Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 8: Monday Daytime Highlights

It was veto ceremony day in the Big Brother 19 house and Christmas got one step closer to making her “big” move this week by naming Mark as the replacement nominee. With the week basically over at this point, the HGs began making plans for next week’s target and who should be the ones to make the next move.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 21, 2017:

8:45 AM BBT – HGs getting up for the day.

9:05 AM BBT – HGs received special glasses for the solar eclipse. They’re waiting to go out and watch.

10:10 AM BBT – Christmas express her annoyance with Matthew and Raven. Kevin agrees.

11:25 AM BBT – Jason tells Kevin he’s been wondering about Raven’s illnesses since she hasn’t had a single day to day health issue but says all these things are wrong. He thinks she’s using the illnesses to stay in the came because no one wants to be mean to her.

11:25 AM BBT – Christmas, Matthew, and Raven discuss Mark’s pitch for Christmas to not renom him and to go after Alex instead. Matthew says he’s confident in Christmas keeping him if it goes to a tiebreaker.

11:44 AM BBT – Christmas tells Raven and Matthew that Kevin is gunning for Matthew. She also says that if Alex or Jason win HOH she’s pretty sure the two of them will go up or they’ll backdoor one of them. Christmas says that Mark is still more of a threat, though, so they need to stick to the plan this week. Matthew and Raven agree.

11:50 AM BBT – Christmas has done a good job planting Alex and Jason as the targets with Raven and Matthew. All agree that if they win  HOH they have to nominate Jason and Alex to be sure one of them goes home.

11:54 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Time for veto ceremony.

12:42 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Jason used the veto on himself and Christmas named Mark as the replacement nominee.

12:43 PM BBT – Christmas is explaining herself to Mark. She’s upset and tells him that this wasn’t an easy decision for her. He tells her it’s OK and that this is just a game. She says it hurts her heart and him taking it so well is making it more painful.

12:49 PM BBT – Josh tells Mark to just enjoy his last few days in the house. Mark says he will definitely do that.

12:52 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh tell the others that Mark was trying to get Alex up because she’s a strong competitor.

1:08 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that if he wins HOH this week he’s nominating Matthew and Raven. Jason says that’s what everyone is planning to do.

1:13 PM BBT – Alex suggests Mark was throwing her name out because of Kevin. Paul says yep. Josh says Kevin wants Alex out because he thinks he can control Jason then.

1:15 PM BBT – Kevin thinks no one is bringing his name up and tells Jason he doesn’t know if he should be happy or insulted by that.

1:22 PM BBT – Kevin says him not winning any competitions has kept him in a safe place and not a target. Kevin says it seems to him that everyone is only worried about Alex and Paul.

1:45 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex and Paul about his talk with Kevin. He tells them Kevin claims to  not have backstabbed anyone in the game. Paul says they can’t let Kevin win HOH because he might try to take a shot at Alex. Paul reminds them that Kevin is at about $40,000 from this season.

1:48 PM BBT – Christmas cam talks that she needs Matthew or Raven to win HOH and take out a major player.

1:52 PM BBT – Kevin wonders why everyone is still talking game since this week is done and Mark is going to jury.

1:58 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh they sill need to drop the bomb that Kevin has the $25,000. Josh asks why. Paul says it just has to be done.

2:08 PM BBT – Kevin is talking to Paul about Thursday and the next HOH and Paul is kind of blowing him off. Kevin wonders if Matthew and Raven will be the nominees and Paul says that depends on who wins HOH.

2:14 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin they’re going to have to start playing everything from now on. Kevin says he’s ready.

2:29 PM BBT – Josh cam talks and says Paul has finally come around so he feels good about a Josh, Paul, Christmas final three. Josh says next week Alex or Jason have got to go.

2:33 PM BBT – Paul trashing Kevin to Christmas. He says Kevin has done more bad than good for him in this game.

2:35 PM BBT – Paul says to Christmas that it would make sense to get Alex out before Jason only after one of them take out Matthew or Raven next week.

2:46 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas that he walked in on Jason and Alex talking and they were acting sketchy. Christmas says she thinks Jason is annoyed with her again.

3:44 PM BBT – Josh says they have to break up Alex and Jason. Christmas says she and Paul talked about that also and that Jason is their next target. They agree that Jason and Alex have to go up together though so Alex can’t save Jason.

3:45 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas he’d be ok with any of their final 3 (the two of them and Paul) winning the game.

3:49 PM BBT – Christmas says Jason needs to go before Alex because without her he’d be a loose cannon.

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As of now it sounds like after Mark goes this week the target is on Jason. Not long after that, however, it seems Paul has planted the target on Kevin. It’ll be interesting to see how things shape up in the coming weeks.

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  1. Did paul just use reverse mind trick on chirstmas to get her to target Jason before alex.

  2. Like Paul or not (and trust me at this point I’m rooting against the guy) he’s playing people like a fiddle.

    • I could actually root for him if he wasn’t so arrogant and vile. He really lost me when he encouraged others to bully people because he was too afraid to do it himself. Now he wants Josh to go after Kevin, but Josh told him no. Good for him. I hope all of Paul’s deals come back to haunt him, but I don’t believe these HGs will ever figure it out.

      • Whoever gets Kevin out I will be bitter towards until the end. Paul going after Kevin doesn’t make sense to me either. Kevin will do whatever Paul tells him to do if he drops that Alex and Jason are coming after him (K). He would be a spare vote til the end! All Paul oils need was a Raven, Kevin, Jason, Josh, Paul final 5 and he is straight guaranteed the win. I can see maybe how if Kevin stays in it’s a threat to Paul moving forward because if he can’t split the “Power Couple’s” whichever one he ends up choosing might kick him out over Kev because Kev is not a great competitor. Also none of Paul going after Kev will be in the show they’ll pin it all on Alex because production knows we love Kevin and that if Paul takes him out it will tarnish their “likeable” winner

      • You are assuming that anyone in this cast can use their brain! Biggest bunch of morons in BB history.

      • Finally. I 1000% agree with you. Yes, he’s been playing them all, but when he goes into the DR and laughs at how stupid they all are, it makes me want to stuff a sock down his throat. (What kind of a human being wants someone tortured until they “crack”?) He’s insipid.

      • There are a whole bunch of synonyms for insipid – the ones I meant were tasteless, characterless, tedious and wearisome. But mean works well, too.

      • I was going to upvite that but it wouldn’t take. I’m glAd cuz I don’t think I’d EVERY root for shorty!
        He’s just an ass!
        I’m sooooo glad josh isn’t done no it cuz production also warned him. So, good on josh but he really isn’t dong it so he doesn’t get “spoken to” again. IMO

      • Yes! The definition of a bully, according to Merriam-Webster (a VERY reliable source), is a blustering, browbeating person, especially one who is habitually cruel, insulting, or threatening to others who are weaker, smaller, or in some way vulnerable.

      • When ten people gang up on two, yes it’s bullying. And it went on for hours and was a lot more than banging pots and pans. All instigated by Paul. He rallied the troops and sat back and watched like the coward he was.

      • Anita has no character or class. The fact that she’s claiming she’s from Philly, is a disgrace to my hometown.

      • Being ambushed in front of an audience was a form of bullying…sans the pots and pans. Now that I feel was uncalled for and unnecessary.

      • What bothers me more is when they ostracize people just because they are on the block. Like when Paul tells people not to talk to people.
        I would not last inside the house as I would tell people to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

      • Me too! I wouldn’t put up with that from my children so there’s no way I’d put up with that from a grown a** adult. Nobody controls me like that.

      • I would have handled having someone bang pots and pans, calling me a meatball rather than uglier names as many did when I was growing up. I was called Otter (buck teeth), buck (by my siblings). I constantly had a chair pulled out from under me, tripped down the halls, belittled, etc., all of course with an audience present.

      • I am the youngest of 10, 6 brothers. I don’t consider myself as having been bullied but I was teased. I learned that you just had to laugh it off or ignore them and they stopped. The worse thing to do is react and let them know you’re ps**ed

      • I was bullied by my siblings, so it helped me grow a tough skin. Anyone that bullied me in school were not nearly as bad as my siblings, it just added to what I endured at home. It’s one of the reasons when I got the opportunity to move away, I took it. My siblings treat me like a stranger now and I’m quite okay with that. I’m at peace where I am. I hear they still create drama, but unable to make me the scapegoat to their antics like they did when I lived with or near them.

      • I’m still teased by my brothers in a different way. We all get along really well, they’re all older and getting forgetful so I just feed them misinformation when they can’t remember things. Revenge!

      • My siblings forgot what they did because it wasn’t done to them! I tell their children rather than remind them of what their parents were like as children. Revenge is quite sweet! I do send texts to my siblings from time to time. We get along better that way than in person.

      • That’s very sad to hear! I’m sorry that things are like that with you and your family! 😞 I have 5 siblings, I’m the youngest of 6, and I can’t imagine life without them. It’s difficult for me to fathom siblings treating each other like yours did/do you! It just makes me sad to even think about that possibility!! 😢 God bless!

      • I am the second oldest of 5 kids, but was the shortest of 3 of them. I practically raised my youngest brother who died seven years ago, compliments to my parents for not teaching him (he was deaf) about the birds and the bees…he contracted HIV that eventually led to AIDs when he was 18 as a result of that. My mother wished she had later. I learned things the hard way. You can’t make someone love you and you make room for those you want in your life. Unfortunately my three living siblings don’t care to heed that. It’s okay, really. I have the family I want. They don’t have to be blood related to be my family and they really love who I became and who I am today in spite of it all! :-)

      • I am very sorry to hear about your brother! And you’re right, blood doesn’t always make you family! Great perspective! For me, unfortunately, I have ALWAYS had to learn things the hard way!! Take care! 😁

      • You’re fine! I was getting flashbacks is all. They’ll go away soon. I don’t let stuff get to me as much as it used to. I want to laugh the rest of my life and anyone that makes me angry or sad more than makes me laugh do not get very much time devoted from me! I squash that kind of distaste immediately. Name calling and the mighty sword of the written word do hurt. Surely people must know that by now, more so now that we’ve been in a faceless society and on social media than when we were growing up. I don’t pass harsh judgement on anyone that I can’t see in front of me or the live screen. It breeds hatred from those that do. I’m on BBN for the entertainment factor only from Big Brother. I just want to have fun, not engage in criticisms of others.

      • Just wanted to explain that I didn’t like that you were bullied only that I agreed with you as I do to your response here as well.
        Love & Peace

      • Oh Jone, I am so sorry to hear you went through that, not cool. I was never bullied in my life, nor did I ever bully anyone, I always stood up for the underdog. NOW, what you went through, yes, that IS bullying, what Josh did was just ham it up for the camera trying to be funny…annoying, not bullying.

      • It isn’t that he is “afraid” to. He is wanting others to do it so the blame is on them and not Paul. This puts a target on their back instead. I think it is his form of jury management.

    • Yes, but as I’ve been saying, it’s not that hard to do when these people all have the intelligence of stumps.

      • I can easily admit that Paul is playing a masterful game (not like it’s all that difficult with these dolts) while also not liking HOW he’s played it so far. Having his minions gang up on others is not cool in my book, even though it IS an accepted strategy in BB history. And no, I also don’t absolve Jess & Cody for their instigation & escalation of some situations.
        P.S. I’ve disliked Josh since preseason interviews & Christmas is a huge disappointment. All talk, most of it mean.

      • Well, I wasn’t talking about liking players just talking about game play. As I have said before no one is going to leave that house this season without being embarrassed by things they did there.

  3. Sounds like Kevin believes he’s in a good position within the house, with him saying he’s stayed safe by not winning comps. But what Kevin needs to realize is, that time of safety has come and gone and now is the time for him to step up his game and try to make some moves, i.e. win comps/HOH. If he had any idea what kind of jeopardy he was in he would most likely be scared sh*tless.

  4. I hope Paul wins. And the rest loose !! I dont like Paul one bit. But these jerk faces dont deserver to Win.

  5. Well at least Josh is honest he wants Paul to win…….Hey BB next year get some players with some guts and pride and some that are competitors not just star struck minions.

    • Things would have been better and gone differently had they just kept it to newbies. That’s why I hate when vet players come back with a house full of newbies. Had they have brought two vets, we would most likely have two groups, rather than just Paul’s army. Newbies idolize the vets too much, and end up following them blindly. (I can see their rationalizing for wanting to follow someone that is not only more knowledgeable, but more experienced. It would almost be foolish to go against the vet; which we’ve seen play out.) So they really need to leave it separate, or cap the returning vets to a minimum, of no less than 2, because we see what happens with just one returning vet!) I’d prefer the casts to consist either of all newbies, or all vets. One or the other. But that’s just my opinion. It’s not fun when 10 or more people blindly follow one person. I’m tired of the Paul, AKA “Jim Jones” show!

  6. As one of the last remaining Paul fans, this season has been exciting, drama-filled, and fun to watch. He is using every trick in the book, playing BB probably even in his sleep, to stay in this game. He has never really had a solid ride-or-die and has been the real biggest target since he stepped in the house.

    It’s a toss up of how the jury is going to vote though – if he makes it to F2

  7. Knock Knock…Who’s there…Kevin…Kevin who…Kevin who hasn’t won an HOH or Veto since his time in the house. Bwah.ha.ha.ha.ha….Bring on the Zingbot!!!!

  8. I wish BB just stopped & we we now privy to the Jury House!


    Because this season is so predictably boring, BB, why don’t you film more from the Jury House? I for one am now more interested in that house than the BB19 house.

  9. Paul is definitely playing the best game in the house. However, the next time Paul suggests to someone that they go up as a pawn, I hope they respond by telling him that it’s his turn.

    • I always wondered why they never notice that. He either won’t do it or has an excuse.
      Everyone else should do it except him yet they remain blind to that. SMH
      Paul is playing the best game out of all of them.

    • They should do that. But they won’t. And even if he volunteers, it’ll all be fake. He’s looking to have a better run than Nicole, probably even better than Derrick, since he’ll probably gun for that final HOH.

  10. “Jason tells Kevin he’s been wondering about Raven’s illnesses since she hasn’t had a single day to day health issue”

    I like where this is going. Hopefully Big Brother makes this a huge deal for the casual fans so everyone stops sending her money.

    • And she has had no medical check ups..other than the stitches in her toe…seems like she would be monitored due to the pacemaker…

      • I checked out what Go Fund Me has for Raven.. “Her” personal post is asking for $200,000..She has received donations totaling to $4,437…Then there is the post outing Raven as a scam artist and advising people not to donate to her…

      • Do we know how much there was in the fund before BB? It would be interesting to see how much her BB campaign has netted her. Doesn’t sound like much

      • OK…money began being donated 1 month ago…which could mean that the account was set up after RAVEN entered the BB house (Mom set it up??) Last donation was 15 days ago by a guy who said a physic told him Raven was not a scam artist (u got to kidding me) .Account does say that Raven is a contestant on BB..”23″ days ago an update was posted by Raven stating ‘So many lies out there. .but none here”…#PacerPower is twitter handle….this is info from Ravens personal account

      • Oh dear. But I thought Raven said she had a Go Fund me account. I thought the HGs were talking about it. So, maybe her and her mom planned this out before she left, but I could be mistaken.

      • I have read that Raven is going to be investigated for fraud. I REALLY, REALLY hope it’s true! The reasons that was stated: Raven has been asking people to donate to her GoFundMe account on the live feeds. The account was created AFTER she was in the house! How would she know about the account unless they already had it planned?!?!? She is so fake! It makes me sick to see someone playing off of people’s empathy sympathy

      • She’s gotten others to open accounts up. Some have been taken down do to a warning of some sort is what has been rumored…but really I have no evidence to support that at all…just going by what someone else has said.

      • I heard one was shut down, but don’t know any of these sites. I am not a big fan of people asking for money, especially in the U.S. I always wondered how legit those things are.

      • There are some people who really need help and those we should give monies to. However, there are a lot of charlatans who see huge dollar signs with these Go Fund Me pages. There should be a verification system before they allow any Go Fund Me pages to make sure the need is legit.

      • I think the system has been abused, like any good intentions organization ought to be. I was able to help a friend in “real” need by running a campaign to help her out at this org. But we didn’t ask for more than was actually needed. One person paid the entire amount….less than $700. She was able to get the surgery and is forever grateful to me and the other for helping her when she desperately needed it.

      • I have seen people that actually need it. I have donated to one that is an elderly woman that I kind of knew that was about to be kicked from her home.
        The bad always seems to outshine the good.

      • The 4,437 will be used to pay the lawyer trying to get that post outing her removed….Thanks for the info.

    • I think TPUTS is onto Raven and that is why they really haven’t been giving her a lot of air time talking about her ‘health problems’. I wonder how much the casual fans are aware of Raven’s terminal diseases. Other than the one spot where she talked about her two hearts I can’t remember BB spotlighting her ‘condition’ on the broadcasts or am I forgetting something?

      • I did read some comments that they didn’t even show her face on the friday episode. Missed it. You may be right about the producers white washing her from the much as possible.

      • And her mother is probably tearing her hair out cos they’re not getting the exposure they’d like on the broadcast and too much negative exposure they don’t want on social media

      • So close to that Lamborghini she had her eye on! Now she will have to settle for a huffy bicycle with whats left.

      • Tricycle, pots and pans and a Josh theme song? She doesn’t need a gofund me. Should head to Hollywood and audition in front of the Americas Got Talent judges.

      • Definitely more respected and accepted behavior than what her mother and she are trying to pull off! :-)

      • Not sure if it’s a rumor or not, but I heard CBS is investigating the family now and the GFM account too that Raven did say “live” to donate to during the Dom show.

      • I would guess that her and moms u tube video has been seen by an untold # of viewers. ….I would also guess that the Go Fund Me site owners are not happy with Raven and moms using their site to scam……

      • I was surprised at how many teachers at my kids school watch BB, these would all be causal viewers ages 30+ .Most didn’t seem to know much about Raven, and the 2 teachers that knew that I have gastroparesis, didn’t think Raven had what I have. They just saw her as a immature giggly young girl in the background. Talk was all mostly about Paul, Kevin, and Jason.

      • Yes I think BB originally thought they had a certain storyline with Raven but soon realized that they had been duped. It just shows that they don’t do their homework. There are many people out there who truly are suffering and need financial aid. They chose poorly with Raven

      • That’s good news. So many truly worthy people in need. I’m sure a few people reading our comments have a loved one in true need.

      • Yep, and there are people who actually do have gastroparesis who are PO’d at either Raven because they’re certain she’s faking or her mother for planting it in her head.

      • I am one of these people. I have gastroparesis. I hoped she would bring awareness. She has only made people question the illness. I travel to a specialist, closest one is 850 mile trip(again I was hoping Raven would bring awareness that there is a neurology shortage in many states) and the people at the clinic that were aware of Raven, I went in July, were disappointed in the misinformation she is giving out. Gastroparesis and autonomic conditions are invisible illnesses and she is making it worse. i watch Raven eat so fast, it blows my mind, I wish she would admit the pacemaker Is working. she keeps saying it is not working or about to fail but if she can eat so much and be so active , she is certainly not in any severe category. Most of us at the clinic I go to would be thrilled to eat what we want, travel on a plane, dance, own a business, drive, and be able to go months without seeing a doctor. Raven has a good quality of life for whatever conditions she actually has.

      • Well, first of all I feel for you. I think it’s very sad that for many people the only impression that we will have of gastroparesis is because of Raven. She will have done a lot of damage with her misleading act this summer.

  11. If I was Mark, I’d tell Paul that he already has 2 potential votes against him in the jury now and if you send me, thats 3…2 more and you lose again. Everyone knows you’re pulling the strings. Just as a threat to see what he does…at this point, if I was Mark, I would be creating chaos all over the house.

    • Paul doesn’t care about jury votes – never has. That’s how he lost last year. No concept of how to do it. The only reason he’s going to win is because these HGs are too stupid to vote otherwise.

      • On the contrary, I think this season he is very aware of jury votes. I don’t think it’s a coincidence he had Josh aggravating Cody and tried to get him to aggravate Mark.

        I think he’s probably planning to take Josh to F2 in Paul’s perfect world, and that’s probably, partly at least, why he offered an olive branch to Cody during his last week, was nice to Elena and has been nice to Mark.

        I think he’s angling for jury votes in case they’re emotional instead of voting game.

      • Agree, and in the end if you are in the jury, do you really want to say you were beaten by someone who floated or was carried to the end or by someone who played hard?

      • ..and do you know any HG’s there that really got mad at Paul? Only Cody, but he’ll vote for the gamer which is Paul.

      • If a juror is bitter or angry at you, it does not really matter. In the last Survivor, Brad Culpepper won like 6 straight immunity challenges (equivalent to HOHs) and set a Survivor record. So, he easily got into the Finals. Problem is he does not have a social game like Cody. He lost to Sarah Lacina who had a more social game. I do not think he got a single vote. Brad Culpepper played hard but, did not win it or even get a vote?

      • If it is a close vote, a vote here or there can make a huge difference if you make $500,000 or $50,000. In Rachel Reilly’s season which she won, Rachel was up against Porsha. Danielle and her minions voted for Porsha except, Shelley who went against Danielle and gave Rachel her vote! Rachel won 4-3 and barely although, she played better than Porsha! There was bad blood then, between Danielle and Rachel because she voted out Danielle’s showmance, Dominic!

    • That’s a great idea but is Mark strategic enough to come up with that? Elena might have thought of it.

    • Not so sure about that. When Mark goes to jury, Paul will have 3 votes in there. Cody has already said that if Paul makes it to the end, he’s voting for him. Who else would Mark and Elena vote for?

      • I’m not saying he would even think about it much less pull it off, but all Mark has to say is Cody, Elena and himself had a conversation that they would never vote for Paul in final three. Paul would stroke out and figure out a way to keep him a while longer to work on him.

      • I wish you and beach bum where on the show. Would be a great episode seeing this scenario play out. Mark could go back to picking things up and putting them down.

      • Has Paul come out and made a F2 with Xmas and Josh, or have they asked him to be their F2 and he just said sure? I’ve only witnessed him actually offer a F2 with Alex only.

      • No he did say that, on Saturday or Sunday in the HoH room. Now he has final plans with others too, but he seemed serious to me about Xmas and Josh plan cos he’s said he has learned from last year taking Nicole to F2

      • But Nicole didn’t do as well as Alex has. So in his mind, Christmas or Josh will help get him the money this time and they’re in agreement with that?

      • Christmas and Josh are in agreement about F3 with Paul, do they think they can beat him? that I don’t know. They would be delusional to think so.

      • I don’t see Christmas making it to F3 since she may not be able to compete in it at all. No way is Alex going to allow her to get to F3 if she can help it.

      • I’m hoping Alex makes it to F3. She is the only one who can realistically challenge Paul in the end

      • I’m just saying that I would start throwing everything and kitchen sink against the wall to see what sticks. I would be calling Alex, Nicole 2.0, and do you think he is going to take you to the finale.

      • The only person that could sway Mark is Raven. He might feel bad that she is broke and sick. Paul has been bragging about not needing money. Mark might feel sad remembering his mom dying and give the money to the poor sick Raven who needs it more then Paul. We know Raven isn’t truthful but so far Jessica and Elena has indicated they believed her in the house (it took Jess 2 days out of the house to read up and figure out ravens lies).

      • Jason and Kevin are onto Raven, I’m sure they’ll share those thoughts if, when they get to the jury

      • He didn’t have the guts to call Paul out and instead gave him a prize. I wasn’t rooting for him, just each week hoping someone will win and nominate Paul. This week it was Mark. No one else left, except Alex and Jason if they find out Paul is behind what it’s coming to them.

      • What do you expect from Big Mark Jello? You’ve seen him in the house. I think he cried more than Baby Meatball. lol

    • A threat to a potential Juror? They don’t normally work. They’ve been tried. I think Frankie did that. Yeah he could create chaos, he’s got nothing to lose, but I think he’s dead.

      • In Rachel Reilly’s season it almost worked. Danielle Donato told her minions not to vote for Rachel and vote for Porsha. It was a 4-3 in favor of Rachel Reilly. Shelley who was allied with Danielle broke from her and voted for Rachel because she played a better game! Having 3 votes is a lot, imagine if you had Paul and Josh in the Final 2 and Cody, Mark and Elaina voted for Josh, Paul might still lose the $500,000. That is a huge leverage and one or two more votes and Paul will lose it in the end!
        In the last Survivor, Brad Culpepper won like 6 straight immunity challenges which is a Survivor record but, even that was not enough to beat Sarah Lacina. Brad was like Cody in this season without a social game and lost the $1,000,000 which Sarah won easily!

      • You can give all kinds of examples. We’re talking about Mark here. I’m sure you’ve seen Mark in the house, so you kinda have an idea of his general dispositions.

      • I don’t see Elena ever voting for Josh. Cody would not either. I also have doubts of Mark voting for Josh either. He knows Paul is playing the best game. That is why he went to Jason to try to get him out.

  12. What needs to happen is someone puts up Matt and Paul as pawns. They stay up there and they have to campaign against each other. Maybe Matt starts spilling his secrets. The only way Paul’s deals with everyone will come out is if he’s on the block next to someone.

  13. So they got glasses for the eclipse so were they allowed out of the house to watch it.I know if occurred at 2:30-3:30 where I live so would that be 11:30-12:30 BB time?

    • They saw it around 9:30-10:30 BBT. We’re on PDT time (but in AZ) and it peaked here at 10:35. It reached totality in OR about 9:20, I think.

      According to NASA, the (partial) eclipse will be visible as follows in Los Angeles:
      Start of partial eclipse (C1): 16:05:44 UT / 9:05 a.m. PST
      Maximum eclipse: 17:21:15 UT / 10:21 a.m. PST
      End of partial eclipse (C4): 18:44:54 UT / 11:44 a.m. PST

  14. So Cody and Elena have been in the jury house for a few days. Wonder how Cody is tolerating Elena’s constant talking and her need for attention. I picture him using his stealth marine skills to hide out in the backyard to avoid her, his head popping up now and then with the camoflage leaves all over it.

      • Playing a game with Raven and having to pretend to like her is one thing. Having raven in Jury house they can treat her like sh** and it won’t matter. Game is over for them.

      • Hopefully they won’t go that far. There are doors there they can close if she gets to be too much for them to handle.

      • You are too nice. I would treat her as badly as I wished inside the house. Jessica did say that they don’t know anything about Raven’s disease being real or not and everyone is afraid to put her on the block because of it. She thought it was real until she came out and started reading people’s comments bout it.

      • A very rude awakening. One of the reasons I’m voting for Josh for AFP. Yes, he can be a dolt, but he is a very sensitive, compassionate and fun-loving for the most part. Some of these characters he’s had to live with bring out the worst in him, as they would us too if we were treated and had to put up with them as he has.

      • I would LOVE to be in that jury house with Raven!! PLEASE BB!!!
        I would have SOOOOOO much fun with her!!!
        Make her feel like I totally believe her & act super sympathetic!
        I would tell her I have a huge trust fund, HUGE! And how I’m totally going to help her out far Beyond the $200,000 she needs & tell her all of my friends are loaded! I would go on and on about how much money I would be able to raise for her and give her RIGHT AWAY! I would play her soooo badly!!!
        I would have Raven thinking she has found the most naïve person on the planet (and also one of the richest!)
        She would think how she is going to score BIG!!! Be set for life! Because I would be telling her that! I would be so sympathetic and make her think that I never wanted her to have to worry ever in her life about any money at all! And the same for her family!
        Reaven would be thinking she struck gold!

        & towards the end, every time she speaks about any of her illnesses, diseases and aches and pains, I would just drill her nonstop with questions after questions after questions! I would love to mindf*ck that biatch big time! So much fun!
        And then immediately before the final show I would talk about where to wire transfer the money. I would have her on the edge of her seat!
        And then at the very very very last-minute, (as far as I could push it) I would then tell her that “I change my mind.”
        Not tell her why, not say much at all. Just tell her I change my mind and I’m not going to help her!
        She would go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows!!
        For weeks she would think she had finally found a rich dumb blonde with a huge trust fund! One who is super sympathetic and believes absolutely everything she says!
        & then just be like no, “I decided to buy an island instead!”
        OMG I would have so so so much fun doing this! So much fun!
        Please BB!?!?!!!!

      • LMAO!! The girl is 23 years old. I think you are a lot worse than I am. I will just call her out about her lies. She is young and if her mom conditioned her to make up lies, then it is not completely her fault. I think she suffered through child abused and needs a wake up call. Therapy.

      • Fair enough f, she possibly has Munchhausen syndrome and her mom has groomed her/brainwashed her but, I would still enjoy torturing her! Or better yet her mother!

      • Hopefully BB doesn’t allow the con artist to go to the jury house! And they give the vote to Jessica instead LMAO

      • I can picture it. Cody running and hiding from Elena and Elena running and hiding from Mark.
        The whole house will be a game of cat and mouse.

      • For real! Cody didn’t have time to scope out all the good hiding places before Elena showed up! haha

  15. Paul will go to the final, but I hope whomever he takes wins, except Christmas, or Raven. If he takes Josh or Kevin, I hope either of them win.

    • Josh!? No no no! His BAD IMMATURE behaviour should not be rewarded. Nor shall Christmas or Alex’s! And Raven, God! The thought of her even getting 2nd place makes me sick!

      • As of right now, everyone is eating Paul’s sh**, so I see him winning and Josh will probably be next to him. I think he has to take Raven instead. I hope Kevin goes further, but he has to win something for that to happen.

      • Honestly I don’t see anyone winning next to Paul. The jury has been shoved up Paul’s but all summer and drinking his Kool-Aid, I think they all will still want Paul to win because they will still be under his power.
        However, there is that chance so Paul would be smart to take Raven Matt or Christmas to the end.
        And I don’t think he is going to make the same mistake he made last season by taking nicole. That said, I truly hope he does not take Raven, Christmas or Josh or Alex to the end because I do not want any of their egos more inflated and I do not want them to receive the second place cash

  16. With Mark likely about to leave this week, I’d rather see a box of cereal be awarded the 500 grand over any of the people left in the house.

  17. Did anyone notice in Episode 26 (2017-08-20) at about the 37-minute mark when Christmas is talking to Jason and Alex in the HoH room and she mentions Matt’s name twice? Each time, the screen briefly went to Matt in the shower stall leaning over the door and smiling while wearing his blue shirt AND WITH THE SHOWER RUNNING. What’s that all about?

    Also, what happened to that orange tank top he wore almost every day for the first 50 or so days? Did the producers finally spring for the $10 to buy him a different shirt?

      • She watches some of the feeds live while on Instagram. She did say once Cody gets evicted she won’t watch anymore.

      • Opposed to the rest of the house??? They were all playing to win?
        At least Jessica didn’t bend over for Paul!

      • And that bend could be what cost her $500K and for sure the summer in jury. Looks like bending over to Paul is where the money is, and shucks, you don’t have to bend as far. :D

      • No she bent over for cody! Played the “relationship” card (gag) & threw her game away. She was here to say look at me im cute. Sad thing is unlike raven she has a brain & couldve actually played the game instead she used other body parts.

      • I agree Cody was not good for her but like you said she’s smart! I do not think at all she was looking for 15 minutes of fame but the same cannot be said for the rest of these clowns!
        Jessica doesn’t need to look for 15 minutes of fame, she already had some coming into the house, plus she’s gorgeous and smart so it was clear she would get her extra 15 minutes of fame regardless

      • Yeah but what I’m saying is, she already had fame prior to BB
        Playing the game just heightened her fram times 100

      • she does lots of modelling and she was also won an award and was “crowned” “2012 Miss nightlife” which brought her a lot of opportunities.
        I’m not saying she’s a superstar! But her level of fame is/was a lot more than just a regular person in the game. You know what I mean? Again, she is not this big known person but she did have some Fame prior to BB.
        And BB is going to increase the Fame. Even if it’s just 15 minutes of it

      • It’s just that Jessica said she wouldn’t watch BB after Cody got evicted and that she isn’t a camera whore like Paul is. So why is she tweeting all the time and doing live chats? I don’t find anything wrong with doing these per se, but I’m going by what she’s stated she wasn’t going to do.

    • I imagine when they read a lot of the things said and posted about them it will be a shocking revelation.

      • I don’t think Paul will be. He has been at this rodeo before. I heard him even try to warn the others as to what they might see.
        Of course they seem to be slow learners.

  18. You really can’t blame Paul. He’s playing a great game, but everyone in the house is blindly following him, to no fault of his own. His strategy of latching on to each power duo is smart. Like him or not, he’s the only one playing the game this season

    • If anyone had any guys at this point if any other HG’s other than Paul wins HOH they should backdoor Paul this week. Raven and Matt are useless they shouldn’t be a priority to get out after Mark.

      • Exactly! Actually, if it were smart HGs instead of this group, Paul would’ve been gone a very long time ago!

    • I’m not questioning Paul’s moves however, he has nothing to brag about after this game/he wins! He could not have played an easier game with this bunch of clowns!

      • There is indeed literally one clown in the house, Jason is a rodeo clown. And it’s obvious that’s the only job he will ever qualify for.

      • That’s not very nice LOL I disagree.
        He is the only one currently thinking smart and he is trying to talk to Alex about it but she won’t hear any of it because she is shoved so far up Paul’s bud!
        & because of her, Jason is likely to go home next week

      • Jason would be a much better player without Alex. His wife is probably constantly yelling at the TV “NO JASON, STOP LISTENING TO ALEX!”

      • I agree, Jason would do better without Alex for sure although after watching last nights episode, it seems his wife is happy about his alliance with Alex. But I guess you can’t really say how she’s really feeling!
        “Jason you freaking idiot, that girl is bringing you down! Stop listening to het”

  19. Christmas said, ” that she needs Matthew or Raven to win HOH and take out a major player.” WHAT? That dumbass b**** who shouldn’t even be in the game due to her injury said she was going to make a big move this week. Instead she’s leaving it to the two weakest players, besides Kevin? I can’t wait to see her ass kicked out. Besides Maven, she’s the biggest floater in the house.

    • Yep I caught that too and thought to myself, why didn’t you do it instead of relying on someone else to do what your supposed to do.

    • Sooo TRUE
      That was a huge move you made Christmas! Incredible! We did not see that one coming at all

  20. This is pathetic game play this season. Un watchable. Sorry players in the house waiting for Paul to sneeze, fart, or whatever. This is pathetic.

  21. BB ruined the game once they gave lying paul a free pass for 3 weeks. That’s not a game show, it’s a set up.
    If they really wanted to bring a “vet” (sorry to use the term so loosely for a guy who did nothing for his country) then the producers should have brought back two ‘vets’ neither allowed to band together in first 6 weeks and definitely NO safety. Poor season.

  22. How can Paul keep track of all these deals. I’ve heard 4 different final 4-5 scenarios with 4 different people today. Soon he will be out if mutual targets and have to nominate someone he is in a deal with or lose an HOH and risk being nominated.

  23. Are these people for real!! How can they all be so clueless!?! Seriously! Unreal
    HOW is it possible for Paul to have so much control over each and every single one of these people!? It really is remarkable!
    These people are a bunch of pathetic HGs!!!! I do not understand how 7 (+ but they are gone now so no point on talking about them!) people can be so blind!
    WHY are they all just playing for 2nd place?!?!!?? HOW do these mindless morons not see that if they got rid of Paul, they could actually win this game!!??!!?

  24. Everyone who is sleeping, you are lucky. Paul is telling us how hard it is to have so many fans. He is an idol. His fans drain him, with letters and need him. It is so hard to have a normal life again. He also is a guru to the newbies…almost an hour of his I’m loved by so many talk.

      • In case you have 2 hours to spare, you can watch the paul show from 1:03am to 2:55am on camera 1&2. But remember if the internet for some odd reason is talking bad about Paul this season he says #nevercared and snaps his fingers at us.

    • He’s not just talking to be talking either, he actually believes this. Plus it’s a little bit of strategy to scare everybody into giving him the game or else his fans will hate them.

  25. Josh, Christmas, Raven, Matt, Alex, Jason and Kevin are all clearly just playing this game for 2nd AT BEST!!!!!!!! WHY?!?!?!!!!
    HOW do these HGs NOT realize that if they get rid of Paul ASAP that they actually have a shot at winning this game!?!? UNREAL!!!

    There is ZERO Conversations with even the “duos” (Josh/Christmas, Matt/Raven, Jason/Alex…..Kevin) regarding Paul in any way! None of them talk about how he’s running the game!! How he is always talking to this person and that person
    Don’t they ever get suspicious Paul might have deals with everyONE of them left in the house!! Do they ever discuss between each other about if they really can trust Paul to go to F3 w/ them!!!!!

    Do any of them ever talk about actual F2 aside from Paul? Do any of them ever talked about needing to get rid of Paul during F3? Do any of these people ever talk about actually winning the game??

    I know all of these HG’s have been following Paul around all summer but, come on! I expected at least talk about getting rid of Paul sooner rather than later!! Or at the VERY least, one on one conversations alone with each other (duos) about other scenarios that do not include Paul!

    • Paul is considered the ” cool kid”. They are all competing with each othervto be Paul’s BFF. Paul is competing to win the game.

    • It is like Paul installs so much fear if they talk and get caught. It is like he made an example of Dom, Mark, Elena, be disloyal or talk and you are gone.

      • Right! But then he’s totally disloyal to all of them LOL why do these people not speak to each other!

      • That’s exactly what it is. They don’t want to get on Paul’s bad side for fear of retribution.

    • Alex has said from the very beginning that Paul is going to win and her and Jason are just playing for 2nd place. Jason was against it but Alex beat that thought right out of his empty head. I haven’t heard a single one of them talk about final 2 other than that.
      Big Brother hasn’t been about winning the $500k for years now. Probably ever since Allison Grodner became executive producer. Until they fire Grodner we just aren’t going to get hungry players who strategize.

      • Yep, unfortunately we are just going to be stuck with a bunch of people looking for 15 minutes of fame!

  26. What am I missing!? How is it even mathematically possible that NOT ONE of these Final 7 (3 duos & Kevin) are NOT even the slightest bit suspicious …..skeptical?!? It just makes no sense to me whatsoever how can NOT EVEN ONE of these HGs (at this point in the game) not AT ALL be contemplating getting rid of Paul!!
    It’s UNREAL!
    I know these people are mindless morons but I thought by now they would start to talk and put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out Paul’s MO!
    But still it’s just the Paul show!
    If I was related in anyway to any of these people I would be mortified!

  27. I am still thinking final 5 christmas, alex, jason, paul, josh , hoping at least alex or jason would go early but it isn’t looking that way.

  28. this push to nom mark may well be my last straw. I had been able to over look the over bearing paul but no more. my summer has been filled with so much tedium and I’ve had it. the game is not fun, no one seems likable nor worthy of rooting for, it has the feel of being rigged, you let the hg’s get off easy and at this point we are left with watching them tan. so, I don’t care who stays, who goes or who wins.
    thank you big brother for shaking me down for feeder fee’s. you, cbs have won.
    i’ll spend today considering whether to cancel my feed.

  29. around the web, I just read Julie loves jody and wants jess back next year. ugh.
    slate mag aug. 18th has an insightful piece on bb, “how reality tv hides….
    calls out jess as a racist….and more.
    also, Washington post piece aug 21, on bringing back vets and the impact on the game.

    • I hate that the media is singling out Jess or any 1 houseguest. They have all said and done in-approiate things according to today’s standard. This entire cast should be trashed so maybe Big Brother will cast better.

    • I just read the Slate article you were talking about. Interesting stuff and it’s things I’ve been saying when people defend Jody. It’s disgusting to call Trans people “it”. I am disappointed with the stuff about Paul. I didn’t realize he was trying to do black face.

  30. “It’ll be interesting to see how things shape up in the coming weeks.”

    It will shape up however Paul wants it to shape up, just like every elimination so far.

  31. We teach our children that being a bully is wrong, yet I have never seen these so called adults act more like bullies!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME On big brother for letting this go on!

  32. So Christmas says Matt and/or Raven have to make a big move and get out a major player??? With her ego, she must believe SHE’S a major player, maybe they just will, and get HER out!!

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