Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Wednesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 19 Live Feeds were pretty mild Wednesday night for an eviction eve. That’s mostly because Cody knows there’s no chance he’s sticking around and everyone has already decided on the next target. And these HGs like to talk in circles, so a lot of the talks we’ve been hearing the past several days.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 16, 2017:

4:20 PM BBT – Elena asks Cody how he might vote from Jury. He says probably give it to Paul because of all the idiots kept him. Cody then suggests maybe he’d just flip a coin. Elena says she hopes it’s her or Mark at the end, but Cody says it’s doubtful. Cody thinks Paul will make it to F2 with either Kevin, Josh, or Christmas.

4:25 PM BBT – Elena asks Cody who would have sent his HoH letter. Cody says he told production not to give him one.

4:45 PM BBT – Mark talks to Elena about how much he likes her and wants to hold her.

4:50 PM BBT – Christmas asks Matthew how many shirts he brought. Surprisingly he says he brought ten and was given more, presumably by production.

5:00 PM BBT – Alex and Josh complain about Kevin and how he’s been fake with them and making multiple F2 deals. Paul chimes in that he wants to slow boil Kevin to get him angry. Josh questions why they’re doing this now.

5:20 PM BBT – Matthew tells Raven that he thinks they’re good even if Elena gets HoH. He thinks she’s more likely going after Josh, Christmas, or Alex. Raven thinks Mark might put up Matthew next to Josh and Josh would go.

6:25 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that their F4 should be them plus Paul and Alex. Jason agrees. Jason says he really wants to win the HoH but he doesn’t know what to expect in the game so he’s going to rely on Paul and Alex to help him.

7:05 PM BBT – Alex and Christmas are trying to figure out what Cody is doing now. They suspect he’s still working with Mark and Elena and is trying to keep his target bigger.

7:10 PM BBT – Alex tells Christmas that Kevin tried to make multiple F2 deals since last night, first with Jason, then Paul, Josh, and her (A). Christmas says Kevin doesn’t even talk F3 with her and she figures it because he doesn’t think she can make it. Alex lets Christmas know that Kevin left her (C) out of his pitched deal with Cody for several weeks of safety.

7:35 PM BBT – Cody talks to Elena about having a Snapchat account. She’s surprised. He explains that he gets the most response out of doing cooking/baking clips and tries to make them funny like threatening the ingredients with a gun then showing them suddenly done.

7:45 PM BBT – Cody said he hopes this week is not a Double Eviction because he wants a week of quiet to himself.

8:10 PM BBT – Alex and Cody are talking. She tells him that she has done so much for him in the game and has never lied to him. She said she’s cooked food for him and always talked to him when others wouldn’t. She says all he’s done for her is make her a target and blindsided her with a nomination. Cody tells her he’s sorry and she says that’s all she wanted and leaves the room.

8:12 PM BBT – Alex relays her conversation with Cody to Paul and the others. She says Cody, Mark and Elena were all in the room reading their bibles together. She calls it Bible Study.

9:20 PM BBT – Paul, Alex and Christmas are again talking about Kevin. Christmas says it’s awfully early for Kevin to be trying to make final two plans.

9:50 PM BBT – Alex says Kevin is acting so paranoid and Jason keeps implying he feels bad for Kevin. Alex tells him to stop and she says Kevin just wants someone to drag him to final two with them.

9:58 PM BBT – Alex wants to continue making Kevin paranoid so they rattle his brain and then they can evict him easier.

10:07 PM BBT – Jason says Alex needs to chill out about Kevin. Paul says her thoughts about Kevin aren’t wrong. Paul adds that Matthew and Raven are annoying but they aren’t problems at the moment. He says Mark and Kevin are who they need to worry about.

10:13 PM BBT – Everyone agrees that Mark is the target after Cody.

10:22 PM BBT – Paul tells his people they need to drop some bombs tomorrow before HOH so people get rattled and lose.

10:25 PM BBT – Alex says Mark and Elena drive her insane.

10:32 PM BBT – Paul wants someone to make up a crazy story to tell Raven to see if she tries to one-up them.

11:10 PM BBT – Group talk about last season. General chatter.

11:20 PM BBT – After Kevin leaves the group discussion in the kitchen Christmas and Alex start to complain about him.

11:30 PM BBT – Kevin points out to Paul that Alex and Jason are always together. Paul says they’re obviously very close. Kevin tells Paul that he warned Jason, when it gets to be them at F4 it’ll be two against two. Kevin doesn’t like Alex’s power trip.

11:35 PM BBT – Paul reports back to Alex and Christmas that Kevin was complaining about Alex power tripping. Paul says they need to calm Kevin’s fears for now, but to start planning what to do about him later.

11:50 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason about Kevin’s 2 vs 2 comment at the F4.

11:55 PM BBT – Few HGs hanging around

12:00 AM BBT – Jason goes to Kevin and tells him to stay calm. He tries to tell Kevin to relax on problems with Alex, but Kevin says he’s only hearing things about Alex through Jason.

12:35 AM BBT – Elena and Mark remark how Josh will act tough and come at people but then run away and cry about it later.

12:50 AM BBT – Elena is trying some of her own pranks by dumping out the ice tray and putting it back empty to annoy Alex.

1:20 AM BBT – Alex’s turn. She puts all the sugar away in a bag and refills the sugar container with salt.

1:43 AM BBT – Elena dumps out more of the ice trays. Alex is watching on the HoH camera screen and sees her do it.

1:50 AM BBT – Mark and Elena can hear Alex walking around upstairs. Elena is concerned that Alex may know what she just did. (Yep.)

2:15 AM BBT – After a late night snack for Mark everyone is now back in bed and the lights are out.

There were no last night changes to the plan for Cody’s eviction. He’s set to go and the target is setting heavy on Mark. The majority will have their chance sooner than usual with the Double Eviction coming up on Thursday night. We’ll have to see if Mark can fight them off or not.

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  1. The game is becoming as dull as dishwater. Hopefully tonight’s double eviction can shake things up. I’m pulling for Mark and Elena. I hope they do the right thing!

  2. You know I’ve always wondered if they are given extra clothes, because you will see new items pop up after months of them being there. But no one has ever said, and now I know. Thanks Matt! Haha

      • Just googled it. I found it on many sites. Here an explanation why only a part is covered :

        Luckily, it seems that Matt doesn’t have to cover up very much of it to skirt any infringement issues. Instead of having to wear massive bandages covering the full sleeve, Matt has just been putting small bandages on it to obscure a few words of the excerpt.”

      • “it seems”. Sound to me like it is somebody guessing. To me that just doesn’t make sense. But then the stupid copyright laws often don’t make sense and often are not understood correctly. Who knows.

        The nicotine patch explanation make more sense to me.

      • They were talking about it in the very beginning. I think sometime in week two. It is words of a song he has to cover.

      • I’m not 100% sure on this, but covering up a portion of the lyrics makes sense for copyright. If you check on copyright laws, a person can use only so much or a percentage or certain portion of song lyrics, book pages, pictures, photos, etc., before anything has to be paid to the author, originator, or owner of said lyrics, pages, pictures, etc. Haven’t you checked your VHS (time warp here) DVDs, CDs, etc. if you wanted to play them in public, especially if you are getting paid to watch movies, songs, etc. They say for ‘home use only.’

      • “make sense” and “copyright” don’t go together in the same phrase. IP laws are so screwed up and are often badly interpreted. 10 lawyers will come up with 10 differents interpretations. I don’t buy this explanation. There are “fair use” clause in the IP laws and I say a tattoo fall into a “fair use” because it is not done for commercial gain and it’s exposure on the BB show is not bringing any gain either.

      • ABC is just covering their a$$es. They don’t want any issues, and they would rather pay for bandaids than a lawsuit.

      • All Matt would need to do is wear long sleeve shirt ,problem solved,when i worked in Vegas in one of the casinos there ,ANYONE who had any kind of tattoo had to have it fully covered so as not to offend anyone or break any copyright laws,this was policy in every casino i ever worked in

      • Walking around outside in 100-110 degree weather all summer long in a long sleeve shirt wouldn’t be very comfortable. A band-aid is a much simpler/comfortable solution.

  3. Elena says that she hopes she and Mark make it to the end. Cody, in his encouraging and supportive way, tells her no, they won’t make it it will be Paul and some combination of his group. LOL. She’s looking to the wrong person for encouragement.

    • I loved it when she asked Cody if taking the money made her a bigger target. “Yes” and you could just hear his inside the head voice saying because I wanted you to be a bigger target.

      Don’t like the guy/character, but if he had been like this weeks ago he may have not been Juror #1.

      • He has moments where he shows some personality and then he goes back to the sullen, insulting person he’s been through most of the season. I think what we have seen over the past weeks is the real Cody and don’t think he could have hid it over an extended period of time.

      • Cody is quite a bit different now that Jess is gone. On last night’s episode I saw him laugh and/or smile more than I have all season long.

        I have to mention, it was hilarious when they invited him up to the HoH room and he talked to the DR and said he dies a little inside every time he has to talk to even one of those people, LOL. Good stuff.


      • Russell Hantz? brother of the guy on Survivor?
        Russell is one of three evicted from BB (by prod/BB) for head-butting someone (?Jeff?) four times for physical confrontation.
        The fourth evicted by prod/BB was gal for destroying personal mike. Chyma? (sp)

      • No, Russell Hantz IS the guy from Survivor…his brother Willie was expelled from BB 14 for getting physical with Joe. The other Russell is from BB11 and he was not expelled by production he was evicted by the HG. You are right about Chima tho, same season as Russell (BB11) she threw her mic in the pool after Jeff used the coup de’ tat to change Chima’s nominations.

      • Chima was a real piece of work. She and Cody would have worked well together. I was so glad when she was thrown out.

      • Lol! Maybe, but even Cody handled Paul’s DoT safety better than Chima handled Jeff using the coup de’ tat and pulling Russell off the block She literally had a total meltdown after that!

      • That is true. Chima had NO self control at all. It was hilarious to watch though. I will give credit to Cody for having great self control with Josh in his face. Even Mark cracked a little with the pans…

      • I agree, Cody did keep his cool pretty much. I don’t know how Cody would have dealt with Chima’s version of Josh: Russell! He was a tyrant!. He would get in someone’s face so fast… yikes! He and Cody might have gone to blows honestly. That was why Chima freaked so bad when Jeff took Russell off the block, but still…until her, I’d never witnessed anyone actively seek to self-evict from BB! It was definitely interesting.

      • I don’t thank Cody and Paul hate each other. I think Cody is jealous/mad that Paul is running the show as the alpha male and Cody isn’t. Paul just knows how much of a threat to his game Cody is and wants, no needs, him out. Cody has at least showed a little respect to Paul’s game play, which he should.

        Now if you said that you said Cody and Josh..I could definitely go with that, for sure.

      • Cody has said he would probably give his vote to Paul…but then he said he might just flip a coin too! lol! But I think your take is pretty spot on, except I do think Cody actually dislikes Paul. He said he was the one person he did not want to see in the house in his preseason interview. ;) What would really kill Cody is if Paul was evicted the same night he was!! ;) Talk about not ever catching a break! hahaha

      • Ha!!! That would be something to see. Cody and Paul in the jury house for a week together. No breaks given for Cody…

      • Why? We are all friendly BB fans..can we all just sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya, please?

      • Uh I thought that Cody was supposed to be loyal? Telling her to take the money to try to make her a bigger target than him, not too loyal. BAD move by Elena. She was safe anyways, yes, but if you are on the block, and definitely can get the veto to take yourself off, you have to. Matt…well we won’t talk about that…

      • the worst thing for cody’s game was jessica- she was the one who was isolationist and behaved like a princess which got cody going. Its to bad for him

      • Way too high maintenance for Cody. And a party/club girl. I feel bad for Cody…did I just say that?? What is wrong with me??? LOL

      • I don’t know, I think they were kryptonite for each other’s game equally. When Cody was gone, Jessica actually started to rebuild some of her relationships in the house. She was not on Paul’s radar (at least not for immediate eviction-he wanted Mark 1st) and then Cody came back…
        same could be said for Cody. He socialized a little more, but by then, it was simply too little too late. He & Jess had (not only burned-but) exploded their bridges the week before. Imo, Jody = Baaad BB! hehe

    • Somebody in that house has to call it like it is. I don’t like Cody, never have, but he seems to be the only one not named Paul to see the big picture.

  4. 8:10 PM BBT – Alex and Cody are talking. She tells him that she has done so much for him in the game and has never lied to him. She said she’s cooked food for him and always talked to him when others wouldn’t. She says all he’s done for her is make her a target and blindsided her with a nomination. Cody tells her he’s sorry and she says that’s all she wanted and leaves the room.”

    Saw a clip of this conversation and the most ridiculous part was left out, IMO – Cody is reading the Bible when she starts her tirade, and Alex actually uses the sentence “I’ve never done anything mean to you, for you to be so hurtful and read the Bible like that. Kind of fucked up.” SERIOUSLY. Him reading the Bible is a personal affront to her??

    • Alex said “I’ve never done anything mean to you”
      Does that include the blindsides, the flips, the backdoors, the votes, the alliances, the lies, pretence to play along, queries about his daughter, his love interest for Jessica?
      Truth is Cody personality is hardly known because he had a one on one difference with a veteran who turned him to a household enemy so early in the game. Cody talks personal things with friends, but no HG is his friend except Jessica, Mark, Elena and “regrettably” Kevin of which we saw the repercussion.
      Most of the HGs personal lives and game plans will be shaded if everyone around is obviously an enemy.

      • Cody had previously (same day) said some nasty things to Alex… One of them made a biblical reference (I believe Alex maybe?)

      • Cody made Paul the enemy for being a returning player long before Paul made Cody the enemy.

  5. Kevin has been hard to watch lately. The gleam is just gone from his eyes, he can see the writing on the wall. I think he is really homesick and can feel the vibes of Paul’s cult turning on him.

    • It was only a matter of time before they caught on to him. He’s been playing shady from the start and it’s being noticed. He looks tired to me and I don’t blame him cos I’m getting tired and I ‘m not in the house. Hoping that the DE tonight stirs things up.

      • Can only guess, so dependent on who gets HoH. Personally for me I’d just like Elena out. That HoH is going to be so important, who do you think?

      • I thought two nominees will walk out the door before the HOH challenge. That way maybe Elena, but Matt will be at risk if all votes are cast against Cody, and Mark of course vote Matt.

      • First Cody will be evicted,then there will be a fast HOH, POV, and second eviction. Then another HOH where we won’t find out who won until the live feeds are back up after the Friday night show.

      • Tonight’s events will be:
        Catch up on days since veto meeting,
        Live eviction,
        HoH competition,
        Pick veto players,
        Veto competition,
        Veto meeting,
        Live Eviction,
        And possibly see start of next HoH.

        We get a whole week’s worth of events in one night.

      • I’m praying Elena goes. But I think the only one that will target her is Josh. Everyone else wants Mark gone. So I hope Josh wins HOH.

  6. Let’s face it , no one is going to leave that house this season and not have to be embarrassed about some aspect of their behavior during the game.

    • So true. Paul just seems like a mean-spirited person, Alex is his succubus, Mark’s crying and freakouts (not to mention groveling to Elena), Matt being with Raven, Raven being Raven, the two of them being nasty on camera, Josh and his bipolar disorder, Kevin being married but snuggling with Christmas, Christmas just being an a-hole, Elena just being disgusting overall… plenty to be ashamed of! But what about Jason? He seems decent…

  7. I have watched every BB. Until now. The cast sucks and Paul makes it awful. I’m not even watching anymore, just keeping tabs via Facebook. Bb19 has been rigged by production to be the Paul show. Totally ruined this season

  8. As I watched last night’s episode, I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Cody. I mean, sure he’s responsible for his own situation, but… Other than not having much of a personality, and making a poor decision to go after Paul WAY too early, I don’t really dislike the guy.

    So, I felt a bit bad watching the last hope that he had get crushed. I even quit watching right after Alex put him up because I didn’t want to see him in the DR talking about it.

    All that to say that I would LOVE to see Elena go before Cody if this was a normal week (not a DE). I would relish the look on her annoying face as it dawned on her that she was more disliked than Cody!

    She’s on the same level as Jessica, and I honestly can’t remember a HG in the last 7 seasons that I’ve watched that has actively made me think that I would genuinely dislike them as a person if I ever met them. Kudos for the two gals (I’m sure not going to call them ladies) reaching that new low!

    • Even Paulie last year? Man, you are tolerant of A-hole-ishness. lol I come away from every season with at least 1 or 2 that I would dislike as a person. And I think I have 3 this year. Elena, Jess and Cody.

      • I actually had wiped my mind clean of Paulie, lol. Yeah, he’s a total ass clown, I have to admit. If he really acts like he did towards women in his real life, he’s pretty much scum.

        As far as Cody goes though… Notice I didn’t say that I liked him by any means. I just said I didn’t actively dislike him. If he’s that way in real life, I’d be more likely to just never pay him any attention rather than actively dislike him.

      • I would include,Paul ,Raven and Mark as well,Josh has mainly been an a–hole at Pauls urging

    • You probably felt that way because of the pathetic edit they gave him but that’s sweet of you. I didn’t feel a thing. He’s going to a mansion and getting $10,000 that he doesn’t deserve, not the electric chair. As much as I dislike Jessica, she deserves to vote in jury more than he does.

      • Don’t get me wrong, the guy seems to think he’s so much better than the rest of the house. The little bit of sympathy I had for him during last night’s episode was tempered with his comments about not being able to stand to even talk to the other HGs.

        It was just kinda a downer watching a guy try when you knew it was too late to try.

    • Well said Carvin. I feel exactly the same way you do. Maybe I have a soft heart, but I just can’t stand kicking someone when they’re already down and out.

  9. I think Cody gets a bad rap. Yes hes been antisocial and I get a lil aggravated bc he doesnt play Paul’s game but blaming him for everything is not the case. He didn’t have the votes in the begining. Made a move and it didn’t work. But all this back n forth is ridiculous. And I can’t say I wouldn’t kinda give up too. He did save Alex and Jason. But they don’t care. I liked Alex but to me she is showing her true colors.(Kevin’s bracelets) He’s a grown man and your taking stuff to make him paranoid??!? They all act petty and it’s back n forth. They have a plan.. Have a target.🎯. So why are they constantly throwing shade at different HGs that results in big blow ups??!? Sometimes I feel like I’m watching an episode of Bad Girls club. Esp with the pans. And these HGs don’t even need alcohol to embarrass themselves on tv. So over it!!😴

    • Alex is forgetting one thing. Cody is a jury member. She should have stop being on his case like she is and just tell him it’s not personal it’s strategic, the house want him gone so she did it not to be a target, bla-bla-bla. She’s just stupid to be in his case like that.

      • Me too. And she’s always going for low blows. Like his child or military service. She cuts worse than Josh bc you can tell he respects her, game play. The cereal?? Come on?? Your not starving and you said he could have it. I mean your sending him packing twice now. Give the dude some fruit loops. Lol

      • Matt took jason down so she had to replace him. There was no leaving noms the same. Also had she not put cody up she would have ticked the rest of the house off so in that sense her hands were tied.

      • I think if she had put Paul up (a huge effort to remove the sacred cow) the rest of the house would have been so shocked and impressed they might just be voting Paul out tonight. And Alex would have just about won herself BB19. In that one move – nominating Cody – she sacrificed herself the game. Paul WILL NOT take Alex to F2, because there’s a chance she could beat him. He needs a loser like Raven or Matt.

      • Shes partnered with paul so that wasnt going to happen. But if cody stayed,he would be the next steamroller. She would be basically in the a similar situation.

      • She didn’t have the numbers to get Paul out. She would of had Cody and Mark that’s it. Would of been a stupid move.

      • Group decision to take Jason down. Matt is stupid to gave done that as it could have (& I wish it did) backfire on him.

        She could have put Paul up….. house might have respected her game.
        She puts up Cody, who has no one in the house, and who was gunning for Paul 100%
        The sheep could’ve voted their Shepard out & kept going on their own.
        Paul’s out tonight. Has to be!

      • The house wouldnt have respected that move-not these hgs. In fact it would have been a replay of codys try. Look how well that worked out for him.

      • That would of been one of the dumbest moves in BB history. The entire house wants Cody gone and if she made that move everyone would of been after her.

      • That would’ve been a mistake that would’ve surely cost her any chance of winning the money.

      • She absolutely had a choice (she was HOH, after all), but she opted to stay all warm and curled up in Paul’s pocket. In that one episode, when Cody tried to reason with her and she ran right up to Paul and maniacally told him everything Cody had said, I lost all respect for her. She and Paul are despicable.

      • She has already made her decision to ride with Paul to the end. She might be in for a rude awakening pretty soon though…

      • Did you ever hear of a thing called an “alliance”? That’s what Paul and Alex have. You see in an alliance they work together. They tell each other what they hear. They have a goal to get the same people out. So of course she’s going to tell Paul what Cody said. I suppose Jess telling Cody everything meant Jess was curled up in Codys pocket too.

      • Hear hear! Seriously, it’s really not a difficult concept. You tell someone you are working with them and then….shocker!…you DO! Especially when it BENEFITS YOU. Not even to mention how dumb that would have been as a game move anyway as the house does NOT need Paul or anyone for them all to rally around idea of booting Cody, they all don’t like him cuz he’s an ass, not cuz someone told them to not like him. Again, have these people commenting even watched BB? You want to go against your alliance and go against the whole house and keep Cody, when they obviously would then just boot Elena, one of the only other 2 people in the house that would side with you and Cody. It’s like commenting what a bad throw a QB just made when you haven’t a clue how football is played.

      • She should had stick to that. That’s my point. Now she’s just being mean to him and will lose his vote b

      • If it iss her and Paul at the end, she wouldn’t have gotten his vote anyway. He respects the way Paul is controlling everyone. IMO

    • Cody played his game, and no, it didn’t work out. No social aspect to the game, which is critical unless you can win EVERY comp. But even then, you have to be a part of the comp to win it. He “saved” Jason and Alex…eh…I don’t know about that? Paul is playing his game, and it is working out. Everyone else is playing “their” game, not Paul’s game. Yes, they are going by what Paul says and doing what Paul wants them to do, that is “their” game, to do this and that according to Paul. But it is “their” game they are playing, their “strategy” not Paul’s.

      • I just think we would be seeing a different game if Cody would have tried harder to win veto n put Alex up. Or when he didn’t win, put Jason as a renom. Yes the HGs are doing what benefits them. But at the same time there is no game play by the other HGs. They are way out matched. Its like the whole house is scared to be a target. Even when ta few get tired and want less drama they get accused of playing both sides. And Im not talking about Marlena. Bc they do..I think after the showmances split Alex n Jason better watch out bc Paul won’t let them get to far. My guess is Josh or Christmas, maybe Raven but Idk. I’m sure when it gets that close to final 2 Paul WON’T let the cash slip out of his hands again. 💸 Maybe with another cast I would enjoy watching Paul’s game play but with them it seems overplay. 😕

  10. Are there clocks in the house? Like, if the HGs are gathered for tonight’s live eviction, are the HGs able to tell they are voting just a little early by about 20-25 minutes to get in the second ‘week’ of comps and veto and voting and the like for the Double Eviction?
    On the ‘live’ nights, Julie greets the HGs, they sit around on the sofas and OTB area, waiting, and are shown once, twice, thrice, before the questions to the group, begging from the block noms, and the voting starts, like 25-30 minutes past the opening salvo.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I think they do have clocks in the house bc they ask each other the time. Not sure how many. They will def suppect somethings up. Or Paul will. The rest are clueless. I will be suprised if Elena or Mark isn’t next. So really no big twist there.

      • Paul and his crew are already expecting a DE this week. But that’s only because Paul told everyone and has gotten them prepped for it.

    • There is a clock on the microwave or the stove, I think originally there weren’t any, but then they re did the house into what it is now and probably discovered they don’t make those appliances without time. I think there is something in the HOH room too.

    • Julie will announce at the beginning. She’ll say something like houseguests get ready because by the end of the night two of you will be gone. At least that’s how it’s been done before.

  11. Okay, I’ve been up all night, like usual and just had a wonder.
    In past seasons, do they have the DE at the beginning of the jury ‘selections’ so there are two people in the house instead of just the one evicted HG at the beginning, so one person isn’t there by itself for a whole week going bonkers? I’m guessing: no TV, no phone, no internet, no radio, etc., not sure about no music, there. Of course, I’ve read along one of the threads that he hoped he’d be there by himself for the first week.
    I haven’t gone back to check past seasons if the two DE people are the first to jury.

    • Last year, Zakiyah and Bridgette were vicitim of the DE, they were 2nd and 3rd evictee. Da’vonnes spent a week alone. That was the only DE. Which historically is what they do.

      But then in BB17, because of the TAR tie in, we had 17 players, so they had 2 DE. The 1st one was for 1st and 2nd evictees, Shelli and Jackie. The second DE was 3 weeks later with Meg and James going. at 4th and 5th. Mac was evicted 4th but he won reentry after beating the other 3 jurors in the HOH/BattleBack comp, a week before the 2nd DE.

      So I guess this year since we have to have 2 DE, that why they are doing 1st and 2nd to jury.

  12. Paul’s ideas and thoughts are always so violent, so he incites his followers, then sits back and watches it all play out. And worse than that, he revels in his power, and that’s why he is so disliked. It’s no longer just game to him; the attacks he orders are like hiring a hit man to kill an enemy. Just line the HGs up against a wall and take them down, one by one.

  13. In the unlikely chance that Kevin wins HOH, who do you think he would nominate? Would it be Mark/Elena or the same old- same old.?

  14. We all know from the feeds and this site that Cody is a goner, but last night they edited so that Cody had an outside shot of staying. Since I don’t watch the feeds, and don’t read every article here, I didn’t know Elena could’ve taken the veto. I thought Matt won the POV outright.

    So while Cody tried to use the 5K Elena stole from Alex as a reason to send her home, did he ever goto Matt and try to convince him to use the veto on himself?? Play up the Marcellas angle. If not then that was a mistake. It would have been a perfect storm for Alex too … she would stay clean in Paul’s eyes AND get Elena out. But no, she’s such a loser (to Paul), especially when she told Cody “sorry my hands are tied” overnight … uh no, you are the HOH, you can do what you want. Great move Alex, take out a guy with zero allies who wasn’t coming after you.

    Of the three on the block right now, Cody will be evicted but the other two are arguably more worthy of sending home … Elena for not taking the veto for herself and Matt for not using it on himself. Honestly Matt is a huge threat, more then he gets credit for here … he’s playing a perfect social game and saving the comp wins for later, which would be my strategy if I was playing. Dummies, the lot of them.

    Back to cheering for Paul to turn these fools into 500K…

    • Not defending Alex too much but, if she didn’t put Cody up she would have screwed up her game because she went against her allies, like Cody did. Cody, even without any allies, is a threat to everyone in the house, except maybe Kevin. He has no loyalty to anyone and has already said he would go after the people that “betrayed” him. That would be almost everyone. Yes, Cody should have gone to Mark and played the Marcellas angle, absolutely. But again, Cody is lacking in that aspect of the game. He went 2/3 of the way there by getting Elena to take the cash(smart) and not the freaking veto when she’s sitting on the block(DUH), went to Alex to try to get the vote flipped to getting Elena out, but missed by not talking to Matt. i don’t think Matt would have gone along, but at least Cody would have done everything to try to stay. You may be right about Matt, we’ll have to stay tuned in for that one though. Loving Paul’s game play from the beginning…

      • Ah, Okay, thank you.
        Now if I can just get all these abbreviations, “refers to’s”, historical anecdotes straight, that might help.
        TPUTS, imo, smh (already asked on that one), OFCOL, PITA, and some others. I got those done/down, written down that is ,to help remind me.
        Thanks, again, djammin_dad1.
        As you are a dad, a jammin dad, can you relate to how Kevin feels, being away from his kids and missing them?

      • Yes, and absolutely. If I am away from my kiddos for more than a day or two I go crazy. I can’t even sleep that well when I am out of town for business. I don’t think I could make it through an entire summer without them. We are very close and we do almost everything together, as a family. I am welling up just talking about it. Some of the acronyms get me too, you are not alone in that.

      • You’re a lucky duck… I have shared custody so I have to say goodbye to my daughter multiple times a week….

      • I don’t think Alex would have come across as going against her allies if somehow Matt could somehow be convinced to use the veto on himself. It would simply be him securing his spot in the house, and their fearless leader Paul would probably see it as nothing more than that. It absolves any “guilt” by Alex secretly keeping Cody in the game. She’d even gain an ally in Cody without Paul knowing, possibly giving her an even better position than she already has. Ofcourse convincing Matt to use it on himself, without it getting back to Paul, might have been a greater challenge than anything else.

      • It would have hurt Matt’s game too much. And you can’t trust Cody’s word as far as you can throw him, even though he does respect her game play…Paul would have had a conniption with Matt if he didn’t use it though, and Matt knew that and wouldn’t risk being on the outs with his alliance.

      • I dunno, how can it hurt ones game by using a veto on yourself. Matt’s already on the outs lol … Paul’s already scheming to oust him after Elena and Mark.

      • Because he would be going against his alliance had he used it on himself. And that would have meant another week of Cody. And Matt doesn’t know that he is on the outs. Paul is pushing Kevin now. Matt is still safe for another two or three evictions.

      • I know that but and I’m just saying using it on yourself doesn’t mean
        you’re going against the teams wishes. My argument is purely
        hypothetical in that Alex *could* have executed this sly move to keep Cody by getting Matt to use it on himself. Matt listening to #2 in command doesn’t put him on the outs with his alliance. It’s all moot, they’re too stupid to think for themselves.

      • Matt doesn’t know he’s on the outs, he thinks he’s still part of the team so he used the veto on Jason for the team

  15. Dont know why Paul has everyone lined up to vote Mark out in the de, Elena would be the one to toss out the door. Do you think Pauls protecting her?

    • Absolutely, yes. He still has some influence on her now. He doesn’t have as much with Mark. With Mark and Cody both out, she will do what Paul says, for sure because she will have nobody.

    • My guess is he’s probably keeping her around as he (p) thinks she’d (e) be an easy one to win against towards the end, or to at least boss around til then.

  16. I just can’t believe how well Paul has this group trained. As soon as any of them have any kind of conversation, they race right to Paul and relay it, but none of them talk about the conversations they have *with* Paul among themselves! It boggles the mind because if they did, they’d realize how he twists the truth and/or outright lies about so many things…

    smh… What a bunch of sheep! Gotta hand it to Paul tho, I may not like his tactics, but he is playing this group like a virtuoso.

    • It is nauseating and that is why this season is a complete bust. There is no surprises or backdoor shock. It is a very boring game. And the group ganging up on people is really getting ridiculous. I hate this year so much. My ONLY hope is that somehow Paul and Alex go up tonight on the double elimination…..Mark Might do such a thing…..Unfortunately I can’t see anyone else doing it. Elena may at least get rid of Alex if she wins HOH. Anyone else who wins, will make it a waste of time.

      • Mark says he’ll put up Alex & Paul, but he flip flops so much… who knows.
        He should put them both up. He’s already the main target…so why not! I’d rather leave BB with a bang after taking a major shot at the person running the house than go along with the crowd and be evicted the next week with nothing to show for it, (i.e., Jessica)! I know she would probably feel way better right now had she nominated Paul & Alex with her HOH rather than Josh & Ramses.

      • If Mark wins HOH, Paul will probably have a hand in his noms, for sure. I don’t think Paul will be one of them though. Assuming Mark wins HOH, or even “really” wants to of course. Mark has proven that he can win a comp, when he wants to. This comp is 99% luck though, not much skill to it. We will see…

      • Oh no I think Mark will definitely be trying for this HOH. He knows he’s next. I’d honestly love to see him take a shot at Paul and shake things up…but, as I said, he flips & flops so often, I’d have to see him make a big move and nominate Paul before I will actually believe it! haha

      • I think he “should” try to win this one. Even if he grows a pair and nominates Paul and Alex, Paul is probably still safe. Paul will still have the Veto comp, and Alex will not have time to rally votes. I think that Paul will keep the remaining of his crew(except Jason maybe) and Alex would go to jury. A lot would have to fall into place though. I love, and hate DEs because you never really know what is going to happen.

      • I don’t know dj… Paul has now fired some shots at Kevin and he could be a crucial vote. Let’s say Alex & Paul are still otb come time to vote… Jason would def vote to evict him and if Jason told Kevin Paul wants you out after Mark and before Elena, then Kevin would vote to evict Paul, I am pretty sure Elena would vote him out as well and Christmas might see this opportunity and decide now is the time…she’s already whispered to Josh how Paul is running the house. That would be enough to send Paul packing.

        Not saying it will, but if I were in the house, that is what I’d do. I’d start telling everyone all the dirt I had on Paul!! ;) hehe

      • Paul definitely played a better game last year! His biggest mistake was not caring how people in the jury felt about him. Guess he should have watched BB 14… Dan G knows how that feels too. ;)

      • IF Paul learned anything from last season, and he makes it to final 3 and has the choice of who to take to the finale, it better be someone who didn’t really do much. At this point the best scenario would be Josh(which would insure Cody’s vote), Raven or Elena(who should be out either this week or next). But really, Paul should really have no problem winning against anyone.,, if he makes it that is, IMO

      • If no one takes a shot at him and gets him out, then this season is *definitely* his to lose. The only players who did not drink his Kool-Aid were Jess & Cody, but they were never any real competition because they played BB too emotionally and made poor game choices and moves. Other than that, no one in the house deserves to win besides Paul, unless…someone decides to be brave & bold and make that move. But with these HGs… *cough* doubt it.

      • This season the way Paul is managing the jury is by trying to have the other houseguests doing his dirty work. Every time their is a gang fight, he sit on the side say almost nothing but encourage people to continue and make them worst. At the end he’s watching his hands.

      • If Paul gets to the end, he will have almost, if not all, of the Jury on his side this time, for sure.

      • Agreed. He learned that lesson the hard way last season. He hasn’t made as many enemies this season. Or I should say, the ones he made wont be on jury. hehe
        What I mean by playing a better game is he was not so overtly in control. That could bite him in the butt if the jury gets bitter, ala Danielle BB 3.

      • I found her likable though. I was at least happy she won. I will NOT be happy if Paul wins this season…..he is such a jerk…..telling those idiots what to do and not seen as a doosh he is. CBS edits the show so much to make Paul look good…..I hate it.

    • Because, for some reason, they trust him more than the others. He tells them that things are only between him and them. And they believe him!!! He just has his social game “on point” and no one even sees it.Well, except for those that have one foot out the door(Cody) and that are already gone(Jess). Bravo Maestro, bravo!!!

      • I don’t think his social game is totally on point tho because he’s lied about some really stupid things that were irrelevant. For example, when he told someone…I think it was Elena that he volunteered to go up otb as a pawn, but Josh said no, when in reality it was the exact opposite. There was no reason for him to make that up and had he been caught it would have exposed him to needless backlash. I just think these HG are such sheep and fangirls/boys that they are all looking to him to lead them to jury when they should, instead, be thinking of winning this game which means taking a shot at Paul.

        I suppose we’ll see what happens after public enemy #1 Cody is gone, but honestly, I don’t see any of these Hg turning on Paul. Hopefully, I am wrong so this game will not fall into a total snoozefest…

      • Agreed.

        Mark, to me, right now, is the only real wildcard that could upset the apple cart for Paul. Or, at least put a snag in Paul’s plans by getting one of his crew OTB and out.

      • It’d be interesting to see for sure. I just want something to happen in this house to shake things up and by shake things up I don’t mean a fight or personal attack on another HG or banging pots and pans!! I man an actual BB game move. ;)

      • I don’t know. Haven’t seen her on any of the boards today. Maybe she’s like me last week and has to deal with personal issues…

        Do miss that woman tho, she’s freaking funny!

      • Yeah, too many to mention. thanks for welcoming me to the BBN club with open arms and…offers of cameras…and nooners…and such!!!

        I apologize, I really could not resist. LOL!!!

      • Hahahahaha!! Hey this is a wild bunch here sometimes, but I have met some really great people on these boards! All the fab people you mentioned above and KSJB is another one who has a truly wicked mind and wit. ;) I love it when we all can just debate the HG & game in a fun, intelligent and non hostile manner! hehe

      • Me too. We could never have my wife in here though..gheesh…She hates it that Jessica and now Cody are going to be gone, and I freaking loooove it!!!

      • I know, I have a group of 6 other people who all watch BB together and it’s so funny how our group is so divided on the Paul/Jody situation too. So I hear ya friend!

      • Both my daughter and son are quietly on my side. Well my daughter is more quiet than my son, he tangles with my wife sometimes. I tell him to be careful….

      • Lol! Yeah, you & lady had me cracking up so hard yesterday, my son came in my office & asked me what the hell was so funny??!! hahaha

      • When BB end, you should join us for Survivor at

        Same owner. Same format. Many of the people from here.

      • Oh, I will. Survivor is my other vice…Still salty about Russell Hantz not winning. What a crock!!!

      • He said he’d be willing at first, but then when Josh came back at him and asked Paul to be a pawn, Paul said no. I watched it on live feeds…

      • I must have just seen the first part. But I know josh told someone he would not put Paul up. Anyway the point is josh is in his back pocket.

      • Oh I agree Josh is Paul’s lap dog. My original post said Paul is leading the entire house around like a flock of sheep… but I also think some of his lies were unnecessary and could have landed him in hot water if these Hg would relay convos with Paul like they relay convos *to* Paul. He sometimes tries too hard to control everyone’s decisions and if these HG were a little more game orientated, they’d see it. Just my opinion…

      • I agree with TGJ below, Paul has been great, but there have been some cracks in his game that could have been exploited. I’m honestly amazed nobody has called him out on (or even privately discussed) what a load of bullshit it is when Paul says he can’t win because he is a vet. He literally lost to a vet as a new player last year. Did they not watch??

      • Right? As fast as they are to run to Paul with new intel, I can’t understand why they never compare notes on what he’s said to each of them??!! smh…

      • He is just trying to win jury votes. He is trying to make himself invaluable to everyone. And doing a good job at it, for the most part. He makes everyone feel like they are the only ones that Paul is talking to, and “helping”

      • I think he would have a lot harder time of it tho if there were more vets in that house than just him, dj. He has them going all fan-girl/boy on him because he’s a vet and these HG are obviously easily malleable, but if you threw in a few more vets…Paul would lose that uniqueness. That was one of the reasons I was so disappointed they were bringing back a vet, especially only one.

  17. Can you imagine what would happen if the Jury house doesn’t have cereal in a few weeks when Matthew enters?

  18. One funny thing is that in previous season they called the jury house the sequester house. It sounded much more a punishment. Maybe they should get back to sequester house. They’ll stop feeling they won something.

    • Right?! Maybe make them live in some ramshackle house in Pacoima instead of a million dollar home with pool & sauna! lol! Then they won’t try so hard just for jury… hehehe

      • They would have to take away his hat and coffee then…and make him stay in the same room as the other jury members…

      • Yep…that’s what I’m sayin dj…a little two bedroom house in the SFV ghetto would serve these HG right! haha No BB HG would ever wish for jury after that.

      • Tell her she’d only have to move em about six miles if they move the jury house to Pacoima from the actuall BB house in Studio City! hahaha

  19. This show has gotten to be too much arguing. Paul and his followers bully people all the time. I hope when they watch this back, they realize that their behavior is WORSE than those they are screaming at.

  20. Can’t wait to see who wins the DE HOH. The main target could easily end up being 3 or 4 different people depending on who wins it. You have to imagine when Julie announces it to the HGs, that even Paul will be anxious (and he’s pretty much expecting it). The other HGs will be a complete worried mess, lol.

    • Hey Carvin! I haven’t chatted with ya in a bit…
      I’d love to see mark win this HOH & shake the house up by nominating Paul & Alex!!
      I don’t know if he’ll actually have the cahonies to do it, but he says that’s what he’ll do if he wins.

      Now THAT would make things real interesting.

      • Yep, its been a little while! How ya been?

        Okay, I know I don’t have to mention that I’d hate to see Paul go this early, lol.

        Seriously though, does anyone really think it wouldn’t become the Alex show if Paul left? She would (well, should anyway) win hands down if she’s in the F2 against anyone but Paul.

        I will say that I don’t really want to see Mark go home either because I actually kinda like the big guy. It would be really nice to see Elena leave, then maybe Matt and Raven could wake up and join Mark (along with Kevin maybe). I know that’s wishing for a lot, but it would also make things interesting going forward.

        Plus, it gets rid of Elena which is nice.

      • I’ve been good. How about you?
        I had some family issues last couple of weeks, so my BB viewing and chatting got put on hold. I’m caught up now tho. ;)
        I know you don’t want Paul gone, and if he was having fun like he did last season, I wouldn’t either, but I’m not a fan of this Paul. He needs Vic & Pablo back… He is seriously becoming all BB work & no play make Paul a little tyrant! hahaha

        Oh & I’d love to see Elena go too. I wish she’d go this week just because she didn’t take that veto! ;)

      • I’ve been doing well too. I’ve just been working and cutting grass, lol.

        Sorry to hear about family issues and hope things are better! :)

        I know what you mean about Paul. He seems like he is trying to make up for losing last season instead of just having fun. I think he still has his moments though (especially in the diary room). I liked his conversation with Matt and Raven from the other night (BBAD) where he was talking about Jess and Cody killing their games for each other.

        He was talking about making sure a gunman would take out everyone else in the house before him, and talking about how he would evict his mother. He had me cracking up, I have to admit.

        In a weird way, I think he really is trying to help Alex with her game play. I will say that either he is one of the most charismatic guys on the planet (I mean, he is charismatic, but probably not that much, lol) or this cast would fall for just about anything. Still, he is definitely trying a bit too hard most of the time.

        I wish Mark would help evict Elena, lol. It would serve her right, because I’m sure he can do better.

      • I do think he really is trying to help Alex. In the event that he does go out, I think he would like to see her win it.

      • Yeah, it just seems like he’s almost acting as more of a mentor this time around. I mean, I’m sure he’d like to win but he definitely seems to have an idea of who he thinks deserves a shot at the win.

        I have a suspicion that it goes back to last season when he refused to take James to the end because he didn’t respect him.

        Plus, with his band and clothing line… I’m not sure Paul is in desperate need of the money by any means.

      • Working & cutting grass…sounds like all work & no play can be said for you too, my friend!! ;)
        Thanks & yes, things have taken a turn for peace and happiness lately, so I am no longer so stressed! haha I swear, for a moment my personal life seemed like a version of the BB house!! haha

        Anyhow, Mark is a little too emotional at times, but I think he is far too nice a guy for Elena. Ugh! Most of the women this season make me ill. Where are the Janelles, the Dani Dovatos and Rachel Reillys?? I wish BB would start casting some serious female players again. BBOTT had some of the best casting I’d seen on BB in a long time as far as female HG. I would have loved to see Alex Willet come back some time. ;) SHE was a female HG that knew her BB!

      • Agreed. The females that have been in the house have been a little caddy too. Man, to find another Janelle would be awesome. No secret that she is my all time favorite(and hottest-hehehe)-refer to yesterday’s posts. I would actually pay for that!!! I miss the EPIC battles of the past…Ahh yes….

      • I’ve been there with my family before. My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago, and he had 3 kids. My mom is the only one that was still alive when he passed, so my cousins (the children of my mom’s brothers) inherited the other 2 shares. They fought and whined over every little penny they could get their hands on. My mom finally just said fine and let the court take care of it.

        Anyway, glad to hear that peace and harmony are reigning again for you! As far as work and play goes… I still get in my fair share of play, lol.

        Back to BB: I think Christmas would have been a lot better if she’d stayed healthy. She has the social skills, and I think she would have been a good comp player.

        Vanessa was a good player from 17. I thought she played a good game.

        Alex Willet… Was she the one just on BB Over the Top? I didn’t see it, but I heard good things about her.

      • Yeah, Alex W. was a true BB analyst and gamer. She dissected every move and, although, she was voted out before her sister, who ended up winning the OTT season, Alex was the strategist behind getting the all-girl-alliance where they were. She is a great player!
        Vanessa was a master strategist, but she made it known that she was a strategist, which got her evicted. She deserved the win BB17 hands down… just like Paul last season, but when the house starts realizing what a threat you are… Steve made the right choice eliminating her. He would have NEVER beaten her in F2. Just like no one will beat Paul if they take him to F2!

      • Speaking of grass cutting… I’m heading that way now. It was great to catch you online for a chat (you too, Djammin Dad)! I’ll be back around later on. Have a good one everybody!

      • It really is entertaining, to me, to watch Paul work everyone over. I don’t care how “boring” it is to everyone else.

        I agree with Elena going. First, you make a deal, with the HOH I might add, to not dole out punishments on each other. Then, you immediately give said HOH the WORST punishment of the comp, REALLY??? And, no, Alex would have taken the Veto if she had won, not the $5,000. Second, in what BB world do you turn down the Veto when you’re sitting on the block??? Especially when the one who has it could have pulled himself off of the block and not allowed Cody to be renomed with Jason sitting next to you?? It boggles the mind!!!

      • I could see turning down the veto in Johnny Mac’s world, lol. Otherwise, I agree with you completely. Like you said, its not just the fact she turned down the veto. She left in the hands of the 1 guy that could have saved himself and screwed the entire plan of getting Cody out this week.

        She is totally selfish, and she is definitely only out for herself at this point. I also agree that Alex would have definitely not taken the money away from Elena. Alex, by her own admission, might be petty but Elena is a trashy gal.

      • There are 2 people that I think would get Paul’s vote (if they were in the F2 against someone else).


        If Alex was up against anyone, I think she 100% gets Paul’s vote.
        Christmas would get it against anyone else

        I think right now, Jason might well get Paul’s vote if he was up against anyone besides Alex or Christmas. Granted, there is a ways to go until the finale, but I think Paul really respects Alex and I think he genuinely likes Christmas (not saying he doesn’t like Alex as well as respect her, of course).

        A final thought on the subject… If Mark managed to make it to F2 against anyone other than the above 3, I imagine Paul would give him his vote. I would think Paul would believe Mark definitely deserved it if Mark made it that far. Heck, he might get Paul’s vote over Jason now that I think about it just because he’s the new public enemy.

      • I think he really does like Christmas. It kind of surprised me that he picked her to be his tanDAM skydiver partner. And he gave her the Outback dinner too. Oh yeah, I agree with everything you said above…hehe…

      • Yeah, and she jumped up and accepted without a second of hesitation.
        I thought it was a really nice touch that he gave her his spot at the Outback dinner to thank her. I haven’t really heard any of the “Paul haters” mention that little fact, lol.

        I’ve heard he’s always doing charity work for kids which just makes me think even more that he’s a pretty decent human being outside of the BB house (and a lot of fun and entertainment inside the house). People keep saying its a snoozefest because he’s in the house. Personally, I think he’s one of the only entertaining thing about this season, lol.

      • I have heard nothing but good things about Paul’s activities outside of the house. He seems like he is a pretty decent guy.

      • Very cool guy. If you follow any of his SM, the things he does are amazing, compared to the other BB Alumni. He is a good and caring citizen of this world.

      • My feeling is he was trying to pay her back because she used her power to replace Cody as a Veto player. A thank you in other words.

      • HOlena is lucky that Paul is helming the ship. Otherwise, not so cool heads would probably prevail and HOlena would be headed out the door tonight, not Cody.

      • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This year is far from boring.

  21. If Alex put salt in the sugar bag she needs to be kicked off the show,some people CAN NOT have salt,especially if they have hyper tension (high blood pressure) it can be deadly BB need to say something about this now because it is becoming a danger to lives,I have hypertension and salt could cause me to have a massive heart attack,ALEX JUST PROVED THAT SHE IS A BIGGER MORON THAN JOSH.

    • I can’t stand Alex. That being said, if production thinks someone is in danger, they will step in to stop/correct what is going on.

  22. LOL, I had no idea about Cody and this propensity for cooking and posting on SM. Makes him look kind of human. This is the kind of thing he should have brought with him to the show. He would have people eating out of the palm of his hands had we seen some of this in the beginning.
    Ugh, Alex!!! Give it a ph*cking rest. Cody is headed out the door. Why the need to go at him again? Let it go girl. If Alex makes it to the end, I hope it is Cody’s vote that makes her lose. She is awful imo.

  23. I wish Paul would go…he thinks he’s in control and wants everything his way…I cannot stand watching or listening to him…just wish they would have never brought him back…waste of time watching as I quit watching a few weeks ago!

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