Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

Alex faces off with Cody on BB19

Another day, another fight in the Big Brother 19 house. This time the house blowup started over some cereal (no, really) and escalated from there. The target this week didn’t change, but the upcoming targets might be shifting after the latest rounds of fighting.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 15, 2017:

9:45 AM BBT – HGs are starting to wake up.

10:35 AM BBT – Cody comments that he’s missing Jessica now.

10:40 AM BBT – Cody is camtalking about his annoyance with the HGs. He’s happy that Elena took the $5K from Alex and thinks Jessica will get a kick out of that.

10:50 AM BBT – Jason and Alex discuss Kevin and wonder what’s really going on with his game.

11:00 AM BBT – Cody and Kevin talk about the entitlement attitudes of the HGs.

11:10 AM BBT – Kevin telling Paul about Cody seeming lonely. Paul says that’s Cody’s own fault.

11:40 AM BBT – Christmas complains to Josh that Jason is just giving her lip service and wouldn’t really talk game to her except for her connection to Alex.

12:00 PM BBT – Mark and Josh are hanging out playing pool. HGs scattered here and there.

12:10 PM BBT – Snapchat glasses have arrived.

12:20 PM BBT – Jason talks to Alex about concerns over Christmas. He’s worried that Christmas may do something drastic. Alex warns Jason not to go against Paul or he’ll ruin his game.

1:00 PM BBT – Kevin tells Cody that if he’s happy with Jessica then he should go for it and not let others get in the way.

1:50 PM BBT – Mark and Josh have another little standoff. Josh is mad at Mark. Mark tells Josh he’s his target now since he knows Josh must be coming for him.

1:52 PM BBT – Alex starts arguing with Cody for eating the cereal she likes. She says she was trying to be nice to him. Cody says he wishes they all hated him.

1:55 PM BBT – HGs start piling on the Alex and Cody argument. Christmas wants to be involved and starts jabbing at him saying he ruined Jessica’s game.

2:08 PM BBT – Cody goes outside, but the arguing continues in the kitchen.

2:14 PM BBT – Josh tells Elena that she’s always been untrustworthy and her taking the $5,000 in veto proves it.

2:17 PM BBT – Josh calls out Elena for suggesting other people to be pawns instead of herself. Elena screams at Josh for him to let her finish speaking.

2:25 PM BBT – Elena and Josh still going at it, but he throws in that he has a huge crush on her. Josh keeps asking her why she’s screaming. Josh says he wants people to know that Elena is a liar. He says she and Mark are both flip-floppers.

2:35 PM BBT – Christmas calls out Elena in front of Mark over Elena saying she was done with Mark unless he wins HOH. Or something. Everyone is yelling and interrupting each other.

2:37 PM BBT – Suddenly Alex starts screaming at Elena, telling her she has no respect for anyone. Alex asks Elena what she drives? Elena asks why it matters and Alex says because Elena claims to be broke and she isn’t. Elena says she drives an Audi and starts talking about work. Feeds cut.

2:39 PM BBT – Alex is yelling at Elena about lying to her on national television.

2:41 PM BBT – Josh brings up how unhappy Elena and Mark were when Josh won HOH.

2:43 PM BBT – It’s circled back to Josh and Elena again. Cody is still outside sitting quietly.

2:48 PM BBT – When everyone calms down, Paul brings it back to Cody to remind them he’s the target this week, not Elena or Mark. Josh isn’t done with Elena yet though, so he brings up Elena saying she’s trying to stay away from Mark.

2:55 PM BBT – Alex says that Cody was trying to stir the pot. She says he was either trying to make sure the target is still on him over Elena or he was reversing it and trying to put the target on Elena.

2:59 PM BBT – Paul saying that everyone has seen a different version. Paul says they should do a competition called “Who is Cody Nickson?” Paul says Cody is not a real person.

3:02 PM BBT – Elena goes outside to hang with Cody and everyone flips out (even though she was just ostracized).

3:06 PM BBT – Kevin is really annoyed that everyone is focusing on Mark and Elena instead of Matthew and Raven. Kevin says they kissed Cody’s ass longer than Mark and Elena. Paul and Christmas come in and they agree with Kevin’s concerns over Matthew and Raven. But then Raven comes in and no one is able to discuss it.

3:08 PM BBT – Raven leaves and talk on Matthew and Raven resumes. Paul says as soon as Mark and Elena are out, they need to go.

3:13 PM BBT – Josh says Mark is upset over hearing all the things Elena has said about him. Josh says Mark’s feelings are hurt.

3:14 PM BBT – Christmas says they need to take out Mark before Elena.

3:15 PM BBT – Paul asks Mark why Cody is protecting Elena but not him. Mark said he knows he’s messed up in the game with who he has associated himself with.

3:21 PM BBT – Paul tells Alex, Jason and Josh that now that Mark feels more comfortable because he thinks Elena is a bigger target, he won’t want to win HOH. He says they can keep making Mark feel comfortable and then go after him instead of Elena. Then they try to figure out who goes out after Mark and Elena.

3:23 PM BBT – Josh says if they take Raven out before Matthew, then he might turn things up and actually start playing. Paul asks if they should get Mark out then Matthew and leave Raven and Elena. Josh says no, because he wants Elena out.

3:26 PM BBT – Paul makes sure to bring up Cody’s behavior earlier to make sure his army is still in check with getting Cody out this week.

3:29 PM BBT – Mark goes up to the HOH room to try to clear the air. They tell him more of what Elena has been saying about distancing herself from Mark in the game.

3:30 PM BBT – Paul goes to chat with Raven to make sure she still feels included in on everything.

So Paul was sure to keep everyone focused on Cody for this week and continues to set everyone’s sights on Mark next. There’s little concern over Mark and Elena winning HOH, however. There aren’t any kind of disaster plans in place in case that happens. So who knows what happens to that large group then.

Ready to find out what happened next? Check the overnight Feed Highlights Report for Tuesday to get the rest of the day’s events.

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      • I’m kinda still a Paul fan. I won’t excuse or try to explain it. Game? Not so much. I’m at a loss to explain any of these people.

      • I used to be Paul’s fan, but not anymore. Not gonna be one of his minions. He is just horrible this season and no amount of reasoning can justify his behavior.

      • it happened in Survivor with Boston Rob, he was a very strong vet when he came back to play- he ran that game and everyone in it and won… some ppl have the ability to put themselves in a strong position.
        Also – the some HG use Paul’s name a lot to push their own agendas or feelings- I notice Alex doing that a lot -“Paul won’t like that”…

      • I am a paul fan as well. This was actually a fight that nothing to do with Paul. Actually he stopped it.

    • I know right? So because she likes cola and the specific cereal, nobody else can have any? Alex must have grown up in a house hold where it’s every person for themselves. She doesn’t share, she hates females. Well she prefers to be called Alex so that could be a hint.

      • Then how was CODY to know. He doesn’t hang out in her HOH room and was it marked? She should have kept her “precious” cereal in her room if it meant so much to her “starving” self. She should lose five lbs. if she still wants to wear her two piece nightmare black outfit.

      • Oh – but it was hers. He asked her, she said “sure, just leave me some,” he deliberately didn’t.

      • She doesn’t think strategically, Cody was her fan and he is a vote in the f2, who cares about cereals and pillows if you want 500k?? How intelligent is that?

      • Totally agree – but I think the angry reaction was more so because he was TRYING to spite her and also was insulting with the “yeah I’m eating it all, f*ck you.”

        Alex is saying right now that she thinks it was out of character for Cody to do that.

      • That’s the problem with Alex and some of the others….with Alex’ petty hat – it is descriptive.

      • I feel like something happened more with the cereal. Like Cody plan for this to happen. I loved how he sat outside just listening to the fight escalade. He wants the target off his back. Gotta say, Paul actually stopped the fight for once. Made everyone calm down.

      • But then she said she was the only one being nicr to him, if she was then why would she put him up.

      • I think she said she was trying to be nice by offering to share her food..not that she was the only being nice to him….flashback on feeds

      • Alex makes just as much sense as everybody else in that house. Why would she share her food and then yell at Cody for eating her food? This season I tell you. Cody and Jessica made the most sense on this show. I think if they acted like their heads were in the clouds, they would still be in the house. Because that’s how the game is being played this year. Lol

      • He ate all of it instead of just one helping from her. He did it on purpose to start a riot. Which he did succeed.

      • It’s annoying, yes… but this is a game. She fights with Mark over pillows, now she’s fighting with Cody over cereal, what’s next? LOL! If she continues to act like this she’s probably going to have 0 jury votes simply because she’s starting fights for no reason. Plus, is it really worth getting all that attention on yourself for cereal?

      • if anything it’s a guaranteed chance that Alex doesn’t get his jury vote, as of now I’d say she’s lost Cody/Mark/Elena’s

      • Your comment has led me to consider the plausibility of pauls plan being to have others do the bullying at his behest, creating numerous mindsets of i “i will never vote for so and so”, because, as of now, cody is the only juror that (theoretically out of spite) will not vote for paul. Everyone gaslight everyone else as strategy. Encourage everyone to hate everyone else.

      • Paul knows Cody won’t vote for him, so he’s making sure that he doesn’t vote for Alex, Josh or Christmas either…if it’s someone else besides him in F2.

      • I thought the same thing. I liked her at first but now…not so much at all.
        Yikes, in fact I don’t like any one so much any more. hahaha.

      • Paul will make sure Mark doesn’t go to f2, I would vote for Mark but their game is compromised because they are considered flip-floppers….

      • Cody and Jessica said it several times they see Paul as best player, truly he has low to no opposition unfortunately

      • So far it’s proving to be effective lol! I just love how nobody catches onto him. It’s not like he’s being discreet about anything (people in BB16 are still in shock over Derrick controlling the game. People have called Paul out time and time again, the cast knows this) this cast is just genuinely odd

      • Yup, because there is still 2 days left and Paul’s insuring that he’s gone on Thursday. No flipping votes at all.

      • Cody is already gone, she needs to smoothen relations to get votes at the end but only P thinks like that…strategically.

      • She’s doing what Paul wants her to. To find anything to use to upset them. That way the attention is taken off of him or hopefully never is directed his way!

      • I understand that it was a box of cereal… BUT…It was something that Alex received in her HOH basket.. The cereal belonged to her.. It was hers to share or not. .It was wrong of Cody to consume the entire contents…Even Kevin told Cody that “sorry” was not a hard word to say.. The situation can be debated for both sides ..

      • I totally get that, and I’d be frustrated too. But this is a game, about 500k, she should be more calm and focused on that, she can buy all the cereal she wants with that money lol. Her attitude is going to be the reason she loses this game. Cody is already going home, she just needs to let it go

      • Jackson have you ever lived with a non family member? cereal is more than just cereal. think about it. do you live with your parents?

      • I’m still in high school so yes :D
        but literally I just don’t understand Alex. I feel like if Jess were doing this she’d be condemned and everyone would be hating on her for this (not a Jess fan btw), but since it’s Alex, it’s justified lol!

      • room mates gone bad will come to blows with this kind of thing. hopefully you will never have to experience it but it is common.

      • I get that but why handle it the way she did? These are all adults. If someone at work dies something wrong should they expect to be chastised and holllered at like Alex did? Yes this is a game but is the anger really gaining her anything in this case? He is already out the door.

      • What they’re forgetting is he’s out the door to “jury” and will be depending on his and others’ votes at the end. Another trick Paul used on them and “doh” they followed through on it.

      • I can’t believe it either. I think I lost brain cells reading this. It’s time I can’t get back. Then again, with this group, they fight over just about anything. I feel bad for Cody. He’s actually trying to help these people by ratting out Paul. They are too blind to see it. Just give Paul the check now.

      • I believe Cody did it on purpose to alienate himself further from the HG’s. He just wants to be left alone.

      • I don’t blame him either. I totally get him in this moment. They need to back the f off. He’s going to jury and he will be a vote, why let him go out of the house like this? Doesn’t make sense to me.

      • They’re demanding he tell them why he did what he did 7 weeks ago. Elena can’t remember what she said “verbatim” 3 weeks ago, even though she swears she can (not so…a viewer can remember more than the player can). I keep saying it’s Paul instigating these fights to divert the attention off him onto all the others. Tell me it’s all in my imagination! I know some will, but I listen to how Paul plays these minions! LOLOL

      • Exactly Em. As a threat to winning Cody is irrelevant now, he’s definitely leaving so why keep messing with him? Interrogating him about who he’s protecting by trying to be nice?? I don’t get the strategy behind it all…

        And what about Christmas?? Ugh! I’ve never seen anyone who has no clout in the game think they’re so much better than everyone else-both morally & physically! Wouldn’t mind seeing her go sooner rather than later.

      • Yeah, he knows he going to jury & just wants them all to stop messing with him. In hindsight, he probably should have went about that another way tho. ;)

    • Cody was really rude about it – not even about the cereal. It was the “I took it, f*ck you Alex.” And it was her cereal, and she asked him to not take all of it.

    • worst set of house guests ever,can’t understand why bb couldn’t pick people who actually wanted to play.nothing but a bunch of thugs

    • Alex just yesterday spoke to Josh about not blowing up on people for jury management. I guess she didn’t bother to listen to her own words.

    • Matt eats more cereal than anyone, he must not eat the kind she likes. And if she’s not buying she can’t fuss about him eating it.

    • I am not taking sides, but want to clarify “cerealgate” Alex received the cereal in her HOH basket and Cody asked for a bowl and she said sure. She went out to do laundry and came back and he polished off the entire box and pretty much told her to deal with it with curse words. She first thought he was playing because it was such odd behavior but he told them that he wants nothing to do with anyone etc. The way he spoke to her got Jason involved because it was disrespectful. You can watch the feeds. That argument then took off to several arguments that lasted over an hour. It was crazy.

      • I know it was just cereal, but Cody had no right to eat it all. He was the one stirring the pot this time. I think he is upset that Alex would not go from his plan. Now he is doing what I term “Jessica Management”. I think he’s trying to make up for all the times he was trying to be nice to Alex. Jessica did not want Cody to even speak to Alex after she left.

    • She blames Elena for taking the money? Get real, Alex, you would have done the same thing—DUH!?

  1. This is the most inaccurate transcription of what has actually transpired. Where was the part where Alex questioned whether Cody has a child? That’s just one bit missing. Truly is a very biased update. Sorry.

    • Biased against who? Alex looks like the bad guy even without mention of Cody’s kid. But that is a big thing to not mention in the transcript. Now I’m going to flashback on the live feeds to see this cereal fight.

    • Yes, Mathew, why didnt you point out Alex asked cody ,”do you even have a daughter?” while screaming at him for munching on her box of cereal? Alex is wanting to be invited back, and that would be good why? When did pettiness become desirable?

  2. If this game continues down this path where Paul is steamrolling through, then I truly think that this will be the year that the winner will have never been on the block.

  3. i can’t pull up this highlight. please explain how cody and alex kicked it up. did she call him out about eating all the cereal and he says back, i hate you, watch me enjoy eating all your cereal…can someone give me exactly what cody said?

      • Trust me, Paul’s non-HG minions will find a way to make Alex the victim because Cody is the big bad wolf. Come on, eating a whole box of Alex’s cereal is a major crime! The horror!

      • Alex offered her cereals to Cody and he ended up eating all of it. She lost her cool and she started screaming at Cody, even saying he doesn’t have a child. Cody kept his cool and said nothing to provoke her.

      • Actually, Cody said ‘yeah I’m eating all your cereal, f*ck you Alex”

        ETA: Alex had asked Cody to leave her some cereal (HER cereal), he ignored her request and went on to say “I don’t give a f*ck, I’m leaving anyways.” “I hate all of you people, I don’t care if you hate me…” etc

      • LOL – not joking!! Actually, your reaction is the same reaction that Alex initially had…She asked Jason if Cody was joking, and then they all realized he wasn’t joking. Cody threw a few other F bombs in there – although calmly – about not caring because he’s leaving, doesn’t care about anyone hating him, etc

      • I have been a Big Brother Fan since Season One…But Never have I seen a Winner of HOH as Selfish as Alex!!!

        Most HOH Winners Open up their HOH Room, are Generous with their Food & Drink to their fellow House Guest..Not ALEX, this Young Woman is Selfish, Rude & Crass…I don’t like her, or her personality whatsoever.

  4. This has turned into a food fight between bickering spoiled Millennials who never had a clue to start with. After all of these years following the show I think I’m done.

  5. I couldn’t stand when Christmas said to Cody, what are you even playing for, he’s playing to get the money, she’s playing to help Paul get it.

      • xmas meant, why would you come into a house and refuse to be a social person. she’s right.

      • She is, but one of them were saying how he shouldn’t even be there when really they shouldn’t because they’re playing for Paul.

      • i think she said that in context to the exchange. cody saying i’ll eat it all your cereal, i hate you…..

      • Defend Paul’s minion as much as you want, but over a box of cereal? Come on. Then ofc the rest of the minions came and ganged up on Cody. Jesus.

      • I know, and even if she did mean it in the way, why would you come if your not gonna say anything to anyone, he probably doesn’t want to anymore, and he knows he’s gonna leave so why should he have to answer them.

      • Christmas was being a jerk too. Not sure why they are doing this. Cody is gone, out the door on Thursday. Get a grip. Still love the drama, it’s fun times.

      • And big brother is a game of physical competitions. What is Christmas doing their with a broken feet. LOL

  6. Can someone just release these morons out of their contracts, deny crowning a winner, and just cancel this season early and restart with a new cast in a few weeks?? Such ridiculous and useless tools this season. Every time I start to try to root for one, then they prove again and again why I just can’t bring myself to do it. Cody is the most likable one at this point. He has redeemed himself, but at the same time, he never played the game until this past week and now it’s too late. So over this cast.

  7. The Elena-Josh convo – she is 100% right – Josh relayed her words not as she conveyed them to him.

  8. I’m always late, lol but i just saw cereal fight, WOW, I didn’t know Jason had that in him! I’m impressed! Also, please evict Josh. Please!

      • Oh. My. God. Watch this video. Cody knows he is going home. Owes nothing to anyone in that house. Needs not answer a question as no response can change his fate here. Cody eats too much cereal that belongs to Alex. Ate the whole box even. This is used as justification for a group beatdown of cody. Group psychosis bully participation is pretty plain to see here. Alex X Jas n Josh need to consider how the world will recieve them. Sure a few fans will love them, but earning a living where your employer has expectations of your not embarassing the company is not to be laughed at. The behavior here is embarassing. Cody says he is going home, his game is done. So why do these animals continue to try beating him down? Kevin has some wise words of opening up to folks and getting to know them. Sure, great advice in the face of a beatdown by multiple bullies, even as these same demand answers to game questions cody has no obligation to answer.

      • Yeah, he was an ass, but they, meaning everyone else with the exception of a few were just as nasty. Especially Alex. Really starting to seriously hate her.

      • That’s it, he ate the cereal, admitted it and Alex went nuts and then it turned into everyone kind of getting in on it. They started grilling him and essentially he said I want you all to hate so you will leave me alone and I won’t have to talk to you. I kind of get his point tbh.

      • The fight was silly but I enjoyed Jason not being passive as he usually is…that part i liked but the rest was too much.

      • I agree, for once he spoke his mind instead of looking to Alex to give him permission to speak.

      • And Kevin speech about saying to Cody to be nice and show to them he is a good person. Well, no one can talk to him. If they do they become a target. How can he show his personality ?

        He gain so much point with me with the way he handled it. He just eat the wrong cereal according to Alex but he has the exact same right as her to eat them!!!

      • No. It’s just “her” favorite. She doesn’t share. Like she also have privileges on the coke.

      • I think it was, not sure but that is what others are saying.

      • I agree. The way she’s on him about if he have a kid or not is very bad. Not her business anyway. Not part of the game!! And she look like she’s laughing while she pretends to be angry. All that for cereal!! Seriously !! I which Bb will make her do hotdog every 30 minutes till tomorrow !!!

      • i have feeds where i can see the chat board only, i need the cbs app to see the camera which doesn’t offer the highlites. helpdesk was no help. they think it’s Microsoft 10. the feed will not load acrobat for vid,
        i will go to youtube, sorry if i was a pest.

      • I have to use internet explorer to get my feeds up…It took me awhile to figure it out…but I don’t have problems as of late..

      • I called tech help same as u…they told me I needed to download flash use Microsoft Edge…It did not work also tried Google Chrome did not work..I have the app….Also check ur log in info…I have to sign in every time I pull feeds up…I was trying different browsers when I found out that I can get feeds everytime using Explorer…

      • thank you, why haven’t i heard that before? edge will not take the streaming flash player for the feed.

      • Wow, thanks for this whole discussion of what browser to use! I use Firefox and cannot use the flashback or see highlights and l can only get camera 1. CBS gave me some BS response when l asked for help. I will try Explorer. Thanks!

      • Oh please a pest? Some nerve I would have as many questions I ask you everyday practically! Lol i was just curious, I thought maybe your feeds were down. I was surprised you didn’t know about cerealgate. Lol

      • i just got a little crazy cause when i did tune in, paul explained a bizarre cody outburst that i could not confirm.
        i’m chill

      • Lol I guess you were like, what is he talking about?? That’s the story of my life everyday. I find things 2-4 hours late. Lol did you find it on YouTube?

      • not yet. i read below someone posted cody said yeah, i’m eating all your cereal, f!(# you alex. thats what made Jason go off?

      • Ooooh ok! Cuz he cussed Cody out! I was surprised he got so mad! I see why now. That part wasn’t in the clip

      • I’m searching for a clip with whole altercation. They post them in peices most of the time. Usually the next day they the whole thing. I no idea why they do it that way

      • Yes he was completely rude – his demeanor was calm but he still said “yeah I’m eating all of your cereal, f*ck you Alex.”

      • why are you the only one to say this? no one else will include that. thank you, i knew there had to be more.

      • Please inform yourself. Youtube search, bb-19 cereal gate . Cody was calm and direct. “Hate me and leave me alone” may be less than polite but it is not antagonistic.

      • Going by the scenario any unbiased person will agree that this comment is not fair to Cody. That said, opinions can differ.

      • She meant to confront him not really for the cereal. He tried to avoid retorting to her, but she went on on him. I’m not sure a particular HG has a sole right to that cereal. Ok, the rest of the house joined the scene (created by Alex) not as neutrals to hear them out, but to pick on him; Question about his kids, his social life, reason for being on the show, yelling at and pulling on him to talk about his alliances (who they planned to target).
        I mean who really is rude here? Who is the hothead(s) in all of these? Who is bullying or assaulting who. I’ve read some comments claiming Cody bullied when he was HOH, I never saw that part, but then that was week 1. Stretching from week 2 through to 7 is a far cry. This guy have accepted his fate and is calm about his game if at all he still sees the need to play like others are doing, so all of those fusses are not called for, and it is no ideal for strategy (not that they have to force him to self evict like they had crudely tried before).

      • Yeah, I cringed a little when she started to ask if he actually had a kid. To be fair, he had never mentioned it until this week, and has lied about a lot of things as far as they know. Kudos to Cody for not reacting aggressively as soon as his kid was mentioned.

        It technically was HER cereal, from her HoH basket. It was a bigger than necessary blow up – but it wasn’t about the cereal as much as him talking disrespectfully to her. At this point, I think everyone is going crazy.

      • Based on what i saw and heard, what you have stated is simply incorrect. Jason and alex had thrown f-bombs at cody, and he never said f-you alex.

      • I don’t think he was rude and this is coming from someone that has hated on Cody basically from day one. He might have been a little confrontational, at best.

      • That is just my viewpoint, I can see how others would see how it would be rude. He said he was trying to make people hate him so they would quit talking to him, that was his mission. He’s out the door, why they had to lay into him seemed over the top to me. You probably see it differently. :)

      • i can see your point. at the same time cody pulled an aggressive move, but so be it. he wanted to make people hate him, ok then cody you got it.

      • If you are referencing my post with “please inform yourself”, my apologies for being blunt. May i then replace that with “if you would like here is a way for you to take a look and listen for yourself.” Youtube search, bb-19 cereal gate .

      • He just flipped out and told Cody off. He was offended by Cody eating all her cereal. I guess he thought it was disrespectful.

      • I think it was more than that. He doesn’t believe that Cody has a daughter and thinks it was low of him to make up such a story to gain sympathy with the HG’s, even thought it is all true.

      • He was angry about Cody disrespecting Alex – it goes beyond the cereal…Cody said ‘Yeah, I’m eating all of your cereal, F*CK you Alex.” I’d consider that rude.

    • Wont happen soon-hes a number. Plus they use him to stir things up. Maybe they could get a muzzle though.

    • Ikr…And just to think that I actually “liked” her those first 2 weeks at the beginning of the season…Ugh, I can’t stand that girl?!

  9. All I can say is why? Why has the majority of the house chosen this type of game play of attacking each other over other game strategies? Did Paul set the tone of the house when he and Xmas exploded after Cody tried to nominate him and did nominate Xmas? Did production know they were casting a bunch of hot heads in hopes that everyone would adopt hostile game play therefore beefing up the feeds? I just don’t know or understand the anger. People in the house keep saying it’s a game but if that is the case then why such the anger? Can you imagine playing Uno the way half the house guests are playing BB? Haha! (Granted in most Uno games $500k is not at stake)

  10. Honestly, these are the meanest group of people I have ever seen. Alex is right below Paul my least favorite list.

  11. Mark says: “I don’t get why it’s a big deal I hang out with Cody, when Cody hung out with Alex and Jason last night.”

    Well, the difference is that you two were in an alliance and Alex is backdooring Cody.

  12. Lightening up the debate, can you guys imagine if that had been MATT’s cereal?? Someone would be going to jail

  13. It bothers me when they make fun of raven, I get that she doesn’t really do anything and always talks about her thing, but they should see what they do before saying that about someone else.

    • Which thing do they talk about? She is the one trying to get pity by spewing all this disease crap out of her mouth. I see her on BBAD and all she does is eat one junk food after another. People with GP have to follow a diet of food that they can eat. If people say crap about her its because they are so sick of listening to her fraudulent medical stories. Plus, she has got hurt too many times in that house to be believable. Let’s see, a hurt wrist, a cut foot, a cut finger, a scraped finger, several burns from cooking half naked, a hurt leg from bumping into the table. Give me a break! The HouseGuest’s are getting sick of her and the viewers are done with her and her bs!

  14. “Alex warns Jason not to go against Paul or he’ll ruin his game.”

    “Alex starts arguing with Cody for eating the cereal she likes. She says she was trying to be nice to him.”

    “HGs start piling on the Alex and Cody argument. Christmas wants to be involved and starts jabbing at him saying he ruined Jessica’s game.”


    I barely even have words. Christmas is ridiculous and Alex is a 5-year-old. Along with further proof of how much they’re following Paul. This is all without exaggeration not quite like anything I’ve ever seen in the 15-ish seasons I’ve personally watched.

  15. I hope production warns Paul, Alex and Christmas about how much the feeders dislike them. It will not be pretty for them or their “brands” when they get out.

    • Production won’t do that. I guess they step in when a HG is becoming a risk (danger) to other HGs or tending to go against the rules of the game.

  16. Is Josh an actual psychopath? Let’s berate Elena, say she’s not trustworthy, throw in that I have a huge crush on her, then add in that she’s a huge liar….

    Like… what?

    • The last actual psychopath in the Big brother house was Willie Hantz. Josh is a teddy bear in comparison.

    • Nah, he’s just really super immature. And, he’s got a huge crush on Elena. It’s like the third grade when a guy likes a girl so he pulls her hair or punches her arm…

  17. Take a look at the header photo for this article… that picture of Alex sums up her whiny immature attitude lately. It’s the face a lot of you claimed to love not very long ago!

  18. If Paul is not evicted on ths DE, I hope Josh, Alex or Christmas goes home; what a horrible trio; I insist they are acting like that just because they have power, honestly I want to see them nervous, I really want to see Mark or Elena winning HoH and sending one of them out, what a creppy people.

    • Somehow I think nothing changes, Mark wins he puts up Raven and Matt or Josh, Elena is scared to be HoH and the rest go for M & E

      • One less minion at least, but you’re right, the problem with the HoH Crew -if that’s the name of the alliance- is that once they have the power they threat their targets in the worst possible way, but for Mark and Elena they need to win the next comps, because with Cody out of the game the next on the hit list are they.

      • That’s right, we are watching Paul Schindler’s list hahahaa, he was recapping earlier in HoH room the pecking order hahaah

    It kind of seems like this year’s cast is mostly full of people who have been outcasts in their personal lives at some point and have felt bullied or like they were outsiders
    (Alex, Jason, Josh, Christmas…kind of Elena but she is pretty so she can mix with the in crowd)

    And then Production brought it the other extreme: The cool kids/ people who have generally always been in the “IN” crowd or have a superiority complex (Jessica, Cody, Dominique…kind of Mark since even though bullied as a kid he became part of the in crowd in college)

    THEN Production brings in Paul, who is kind of seen as a mega-cool kid (semi-famous, flashy, fun, etc) and he has kind of been the way for all of the outsiders to band together and rebel against the cool kids.

    That’s my psycho-analysis of how we’ve gotten to the point of the “Paul following” and the loud verbal rants against Cody/ Mark/ Jessica/ Elena (as of today). The yelling seems to be a product of pent-up resentment and anger…a bullied kid fighting back.

      • Notice that the “outsiders” that do the yelling (Alex, Xmas, Josh) SEEM like –
        even though they are yelling – they are not actually comfortable somehow. They are almost just in a black-out level belligerent rant of emotion.

      • Lol – reminds me of anyone (including myself) who has been bullied and is finally standing up for themselves or someone else. I had to do it for my sister – it’s like you’re a different person. And once the flood gates open, it feels good to fight back, so you good a little overboard.

        Also, remember Alphie from A Christmas Story? Beating the sh*t out of the bully wit the yellow eyes? Lol that was an awesome scene

        At this point also, they’ve been cooped up for 50-something days with no TV, little music, no pens & paper, little alcohol or weed to take the edge off, etc

      • right, like when you’re crazy angry and you are talking but you seem deaf to your own voice.

    • Forgot to mention: Raven & Matt…are they even part of BB anymore lol?
      Kevin: Just there for some laughs.

      • Matt and Raven mistakenly entered the Big brother House after thinking they where heading to Love Island. Surprised they bother getting out of bed.

      • I will pour some bubbly on the night she is evicted. Soooo tired of the varying accents, accidents, and Raven-ness. Also, lack of ANY game play.

      • Kevin is actually playing the game…that is why Paul wants him gone HE IS A HUGE THREAT to PAUL and friends!

      • Matt is oppose to physically getting on somebody’s nerves. Remember his position, the week the house tried to stir up Cody to blow up or self evict.

      • Just realized what Christmas is doing with Kevin. She’s getting intel from him and taking it back to Alex, Paul and Jason. They now know he’s going nuts and telling all kinds of different stories to each person in the house. Telling some of them the same story but adding on to it or switching it up a bit to others.

      • I thought it was creepy, but now that she’s not cuddling up to him because she “wants to be comforted by a man” and using it as game move, then I say, cuddle all you want honeychile! :-)

      • lmao “Honeychile”

        What’s so…Ewww is …Kevin gives off a dad (albeit also a mobster) vibe. Christmas between his legs – besides between a dirty innuendo – just is…ugh Bless you for taking one for the team, girl!

      • You got the “inappropriate” flag Samsara?? Lol It can’t be because you said that Maven are a waste of space, totally agree with you.

        I think I got flagged because I said that the house guests are extra-flipping out over lack of ways to unwind.

      • Whenever a comment is flagged, doesn’t mean it’s BBN moderators doing this…it’s usually someone that doesn’t like what you say. Mods will look at it and deem it appropriate!

      • Testing…..WEED

        (I didn’t see that my post was being moderated until I mentioned the house guests being stressed out from lack of entertainment and weed)….Testing your theory :)

      • I have no desire to do any of that stuff! Just thought if you didn’t know, I’d clue you in as to why stuff gets flagged! Wish they’d just take that down permanently.

      • Oh yeah, I was just being facetious as far as saying the house guests are going stir crazy. But then I wondered if because I used that word I was put into BB Network Purgatory.

        THANK YOU for giving me the inside scoop Joni! :-)

      • The other day, I referred to myself as a red nec (I typed it purposefully that way hoping it makes it) and it was instantly awaiting moderation. Certain words will do that. I’m not sure if that is the case for your post, if so, it could possibly be a simple word like re bel. idk

  20. Did Josh really admit to Elena that he has a crush on her???? I mean, it was SO obvious once he found out she and Mark “broke it off” because he was flirting with her big time. But she must have rebuked him because suddenly, SHE was Josh’s target! I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden Josh was gunning so hard to evict Elena after he invested all that time and effort telling her how pretty and lovely she was…going on and on about how much he liked her. I figured I must have missed something (like her turning him down or did he notice she was still Team Mark?).

  21. 2 cereal killers in one house ? What are the odds ?……….I sure hope it was Lucky Charms

    • So, Matt came to the BB house with a bag of Goodwill tee shirts and Raven came to the BB house with black lingerie? I just had a flashback to Elyssa asking Amanda if she was wearing a onesy on her birthday.

  22. Omg!! The majority of these comments are worse than the hgs behaviors! I see the same comments over and over!! Sooo old! If you don’t like the show or the hgs then simply don’t watch – real simple concept! I’d much rather quit looking at the comment section before I’d ever stop watching the show. It’s a game – people will act nasty, make predictable moves, etc. We still have eleven hgs left!! The big moves will come and if not, so be it. Just stop watching!

  23. Read in Tuesday highlights about snap glasses showing up, again at 12:10 pm. Was it last week they were given to HGs?

    Bogus Bonus Friday episode about the montage prod does with the snap chat glasses videos???

  24. This is the season of the fame whores. Happy to make jury, worried about how much they will make for appearances after the show, interested in relocating in LA, and obsessed with the number of Insta-twitt-book followers they will have when they get out.

  25. I feel that other than Paul and Cody nobody WANTS to play the game.
    Its a shame when I’m starting to like Cody (when I previously couldn’t stand him)
    Paul may be a d-bag, but he’s playing the game.
    Everyone cares about is fame.
    Even people I initially liked (Alex, Kevin & Christmas) don’t know how to play the game.
    Kevin is making himself an obvious target now, Christmas is being passive aggressive and Alex is just being plain scrappy.

  26. I think that Production has told Paul that his brand is taking a hit this season. Because as of late Paul has been avoiding confrontations, & also talking about “some HG are surprised when they get out by the backlash they receive.” And Paul’s just does not look like he is having Fun like he did on BB 18, he looks like he is tired, & wants it to be over.

    I also think that Production has told Paul that the Fans think that the Majority of the HG are despicable, & unlikable.

    • just a thought, when did they start saying “production” instead of saying “big brother”? and where is that “eye” logo that would slowly blink? i loved that eye.

    • I hope you’re right. Should have happened weeks ago. I hope production told them to clean up their language, too.

  27. Read in Tuesday highlights about snap glasses showing up, again at 12:10 pm. Was it last week they were given to HGs?

    Bogus Bonus Friday episode about the montage prod does with the snap chat glasses videos??? Just a thot.

    • Someone else mentioned the same thing. I’ll watch part of it. But if it’s all bogus like that, I’ll be shutting it off!

    • Every Tuesday the Snapchat glasses come out just like the old HoH camera routine. They go to the week’s PoV winner, it’s a PoV PoV thing “Power of Veto point of view”. Raven had them since Matthew as the Veto winner. They post the videos on Snapchat each week. That won’t be the Friday show.

      • Thanks Matt. didn’t know that as I don’t have/do the snap chat thing. I did go on to see what the snap glasses were (guess their actual goal) and saw the three colors the SCglasses are in. Darn, thot it was a good idea, tho.

        So, what will Friday bonus bogus be?

      • Hi Matthew, sorry this is off topic. Do you know if a Canadian resident can watch live feeds for this show? I just tried to sign up through your link with the 1 month free trial, and it wouldn’t allow a Canadian zip/postal code. I used a phone US one to bypass that stage, hoping it would allow PayPal or some other payment than credit card, but it was only credit card which means needing a US billing address, which I can’t pretend I have. In the past, as a Canadian I’ve been able to watch live feeds for US Big Brother, so it would be a shame if they’ve changed that. I actually called CBS customer support and they told me CBS All Access won’t be available until the first half of 2018 and told me there was no other way, but I was wondering if you or any Canadian participants on this website knew any way. Thanks in advance for any help you or anybody else can provide.

      • yes, I liked Christmas and Alex but all of those Bi***es in the house will get exactly what they deserve. The first one got hers, now please continue.

    • Somebody remind her that she’s sharing a house with others, that she has no ownership of the house or its contents, the cereal isn’t just for her, and if it finishes they can get more, also not at her expense. I can’t believe how she’s acting, especially when Cody is about to leave anyway.

  28. Jason (about Cody): “He has sociopathic tendencies! Asking questions and not really giving answers is a sociopathic tactic!”

    Alex: “I thinks that’s a sales tactic…”

    Jason: “Maybe it is…maybe it’s both!”

    LOL I’m liking Jason more….

      • Paul’s definitely not a sociopath – I think one of the mistakes he makes at times is not turning off his emotions/ keeping his emotions in check (like calling out Mark in front of everyone for not standing up for Josh when Jody called him fat).

        Sometimes I wish I were a sociopath…Being able to turn off your emotions/ not feeling emotional would be awesome in some ways.

      • Paul is great at gaslighting. If he does this in his real life he will be considered very abusive individual.
        I don’t even think Cody is a sociopath, he is just very choosy.

      • Disclaimer: not asking this sarcastically at all: Abusive how? I get the impression that he is really caring and passionate – and also a smart a** I don’t see abusive though…

      • He’s just playing the game. I don’t know how he would even apply these tactics in the real world.

      • Hush Jolima…It don’t matter the event happening or type of occurrence it will always be Pauls fault….No matter what happens in the house it will always be blamed on Paul…. Just move on and let it go…The eclipse is coming and somebody will find a way to blame Paul…Its gets tiring and boring reading about how its Pauls fault….

      • Well…you CAN blame Cody for helping fertilize the BB crop that Paul is sowing right now lol. Had Cody not blindsided his own alliance in week 1 – and had a better social game – this game could be entirely different right now (#NoRegurts)

      • Lol – thanks littlefly. I just really don’t get all of the hate on Paul. It’s like a circular argument..”I can’t stand Paul, he sucks…because he’s running the show with his minions…no one is playing big brother….except Paul but he sucks”

        Ok so either admit Paul is so good of a BB player that the entire house minus ~5 people have been eating out of his hand (all of whom are now gone, leaving, or now have a huge target on them by EVERYone in the house) OR say that the cast around Paul is so sucky that it makes him look good. Option (a) he’s great, option (b) he can’t control.

        And Paul, while you are in control of everything in the universe, I want a pony! Thanks!!

      • Do you watch feeds? Every player brings themselves into the game. Yes, it is a game, but what he does seems to be part of who he is. Pualie did it to Zachya last season in a horrible way. lol. It may be a little man syndrome.

      • I am hard core glued to the feeds lol. I still like him and see him as just playing the game. Maybe I’m as “bad”/ “manipulative” as he is and therefore just don’t see it! :)

      • Ok now, down girl. Oops!
        Let’s start again:
        Emotionally or physically “manipulate him!”
        Just had to put that in as just read it!!!

      • No…if either of us tried to play that “controlling” card, it would not be detrimental to either of our health! :-)

      • One instance a while back, when Paul gathered his lemmings together and told them to go after Cody “until he cracks.” So Josh started with the pots and pans – they all did their immature bratty things to and around Cody because Paul said to keep it up until Cody cracks.

      • I said the same thing a few weeks back. Never seen anyone better at gaslighting. He wants to be an attorney. That might just work for him.

      • That would be a great job for him. Can’t shut up and uses reverse psychology on the HGs. It will work great in court.

      • Choosy at when he displays human emotions?? lol

        All in good fun SamsaraJello!! :) I’m glad we don’t need to freak out to the level of the BB house. The feeds have been so intense this year

      • I agree Paul is not a sociopath he is a psychopath per the description above along with this it fits him perfect. Both lack empathy, the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel. But a psychopath has less regard for others, says Aaron Kipnis, PhD, author of The Midas Complex. Someone with this personality type sees others as objects he can use for his own benefit.

      • Lol oh heaven no just figured the way the words were being thrown I’d look the difference up lol.

      • With all the image issues and body fillers, I’d lean towards narcissist! Not sure about the BPD, though. She doesn’t manipulate others that well! :-)

      • Isn’t that the point of BB lol? BB is not the real world, it’s a game, like chess. Nothing Paul has done has shown me that he lacks empathy for other people, real world or BB game-wise.

        Would you say the same thing about Dan from season 14? :)

      • Paul has shown no empathy at all in this game or 18. He tells you to your face what he feels he needs to say and the second your back is turned he bashes you and states “really” and salutes with the middle finger. If that’s empathy I need to rethink it :)
        Dan’s game was totally different and for starters didn’t have all the luxury Paul has had this game. IMO

      • Big…B..B…Brother? What is this game, Cyril? People don’t build various levels of relationships and at times not tell the total truth to everyone, do they?

      • Dan was set up as a coach with an automatic alliance of newbies + 3 other vets in the house until like week 5

      • That’s so ridiculous! No one would want to send anyone home if they had to stand in their shoes. This is a game where lying and manipulation get u farther than doing nothing. Name one winner who didn’t lie or manipulate others. That’s part of the game and if people don’t like it they shouldn’t audition to be on it.

  29. After reading this since I didn’t watch I am now theorizing that Alex is only on this show to help Paul win the game. She has been paid a handsomely good amount of money to do that job. I get why she would lie and try to keep people on Paul’s side, but Jason has been her partner from the very beginning and she tells him not to F***k with Paul or he’ll be in trouble. Doesn’t she work closely with him, why wouldn’t she protect Jason. Her game play is very fishy.

  30. Thursday night everyone watch another episode of “Paul Schindler’s list” presented by CBS bwahahahaa

    I don’t care who you are…that’s funny right there hahaah

  31. This sure sounds like Paul to me lol “A psychopath doesn’t have a conscience. If he lies to you so he can steal your money, he won’t feel any moral qualms, though he may pretend to. He may observe others and then act the way they do so he’s not “found out,”

      • If I was playing my best and failed it would be my issue to deal with would I like to get evicted no but I don’t feel I could bully my way through the game. That’s probably why I will never be on the show. Game or no game I have a self standard

      • Game or no game the last few blow ups are bullying in my eyes. There was no game play in the pillow or cereal fight that was game play at all. It was pure I’ve got you down so here is a few extra kicks and oh let’s see if I can push you to hit me so your not in the jury house. IMO

  32. Interesting on joker Xmas and Josh are saying America is seeing Them and Paul as good guys and it will help there following. Then Josh goes Paul is upset because someone called Paul out from outside the house. They all forget the live feeds see what is happening

  33. Have been away for a couple of weeks without TV or live feeds access.

    Actually glad I haven’t been able to witness this moronic, witless, infantile, bullying cr@p-fest first hand.

    Truly we have seen some of the worst game play and wretched behaviour in the history of bb with this miserable cast.

    This ‘piling on’ tactic is unacceptable bullying. It’s not game play, it’s just cowardly aggression that doesn’t take any brains or skill.

    And the only remaining hg playing the game besides Paul is leaving Thursday.


  34. Here we go Paul didn’t like Kevin talking to Cody so know Paul is blowing Kevin’s game and telling everyone he got the 25K after he (P) told everyone it was Ramsey lol. Loyalty ha Paul has none

    • Well hes not telling everyone but im surprised he kept the secret this long. Guess since hes questioning kevins loyalty he feels its ok to tell.

      • Paul probably has been waiting until he knew for a fact that Alex and Jason would believe him over Kevin.

        Because he still has to deal with the fact that he TOLD Kevin to throw a weird vote in Cody’s way in week 2 (over Ramses), and Kevin and Paul both 1000% denied Kevin throwing a vote to Cody when Alex confronted them individually.

        Up until about a week ago, if Kevin told Alex (and anyone else) “Paul told me to vote that way,” then Alex will know Paul lied to her when he was simultaneously swearing to her that she was going to be his (Paul’s) closest ally in the house. NOW Paul is setting Kevin up to look like a liar. So now even if Kevin says “Paul told me to do it,” she will doubt Kevin.

  35. Here we go another big Paul episode. I swear does work for cbs now and there is just a something we don’t know. How can all these houseguest be so naive?!?! Like a whole house of sheep

  36. I know it’ll never play out this way, but am I the only one who would love to see Paul get evicted during the DE and have to spend a week alone in the jury house with Cody?

  37. I feel like Matt saying “WE need to…” when talking about what that side of the house (Alex, Jason, Paul, etc) needs to do to advance in BB is like a random dude off the street wearing his favorite team’s colors and telling anyone who will listen that “his” team needs to dribble the ball, focus, and put the ball in the hole. Dude…you’re a rando fanboy. You’re not one of the athletes.

  38. Wow. Cereal, CEREAL! These people just crack me up. I enjoy Cody and Jess. They made the game interesting. The rest of these people, I’m just dumbfounded. They are so far up Paul’s behind. It’s beyond ridiculous. Paul is probably laughing inside. They might as well give him the check. I wish somebody would grow a backbone and PLAY THE GAME. If these people were smart, they would team up with Cody and get Paul out. But that would mean going against Paul. Oh no, they can’t do that!

  39. Crazy idea: I wish there was some way that the commentators on this site could do our own big brother!

    Kind of like fantasy leagues/ SIMs…I know there have been some online BB games mentioned, but they only last like 20 min, and the ones I’ve found have been a little difficult to navigate.

    Other idea: Instead of Panic Rooms, have a BB room. Group of strangers that get together, pay $20-40 to participate, do competitions, socialize, vote members out, and then the winner gets the money everyone else has put in.

  40. Uh, I swear Jason just told Paul that Paul wants him to be HOH so he could make fun of his fat wife. Did I hear that correctly? I imagine that his wife will not be happy…

  41. With the talk in the HoH room, sounds like Kevie’s game is being driven to a hole in the Vegas desert

  42. I love Elena: “What would make Paul ever think I was into him? Just because I was rubbing him?? I rub everyone”

    Um…do you rub Josh?

    I have wanted to like Elena, but she is starting (for me) to really sound DUMB with her perceptions of things, even as much as she uses the word ‘perception.’

    • She does not rub everyone..oh no honey chile. We viewers perceived it just as we sees them and so does everyone else now. When she got cornered or called out for the things she’s said, she gets loud and very defensive, trying to make the whistleblower look bad, when all she’s accomplishing is putting a bigger target on her. That’s what Paul predicted she’d do and she did! :-)

  43. Any body watching right now? He’s taking the floor. Paul explaining the alliance how difficult the game is for him…It was good.

      • At the same time, it’s strategic, they’re all listening like he’s their cult leader. ha ha. I mean…how can they evict their shepherd?

      • Absolutely, I can’t wait to see how he would handle adversity, he would face it, and it’s coming soon. Paranoia is building up fast in the house.idk about other commenters here, but that’s exciting to me. I hope he makes it. lol

  44. WOW, I am so tired of Paul, whining his paranoia all of the time. I feel sorry for Cody and Jessica. These people are bullies and talk about, everyone. This is not playing a game—DUH! I wouldn’t want any one of them as friends! Vulgar, nasty, people!

  45. Alex and Josh were ridiculous. Cody is going – I don’t get why they feel the need to argue with him every 5 seconds.

  46. I think the show should have some responsibilities, when it comes to bullying, indecency, and vulgarity. I never saw such a group of fools, in one place. Go Jim Jones (Paul)! Please stop your whining, it’s making me sick!

    • I was just thinking about that yesterday! Paul would give Jim Jones a run for his money!!!!! (Lookup Jonestown if any of you are wondering who that is.) This season is already “Paulstown”. The last few weeks, just hearing Paul rant makes me cringe!! Either Charles Manson or Jim Jones comes to my mind when I hear/see Paul! He needs to stock up on the Kool-Aide and Cyanide, because he is going to need a HUGE surplus for all of his cult followers once this season is over!!!!!

      • Omg! Hahaha! I have been saying some of the same things too since the beginning about Paul.

        I was calling him Charles Manson….but now I see the Jim Jones reference too. Lolz!


      • It’s scary and also intriguing to see how someone like Paul has the ability to control and manipulate others! I would hope that I would have been able to see straight through it, but it’s easy to spot his control from the outside looking in.. hopefully the sheep will get tired and turn on their cult leader soon! I don’t see that happening anytime soon though. Unfortunately!

    • I have been completely wanting to compare Paul to Jim jones but I thought it might be going to far. lol . Thank you!!!!

      • I have been comparing Paul to Charles Manson ever since the beginning. Especially after that one girl called him a Snake and he was talking and laughing about doing “Blackface” to her behind her back for his So-called Snake Costume.

        But I like your Jim Jones reference too.

        Paul has that Jim Jones/Charles Manson look/personality about him.


      • Cody’s death stare reminds me of Charles Manson! Shave his head and tattoo a swastika on his forehead and they could be father and son.

  47. You know, Christmas just isn’t a very nice person. Most of these people aren’t actually. Why can’t Cody eat cereal Alex likes btw? Does she own the food? Why do they all feel the need to pile on in every argument? I guess it just goes back to my original point. Not nice people.

    • I am seriously starting to Dislike ALL of these people.

      You got that right about Christmas…I have a feeling she is a Nasty Beyotch outside of the house too. And Alex seems like she is probably a Nasty Witch also. Lolz!
      I can see Alex being very 2 faced out of the house too. She seems like she gets Jealous over other females easily.

      After seeing these people on The Live Feeds and on Big Brother After Dark it is really showing their true colours….and it is really making me not like any of them anymore.


    • Yes she did own it. What this article failed to mention is that it was the cereal from her HOH basket. There was no need for the piling on though. I think Cody did it on purpose to make Jessica happy. she gave them specific orders not to work with Alex. I bet this was to make up for all the times he was nice to her so he’s not in trouble with Jessica when he gets home.

    • Someone else wrote that Cody spit in Paul’s cup. I didn’t see that happen and unsure if its true. If it is true that that’s disgusting!

    • Watching these people on The Live Feeds and Big Brother After Dark is really making me want to Cringe.
      They are so Nasty, Evil, Petty, and Personal. I am starting to dislike almost all of them now. Lolz!

      • Mark is, but he doesn’t stand a chance. Kevin doesn’t, either. Alex is sick, signing the cross and talking about, everyone, and exposing herself. You should hear, all, of their nasty mouths.

      • I think Mark and Kevin are nice, but it won’t get them, anywhere, with these people. They are so nasty!

  48. BB shows the lowest common denominator of human nature. I hope every HG watches every possible minute of the show when they leave to see they’re behavior. I know it’s just a show but it’s still a social commentary on life!

    • i agree some that have been on show wish they wouldn’t have ,public doesn’t look at them favorable after bb

    • Very true! I believe it would be extremely valuable and insightful, from a social or psychologically aspect, to have all of that footage of oneself to critique. Sometimes we aren’t aware of our quirks or actions until it’s pointed out; so that would be invaluable!!!!! Hopefully these HGs will watch and change their behavior!

      (I don’t view myself as a selfish, vindictive person, just as these HGs probably think they are all in the “right”, but it would sure suck to have the bad qualities that these people have, to ALWAYS be available for the world to see!)

      • Very well put. I would hope to be the very best of myself if I were to participate in BB but I would probably not make it far cuz I’m too damn nice! Not perfect but…

      • I am the exact same way. I can’t stand the thought of hurting someone’s feelings or making someone mad! I also trust ENTIRELY too easily, so I wouldn’t make it to the second week of the show! And lying… Well, I am the worst liar ever!!!!! That’s why I don’t even attempt it anymore! lol EVERYONE would know it if I tried to lie. 😞 All of those qualities, the ones that I don’t posess, are all essential to make it far in this game!

      • True.

        Paul said he never watched last season or himself last season. I doubt he will watch this season either.

        What would be hard to see, for most people, is all of the bad things people said and did behind your back.

        Some of these people make it personal and petty….and down right Hypocritical and Nasty!

      • I don’t believe I would want to watch myself either. I certainly wouldn’t want to see or hear what the others said or did behind my back… I imagine that most people are the opposite, but what I don’t know can’t hurt me… I suppose, IMO, it would be easier to pretend that everyone was nice and honest; even behind my back. Rather than know straight up..

  49. No longer like Alex. She is weak and Paul encourages her to get loud and in people’s faces with the little bulldog act. Jason and Josh let her get away with it too. They’ve turned her into a Tasmanian Devil. Christmas is as fake as they come. She is two-faced instigator and Paul wannabe. Raven is attention hungry and a follower. As long as Paul in the house, nobody will play their own game. He pulls ALL the strings.

    • They probably still won’t play their own game if/when he goes. They’ll trudge along to the list he’s bestowed upon them, while following whatever HoH is parroting Paul’s previous orders to “make him proud.”

  50. Alex warns Jason not to go against Paul or he will ruin your game…They are all scared of him, don’t they realize if they stick together they can get him out whenever they want to…

  51. I don’t know how others feel but I am not fond of this cast. They lack interpersonal skills and all this petty arguing in my opinion is not game play. I am wondering if it is a generational thing where people fight via thumbs [texting] and not face to face. Personally I cannot stand Paul, but to me he is the only one playing the game. I have no clue what these other people are doing. To me Kevin is the only sane one in the house.

  52. What a strange season! What game are they playing? It certainly doesn’t look like Big Brother!

  53. This is a fight that started with Alex and Cody then Christmas had to come in. This didn’t have anything to do with Paul. He actually stopped it.

    • Before I turned 40, I could eat ANYTHING I wanted to and never gained weight.
      I was 5’2″ 115 lbs, varying very few lbs here and there and never went to a gym. No smoking or drinking. But I was always moving. Those were the days! I’m not bragging, at all. I know I was lucky. It’s just natural for some people to be thin(Alex) and some not to(Elena).

      • Same here, my entire life I was thin. Once I hit 50 I started gaining weight. My friends used to wonder how I could eat so much and never gain. Now, I drink water and pack on the pounds. Alex must have a fast metabolism.

      • I have to try hard to maintain my weight around 130 now. About 11 days until my 6 month check up. I always try to lose a few pounds before that. lol

  54. BY FAR THE WORST SEASON OF BB. The HGs in this season are ridiculous and malicious .It’s like none of them were hugged and loved as Children . I thought for a second that Alex, Jason and Matt were OK at first but then NOPE . True Colors came out . Sad Sheep ! The girls are sad insecure puppies and it makes for bad TV . At least previous HGs played the game as it should be played. Props to Cody and Elena for seeming to be the realist people . Paul will win and this whole season will be a sad example of how sheep allowed and followed a previous season’s HG to his victory. Sad Sad people this season . Hopefully next season will be worth the watch .

  55. A few clips (at Twitter) of the kitchen argument showed Alex, Christmas, et al yelling at Cody because they wanted him to disclose personal information, but he had no interest in talking to them. These are the same people who have worked to get Cody evicted, and probably will succeed, yet they complain that he wants nothing to with them!

  56. I am totally disgusted with this season. I thought there was zero tolerance for bullying. Cody served his country and for what? These nincompoops!! Hated Paul last season but when he entered this season became a fan until he started showing his colours again.

  57. I think he is, too; but he’s all by himself. Poor Kevin tried to be nice to everyone; but he’s not allowed to talk to anyone, either. Paul planted all of this garbage into everyone’s head, that they have to be plotting against him; when they’re just communicating with each other.Then there’s Alex and her signing of the cross; and talking, bad about everyone in the house and showing her boobs, off. Poor nitwits!

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