‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 2 – Update: Players Picked

Houseguests are preparing a simple plan for today’s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 19 and it hinges on some luck if they want to see everything play out just the way they hope. Paul has his target right where he wants him, off the Block, but can he keep him out of the comp?

Update: Veto comp began at 4:07 PM BBT… Results are back! Find out who won the Veto.

Cody Nickson on Big Brother 19

Paul sent two pawns to the Block last night by nominating Alex and Josh with his sights set on Cody Nickson for a good ol’ Backdoor, but nothing is rarely so easy on Big Brother. The upcoming PoV player draw could go a few ways and Paul has an ace up his sleeve just in case.

Christmas was revealed to be this week’s Den recipient and has in her hands the Ring of Replacement, a chance to swap out any of the randomly drawn “extra” players for an upcoming Veto comp, including today’s. Sounds pretty sweet for Paul’s plans and almost looks like a slamdunk but there’s a few catches that could still sink things.

The DoT power has some limits. If Christmas is drawn for the Veto then she can’t use her power because she’s already in the action. So say Christmas and Cody are drawn then it’s too bad for Paul, Cody will play and Christmas being on the list will probably just make it easier for him since she can’t do anything too physical, which it could likely be.

However, the odds aren’t bad for Paul’s plan as it’s more likely Cody won’t be drawn though it’s obviously not impossible. (Players pick is over. Scroll down for the update.)

So once we get pass the draw it’s still not a sure thing for Cody to get Backdoor’d. There’s another wrinkle. Ramses applied his curse so he’s now the third nominee on the Block. This is good and bad for Paul. Should things fall apart, like say Cody gets drawn and wins the Veto, then noms will stay the same and the house can send Ramses out. That’s Paul’s back up plan, but that’s not the only bad way it could work out for Paul.

Ramses is the third nom and playing for Veto and I bet he eats up one of the three “extra” spots making this even easier for Paul’s plan. If Ramses wins the Veto and saves himself then I’d bet there will be no renom since Ramses was not one of Paul’s noms. We’ve seen this situation before and that’s probably how it’d be handled again, but we don’t know that for sure. So if Ramses wins Veto and saves himself then either Alex or Josh will have to be evicted.

With that dilemma in mind Paul pulled Ramses in to the Lounge right after noms and explained to him that he had to throw the comp or he’d have a whole house of upset HGs coming after him. Ramses agreed, but from what I heard he soon spoke privately that he wouldn’t do that and I don’t blame him. He’s in a tough spot. Maybe he will be willing to throw it, but here’s a case where I think that idea falls apart.

For even more fun, stack all these issues on top of each other. Say Christmas is drawn for Veto and Cody is drawn to play. Then Ramses sees that if Cody wins the Veto then he can’t be renom’d. Cody wouldn’t even be willing to use it on Alex because then Jessica would go up, obviously. In that case Ramses would be stuck on the Block and in danger of eviction. No way! If Cody is playing then Ramses isn’t going to be throwing this one.

While the odds are good for Paul’s plan to Backdoor Cody this week there’s still plenty of chances for a hole in the bottom of his boat. Team Feeds for the win!

What a great season! You’re having fun with this, right? Well we’ve got the Veto players draw coming up this morning then the comp should happen sometime today. Last week it was midday but there have been night time ones too. We won’t know until the Feeds go to Cat Loops and we’re be in a holding pattern until the results are back. If the players pick is a drama-dud then there will be a lot less to keep us on the edge of our seats, but with Ramses in the mix there’s still a case for anxiously waiting.

What do you hope will happen today? Want to see Paul pull of his plan or would it be better for Cody to get a chance to keep fighting to stay on Big Brother 19? Share your thoughts below while we wait to see what happens next.

Update: Players were picked! Cody did not make the cut nor does it sound like Christmas had to use her power. Veto players drawn were Matt & Elena. They will join Paul (HoH) plus the Noms: Alex, Josh, and Ramses. Jason is hosting. Alex says she’ll play for it instead of throwing it to Paul. Matt & Elena didn’t sound interested in winning & being involved in the process later.

Update 2: BB’s producer for the comps tweeted his recommendation for Feed watchers to go enjoy their Saturday. I’d guess it’s either going to be a late comp or one that runs long. We’ll keep you posted with immediate results either way.


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