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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms for Thursday night. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 10’s Power of Veto events.

There was trouble in trio paradise this weekend with Josh struggling to agree with Paul’s perfect Veto plan. It was a reasonable reaction considering the plan was purely a benefit to Paul, but to the victor go the spoils and this was Paul’s medallion to use as he wished. Then again, Josh has a point that if he, Christmas, and Paul are supposed to be working together then things should work for all of them. Not this time.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 10

  • Paul used the Veto on Alex
  • Christmas renom’d Kevin
  • Jason & Kevin are the final noms this week

Just as we expected, Paul saved Alex opening a spot on the Block. Christmas filled the void with Kevin and now we’re one step closer to the first eviction on Thursday night.

Unlike last week, there shouldn’t be too much fallout for today’s events. This move keeps the cover going that Kevin will be evicted, but he won’t. As it stands now we should see Paul and Alex vote against Kevin while Josh and Raven vote against Jason. We might not even see Jason get a heads up until just before the vote, but either way his game is done so the timing only effects how much time he has to react. Jason will be the next to join the Jury. Who do you think will follow him? Vote here.

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  • It was so close, josh broke down crying in the hot tub with Jason. He wanted to tell him but Paul had Xmas and alex on patrol. Also paulmwas crying too. Wasn't sure how,legit it was, I think it started out legit? And he continued it to get the "talks" he needed. Xmas was also so right about raven, almost everything I've seen written, Xmas was saying. Why can't Xmas see Paul for who He Is?

      • yeah, They all want paul to win because they ALL think that each is the F2 with paul. So, they all being okay with paul winning the $500k, THEY ALL think that they'll be okay with the $50k, F2, place.
        HA HA ! Only ONE will be F2 $50k.

      • That's how it seemed, like all of them wanted Paul to win. And I think it is bizarre also!! ("Bizarre" is the exact word I've been using to describe the season lately! Because it's the best one word description) LOL
        However, Josh said on Sunday night when cam talking that he "suspects that Paul might actually want to win!?!?"
        Say what?? So they all thought/think Paul doesn't want to win!?
        Huh?!?! I didn't know that!
        How on earth would they possibly think Paul doesn't want to win?! Do they all honestly believe Paul when he says he will not win? I mean I know he was saying it in the earlier days but, do they honestly believe that?
        Well……… They are a bunch of "Mindless Morons!"
        But I just don't get it! Are they really that stupid?! Sad!

  • Why won't they just tell Raven to vote Jason out and blame it on her, that way Xmas won't have to break the tie. If Alex wins hoh she'll go for Raven and Kevin.

    • Raven and Josh are suppose to vote Jason out. Paul and Alex are voting Kevin, and if everything goes as planned, Christmas will break the tie.

      • What I mean is, why would Xmas want the blood on her hands when there's a way around it? Raven would have a legitimate reason to vote Jason out. Or is it Xmas WANTS the blood on her hands because she blames him for her injury?

        • Christmas is agreeing with Paul's explanation that Paul needs to vote to evict Kevin and pretend to be surprised about the vote to evict Jason as a way to keep Alex on Paul's good side. That way, he thinks Alex will be more apt to play into his hands and ally with him. She won't have much choice. This is what Josh has been so upset about. He thinks that Paul should vote with them because Paul will come out looking squeaky clean to Jason(jury). I can see his point, but he also isn't thinking end game, just jury vote, and Josh doesn't like Jason thinking Paul wasn't involved. But Alex will be in jury if things play out, and she will have things figured out and will clue Jason in that Paul was working with Christmas and Josh. I see Josh's point of view but I also see how Paul voting with Alex would keep her loyal to him just in case she wins the DE HOH. He then has a chance to work his magic on her before she makes her noms. As long as he can get her to nom Raven or Kevin, it doesn't matter who else is OTB beside them, Paul, Josh, and Christmas will have the votes to evict whoever they choose to since they will only need two votes to evict. Then, the Misfits Alliance(not sure the name was ever approved but that is the name that Christmas gave their official alliance),Paul, Christmas, and Josh is left intact.

          • I absolutely understand josh's concerns and he's right, I just hate Josh and don't care. My thing is, I don't understand why Xmas would be ok with that. I can care less about Josh. I have written enuf about what I feel about him. Lol

          • Because they need Alex to think Paul had nothing to do with Jason's eviction so she will listen to him if she wins the DE HOH. If she wins and puts up Christmas and Josh, they will lose a number if one of them doesn't win veto or is removed by the veto winner. If Alex feels Paul betrayed her and Jason, she will not listen to Paul. I mean, she might not anyway, but at least there is a much better chance that she will if Paul votes with her to keep Jason. Christmas knows that Alex has a good chance to win the HOH and if Alex does win it and Paul also betrayed her, Alex will know they are working together and she will go after them. Christmas is willing to take the heat to protect their alliance just in case Alex wins HOH. If I didn't explain it well enough, maybe someone else can.

          • Ok but what if Alex puts Josh and Xmas up? I think it's unlikely but it could happen. Have they thought about that?

        • I totally understand what you're saying and I completely agree! Put it on Raven. Actually Josh should say to put it on Raven! Josh is the one who is unhappy about it & strangely enough Josh is the only one that has figured Paul out! Christmas won't listen to Josh so let Christmas get the blood on her hands.

  • One good thing...From my point of view outside the house and in my opinion...Pauls claim to fame (if he wins) will be that he won by competing against a houseful of losers...Great job Paul...

    • Haha! No doubt! I have been saying that for over a month now. If/when Paul wins, he will have absolutely ZERO bragging rights! Yeah Paul, you beat/controlled a bunch "mindless morons" in a clearly scripted BB season! EASILY the WORST season in history you won!
      YES Paul totally deserves it but he couldn't have asked for an easier season! They all played the game for Paul! (Aside from a few people like Jessica and Cody that took half the season to evict the two of them!) Who were the better HGs & the ONLY 2 HGs NOT playing for Paul?? I know, I know, pick me, pick me! I know!
      But in the end, Paul still walks away with $500,000 so good for him, it's not like he's completely undeserving, he just simply will not have any bragging rights. I mean we all know he will brag about "how well he played these morons oops 🙊 I mean this season 😉 but we all watched, we all know it wasn't difficult, at all! So he should just quietly take his money and walk away! Enjoy the money that was handed to you on a SilverPlatter and don't talk about BB 19 ever again! This season should be totally forgotten! No one should ever speak of it again! LOL
      Sorry, rant rant!

  • RE: The HGs onto ravens allies and talking about calling her out on them! No! (although that would be super entertaining!!!!!)
    I want Raven to walk out of this house thinking she is "America's Sweetheart" and then getting slapped in the face with this "Karma" she speaks of regarding Alex and Jason!
    That is laughable!
    It's a game! What about ALL the lies you (Raven) have told this entire season (and most of your life??? you psychotic con artist!)
    Raven is the LAST person who should ever wish karma on anyone! Or EVEN think it exists!

    I'm thinking "girl, if you think they are getting karma slapped in their faces for lying to you playing the game what the hell are you expecting to receive when you exit this house? A KARMA bomb dropped on your head!!"

    Raven of ALL people talking about karma is so unbelievably hypocritical, it's uncanny! UNREAL! Seriously!!! SMH!

  • I am hoping that Josh goes to Jason and tells him what's up. I don't think it will make much of a difference for Jason's game, but I do think that if they compare notes they'll end up figuring out Paul's game. Jason and Josh have both had their suspicions about Paul, only to be talked down from it by their "ride-or-dies". Maybe hearing it come from someone else still in the game will help the rest of the house open their eyes? I don't know...im probably just trying to hold out a little hope that somehow, someway this season can be redeemed?
    I can't help but to think how differently this season would have played out had Cody not nominated Pau l(and half the house) right off the bat.. And, you know, if CBS didn't give Paul that huge advantage.

  • I just read something hilarious. Raven said she runs a mile in 6:20. And she does 5k in 18-20. Whaoahahahaha. So funny. (Sorry deb, I'm off topic. )

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