Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It was a much milder day in the Big Brother 19 house as houseguests relaxed ahead of tomorrow’s big double eviction. Cody has all but stopped campaigning because he knows it’s a lost cause, but he’s promised Mark and Elena to do what he can to shift the target off of them and onto someone else.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 16, 2017:

10:20 AM BBT – HGs are waking up for the day.

10:30 AM BBT – Paul talks with Matthew about Mark and how Mark says he’s going to win HoH to make a statement. Paul says Mark brought up Matthew’s name and wanted to know where he was in all this. Matthew swears he hasn’t been doing anything.

10:35 AM BBT – Paul and Matthew hope Josh wins this next HoH and sends Mark out.

10:40 AM BBT – Paul warns Matthew that Kevin is out on the outs with everyone now. Paul doesn’t like that Kevin is supposed to be on their side, but then spending time with the guys trying to flip the vote.

10:45 AM BBT – Paul tells Josh that Mark said he wouldn’t bother going after Josh and Christmas because he doesn’t consider them worthy targets.

11:00 AM BBT – Matthew says it’s “crazy” how as soon as someone is out someone else becomes the new public enemy number one.

11:35 AM BBT – Paul now retelling Christmas about what Mark said last night during their backyard talk.

11:40 AM BBT – Paul moves on to retelling the conversation to Alex and Josh.

11:55 AM BBT – HGs were given a backyard challenge to practice. It’s shuffleboard. Everyone gets 8 shots to practice.

12:20 PM BBT – HGs are back inside and the backyard returns to lockdown.

12:30 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven manage to get the new “no horsing around” warning call from Big Brother.

12:45 PM BBT – Cody goes to Mark and Elena to tell them he’s going to try to shift the target off them in his eviction speech. Mark doesn’t think it’ll work.

12:50 PM BBT – Elena thinks Cody is trying to get the target moved to Jason and Alex.

12:55 PM BBT – Elena tells Paul that Mark claims Alex said she’d vote out Paul if it was good for her game. Paul questions if HGs are trying to pit him (P) against Mark.

1:00 PM BBT – Elena says nothing she thinks matters because she’s going home next. Paul tells her she’s not going home this week or next.

1:45 PM BBT – Jason and Alex are talking about how annoying Raven and Matthew are. Jason says if he wins HOH he’s putting up Matthew and Mark. Alex says they still need the numbers though, so she doesn’t want him drawing that line yet with Matthew and Raven.

1:58 PM BBT – Alex says she expects Cody to cause trouble in the jury house too.

2:15 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason to keep making Matthew and Raven feel like they’re with them.

2:30 PM BBT – Josh and Paul talking about Kevin. Josh says he feels bad for him but Paul shuts him down and says Kevin is trying to target him (J) so don’t feel bad. Josh says he’ll put Kevin up if he wins the HOH after next and send him to jury. Paul says Matthew and Raven have been there for him and have been straight up, but Kevin has been shady.

2:37 PM BBT – Paul tells Raven and Matthew to keep giving Paul attention and laughing at all of his jokes because that pisses off Kevin. He says Kevin doesn’t like not being the center of attention. Paul planting the seed to them that others are considering going after Kevin after Mark and leaving Elena in the game longer.

2:44 PM BBT – Cody goes to talk to Mark and Elena and he tries to get Mark fired up but Mark doesn’t feel like venting.

3:50 PM BBT – Cody, Mark, and Elena are venting about the rest of the house. Cody says he’ll surprise them with his speech. Elena wants to start messing with the food to upset the other HGs. Cody recommends she keep accepting the hot dogs from Alex because then the Have-Nots won’t get the leftovers. Mark suggests the other HGs would riot if they see Elena throwing out the hot dogs.

Find out what happened next with our Wednesday Night Highlights Report for the rest of the day’s events.

It looks like Mark is still everyone’s next target, but Elena’s is shrinking as Paul continues to push Kevin to the front of the line. It’ll be interesting to see how the double eviction plays out and what happens next beyond that.

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  1. “10:35 AM BBT – Paul and Matthew hope Josh wins this next HoH and sends Mark out.”

    So if this is true, then the prediction I made on the last article (Cody getting evicted, Matt winning HOH, Elena winning POV, and Mark getting evicted) is toast :/

    • As soon as Paul hear it’s a DE, he is going for it. He will work extra hard because he knows that will be the way they get him out.

  2. Why is Kevin now playing both sides of the house? He can’t win comps to save his butt, so he might as well just sit back and watch as the rest of the house attack each other until there are too few people left to the point where he is the target by default.

    • Yeah, not a great move by Mark. He was playing the floaters/social game to a tee. He really screwed the pooch on that one…

  3. What the hell is Jason’s problem with Matt? Smh They keeping talking about Matt like he’s some huge threat! Matt is a Victoria, good person to take to f2 and win!

    • There are better people to take to f2; Matt is still a solid choice. Xmas throws half of the comps, Josh’s social game is all over the place, and Raven seems like she’s almost nonexistent (although one could argue that her social game is average).

      • Its just silly to target Matt. Jason wants Matt out before Mark. Smh stupid! Mark just won 4 comps in less than 3weeks AND don’t like you that much! Crazy. Smh

      • Jason & Mark are friends. Mark is a solid vote for him when he goes after Paul. Matt won’t vote Paul out.

      • He can’t be too much of a friend to mark because last night Jason told Paul everything Mark said about him. Jason was the source to the little tiff Paul and Mark had last night. Telling Paul gives him plenty of time to scheme around it. You don’t provided that luxury to someone you want out. Jason is either up to something real smart or real stupid.

      • The whole “friend” thing really has nothing to do with game. You’ve known these people less than two months for goodness sake!!! Get the $500,000, then you can be fiends…

      • Jason has no clue…Mark needs to go next. If not Mark then Elena. After that Kevin. Don’t mess with Maven until those three are out because you still need their votes. Basic stuff here people. Oh yeah, it’s Jason…lol…

  4. Wonder how long before Paul gets his ‘stories’ mixed up and throws shade on someone he’s actually talking to, like telling Kevin that they have to watch Kevin cos he’s playing both sides and he needs to go soon,lol. I can’t believe he can keep all his ‘stories’ straight. He’s targeting so many people now that its confusing to me, surprised if he can continue to keep it all straight in his head

    • His parents want him to go to law school…Paul can talk out of both sides of his mouth and can lie without moving his lips…Paul would make a great attorney..

    • That would be a beginner’s mistake, and Paul is a vet. Not saying that vets don’t make mistakes, but in reality, I don’t think it would happen. After Kevin though, if Paul gets HOH, he’ll probably nominate HGs that are best for his game (e.g, Jason and Elena). At that point, I think he’ll aim at getting the stronger HGs out, making his ‘stories’ a thing of the past. That’s pretty much how BB18 went down when Victor ended the F4 alliance of Paul, Paulie, Corey, and himself and evicted Paulie.

    • No, that would be Alex who walks into a room and talks about Mark when he is standing. literally, right nest to her. Not behind her, not in the corner, not in bed under the covers where she can’t see him…RIGHT NEXT TO HER!!! She was brilliant how she got out of it though. I can’t believe hoe she flipped it on him!!! Ask Mark to spell DUHHH.

  5. Kevin better to grab a really good vest if he wants to keep floating.. Paul is coming at him like a shark.

      • “Floaters grab a life vest!” Ah, Rachel, can we have her back PLEASE! Someone who actually knows how to play this game! All of these people are floaters. With the exception of Paul and Cody, maybe Alex too because she’s at least won competitions. I guess Mark too. But come on people, think for yourselves!

  6. Why target Kevin ? He is useless at comps, go after Mark, then Elena just cause she is so annoying. Then do Matt and Raven, then the fun begins as the ” friendship ” crew destroy themselves….Alex for the win !!

  7. Matthew says it’s “crazy” how as soon as someone is out someone else becomes the new public enemy number one.
    Question is: What is a smart player suppose to do on realising this?

  8. After watching BBAD last night i could not believe, just how stupid Alex is when it comes to Paul.

  9. I’m just so happy that there is no fight in the house today… the bullying has gone overboard and we don’t need anymore of that

    • Not yet time for that. Paul had an agenda on his hands today. Busy preparing the minds of his followers to target Kevin ahead of Matt and Raven once they are done with Mark.
      Attention for now is the HOH challenge after Cody’s eviction. Then after, the master will get Josh and co to war.

  10. “12:30 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven manage to get the new “no horsing around” warning call from Big Brother.”

    What exactly were “Maven” doing? Was this another case of her chasing him around the kitchen, angry about something trivial, while he giggles…and then her going to the Diary Room to put on that fake southern accent with slurred words and exaggerated gestures?

  11. “12:30 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven manage to get the new “no horsing around” warning call from Big Brother.”

    I’d be hitting that button every time they crawl into bed.

  12. These Sociopaths sound like lil 5th Graders!! “I don’t like that Mark/Elena are talking to Cody/Jess! Whaaaaaaaa!!!”; “I don’t like that Kevin is talking to Cody!! Whaaaaaa!!” Like the lil CHILDREN that they are……”You can’t be MY friend and TALK to someone that I don’t like……you’re not my friend anymore…..WHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!”. “Do as I say (control freak sociopath) or you’re on my $hit-list! WHAAAAAA!!!!!! PATHETIC!!

  13. What’s with Elena in bed with Mark and kissing him on 2017-08-16 @ 14:06:27 PDT? (See the picture posted with the Branden’s Wednesday daytime summary.)

    I thought a day or so ago I read in a moderator summary that Elena said she had no real interest in Mark.

    • She doesn’t want the other HGs thinking she’s in a “real” showmance with him because she knows most showmances get evicted before individual hgs.

      • She is trying to set up for her jury house stay. She will be following him there shortly after he goes, if she doesn’t go first. Then Mark will be the one to follow shortly after.

      • Are you saying that you think Elena actually is sexually and romantically interested in Mark and wants to see him in those ways after the season?

      • Not necessarily. She’s being sexual with him in the BB house right now but says to others she’s not…and isn’t cuddled with him during the day (only at night).

      • In other words, you’re saying she’s just using him, right? If true (and it sure looks like it is), Mark is in for a major let-down. He sincerely likes Elena. I feel bad for him. Even if much later he looks back and decides that his infatuation was not wisely placed, it’s still painful to find that someone you have invested your emotion in for a long time has no true interest in you and merely used you.

      • More or less, yes! She should just stop stringing him along now. It’s hard enough cooped up in that house with the others, not to mention lying next to someone who only wants you as a bedmate and nothing more.

  14. Let’s get this show interesting and get Paul out so these people can play this game on their own

  15. Probably no chaos because Paul was too busy giving his marching orders to everyone else. Of course, the troops are obliging. I’ve never seen in the history of big brother, more naive people in my life. Cody and Jessica were the only ones that could see Paul’s BS. Probably why they are both about to be out of the house, shame too. They were the only ones that actually talked game and made sense. Good grief, can somebody in the house just make their OWN decisions? I doubt it but it’s worth a shot. Give Paul the check now. I agree with Jessica on her Instagram Live that this is the “Paul Show”.

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