Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 3

Another quick run through the weekend’s spoilers for Big Brother 19 with the game moving at a rapid pace since Thursday night’s live eviction and leading in to Monday’s Veto Ceremony to get us ready for the next round of votes behind the DR’s closed doors.

Paul is likes how things are going on Big Brother 19

Once the live show was over the HoH comp was off on its way and this group didn’t disappoint. The Wall is one tough challenge and I think these HGs held up pretty well. Sure, the big guys fell quickly, but Jason lasted way longer than I expected and did you really think Elena would have been there to the end? After a good run of watching the HoH comp on the Feeds we were ready to get things going.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers – Week 3 Roundup:

Head of Household: Alex talked her way in to this one hanging on with a strong final three as Jason and Elena both yielded to her, but would she really end up as strong of an HoH as I thought she’d deliver for us? Remember all that stomping around about going after the showmances? Well let’s see what she went with there. Read More >>

Gallery: HoH Endurance Comp

Nominations: So much for breaking up the showmances. Alex revealed her picks for the Block to be Jessica and Dominique. Jessica was there as a sacrifice to keep the former majority happy while Dominique went up from her collaboration with Paul. If Alex won’t go after the remaining showmances then who will? Jason? Nah, he says he’ll nom Jessica and Ramses. *headdesk* Read More >>

Den of Temptation: HGs were expecting the Temptation to be revealed on Friday since that’s what they’ve come to expect, but it didn’t happen. We know the voting for “Halting Hex” will continue until this Wednesday at noon, so hurry up and keep voting at each day. I’m expecting the Hex power to be handed out before Thursday’s eviction so it could come in to play that night, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. Read More >>

Have-Nots: Have-Nots were picked on Saturday but Jason was the first in line after his unlucky HN Gamble last week was keeping him on Slop for a second week. Joining Jason would be Josh, Mark, and Ramses. Josh and Mark both wanted to take the Gamble but Josh got the chance and chose poorly. He picked the wrong locked box and will be a HN for two weeks now.

Power of Veto: This was an interesting one. We got a surprise Veto comp on Friday night that caught all of us and the HGs by surprise. Turns out that Alex is having a pretty good week. Jason won the Veto and she came in second which puts all the power in the hands of their little duo. It didn’t take long for them to be discussing with Paul the idea of taking down Jessica and putting up Mark in her place. While things have gone back and forth since then as of now it does look like Jason will use his Veto and Mark could end up on the Block, but given this group I’d put that down in pencil for now. Read More >>

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. If you don’t know who to vote for DOT, I’d vote for Dominique. If she wins, the house would be very mixed up, and the possible return of Cody or Jillian would shake it up even more.

  2. Also, isn’t it strange that Paul, the only vet in BB19 right now, was the only one who picked the correct key to escape being a have not? It might be luck, but I’m starting to wonder if the production is rigging the have not thing after Josh was the second consecutive newbie to pick the wrong key. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks, but that’s definitely something to look out for.

    • Other than losing to Cody in that first HoH competition, there is not one thing I can think of on this season that has not gone Paul’s way. Rigged? Sounds like it to me. I wonder if the plan from the start of preparing for this season was for Paul to be invited back, or maybe it was decided after production realized that there were no other males in the original 16 contestants this season with any leadership skills except Cody, and having just one strong male would not be enough.

    • How many locked boxes and keys in total were there? If there are four HN boxes out of 12(?), the odds of Paul to be a Have-Not is only one-third of a chance.

      The probability to avoid being one is greater than the other way around.

      • I’m pretty sure they’re only two to choose from. I know they didn’t show what was in the other box when Paul chose correctly, but if the hgs aren’t bothering or instructed to open the second one, them maybe the production is involved.

      • If there were just two and there’s a fifty-fifty chance then unless production intentionally would switch them up per housemate.

        Did it air on the show earlier? I may have missed it unless it was on the feeds which I definitely don’t have access to.

      • On the feeds when Jason tried and picked the wrong box and Josh tried and lost.
        Apparently if anything good happens for Paul, it’s because production is rigging it, according to some posters. ROFLMAO

      • Much like when people thought production was favoring Frank when he wasn’t and he was evicted quite early on.

      • I think it’ll air on Wednesday. I’m a little bit suspicious of this though because I know Paul didn’t check the other box after he won and I’m not sure if Jason did when he lost. So if they’re only checking one box instead of both, then maybe the production makes both boxes losing ones.

  3. I like the way Alex pushes Jason the big lug around. She’s just a little pixie that would have to jump up to slap him. They make the perfect couple and should get married.

  4. Just posted on Joker’s: 3:34 AM Mark/Elena in BA. El: Would you like a blow job? Ma: No that kind of grosses me out. NT – Scott3325

    What a douche.

  5. Something that has been REALLY bothering me for the last day since I read this is…… Dominique has been throwing words around saying she was put on the block for “personal reasons,” not for game!”
    I read in a previous post (I think right after she was nominated) that Dom said it was because of the “colour of her skin!!” as to why she was nominated! (By Alex)
    That really pisses me off because, although it’s COMPLETELY UNTRUE, people believe things they ‘read’ online, so now there are going to be people out there that will believe Alex put her (Dom) on the block because of the “colour of her skin” so in other words, “Alex is racist!” Which again is completely untrue!!!!!!
    So that just really makes me angry with Dominique! Poor Alex is going to have some idiots plus trollers believing/dramatizing this to be true! And that just infuriates me!
    Dominique should know Words are Powerful! Shame on her!!!! 😡

    • True. Our society has become such that facts and supporting information often mean little to the masses, and instead the mere assertion of something (ie. an accusation, usually founded in an assumption) is what becomes a “fact”. An accusation (example: calling someone a thief) is not the same as evidence (example: eyewitness observation of the theft, forensic evidence linking the person to the theft, etc). I have seen people’s careers and personal reputations ruined by baseless accusations and false comments.

      • Wow captain! Did you pull that from the encyclopedia LMAO very well said my friend
        And THIS EXACTLY what I meant! My words just sounded like a child typed it whereas yours was much more intelligently written! LOL

    • This is a game of perception, not a game of reality. With that being said, Dominique’s “personal reasons” comment is in reference to her still blaming Elena (Which is completely incorrect). She is under the assumption that Elena has thrown her name around because of her friendship with Paul, even though she and Elena had a conversation already. Dominique is actually projecting her own jealousy on to Elena. She has never implied that her race got her on the block. Her comments are getting blended together (I’ve been watching the live feeds since they started).

      If I’m not mistaken, the only comments that were made regarding her race involves the the initial nomination ceremony. Dominique tried her best not to get angry and left the room. She did not want to be perceived as the “angry black woman.” Also, during her argument with Paul, she wanted to go “HAM” on him, but did her best to hold her composure. Why? Yet again, she didn’t want to be perceived as an angry black woman. Lastly, she has mentioned that the black woman on the show to get taken out for being threats, and was tired of the same formula (See next paragraph). She didn’t realize that she was casted as part of the formula.

      We have to acknowledge that cbs usually casts their black houseguests in the same pattern though: 1) The sassy sidekick 2) The overly religious person 3) The flamboyantly gay best friend 4) The “exotic” biracial model that becomes a threat. Every season, these archetypes are targeted early.

      Personally, I don’t think Alex nominated Dominique for racial reasons. She just wanted to get her out (If Paul disagreed, Dominique would be staying. But Paul’s word is gold apparently). If Dominique actually watched previous seasons, she would understand that she fell into the stereotypical cbs archetype on her own. Also, Dominique’s social game was only strong with Mark, and no one else. She was in alliance with showmances, but was not in one herself. Thus, she was disposable on the grand scheme of things.

      • Bryce, I completely agree with absolutely everything you just replied to me about. Fully!
        But just one simple word or phrase said one time on national TV regardless if it was said in anger or not, is powerful. The Internet is powerful! So, even though I understand Dominique was angry & blindsided (I I think someone at least) it just really irks me I guess for lack of better words that she threw the race card out there. It’s just powerful that’s all! And you know as well as I know that people are going to take that and run with it! Not logical, Smart people! But there are going to be some idiots that either believe it, or don’t believe it but run with it because they don’t like Alex. You know what I mean?
        It’s just like the whole thing with Megan thinking she heard Jessica call Alex a “panda.” That if not straightened out immediately could have impacted Jessica’s life for a long time! Again, do you know what I mean? Thankfully it was quickly “put to bed,” (I believe Paul told Jessica what he heard Megan tell Alex!? & it was then addressed immediately) In any event, (Megan left) and Megan (I think?) admitted she must have misunderstood. Actually, I don’t think she (Megan) even said that. I think it was just because we all heard Jessica call her Pow Pow & because Paul quickly told Jessica what Megan had said to Alex, Jessica immediately cleared that misunderstanding up!! So thankfully no one can call Jessica a racist! Make sense?

      • I agree with you for sure. It’s a very touchy issue, and shouldn’t be on the table for everything in the game. If those accusations are going to get thrown around, there should be some concrete evidence. You are right, people’s lives outside of this game can change forever, especially when an accusation is proven false after the fact. That whole Alex, Jessica, and Megan situation was about to get real messy. The telephone game is brutal.

      • Sorry for the delayed response! Just getting around to reading my notifications now. After about 15 messages I am now on day three.

        Yes, that telephone game is extremely brutal especially on national TV! And now the new thing with Paul. Apparently he was talking about painting his face black like a snake (or not even painting his face, just talking about dressing up as a snake) but, some are saying he was going to do black face!? It was even on TMZ!! That better get cleared up ASAP. My understanding is he never said that, it was always a snake but……
        If it wasn’t, then that’s not cool and he should have been booted immediately!
        But, if he was just referencing a snake then CBS needs to step up and clear Paul’s name! National TV is bad enough but TMZ….
        That’s “real news!” And everyone believes them! LMAO (BUT it’s true, people do believe TMZ!)
        I myself haven’t heard of any acknowledgement from CBS/BB, in any event, they need to do the right thing, if it’s the right thing!

        & both our points proven right here in my comment LOL telephone! Me telling you what I “heard” and also what I “saw!” Divided into two different stories!

      • Paul instigated the action of getting Dominique out because he is threatened by her intelligence. He only wants lemmings around so he can control the house. I feel sorry for Mark, he is so conflicted. Alex will win this if people don’t see her for what she is, not very nice, it will come out, it always does.

    • She should’ve been in the house with GinaMarie and The Aryan Princess. Then we’d have really seen some crap fly.

  6. Does anyone know who’s in the lead? Last time I saw the poll Alex was in the lead, followed by Kevin and Jessica. Who is your vote going to?

    • I’ve only gone to vote twice and dumped them all on Alex. She seems to be the only one really playing the game besides the furry freakbag. I’m not taking the time to watch BBAD or read the feed summaries though, so I can’t say if anyone else looks like a good contender.

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