH indeed. Conspiracy theories are fun aren’t they. Magnet…. k. Must be why the ball rolled smoothly without ever any stunted movements and why several times it rolled away from the walls of the maze aka less safe areas.

      • I think I read that Cody served as a gunman in the military in Afghanistan, where he went with a personal agenda of killing members of the Taliban? If so, he probably had to learn to fine tune his movements to kill those people from far distances and exercise patience in waiting for a target to appear in the right place. Those skills would have been helpful with the pulley-maze competition.

      • Well for one, and I thought I had made this very clear, but I was talking about Cody having an edge in the Battle Back competition, not in the entire Big Brother competition.

      • I addressed exactly that, and I thought I made it perfectly clear – Cody had done it once prior, and people acted like that was enough for him to master the art of balancing a board and guiding a ball with a pulley system. That’s silly.

        Cody also had a ton more pressure on him. If Paul loses his game isn’t over. If Cody loses his game is over and he goes home for good.

        So no, I don’t think saying he had some huge edge is all that valid. He had also beaten 3 other players and was the first ever to be forced to battle an extra, current, active player with his return to the game on the line along with it.

      • Can we please stop talking about Paul’s 3 weeks of safety? It’s over, hopefully the whining about it is too

      • Sure, ignore the vast majority of my post and focus in on one half-sentence of it. It was a quick supporting point, not the focus and not the subject of what I said.

        You began talking about advantages, so expect a counter point to make mention of it. And don’t tell me I’m whining. I showed you enough respect not to call you a whiner for your complaint that Cody had an edge in the battle back. Thanks

      • Who cares why Cody won? The fact of the matter is that Cody was evicted, rightly, and not a moment too soon, and is now back to spread yet more of his vile influence anfd

      • It’s not often I pin rights and wrongs on opinions being that they’re subjective and not fact-based, but you’re wrong that Cody doesn’t deserve to be playing. People need to stop focusing on being nice when you’re a player in Big Brother. He deserves to be there because he’s a competitor who tries and works his butt off and is there wanting to make big/good game moves. I also don’t completely agree that his first exit was “rightly so” but that’s another story. He had less chance of defending himself the week he was evicted than I’ve ever seen anybody have in the history of watching this show (about 14-15 seasons or so I’ve watched in full)

      • Oh anything is possible in this game, but we’re talking about Cody. Do you think he can sell his case/argument to rest of the house?

      • I don’t think the friendship bracelets are to represent them as allies, he didn’t get to know any of them that well, so prolly just handed em out to whoever at the time ? Maybe

      • Very true, I don’t think they see Paul as much of a threat. I’m surprised Alex is so protective of him but maybe it’s because she says she wants to battle him in the final 2. But Cody and Jessica have so many advantages right now. Why Kevin is not ever being put on the block is insane, but I guess it’s because he’s in Paul’s favor.

      • Alex wanting to battle Paul in the final two is ridiculous LOL there’s no way she’d beat him… I’m thinking this girl is officially misted by Paul’s magic, I don’t think there’s any more hope for her lol

      • Exactly. Backdooring Paul right now is stupid. The votes won’t be there. Pretend for now that they actually have a chance to work with him. Cody did mention before his eviction that he would be interested in working with Paul, Christmas and Alex. Go with that, even if it’s fake. Bide your time and wait for the right opportunity to strike. That time is not now.

      • No point in backdooring Paul against Josh/Ramses…. the best chance to take Paul out is by putting him up against Raven or Elena imo. That’s pretty much the only chance and even still it would be a very close vote.

      • But if the HGs realize that Paul is a bigger threat, then they may flip the votes. It’s like if Christmas was on the block with Paul. They’d probably keep Christmas because Paul is a bigger threat. Christmas can’t play in the majority of the comps, so evicting Paul in that situation would make sense.

      • I totally agree with you but we know they won’t do it. I wonder if production is influencing them

      • Maybe. That’s what I was thinking of after PoP and the fact that Cody had gotten used to the pulley system to beat Paul in the Battle Back.

      • I know that they’re just trying to give the majority what they want for ratings but it’s too obvious. Then Jess right after with the HOH win… sheesh

      • Jess has done fairly well in other comps ….You have a bunch of people who are pretty pathetic this season. People in previous seasons would wipe the floor with them.

      • In the big scheme of things I agree with you, but as far as how everyone has catered to what Paul has sold them they aren’t playing the game that way. From our perspective we see that, but then again we have feeds etc.

      • I started the season with Matt as one of my favourites. He’s done nothing to keep that ever since. He’s been frustrating and disappointing, clinging to Raven who’s basically a do-nothing, over-loud cartoon character. This is why I haven’t cared that it’s not a popular choice, I’m pro Cody because like you said, he’s playing the game. I tend to side with competitors. It’s also been refreshing to not see him be all YAY OMG YAY YAY jump up and down at every single house announcement like everyone else. I can’t be the only one who sees that as fake. I’ve been in audiences for talk shows where they basically tell/force you to smile big and clap enthusiastically especially if you’re sitting in closer rows where you might be on TV. It’s clear Big Brother production asks them to feign enthusiasm even when it may not be real. I like that Cody is saying “eh” to all of that.

      • I just want Matt to change his darn shirt!! Everyday..the same thing..the orange sleeveless Texas T-shirt..unless he has several of them and washed this one often. Good Lord, I hope he at least changes his underwear on a daily basis! Started out as one of my faves..not so much anymore!

      • You’re too much. I’m about to drop my laptop from laughing! I’ve thought the same thing. He’s usually wearing that same Orange tank top, and has his head down while eating cereal. If he’s been contributing great ideas to the show, we sure haven’t seen it on TV.

      • Exactly-I am pro-Cody now…a lot of the other houseguests are just taking up space. How sad because there are a lot of people who would love to be in there, actually to play the game

      • Cody wants the HOH so HE can put up Paul. He as much said it when he won his battle back from Paul. He admires Paul because they’re both truly the only ones playing the game. Christmas would be but is sidelined. Because it blew up on he and Jessica – the next chance he gets he will do everything he can to get Paul out. I don’t want to see Paul get Back doored; and I can’t see it happening. He’s too well liked and placed himself in a good place with all the HG’s even Jessica to a point. The ONLY people I believe would flip at this point would be Elena & Jason and then there’s Ramses. Alex (in the secret alliance w/ Paul), Josh, Matt, Raven, Mark, Kevin and Christmas for now are all in Paul’s camp for now. Alex may still be able to continue reigning in Jason although he’s entirely too flighty. Kevin knows to stay w/ the majority and fly under the radar. Paul actually has spun a perfect web by admitting to folks that “i can’t win, I know I’m going home”. By doing this he’s hoping to at least get to 2nd or 3rd.

      • Jason won’t be one, because Alex wants to keep Paul in the game. She’s been a real letdown, seemed like a competitor with a mind of her own, turned into just another of Paul’s minions.

      • NO, they need 5 votes for the tie and Jessica could break the tie. Remember all ten voted Dom out Thursday and there is still the same amount of people there today now that Cody is back.

      • They’ll have six, no need for a tie breaker! Josh or Ramses will go home if the veto is not won by either, used by either or used by another! :-)

      • There’s 10 votes they would need 5 and Jessica break the tie. That will never happen

    • I have no clue unless they learned their lesson and went with the backdoor. Otherwise unsure. Hate to admit it, but it is impressive how Paul has manipulated everyone (besides Jess and Cody) to put their faith in him. The guy finished second last season, he is nice at this game. And everyone gravitates to him. Josh and Raven want to run everything by Paul, and now even Alex does and therefor Jason since he follows Alex. Paul has everyone wrapped around his finger and I don’t get how everyone allowed this to happen.

      • Have to give him props. It doesn’t appear there is much resistance against him. Maybe they still think he is untouchable from the temptation .

      • Paul told people he was still safe this week because the week he was HOH didn’t count as one of his three weeks.

      • It’s a lie he’s telling the inexperienced hgs! LOL He first told them after Alex’s HoH, he’ll no longer be safe! haha

      • Oh, we all know it’s a lie, but the HGs don’t. And to be fair to them, it does make sense.

      • Worse, I’ll bet if you could ask every one of the house guests individually, they would deny that Paul has any control over them. Probably they would say that they admire his skill, but they do whatever they want to do…and they would say this while Paul is off to the side, smiling because they are saying exactly what he told each of them to say. The fact that Paul controls these people without them realizing it is rather remarkable…and scary because there are people who control masses of people in societies in the same way.

    • I agree chip. As long as Paul’s in the house everyone else is just playing for second place

    • Honestly this is the most disappointing cast ever for me personally. Cody couldn’t keep his loyalty to his alliance for one week. Paul believed Cody as he was desperately spreading rumors only to keep Jess safe…thereby blowing up his alliance in week two. It’s shocking how clueless these people are to Paul’s obvious ways. He’s playing way too hard, and that gets you sent home. We’ll see…

      • It really shows how little they trust and like Jody. It appears Paul is going to make it pretty far in this game again.

      • I dunno , if he gets to the end he should win, if none of those ppl get him out then he deserves to win

      • They have brought back vets on several BB’s, but the other cast members were smart at getting them out quick , these guys all seem to hover around paul, it’s gonna have to be Alex or xmas or even cojess to take
        Him out or he will go all the way

    • Totally agree, Paul should be the clear target however, Jessica would not have the votes therefore whoever was beside Paul would go home and the following week Cody and Jessica would be bigger targets, although there still going to be Big targets next week unless Cody gets the HOH fingers crossed 🤞

  1. If Paul gets backdoored, then maybe he’ll go next week because perhaps the nominees will realize that Paul is a big threat. Also, I don’t think he can battle his way back since this is still pre-jury.

  2. I want Jess to pick Cody to play and then Christmas to use her Temptation to prevent him from playing thus minimizing her chances of BD’ing Paul

    • I’m not entirely sure about how ROR works, but that may backfire if Jess picks HG choice (and then chooses Cody) and then a nominee picks Cody.

    • When will it expire? I want her to use it when it’s really, really necessary to make the best impact, but yeah, that’s fun to see.

      • She has it for the summer. I just don’t think she’s going to be there much longer after the hg had to watch her sit out that last Veto. Want to see it used.

      • At least Cody plays the game. Matt, Raven, Elena, Mark, Josh, Kevin all useless. Just a bunch of useless people clinging to Paul. Cody and Paul deserve to be in the final 2 at this point but obviously the game isn’t played that way and long summer left. But I want to see people start playing this game beside Cody and Paul. Alex seemed on her way to playing but now she is all about Paul, afraid overall.

      • Yes, Cody is playing, he just needs to learn that he can’t do it on his own. Get that ego in check, he’s not the alpha in most of the hg’s minds at this point.There’s still lots of summer yet, time for some of them to wake up and start playing. Once the numbers start to dwindle further, loyalties will shift back and forth, backstabbing increase. These guys get a little closer to $500k, some of them will wake up.

      • Christmas’s? That expires next week. Oh wait..she can use that any time throughout the rest of the summer

    • Backdooring Paul right now doesn’t make sense. They won’t have the votes to evict him.

    • My theory is if she used it this week, it could backfire on her if a Nom comes down. Not quite sure how the votes would go for her but it would be close and it worked correctly, JODY could pick off one of Pauls minions and numbers at the same time.

    • I know why I would target him. So far, the comps have been physical, not Ramses’ strong suit. Soon, we’re going to have memory and puzzle comps. I think Ramses should do better at those. If you leave him in the house too long, you could be playing to his strength very soon. Of course, I don’t think Jess was thinking that way – I think she put him up because it’s just a safe move that won’t rock the boat too much.

      • I think Paul doesn’t like how Ramses sneaks from room to room popping in and out. Kind of like Andy did. They drug Andy to the end and he won.

      • I also thought Ramses would do well in challenges that require thinking, and then I saw his performance on the travel competition. He was only 4 seconds better than Josh, which is not a great accomplishment. Both of them took about 3 minutes longer than Paul. As for the remaining house guests, I think Matt, Elena, and the remaining contestant took 7+ minutes longer than Josh and Ramses. The only person who did well on that competition was Paul, and even he took a while to figure out that he needed to be paying attention to objects, colors, etc. in the various rooms. My point is, maybe people just assume that Ramses is very smart.

    • They still remember when he didn’t throw that Veto comp when he agreed to and almost upset the effort to backdoor Cody.

  3. So basically Ramses, Mark, or Elena has to win POV or Ramses is going home. I really want Ramses to get off the block, though I’m not sure how Ramses got on Jessica’s radar anyway…it would still make things more interesting. Plus, if Paul is the new nominee, I’d say he’d probably go home over Josh. Even if Josh came off and Paul replaced him on the block, I still think Paul would go home.

  4. I don’t like Jessica and I would love to see her go. Her best move, imo, would be to put Cody OTB if one of the noms come down. She would gain a lot of respect from the other HG’s and go a lot further in the game if she were to do so

    • Like Lisa in BB3 when she had the opportunity to bring back her showmance ERic but voted for someone else to reenter instead. She knew he was a distraction and her game would be better off without him. She did win that season

    • I think she believes that she can control Cody, or rather stop him from making dangerous moves. But the problem with Cody is that he seems to do whatever he wants and lacks a social game. She was crying last time because she was targeted because of Cody. Well guess what? It’s going to happen again.

      • Yes, that’s what I see as well, she thinks she can control him. She can’t. We all saw the way he was the first time around. Does she really think this controlling guy, the guy that wouldn’t tell any of his allies what he was doing is going to let her tell him what to do, not a snowballs chance in hell.

      • I don’t like Jess but I would hope she ‘s not just another female player throwing their game away for some guy they just met and will most likely not have much to do with after they are out of the house

      • She is another female player throwing her game away. That’s all she talked about while Cody was out of the game. She never talked game and I don’t think it was strategic, to lie low. She doesn’t have anything to add. She’s all about the boyfriend. Have known many girls/women like her and they rarely change, it’s always about the guy.

      • From early in their relationship, I suspected that Jessica was looking on her relationship with Cody as more than a showmance. The JODY relationship seemed to be much closer than that of MARLENA and MAVIN. Jessica has shown herself to be a loyal person just as she says in her biography. It’s more, though. At 26 years of age, I suspect she wants to get married. I’m in no position to say whether the two of them would make a great couple away from the show, but maybe the show stopped meaning to Jessica what it did when she entered the house.

        I understand why she decided to lay low since Cody’s departure. She has had not one person in that house who she could trust. All the hugs here and there (including by former alliance members) are phony. When they are in the diary room, or at least out of sight of Jessica, each of these people say things that show how they really feel about her. People blamed her for Cody’s style, and that must have been quite a burden to shoulder especially since she is with these people 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

        She never gave up, though, and is ready to really go all the way now that Cody is back. If he’s smart, he’s realized over this past week what a devoted person Jessica is, and from now on he’ll support her, appreciate her, work with her, and give her the same regard that she gave him.

      • She’s not. She said if he came back things would be different and he needs to listen to her.

      • I’m hoping that Cody being evicted and having a week to think about all that happened have compelled him to play the game better this time and put more trust in Jessica. She has strengths and weakness, and so does Cody. Together, though, they MIGHT do quite well with the game. Cody has seen that he could have no greater loyalty from someone than what Jessica gave him.

  5. I seriously dont understand how Jess got the HH. When reading the feeds its not like she has a whole lot of fans. This temp is going to keep her and Cody around for awhile, it smells to me.

      • She is there at least three weeks depending on if she uses it to save Cody or not. Personally, I would use it on myself over anyone else but that is just me.

      • Yeah… boo, hiss to people who don’t fake enthusiasm when it isn’t there, fight for and earn their accomplishments, actually compete to win every challenge they face as well as want to stay in the game with other strong competitors versus floaters, and want to take shots at big targets…

        His approach is unconventional and I can easily agree his social game has been just about brutal, and I’m not a fan of just sticking to alone-time with Jessica so often, so he’s far from a perfect player, but in a few other ways Cody is what this show/game has needed and lacked for a long time now.

    • There are viewers who vote who don’t go on websites like this. You can’t take these polls as your only measure of who’s going to win a vote. And I’m sorry because I don’t mean to lump you in with everyone else but this is really just sounding like you’re upset because of who it favours. Correct me if I’m wrong. People who react that way though, in general, should be reminded what it was like when Paul was GIFTED safety, given a not-fully-earned HoH, Cody had no chance to play for Veto and I DON’T mean in your classic backdoor way, I mean add in the extra “nope” that Christmas had a power to remove him from the competition if he was selected. So it’s tough for me to not brush off talk of things “smelling” or being fishy. People were fine when it was helping Paul. I hope Cody wipes the floor with Paul after all the undeserved unearned bragging rights he thought he had. People can hate him all they want but at least Cody’s earned everything he’s achieved. They can’t argue that.

    • Production gave her the HH and I suspect the same with her HOH. It’s just too convenient how it all lines up. Her boyfriend had been voted out, she’s pretty much universally hated, by HG’s and fans alike and she wins the HH? Don’t buy it, but at this point I’m totally resigned to knowing full well BB is a gameshow that is determined by production the majority of the time. Still love the show.

    • There are a lot of people that don’t vote in the polls that vote on the CBS website. And on Reddit she was number one. After Cody left a lot of people were supporting her and thought her game was in danger so I assume that’s why she got it. And if Cody doesn’t win HOH next week I’ll bet those two will be a target so if she uses it to save her or Cody it’s done.

  6. Paul is overaying again. Sometimes its best to just let the week happen. The idea is to bethe last one of two. The order everyone else is evicted does’t mean much.

  7. I don’t trust Mark at all. That allegiance he showed with Cody probably never left! He needs to stay out of the loop on this one. Although someone will probably open their big mouth!

    • why so u can sulk in the boringness of the game. josh, cody and such bring the only value this season has. wtf do u wanna watch?

    • Josh is good feeds, I hope he sticks around and at some point, wins HOH. That will throw everyone into a tizzy.

  8. There’s no point in backdooring Paul this week when you don’t have the numbers to evict him. Who can he be up against that would make his minions – and make no mistake, they are all absolutely head-shaking nearly mindless minions – vote Paul out? Seriously. You put him up, the votes choose to evict anybody else he’s sitting next to, and now you’ve just taken another shot at Paul that didn’t work. This time Paul would actually have reason to gloat about it too, unlike the last time with his stupid BS bravado that Cody “swung and missed” when in reality a twist and America’s votes and production basically saved him. Bottom line and back to the point, backdooring Paul at this point in the game is pointless. I don’t get why more people can’t see that.

  9. Rams is there because of Paul, how dare anyone try to win against him, he has be given everything so far, a special power , an HOH, and was even given a chance at battle back,
    He got rid of Dom, a non threat to the house .only to him,
    When are these people going to wake up. Alex of all people should have alarm bells going off in her head, twice they wanted Paul a vet , over her, not one house guest except for Paul had faith in her to win, And the only reason Paul wanted her is because she is comp beast,
    These people are not thinking, Backdoor Paul before it is too late, Rams better win the comp, Cody and Jess are safe so far, she still has a power,
    These house guest are not playing game, they are floaters hoping to win favor with Paul.
    As far as the veto comp. lets hope Christmas does not get chosen again, the last one , how was it fair for the house to have a player who sat there unable to compete take the spot that should have been given to someone else , which could have change the whole results.
    I hope Rams comes down, He would vote to get out Paul. you would think,

  10. Did anyone catch what Jason and Cody were whispering about this morning? Could not understand a word but got the impression Jason is ready to betray Alex?

    • Their conversation is on Jokers..and then Kevin sucked up to Cody….lol…loyalty anybody know the definition????

    • Cody said “boo” so Jason just spilled his guts. Cody let him blabber until Jason got it all out. It doesn’t look like the eviction experience has changed Cody in any way, he’s still the arrogant, despotic d*ckhead he was before.

      • yep same goes for Jessica..appreciation to the HGs that did not vote her out is not being expressed….

      • It’s the same show with him and his toad girl. The minute the feeds turned on last night, guess where they were, in bed, on top of each other, just like the first time feeds came on. Nothing will change and nothing has changed. Eventually Cody will go out the door again along with his girlfriend.

      • That’s what strikes me the most, he has no insight as to why, in his words,’his alliance were disloyal to him’. No idea or acknowledgement that he screwed over his alliance. He’ll end up going out the same way again.

      • Yep, no question about it. I don’t understand how people think he will change his game up this time around when he himself said in his first exit interview, he would change nothing about the way he played the game if he were to re-enter the BB house. Rock on Cody, I like the way you think, the sooner you are out of there, the better.

      • I’m not sure what you and like-minded people don’t get about this; Paul’s minions started becoming his full-blown minions when the pendant twist saved Paul from Cody backdooring him. If he didn’t have that, and he went up on the block, there is absolutely a chance that the alliance stays with Cody and sees an opportunity to evict a big target aka the only returning player in Paul. When they realized he was protected they jumped ship to his side. Now yes, sure, maybe some still wanted to keep Paul, but to suggest that Cody “screwing them” is the only reason for what happened is nonsense. It would have been Paul vs Jillian… you really think people wouldn’t think about evicting Paul over Jillian?

      • Ok, you didn’t actually say “only reason” anywhere. I felt it was implied with what you wrote, but if not, then my mistake.

      • Yeah, I think there are a number of factors why many of them have more loyalty to Paul than Cody. It will be interesting to see if Cody can garner more support in the coming weeks. He has 2 safe weeks to try.

      • If she is going to team up with Paul, I hope Whistlebutt is sent packing. The guy is a jerk and will eventually f*ck up Alex’s game, whether she realizes it or not.

    • Jason is feeding Cody B.S. And he’ll never stab Alex in the back. She’s his ride or die.

  11. Anyone else thinks its so unfair that Christmas gets to stay in the game? She’s injured so she gets to skip certain comps, is now not a threat because of her injury, and has the ability to play in any veto comp. She’s gonna go far because people are going to forget about her.

    • Doesn’t seem fair, but maybe it will pay off for somebody if she makes it to the end because she either won’t win physical comps and/or won’t get votes from hg’s in jury?

    • I said that earlier today in another post. Why are they keeping her? All I can figure is because Paul hasn’t said dump her and only because she is a Jury vote for him.

      • Evicting Xmas has been discussed..with Paul present and others…Raven is somewhat the leader of get Xmas out…She complains that she (no quote) has to wait on Xmas and tend to her needs..but goes ahead and does it…IMO I don’t think she should be in the game but I am not a Production member…

      • Raven the grifter wants her out for one reason only, it takes the attention away from her and her non terminal disease and the other non existent terminal disease. She started with her limping routine again last night, this after running like a bat out of hell in the backyard the other day.

      • What do you bet that if Raven gets nominated, she suddenly has a flare up of one of her two ‘terminal’ diseases. Not bad enough to leave the game but just enough to try to gain sympathy. SMH about that one

      • Absolutely, no doubt whatsoever. We will get the woe is me show from Raven and she will insist on being carried around the house, literally, like she has been doing. She did it again last night and she was moaning that she needed a “shower chair”. Not sure why, we watch her in the kitchen eating and cooking all day long without seeing her take a seat. She is such a faker and a bad one at that.

      • Agreed. This is something I’ve observed too and is one of the many reasons I don’t like Raven. It actually makes me like Matt less too for being attached at the hip with her, and I started the season with Matt as a favourite.

      • The only positive that I can think of, and Paul is aware that she has the Ring of Replacement to stop someone from playing in a Veto comp. I’m sure he’s thinking that that could be helpful to him in the game

      • I saw on the live feeds where cody was saying that in the head of household comp she she had advantage he didn’t care what anyone said

    • Yep, she should have been let go the moment they sent her to surgery. Something doesn’t smell right, they are fighting tooth and nail to keep her in the house when most likely if it had happened to anyone else, they would have been gone a long time ago.

    • She almost won HOH. It lasted until 7AM and it was her and Jessica left. Even with a broken foot she almost beat her.

    • Ramses would never do it, it’s too risky for him and he doesn’t have the house support for such a move at this point.

      • Really risky move? If he wins he will pull himself off. He may be affraid but he isnt stupid

      • You aren’t following what I’m saying, too risky to put Paul up. It could and most likely would backfire, bigtime if he made a move like that without support.

      • I understand tell Paul you know they won’t vote him out and you want josh out, isn’t that the same thing they said about mark last week.

      • Yes, I know that. I’m speaking in terms of discussions with Messica, him asking to take her down and making the suggestion of putting Paul up. That kind of info would most likely get out among the HG’s at some point.

  12. Please let the noms stay the same and blindside both those idiots in hoh. Come on Paul, run circles around those dummies! Get ramses out, then go after Jason and Cody. Jason is a weak link, always all over the place. Cant stand him!

  13. If Cody is chosen as HG choice, Christmas may use her DoT to replace him! Just a thought!

    • hmmm something tells me that Paul Christmas maybe Alex don’t want to rock the boat today…When the veto is played and winner is known they may make a move then..but I doubt anybody goes against the HOH right now..

      • Just an option to consider if they’re wanting to flip the votes to vote out Ramses instead of Josh or possibly try to BD Paul again!

  14. Does Jason ever keep his mouth shut?? He just rambles on and on..eventually he gives up info he really shouldn’t. He annoys the heck out me!

  15. If Cody & Jess really want Josh out – they need to force it by re-nominating someone like Raven IF the opportunity presents itself. All it would take is Jess, Ramses or an ally who may play. It would force the vote over. If they are good BB players (not saying they are), then this should be a move they would make. We will see.

  16. If only hot messica didn’t have that darn DOP! Those damn producers! Smh this is how they drive us crazy.

  17. anyone who votes josh out over ramses is clueless. josh will be going after jody and mark and such, let him cause that chaos. as long as josh stays in the house, the more attention goes on him than anyone else. is ramses stays, what fucking use is that kid, for a superfan he sure has no clue what he’s doing and needs to go next. noms need to stay the same

  18. Sorry, can’t stand Paul. He was good in “his season”, but this time around, he’s old stuff and he’s talking up a storm with everyone in the house (hopefully the HGs will wake up soon and take him out), Paul is not loyal to anyone but himself and he gets very nasty.

    • SMDH I know it’s a random draw but why is Christmas even in the pool to begin with. This is getting out of hand imo. Unless it is brain based, she can’t compete.

  19. They need to get rid of Christmas…I’m sorry, I don’t care what condition she is in. She is clearly not at 100%, and every time she gets chosen for these veto comps, she takes away from somebody who is at 100%

    • I’m afraid CBS is afraid of a lawsuit, so they are allowing her to stay. But I agree with you.

      • Lawsuit for what? They gave her the choice to compete or not compete, and they told her the competitions will not be changed. There is no reason however that she should be able to be “picked” for a veto. If she has to sit out of HOH endurance comps she can’t play in, there is no reason to put her name in the bag for Veto comps she cannot play in. They cannot be in danger of a lawsuit for something they warned her about

      • I was referring to why they gave her the option of staying, not playing in competitions.

      • I was saying the HOUSE needed to vote Christmas out because of the huge liability she is. CBS could have easily told her she can’t do this game anymore and kicked her out, promising to bring her back next year, but they didn’t. So now it’s up to the house to get her out

      • Oh ok, agree. They might feel bad for voting her out, but they would really be doing her a favor.

      • I think once she has sat out another comp or two, they’ll get frustrated with her and get her out. Who wants to align themselves with someone who will most likely not be able to win an HoH or veto for their side?

      • But, she also wouldn’t be able to play in the last HOH. I’d drag her along for that.

      • They didn’t stage her pony ride with Jason…It was a bad accident and she can’t hold CBS responsible…The tape speaks for itself…

      • It happened on CBS property while she was being paid by CBS. She could argue workers comp, and I’m sure she could find any number of attorneys to represent her.

      • She can get all the lawyers she wants and argue till 2025 but Christmas put herself in harms way when she jumped om Jasons back…The best she can get is medical bills paid while she is in the house/game…Which by the way Christmas has no business in the house if she can’t compete ..Its not fair to the other HGs who are having to win comps to keep their self in the game

      • No. The player are paid a stipend, not a salary, so they are not employee. So no workers comp. But don’t be worry, Christmas get a pretty pay out from the insurance company.

      • The HG’s sign their lives away when they enter the house, literally. They are more than protected when it comes to anyone throwing a lawsuit their way. I’ve read part of the contracts they sign and it’s unbelievable the things they forfeit entering the BB house. I know I would never do it, based on the contract alone.

      • Yeah, okay. Not going to happen. Not sure why you think CBS isn’t on top of their legal game, they’ve been at this for 20 years now. They have HG’s rights signed away 12 days to Sunday, most of them not knowing as well.

      • No contact can protect you 100%. She has a life changing injury. Yes, it was her fault but nevertheless it happened on CBS property.

      • Most of these people are seeking fame. They think they’re going to be discovered and become celebrities. The most they end up with is making lame appearances at bars etc. The D or E list of ‘celebrities ‘and I use that word ironically.

      • I remember reading an article about the contracts these people sign when they go into the house and most of them are strongly advised to get an attorney to go over every legal aspect of it and what they are forfeiting when they sign on the dotted line. It went on to state that many of the HG’s don’t read one line of the contract before signing, that’s how much they want to be on TV and whatever they think will happen afterwards, which is usually a big nothing. And then they cry and complain because of editing. Nope, you signed that little piece of your life away, live with it sucka.

      • No lawsuit are possible. All the player sign a waiver that say they won’t sue. It’s just the production company decide to give her the choice.

    • What’s going to happen when they nominate Christmas? I know they have said they won’t change any comps, but… If she’s on the block, wouldn’t they have to change the Veto comp to something she could at least compete in? Or would production just
      paraphrase Cody like, “Sorry, but you’re screwed again.”

  20. POV Players are Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Christmas, Alex and Jason.

  21. Okay, so Cody’s back & Jessica is HOH!! Wow, the speed with which the BB can change makes my head spin!!

    Although, I am not sure Jessica’s noms make sense. Josh, while extremely annoying, is not a real threat and Ramses?? Why? Not tat I’m mad, mind you coz if she wants to waste her HOH, then who am I to stop her?? ;)

    • And all the Paul haters that were on here last night talking about how Jess and Cody would never do Paul’s bidding. Well, that’s exactly what they are about to do! Of course, they don’t know they are doing Paul’s bidding, but that’s what makes it so much more fun!!

      • I know. That’s what happens when you isolate yourself from the game… They have no clue Paul has been wanting him gone for two weeks now!

      • Well to be fair, they don’t have a clue that Ramses is the one who’s going out. Not to mention i think Jessica decided to put Ramses up as a pawn because of his actions towards her as of late

      • Yeah, that’s why its kinda funny that Jess is basically doing Paul a favor and she doesn’t even know it. I’m pretty sure she didn’t plan on Ramses possibly going home.

      • wellllll Could it be that Josh is gonna be the real victim/evictee this week??? Maybe he is the real target and everybody is making him believe he is safe to keep him from blowing up and acting a fool and creating chaos…hmmm something to ponder on…

    • At this point they don’t think about who is a threat or not, they think about who they think deserve to be on the jury.

    • Didn’t appear in Jokers nor did I see her admit this in the feeds…but then the feeds didn’t focus entirely on the two of them like they used to! LOL

    • It might have happen before the feeds came back. There is almost a full day that pass between the time Cody got into the house and the time the feed came back.

      • True. But i she told him last night that if she hadn’t won hoh he would be going back out, which isn’t consistent with having told him because he actually wouldn’t be out with her dot.

      • Maybe she wants to keep it from him so that he doesn’t expect her to use it on him. That way when he gets himself in trouble, which he will, she can hold on to it and use it for herself later.

  22. Another ‘blindside…Am I gonna see that face again? ha! This is not the Paul show’..it’s Cody Show!

      • If I was Jessica and I really wanted Josh gone, that’s what I would have done from the get go with the excuse Paul is a pawn and no one will vote him out yet (which I don’t think they will) and if Paul came down, put up raven, thus ensuring Josh went home.

      • Another unexpected thing that would definitely be intriguing would be Jess using HH if Josh and Raven were on the block…but that’s very unlikely.

      • Not to mention it would be a total waste of the hex. There are worse things here than Ramses going out instead of Josh.

      • Absolutely! Totally agree. But…if she really wanted Josh out, she should have put up a bigger fish than Ramses. Just my opinion.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, Cy. Jessica & Cody have no idea Paul wants Ramses out. Jessica was even asking Alex if Jason would use the veto if he won & Alex said no…Jess looked happy, so I have to assume she hasn’t a clue she’s abut to get blindsided *yet…again*!!

  23. Why is she still there? That is taking a vote away from someone who could be in danger if she can’t play, I liked her but she is being plain selfish.

  24. Maze was clearly rigged for Cody. Do people not remember he’s a military sniper? They have the steady hands of a surgeon. Snipers actually train on balance and steady hands. (And I wanted Cody to win.)

    • Cameron still had a really good chance to win the battle back though and I’m unsure if Paul would’ve tried to stop him from coming back in.

    • It wasn’t “rigged” for Cody. BB has been playing these kind of games for years. The challenges couldn’t be memory based, because some people (Cameron) were only in the house for 11 hours, so they had to be skill based. Yes, a military sniper is going to have a leg up overs some others in skill challenges. Sorry.

  25. Really, Cody’s advantage didn’t come from having done the maze once before. It came from being a sniper and having trained on various exercises having to do with steady hands and hand-eye coordination. They train on obstacles just like this maze.

  26. What would be really interesting to see is if someone puts up Jess and Cody for eviction and the Veto is not used. I’d love to see how she’d use the Halting Hex then!

    ETA: Wait, come to think of it… I guess it would still cancel out the eviction. Hmm, might be something to keep in mind for Jess.

    • Jessica would use the hex to just stop the eviction…there wouldn’t be any shock or drama to the week other than Jessica making “fake victim noises” and Cody giving his death stare across the whole house

    • It’ll be interesting for sure when/if she finally uses it. Love Paul, but it’d be fun to see him get blindsided once too. Just for the sheer chaos that scenario would cause! ;)

      • True, but heading forward, I think he’s expecting to go up at any time. I mean, he would be the first to say that they need to get him out of the house. Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t have a very interesting week of BB when it happens!

      • Yep, nobody managed to get it done last season, and so far… That was a better game playing group then we have this season.

      • And Cody could stop bitching that Paul is still in the game because a stupid twist since he would also be still in the game because a stupid twist. ;)

  27. As long as Cody isn’t at the top of his game, it seems as if Ramses has a good chance to pull himself off the block. Paul is probably vulnerable at this point, especially if Jason doesn’t win (again). This is because Jessica and Cody can decide to take one of the noms off the block (though that’s not likely) and a nominee winning makes Paul vulnerable for obvious reasons.

  28. I kept thinking about Cody going back into the house before the Battle Back. I kept thinking about how he needed to change his game. I mean, Jess was starting to socialize a little bit and was being polite to most people. Heck, she even helped protect Mark from Josh’s rantings after the Pool Game incident.

    Then, the robotic Cody walks back into the house, and the 2 went immediately to the HOH room and secluded themselves from the rest of the house. That’s why Cody and Jess CANNOT win BB. They don’t learn from mistakes, let alone change from them.

    • Only way these two can truly be safe is if they win HOH and POV each week. The DoT has a expiration date and if not used before then, it will be useless.

      • True enough. I’m pretty sure she’ll get to use the Halting Hex, because everyone is probably going right back after them. Heck, Paul and Jason were talking on BBAD last night about whether to try and get rid of Cody or Jess before Jury, or to wait and just send them both to Jury.

        After that… Well, if Jess is the one left, she might be able to stay for a while. However, she’s going to have to not become the witch she was for the first 2 weeks with Cody. Not sure she can do that while Cody’s in the house though.

    • Yep. You hit the nail on the head there, Carvin! Jessica’s game had actually improved after Cody left, but as soon as he came back, she immediately reverted back to b*tch status & isolation. That’s why they’ll be blindsided yet again…they simply do not socialize enough to get the gist of how the other HG are feeling.

      • Yeah, everyone was saying that Jess was hurting Cody’s game. The truth is that he’s the one hurting her game and in a major way. She’s so much better off without him. She just doesn’t see it yet. Let’s hope she gets a 2nd chance to find out!

      • Well, she told him after he won the BB showdown not to do anything stupid before she got a chance to debrief him basically! He really should listen to her more often, however, that being said, her nominating Ramses was not the brightest move so… smh…it makes me wonder if she’s really observant enough to be a good BB player.

  29. Here’s something I was thinking about last night…

    There were several conversations on BBAD last night (with Josh no where to be found), and they were all talking about trying to make sure Josh stayed.

    What is interesting, is that so far (I don’t have feeds so someone correct me if this has changed)… Mark and Elena are being kept out of the plan to save Josh. Partly because Mark might flip out and tell Cody…

    But maybe, just maybe, its a built in escape for Paul. When the votes show only 3 votes to evict Josh… Paul can say, “I was one of the 3.”

    • Idk. Josh is so easily manipulated, he is pretty much Paul’s b*tch. I think Paul is serious about having him stay.

      • No, I’m saying that Josh staying is totally the plan. I’m just saying that if Mark and Elena vote to keep Ramses… It will just be 3 votes to keep Ramses (it would be Mark, Elena and Cody). Then, after the blindside and resulting freak out by Jody…

        Then Paul could go up to Jody and claim that he was one of the 3 that voted how they wanted. He’d being playing Jody while he’d still be working with the other side of the house.

      • LOL! Yeah, I’m not sure they’d believe him, but… Let me try to say this nicely. Jody probably eats soup with a fork. Oh, and I’m not talking Chunky soup. I’m talking the original Campbell’s condensed soup!

        Okay, sorry about that… You know Paul is all about just planting the seed of doubt sometimes. I mean, who else would Jody think voted their way? Maybe Jason because Jess thinks they are close, but that’s about it. Let the doubt eat away at them, lol.

      • I think they’d think Jason, Alex & Kevin…
        Jess & Cody still have no idea Kevin is one of the hinky Christmas votes!

      • I agree with you on Kevin. I forgot til you mentioned him, that Jody was sure it was Ramses that went against them in that vote.

        I’d be curious how Jody feels about Alex though. I’m sure Cody still likes her, and it seems like Jess is still jealous of her and dislikes her.

    • That’s the plan. I watched BB after dark and Alex’s alliance is planning it including Raven and Matt, but not Mark and Elena.

      • If she is sick, then why did production let her be in the show? I thought illnesses and severe injuries like that f Christmas was not allowed.

    • Lets’ boycott Big Brother.
      Raven may not be, but this show is a lot more fake than I thought.
      Paul and Raven definitely met since there is a picture. I truly believe that Production hired her and possibly the other HGs to pretend to play the game and get Paul to the end.
      As a young 20 year old I would have jumped at the chance to spend the summer on a fake TV show if they offered me a few thousands.
      According to the video her mother suffers from Munchausen syndrome and is faking the disorder. Whether that part is true I am not too sure since Raven is an adult and should be more aware of her own body, but she may be getting donations.

      • lol. I am invested this season, but i hope they don’t do this show anymore when it is found out how fake it really is. Or change it to a regular scripted TV show or soap opera.

      • Life happens… u travel u meet people….Jessica said something about the twins working at the same place she did or maybe showing up there ..(not quoting her) Kevin has met and conversed with Derrick…Elena has met Clay Honnycut ..Life happens..BB HGs go to events all the time they are bound to meet people that want to or may someday audition for the show… They tried to claim last year that Paulie and Nicole were coached by Derrick..but then James said that he had a 5 minute conversation with Derrick… Derrick himself cleared up the controversy There is no “in” to the BB game per say…It happens every season that somebody met OR knows somebody in secret..

      • Paul may not remember meeting Raven or having a photo taken with her…and somebody commented that Raven mentioned she had an encounter with Paul at some point…I don’t see why they would want to keep a 5 minute photo shoot a secret..

      • Did they meet on Paul’s BB tour after last season? Maybe its one of the things they’re not allowed to talk about. “You’re not allowed to talk about production.” I don’t know… just guessing because I don’t see a reason to keep it a secret either.

  30. My gut feeling is, Production will either threaten Jessica or pay her off to keep Paul around. I’m hoping if Jess/Cody wins, they’ll have the guts to pull Ramses and insert Paul. I’m certain those in charge are going to make amends for last season… when they wanted to ensure that Nicole won. Paul played the best last year and was entertaining. He got cheated. We’re onto production and their deceitful ways. Perhaps the cast was promised an additional $500,000 for 2nd place.

    • I’m not sure how far the rigging of the game goes. I mean, I’m sure we all think certain things along the way are rigged (Jess wins temptation, Cody comes back, Jess wins HOH for ex.), but I just don’t know how far it goes. That being said, I think a lot of the people involved in BB (production and even Julie Chen) think Paul got screwed. He was the best player, and it was only his word (about how he didn’t respect James’ game) that caused him to take Nicole and lose.

      Right now, I’m not that impressed with most of the other HGs this season. If Paul plays half as well as he did last season… I say he will definitely win and still deserve it. Of course, we have a good while to go, and other players are starting to get their act together, so we’ll have to wait and see.

    • I still hate it, but yes, if Cody is after Paul I could stand another week of two of him and just 1 more of her.

    • I still can’t stand them, but I have to admit having Cody in the house as an adversary to Paul makes the feeds more interesting. I just think BB is always better when there is warring factions among the HG. Having a one sided house is Boring!

    • I don’t want Paul to go anywhere, but I do have a thought on this.

      Cody is going to have to win HOH one of the next 2 weeks, or its probably over for the duo. Unless something weird happens (expect the unexpected, I know), they won’t have the numbers to get Paul out for a couple of weeks probably.

      So the bad news is, next week lets say Cody doesn’t win HOH this next week. The Halting Hex is pretty much going to be required to keep one of them next week. Then, if Cody or Jess don’t win HOH again, one of them is going home that week.

      At this point, I’m not sure there is anyone in the house that would survive on the block against Paul. I think even sweet Raven would be in trouble against Paul since some are seeing her as a floater.

      Yeah, they are going to have to survive the next 3 weeks to be able to take a real shot at Paul. Unless something seriously changes of course.

      • Well if the vote this week is a blindside to Jody, Cody is going to be really angry and blame Paul for outplaying him again. That should result in a real battle for HoH. If Paul wins and puts Cody on the block, Jess could use the HH or not. She’d be smarter to keep it for herself. However. Paul knows Jess has the Temptation, well strongly suspects,and so that could make him hedge on his noms. Whatever scenario, it’s gonna be interesting and probably fireworks

      • Yep, Paul is convinced that Jess has the temptation. Of course, they have no idea what the temptation is, nor do they know the consequence. That could definitely make Paul think twice about nominating them, but who knows what’s going on in his mind. I mean, he’s my fave from the last 2 seasons, and I struggle to keep up with what’s going on in his mind sometimes.

        One thing about Cody though… He would be right to think that Paul has outplayed him again. Then again, I guess you could say even Josh has outplayed him to this point since he hasn’t been evicted yet, lol.

        ETA: I meant to add this… I wonder if the consequence will negatively effect the 2 HGs “saved” from the eviction somehow?

      • At this point, none of us know what the consequence is. And it’s that unknown factor that makes speculation for next week frustrating. We can come up with a hundred different scenarios that favor/screw every single houseguest, but that can be thrown off because of whatever consequence BB has in store.

      • The bad thing about America not knowing the consequence is that its another way Production can wait til the last minute and see how the game is going. Then, they can screw with the game and use the curse as the excuse.

      • I don’t think the whole season is ever rigged, but I do find that certain things or sequences of events are highly coincidental. What were the odds of Jess getting the temptation, Cody winning the Battle Back, and Jess winning HOH all back to back? Sure, Cody winning the Battle was pretty much a sure thing, but the timing of it all was a bit of a coincidence.

        So, do I think Production screws with an entire season? No, I don’t.

        Do I think Production tampers every once in a while? Yes, I do think they have an idea of what would make for good drama.

      • True, since we know they do their best to get into the HGs head from time to time. Back during BB11, Jeff was telling Jordan that they were asking him a lot of questions about their working with Natalie against Michelle and Russell, because that was clearly the unpopular move with their viewers.

      • Agreed. I have heard other Hg from the past saying they make suggestions on how to stir the house up etc… but I don’t believe they actually *fix* the game.

      • By tampering do you mean setting up situations that can cause drama in the house or do you mean actually *fixing* things such as comps?

      • Well, if Cody wins Veto, Ramses could be replaced by Paul. Then, Jess could use her Halting Hex on Josh as long as he promises to vote for Paul… while adding Raven to the block, which would get Matt’s vote to evict Paul. Not that I would expect it, but it could be done, am I right?

      • No, the Halting Hex cancels the entire eviction. It makes the week a non-eviction week so nobody goes home.

        That’s why it makes it really hard for Cody and Jess to get rid of him before someone potentially gets rid of them (or at least one of them).

      • Thank you for clarifying. I wasn’t quite sure as to how it was to be used… as you may have noticed.

      • Happy to help. What I’m really looking forward to finding out is what consequence is going to come from Jess using the Hex.

      • I am really curious to see if the curse will happen to the 2 HGs saved by the Hex. Maybe it will be the first temptation whose curse also affects the user? Or it could be a double eviction… So many possibilities!

      • Me too, hon. My imagination is running wild and knowing BB its going to be something bad b/c this temptation is a good one.

      • Yeah, the curse takes effect before the Live Vote… James walks in and yells out, “They’re planning to blindside you by evicting Ramses!”

      • You got that right. I wonder when he failed to win America’s Favorite Player, if it sunk in that America was PISSED about all the blindsides he ruined.

      • I hated him for more than that, such a pathetic person trolling for a GF, putting up with Natalie, asking ‘Merica to vote for him for AFP. Hated him on his first season and even more last.

      • I didn’t like him on his first season, but I didn’t dislike him either. Last year, I couldn’t stand him. What a lot of the irrational Paul haters (as opposed to the rational ones, lol) don’t understand (or don’t want to understand) is that Paul cost himself the game by standing by his word.

        He said that he didn’t respect James as a player and he wouldn’t take him to the final 2 for that reason. I’m sure he knew he would have an easier time with James, but he stood by his word. I felt he was almost doing what America would have wanted after James screwed every blindside up intentionally.

      • Yeah, I admire Paul for that and at the same time wanted to knock him in the head for it

      • Yeah, I had a lot of respect for Paul over that as well. I thought he still should have pulled out a close win over Nicole, but he definitely chose the hard route to try and get the win.

        Makes me wonder why people keep saying Paul’s not loyal to anyone. It was everyone that kept breaking their word to him and Vic last season. Paul was loyal until given a reason not to be.

        I’m still waiting to see who’s going to get his full loyalty this season, but I’m starting to think it might be Alex.

    • Adam’s not wrong. I’m willing to tolerate Jody if they can get Paul and Josh out.

  31. Jessica should have a private conversation with someone who can’t keep their mouth shut(Alex?) and tell them she won the last temptation. Deceptively implying that she can cancel 2 eviction votes.

    • That girl’s on a roll. Now let’s hope she gets wind of everyone’s plans to evict Ramses and does the smart thing – save Ramses and put up Paul.

      • I wouldn’t be shocked if they tried to backdoor Paul, but I WOULD be shocked if they could get up the numbers to evict Paul.

      • I think she missed the opportunity to put up Paul without having it blow up in her face. Or she could say outright Josh is my target & the only way I know *for sure* he goes home, Paul is if you go up.

      • Paul, Raven, Matt, any of those would be ok with me. They won’t have the votes for Paul. Maybe Matt? Only Mark or Xmas might go over josh.

      • Hey Saturn0205, Cheryl here, dosen’t Paul still have one more save for himself to use? Because it would be a waste to backdoor him if he does.

      • They don’t need to send Paul home, just stop him from campaigning to save Josh. Putting him on the block guarantees that.

  32. If they leave the votes as is, this would be the ultimate – Jess wins HoH and PoV, has the HH and still doesn’t evict who they want

  33. omg Jess is on a roll…Where did they put the magnet this time? lol..damn!.. Ok she won’t use it, Ramses goes home instead of Josh, and they still get blindsided. ha!..show must go on.

  34. Jessica won veto. Ramses just spilled it.

    Christmas: Who all needs to shower?
    Ramses: Everyone who played. Except Jessica obviously.

    • Yep she sure did! And if she doesn’t use it then she & Cody are in for yet another blindside!

      • That could be a viable option actually. I don’t know if Mark would stay opposite Josh. Josh is annoying, but he is so easily manipulated Paul wants to keep him around at least until jury…

      • Yeah, I don’t know how that would work out. I expect it would depend on how much Paul believed Cody’s exit words about Dom and Mark knowing about the attempt to evict Paul. Of course, they didn’t know but doubt is a powerful thing.

        If Paul doesn’t believe Mark knew anything… I think it might be the first vote of the summer where the HGs just let the votes fall where they may.

      • I don’t know that they’d put Mark up against Josh over Ramses. They might be concerned Josh would remain the house’s target this week (wrongly we know, but they do not). Then again, I can’t imagine Cody — and Jessica by extension — ever taking Josh off the block, because there’s so much ridiculous posturing history there.

        That said, Josh has an impressive record of blowing up at people who then leave the house:
        Curse of Josh’s temper —> Meghan
        Curse of Josh’s temper —-> Cody

        So for that reason I kind of wouldn’t hate to see Mark go up and out because I like patterns, hahaha!

      • Interesting! In a season of temptations and curses, it would be kinda neat to see if Mark could break the curse.

      • Hahaha! Statistically speaking, there’s a good probability ratio then that Mark might be going home this week! ;)

  35. I think I’m gonna have to watch the ‘feeds tonight. See how many times she gets called in DR…how long, and what she has to say, after DR.

      • You would think that they would backdoor someone, but maybe they realize how outnumbered they are right now.

      • Yes, I think they’re trying to play it safe because they don’t think they have the numbers. I was actually referring to Production as ‘they’ above but I see how its not clear.

      • Oops! Yeah, I see where you were coming from. Yeah, production would definitely want something that would cause drama. Like maybe suggesting to Jess during a DR that maybe she doesn’t have everything in the bag this week without giving specifics?

      • Or even telling her that she should act like she’s considering using the PoV just to ramp up the tension and see how everyone reacts. Though, for me just the anticipation of another Cody blindside is exciting enough

      • Idk, there are some new Jody fans apparently… Maybe Cody *finally* figuring it out & foiling Paul’s evil plans might make it interesting too. ;)
        Look at me playing both sides of the fence! hahaha

      • Well, it’s DR session, She’s HoH and Veto holder. She’s gonna be busy. I’ve seen it so many times S**t happens post DR, depending on players interpretation of the session.

      • Yes it does. I’ve got the feeds on right now too, so we’ll have to wait and see and check in… ;)

  36. well, I think Jessica has told Cody about the HH coz they were just talking about if they think they might both be nominated and then they started whispering really quietly..

  37. I would be really happy if there were no twists, temps, extra credit for a certain few, just a level playing field. Also no couples, just sick of these people playing one another.

    • I agree that they’re going too far with the twists etc. When I think of past seasons, it’s the players I remember not the twists

  38. Does nobody remember that Cody, a born bully and self-important jerk, verbally assaulted Megan? Of course his narcissism is somewhat outshined by Josh’s missing link lizard brain, and his abusive behaviour. Cody is a cold, calculating, unbearably egomaniacal misogynist, but Josh is a total freak of nature. These two anger-fueled loose cannons may be great for the drama they cause, but what it boils down to is that they are obscenely terrible human beings.

    • You don’t know either one of them. You’ve never met either one of them. Considering that it’s a TV show where they could be being asked to play up a certain role or be portrayed under a certain light, you have no leg to stand on in judging who they are as people in the real world, let alone go as far as “obscenely terrible human beings”.

      And before you accuse me of bias, I can’t stand watching Josh on TV. He annoys the hell out of me.

  39. I think the BB production has been heavily inspired by The Minions movie in search of a Boss … just close your eyes and listen to Paul and the BB minions bwahahhaha

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