Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 9: Friday Night Highlights

The evening started out pretty quiet in the Big Brother 19 house until BB shifted into high gear and the players for the veto competition were picked a day early, signaling to the HGs that the veto competition was possibly going to be happening that night.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 25, 2017:

4:10 PM BBT – HGs hanging out and complaining about Raven and Matthew. Paul doesn’t like her talking about last season since she wasn’t there.

4:20 PM BBT – Raven starts screeching over Storage being restocked. HGs are annoyed with her behavior and try to avoid her. Christmas wonders if they should get rid of Raven first.

5:00 PM BBT – General chatter around the house. Alex and Jason are working on trying a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie.

5:25 PM BBT – Kevin is doing a little camtalk session. He’s still flustered about answering Julie’s question and saying he wanted water from home.

5:35 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the nomination ceremony.

6:33 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Matthew and Raven were nominated.

6:40 PM BBT – Raven tells Paul that Jason promised to save her with the Veto if he wins it. Paul assures Raven that nothing funny is going on. Raven suggests Kevin knows he’s the real target.

6:45 PM BBT – Josh and Paul celebrate, but Paul says to keep it quiet. They agree Kevin would be the renom and everyone should try to win the Veto.

7:05 PM BBT – Raven and Matthew agree that they can trust Paul.

7:20 PM BBT – Houseguests are gathered for dinner.

7:49 PM BBT – Feeds cut to animal loops.

8:23 PM BBT – Feeds return. Sounds like they had an early veto player draw. Veto must be happening tonight.

8:27 PM BBT – Paul asks Jason if he wants him to gun for veto (so Paul was picked). They discuss stressing Kevin out a bit (so Kevin was picked).

8:28 PM BBT –  HGs speculate a Sunday eviction. Paul says he thinks that will happen (wrong). Elsewhere Josh tells Christmas he doesn’t think Jason was very happy he got drawn for veto (So Josh is playing. That means Alex and Christmas are the two not playing in veto). Josh under if Jason was planning to backdoor himself or Christmas. Josh says if he wins he will not use the veto.

8:30 PM  BBT – Jason and Paul now discuss throwing the veto to Kevin because he wouldn’t use it. Josh joins in and they tell him they should throw it to Kevin.

8:57 PM BBT – Josh asks Paul if one of them is the real target. Paul says no they are 100 percent safe this week. Paul tells him they wouldn’t even have the votes to evict one of them.

9:20 PM BBT – Josh, Alex and Paul all agree the veto should not be used if anyone other than Matthew or Raven wins it.

9:40 PM BBT – Kevin mentions Raven slept in the same bed as Cody night one (this was before Matt and Cody basically traded girls). Jason and Kevin agree everyone needs to stop talking about Cody. They say they’re giving him too much airtime.

9:45 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason if there’s a way they can throw the veto to Josh they should because he won’t use the veto. Jason says sure.

10:02 PM BBT – Jason, annoyed with Kevin, says he wants to win the veto and pull Raven off and put Kevin up just to scare him. Paul tells Jason they don’t need to ruffle feathers so nominating Kevin right now isn’t worth it.

10:20 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that Nicole beat him by one vote and mentions that one of the votes was just because someone wanted to see a girl win (Natalie).

10:25 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that next week Christmas or Josh would put up Raven and Kevin (Jason is really the next target).

10:30 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul that she was the other vote against Matt but it was an accident.

10:36 PM BBT – Paul trying to convince Matt that Jason hates Kevin.

10:40 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex he doesn’t want her to get too cocky in the game. She says she isn’t but he says the’s getting loud and bossy and that’s going to annoy people.

10:50 PM BBT – HGs waiting on the veto competition since Christmas was called to the Diary Room. Alex tell Jason as soon as Matthew and Raven are both out of the veto comp to let Josh or Kevin win.

11:20 PM BBT – Josh asks Paul if they should try to win the veto competition. Paul says they have to win and can’t use the veto. Josh says Matt and Raven will be so upset.

11:27 PM BBT – Christmas is finally out of the Diary Room but doesn’t have any information on the veto competition.

12:15 AM BBT – Paul and Josh playing chess, others hanging out still waiting on he veto competition to begin.

1:30 AM BBT – HGs are starting to fall asleep. Doesn’t look like the veto competition is really happening.

1:58 AM BBT – Paul and Jason talk about how Jason can act shocked when Matt or Raven goes. Jason says he doesn’t care which one goes, but Matt would be the better choice.

2:01 AM BBT – Paul and Jason are trashing Kevin. Paul tells Jason that he told him Alex and Jason were the stray eviction votes. Paul says Kevin dangles bringing him in the game over his head. Jason says Kevin might have made up taking the $25K just for that reason. Paul says he doesn’t know but it would be dumb to put that target on himself.

2:56 AM BBT – Josh cam talks that he hasn’t played the best game, but he’s exactly where he wants to be in the game. He says Jason is taking the shot at Matt this week and next week they can get Jason or Alex out.

3:37 AM BBT – Josh says goodnight to the cams and everyone is officially in bed. No veto competition.

So the HGS waited around all night for the veto competition that never happened. Could that have been production’s subtle way of sticking it to them for not touching the Tree of Temptation? That’s what I’m going with.

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  1. 10:20 PM BBT “Paul tells Jason that Nicole beat him by one vote and mentions that one of the votes was just because someone wanted a girl to win(Natalie).
    1:58 AM BBT “……..Jason says he doesn’t care which one goes, but Matt would be the better choice.
    4:20 PM BBT “……. Christmas wonders if they should get rid of Raven first.”

    What the heck is wrong with these people?!?! Yes, Christmas, please, yes!!! Let her go torment the people in jury. They constantly complain about Raven. None of them like her. She’s the entitled one who screams and begs for attention, cooks horrible food, eats the HOH’s food, etc. Matt might be more normal if Raven leaves. Raven will be even more needy if Matt leaves. Who’s going to placate to her whims and needs? That house would be so much more peaceful without her, for the HGs and for the fans. Raven first, please, for those of us who need a remission from Ravenitis.

    • LOL. We’re on the same page here. Couple of weeks ago they were scared to evict her because of what fans would think of them taking the poor terminal dying sweetheart. But I think they start to realize that she needs to go. I don’t care for Matt staying, but her, I can’t anymore. Please please, get her out!!!

    • I seriously doubt Raven is dying any time soon. I doubt CBS would have cast a seriously (or terminally) ill houseguest (and, if they found that out after the fact, they should have removed her from the game). The saddest thing is, for whatever reason, she feels the need to play the death card all the time. By evicting her, the HG’s loss will be the jury house’s gain. Or the other way around.

      • Oh, I think so, too, and he was complaining last night when she followed him into the storage room. When she left, according to Jokers, he said to the cam for her to “F’ing go away! F**k!

      • Who can have someone saying multiple times a day “do you realize I will die from my 2 terminal unknown diseases”, that always one up your story, have a new injure every 5 minutes and have the most annoying voice??? No one but Matt!!!

      • Yes. And even if I really dislike raven, it will be very hard for her once she get back home. She will need the ~4k she got on GFM for therapy. And that won’t be enough!! I feel bad for her.

      • Is that the current amount? Has the GFM page been shut down? If she has fraudulently taken money from people, I honestly can’t feel bad for her.

      • It has been reactivated and seems to accept money. The last donation is 19 day ago by a guy that confirm with psychic that she is sick. Lol. It currently have about 4430$.

      • I read about that contribution from the person that supposedly consulted a psychic. Weird, imo. It was probably someone trying to give it credibility. I find it hard to believe.

      • I believe (so I read) she told Matt that she wanted money from the show for a car and do some traveling….Matt supposedly told her that she needs to pay her medical bills…Duh…Did that not send up a red flag for MATT to ponder ???

      • Jason is really discovering more and more that she lies about everything. He got conversation with Christmas and also with Alex. He question why she always say she cannot eat red meat but always do eat tacos with beef. Same for the ice-cream. And the fact that she had not been sick even once.

        He said if she lies they will all look like fools.

      • He actually said once that if he finds out she has been lying, it would be the first time he’s ever punched a woman. I usually wouldn’t find that funny, but it this case, I understand the frustration and anger.

      • That is very possible. Think CBS will provide those for her. She might be spending and more her entire stipend on protection from the loonies out there.

      • I’m wondering if she realized or even know how wrong she is. Maybe she got really brainwashed by her mother. If it’s the case she need serious psychological help.

        But to be honest I think she knows that she’s lying. She’s not 12 years old. She’s 23 and she goes to doctor by herself. A good example is all the mini injuries she get in the house, she exaggerates them by 1000.

      • I’m sure it will all come out soon. I bet CBS will be sorry about ever casting her, if they aren’t already.

      • I suspect they are not giving her airtime for that reason. I was even surprised they showed some clip of her falling in the slip and slide. They mostly ignore her in every tv show.

      • I guess it’s very touchy. She does probably have diseases. She has a pacemaker. She just exaggerate everything and lies on all other thing that only a doctor that evaluate her can confirmed.

        But what maybe they could go with is that probably she never said she was that sick in her interview. Otherwise she’s wouldn’t had been selected. So it’s one thing they can go after her.

        But I’m just speculating. I have no idea. But I would love love to see a law suit after that!!! (I’m a bit mean when it get to her)

      • Not mean at all is a person is being fraudulent about something. And I don’t know that she is..for sure..but there are a whole lot of red flags. I read somewhere, not sure if it is factual, that make a wish had something to do with helping her get on the show. That sounds a little far fetched to me, but idk.

      • She is a compulsive liar. Her mom got electrocuted by lightning but an iPhone close to the pacemaker will kill her. Lol. THeirs so many contradictions it’s unbelievable. People do lots of videos on all what she say and then contradict her self.

        In one she is so lost in her lies that when Christmas discuss with her the age she was diagnosed dates didn’t add up so she said “well, i was at a young age..”

      • He also noticed she get no attention like for example Julie didn’t ask her anything. And that she got the worst zing. He said are they trying to pass us a message!! Yes Jason, you got it!!

    • In my best Asian voice “No, remission for you” LOL. Please let the Raven go so Kcan officially say, “Hark, the Raven is no more”, PLEASE I BEG YOU.

    • I said the same thing girl! Lol I got a feeling they may vote her out. I hope so, imagine Cody’s face! Lol

      • I hope we don’t have to imagine it but get to see it first hand. I can hope all I want, but believing it will be Raven instead of Matt is another think. I’m hoping Raven gets under their skin so much in the next few days that they have no choice but to evict her if she is still OTB after veto.

      • That’s why I predicted she would be gone! How many in jury before they show us? I forget every year! Lol smh

      • Now give us an hour long special of that and I’ll eat it up. That Friday show the other day was a complete waste of time, imo.

      • Are you guys for real, wanting Raven out? This is a terminally ill person. Who danced, I mean fought hard to be on BB. Is this how you treat someone simply, because of ones annoyance. This is her dream. She has been playing the game, before she walked into the house.
        I have seen her skills, (under the sheets) talent, and the different language she speaks. She has worked Matt hard too stay in the house. And this is why you can’t turn your back on her now! Raven for final 2 😁

      • I’d think they’d have a clip with Mark entering jury since he was pretty well liked. Maybe ‘photo op’ with Cody’s face seeing Mark enter. Oh, yes, with Elena’s face of Mark’s entrance, also.

    • Hey KSJB, can you answer my question I posted above………I should have just replied to your post in the first place….HOW U DOIN

      • Cheryl, for some reason, your comment never showed up in my notifications or on the thread until I refreshed the page just now. Sorry, I didn’t see it earlier. Nope answered you correctly. It was Paul’s choice to take Nicole to F2. I’ve answered every comment that you posted to me. I hope you are getting them. :D

    • Dumb question oh bright one!!!!!
      If raven is that bad as ” U” have just pointed out, and they have brought her this far, why not take her to end?
      That is a guaranteed victory then? Correct?
      she is the perfect ” partner’ for the final vote, unless u think the jury would be that jaded then;)

      • I think everyone is aware of that, SNOWMAN. I just don’t want to see her win ANY money. I take issue with people who (possibly/probably) defraud others out of money, act entitled and always one upping everyone for attention. I just don’t like the girl, so I will admit, it is personal.

      • A lot of times it comes down to.(a matter of taste) ‘Do you really want to sit beside that HG in the finale’? Dan G. talked about this subject before. For him, they have to be likable enough, can win comps, but can be beat in the Jury.

      • They don’t know what we all know about her scams. She would be pitiful and may just get sympathy votes. She already said she wants the money to travel and pay off her car. Matt had to say “No Raven, you need to pay off your medical bills”. She needs to go. I’d rather see anyone else as F2 than her.

    • Matts not going to be normal without her, his cackling loud laugh and mustache licking isn’t going to stop. Plus he can’t win anything & considers himself a loser.

    • I agree but I’m thinking the HG’s feel that Raven is an easy evict, no matter the circumstances, not so much with Matt, He has won some comps, Raven hasn’t It’s best to deal with him first and then move on to Raven.

      • I get what you’re saying and I know you completely understand the annoying factor. The game is what they are there for. I guess putting up with people is part of it. They have much more patience than me.

      • Yes, I’m all for getting Raven out, NOW, no argument from me. I’m surprised they are all able to be so civil to her as it is. I’d be hiding from her at all times, so obnoxious. She has surpassed Frankie obnoxious for me at this point, which is BAD! LOL

      • OMG, could you imagine being in the house with the TWO of them????? Raving lunatic Raven said in her pre-season interview that Frankie was her fav. When Derrick came to the house, she said Derrick was her fav and Frankie was second. My how that girl’s stories change with the breeze.

      • That reminds me of a look my maternal grandma shot my way on a few occasions, usually before she walloped me. I recognize that character. Who is it?

      • Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey. If you haven’t watched it, I HIGHLY recommend it! She had some of the best lines and facial expressions in the series.

      • TY. I haven’t watched it. She must have roles in something else I have seen because she looks very familiar.

      • Yes, she is a well known British actress. She was in Harry Potter, I wonder if that’s where you recognize her from. Not sure if your grandkids were old enough of even around when HP came out.

      • I haven’t watched HP either. It bugs me when I can’t figure stuff like that out. I’ll Google her. :)

      • I figured you had seen more with her in it! I’m glad you figured it out! Something as miniscule as trying to figure something like that out drives me nuts until I figure it out! 😁

      • My husband use to ALWAYS be right. I didn’t argue. I took a hint from my granddaughter to use Google as a weapon. Now, I can prove him wrong….and have, repeatedly. lol

      • Haha Good ole Google! I used to lie awake trying to think of something, now I can just Google it! Great for our sanity! lol

      • Oh how I miss Downton! 😖😭😢😖😟 And Maggie Smith would be great without even saying anything!! Her facial expressions are the best!! Love her in every movie she’s in! (Hilarious in “The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood!)
        And since I am completely off the topic of BB, do you watch Victoria, on Masterpiece Theater? It’s no Downton, but I look forward to it ALMOST the same! 😁

      • I’m a huge history buff. I tried to watch Victoria but it didn’t do it for me. It was too schmaltzy and off the mark to make it believable in anyway. I gave it a serious college try, just couldn’t get into it. I’m really looking forward to The Vietnam War by Ken Burns. His documentaries are brilliant.

      • I’m a huge history buff as well. I definitely see the discrepancies with Victoria, but I am able to look over it. I’ve had the Vietnam War docs on PBS set to record for a couple of months now! lol I can’t wait until it starts! Did you ever watch Mercy Street? I am upset to hear that it was cancelled! 😢 I love anything to do with the 17 – 19th centuries! Even the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! Haha

      • I haven’t watched Mercy Street, should I give it a shot?

      • It was/is awesome, IMO, but it’s cancelled. Only aired seasons one & two. I absolutely loved it! It’s difficult for me to recommend something knowing that they will only get to see two seasons, but if you can handle that, then most definitely watch it! There’s another show that was on PBS that you would probably enjoy. If I can remember the name of it, I will update this and let you know. You can watch it on the PBS website. It is a recreation of the slums during the nineteenth century in England. It’s like a reality show, and each week, the people live during a different decade. Seems like the first week is the 1850’s, second week ’60s, and so on. They are given jobs that were of that century/decade, and could only use tools of that decade. With you liking history, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching it! It was very informative and interesting! I will try and find the link to the episodes and post it on here for you. 😁

      • The show that I was telling you about is called “The Victorian Slum House”. Go to the PBS website, click on the link in the top right corner, that says “choose a station”. After you select your local network/station, search for Victorian Slum House, and then you should have access to the full season. (You might get a couple more replies from me regarding this. It’s because I posted the link in with the first two, and didn’t realize that it needed approval by the sites Administrator; so if they approve the other reply, you’ll know why I made two posts.) If you don’t mind, let me know if you get a chance to watch it, and what you think!

      • Check your TV Guide. On September 1 they are running a Downton Abbey marathon. It starts at 9pm EST on our PBS station. :-)

      • What comp did he won a part of the one that they swap punishment and he end up finishing with the veto?

      • Yes!!! And Matt was stupid to even take the veto. That week he was the third nominee. He didn’t use it on him since the plan was to BD Cody.

        Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

      • Matt won the comp, don’t remember what kind, where HGs stood on a big floor plan as to where they were when a certain sound was played. Well, he actually lost to win being 3rd nom that week.

      • No, he actually lost that comp because they wanted to back door cody and Matt had to lose the comp to avoid Cody playing in the veto.

    • Yes, please. I’ve stayed away from the feeds the past few days, mostly because the cams like to focus on her and Matt more now. I just cain’t anymore, I cain’t! Time for her to leave sooner than later.

  2. Jason should have picked Alex for veto and not Paul. I hope that Alex goes next week and Jason wins veto if they are nominated. They have each other’s back, but keep playing for Paul. I think Kevin should make it to the end, and win. There is really no one in the house after Paul.

    • I think Jason is starting to wean himself from Alex. I could be wrong here but it sems that way.

      • Jason is pulling himself away from Alex, but this will lead him getting closer to Paul…..which is even worse.

      • By reading the synopsis of the evenings on the highlights summary, there’s been two or more nights that they say paul is in HOH room with Jason talking until 2 or 3 am. Then paul sleeps/naps during day. Not sure if paul is trying to get info from Jason, making Jason too tired to function or paul just being around Jason so no one else can talk to Jason privately.

      • Maybe but Paul wants him out so I can’t see that happening but I have been wrong before.

      • I hope so, can’t stand Alex and the way she treats Jason.

    • But Kevin has nothing absolutely NOTHING game wise. I don`t want Paul to win, but I prefer Paul over Kevin.

    • Jason has to have a plan? Alex has final 2 with Paul but Jason does not. Jason has to have a plan to get rid of Paul at some point if he really wants a final 2 with Alex.

      • I am still waiting for that plan. He doesn’t know Alex has an F2 deal with him, he just thinks is the three of them have an F3 deal.

  3. Hey everybody, if I’m not mistaking, didn’t Nicole win that last hoh comp last season, and SHE WAS THE ONE to choose between James and Paul, and of course she chose Paul,
    but anyway, Paul keeps saying how he chose Nicole over James to take to the final 2, so why does he keep saying that HE picked Nicole to take to the final?

  4. Has Paul disclosed what he would do if he won the next hoh?? I’m sure he’s not going to directly go after Jason and Alex.

    • He won’t try to win unless he feels threatened. He would surely have to chose a side or either go after the other half of Maven and/or Kevin.

      • I figured he was prepping Kevin in case he wins. I suspected Paul has been throwing a lot of comps. You can see it in his face. Very smart.

      • He has for sure thrown a couple of them. How confident can he afford to be that his herd will continue to follow their master is the question? It’s getting down to the nitty gritty.

      • Honey it isure is surprising me! I’ve never seen anything like this. No one is even talking about Paul behind his back! He has them trained WELL honey! Bravo! I can’t hate! The boy is doing his thing!

      • No hate coming from me. He should have won last season and because of that, I have no problem with him doing so this season.

      • He should have! You know we are the few that gives him credit. If all this had happened this way in a vintage season everyone will be saying how great he was. I don’t pay these folk no mind chile! The boy is good! And only 24. Smh

      • I’m not oblivious to his annoying characteristics. He’s loud, obnoxious, and boisterous at times. In real life, he would probably irritate the heck out of me. For some reason(TPUTS) he made the wrong decision last season for F2. I give him credit for what he accomplished to bring his game back to life last season and for playing his heart out this season. That boy is not just laying back and taking it easy. He’s always working it!

      • Actually I like his personality, i don’t think its that “OTT”. I like to be entertained, I think he’s funny and has an astute sense of humor. I don’t prefer the Derricks and Nicoles. I don’t like nothing bland. If you ask me, he’s brought BB back to life.

      • He has the perfect personality for BB. His DRs are great! If he is playing a character, that’s fine, but in real life, his character would be a little OTT for my preference in choosing a life friend.

      • He and I would have a ball. I can just about get along with any personality as long as you’re real. Oh and don’t start no mess with me! Lol So if if you’re not counterfeit and an S starter, we’re good! Lol

      • I can’t hate his strategy, he’s brilliant. I just don’t like the person. While I won’t root for him, I won’t be upset if he wins.

      • If Paul made final 2, I wouldn’t care if he won. He has been doing his thing. He never stop playing, even in his sleep, He’s dreaming of his next move. Lol MEANWHILE….I still would like too see the house shaken up a little. Don’t you?

      • Mark said in his exit interview Paul is throwing comps. Mark says as a BB fan he did not like such obvious comp throwing.

    • He wants Jason out next so that HE can team up with Alex. That’s what he’s wanted for a while now.

      • I know that but HE wouldn’t break them up, someone else has to, that would blow his cover. I asked what Paul would do if he takes the next hoh? I’m guessing Kevin.

  5. WTH, Jason! smh…After Christmas saying Matt might be prior military, Jason said he might be homosexual because he of his habit of cleanliness.

    • Yes he takes multiple showers a day, but he put back dirty clothes after. Weird. Btw, I couldn’t stop laughing at his answer to Julie about the famous orange shirt… I like to wear sleeveless shirt in the house!!! Whouhahahaha!!

      • I just don’t get how that could be a sign of homosexuality. But I’ll admit, my gaydar doesn’t work too well.

      • I don’t see how it’s an homosexuality sign as well. My gaydar is usually good and I don’t see it with Matt. Jason can sometimes be very naive. It’s part of his charm!

      • I checked some YouTube video of him as a rodeo clown and I just became a fan. He’s so cool!!! Love him. And I think he could win this even if in f2 with Paul. Everyone likes him.

      • I saw a picture of him that someone posted yesterday in his clown makeup. He looked cute as a clown. I hope he wins some money and unless something changes, I would have no trouble voting for him AFP.

      • He tol Paul he brought the whole costume with him and he got suspenders in his HOH basket. All he is missing is the makeup. He was bummed he got no clown makeup. I was waiting for Raven to volunteer makeup services!

      • Nasty you. ;). Too funny. She already have the white foundation that her mom insist that she wears to look more sick.

      • I want him to win also but sadly unless he or Alex wins everything or someone else becomes a bigger target (which is highly unlikely) Jason will be gone as soon as possible. Unfortunately!

      • I dont think he is gay maybe he showers so much because Raven aint pitching him any homeruns :-)

    • I think he was saying it as a joke, like he showers so much because of all the Raven sex makes him feel dirty. Oddly he never showers after sex. Just random showering all day putting dirty clothes back on.

    • Given that it appears he is able to get it up for Raven, like, constantly, l doubt he’s gay. And he isn’t all that clean in some ways (e.g., the dish towel caper).

      • Yep, a tad bit of irony there, huh? Also, I have read where he put his nasty feet on the kitchen counter and a few other things that don’t fit the clean routine of Mattttheeeeww. He’s just washing Raven off of him. Can’t blame him for that. With all of those diseases she has, it’s a good call on his part.

    • Jason is an a$$. He’s already said f@g twice, called trans people “it”, and makes a dumb comment about someone being gay because they like to be clean. I’m hoping he’s out before Alex.

      • Him and Cody called the transgender house guest from a few seasons ago it. It’s on one of the updates. In the first week he was talking to Alex about not being a f@g. You just posted the conversation about Matt.

      • Hmmm. Sounds like it might be a little personal with you, but I’m just reading your words. I’ll leave it up to the feeders to decide. A lot of times there are inflections in voice and mannerisms that are needed to tell the story that can’t be heard and seen by lowly readers like me. Jason’s alright by me.

      • There is only one way of saying f@g and it. What does inflection in voice and mannerisms have to do with it? If you don’t care that’s fine, just say it don’t give some weird excuse. Hahaha

      • I don’t agree neither. He’s always very respectful and polite. Like we said before, sometimes naive, but I never heard him talking badly about gay or trans. But Cody did. Maybe Garett is confuse.

      • I’m not confused it happened. Check back to the beginning of August. Him and Cody were talking about Audrey and they kept referring to her as it. I’m trying to find it but there are a lot of BB Network articles to scroll through.

    • I don’t suppose it would have anything to do with having a Boyz II Men lyric prominently tattooed on his arm.

      • Not being a fan, I have no idea, but it has been well documented that is what it is, and that is the reason he always has a band-aid over it. Jessica mentioned it too, in one of her post-eviction Q&A. I just didn’t realize B2M had any male fans, much less one who would tattoo a lyric. I suppose knowing what it is might add some insight because that guy is a cypher.

      • I knew he had a tat that had to partially covered so the complete thin ng wasn’t visible, but I hadn’t heard the B2M part. Things that make you go, hmm? ha

      • I’m going to get that tattooed on my arm
        “Things that make you go hmmm” & when people ask why christina? Why christina? Why? Why? Why LOL I will say it’s for my friend Karen from BBN
        Will you shatter?

      • Apparently it says

        “You taught me everything
        Everything you’ve given me
        I’ll always keep it inside
        You’re the driving force in my life, yeah
        There isn’t anything
        Or anyone that I could be
        And it just wouldn’t feel right
        If I didn’t have you by my side”

        About good ol’ Mom.

      • Oh my! I’d tell my son that was weird and not to tell anyone it was about me or that I was his mother.

      • And of course once again my husband is right! It did have a deeper meaning than me making fun of him for having Boyz II Men lyrics on his arm!

      • Seriously! I knew it was song lyrics but I didn’t know it was boys to men LMAO too funny!

        Ugh! My husband always has to be the voice of reason LOL I’m using talk to type so he heard me say that last part to you and he said “maybe it has a deeper meaning.” Whatever LOL find then!

      • It’s LA, Cy! Got big money on it? Are you attending or going to livestream? Yes, Mayweather will win!

      • Just livestream. It’s pure boxing, so it’ll be interesting to see what McGregor would do when there’s no kicks, knees, chocking, etc. Your hubby likes MMA, what does he think about this crazy fight?

      • He pays to see them often. He was telling Sydney all about it the other day and was saying how unnatural it would be for someone like McGregor and he doesn’t see him doing well. He doesn’t think it will be much of a fight.

      • Oh I didn’t know it was all boxing! Well then, I put my money on Mayweather. I thought McGregor was going to destroy him but not if it’s just boxing

  6. “Paul tells Jason that Nicole beat him by one vote and mentions that one of the votes was just because someone wanted to see a girl win (Natalie).”

    This is why I want Paul to win this season. He got absolutely screwed last year and I bet CBS feels this way too. Nicole even said in an interview she didn’t even know how she won.

    • Paul does not deserve an automatic consolation win this season just because. If he wants to win, he has to earn that win. Unfortunately, that seems like a pretty easy task this season.

  7. Why are these chumps targeting Kevin ? The guys a floater, perfect to take to final two as no one will vote for him in the jury house knowing he has already won $ 25,000. Same with Raven,she is just an annoying floater……….these twits have to take out Paul sooner rather then later.

  8. I think it’s funny that the HG’s are basically giving production the finger in refusing to use the tree. I have to wonder if they will change the rules and make it mandatory at some point.

      • Ok. Tbh, I didn’t pay much attention to what the tree could and couldn’t do, seemed like a total waste of time imo, thanks K!

      • LOL no doubt! That’s a big waste of $100. It is a very ugly special affect!
        They need money Temptations in there

      • Really? LOL I just mean the Apple tree temptation should’ve been more Temptations with money. Because they are there for money. Cha know

      • I was completely agreeing with you. I should have added an “I agree” at the beginning. Sorry. :)

    • Hey DeeDee, I don’t see the finger being given, It’s a temptation, a choice of if they want to use it or not. Plus they’re all scare of pulling the apple that puts a big target on your back. Mark took a chance when he was still in the house because he had nothing to lose, he knew he was the target, so he took a chance in the hopes of pulling the apple that has the pov in it.

      The other night Kevin asked Paul of all people how the tree works again, and as soon as Kevin walked away after getting an answer, Paul started whispering to whoever that was sitting across from him, I think it was Christmas about Kevin asking about the tree. Right away Paul’s red flag is up just because Kevin asked about the tree. I think that’s another reason nobody wants to touch that tree, for fear of a target being put on their back from other hg.

  9. While we’re waiting for the Veto competition to finish, just FYI (and way off topic) –
    the National Park Service lifetime Senior Pass will increase from $10 to $80 this coming Monday, Aug.28. If you’re a senior park visitor and need an annual pass, you have one more day to get it for $10. Just thought I’d let you all know.

    • They also give a free pass to the disabled. If you have a handicapped car placard , you can get the same pass for free. I live near many national parks , there is an office in Southern utah, just bring the disabled car card in and you can get the pass. some parks are expensive. My husband has to drive through one for work somedays and pay both ways, way more expensive then a toll road.

      • I’ve been to Arches and Zion – gorgeous places to visit in Utah. We live in Arizona, so the national parks of the west are pretty close, and certainly worth visiting.

  10. Does Alex have a nervous problem? I am sooooo over her flipping her hair back and forth. Everytime I see her, she is playing with her hair. Pulling it up and down, flipping it from left too right. Or putting braids in it. I think she is the only one w/o extentions, but plays in hers all day long. Have anyone noticed, or just me?

    • Nope, you aren’t the only one that has noticed it and it drives me insane. She has a lot of nervous energy. I would never be able to be around her, she’s much too amped up.

      • You got that right….Smg

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        Nope, you aren’t the only one that has noticed it and it drives me insane. She has a lot of nervous energy. I would never be able to be around her, she’s much too amped up.

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      • Maybe it’s the too much coke. It’s caffeine and sugar.

        She speak so fast as well!! At live show Thursday I didn’t even get for whom she voted. It was embarrassing to hear her.

        Christmas doesn’t have extensions, does she?

      • No, Christmas doesn’t have extensions. I was listening to Alex and Jason, last night or the other night and she was talking so fast, I couldn’t understand a damn thing she was saying, she was giving me a headache! LOL

      • I don’t get the feeds. If you can go back in look, its during a time when she is dressed up. Maybe a live show. Idk, but pay close attention to her hair. It seemed longer, I think her hair is usually shoulder length.

      • No, it’s all real. She was talking about it yesterday on feeds, how fast her hair has been growing while she’s been in the house.

      • I think I recall her having longer hair at one point. Maybe she borrowed someone else’s extensions LOL

      • I haven’t seen Christmas put them in, but one day her hair was longer than usual. Sooooo maybe….

      • I noticed that too, constant tweezing, filing and picking her nails (hands and feet), hair flips, hair up and down, and doing everyone’s nails. Gross! It may not be just Coke, because they ran out for a while and she complained about that. But she eats a lot of sugary foods, so I agree it could be that and she could have anxiety. She never, ever did seem to have too much patience. She’s always beating on Jason. Perhaps being locked up inside for 3-4 days at a time is getting to her.

      • Yeah I agree. It’s probably due to anxiety and too much pop! Bad combo! And, this is usually around the time when people start to get really antsy being stuck in the house.

      • I can’t understand her either. I thought it was cuz the volume was too low…. but nope! She’s a young person & from my experiences many of those young things mumble.

    • This is what I notice besides that, she also plays with her toe nails and get fingernails, so she probably did have a condition

    • I like her energy. She’s a firecracker. I also think she is a good player. Would like to see her, Paul and Jason in finals based on her philosophy of last players standing are strong ones. However, I get that is a risk for Paul. But my ideal would be those three with Paul winning it and Alex coming in 2nd.

    • It could be a nervous/anxiety thing. I know when I am anxious I play with my hair a lot.
      & I think she does have extensions

      • Maybe they are trashing the house it was hinted at last night Alex said she wanted to get destructive didnt that piss off Paul and Victor last year at James

      • I don’t know, I hate when they’er this long. Maybe it’s one of those comps where they have to feel around in the pitch dark for things.

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