Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 8

Mark Jansen will have to pick a side on BB19

Well this is a tricky one, but with a house so stacked against one man it’s not hard to guess where things could go this week with nominations for Big Brother 19. Last night should be a clear indicator to Mark that he’s in a bad spot and will have to either win out until finale night or at least until the HGs get distracted by a new shiny target.

If Mark hadn’t won the Veto then he’d be out the door instead of Elena, but he pulled off the clutch win. For the sake of some balance to the power this season of Big Brother I’m hoping he can pull of the HoH win. Should Mark do that then he has to know he needs to go after Paul, but just like I said ahead of the DE, even if he gets Paul up I’m not so sure he can get him out.

Still, it’s a shot Mark probably has to take and after Jason put him up in the DE he could go that route with Paul and Jason sent to the Block. Then again Mark also has enough past trouble with Josh to send him up there as well. Maybe we’d get Josh & Jason with Mark hoping to BD Paul. It’d be an exciting week for sure!

The more likely scenario, based on the simple odds here, would be for someone from the majority to win HoH. All but Jason, the outgoing HoH, can play. That leaves Alex, Paul, Christmas (if she’s cleared), and um, well then the others who don’t really win anything. I guess that’s good for Mark’s odds.

Whoever from that group could end up getting it would then be ready for Mark to go up along either a simple pawn like Matthew or Raven, or this could be the chance for Paul to roll out his next target. We’ve seen him eyeballing Kevin pretty hard and spreading discontent around for everyone with him. Might be time for Paul to make his move and get two options on the Block.

Feeds will be back tonight around 9PM PT (12AM ET) so get ready for that. We’ll get the special episode at 8/7c before that but then we’ve got to wait for the west coast broadcast to complete for whatever super secret reveal they deem important enough to kill our Feeds for the day.

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  1. Really upset with last night’s double eviction even though I could see it coming a mile away. Looks like the puppeteer is going to win this season unless Mark can pull off a miracle. This will go down as the most boring season for me. Way too many floaters.

    • Its so frustrating Mark is winning to keep himself safe but he is just not getting that all important HOH. Please let him get HOH tonight

    • If you saw it coming a mile away I wish you would have posted it then I wouldn’t have had to watch for myself, I had loads of laundry to do, now I’m stuck doing it today!

  2. It’s a game. Paul knew exactly what he was getting into. How else would you lure a vet to comeback to compete? For all the people who wanted Cody to stay… he tried LYING on his way out the door. It’s still a game, but not the game I would choose to play.

    • As if Paul,Alex,JASON,Matt,Raven,Xmas and Josh have not lied get real that’s all that’s went on in the house other than the blasted bullying in all sides

      • the difference between the others lying is they aren’t trying to be self-righteous and saying they couldn’t play a phoney game and they couldn’t lie and then they made up lies on their way out the door…he contradicted himself in a span of one minute. it’s a game, liying is part of it, but being so angry and hostile shows his immaturity.
        again with the name calling, saying everybody is idiots, but yet again it shows how clueless he is because if they are all idiots on the totem pole of stupid he is beneath all of the idiots.

      • Let me see he was the one spreading the lie of Ramsey winning the 25K, he has even lied about not knowing Kev had the 25K to Josh. His whole game is based on a lie.

      • His lies are countless. I’m not an Oracle, but I can tell he is going to lie today, lie tomorrow, and if the questionnaire is going to bet a hundred dollars against my prediction of him for each day, he will lose $700 in 7 days.

    • I wasn’t a Cody fan. Can’t stand him. I wanted him to stay just to stir things up and make it interesting. Nobody else wants to play the game. His lying wasn’t going to do him any good at that point. He was just trying to plant seeds and make things interesting.

    • Josh is not there. There is no way Matt and Kevin will stay unless they win HOH or veto. I do see them trying for the veto, even Kevin if he is nominated.

      • Well I think Matt and Kevin will be up on the block to BD Mark. I think Mark will win POV to avoid being BDed, so it’s possible that they’ll still be OTB after POV. Paul considers Kevin to be shady, and I think he’ll be able to get Josh or Xmas, Alex, and Jason to vote to evict Kevin. I think it’ll be another blindside just like with Ramses.

      • Alex hates Kevin more than Paul. Paul wanted him for F3, but he had been talking to Cody too much. I’m sure Alex and her son will definitely vote Kevin out.

  3. It’s amazing to see the support Mark is getting. Stop being gullable. Mark has lied and flip flopped his way to the jury house. Its his turn to leave and I can’t wait to see the divide in the jury house.

      • did anybody actually say to mark that cody 100% threw him under the bus? i can’t believe they wouldn’t tell him, but if they did and he still was willing to throw his game all to be buds with Cody then I don’t have a problem with him going at all.
        when mark watches this back he’s going to realize even though it’s a game, Cody really did try to hurt his game in the name of trying to help Jess, and I think he’ll truly be hurt.

    • Mark leaving won’t cause any divide. Mat and Raven have always been out of Paul and Alex’s alliance. It will start once Kevin goes, then Christmas, then it will be between Paul and Alex. Whichever stays determines Josh and Jason’s fate. I am truly hoping Mark wins and grows some cojo, nominates Paul and Alex and this plan of theirs goes down the drain.

      • I don’t understand this comment. Why would there even be a divide in the jury house? This doesn’t make sense. I don’t think you’re going to have those 3 vs the others. Cody is the only hot head and I think he just genuinely doesn’t care for the HGs and wants to be left the hell alone by everybody, including Marlena. He’s got nothing to fight for at this point so why would he even care. I don’t even know why it would be a vs thing. Who would they even want to try to campaign for in the game? And as far as getting along, I truly believe that Mark and Elena are probably likely to get along with most everybody, not named Josh, outside the house.

      • there is one huge reason – because cody is such a hater. he point blank said “i don’t want any of these people to win”…too bad because they outsmarted you and therefor one of “them” has to win. he will try and poison every single person against one or two people – probably paul first, alex second…and whoever doesn’t hang on his every word will be an idiot and there will be fighting. he has to cause drama because he won’t have jess to isolate himself with. it’s all about cody.

      • I don’t know… some of the questions he’s answered after the eviction make me think that he sees the game Paul is playing. I think Cody is enough of a fan that he understands that Paul is the puppet master and even though he hates him (and everybody else in the house) he probably votes for Paul if he’s there at the end.

        That’s just my take on it.

      • Jessica says she would have voted for Paul if she made it to jury. She explained how good a game Paul is playing, but Cody didn’t seem to care, he just hates him. I am hoping for a bitter jury.

      • That’s exactly how I want it… everyone bitter at paul. I wonder how much he got offered for coming back?

      • You act like Paul asked to come back. Why is so many people mad at Paul for coming back? It was BB that ask Paul to play again. I think Paul is playing a good game. People talk like no one ever lied on BB until this season. You can not win without lying. Even Derrick told a few lies in his season.

      • Cody had his little circle with mark and Elena. Cody influenced Elenas decision to go back on her word vs Alex in the POV. Now that Elena is in Jury and make is next, misery loves company so guess how that’s gonna play out in jury? As bitter and catty these housegeusts get in the past the jury house will be fun to watch.

  4. My thoughts for the remaining season.

    Paul aka the puppeteer. Follow me or leave like the rest.

    Alex aka second in command. Good chance of winning 500k unless she is against Paul.

    Jason aka Alex’s sidekick. Alex will try to keep Jason to the end in order to hopefully
    eliminate Paul in the final 3 completions.

    Christmas aka Crutch. She is only in the game still because anyone that puts her up with the unfortunate broken foot would just look like an a**.

    Josh aka Mouth. Loyal to Paul and his minions will be used to help with voting out who Paul determines the next biggest threat.

    Kevin aka God Father. Kevin is a great guy, but I’m not sure he thought about the elimination order and where he stood with the pack.

    Raven aka The Sideliner. I can’t recall anything she has really done this season.
    Matt aka The Pawn. Like Kevin Matt didn’t think about where he stands in the elimination order.

    Mark aka Chance. Mark keeps winning side comps to guarantee his safety. Keep up the good work.

    • I am still in amazement how Paul has managed to keep his minions in line like he has. I don’t like the guy hardly at all but, I gotta say, if I were there and pretty much everyone was willing to obey my every command, I’d do it.

      I don’t like Alex either, for various reasons, but it remains to be seen if she can back up what she said earlier in the season about striking when they least expect it.

      Alex would most definitely beat Jason in a F2 scenario. All he’s done is follow Alex, who has followed Paul. He’s won an HoH and maybe something else but he wouldn’t beat Alex. Then again, Cody and Elena are both on the jury….Hmmm

      I don’t feel a bit sorry for Christmas simply because of her behavior. Piling on when arguments don’t even involve her. Assisting in the bullying (and it was bullying what happened to Jody in the backyard, no matter who says otherwise). I wouldn’t hesitate to place her butt on the block.

      Josh = Anyone’s dream to take to Final 2. He’s not a player, he’s a lapdog and ANYONE on the jury will see that. Whoever goes to F2, they should definitely take Josh. I imagine Paul has his thoughts there already.

      Kevin, Raven and Matt aren’t even worth talking about. I do like Kevin a lot but really, other than his social game, he’s done nothing deserving of a win.

      Mark is now in beast mode and I hope he remains there and doesn’t let the house rattle him prior to comps.

      • Nonsense. In the backyard. Did you not see it/hear about it? Even what BB aired was bad enough but it was worse hearing from the live feeders what was said.

      • Jody was mean to everybody in the house. They deserved to get what they had coming for them. Did you see when Jessica yelled at Christmas for campaigning to stay in the game, and not just sit there, and get evicted like Jody did? How dare Xmas play Big Brother! Who yells at somebody for campaigning to save themself from eviction?

      • Oh I don’t know maybe the same people that yell at someone for using the veto on themselves how selfish. SMH

      • Amen. People need to stop blubbering over these two losers. They weren’t bullied. THEY were the bullies. Period.

      • i agree 100% you can’t be the kind of people they are and expect nobody to stand up and give it back. if it comes back worse, maybe you’ll think about starting it next time.

  5. Why would any vet want to return under the same conditions from which they left?!?!? I know I wouldn’t. We know Paul was given incentives to come back into the house so why cry about it?

  6. Tonight we more than likely will find out who won the next HOH and depending on who won, either predict who is going on the block or going home (Mark) or if Mark wins, the decision to get someone out will be a easy pick or a major move (Paul). At this point, I think many of the remaining house guest may try to take Paul out this week but that is just my guess.

    • Julie said the next hoh will be know on Sunday episode. But I guess we will know on the feed late tonight.

    • IDK, so many of the HGs have been so far up Paul’s butt for the past seven weeks Monday’s eclipse will look like bright sunshine to them

      • Yes, Christmas won. She put up Matt and Jason (shocker), Mark is the target this week but she will gain a more favorable spot for me if she Back Doors Paul.

        Yeah I know, he has soooooo many in the house to protect him but he also has a few that would love to see him go. Only 6 people will vote this week (4 if the cancel two votes is used). All that is needed to evict Paul is three votes in order for this to be a tie which would be a good twist, then it will be up to Christmas to break it.

      • She can’t back door Paul because Mark won the save a friend apple and he saved Paul. The apple tree is the latest twist.

      • I know Mark won that but I still don’t know what that means just yet. Was it save a friend to keep them in the HOH comp or to take them off the block once they get Nominated, save them from eviction and the other one goes home…….???? I/we probably won’t know for sure until they show us Sunday night how it works. The HG’s may not be forthcoming on that one.

  7. Mark is one of those “What happened?” houseguests. Everything was going good, until Cody called him out in front of everybody. Then his game just fell apart. It was crazy to watch. But unlike Cody, he at least tried to mend fences and rebuild burnt bridges. But throwing hot sauce in someone’s face is not how you get on someone’s good side.

  8. Here’s a suggestion for the “secret,” how about Derrick enters the BB house as another returning vet. Paul would be one unhappy HG, and that would be fun to see,

      • One could only hope. But if CBS doesn’t do something drastic like that with this season, they are not going to be able to handle the criticism they will deservedly get.

      • I think they’re happy with what they’ve Produced. They hit their mark. Viewership is up, so money is pouring.

      • Last season they chose Nicole, she was gifted the prize and they got some negative feedback. Do they care, of course not if they are doing it again. I’m sure they did it with other vets as well.

      • Cbs cares about ratings. Ratings are up or as good as past seasons. As long as people tune in , CBS doesn’t care who wins.

      • They also like giving the prize to fan favorites. as long as Paul is on top in the polls he is still production’s favorite, but some Paul has him at the bottom.

      • sure, just like it is planned for Paul to win this year. She did nothing but lay in bed all season and if James wasn’t throwing her comps, production was giving her answers ahead of time.

      • I really don’t think they care about criticism. When people are complaining it means they are watching the show. They have a huge audience this season. They could really care less if a bunch of whiners say they will stop watching if so and so goes home…..or doesn’t get evicted. It happens every season.

      • Criticism..they love it!. That means people are talking about it. They’ve survived Season 15..talking about ‘social media blowing up, This is NOTHING!

    • Derrick would use Paul as a shield. Keep him till the final three and then go to the finals with Raven.

    • CBS can’t do that. Derrick’s been watching the season. He knows every HG’s game plan and secrets. He could plant some pretty fertile seed bombs while he’s visiting, tho. And, I hope he does.

      • He has also indicating who he has been rooting for , so it is a bit questionable to have him back in the house just to host a clip type show.

      • Too bad. He needs to change his root. I was only team Jody so they can work to take Paul out. Now they are has been.

      • I wonder if he was team Jody because of the bullying or if he wanted Paul out. If Derrick wanted Paul out, interesting since many see similarities between Derrick and Paul’s gameplay.

      • He doesn’t like the behavior these people have been showing us, I’m pretty sure. He’s been on record saying that anyone attacking someone who’s about to be evicted is reacting personally, not on a game level. That says a lot, and I’m sure he’s seen a lot worse during his time on the force.

    • Paul studied Derrick’s game and is trying to copy him. Luckily for him the house is full of idiots so it’s working. He will never be close to the original though.

    • Paul will have the HGs go after him in his usual manner. The alliance can’t trust a new vet better, unless the already obvious targets. But it will be interesting he comes in and play fake (HG) for a week or two.

  9. Whoever targets Paul becomes my favorite person. Alex, Mark, Zingbot, Julie, Alison, the guy who paints the rooms, an electrician.

  10. Hope they weighed Elena before she went into the Jury house. Without cameras 24/7, she is going to be porking out all day long…….

  11. Hey CBS, How about next season you put all the fired White advisers in the BB house….Mind you, you will have to hide all the knives

  12. There is no way mark can successfully backdoor any of his target as he is all alone unless he wins the HOH and veto, where it will be all up to him to nominate, save and renominate.
    To take out Paul, he has to put up Alex next to him on the block and work hard enough to win the veto. That way, Alex will have to campaign for herself with Jason in her favour then the house will split. Putting other person close to Paul will likely not get Paul out as Alex will have Jason work the rest of the house to keep Paul and make others too scared to vote against Paul as they may not have the number. Mark should not be carried away to put Josh on the block for now. Josh is a mere distraction. He should be concerned with breaking the alliance by placing Paul with the hottest competition on the block.

  13. Christmas won HOH, and I’m extremely happy. Josh and Christmas are my two favorite players this season, with Kevin in a close 3rd. And, contrary to all the sobbing and whining by poor, butt-hurt losers, Paul has actually been a lot funnier and likable this season. Last year, he was a hateful, rude, annoying, irritating jerk. This season, he’s basically just having fun and enjoying himself. Anyone who disagrees clearly wasn’t watching things properly. So, I’m mostly hoping for a Christmas vs. Josh final 2. My dream scenario.

    Oh, and to anyone out there still supporting Jessica and Cody…grow up. They were both despicable, hateful, evil, vile, rotten people. Paul’s group never did or said anything as awful as those two do, so shut up already about it. It’s gotten beyond old.

    • Is there any chance Xmas can compete in F3? If Alex/Jason/Paul are left with Xmas and josh at f3, unless Xmas is really able to compete , no way both josh and Xmas go to finals.

      • The final HOH is 3 parts, one of them is usually a physical comp. That might be a reason to take her to the final 3, if she can’t compete that’s an easy path to the finals.

    • There’s plenty of rotten to go around in that house. Your boy Josh is right up there. I’m not a Jody fan, although I did want to see Cody find a way to stay this week just to shake up the power and make the game interesting. They certainly aren’t good people, but Paul has led the charge from the sidelines in a lot of personal attacks too.

      Anyway, Paul deserves to win at this point, no doubt.

      Christmas was my favorite from day 1. She kind of fell off after the injury so I’m excited to see what she will do. I know she has been thinking ahead and hopefully she will do something that might stir things up a bit. I think she knows Paul has to go. Will that be now? I doubt it, but I hope she does something other than move down the list to the next pawn. She has to realize that the Paul/Alex/Jason triangle needs to be broken up before they control the votes.

    • Amen to the Jody supporter thing…Amen…

      The rest about Josh and Christmas making it to the end..probably not. Josh maybe because anyone would beat him at at the end. But both of them, highly unlikely.

    • This is why Paul gifted the Outback dinner to Christmas, with the chance she gets an HOH, she won’t pawn him or put a target on him. Great game move imo.

      • At the very least, giving her the dinner should at least absolve him for bringing her into his punishment.

    • Good post! Are you 100% sure Christmas won..was there a leak? People shouldn’t hate on Paul simply because he knows how to play the game.

    • I think I just slightly vomited in my mouth. She honestly shouldn’t be in the game at this point. This may however further her game as she will get to nominate who the house wants and place Mark up before a new line is drawn. Luckily next Thursday we should see an eviction and the house split.

      • Didn’t say I didn’t accept it. She just furthered her game. I don’t see her winning the 500k though. That will go to Paul or Alex.

      • I wonder why the house guests are too scared to question or go against Raven because of what America will think, but they think it is okay to go after military? I would think most people know how much America loves the military.

      • It baffles me too. I would have been kicked out because I would have been so sick of listening to Ravens BS I would have punched her lol.

      • And with there being no audience to have seen that, either production has a talker or someone’s lying. Or perhaps just one hell of a prognosticator.

      • yeah..leaks are common. I stopped reading them, because some of them are so good. They once put the booting order in Survivor up to F5 I

      • The same guy had another leak earlier that turn up to be right. So ….

        If it is true I want to see what she will do. She kept saying to Josh not to do just what Paul wants. Will she follow her own advice.

      • Yeah I know that part too.. He’s reliable. Oh I’m excited to see what she does with her HoH, or Paul’s HoH? lol This her first right? Would she stay with the program? I think she should. Mark is a comp beast and a clear threat. Of course I’m biased because I’m Paul/Alex/Jason…etc..ha!

      • If she did they have left any endurance or strength comps out to assist since she threw the HOH last night

  14. Anyone else notice Kevin is taking the father figure role to personal? If that’s his strategy, imo it’s going to look like he’s flip flopping with each house guest. Or at least that’s how I’d paint that picture.

    • Last year Nicole won, the year before Liz was final two so showmances can work, especially for witless twits

  15. Tonight will be a game changer with Derrick giving advice to new HOH Paul may be in the crosshairs for anyone .

    • True – Although,
      1) Derrick is only there with them for a few hours. Paul is with them 24/7 and will talk talk talk like he does to get them to see his point of view. Alex, who I think is the strongest player besides Paul, came into the game and said on DAY #1 that she didn’t like Paul and wanted him out of the game. Now she has his back almost closest of anyone, and says she doesn’t want him to go.

      2) Paul is basically the glue/ shield between each of the mini alliances (Jason/ Alex, Raven/ Matt) and the stragglers (Xmas, Josh, Kevin).

      So even if Derrick convinces some of them to target Paul today, there’s no guarantee that they will stick to it (whether out of fear/ not wanting to) once they are actually in a position of power. Already, each of the house guests have at some point talked about getting Paul out – but aside from Mark, they all kind of dismissed it.

      AND they don’t have a solid big alliance; just common targets and the common connection of Paul. If they take him out, Mark will either pick them off one by one, or assuming Mark leaves, Alex and Jason will be winning pretty much everything the rest of the season. I think Paul is in the final 3 (Alex/ Jason, Matt/ Raven, Xmas/ Josh, Kevin/ whoever is left)

    • When did Derrick start making big moves? He always had a target like Paul but I thought he didn’t make big moves till closer till the end like f6.

    • Derrick won’t be allowed to do anything except what he is instructed to do. Any hints and he could get in big trouble with production. Production called Jessica and told her to stop talking about them, so they still have a hold on all past HGs, especially if they are getting paid to appear on the show again.

  16. To bad there isn’t a battle for jury to return. I would love to see the jaw drops if Cody was to return once again. It would make this season that much better. Julie has already ruled that out with last nights announcement, but it would be amazing if she was to announce it was just a joke and 1 of the next 4 evicted will get to battle to return. It’s not like people really like Cody, but it’s that we want to see competition and not followers. The show is just not that interesting to watch without the competition.

    • I think that would be a tired out plot.

      ETA: There will be competition coming when they have to start taking out each other and clear lines & alliances are exposed.

    • Who knows the temptation is back so if someone takes it they battle Cody for a swap like what happened to Cameron lol

      • Julie also said that nobody would be returning…Once a HG was evicted their game was over…thank goodness…

  17. Guess it’s a long-shot for me to hope Mark wins HoH and puts up Jason and Alex with the hopes of BDing Paul. If he does, he should at least attempt to do this, which will undoubtedly shake up the house a bit. I know Matt wouldn’t mind taking a stab at that if possible. I just know he won’t nominate Paul…but vote to evict him, I’m almost sure he would do that as would Raven as well.

  18. Mark doesn’t have the balls to go after Paul. Notice in the comp he wouldn’t put Paul up against anyone. Nobody did until the end when there was no choice.

    • maybe didn’t want to give paul practice with the actual board as compared to the 3, was it, practice shots

  19. Alright, someone please enlighten me what a “big move” would be in this game? Is it to put Paul up? If you put him up, he will not leave because of the NUMBERS!! There are nine people left and he at this point will not get voted out!! Why is everyone bitching about a “big move”?! Simple math proves it’s not possible!!

    • At some point, the other players would have to realize their numbers are going to dwindle whether they take him out or not. Hopefully, at least 4 will put their heads together realize they don’t have a chance at #1 if he is sitting beside. At some point someone, lets say Jason, will wake up and decide he doesn’t want to be #3.

    • A big move for me is to put up Paul and Alex. First, this will break the Paul/Jason/Alex alliance triangle early. Campaign among the three will cause the house to split ahead of the votes. It may open the window of opportunity for some disgruntled minion to seek their freedom and play their game by getting the dictator and major threat out. The house target at the time (e.g. Mark for now) will simply watch the chaos among the bigger circle and consolidate with a few dissent after eviction.
      Paul for the first time will be pressured to beg for votes after which he will owe obligations to different HGs who doesn’t see eye to eye in which he may be forced to choose a side. This will reduce his number with a faction opposing from another side of his clique after he had survive eviction if he did.
      His position of wielding power as the benefactor to all and picking out whoever he want as much as likes will drop.
      Remember some evicted HG like Ramses and Elena had said everyone is playing safe and nobody wants to make a big move. So the HG are aware of the Paul’s dominance. It takes a target who is fed up to make the move and take everyone unawares.

    • A big move is “a major decision” that will flip the routine power we seen in successive weeks, or split the major alliance to different groups such that will force each contestant to take major decisions and play for himself.

  20. And my point will be valid if Mark wins HOH and puts Paul up. Paul’s not leaving w/out votes!!!!!

  21. Okay, I’ll let it out of the bag. The rumor is that Paul won the HoH. Who knows if its true but I found it on reddit. How anybody would know with the feeds down is beyond me, unless someone at CBS leaked it.

    I hope the Paul haters are not too upset. Its just a rumor.

    If its true, and I am not saying it is, then Paul will put up Mark and someone else, like Matt or Jason. If Mark wins POV then Matt goes next to Jason or Kevin goes up next to Matt. Maybe someone from the alliance goes home this week. In any case, if Mark goes this week, then I am betting Paul goes next week because he cannot play HoH and his alliance will have to cannibalize itself.

    • Agree….although at the same time, it looks like Paul is the common thread/ shield between everyone except Mark. If Paul goes, Alex & Jason become immediate targets, Xmas and Josh will have no one to protect them, and Matt and Raven will have to end their vacation and cereal binge-eating.

      Ed: I forgot about Kevin. Kevin kind of knows he’s on the outs with Alex, and he is confiding more in Paul. So basically, it benefits each of those groups to keep Paul in at least until to final 3. Plus, no one besides Alex (Jason sometimes) has shown they can have a good chance at winning something – and they all think they’re working with Paul.

  22. So how is CBS going to help “paul” with next temptation=:(:(
    Remember Juile somthibg to that effect. Hmmmmmm👎👎👎

  23. I don’t want to bust everyone’s bubble but Mark won head of household. Feeds went down shortly after.

    • Nice try. We already know Christmas won HOH and Paul threw it to her. But hey maybe he’ll win POV.

      • What do you think Mark is feeling right now? Bullets are raining on him, and he’s still standing…I don’t think they’ll miss this time lol…He has to win again. He can turn out to be like ‘Frank the Tank’

  24. I have watched Big Brother all 19 season and this is by far the most upsetting season. There has been too much bullying mostly from Josh. He can sure dish it out but acts like a 10 year old when someone comes back at him. There were a few time when Big Brother should have stepped in.

  25. Why does cbs put up with all the bullying? Worst season ever! I have kids the age of some of these people they would never act like these people. Paul and josh need to be pulled from the game

  26. I hope Mark wins HOH and goes after Paul. I feel sorry for Mark being that he has nobody in his corner. I mean even Matt and Raven have turned their back on him. I think this season has been explosive and nail biteing But Paul as to go. Christmas is just floating her way through the game and I think the best thing she did this season was break her foot. Lol!!!😂😂😂.
    Kevin was just greedy for taking $25,000 the very first night! I mean really dude! Josh well what can I say about Josh but what a Loser!!!! He is such a meatball that doesn’t know how to act.
    Alex is a real tool! Jason is a dork Raven is a dummy I don’t see Raven and Matt lasting!!! After this season ends.

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