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Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 7

Last night on Big Brother 19 we saw Alex Ow take over again as Head of Household and that means she’s got to make a couple of picks to head to the Block later today. But with the last week of the Temptation Competition at hand there’s still some uncertainty over just how that will come together.

It didn’t long before we saw Alex on the Feeds planning her next move as she looked to send Matthew and Elena to the Block, but that didn’t last the night. The main target this whole time remains Cody, but there’s been some back and forth on how to get to that point.

A few hours after Paul had agreed to Alex’s initial suggestion he circled back and warned her that might not be the best idea, or rather he wants her to do what he wants her to do instead. Flashback to 11:00 PM BBT 8/10 to watch.

Paul warns Alex that by putting up a complete showmance couple she could avoid upsetting two different groups. If she’s already going to upset one pair by nominating one of them then why do it to two pairs. It’s not the most unreasonable idea, but still. Either way, Alex comes around to the idea and agrees to go with Paul’s suggestion of Mark and Elena. There’s worry that neither will be happy, but it’s noted that they’re probably already unhappy about having gone up last week anyway so why not.

Later in the night Raven suggests going with an all-guys Block and having Matthew and Mark nominated with Josh designated to throw the Temptation. They don’t like that idea though because they’re down two votes in that situation. Back to the Paul’s plan for Alex instead.

As long as neither Mark nor Elena wins the Temptation battle then watch for them to go up on the Block with Cody set as the target for a Backdoor. If Cody finds his way to safety at some point this week then Mark could be in trouble as Paul has been pushing for him to go. I’m thinking Paul wants his minion Elena all to himself in the game.

Last week the Temptation Competition took nearly ten hours and that was with just one more player than it sounds like we’ll have this week since they’re all planning to play except Christmas and Alex. We could be in for a heck of a wait if they’re doing individual performances. What a disaster. Hopefully production adapts their plan this week and we’re back on track with a faster challenge.

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    • "his babe" LOL. I feel like his negative energy oozes out of the TV...I would love if after the show is over he's like "Just kidding, I'm a total goofball in real life! It was all an act!"

  • I think Paul could be in his first real pinch in the DE if Cody is the one voted out, his hold will falter quite quickly and I believe he'll be playing for his BB life in the DE.
    My fear is he and it and takes a shot at Alex and he's home free......

  • So, the house is worried about getting Cody out? Cody, who is all alone, has no allies, is targeted by the whole house? Oh sure, HE is the one you need to worry about. THIS is the STUPIDEST cast in HISTORY. Vote out threats....not toothless loners.

      • Is more then just Paul now , Kevin won't vote for him to stay and said He won't even talk to him anymore . Jason Is his hardcore fan and loves him in the house. Alex has a deal w him just like the other 2 .. and josh . Mark Elena and Cody can try but if they do that now they aren't going to get the votes. Just not enough ppl to vote him out and longer they keep him it can further their game

    • He does though! Mark and Elena (more and more)....although Paul/ the majority of the house doesn't know Elena is getting clued in by Cody as to where the real alliances are (Paul, Alex, Jason, Kevin).

      • Mark probably knows that already and if not winning comp he may have been evicted . I like him but they are flip flooers . Every hoh she goes up to kiss their azz , like Jody , josh and now elana

      • So should target Elena and get her out , then mark ! Double evict next week and hope they find a way to get Cody out if he doesn't have that safety 😤

        • I agree...although it kind of sucks for Paul to openly have any hand in getting Elena out since Elena was always in his corner and could be a vote for him in Jury. I also think she deserves to stay (IMO) over Mark the professional Flip Flopper.

          Hopefully when Elena goes to jury she'll be rational with her vote (she seems like a smart rational chick - just really insecure from a younger age which is why I think she over-sexualizes herself (yes I know that's not a word!!))

          I'm re-watching Dan's season #2 (season 14 - soooo entertaining) to see any similarities to Paul's game. Dan played a harder game the 2nd time around - which led to a bitter jury, and it seems like Paul is playing a more exposed/ aggressive game this time too. Before any panties get in a wad, I am not saying Paul is as good as Dan (Dan is my absolute #1). But Paul is really good.

          • Yes , that's true , she hasn't really ruffled any feathers , and I don't get why josh hates her !!! I hope they backdoor Cody , he is still the target unless he wins veto and if so I'm so done. 😤 I mean it. Kinna .. no.. maybe watch for Alex , but I think I think they are gonna try and get Cody first and then mark

          • Brooklyn, I'm right there with you - I was iffy on Alex when she came in, now I really like her. I don't know that I could put up with Crude Loud f-ing Jason, but I know I would never get into a showmance, and I would be an outsider in the game from the get go because I'm introverted. Josh is being a little silly/ short-sided/ maybe over-confident that "the house" will always have the power to get Jody out. And Elena has been a number for the non-Cody-side of the house

    • I love vets...but most are full of sh*t. Evel Dick, Rachel, past whatevers...I really liked most of their seasons but they often seem butt hurt about new players they never knew doing exceptionally well.

    • No, I watched that season and was rooting for him then, I don't get why Nicole won , she was good tho w comps and social , but can't remember how paul was .. is it bad ?

    • Paul, Mr. Friendship will have a Rude Awakening when he gets out of the BB House this time?! Paul has gone from "Beloved" to "Don't Like" in one Season?!

      I Loved Paul & Victor last year...But Allison Grodner should have "Waited" at least 2 to 3 years before putting Paul on as a Vet for a Season of Big Brother.

      • Yeah, and one that got second! I like paul and I want him to win, the others have to get the courage to put him up !!! Cody is the only one that would do that and Mark , but he still has final2 with Alex and Jason ??? So they won't vote for him , Matt and raven absolutely follow paul . Kevin tried , I think should wait Til a few more go then try .. may be easier, but still team paul 😝

  • Hmmm ... looks like they may be doing a backdor. Plllllzzzzz don't let Cody get pov!!. Just don't draw him 👍Even if he did , Elena could go . Mark won it again! So he's safe 😁

  • Paul is rambling on and on about how BB is a social experiment and how he has suffered blah blah.

    If he's trying to justify his actions to the viewing audience then he's failing miserably. Paul turned into a vicious bully.

  • Do any of these people talk to each other? Just to say I sure am tired of Paul controlling everything/ telling me what to do.

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