Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Saturday Night Highlights

Veto Day brought some fun with drama and punishments for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests. The prize swap competition was back and there were some good ones in there with $5,000 and a trip, but also some not so good ones. Well, not good for the HGs at least. Will one HG’s choice be enough to sway the target this week?

Paul and Christmas in their costume on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 12, 2017:

5:00 PM BBT – Feeds returned just a few minutes ago. from the Veto competition. Matthew won the PoV.

5:05 PM BBT – Josh is heated and wants Elena targeted because she took the $5K when she was on the Block. Few HGs agreeing to consider it but saying they have time to think it over.

5:08 PM BBT – Alex is mad at Elena too. Sounds like Elena took the $5K from Alex and gave her a punishment for the week after previously asking Alex not to give her a punishment.

5:10 PM BBT – Mark discussing winning a trip for two to Colorado. Alex has a week long punishment and she’s really not happy.

5:17 PM BBT – Cody encourages Elena that she did what we would have done by taking the $5K. She’s worried it may make her a bigger target. She expects to be stuck on the Block next to Cody when he’s renom’d. Cody agrees that Elena will just keep being a pawn to the majority.

5:30 PM BBT – Elena complains to Kevin that the Veto won’t be used on her now like it was supposed to be. (It was never going to be used on her by the majority.) Kevin promises Elena she’s safe this week.

5:35 PM BBT – Matthew tells Paul that he’ll definitely use his Veto on Jason instead of himself if that’s what Alex wants.

5:35 PM BBT – Elena is worried about having upset Alex. Mark doubts Alex is upset.

5:40 PM BBT – Mark and Elena contemplate who to target next. Mark is tired of “doing what the House wants.” Elena suggests they could put up Alex and Paul. Mark likes the idea, but doesn’t think Paul would put them up. Elena counters that he’d have one of his allies do it for him.

5:45 PM BBT – Mark says the players here are weak and if they took Paul out it’d be an easier game.

5:55 PM BBT – Cody is hanging out with the group in the HoH room. He doesn’t appear miserable.

6:00 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul that Cody was asking if there was a way to help save him this week, but Kevin told him no. Kevin promises Paul that he’ll vote Cody out.

6:05 PM BBT – Jason, Kevin, and Paul hanging out in the “BB Campground” which was set up on the skybridge.

6:15 PM BBT – Elena complains to Matthew that she’s disposable and doesn’t like that she’s the pawn for a second week in a row. Matthew says his goal was to make Jury and to help Raven get far in the game. Elena says she’s trying to stay in the game so she can maximize her chances of getting something in the entertainment industry.

7:20 PM BBT – Cody continues to socialize as the conversation covers It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This seems to be the magic topic for him.

7:35 PM BBT – Jason got his X-treme costume and has to react whenever Big Brother prompts him.

7:40 PM BBT – Josh tells Alex that maybe they don’t take out Elena this week after all. Alex suggests they can leave Elena up for the vote and let her be worried all week.

7:50 PM BBT – Alex remains angry and tells Josh that if Elena keeps being mean to her then they’ll send her out this week. Josh reminds Alex to do what’s best for the group, instead of just for her.

7:55 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that he’s interested in getting Elena out next after previously considering Matthew and Raven as the better targets.

8:15 PM BBT – Alex is upset with Elena over breaking her no-curse promise, but she won’t break her no-HN promise to Elena.

8:35 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas return from DR wearing tandem skydiving outfits. They have to keep them on for 48 hours.

8:55 PM BBT – Elena is frustrated that Alex is mad at her for taking the money. She feels she deserves it since she won the competition.

9:25 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas about Cody having a daughter and wonders if it’s a fake ploy to draw sympathy since he didn’t bring it up until he was cornered.

9:30 PM BBT – Alex has her punishment costume. She’s dressed as a camp ranger and has to carry lots of gear, set up camp, and cook hot dogs on command for the next week.

9:35 PM BBT – Alex is very upset with Elena over taking the $5K and giving her the punishment after they made that deal not to do this to each other.

9:55 PM BBT – Paul points out that Elena was asking everyone to save her if they won the Veto, then she wins the comp and doesn’t take the Veto for herself.

10:00 PM BBT – Paul reminds Alex they should stick to the plan and get Cody out this week then they can get Elena next week.

10:20 PM BBT – Alex finished grilling the hot dogs and packed up. As soon as she was done Big Brother hit the bugle horn again and she has to do it all over.

10:40 PM BBT – Paul, Matthew, and Raven all agree that they should still evict Cody this week.

11:35 PM BBT – Paul working on Jason to reaffirm that they’re sticking with the evict-Cody plan. Jason agrees. Josh agrees and says Cody is far more dangerous and Elena is transparent.

11:40 PM BBT – Cody asks Kevin if the Elena situation could help him. Kevin says maybe and encourages Cody to work on Matthew. Kevin says he’ll try talking to Alex and Jason.

11:40 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh not to confirm to Elena which way they’re voting this week. She wants to keep Elena worried. Josh tells her to have fun with it, but don’t over do it. He promises Alex they’ll get Elena next week so it’s not worth messing up her week over this.

11:50 PM BBT – HoH crew is happy that they have a good reason to target Elena next week now. Matthew counters that they need to get Mark out before Elena. He also wants Mark to be a HN again so he’ll stop eating all their food.

12:00 AM BBT – Alex warns the group that Kevin may be acting like an old man, but they can’t let their guard down about him. She’s suspicious of how he keeps talking with Cody.

12:05 AM BBT – Alex and Jason wonder if Kevin is making up the details about Cody having a daughter. They consider calling Kevin out on it.

12:15 AM BBT – Mark tells Kevin he’s worried that he’ll be the top target once Cody goes. Kevin agrees he’s in the top three of options, but doesn’t know why.

1:00 AM BBT – Mark goes back to Elena and lets her know they need to win HoH next week. He says Kevin warned him that he’s in trouble, but her taking the $5K improved Mark’s position while hurting Elena’s. Mark promises Elena she’s safe this week. He thinks they can make F2 together. She denies that they have a chance at that.

1:05 AM BBT – Elena suggests they could get Matthew and Raven to join them, but she doesn’t want to. She’d rather get Alex out and bring Jason over to them.

1:10 AM BBT – Elena tells Mark she’s been throwing HoH comps but won’t do that anymore. She suggests they could pull in Josh to help them. Mark reminds her Josh just put them both up last week.

1:15 AM BBT – Mark agrees with Elena to target Alex for a BD if he wins HoH.

1:20 AM BBT – Mark thinks they might be able to work with Jason, but that he’s tangled up with Alex doing what she wants instead of what he wants to do.

1:55 AM BBT – Elena is concerned she’s getting too mean and nasty, but hopes that could be better television.

2:00 AM BBT – Mark asks Elena if she’s interested in him. She says very little, but he’s excited that it’s a possibility. He wants to know if he can kiss her. She said they should sleep in different beds. Mark won’t give up and keeps trying. She says he needs to win the next HoH to find out if he can get another kiss.

2:30 AM BBT – HGs are finally off to sleep for the night.

4:20 AM BBT – Alex is back up and doing her campsite per Big Brother’s bugle.

4:43 AM BBT – Cody uses the late night opportunity to talk game with Alex. He’s trying to get her to not renom him, but she says she doesn’t have the Veto to prevent a renom from happening. She doesn’t accept his offer, but he asks her to consider it, saying he could be a big help to her game.

Cody is going to keep working his situation, but it’s likely too little far too late for him. Paul won’t let him escape this one this week, but it’ll be good to see HGs question the decision and possibly shake their trust in their leader.

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  1. I was lmbo a little earlier when Alex had a convo with Cody. Cody trying, understandably, a last ditch effort to get Alex to let him help her with the Elena issue, saying HOH will be physical soon, insinuating she could use him. She took the convo straight to Paul. Jessica has to be spitting nails. I’d love to be a fly on her wall when she reads about Cody helping Alex with her punishment and now offering to be her alpha male in the next HOH comp. Isn’t that the one thing Jezebel didn’t want to see, Cody being nice to Alex?

      • Disagree. She’s petty. She can’t care that much about money, she threw like 13grand and living in a mansion for a month away for a person she KNOWS cant win the game.

      • If that were so she wouldn’t have ruined her chances of winning $500,000 and gone for the guy over the money. She’s a petty petty bish.

      • You remember, she bragged about not groveling to anyone before she was evicted. Cody is getting evicted. Jezebel might pretend otherwise, but I think she will be VERY upset with him for even trying to play nice with Alex. She is just that vindictive, petty, and jealous.

      • Unless something else happens that REALLY upsets the apple cart, Cody is a goner. I was surprised, yet somewhat proud to see Cody approach Alex, though. A little late and a few thousand short.

      • It’s BB after all, if they blow this chance at getting Cody out they are going to regret it BIG TIME!

      • Yes, exactly! How many times have we seen this played out in the past. Let’s keep in the bigger target and then the bigger target rolls over them.

      • Alex should have pretended to come on to him, asked Cody to show her how much do you want me to keep you off the block and then look straight in to the camera and wink at Jess. LOL

      • OMGosh, I wish she had done that. I could see the headlines now
        “The HGs are still bullying Jessica after making her life he!! in the BB house.”

      • I’m very anxious to see how that plays out. Jezebel is the type that would stay with him for a while just to say I told you so to the haters, and also to see if the perks as a couple are more beneficial than separate, like a nod to play Amazing Race. Ugh!!

      • Sure was! “Americaah” I was going to name her Miss “americaah” but it sounded too much like a compliment. I didn’t want people mislead. Lol

      • You shouldn’t show your approval of it. I got hammered for my monikers last season, which just made me all the more determined to use them, rub it in. lol They’ll be coming for you, mg.

      • And speaking of monikers, how has Cody been able to skate this long without one? My suggestion, based on his friendship with Stinkfinger, is “Cooty.”

        Submitted for your approval.

      • Grody, The Surly Consort, I have a few others but don’t want to get the posts of people saying, “do you really have to resort to name calling”.

      • There were just maybe 3 people who seemed to take offense to my names and TRIED to give me heck over them. I won’t name names. I just made sure to use the monikers in every post possible.

      • They wouldn’t make it far on AR …it’d be impossible to race anywhere while remaining in bed , lol.

      • I wonder who cody vote,s for at the end if it is alex and paul setting next to each other with jess setting right by him now could be must see tv.

      • I think he’s going to cut alex. He may have PTSD from losing to girl last year. I think he’s grooming Josh for f2.

      • I don’t think it will be those two, but Cody knows he would be taking a big risk with his relationship with Jezebel if he voted for Alex. I tend to think the whooped alpha male would vote for Paul. jmo

      • I don’t think Paul knows who he would take to F2. It’s always a fluid thing with Paul. He doesn’t have a Victor this season,a ride or die. He’ keeping his options open and will do what’s best for his game when he needs to

      • If he’s depending on snitch Kevin, he needs to rethink that scenario. Kevin’s going to be on the chopping block before long, imo.

      • He’s feeling antsy that’s for sure. Did you see him tell Mark that he didn’t understand it, but that Mark was their next target?

      • I read it. What is he trying to do? Did i miss something? I know about the Cody proposition last week but I thought he learned his lesson but he’s at it again?. I think he wants Paul out.

      • I just can’t get a read on Snitchy. I can’t come to any logical conclusion on his type of game play, if that’s what you call it. He doesn’t win comps, I think lost some purposefully, took the 25K right off the bat and told Paul about it. Ruined a blindside, informs/tattles to and on about everyone. I wouldn’t trust him further than I can spit, and when I eat watermelon, I have a lap full of seeds. I don’t have Elena sized boobs to catch them. J/S, I never mastered the art of spitting.

      • He stated he use to drink too much. I don’t know if he was an alcoholic or what he meant. But I agree, he does look older to me, also.

      • It’s running around with – for – to – making of – the 7 brooders he’s made and house sits with at home every day & night. Besides being one of seven to start with.

      • He has 6 siblings? I do remember he mentioned being a stay at home Dad, but he also referenced dropping off/picking up envelopes as a job of some sort. Do you know the ages of his children and if all are still at home?

      • Not sure which site you’re on but where I am, on the right side has most of the HGs pit and it takes you to a site with info about them. They were asked questions to answer an there’s pict with HG and prior BB player Jeff who interviews them. Check at the bottom: Facts about you: hunk, Geraldo, etc.
        Here’s part of Kevin’s:

        Kevin Schlehuber
        Age: 55
        Hometown: Boston, Mass.
        Current City: Boston, Mass.
        Occupation: Stay at home dad

        Kevin didn’t give us a lot to go on with his biography so hopefully he pulls out the humor and charisma he mentions possessing. He actually might end up being too nice for the game, but he could surprise us. There’s a lot riding on the role of “older HG” and when you get such a small number of them, well then you hope they do better than, say last year. Fingers crossed for Glenn, I mean Kevin.

        Three adjectives that describe you: Caring, humorous and charismatic

        Favorite Activities: Hanging out with my family, watching movies, going to the beach, exercising and playing pool or darts with the kids.

        What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Being away from my family for so long, but again, I’ll deal with it knowing they are rooting for me to win.

        Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: I did meet Derrick once and he seemed like a nice guy!

        Do you have a strategy for winning the game: Being myself, I think that will work every time!!

        My life’s motto is: Live and let live! Don’t be judgmental of people, especially if you don’t want them to judge you. We all deserve to live the kind of life we want, regardless of how we live it!

        What would you take into the house and why:

        My journal to record the daily goings-on for my memories.

        My rosary beads. I enjoy saying the Rosary now and again, and praying too.

        Pictures of my family so I can constantly remind myself why I’m doing this and who for.

        Fun facts about yourself:
        I was Mr. Massachusetts 1986
        I have a birthmark in my eye
        I was on the Geraldo Show and won a Hunk contest
        I was the dunk champion for the city of Boston 1981
        I come from a family of 7 children and I have 7 children!

      • You’re welcome. Copy – cut – paste.
        It took a little time and the ground squirrels in the computer were getting a little tired running in their little ball for power to computer. And BBNetwork had to make computer wait and wait and wait and …

      • I still don’t have the copy-cut-paste aspect down pat. Don’t make fun, now. I do that to myself very regularly. lol

      • That’s hard living and a life time of smoking and drinking you see on his face. He’s 55, 56. He said he quit smoking about 15 years ago, not too sure about the drinking but there have been comments saying he was an alcoholic, can’t handle his booze. Not sure about the validity of that one.

      • Maybe that’s why. He looks older. He could be much better looking but I see the wear and tear. He reminds me of less attractive version of Sean Penn.

      • And he is about 3 feet taller and not an asshole like Sean Penn, can’t stand him. Although I think he’s a great actor. Loved him in Mystic River. I get a Mystic River vibe from Kevin, big time.

      • I love him, he’s an incredible actor. I don’t know anything about him beyond that. Celebrity’s personal lives don’t interest me. Errbody got problems.

      • I get a Brady Bunch vibe from Kevin , lol. Specifically, Thindy (Cindy) …she was SUCH a little tattletale ! “Cindy, when you tattle on others , you’re really telling on yourself by telling them that you’re a tattletale” .

      • He probably wants Paul out but doesn’t know the right combination of people to work with on that.

      • Here is how I see it. Jezebel is petty and vindictive but if for some unseen ungodly reason Cody stays and actually wins this season, he will be forgiven because he could afford her a nice new big ring.

      • Oh, definitely. And when the wedding is called off or they divorce, she can sell it to get new hair extentions, bigger boobs, and can charge more by the hour. Jessica wins!

  2. Cody, Cody, Cody. It’s too late to start playing now. Your fate is sealed.

    Or is it…..??

    Could a majority flip and VTE Elena??

    Tune in Thursday night and see! Same BB time, same BB channel!

  3. At the very end of bbad, Matt said “dude Matt has to go next! He’s eating us out of house and home!” Ha haaa! I lauged til I cried! It was so random and he was soooo serious faced! The most passionate I’ve ever seen him. Lol

    • Once a pawn always a pawn.

      Alex would be smart to jump ship & work with Cody, Mark & Elena. I think she’s strong & could make final 2 with Cody.

      Yes, yes, yes!!!

      Get Matt to take off Jason & then get voted out. Lololololol
      He’s another dumb-azzzzz!! And get that raven girl out too. Now please!

  4. I don’t know if Cody’s fate is entirely sealed or not. Alex hates Elena’s guts over that 5k thing

  5. Jessica was live last night on IG, and was watching the Live Feeds at the same time and had no problem with Cody being up in the HOH room with Alex and group socializing. So I think being out of the house for a couple of weeks she’ll get over that pettiness and want him to go as far as he can and do what he has to do in order to do that .

  6. Alex is so petty ….all she wanted was to get in a showmance with Cody, But Cody went for Jessica of course….. Sorry Alex but u r not tall, pretty and sexy like Jessica

  7. off topic….I was just thrown off Face Book..due to some kind of site issue so the message said…Has never happened before…told me to come back later…very strange on a slow Sunday morning..

  8. Alex is a trooper with this punishment. Can you imagine how obnoxious Jess would have been? Cody might be re-evaluating his choice of Princess Butthole.

  9. I just saw Alex do her punishment at 4am. That is the most BRUTAL punishment I’ve seen. Man! Those hoh stairs….wow.

    • A week of campfires. Does she actually cook hot dogs or not? If she does, have her add some franks & beannies to her weenies. And some some’mores and
      Whah-la! actually Voila? Mealtime!! :-)
      That way Matt wouldn’t have to worry so much about Mark eating all the food.

      • Seems like she does cook them and the HGs have to take them, but several appear to be throwing them away. Alex commented last night on what a waste of food it was since there are starving children who would love to have them.

      • Big brother once faced criticism for that. Since they’ve stopped some of the food comps. This one seems very wasteful.

    • She was PISSED!!! I don’t blame her but I think she is kind of being a whiny baby about it. It’s BB, nothing is a guarantee, Holena pulled a fast one on her. She needs to suck it up and act like a champ and not a chump.

      • Oh i get that part. I’m saying the design if the punishment is brutal! How do they come up with that stuff! Lol

      • It’s brutal, all of the bags, WTH? She certainly has my sympathies, I think this is the worse punishment to date that I’ve seen on BB. I’ve heard she has to do it 100 times in the next 7 days, not sure if that is true or not. If it is true, that means she has to set up and take down around 14 times a day. Someone straighten me out if I’ve got that part wrong.

      • Omg! Are you serious! I hope that’s not true. That’s what I said, think this is the worst! Till now it was Shelly’s.

      • She had to walk in this triangle like 2,300x and knock a stick down, pick it up, stab a bullseye thing with it and some else. It was like something on each point of the pyramid. Mid evil something themed.

  10. Finally! The fire has been ignited. I’m so happy to see someone wake up and discuss NOT sending Cody home & possibly a new target of Paul will happen.

  11. I`m watching BBAD, and Alex`s punishment. Finally we get to watch this chick doing “something” besides talk about Jody.

  12. Is it just me but now that Jessica is gone, this show got boring….all it is Paul telling people what to do….

      • People have nothing better to do than complain and threaten they will no longer watch the show. I say “Good riddance to bad rubbish”. The chronic complainers write the most crap on these sites.

      • It’s annoying, no one cares if “you” are no longer going to watch BB. Good, good bye and good riddance. If that’s all you have to add to the convo, toodles! LOL :)

    • That is to be expected. With a one-sided house 10-1, how can there be any game play? Target Cody this week then, Mark, Elena next week, then, Christmas, Josh. Who wants that BS? Game play has gone for good! This is the last season of Big Brother for me. Atleast, there is Survivor. I am sure there are better shows to watch on TV!

    • Yes, the show sucks without Jessica, but we all knew this would happen. CBS must find a way and bring the beauty queen back

    • No, it’s not just you. Some of us do like Jessica and are not obsessed with irrational hatred for her. (That does not mean that I think she did everything right, but we all err in life.)

  13. WOW, was there Kool-aid at the campsite Veto? Josh telling Alex not to do what she wants, but do what’s best for the group? (j) wanting Elena instead of Jessica, and then even to the point of him thinking it was HIS choice, then telling her not to go to any extremes? This from the one trick pan banging carnival song singing wuss? Elena hopes for a career in the entertainment industry….thought she was already a radio personality. Well there’s always Vegas for her, ask Rachel. Then she mopes about being on the block, when it appears she could’ve had Veto, and took the money instead, not to mention stringing Mark along with a kiss if he wins HOH. Mark should win HOH in the DE and nom Elena, maybeTHEN he’d get a kiss . Mark thinks they can get to F2? He must’ve took a HUGE swig of the Kool-aid. Kevin doesn’t know why Mark is a big target……yeah right.Finishing off the night, Alex says she doesn’t have the Veto? she doesn’t NEED the Veto, she has the power of Re-nom, guess the campfire fumes are bad at 4:20 am.

  14. Does anyone else find it odd that Cody is kind of campaigning a little but apparently never wanted Jessica to do the same?

  15. Just as I suspected, Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort are bad for each other. I was actually enjoying Cody last night. He seems like a pleasant and nice enough guy, once you get him to loosen up a little. He was never that way with Jess, he was always ready to pick a fight or had “that look”, like he was ready to tear into anyone whom dared…….. I hope Jess was watching and crying her ugly fake eyelashes off realizing he was having fun in her absence. LOL

  16. Now that I understand why Alex is mad at Elena, I support her 100%. Elena made a promise and she bluntly broke it. Ik what everyone will say, “it’s Big Brother! Everyone lies!”. Yes, but Elena’s lie does no favors for her GAME other than winning $5000, in fact, its made her a bigger target than she was before. Not the smartest move ever to make a promise to the HOH during the Veto comp then break it for $5000 in the same comp

    • Given how much she apparently needed to make jury to have enough money to cover her expenses this summer (due to quitting her job), I can see why she’d feel the need to take whatever money she can get.

      But yes, this is a really lousy punishment so I don’t blame Alex for being upset.

  17. “5:05 PM BBT – Josh is heated and wants Elena targeted because she took the $5K when she was on the Block”

    Did Josh consider Elena to have been self-centered by taking the money? I wonder if that would sort of be like someone grabbing an apple in Week 1 to protect himself from nomination while simultaneously disqualifying the rest of his team from the HoH competition.

    • Ha ha no doubt! I totally forgot about that. What is also strange is he is pushing for her but then he’s not, then he’s pushing for her and then he’s not. It just depends on who he is talking to. Strange kid

      • Right, and that’s why when Josh approached Jessica in the restroom area after the nomination ceremony, she told him to choose an emotion and stick to it. I can’t figure out how any adult would put up with Josh’s emotions jumping all over the place every day. It would be one thing if he were a quiet person, but to have such emotional instability and be an obnoxious ass at the same time is a wearisome combination.

      • Right!! But the rest of them are just as bad as Josh now. Well most of them. Especially people like Christmas and Alex, I expected way way way way way more from them! I can’t believe how far up Paul’s butt they are! It’s gross LOL

  18. 2:00 AM BBT – Mark asks Elena if she’s interested in him. She says very little, but he’s excited that it’s a possibility. He wants to know if he can kiss her. She said they should sleep in different beds. Mark won’t give up and keeps trying. She says he needs to win the next HoH to find out if he can get another kiss.

    Poor Mark, he really is a harmless buffon. You can do better than Elena buddy

    • Maybe, but HE can also do much better than to settle for someone like her. He just needs to learn more about the psychology behind female sexuality. (That’s not meant to be an insult. Most guys go through this and make all kinds of mistakes all their lives with women until they figure it out or get educated on it.)

  19. “2:00 AM BBT – Mark asks Elena if she’s interested in him. She says very
    little, but he’s excited that it’s a possibility. He wants to know if he
    can kiss her.”

    Weren’t “Marlena” sleeping together for the first 5+ weeks of the season? How do you sleep with someone even one night without kissing, let alone 35+ nights?

      • You got me on that one :)

        Mark seems to have been making the common mistake of showing persistent interest in someone who does not at least equally reciprocate. That makes him look desperate, and desperation is generally unattractive. I suspect that the more he tries with Elena, the more unappealing he is to her, if she ever sincerely wanted him in the first place. When he finally realizes all of this, it’s likely to be painful, and for that I feel bad for him.

      • I’ve said almost the exact thing in another thread. Elena is the kind of gal that sickens me. I don’t like how she treats Mark, but he is fixated on those boobs and Elena conveniently makes sure of it.

      • The way she was toying with him last night was the worst of her “let’s dazzle Mark with my brilliance” game. How he is falling for this is beyond comprehension. I mean, I know why…….2 big boobs and he is the 3rd boob in the scenario.

    • They made out a lot all season! And cuddled in bed but, she turned on him at the first sign of trouble and went running to Paul. Shocking!

  20. Too late for Mark and Elena. They should have worked with Cody this week. Take the veto seriously and Target Paul. With Cody, they have an extra number to convince Kevin to take out Paul. Next week, they are going to be replacing Jody as target, talking to the wrong people, suffering deceits and backstabbings to further Paul’s games. The HGs are just not bold to play out of danger at the right time.
    Paul continues to gun for Cody knowing he is the #1 threat that can successfully flip the house against him should any of his follower think rightly for once.

  21. Why is Christmas still there, really can’t play…I have to say this is my last year watching this show. I have never seen such a group of nasty, nasty people. And they had best wake up our the bad paul will take it away. What fools

  22. 7:50 PM BBT – Alex remains angry and tells Josh that if Elena keeps being mean to her then they’ll send her out this week. 

    Remind me again why people like Alex? This is childish. And this is coming from somebody who would love for her to act on this because I want Elena out and I want Cody to stay. When Josh is the one being your voice of reason you know you have issues.

    Shut up and take your punishment, “super fan”.

    • I don’t think she is mad about the punishment per say. Elena is the one wanted to make the deal about not giving each other a punishment. Then she went back on it. Elena should have taken the Veto. All week she asking people if they would take her down if they won it.

  23. Lol , what I can guarantee Jessica WON’T see is Cody accidentally calling Alex by Jessica’s name! LOVED that !

  24. they might as well give paul the 500 000 dollars now because he seems to be telling them what to do when to do it

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