Allison Grodner Interview: Paul’s Path To F2, Down Feeds, & Den Drinks

Double Eviction week in The Big Brother 19 house came and went and jury is now under way, as we saw when Cody and Elena headed out of the house. We spoke to Executive Producer Allison Grodner all about the Double Eviction, Paul’s place in the game, and we even threw in a bonus question about just what was in those Den of Temptation potions the HGs were forced to drink.

Find out all those details and why, Grodner explains, sometimes the Live Feeds just need to be blocked. Now I’m off to mix up my own Den potion drink!

Big Brother NetworkCody is gone and with it the ‘Paul Vs Cody’ storyline. Does this clear a path for Paul to the finish line? Mark wants to take a shot, but as one man he can only nominate Paul at best. Do you think the Houseguests will wake up to Paul’s threat to their game or is he strolling to F2?  

Allison Grodner: Paul is in a good position in the house right now but there are still a lot of people left and they are starting to plan their paths to the end. A handful want to take him to Final 3 but many know their only chance of winning is to get him out before then.

The Den of Temptation wrapped up another twist this week, but before it’s gone, what in the world were the Houseguests drinking in those little vials that gave them such unpleasant reactions? 

Grodner: Like any powerful potion, it contained some potent ingredients including gefilte fish, beet juice, clam juice, and yogurt, just to name a few. We were all floored behind the scenes when Cody chugged it without a flinch.

Feeds going off for more than a day immediately following the Double Eviction, typically an energized event, was a big disappointment for Live Feed fans. What’s involved in the decision to block out big events & why can’t fans see these particular hours when we’re used to getting spoilers regularly already? 

Grodner: We really do try to let the feeds play without major blocks as much as possible, but every once in awhile we have a special event that we want to preserve for the broadcast show. The Friday show this week is that special event.

Thank you!

What’s your take on this past week of Big Brother 19? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Such a short interview, and so many other questions! Are you limited in the number of questions you get to ask? (I assume this is not a face to face interview.)

    For kicks, what other questions would you have asked?

    • What is the next temptation??

      Do you have any regrets or surprises about bring Paul back?

      Why was Paul chosen? Why not Victor??

    • When is the next season of All-Stars and can it include Paul in the house with Evel Dick?! Hahaha…
      Paul has thrown Dick’s name out there a few times this season, but Dick can’t stand him…

      I’m sorry, but that’d be fun to watch. See if Paul can take it as well as he dishes it.

      • Evel would dump his drink on Pauls head or cut his beard off with a pair of scissors while he slept.

        Edit: Who was the lady he did dump on a drink on?

      • Oh god that would be Jen. Felt bad for her once the beginning but she was so whiny towards the end lol

      • Jen? Yes she did. And she also deserved the cigarette! That was the night she’d went into Dick’s bag and took 6 cartons (CARTONS-NOT PACKS) of cigarettes that belonged to Dick and tore them up and then poured bleach all over them!!!!

        Speaking as a former smoker…had she done that to me, this is what I would have done to her…
        LOL!! Don’t mess with a smoker’s cigs!!!

      • So, you think it’s okay for a HG to go in another HG’s bag and steal their belongings and then destroy them??!!
        That was like $250.00 worth of cigarettes. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like it, no one has a right to take another HG property!

      • I’m not saying who would win, although, I do think ED might make Paul rethink the idea of being a bully, but it would make for great BB TV. That’s all I am saying.

      • YW Alf! I aim to please and just have a fun time here on the boards, ya know what I mean? I am not looking to argue…just have a pleasant discussion until the other person admits I’m right!! hahaha JK!

        I love your comments too. They always inspire a great discussion or lead to a great gif! hahahaha

      • Evil dick is a scrawny little wimp who talks so much trash but if you say something to him he can’t take it and he blocks you.

      • Yep. He does say some funny stuff on his Twitter but it doesn’t outweigh all of the obnoxious things he says. I had to unfollow.

      • Lol! I’m not saying Dick can’t be obnoxious, I am just saying I would love to see him and Paul in a BB house together…

        Can’t you see the possibility for tons of fun there. we’d definitely get a chance to see if Paul can take it as well as hand it out! haha! I think those tow would be the BEST feeds ever!!

      • Right. I was just speaking on his twitter presence. Not sure how I would feel about him being in the house again but him and Paul in the same house would sure be interesting, no doubt about it! :)

      • HIV has nothing to do with Dick’s not playing BB…it’s his anti-Production campaigns that have kept him out of that house! haha

      • That’s not true. Since the invention of anti-retroviral medications HIV is easily containable. Evel Dick has been invited back to the house since his diagnosis. He chose not to.

      • I liked him. Hated him a bit the week he went all crazy and bullied the house, but for most of the season, I liked Evel Dick.

      • I loved ED on his season. It was refreshing to see someone say what they mean and mean what they say. You rarely see that in BB. Would I want to watch him again, no way. Yes, it’s makes perfect sense TG. :)

      • Lawdy, she was sooo damn beautiful in that gown, gorgeous!

      • Mm-Hmm! Stars of today just can’t compare to stars of yesterday… It is the same for BB… Players of today just can’t compare to past players, no matter how much production wants them to!!

      • Whatever Mrs.Whatever… Evel Dick is 6’1 & 175 lbs…scrawny is not what I’d call him.

      • So very true! I said something to him on twitter years back and he just did his usual thing and called me a dumb C**T….Dick the prick is just a waste of space. I don’t want to see him EVER on BB again!! Twice was 2 times too many!

      • Not true. Anti-retroviral medications make HIV a relatively irrelevant disease nowadays. He would have to literally gush blood into someone’s open wound…share a needle with them or have unprotected sex with them in order for someone else too catch HIV from him.

        Dick himself has said BB has invited him back. He chose not to because of his antagonism with production.

      • Thanks for clearing it up. I was reading something the other day where it said he can’t play. It could have been something older. I liked him and was sad when he suddenly left during the season.

    • There is an interview. My guess is Grodner agreed to answer only 3 questions every week.

    • We are limited to 3 questions each week. As much as we tend to grumble about Grodner, she doesn’t have to do these & I’m actually amazed that she agrees to do them week after week. It’s generous & we’re glad she does them. Hopefully they provide some interesting insight, even if limited.

      • I’m glad she takes the time. I look forward to reading this every week to hear what she has to say.

      • Matthew, Blink you’re eye’s if you’re being held hostage by Grodner as you type that post.

      • Well of course she does the interviews. Why wouldn’t she, considering you ask nothing but softball questions? Oh wait … sorry, that “what was in the drinks” question was a real hard-hitter. I got a lot of great insight from that one. Seriously, though, if she’s not willing to answer questions on tough topics such as bullying in the house, fights in the house, questionable backgrounds of houseguests, etc., then what’s the point of an interview in the first place?

    • I wonder, are there plans to have a season of BB where every house guest is a past winner of BB USA?

      • I will probably actually vote for him, just to see the reaction of the rest of the house when they realize they weren’t viewed as Team Sunshine and Rainbows.

      • Kind of how the “Friendship Alliance” (AKA Nerd Herd) did in season 6?? Maggie & Ivette were so sure they were America’s sweethearts!! LOL! We hated them!
        Janelle and the Sovereign Six were way more popular with the fans.

        I think Raven will definitely be in for a shock when she leaves BB.. a shock and/or possibly fraud charges too!! haha

      • Especially if the others finally get smart and get him out before final three, and he would end up with his weekly stipend, turned on by his followers, AND Cody win AFP? I gotta say, that would be freakin’ priceless.

  2. only a handful of guest want to take paul to the finals is bullshit this whole season is a dud

  3. Alison was asked if bringing Paul back was a mistake this season. She called the interview fake news.

  4. I’m starting to think more and more that Derreck spend the day in the BB house. He probably is giving one on one strategy tips to all the HGs. Remember they did that with Dan G. in a past season to jump start the game.

    • I sure hope that’s true, and that he doesn’t just sit there chatting with Julie. I’d love to see Derrick play the next five weeks as a HG; then we’d really see what Paul is made of.

      • No, no, he won’t play, like what they did with Dan. He was there for a day and only gave strategy tips to the HGs.

      • I hope he tells the mall exactly what he posted on Twitter- once someone’s on their way out the door any more attacks on them are personal, not game. Shows Paul for the snake he is.

      • No, when Dan was on BB14, he started the game with 3 other vets (Janelle, Boogie & Brittany) as coaches to a team of newbie players…

        Not the same thing here. Although that would be so cool! ;) Love to see Derrick play the game again.

    • Do you mean when Dan went to BB Canada for a day? Because I cannot for the life of me remember him giving one on ones in any BB USA season.
      I could be wrong, but I just don’t remember. Which season Capt?

      • I couldn’t remember the season, but I think you’re right, it was on a BB Canada season. But they hire this guy they hire from BB Can, so maybe he brought this idea to Grodner and she took it.

      • Not sure what season of BB Canada, but I think Rachel Reilly was on it too, if I remember correctly.

    • Not from what I’ve seen or heard with I’d love to finish 2nd to Paul. Or if you go after him he’ll make it your life he**

  5. Can you ask her why they cast such people? Why they had the first temptation be three weeks safety when its obvious it would have gone to Paul? Why since she has taken over the show has generally been crappier?

    • Unless they show Derrick in the house having a 1-on-1 with each HG individually. I’d love to see them all mewl, “well, there was nothing I could do … it was out of my hands…” like Alex said to Cody. Heck, girl, it was YOUR HOH!

      • He couldn’t have 1-1 talks, it would be very hard for him not to influence or spill anything since he has watched the season. On OTT we saw guests arrive and HG would swoon over the guests, asked if they missed the house, most of the time the former houseguest would want to see the house and yard and the changes. Then right to the business like the comp, no time for secret chit chat or help.

  6. I hope this “special event” is worth keeping it secret for a day… it seems like its just a recap show.

      • The person who leaked Xmas as HOH, said tonight’s show is just a clip show hosted by Derrick. I hope the leaker is wrong.

      • Same. I’m already disappointed and it hasn’t even aired yet! LOL :)

  7. Again, unless CBS is going to direct deposit 5k into my account, don’t curr. I want my DE feeds and they better be attainable in flashbacks, I know this will never happen. Just putting it all out there.

    • Word has it it’s Christmas, and Paul threw the HOH to her. Not sure we can trust word, though …

      • Because they always play for a new HOH for the next week. Jasons was just short because it was DE. He was HOH nominated Mark & Elena, Mark won POV Matt replacement and Elena went home. Jasons HOH is done. After the show they played for a new HOH which will be shown in Sunday’s show along with nominations.

      • Did he even move in room? I’m off on timeline now. No letter from home or usual perks?

      • The HOH for the Double Eviction, as has happened every season for a while now, does NOT get the HOH room. They do get their HOH basket and a letter from home. They’re also no longer a HN.

      • He gets a letter from home, basket and pictures but no room for a week. Last night Jason asked about the letter, Paul assured him he would get it.

      • Paul assured him? How would Paul know? Because he saw what happened in a double eviction in Season 16, or because Paul is basically in charge of Season 19?

      • All DE HOH get a letter from home, it is in the rules. Jason wanted the letter right after winning, he was obviously excited to find out if his wife was pregnant and if she found out boy/girl. Jason didn’t get , it is a live show and there was only minutes to decide noms. Paul assured Jason the letter, pictures etc would come later and it was time to focus on noms.

  8. I would rather the feeds , anything Derrick has to say to these hg is of no interest to me nor is it special.

  9. I’m guessing tonights show is going to be a reflection of the first half and than they start the HOH but won’t show the winner till sunday

  10. Derrick giving advise to the house guests is useless! Only Paul would benefit as the others are too scared to make a move! Mark has one shot but, if it is true Christmas is the HOH then, Mark could be on the block and fighting for VETO and survival. This is a huge farce when nobody else is playing except, Paul! They need a new twist to evict people no matter if they are part of that huge alliance! Make it a forced eviction! Have contest and the last person is automatically evicted! Atleast, force everyone to play hard for survival!

    • I’d be interested to hear what the criteria was for choosing the cast this season. Look at the percentage of posts that feature Paul in them. What would we have to discuss if it weren’t for Paul? Did they know about this cast going in – and that’s why they knew they’d have to bring a feisty vet in? If Paul wins, he should be ashamed of himself (and CBS should be ashamed, as well). It’s only an honor to win if you’ve had competition along the way.

      • Your logic is mystifying to me,how you can blame CBS or Paul for individuals behavior once they arrive in the BB house,no one has a crystal ball to predict human nature or the future,they do their best every year with casting but even then always a roll of the dice until the game actually unfolds,

      • I imagine it’s one thing to talk about what you would do in the house when you’re trying out, totally different to be in the house with 14-15 strangers and have to worry about surviving.Talk is cheap. I think many who talk the loudest here about ‘minions’ or whatever would not be making big moves but cowering in the corners

      • Just love the people complaining about the :’minions’,at least they are still there in the BB house,unlike Cody and Jess who got evicted,guess they are doing something right!

      • Someone else said it earlier this week, you have to play the game you can and for those who can’t win comps they need to attach themselves to someone who can. I have no problem with an alliance, and doing what’s best for that until the numbers get down to 6 say, it’s the floaters who irritate me

  11. I can’t believe the amount of spineless losers in this season. I think everyone (the exception being Mark who will be evicted this week because that’s what Paul wants) remaining in the house wants Paul to win. They would nominate themselves for eviction rather than to see their “best buddy” Paul leave. I cannot remember a season where 90% of the house isn’t competitive and they just want to hang out and go to the jury house. Bunch of clowns…

    • When the words “It would be an honor to lose to you Paul” are actually spoken, you know casting messed up baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad….

    • Don’t forget they would run it by Paul first to see if it is OK for them to put themselves up for eviction.

    • I know, Matt mentioned something like “it should be another four weeks or so before Paul is even nominated”… NOT it should be another 4 weeks for ME to be nominated, but Paul! LOL! smh…these people. Where did BB casting find them?

    • Yeah, but hasn’t she been a producer for a long time? I seem to remember her name even in BB2?

      • I just looked up to see how long she has been with big brother. She is the hgtv producer fir flip or flop Atlanta? Kind of weird choice. I’ve seen some hgtv shows in person and I thought it was kind of a low end producing gig?

      • It wasn’t clear, it seems like she was in different roles in production. She has been there since season 8 for big brother and big brother after dark but before that not sure if she had as much control? Or if titles were different.

  12. Sorry Grodner but you should be ashamed of yourself and your crew. Why don`t u just move on to a different TV show. We all know you like scripted…..reality is not your thing girl.

  13. Which houseguest is going to be most excited to see Derrick enter? I say Kevin or Mark. Kevin because he has met Derrick and Derrick lives close to Boston. Mark seems to be a fan but not sure Mark is the type that will get all excited over a HG. We know it won’t be Alex after she didn’t recognize Jeff.

  14. Worst. Season. Ever. In fact, I’m done. I deleted the latest 2 episodes off my DVR last night and its just not worth watching anymore. Its sad as a person who has never missed an episode since S1E1 but BB has finally “jumped the shark”. And with 1,000,000 less viewers last week than the previous week, there’s a huge fan base who feels the same way as I do. Oh well….all good things must come to an end. Farewell……..

  15. All this complaining about the worst ever BB and Paul sounds likes sour grapes,any flaws this summer can be traced back to the very angry ‘Romeo and Juliet’ showmance who had the social skills of Caligula.

    • Two if’s and I realize they most likely would not have happened given Cody’s character.
      IF Cody had not been so personal in his nom speeches, telling Megan he just didn’t like her and then going off on Paul in his ill fated nom speech and simply said Paul you’re a big threat and if we don’t get you out early, it will be very difficult to do so later and
      IF Cody had simply apologized to his group after going rogue on them, I think he might have salvaged his place in the game. Not as the alpha male but as a player who others could want to join up with later in the game. Big IF’s but a bigger man might have done so

      • You are spot on,his very cruel remark to Megan was so revealing,very uncalled for but she was not a ‘model type’,so he piled on when she was clearly already down for the count,I washed my hands of him from that moment and his refusal to step forward like a human being and repair the damage he caused early on only made matter worse.

  16. Paul should never have been allowed i he ruined the season for many n Christmas should have went hime all she is is a vote n a free ride

  17. Ugh . Please stop showing Jess and Cody , they literally all the neediest, co- dependent , dysfunctional , Whiney , blah . Gawd .. so glad they are GONE !!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  18. I wish Matthew B wojld take Grodner to task on her casting process. But she wont answer them. And she would probably never give another interview ever again.

  19. If Christmas is the new HOH, she would shake up the house (according to tonight’s episode). We’ll c.

  20. We all have a flashback button, that is all this was Friday nothing special. Other than Derrick being there. Still waiting for the special event.

  21. Those questions are worthless. Ask her why always with the vets. Why are they picking pretty young little boys and girls. Why are they picking people that have money? This was supposed to be a experiment to see how people reacted being locked up 24/7 with strangers not a love connection. Not a bully fest. They don’t have to work for their food anymore. No have not comps. It’s become a JOKE!

  22. One other thing. Tell her it needs to be that the HGs CANNOT discuss the noms at all. EVER! Not who to vote for or not to vote for. It’s ridiculous that the house goes as one. STUPID. If they are heard discussing it, they get one penalty vote for themselves!!!!!!!!

  23. Another useless interview of AG!! Come on BBN, at least try to ask some serious questions.

  24. Am I the only one who thinks this is the worst season of Big Brother yet? Without Paul this would have played out very differently. No one seems to think for themselves. Another week where Paul runs the house. And, everyone has the same strategy – the “backdoor” plan. Can we get back to the earlier seasons where everyone plays veto so the “backdoor” plan isn’t the go to plan every week.

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