Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Saturday Daytime Highlights

Veto Comp day arrived for Big Brother 19 and the pressure was on the majority to avoid Cody playing in the challenge and ending their hopes of a Backdoor this week. By late afternoon the results were in but a new target was being pushed.

Mark is surprised on Big Brother 19

Here’s our first round of events for Saturday leading up to the Veto competition including the spoilers for who won PoV this week. We’ll have the rest of the day’s updates in the morning.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 12, 2017:

7:20 AM BBT – Cody is already awake. Rest of the HGs remain asleep of unaware of his current state of intensity.

7:50 AM BBT – Jason is up now too. He’s talking with Cody in the kitchen. Just general chatter.

8:10 AM BBT – Christmas wanders through the kitchen and is chatting with Cody now.

8:55 AM BBT – Feeds go down.

9:22 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Players were drawn. Cody didn’t make the cut.

9:25 AM BBT – Paul and Mark play paper-rock-scissors to decide which of them will be the last HN if they’re assigned. Mark loses.

9:30 AM BBT – Houseguests are relieved that Cody wasn’t picked. They say they don’t have to discuss game anymore this week.

9:32 AM BBT – Paul talks with Jason about their next targets. Jason says he’d rather get out Matthew and Raven while Paul was pushing for Mark to be the next target.

9:35 AM BBT – Alex is worried that Kevin is starting to get anxious and he’s now starting to worry her. She says he may need to go soon.

9:50 AM BBT – Paul warns Alex and Jason that they need to keep playing nice with Matthew and Raven to keep them convince they’re a strong F5.

9:55 AM BBT – Alex tells Jason they should keep letting Cody think they’re following Paul rather than working with him. She suggests they can get to F3 with Paul.

9:57 AM BBT – Jason lets Alex know that Mark suggested they need to get rid of Paul if they’re going to win the game. Alex says she would probably take him (Jason) over Paul to F2.

10:25 AM BBT – Alex tells Jason she’d love to see him and Paul in the F2. Jason says he’ll be happy to just leave with contacts (business) since he didn’t have $500K when he arrived either.

10:30 AM BBT – Matthew is excited and tells Raven that once they get Cody out then Paul should be safe until at least F5. He’s sure Paul will help them get farther in the game.

11:00 AM BBT – Cody lets Kevin know he has a daughter and is trying to win things so she can see him compete. He doesn’t want Kevin to repeat that. Cody reveals he usually gets his daughter in the summer and had to give that up to come on Big Brother.

11:35 AM BBT – Matthew suggests they all just throw the Veto comp to Alex. Paul says that’d be putting a lot on Alex this week. Paul then says maybe he’ll throw it too so he doesn’t have to be the one to use it.

11:45 AM BBT – Paul tells Matthew and Raven that Mark should go home first over Elena. They agree with Paul.

11:50 AM BBT – Raven suggests that Cody tried to be her showmance, but she turned him down. She wonders if Jessica knows.

11:55 AM BBT – Raven discusses Paul and Victor being on her Instagram account. She says Paul came to Arkansas and they got along.

12:45 PM BBT – Cody is hanging out playing chess by himself.

12:50 PM BBT – Elena quizzes Matthew if he’d save her if he won the Veto. He says he’d have to ask Alex. She’s disappointed, but Matthew tells her not to worry.

1:10 PM BBT – Kevin reports back to Jason and Christmas that Cody asked if there was any chance of saving him this week, but Kevin told him no.

1:35 PM BBT – Kevin reveals to Paul that Cody has a daughter. Paul is surprised and says it could have helped his game if he had revealed that sooner.

2:05 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul that he’s observed Jason and Mark getting close. He notes that they were often sitting at the chess table, but never actually playing. Josh worries that Mark and Elena could pull Jason over to them.

2:15 PM BBT – Paul suggests to Josh that he go tell Alex how close Jason is getting with Mark.

2:20 PM BBT – Alex lets Paul know that Jason discussed having made a F3 on Day 1 with Mark and Josh. They think he’s worried about it hurting his game now.

2:25 PM BBT – Feeds go down for the Veto comp.

4:55 PM BBT – Feeds are back from Veto. There were prizes & punishments. Matthew won the Veto.

4:56 PM BBT – Josh is pressing hard for them to target Elena over Cody. Alex says they have days left to decide. Group talk is for Jason to be saved and Cody will be the renom as planned. That move leaves Matthew on the Block.

Well Cody is in a bad spot, but Josh could keep pushing for Elena to be the bigger target. She took money instead of the Veto in the comp and that upset some HGs, but everything upsets someone in there. By the end of the week Paul will make sure Cody leaves, not Elena.

Don’t miss what happened next with the costumes and punishments plus plenty more planning from the Houseguests on who should be the target this week. Read our Overnight Feed Highlights Report for all the details from Saturday night.

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Gallery: Live Feeds Highlights


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  1. It must really burn players like Cameron, who didn’t get to last a full day in the house, that don’t get to play when they see remoras like Matt who exist seemingly with no purpose other than furthering their symbiote-host’s gameplay.

  2. It’s absolutely embarrassing that this cast allows Paul to make every house decision and they try so hard for his approval. I hope when they rewatch this season they realize what complete idiots they were.

    • So true, I don’t like how they don’t think they’re following him, if they weren’t following him, then Matt would save himself, Alex wouldn’t have put the people she did on the block, and Christmas wouldn’t have wasted her temptation.

      • This is why Cody refers to them as a bunch of idiots. He’s right, but nobody wants to say he’s right because he’s “not very nice” and he’s a “robot” (some of the weakest insults towards a Big Brother contestant that I’ve ever heard, they’re both irrelevant). Alex is completely following Paul but says “not following, working with”. I’m beyond sick of her and she isn’t smart at all to want to be in the F3 with Paul. He could very easily win that final HOH (like he did last season) and choose Jason for F2 instead.

      • Christmas wouldn’t even BE in the house. I don’t know why she is there….

        Not too mention all the ‘throwing’ the competitions that is going on. Why not give the money to Paul and call it a season? nobody wants to play anyway. What a frustrating and unpleasant season this has been. the worst ever. Please, please, please BB, never a VET in the house again!! BOO BB!!

    • This totally reminds me of the survivor season where they brought back Boston Rob as one of 2 vets and his entire tribe did exactly what he wanted the entire time and then everyone was shocked he won. That is absolutely going to be Paul this season.

  3. “Matthew is excited and tells Raven that once they get Cody out then Paul should be safe until at least F5. He’s sure Paul will help them get farther in the game.”
    SMH. I have no other words.

  4. I really want Matt to save himself, I don’t like how him and everyone else listens to Paul all the time, if even says how Alex is pretending to follow Paul, but she really is following Paul because if she wasn’t, she would’ve put Kevin on the block instead of the people she did, the only reason she didn’t put Kevin is because that wasn’t part of Paul’s plan.

    • If she wasn’t she would have put Paul on the block. Didn’t any of these people watch Vanessa’s season?

      • I just started watching it this season, the only reason I said Kevin is because she said she didn’t really trust him after some things he’s been doing.

      • Vanessa (a professional poker player IRL) ran the house a few seasons back like Paul is doing now. She was finally evicted at F3 because everyone up till then was too chicken to remove her. It’s dangerous and stupid to let someone like Paul get too close to the finish line. It’s the same HGs’ mentality – Paul will help us get to the finish line. HGs, really, why would Paul do that? Paul wants someone in the F2 chair who CANNOT beat him.

    • She should have been forced out of the game. They could have brought her back next season if they felt sorry for her. If you can’t play comps you shouldn’t stay. She keeps whining about how unlucky she is that she can’t play, etc. B.S. It’s the best thing to happen to her because nobody looks at her as a threat because she can’t win HOH or veto comps.

    • Why hasn’t paul painted these toe nails yet? Maybe in the next 36 hours he’ll have time to do it since he’ll be with Cast-girl.

  5. I wish the producers would change the game. Only let the people on the block play for safety. The one that wins comes off the block and the one left goes home. This way people that are really playing the game have a chance to win. The HOH would put up his true targets.

    • Agree, or as someone suggested, the person who wins POV selects the replacement person who goes up on the block.

  6. Why Alex will lose this season:

    “9:55 AM BBT – Alex tells Jason they should keep letting Cody think they’re following Paul
    rather than working with him. She suggests they can get to F3 with Paul.”

    Why Matt will lose this season:

    “10:30 AM BBT – Matthew is excited and tells Raven that once they get Cody out then Paul should be safe until at least F5. He’s sure Paul will help them get farther in the game.”

    Why Cody will lose this season:

    “12:45 PM BBT – Cody is hanging out playing chess by himself.”

    Why Paul will win this season:

    “2:15 PM BBT – Paul suggests to Josh that he go tell Alex how close Jason is getting with Mark.

    2:20 PM BBT – Alex lets Paul know that Jason discussed having made a F3 on Day 1 with Mark and Josh. They think he’s worried about it hurting his game now.”

  7. My only hope left (and it’s remote, at best) is somebody lets Matt know he’s at the bottom of the totem pole in Paul’s group and he starts a revolt by taking himself off the block, getting Jason evicted via votes from Mark, Cody, himself, Raven and one of Josh or Christmas (Josh wants Elena out but Christmas might keep her because Paul wants to keep her) then forming a new team of Matt, Mark, Cody, Elena, Raven vs Alex, Paul, Kevin, Christmas, Josh and if they can swing the DE their way, they can exit the week with the numbers – 5 vs 4.

    I honestly and unbiasedly think that’s a good move for Matt, but I honestly don’t see it happening.

    I hate to sound like I’m saying “woe is me” but for somebody who came into this season with Matt and Cody as favourites, I can’t believe it’s Matt who’s ultimately going to screw over Cody (saving somebody else instead of himself just to get Cody backdoored) for his final eviction of the season. That feels like a low blow to me…

  8. Josh is so clueless and lacking in self-awareness it’s painful to watch. Exploiting that is cruel.

    • With the possible exception of Cody, all the HGs fit your description to one degree or another. And Paul is exploiting them all. In the house itself, he pretends to be helping them. In the DR, though, he tells us all what idiots they all are. And that’s why so many people are turned off by Paul.

  9. Paul is not going to be able to have solo conversations with Alex. Christmas can’t cuddle with Kevin with Paul in the middle. Hilarious. The frustration for Paul who spends 24/7 talking game.

  10. Mark and Matthew have new shirts that look like the ones that Jeff Probst wears, is this a hint of their next reality show gig? It’s an improvement to their former outfits.

    • I will be so happy to see Matt in something other than that stupid shirt he wears, I bet it can stand up by itself, and probably stinks.

  11. Trying to play catch up. We are away from home for the weekend and I am without my laptop. Who all gets to participate in the Outback dinner?

  12. Who in the heck is Raven trying to impress tonight? Rear end coming out of her shorts..boobs prominent in her little tie up shirt..she really annoys me!

  13. If Matt takes someone else off and stays on the block, I don’t care that he thinks he’s safe. He deserves to go home just for that. I don’t care that the plan is Cody–no one should feel that safe in the house.
    And if he does take Jason down . . . I know he doesn’t know how often his name has come up, but securing his own safety should be a priority.

    Especially since the game that Paul plays is tell the target he’s safe while conspiring against him with the rest of the house.

  14. Never thought I’d say I feel bad for Cody, but I kinda do. But then I remember he dug his own grave.

    • It’s fair to feel bad. I do too. The house has done seriously everything possible to take away any semblance of control from him. The first eviction he had nothing to defend himself. This time sadly the temptation competition was his Veto. I hope to find out he came in second in that at least. Fan of his or not I think viewers should be frustrated how easy it was for the house majority to get their way this week. So many missed opportunities for entertainment..

    • He and Jess were so nasty. They had multiple chances to try to turn their game around and they didn’t want to

  15. I didn’t see the feeds the first week. Did we actually get to see the start of any of the showmances? Or were they all together already when the feeds came on?

    • Four or six HGs go in at a time, settle on beds if they toss their junk on it. They go around and introduce themselves to each other. Often times, we’ll see a DR segment where one or the other might say something about how cute or whatever someone is. I remember comments about Matt and his silver hair but not being old for the white hair. Kind-of named him Silver Fox. Another 4 or 6 go in, beds, checking out the place. Another group. Legs were talked about, hair, bodies, etc.

      When they were all finally in the house, they sat around on the sofas and introduced themselves. Some cuts to the DR room about one or the other and who they might want to end up with, to “get to know better.” Some were already sitting by another they wanted to ‘get’ with.

  16. When is the actual Veto Meeting? Which actual day of week? Approx. time like 10 am, 2 pm or 6 pm? (to find out if Matt uses POV and then who goes up if he’s taken off Jason or Elena? which would mean he’s really, no I mean REALLY stupid and kept himself OTB.)

  17. “Jason says he’ll be happy to just leave with contacts (business)”

    Jason happy if he sells alot of his homemade toys. Will decide between Vivid entertainment or redtube on which company will manufacture them.

    • His toys???????????????? You mean the one that his brother-in-law helped with the molding of it or whatever help it was??

  18. I really hope America doesn’t vote Kevin as AFP. He’s a snitch. It’s going to bite him soon. He said he had met Derrick before. Derrick works undercover. Kevin is a snitch for the police. Uh huh
    Zingbot to Kevin: You know what happens to snitches. Snitches get stitches.

      • not sure…Production will let up in a bit but right now they gotta make it look like a punishment….Was nice of Cody to try and help her…Jason got yelled at for wanting to help her…Maybe they think Cody is leaving so his actions are moot…If Cody got yelled at I did not hear it..

      • Oh, I totally agree. I’ve never liked this tease and I hope she goes next. She has issues and Mark seems like a nice guy but seems to have low standards for a GF. That’s his problem. He sees what she is and how she acts. He’s ignorantly transfixed on those boobs and she makes sure to use them when convenient.

      • yep…that Veto could have been worth $500,000 verses the $5000 that she ended up with.. some people just don’t get it…

      • I’m probably about to give her too much credit for thinking but…

        By taking the $5K maybe she was trying to show that she trusts everyone enough to keep her safe. Maybe she thought if she’d gone straight for the veto that people might have felt she was shady and target her going forward. For what its worth, too late to worry about that now, Elena. People already think you’re shady. Heck, even Paul saw what Josh was talking about, and that’s her closest ally, lol.

      • Yup, you re giving her too much credit, lol. She saw the $$ and forgot about the game. Hope it bites her in the butt. Now she has to hope that Mark protects her by winning HoH in the DE cos otherwise she could be gone

      • I figured I was probably giving her too much credit, lol. I agree that she is the obvious target of the DE (with Mark probably being the backup) unless she or Mark manages to win HOH or a Veto. Now that Mark has decided to not throw any more comps, we can’t count him out.

        Kevin seems to be popping up on radars too, so he’s a possibility too. I’m not sure if Paul would go home yet or not. I think that’s a 50/50 chance even during a DE at this point, so its probably not a risk worth taking yet.

      • I can’t remember for sure. Has the house been told by Julie that it’s double eviction? or are they just going by previous years schedules?
        Has there been any out loud planning of the second eviction that anyone (not in house, that has feeds, tweets or whatever) can tell?

      • Her circumstances indicate that she should have taken the veto…but she is greedy and needy…We will see how it plays out…

      • maybe she won’t go this week, but she will pay for this in the jury house (I hope). 5g’s really? she is despicable!

      • she will hopefully pay during the DE. .If Cody goes 1st as planned then its either her or Mark (if they don’t win veto or HOH) as of now…but that could change..

      • Cody asked her to let him help her. (Jezebel’s going crazy, you know, lol.) She told him she didn’t vote this week. That she only cared about Jason and if she didn’t win she wanted Jason to. Then went straight to Paul. He patted her on the head and said good dog. haha

      • if I was cody i’d be livid with jess. he now see’s how being with the group works. besides. alex doesn’t need his help.

      • He sees a silver lining through the clouds with this Elena situation and is trying to play it up. Can’t blame him at all. Alex isn’t gullible to him. Yes, she is VERY pissed off at Elena, but Cody is definitely still the target.

      • aside from elena, cody burnt that bridge, I can not forgive him.
        besides if she keeps him she knows he is starting his own group, ready to attack her group. she better not forget that!

      • She won’t. Alex is the street smart type. She knows she is being played. She knows Paul is playing her. And she will not forgive Elena. I bet she’s a bad girl in real life. jmo

      • Yep… Alex is playing for the win…Good to see a female playing the game without jumping into bed with a stranger..

      • He can’t really blame Jessica…He made the decision to go gunning for Paul without back up…U can’t make a stupid move like that the 1st week in the game and survive to the end…I admit I am kinda wondering if he has the ability or brains to call an honest actual truce with Paul and stay another few weeks…Would be interesting to see how he and Paul would plan and plot to get to the end…
        naaaaaaaaaaaaw ain’t gonna happen…

      • Paul is right ..This may be their only chance at getting Cody out and out for good.. If I were Paul Alex Jason Kevin Josh and Christmas I would say “‘evict him”… While he is great at comps Cody is not trustworthy and does not want to be a team player. .I would not trust him…

      • No way can they trust this guy. They know he is gunning for them and he has revenge on his mind. He needs to avenge his woman’s mistreatment by these cruel, bullying HGs. ;)

  19. With all these individual private conversations she’s having with everyone… Does anyone else think Christmas might be a target in the Double Eviction? Maybe not if everyone doesn’t share that they’ve been talking to her, but she seems like she’s starting to stir the pot.

      • Actually, a lot of her side conversations are her hinting that Paul needs to go at some point (and about who she would work with to accomplish this). Its what makes me think people might eventually compare notes on conversations.

      • You’re right. She’s playing long term and knows that Paul can’t stay in the end or he’ll win. In BB the HG always compare note, like you said, so she better be ready to back herself up.

    • I think she’s safe until the showmances are out and maybe kev out too.
      besides, she’s as cute as a button in her helmet and goggles.

      • She is pretty cute in her helmet and goggles, I have to admit. For someone that was offering decent advice to Josh (about not letting Paul run over him)… She sure seems to be doing a fairly decent Paul impression in some of her conversations, lol.

  20. if alex can keep her eyes on the prize, she will boot cody ASAP. then the sneaky coup will fold like a cheap suit (kev).

  21. kev told cody last nite that he’ll talk to alex about keeping cody (again). why does kevin continue to play with fire? he doesn’t have the power to play this game and they are getting tired of him.
    they warned him.

      • kev thought he was slick riding the rail with both team cody & team paul. he doesn’t want to give it up yet.

      • except now he’s getting noticed, he’s not doing so well staying in the shade, he keeps stepping in to the sun and the others are catching sight.

      • he ain’t so cute anymore, his game got tired and the charm offensive wore as thin as the elbows on his sleeves

      • You know I’ve done a full circle on ole Kev. Thought he was shady from the start, then thought well he is funny, but with the snitchin back and forth, the Xmas thing I’m right back to just shady

      • Same here. I’ve had mixed feelings for Kevin all season. Same with Christmas. One thing that puts me in the negative with Kevin is how touchy he is with the other women houseguest. I hope his wife is ok with that.

      • I never really cared for him. My gut told me he was shady. When everyone was talking about how funny he was I tried to give him a chance but never really felt the love. Then the Christmas thing started and reminded me of a “creepy Uncle”. I hope he goes soon.

      • I liked Kevin too. Now, I’m realizing that he’s just a 20 year older (and a foot taller) version of James. Quit telling everyone everything that’s about to happen!

        Its about time for Kevin to go. On the bright side though… Maybe they can bring him and Donnie (from BB16) back as their returning vets (age-wise and BB experience-wise) next season, lol.

  22. 10:25 AM BBT – Alex tells Jason she’d love to see him and Paul in the F2. Jason says he’ll be happy to just leave with contacts (business) since he didn’t have $500K when he arrived either.

    10:30 AM BBT – Matthew is excited and tells Raven that once they get Cody out then Paul should be safe until at least F5. He’s sure Paul will help them get farther in the game.


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