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‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 11

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to see the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

For the fourth week in a row your votes have sent Cody Nickson to the top of our poll and again this week he’s way above Paul Abrahamian with 41.7% of the vote to Paul’s 19%. Right behind Paul is Kevin Schlehuber in third place with 14.5%.

Now I’ve heard a lot of people are going to want to push for Kevin to be AFP, but if I had to place my bet today I’d say Cody has the best shot at winning that prize. Of course if Paul is in the F2 like we expect then splitting votes between Cody and Kevin probably won’t be enough to push anyone else up and in to that spot.

Dropping down to the single digits for percentages we’ve got Jason Dent (8.5%) in fourth after falling a spot this past week. Behind him is Christmas Abbott in sixth with 4.0% of the vote and then Josh Martinez in seventh and 3.3%. Josh broke out of that midway point and went up two spots this past week, his highest spot all season after starting out in dead last here week one.

Next we’ve got Jessica Graf (2.5%) in seventh and Mark Jansen (2.2%) in eighth. They both sank a spot or two but managed to stay ahead of Alex Ow again this week who came in ninth with 1.5% of the vote.

Now we’re really getting down to the bottom of the ranks with all percentages below a whole point. Cameron Heard leads the pack here in tenth place with 0.64%, followed by Raven Walton (0.43%) in eleventh, Matthew Clines (0.33%) in twelfth, Ramses Soto (0.28%) for thirteenth, and Elena Davies (0.24%) in fourteenth.

That brings us to our bottom three for the week. Megan Lowder manages 0.23% of the vote to outperform Dominique Cooper (0.2%) in second to last and finally Jillian Parker (0.1%) coming in at the very bottom.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer. Tip: If you don’t see the poll below & are on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the option to “View Non-AMP Version.”

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.

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  • If people want to protest vote why vote for Cody? He's a "bully" too. If people really want to protest vote they need to vote for Cameron. What would be more humiliating then to be beaten by someone who was in the house less than 24 hours?

  • as a fellow new englander kevin deserves it for having to put up with worst cast of bb in 19 seasons so sad it has gone this bad i hope it comes back with better next year

  • Too bad house guests couldn't see threw Paul he is a huge back stabbed and does not deserve to win anything.

  • I'm appalled and sick to my stomach at the things I have witnessed Cody doing and saying. He was part of Megan self evicting and laughed at her for hours with Jessica while she cried and he even boasted in the diary room about getting her out. She says Cody attacked her in the DR and in an interview says it was the guys that triggered her PTSD not just Josh. His comments about transgenders and the Ferguson riots never got aired but they aired similar things in previous seasons that would have been taken seriously by fans yet he is a favorite. He said he would tell people Josh is a sexual predator and destroy him on the outside. Josh should sue him. He bullied Josh so severely week one he turned the house against him. His only claim to fame is putting Paul up as a 4th nominee and I seriously doubt he would have even went, wow this is an all new low for Big Brother fan favorite. Very disappointed in them if he actually wins. These people have no conscious.

  • Did anybody notice how Paul slapped Josh in the face last night & Josh just walked away. He really has no meatballs to do whatever Paul says. He could have ended Pauls' reign last week but was too chicken. He is a wuss; all talk and no action.

  • This season was unfair from the start. To give Paul 4 weeks of safety was wrong. They could have given him one week to get acclimated, and that is all he needed. He came in from almost the very start. No other player was given safety for that long. It would have been fair if he came in like on past seasons and just played. Nicole won without safety. He needed 4 weeks to win and that does not make him a winner. He was handed this on a silver platter. There were other people in that house that needed the money more than he did but they chose the one that needed it the least.

  • It seems like such an insult to the game of Big Brother that Cody might win AFP. He was one of the worst players in memory. He sulked in a room with Jessica almost all the time he was in the house. He despised the game. He had zero social game and couldn't come up with a strategic move to save his life. His big claim to fame was that he didn't like Paul. Whatever. Oh well...

  • If Cody wins this season's popularity, this contest must be rigged. He had very little interactions with all of the houseguests and was a total JERK throughout the entire time he was in the game. Even as a member of the jury he is still being himself as being a jerk.

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