Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Tuesday Night Highlights

The fighting in the Big Brother 19 house stopped for the day, but the scheming and backstabbing did not. Paul got to work on setting up Kevin by revealing to several people that Kevin took the $25,000 on night one and not Ramses. Who knows why Paul is unleashing this now when there are apparently three targets ahead of Kevin.

Don’t miss the Tuesday daytime Highlights Report for all the events leading up to this including another round of fighting and arguing between the sides of the house, which is really coming down to Mark and Elena versus everyone else.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 15, 2017:

3:45 PM BBT – Alex tells Mark that Elena doesn’t treat him well and will drop him whenever it’s bad for her game.

4:15 PM BBT – Alex, Jason, and Christmas are still trying to figure out if Cody really has a child. They don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not since he didn’t explain it either way. Alex thinks he must be making it up.

4:40 PM BBT – Cody explains to Paul and Kevin that Christmas ended up being his renom because he had gone through a third of the cast at that point. He didn’t start off with a strategy of nominating five people to get to his target.

5:00 PM BBT – Mark and Elena are sharing notes on what they’ve heard. Both say Paul is pitting them against the other. They’re getting mad at his game play for stirring up problems and blaming others. Elena says Alex made it clear that she was the target to go next because of Alex’s comment that whoever was protecting Cody would follow him out.

5:15 PM BBT – Elena correctly observes that she and Mark and the “new Jessica and Cody” while Matthew and Raven have replaced them.

5:25 PM BBT – Elena wants Mark to put up Alex and Josh, but Mark says they’ve got to nominate Paul.

5:35 PM BBT – Mark says Elena should have never given Alex the HoH comp.

6:05 PM BBT – Elena points out Paul makes all his allies feel special by sharing information with them and they think they’re the only ones.

6:10 PM BBT – Paul, Alex, and Jason discussing how Mark and Elena look to be close together now.

6:15 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul not to get involved when he’s having an argument with someone. He says that makes it an us-vs-them situation.

6:35 PM BBT – Elena says Mark should take the hot dog from Alex and eat it so the Have-Nots have less for them to eat.

6:40 PM BBT – Mark says he’s ready to take on the rest of the house on Thursday. Elena isn’t as excited about the idea.

7:05 PM BBT – Josh reiterates they need to avoid ganging up in arguments. He says the next target is clear already.

7:30 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex to dial it back and stop going so hard after others since it’ll make her a target and get HGs worried about her. Jason says now is the time to be a leader, not a dictator.

7:41 PM BBT – Alex says to Jason that they need to get rid of Mark and Elena then go after Matthew and Raven.

7:55 PM BBT – Josh still telling Paul that it looks bad when they all gang up and attack their target. Paul tells him to stop calling them attacks because this is Big Brother.

7:59 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh that he knows who really won the 25K. Josh says he does too and that Kevin told him. Paul says that he’s going to drop that bomb at the right time. Josh says but Kevin is a jury vote and Paul says he has never cared about jury votes.

8:18 PM BBT – Cody and Elena discuss the house fight earlier. Cody says it was over him eating Alex’s cereal, which she told him he could eat. He says it was all so psychotic. Cody says it’s just them justifying their moves in the game. Elena agrees and says they’re trying to make reasons to put her up next week.  Elena says anytime you defend yourself in the house you become a target.

8:20 PM BBT – Elena tells Cody she’ll probably be seeing him next week in jury.

8:32 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas talking about Paul worrying about how he is being perceived this season.

8:57 PM BBT – Paul tells Alex that Kevin is the one who won the $25K. He says Kevin told Josh and then Paul asked Kevin and he confirmed. Paul said that’s a bomb they’ll save and drop later. Alex brings up the weird votes that she’s been pretty sure Kevin made all season.

9:04 PM BBT – Alex and Paul agree to go after Cody, Mark, Matthew and then Kevin before Raven and Elena.

9:15 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul that she thinks Mark might come for him. He agrees.

9:20 PM BBT – Paul tells Alex about Kevin taking the $25,000 and said that Josh has known the entire time.

9:30 PM BBT – Jason asks Alex why Josh would suddenly tell Paul about Kevin’s money today. Alex says because Josh is worried Kevin is coming for him. Jason asks how Kevin is going to come for anyone. Alex says she trusts Paul more than anyone other than Jason.

9:31 PM BBT – Alex and Jason agree it seems weird that it’s now coming out that Kevin has the money. Alex says she isn’t sold on it because Jason convinced her earlier that it wasn’t Kevin who took the money. Jason says he thinks Ramses or Jillian won the money. Alex says but Kevin confirmed it with Paul.

9:35 PM BBT – Jason says he doesn’t care anymore who has the money. He says it’s irrelevant. Alex agrees. Jason says maybe Paul told them that because he’s ready to get Kevin out and wants to make them mad at Kevin.

10:08 PM BBT – Alex wants to know why Mark and Elena are still hanging out after what Mark learned today. Matthew says it’s probably because they feel they only have each other in the game now.

10:15 PM BBT – Christmas tells Kevin that Elena was out of line today with the way she attacked Josh.

10:20 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason and Alex that Kevin is trying to get rid of Josh because he knows about the $25K. Jason says he’s still having a hard time believing Kevin took the money. Paul said Kevin told him he did. Paul said Kevin told him he can thank him for bringing him back in the house. Jason seems to still be skeptical.

10:50 PM BBT – Paul talks with his group about going to Mark and trying to plant the seed of doubt with him about Kevin. The group starts unloading on their concerns about Kevin.

11:30 PM BBT – Mark and Elena are wondering if Kevin may be Paul’s next target. Mark thinks the two of them still have a shot at winning. Elena disagrees.

11:35 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that he’ll try to calm Kevin by telling him the two of them (Paul & Kevin) can stick together, but he wants the rest of the group to know he’s doing that. Paul tells Jason that he (P) can’t win the game. Jason challenges that, but Paul counters that Jason must be stupid to disagree. Paul says since he played before he can’t win.

11:40 PM BBT – Elena instructs Mark, that if she ever calls someone “Kitty Boo Boo,” to push her down a flight of stairs.

11:50 PM BBT – Christmas is concerned with how her fans may be viewing her behavior and arguments.

11:55 PM BBT – Jason and Paul still discussing whether Paul could win. Jason says Cody warned him to get rid of Paul or he’d win the game, but Jason says he’d rather lose to Paul than be in the F2 with Cody. Jason says he’d be honored to lose to Paul.

12:00 AM BBT – Elena tells Mark that everyone is going to be all over them if they win HoH and she can’t wait to see that happen. Mark says he’ll have to see then whether or not he’d put Paul up. Mark doesn’t want to put up Christmas or Josh since they’d be a waste.

12:20 AM BBT – Josh says he’s tired of the fighting and it’s draining on him. Christmas says it’s a strength of Josh’s to be able to confront others.

12:35 AM BBT – Jason talks with Kevin and assures Kevin that Alex likes him and Paul, but doesn’t like when Kevin repeats that Alex said about needing to get Paul out. Kevin argues that Alex said that though. Jason tells him not to bring it up.

12:40 AM BBT – Jason warns Kevin that Alex overanalyzes everything like when Kevin said he couldn’t remember Cody’s last name. Kevin is frustrated with Alex for questioning him.

1:05 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas discuss who to go after next. Josh wants Elena out and Christmas agrees. She worries that Raven could team up with Elena if their showmance guys go. Josh says he doesn’t like how today went.

1:15 AM BBT – Jason is upstairs working on calming Alex’s worries about Kevin. Alex says Kevin is playing Jason.

1:25 AM BBT – Kevin is in the backyard playing pool and venting to Paul about Alex’s attitude toward him. Kevin is very frustrated about the issue with him not remembering Cody’s last name.

1:30 AM BBT – Kevin goes up to see Alex. He says he just forgot Cody’s last name. Alex counters that Kevin doesn’t forget anything. Alex warns Kevin to be careful about Cody and the things he’ll tell him. Talk turns again to Cody’s kid and whether it’s true since they’ve heard two different ages for the child.

1:35 AM BBT – After Kevin leaves Alex says she saw how nervous Kevin was. Kevin goes downstairs and reports back to Paul on his talk.

1:45 AM BBT – Paul checks in with Alex and Jason. He tells them if he stays in the game then he can help the two of them with strategy, but if he goes then the two of them need to stick together. Paul promises to have their back. Alex says that as long as Paul is up against anyone but Jason then she’ll save him.

2:00 AM BBT – Paul says that if he gets HoH then he’s going to put up and target Mark.

2:15 AM BBT – Paul goes to talk with Mark and Elena. He says he’s been told Mark is coming after him, but won’t tell Mark who told him that. Mark says he (M) needs to win HoH this week then. Paul says he hopes he does and if he (P) were ever coming after Mark then he would know it.

2:30 AM BBT – Mark and Paul go back and forth on how much they trust the other but it seems it isn’t returned. Mark says he’s never questioned Paul’s loyalty.

2:35 AM BBT – Mark admits to Paul that he went to Matthew to see about the couples working together. Mark says Matthew admitted that he doesn’t have a target and doesn’t win HoH’s so it doesn’t matter.

2:40 AM BBT – After Paul leaves Elena reminds Mark that no matter what Paul says, he’s still actively with Jason, Kevin, and Alex who are all coming after the two of them. Elena points out that everyone seems to be working with Paul.

3:00 AM BBT – Mark and Elena are finally off to bed.

It’s more of the same as everyone is anxious to get on to the next round and they’re all jockeying to make sure someone else is the next target. Meanwhile Paul is keeping his hooks in the HGs and making sure they all feel he’s critical to their survival in the game.

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  1. There’s very little I like about Paul. That said, to suggest anyone is remotely more deserving of the grand prize is insulting.

    • Zino, it’s so refreshing to see a poster have the ability to give credit deserved to a HG that they might not like personally. It’s kind of like being at a youth baseball game and the other team has a smartazz mouthy coach that most everyone dislikes, but he has obviously done a great job coaching his team. Gotta give the coach credit although you would like to sock him in the nose and tape his mouth shut. lol

      • Ksjb,
        I think that everybody that is a ” real” fan with any sense of logical thinking ability would say right now Paul is the hands down winner!!!!!
        That’s why it’s so ridiculous that CBS in there infinite wisdom keeps putting in former players with a new cast. Now this cast is especially stupid with there luv of Paul. Unless they are all playing ” coy” I don’t see any of them getting rid of “paul”. Alex talked about it plenty of times but still goes back to Paul is the man.

      • I don’t know, Snowman. I honestly don’t see Paul making it much longer. I think Jason is really questioning Paul strongly and will eventually get Alex to listen. I think that will happen soon because Jason will keep pushing it a little more aggressively, imo.

      • I’ll be honest. I didn’t want any vets this season. I wasn’t thrilled to see Paul enter the game. But the guy was robbed last season. He worked hard and deserved that win. It would be a little retribution if Paul won. That being said, I don’t see it happening. If it does, I’m just fine with it because of last season.

      • I agree, Paul was robbed and really deserved to win over Nicole, for sure. Even worse was when Russel lost on Survivor, multiple times. That guy played his butt of and all of the others voted against him because they hated him and were salty because he made it to the end by knocking them off. Sooo not right. He Outwitted, Outplayed and Outlasted all of them. It is the freaking motto of the show!!!!

      • It was so obvious in the jury house last season that the jurors were being “led”. I don’t believe they can be forced, and in the end, the vote is their decision, but they can definitely be led.

      • I respect your opinion, but how would Paul winning this season be retribution for the season he lost? It’s a totally different game this time. Paul is only doing so well because they have a bunch of dolts playing. There is no real resistance to Paul. I guess to me, he has gone over the line. “Paul tells him to stop calling them attacks because this is Big Brother.”….that was said in the highlights above. To me, he has taken the personal attacks to a dangerous level. He outright lied to Jason, saying he cannot win BB because he is a vet. (although if I was in there, I would immediately question that because why would he be there if not to win).
        I have no respect for Paul. To me, everything he has done is dirty. He would never be able to win if there were actually players in the game. Look how long it took to get Jessica out….one of the targets from the beginning.

        That being said, I don’t know who I am hoping for!!

      • Her and Cody were the target since week two. If they couldn’t get him they were after her. Cody left and you’re forgetting Jess won HOH otherwise she would of been gone.

      • I agree with you. He’s arrogant and pushes people to attack others. Why do you think he’s worried about how people feel about him on the outside. Guilty conscience because he knows he’s an ass. If it was all vets playing he’d be gone. His game play only looks good because he’s playing with a bunch of people that have never seen the show. And aligned himself with the other strong player that does know the game. Hope Mark wins HOH during DE and backdoors him and he goes.

      • And Jason has a strong bond with Mark and with Kevin. As much as I like Paul, if Mark wins HoH, Jason should fill in Kev about Paul’s recent comments, Paul gets nominated, you have Jason, Elana and Kev as votes against, now who do you put up next to Paul, and who do you work on for that last vote?? Xmas?

      • The only problem I see with your possible scenario is, would Jason go against Alex if Alex refused to vote for Paul’s eviction? Of course, if Alex was also OTB beside Paul, that would remedy that little iffy conundrum.

      • I would love to see that, but not at DE. I want it to happen when there is lots of time for campaigning and paranoia and drama to build.

      • Idk, K…these HG seem pretty enthralled under the spell of their bearded leader! ;) Alex especially. I am really disappointed in her. After that first comp & how she stuck it out so tenaciously, I thought she’d be an independent thinker… turns out she’s sipping off the Kool-Aid too. hehe

      • They have used him and he has used them to further their games. His knowledge and perspective and strategy has made him a very useful ally. They know there will come a time that he needs to go and have discussed it among themselves. If they don’t take the opportunity to get him, good for Paul. He deserves to win just because of last season, imo, and he has worked for the money this season, too. I still will be shocked if he wins.

      • I don’t know, none of these Hg seem to want to win this game imo. Like look at Elena taking cash over POV *while* she is otb! Ugh! I can’t understand that kind of thinking. I’d really like to see her go home this week on general principle alone just for making that move… but Cody’s simply played too poorly for that to happen unfortunately.

      • But, you know, Elena knows that the Cody thing is game AND personal and so strong that her lying to Alex and giving her the punishment/not taking veto would not be enough to deter their distrust and dislike of Cody and she was right.

      • Oh I know, but I just think no one should ever, EVER feel that safe in BB! I just wish that point could be driven home by evicting Elena for making that choice…but I know it’s not gonna happen. Cody has just played too badly plain and simple…but still…it’d be fun to see her shock if it happened. I can dream. hehe

      • I completely see your point and even agree that NO one should feel that safe, but it happens. I mean, Matt also felt safe enough to use the veto on Jason instead of himself so Cody could be the renom. I have been guilty of saying no one should ever do that, but I think Matt did the right thing to show the others they could trust him. He, felt safe enough to do so for the same reason Elena did, because of who the other nom would be…..Cody. That just shows how desperate they all are to get Cody out of the house, and I agree. That opportunity might not ever present itself again. Cody has the potential to win comps and pull himself OTB. With fewer and fewer HGs, the more chance of him playing in every veto. He had to be backdoored, imo, and Elena just took advantage of it.

      • Matt pretty much had to do that because Elena chose the cash over the veto. That decision was one of the reasons Alex was so angry with her. Just think if Matt hadn’t gone along with the plan…

      • And this is BB. Although the HGs felt fairly certain they could trust Matt to “do the right thing” for the agenda of the house majority, no one could be 100% sure that Matt wouldn’t get cold feet, understandably in most any other scenario except….Cody.

      • Yeah, I get it Cody has played a terrible BB game and everyone wants him gone. I agree. I said from the get go he was a terrible player, but what can I say…as a fan Elena’s move just bugs me. can’t really help it… :)

      • If Paul wouldn’t have been given “3 weeks safety” by BB producers and the game would have been on an even playing field then Cody’s game play would have been outstanding. He knew from the outset that Paul was the threat and he went for the the throat. He was right, but the BB production wanted this to be the King Paul show.

      • I agree Cody was right in knowing Paul needed to go, but his timing sucked. If he’d really watched BB, as he says he has, then he should have seen Paul getting some kind of perk as the only vet returning. I knew it was going to happen before they even mentioned it, so why didn’t Cody? Plus, not talking to *anyone* in his alliance about his plans alienated him from most of his group. I’m sorry, but imo, that is not good BB play.

      • I get it that she feels safe being up against Cody, but, WOW!!! You never pass on a chance at absolute safety. BB 101. I guess her and Matt never took that class.

      • Right?? I didn’t include Matt only because he did not actually win POV, he got it by default when Elena chose the cash prize over the veto…
        But, now that you bring it up… another move that makes me smh at these HG. ;)

      • Not to excuse Matt, but he knew that his game would be better off if he went along and did his part of getting Cody OTB. It would have hurt his game more if he used it on himself.

      • Agreed…that is why I didn’t mention him initially. But still…it irks me as a BB fan. That’s all. But I do agree, had Matt taken himself otb it would’ve been different b/c there wouldn’t be a renom, but Elena…? She was an initial nominee so if she’d taken veto and pulled herself down Cody would have went up just the same. That’s the point I was trying to make…she is otb but took cash instead of saving herself…
        What can I say, it just bugs me.

      • She’s a dummy anyway though. I guess that she figured she might as well get the $5,000 because she knows she can’t win the $500K.

      • Maybe, but Jason sticks his ass in a barrel to be kicked in the head by a bull as a clown for a living. He will let Alex lead him to a final four defeat by the hands of Paul.

      • one of the dumbest moves Paul is making all season is sending the ones who have been up to his b.s. all season into the jury house 1,2,3 Cody,Mark,and Elena.these 3 don’t like Paul and will have plenty of time as the pissed off guests enter into the house explain to them how Paul made fools out of them and led them on as lil puppies.he should of have worked on sending some of the other’s 1st and then sent in those 3.

      • Knowing you were played by the master should be one of the reasons you vote for someone to win. You should vote for the best player whether you like them or not.

  2. it makes me crazy that all of these houseguests are listening to Paul say he can’t/won’t win because he is a vet… He lost to a vet last season! Can’t stand him. Wasn’t a fan last year either.

    • Not really a Paul fan either, but he is the one to beat. You can’t take away the fact that he is playing these HGs like puppets right now.

  3. Did Raven purposefully burn herself with the hot iron so she would FINALLY get called to DR? I know how concerned she has been about DR ignoring her, bless her heart. She’s not used to being ignored.

      • I’ve heard people that have feeds complaining about her a lot. Just reading on Jokers, the way she commands attention, gets too much at times.

      • I lost interest in her when I saw her and her mothers YouTube video Raven may have health issues but her profession appears to be “scam artist”..

      • I’ve heard about the Utube vids but haven’t watched. Maybe I should have earlier when I actually cared a little more.

      • The trips the cars the clothes…money that should be spent on health care is being used otherwise (Go Fund)

      • She has said on the show that she is wanting to take a trip after the show. IMO, after watching her “perform”, people would be wanting their donations returned instead of more people giving. Anyone heard anything about all of that?

      • She constantly screams when she talks, even worse than Paul. She had multiple accents that she can turn on and off. She hurts herself on a daily basis somehow or another. She has a “fatal” disease that has to do with the inability to digest food properly, yet she eats 24/7…..grrrrr

      • Lol!! Lynne, I hear ya girl!! I think Raven is my least favorite HG in a very long time. I just fast forward through her now or switch cameras on the feeds. ;)

      • I wonder how often Matt regrets his decision to ever hook up to her in the beginning. Her might have been attracted to her at first, idk, but I think he’s just trapped and he might as well get his jollies.

      • He is definitely just getting his “jollies” now. He doesn’t get involved in her rants or other activity outside of them hanging out and “jollying”(is that even a word). No romance there at all.

      • Ugh! She’s a liar and a fraud! I heard her gofundme account is now being investigated because of a youtube video put out! Yikes! Maybe she shouldn’t have gone on national TV and started lying about her disease…

      • Oh, wow. if true, she might get the surprise of her life when she exits the BB house. Instead of the jury house, the crowbar hotel.

      • I really hope this gal isn’t lying like people seem to think she is. I purposefully haven’t looked online for further info about her. It bothers me that people who watch feeds say she eats a lot, including junk, and I don’t understand how that is possible if she is as sick as she says she is. It’s aggravating. She’s aggravating.

      • Which HG was that a few years ago that lied about his daughter or someone that had a terminal disease a few years ago? She is right up there with him. not quite as bad, but right there…

      • Yeah Matt from BB 12! He tried to play himself off a some BB super genius but he came off as an arrogant liar instead!

      • Raven has the lowest popularity poll in Jokers. She has been undefeated in this poll for weeks!!!!…lol

  4. I can’t decide who I would like to see walk out during the double eviction Paul, Christmas, Alex or Josh. I think I am rooting for Elana and Mark.

    • I would be ok with Mark winning HOH if it didn’t mean Elena was winning also..but it does. So as much as I think Mark is a good guy, I hope he doesn’t win HOH, Mark and Elena are OTB, Mark wins veto and takes himself OTF and Elena goes to jury. Let Cody deal with the sasquatch.

      • Ha!!! I think you’re right. This would never happen, but they should evict Josh and put him in there right away so Cody can get the complete “meatball experience” all the way through jury. That…would…be…A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! Cody would then breach his contract either by walking out or he would “destroy” Josh, as he put it last week.

    • During the DE, production will probably have comps Paul already played!! So much for getting him out:-(

  5. An honor to lose to paul?!?!! Are these people idiots. How about make a game move and be h one to get rid of Paul? I swear cbs did you cast all those that are ok with participation trophies?

    • You’re still asking that question? After all of Jody is gone, I think we will see some actual game play, finally.

      • If we do still see the Paul show, then kudos to Paul. He has not missed a beat so far. He may have started pushing the whole “Kevin took the $25,000” thing too early though. But I think he did that to preempt Josh from using it as Josh’s game play. This way Paul can take credit for the reveal, and, possible use it against Josh because Josh knew about it from the beginning and didn’t tell anyone-even though Paul also knew. the only thing is that it seems that nobody cares about it anymore.

      • Ok. Just one favor can you not comment on my post anymore. I just feel like you wanna debate. And I rather not. We all get you point of view but just trolling is kinda annoying now. Thanks. Have a good day.

      • Not trolling you. I comment on everyone’s posts. This is a discussion board after all. I respect your opinion as I expect that you respect mine. If you want to comment and not expect anyone to comment back, then why are you here? Sorry if you don’t agree with my opinions but I will continue to comment on ALL posts that I find interesting. I found your’s interesting, a complement to you as I am the only one commenting on your post. Sorry that you feel that way. No one else on this board, that I know of, feels that I troll them.

      • I am referring more previous posts and you passive aggressiveness. I tend to want to deal with people of that nature right off the bat. I appreciate open discussion but to my previous your position where you stand is clearly opposite than mine. To repeat it over and over on ever post I make is unnecessary, that is clearing what I mean by trolling. You tend to repeat yourself and I get your your point and respect it. I just don’t need to hear it again.

      • Okay, this will be my last post to you. Then I will ask you to do the same for me. You also keep repeating your “I hate Paul” and “the Paul Show” too. So yeah…a little hypocritical to me, your last post, in my opinion. I guess I will go be “passive aggressive???” with the other members. have a great day.

      • I stated my opinion to the blog post not on other people’s opinions. I rarely even comment on other people’s post just to the blog article at hand. So no not hypocritical. I responded to you replying to me hence my “paul show” comment. And go right ahead and do your thing you are good at it being that you just gave a prime example yet again. And thank you looking forwarding to never exchanging posts with you again. ✌🏾

      • I don’t think he is trolling. I think he has legitimate points. I think once Cody is gone, they will see they are all as a group and start making moves to help themselves along.

      • This guy(Philip) only wants to state his opinion and doesn’t want any feedback, just so you know. I ended a discussion I had with him a few days, or a week ago because of this. And now he calls me a troll. If he read through the whole discussion thread he would have seen that I post to almost everyone. Oh well, you can’t have nice debates with people who only have their opinion and are not open to other points of view. Thanks for not calling me a troll, BTW. I appreciate your feedback.

      • For real, he was completely calm and respectful, I’m happy to show what real trolling looks like if needed. :P It’s a discussion board…kiiiinda the whole point…to discuss…

      • I am also passive aggressive too now…lol… I think I upset him. Sorry, but not sorry. Did you see his, hopefully last post to me?

        “I stated my opinion to the blog post not on other people’s opinions. I rarely even comment on other people’s post just to the blog article at hand. So no not hypocritical. I responded to you replying to me hence my “paul show” comment. And go right ahead and do your thing you are good at it being that you just gave a prime example yet again. And thank you looking forwarding to never exchanging posts with you again. ✌🏾”

        He confirmed my comments. He comes to post only, and not to comment. How funny, it is a “discussion” board. But he doesn’t want to be a part of the discussion??? Oh well, it takes all kinds I guess.

      • I just can’t keep up. Lol. Between feeds and different threads it’s consuming too much of my time.

  6. Jason is the biggest pussy. He actually told Paul that he, and the others in the Cabal Of Idiots would be ‘honored’ to lose to Paul. Who are these losers? Does that sound like anybody really wants to play the game besides Paul? It is getting very hard to watch BBAD, much less live feeds when we see the same soap opera episode repeated over and over and over.

      • Yeah, I did reply already a few minutes ago. on that thread,
        Many more girls than guys. I guess the girls can’t get along long enough to take out more guys..hehe..When will these girl learn that the guys typically target the girls first for fear of them banding together???

      • I put 21 name for 16 spots. There’s at least 8 guys and 8 girls. And you can add to that list, Cameron from this year.

        Personnally, I’d love to see Kara Monaco and Cassi Colvin again.

      • I like the list of non-jury members, but I can think of quite a few more that I would like to see that made it to jury. I think we should compile a list of those who made it to final 3 or 2 that never won. I would think final 3 would be better because those are the ones who typically didn’t float all the way there and actually played. The 2 spot was 50% of those who were either floaters, who didn’t do much in the game and were easier to win against at the end.

      • The goal of my list was to highlight people that we didn’t get much of a chance to see if they were good player or not, like Cameron this year. Let’s face it, people who get evicted in the 1st few weeks is often for bad luck.

      • That is true. A lot of those that did go early on though didn’t really intrigue me though. Some did, but not a lot of them. Cameron did come close to beating Cody in the Battle Back though, so I see your line of thought.

      • Because if you bring the others that made it to jury, you have to call it what it is. it’s an All-Stars season.

    • The word you’re missing is “if”. Haven’t you ever heard players say if I don’t win I hope you win and if I get 2nd I’m glad you won. If I don’t make it to the finals I hope you do and win. That’s what Jason means.

  7. 11:55 PM BBT – Jason and Paul still discussing whether Paul could win. Jason says Cody warned him to get rid of Paul or he’d win the game, but Jason says he’d rather lose to Paul than be in the F2 with Cody. Jason says he’d be honored to lose to Paul.
    Are u kidding me!!! I guess jason doesn’t need the 25 grand for 2nd place!! What a dummy!!! To many hits from bull’s I guess!!

    • I don’t believe Jason or Alex WANT to be 2nd place, but I do believe that they respect Paul’s game enough (at this point) that if they did come in 2nd, they would feel better being 2nd to him than most of the others. That’s my take on it.

      • Agreed, but just saying that tells me they’re ready to settle for that position. What “true” BB player says “Aw shucks, I’ll be happy with the runner up prize??”

        smh… what is wrong with these people K??

      • But that’s not what he said, he said he would be honored to lose to Paul, not happy. That to me means simply if he was going to have to lose to anyone, he would be glad it was Paul.

      • That’s the way I look at it. If I was in that house and wound up in F2 and lost to Paul (as long as I wasn’t the dummy to choose to go to F2 with him, lol), I’d be much more happy about that than being in F2 and losing to say, Raven.

      • I get what you’re saying, but imo, this is BB…talking about coming in second to anyone shouldn’t be an option at this point. just my opinion of course.

      • I want to be in jury, too, like a huge nationally famous case that lasts for months and the witnesses have to go to witness protection. :D

      • I know. That is what I mean…why? This is BB. HG shouldn’t be talking about consolation prizes, especially at this point in the game!

      • I agree, that’s how I see it also. Hey gorgeous! ❤️💋

      • Hey, doll! Been having issues not receiving many of my notifications when I’m on Disqus for some reason. So a lot of times, unless I am actually on BBN and catch a comment popping up, I am missing some of them. I’ll be gone for a couple of days. Keep Paul in the house until I get back. lol

      • No worries KS. I know how disqus can be, I’ve had my headaches with them too! Enjoy your time and I’ll see you when you get back, promise to keep Paul in! LOL

  8. Paul doesn’t deserve any credit for his gameplay. It’s really bad gameplay, and if he weren’t a vet he’s already be out. He’s playing almost the exact stragety of Audrey in BB17. Pitting people against each other as much as possible, and refocusing people’s attention on his goals. But normally it doesn’t work, such as how Audrey’s game blew up so quickly. But in this case it is because the house guests were forced into following him after he came into the game as the only vet with 3 weeks of safety and an easy immediate target (Cody).

    He’s not good at this game. He’s just been blessed with fantastic circumstances and an apathetic cast.

    • Most of this current cast seems happy just to make jury. Could it be as simple as bad casting? Most are broke and looking for some sort of fame. Matt and Raven for example are passive aggressive and just want the jury money. Christmas wants to sell her workout dvds. None outside of Alex and Cody want to actually win the game.

    • “because the house guests were forced into following him after he came into the game” Seriously? How were they forced? They don’t have minds of their own? They all came in the house just wanting to make jury…that’s not game play.

      • She actually said that littlefly!! Believe or not!!!
        I read it yesterday!! It was a real quote, I’ll see if I can dig it up.

      • I think she said that in a preseason interview. After she said that she was planning on coming back for another season, she immediately said that it didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to try to win this one though.

      • Alex can plan but that don’t mean its gonna happen…I will wait till seasons end to see how she fairs on19 before looking to see her in 20

      • Alex had big plans before her fan crush(Paul) got his hooks into her. She still may eventually vote him out but I don’t believe that it will be on her HOH. I don’t think she would ever put Paul OTB.

      • I haven’t given up on Alex. i see the lady in the first episode who challenged Cody and hung on till the end. That version of Her has to come back.

      • Did she say that she would come back if invited??? Or did she make the statement that Production had invited her to return next season..???

      • She said it as if she were the one in control of it happening, like she’s all that and a bag of chips. Girl needs to come down to the real world.

      • She said she’d like to come back and win next season like Nicole did. Jeff said so you don’t want to win and she said no, no, no I want to win but I want to come back.

    • Someone has to invite her back first, someone also needs to take this chick off her damn high horse.

  9. “The fighting in the Big Brother 19 house stopped for the day”

    Long enough for the house guests to eat lunch. They immediately started fighting again when Paul gave the signal.

  10. I really hate this show this season. It is basically Paul’s show. I hate Paul. He is nothing but a disgusting person. I am no longer going to watch this season if Paul continues to be in control.

  11. Seems to me there is a lot more thinking and scheming going on. Told you the game would change once Jess and Cody would be out.

      • I meant to say it should be game on for everyone else but Paul, because he has been playing the game since day one!!!

      • Ok, then Paul has been playing since week 3, if you believe that Paul hasn’t been playing since he entered the house…..NOT!!! He was safe, yes with the POP, but he was building his connections and social game since he walked through the door. Tell me that he hasn’t and I would say that you’re delusional. Even though he was safe for the first 3, actually 4 evictions(I don’t really count the first one, Cameron, because the house took the temptation and allowed Paul to come in, he was still playing the game. So, in essence, they are the ones who unleashed the beast in Paul to come into the game in the first place. And, not to start this whole debate again, he wouldn’t have been voted out on Cody’s HOH anyways. We’ve gone over this time-and-time again.

      • Irregardless of whether or not Paul would’ve been evicted on Cody’s watch, the entire house should’ve banded together and gotten Paul out. That’s what they should ALWAYS do when it comes to a Vet playing the game. I’m one of them that doesn’t like when Vets come to the game. I think it should be an all-new cast every season, with the exception of an All-Vets season here and there.

      • I totally agree. Vets should be the first to go. Every season where they put in a vet, the newbies say that they need to go. But then they back peddle and say “let’s keep him in to keep the target off of us” and then let the vet stay week after week. I just don’t get it. than the vet wins and everyone says “well they played a better game” so I voted for them. It was because they freaking let them stay in the game!!!

    • That is what Paul is preparing for…He senses DE and wants to be sure he is safe in round #2…

  12. So Jason would rather lose $500,000 sitting next to Paul versus winning it sitting next to Cody? What is wrong with these people? I really think CBS screwed up big time bringing only Paul back as a vet (with a bunch of idiots). They should have saved him for next season and make it a season 20 allstar cast. That would have been very interesting to watch. Smh I’m so disappointed.

    • You can’t keep Cody thinking about “taking” him to the end. He is too good at the physical comps and he has no loyalty to anyone. You can’t plan week to week with him as he plays on emotion and you never know when you would be next.

    • First Alex would be “honored” to lose to Paul, and now Jason. I’m beyond trying to figure out what is wrong with these HGs. Right now I’m Team Mark/Elena, since they are the only ones who are at least beginning to see the light.

      • i would have been happier with them if they had seen this last week. I was hoping they had seen ahead and cooperated fully with Cody. By now, Jason, Paul and Matthew would have been on the block. and a fresh game would have emerged with Paul likely to be voted out. It is rather too late as they will be replacing Cody and Jessica as victims.
        If only Matt, Raven and Kelvin can see ahead, they should be working with Mark and Elena after Thursday. Those are by far much easier prey than the present and immediate past targets. Maybe Mark and Elena should tell them by the time they (Marlena) wins HOH next week setting up Paul and Alex.

  13. I am okay with a mark of elena hoh but only if they put up paul/alex. I now josh has made it clear he is targeting them and called them out but he is not the immediate game threat. If they win hoh and evict josh then paul is basically steam rolling to f3.

    • I’d love it if Mark won HoH and put up Paul and Alex. That’s what he claims he’ll do. I hope, hope, hope he gets it and does that. If one of them come off, up goes Josh or Christmas, I say.

      ETA: Even better, if Paul comes off the block, put up Jason. Jason vs. Alex. That’d be good. If Alex comes off, put Josh alongside him.

      • I just dont think josh or christmas should be up next to paul/alex/or jason period bc that means xmas or josh goes home. Which is complete waste of an hoh for mark. Put up paul/alex then if one wins veto put up jason to ensure you are getting a threat out of the house. Its alot of blood but mark is number one target regardless at this point so who cares.

      • Put up Raven against either Paul or Alex, Matt would never vote for Raven. That would give Marlena another vote.:-)

  14. Last year’s cast, for the most part, was people I enjoyed watching, unlike this train wreck of a cast. I loved Nicole, James, Victor, last year’s version of Paul, Davonne etc. Big Meech’s drama was fun to watch, Natalie was just odd. This year is just all the things I hate about today’s society. A bunch of entitled bullies ganging up on people that don’t bow down to them like a pack of wolves.

    • So, I assume that you are saying that Jody were the ones who didn’t “bow down” right? You don’t think that they wanted, and expected everyone to “bow down” to them(Jody)??? Yeah…right!!! Jody were among the “bullies” too. If you are including Jody as a part of those “entitled bullies ganging up on people that don’t bow down to them like a pack of wolves” than I agree with you. They(Jody) were so jealous of Paul because he was working all of the HGs over and they couldn’t, thanks to Cody.

      I do still love this season, like all of the others. I wouldn’t rank this season high on my list of favorite seasons, but I still love it.

      • Outside of Kevin, IMO, everyone is (or has fallen into) the bully category at some point. Each and every one. I still love Big Brother (although I am getting tired of having to prove my love for the show every time I have a gripe), but it’s just been kind of a dark season. It’s even made the commenters here and on Twitter angrier than normal.
        EDIT: I don’t remember Matthew bullying anyone, either. He’s just been so forgettable.

      • I agree. I am not proud of anyone’s behavior this season. Kevin has not got on board the bullying thing, neither has Matt. Much respect to them.

      • Mark hasn’t bullied anyone that I’m aware of either.

        Matt even said in the DR how ashamed he was of how the house was acting when they attacked Jody in the backyard.

      • He did thrown the pickle juice, hot sauce concoction in Josh’s face. Not really bullying I guess, but still not cool…

      • I’d imagine that as loud and obnoxious as Josh is, anyone would have tossed that juice in his face, lol. Wasn’t the best decision but I think Mark just got pushed to the brink by Josh.

      • Mark also told Josh to “Shut the F up” about Cody, leading to Mark semi-attacking Josh with the frying pan. It would be super hard to contain myself with someone banging pots and pans at me like that, but it’s still a bad look when you handle it like that instead of walking away.

      • I don’t think most people view that as a bad look for Mark. Remember Josh had been relentless attacking Mark with those pans for 3 days straight by the time Mark finally stood up to himself. And Josh cussed Mark out all that time dozens of other insults. Mark did walk away for 3 days but Josh followed him everywhere, even waiting outside of rooms that Mark was hiding in trying to avoid Josh. Sooo, no it wasn’t a bad look at all for Mark.

      • I don’t know…I think if I had to live in a house with Josh… ugh! Can’t even go there. Mark made a poor decision yes, but you have to admit, Josh just does not know when to stop sometimes.

      • So this is your version of “there’s blame on both sides”. Jody didn’t gang up on anyone and weren’t bullies. They are AWFUL players together, but the dog pack owns all the blame for this level of crap.

  15. Same game, same trail along the line. No flipping, no upset. Respect to Paul setting the game ahead of time and others work with the plan.

  16. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Alex is voted out DE right behind Cody and they’re in jury alone with each other? There’s no cameras in there, Jessica would go nuts! It’s a high chance if Mark or Elana wins hoh.;-)

  17. Line of the day…”Jason says he’d be honored to lose to Paul”

    That’s the thinking of most of the HGs, unfortunately…That’s why I wish Cody would stay.

  18. Paul: I don’t care about jury votes. Well that’s great because that’s why you lost last year.

    • You’re 100% correct. He should have won, IMO. But he ruffled too many feathers. He is doing better this year, even though he said he doesn’t care about jury votes. They all “respect” Paul’s game play and “need him” to get through. Hopefully they won’t “need him” very much longer.

      • Paul would have a rough time in the F2 is Ramses and Dom would’ve made it to jury. Especially now that Cody will be there. Might not be the sweep lots of ppl make it out to be. But, of course, neither Ramses or Dom made it so I imagine Paul would win with the HGs that are left.

        And Cody has even stated in the past that he respects Paul’s game so heck, maybe Cody would even give Paul his vote.

      • I actually think Cody might vote for Paul. He recognized Paul’s strategy. He sees Paul steamrolling to the finale yet is helpless to stop it. He knows no one else has played a game even close to being on Paul’s level. Cody and I both dislike Paul, but there’s no denying he’s playing the best game in the house.

        As for Ramses, if he’s a super fan, I think he would definitely vote for Paul. Obviously, he won’t get a chance to either way, but since he was able to go home and see what it took to get the house to obey him, Ramses voting for him might be a gimme.

        Dom? Nah.

      • I think if Paul made it to the finals today, and takes Josh, Paul would definitely get Cody’s vote because, well it’s Josh and Cody would never vote to give Josh anything. If he takes Alex, I’m not so sure. Cody respects Alex’s game, he’s said it so many times. But Paul was able to manipulate the entire house to do what he wanted them to do, when he wanted them to do it. So, that’s a tough one. If Paul, or Alex for that matter, makes it to the final they should absolutely take Josh.

      • That is a valid point…although I hate the idea of the meatball baby making it to F2 I have no argument to what you’ve said. I doubt anyone would vote for Josh because he’s been so easily manipulated so far

      • It’s was only one vote, day. And I knew that would come back to bite him because he lied to her and he really didn’t have to. He dud no ther damage i know of besides Pauli.

      • The bb18 women were always going to vote for a woman to win no matter what. That was Paul’s season to win but not this season. Even if he does win he’ll have alot of dislike from his “fans”.

    • He probably doesn’t have to care too much, he’s most definitely winning this year in the F2 unless he somehow screws up badly

  19. that is a very unfortunate pic of Elena. at first it looks like she has on prison orange but then you look closer and she appears to be a blow up doll.

  20. Okay, now I know I’ve officially entered the twilight zone when Josh is the voice of reason telling everyone to abandon the gang mentality!! ;)

    • But……my one problem with him and this statement is, he always confronts people with an audience and usually the audience is on his side and that tends to lend itself to others jumping in on the action. Josh needs to stop the confrontations and tone it down. He has a problem with someone, ask them to step in a room and handle it there.

      • I know. it’s a lot to ask of baby Josh. I know it will never happen. The boy is young but he’s only a year, year and a half younger than Paul if I’m not mistaken.

  21. 11:55 PM BBT – Jason and Paul still discussing whether Paul could win. Jason says Cody warned him to get rid of Paul or he’d win the game, but Jason says he’d rather lose to Paul than be in the F2 with Cody. Jason says he’d be honored to lose to Paul.

    FACEPALM. These stupid comments happen every other day it seems.

  22. I think Christmas is slipping her meds to Paul in the special recipe slop milk. I maybe wrong. Watching live feeds last nite totally weird. He’s joked about it a whlie ago. She says she takes a nerve pill. I just thought it was weird she kept telling him to go get this milk in a special cup..🤔🤤


  24. Earlier Mark and Cody in the back yard and Cody asked why Mark turned on him. Mark said why did you have to go for Paul so early.
    Um, to avoid exactly what has happened. I can’t believe Mark still can’t see that’s why they should have stayed with Cody. Everyone else would have been able to actually play and Mark & Elena wouldn’t be next on the hit list. Jeez.

  25. All I can hope for now is for Cody to win FF, just to spite the rest of the HGs. I don’t care if he doesn’t deserve it (no one does), I just want finale night to be a slap in face to all those idiots.

  26. A few observations from yesterday……
    1. Once you tell someone a secret, it’s no longer a secret. Cody should have never divulged to Kevin he has a daughter. Kind of makes my stomach hurt to hear them say he is making it up. It’s unnecessary at this point. Cody is out the door on Thursday. He’s also a jury vote.
    2. If Mark does win HOH I don’t think it is the right time to try and nominate Paul, if getting him out the door is his agenda. He doesn’t have the #’s on his side and could make his own elimination that much quicker.
    3. I was shocked that the $25,000 prize money Kevin won is now being discussed in the house. Did Kevin really tell Josh or is Josh just making a lucky guess? Paul’s also putting his own spin on it as to how he found out. Wonder if there will be any kind of fallout when Kevin gets wind of his tall tale.
    4. Josh is right when he says that other people shouldn’t jump into conversations they aren’t initially involved in. My problem with the way the HG’s engage this year is they confront each other with the whole house as an audience and of course what’s the result…..a pile on/gang up. I’m still blown away by the intensity and ferocity of how went from 0-100 within seconds. Jason is right, Alex needs to reign that back in. I’m no longer a fan of Alex because of her “tactics” and what seems to be a hair trigger temper. All over pillows and cereal.
    5. Paul doesn’t care about jury votes. Really? Isn’t that why he lost last year because of jury votes? Maybe I’m missing a component in his reasoning but it sounds like history is bound to repeat itself if this is his thinking.

    • Hey girl! Ita with all of your assessments…
      #5 I believe he’s only saying that to sike the other house guests out, much like the whole “I can’t win this season bc I’m a returning player.” Which we all know is bs. I honestly can’t believe they all believe everything he’s saying. And yes, Alex is officially cancelled in my book too lol

      • Hola chica, good to see you, missed ya!!!!! That makes sense about Paul, I figured I was missing something with that one. Gurrrrll. I’m so sick of Alex, I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate her at this point. I hate to say this but I hope they gang up on her at some point. Wonder how much she will like it when the tables are turned. Now I really want someone to take those stupid cat ears, stomp on them and throw them in the jacuzzi. LOL

      • Lol! Alex and Leap Year aka Christmas are both cancelled imo… I hope they hide Alex’s cat ears and push Leap Year down a steep hill on her scooter lol

      • Mark will be the only hope for an Alex and Paul nomination. I prefer Paul to go, but either will be fine.

    • Hey girl, last first, Paul seems to be playing some sort of psychological game with them so they can take him to f2 by saying he doesn’t care about votes as in no one will vote for him, they will vote for you, also he will pick the deserving player for f2, so they can pick him…(hope that makes sense). Josh should work on shutting his own big mouth first before he worries about others. I agree they shouldn’t accuse him of lying about his kid, it’s a bit below the belt. Alex needs a good scare on the block because she’s getting beside herself. Um….what else?.…. Kevin should never have revealed that until he was F4 or something. He should know better as old as he is. He talks too much to not be a comp winner. He can’t save himself or anyone else!

      • Yeah, I guess that is all part of Paul’s game plan. I should know better. Paul is a smart guy. Everything he says is calculated and meant to make an impact. It’s still a little early for me, lol! Agreed about Josh!! Getting sick of him and his confrontations with people. He doesn’t have a clue as to how he comes across either. No self awareness at all. He’s all up in arms. Hands clapping, voiced raised, usually screaming and talking over the other person. Doesn’t do him any favors at all. He’s another one that can leave sooner rather than later for me.

      • Ooo girl i said the same thing! I hope elana wins this DE cuz he’s gone. Mark may put Paul up so i don’t want him to win. You are EXACTLY right about it being too early for this groundwork Paul is laying now. Don’t leave them too much time to figure out what you’re doing. That concerns me.

      • Exactly, seems too early to be planting those seeds but I guess time will tell how it all shakes out in the end.

      • Better be careful cuz Jason’s getting smarter by the day! See how he’s figuring out Paul’s Kevin conspiracy that fast? Paul may have to do what Derrick did to Nichol lol with Jason lol

    • Josh is right but he and Christmas are the ones that constantly jump in. Every day he re cases the tale of Mark the flip flopper. No matter what or who an arguement is about, Josh jumps in with that.
      The pillow argument was stupid, however I do get the cereal argument. It was hers from her HOH basket. She was nice enough to give him some. He should not have ate it all. It isn’t like she can run to the store and buy more. I truthfully think he did it to make Jessica happy. He has been nice to Alex until that point and now that he knows 100% that he is gone he needs to save face with Jessica.

      • Cody said the reason he did it was to make them hate him so they would quit talking to him. It’s funny, because after that happened, it was like Cody had literally left the house. He was nowhere on any of the cams last night, at least that I was aware of. Guess it worked. LOL

    • Right! The house wants him to open up more but when he does they don’t believe him!
      so what’s the point!

    • Very well said! Although if Mark does put up Paul, the house might take that opportunity to get rid of him but I highly doubt it! They are all duds! Mark already has a target on his back regardless though.
      Very well said though clap clap

  27. I think bb scolded elena and told her to get her butt out of bed and act awake.
    yesterday, she seemed to be around.

  28. “11:55 PM BBT – Jason and Paul still discussing whether Paul could win. Jason says Cody warned him to get rid of Paul or he’d win the game, but Jason says he’d rather lose to Paul than be in the F2 with Cody. Jason says he’d be honored to lose to Paul.”

    I’ve had my hopes up for Jason this whole game, thinking that he might be the only one who could turn on Paul. I’ve been rooting for him and have even voted him as my favorite houseguest every single week. But after seeing this, I don’t know if I can anymore. Jason would have been good in this game had he not got behind that idiot Alex. Now everything he does he has to ask Alex and then Alex has to ask Paul…Alex basically ruined his game. Maybe something will change in the next couple of weeks but I just don’t see it happening. This season has lost all excitement and suspense because you can basically guess exactly what’s going to happen up to the final 4…This just feels like such a waste of a whole season and it’s all because they added one single vet to a house of newbies…

    • I think Jason is also playing the game. He’s stroking Paul’s ego, good for him, I hope that’s exactly what he is doing. I like Jason, a lot. Hate that he’s tied to the bitch Alex. She’s going to ruin his game and his chances to win imo. Funny, in the beginning I felt the other way, I thought Jason was detrimental to Alex’s game.

      • Yeah I really hope he is still playing the game but if he is, I think Alex is not and when he is ready to make that move, he will tell Alex and she will talk him out of it and then we’re done. Paul wins

      • Jason was my favorite, but starting to do everything Alex and Paul were telling him. I really hope that he stops snitching so much and plays the game.

      • i’m watching the Jason/alex dynamic, he is starting to advise alex about her crazy demeanor. will she listen to him and tone it down? I want to see if she truly wants him as her partner or her stooge.

      • Nope. Alex knows Jason has her back, but in her dreams Paul will be her F2. I think Watching newbie Paul being so loyal to Victor makes Alex think that he is being that loyal to her. Paul came to play and use everyone, no one is his Victor this season.

      • Look who Paul took to the F2 last year … it wasn’t Victor! !!!
        Bye Alex, hello Josh or (God forbid) Raven…:-(

      • I think it is between Josh and Raven. Two people he is always trying to save. Telling Alex not now because blah, blah, blah. It used to be Kevin, Josh and elena, but he changed it.

      • Hopefully he changes his mind again LOL especially with Raven! I don’t want that biatch getting second!

      • I agree! I don’t think he’ll make the same mistake twice. He’s here to win. But Josh… Or worse Raven! No no no!

    • I was laughing when Cody ate all of her cereal. She deserved that and more imo.

    • this next 7 days will make or break her game. it’s critical for her to pivot out of the hoh hierarchy and show her hand.

      • The problem is that if she shows her hand before evicting Matt and Raven, Paul can use them to evict Alex, revealing how badly Alex wanted them out. All the votes Alex could count on are Jason, and maybe Kevin and Mark, if they are still there.

  29. I’m shocked at Josh telling people to not to get involved in his arguments and that they shouldn’t attack their targets…

  30. Remembering that it’s a game is hard for a lot of people. I happen to like Paul and his game. I really wish that the bullying would stop. I really don’t think Cody needs to stay. The others just like to argue. I think who ever wins deserves it only because of the nonstop fights that break out.

  31. “Paul says since he played before he can’t win.” Ummmm… what about Nicole? Last year, ya know the winner, Nicole…

  32. OMG! These people are pathetic! How do they keep their lies straight!? I don’t get it!

  33. Hypothethical question:

    If Paul makes f2 this season and loses to a bitter jury would we say that he deserved to win? I know it’s that BB14 question again, and I loved Dan’s game. But I think jury management is a very essential part of this game. This game is designed very well in the aspect that no matter how little power you had in the BB house, the most powerful person in f2 would still be at the mercy of you on finale night. Plus, from the way Paul has been leading the charge to make people feel ostracized if he pisses the jury off with this behavior I would begrudgingly say whoever the goat that’s next to him deserves to win

    • They all have pissed somebody off so can’t think of anyone that he would be next to in f2 that wasn’t on somebody’s s list at one time or another.

  34. Jason saying it would bean honor to lose against Paul is the dumbest thing I heard all season, which doesn’t mean much b/c a lot of dumb things have been said this season by most of the HG’s !! Matt saying he’s not worried at all comes close. The only thing now that might b just a little interesting is it finally seems their all turning on each other. And why are they making such a big deal if Cody does or doesn’t have a child ?!! What in the hell does that matter in competing to winning BB ? So this is what they focus their attention on ? So imo this is why this is the worst Big Brother I have seen, and I watch them all.

    • I have also seen and watch them all and this is by far the “Most Pathetic” season I have ever watched! 19 seasons of BB US and 5 seasons of BBC. Terrible!

      & for the record, Jason isn’t the only one saying he would be happy getting second and wants Paul to win!

      At this stage of the game I do not have any hope they are going to turn on each other. They will work on getting Mark and Elena out, now they’re already preparing for Kevin…… And after that the probably just start volunteering to be evicted bwahahaaa

  35. “7:55 PM BBT – Josh still telling Paul that it looks bad when they all gang up and attack their target.”

    HUH? Josh suddenly concerned about how bad behavior looks to viewers?

  36. If no house guest had taken the $25,000 in Episode 1, I’m convinced the producers would have found another way to eventually get Paul in the house. Surely they had to approach Paul well in advance to ensure he could be available for up to 3 months for the show. Why would Paul arrange his life to be available for that long without anything certain for him to get out of it. Maybe the producers told Paul they would give him $10,000 if he did not get in the house, while fully intending to get him in somehow.

    • That has been my theory since the BB Producers pulled the never before “First week kissing my King Paul Ring, 2nd week the 3 weeks of safety ploy”. The guarantee the Rasputin a clear week of safety & mischief making along with doling out friendship bracelets.

  37. “12:00 AM BBT – Elena tells Mark that everyone is going to be all over them if they win HoH”

    Would that be similar to the way “Marlena” were suddenly interested in and alleging loyalty to “Jody” when Jessica became HoH?

  38. This stupid show has a record number of SOCIOPATHS this season…..Josh, Alex, Xmas, Paul, Raven, Jason and Matt. They all need lil white jackets that buckle in the back. It’s like watching a house full of 13 y/o CHILDREN! The only mature ones in that nut-house are Cody, Jess and Kevin. Worst BB EVER……’The Paul Abrahamian & Sheeple Show’!! What a waste of a BB season!! PATHETIC!!

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