Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 7: Monday Daytime Highlights

The Big Brother 19 Power of Veto ceremony came and went today and the house have all but executed their backdoor Cody plan. Cody isn’t giving up without a fight, but as we’ve seen how this season is playing out, don’t expect him to gain much traction.

Elena Davies on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 14, 2017:

7:45 AM BBT – Cody is up and enjoying coffee while riding the exercise bike.

8:05 AM BBT – Alex is wrapping up her camping gear after the latest bugle call.

8:35 AM BBT – Alex, Paul, Jason, Christmas, and Josh discuss Cody trying to rally the votes. They don’t see how he could get to four even by his own counting. They’re thinking of ways to mess with Elena and this vote.

8:45 AM BBT – HoH crew agrees that Kevin isn’t totally loyal to them and keeps waiting to see which way things go before he picks a side again. Paul is suspicious because Kevin claimed Cody never mentioned Paul being a target.

9:05 AM BBT – Cody camtalks that he’s hoping they’ll renom Raven so he doesn’t hit the Block. (Not going to happen.)

9:07 AM BBT – Jason and Alex discuss that it won’t work with Cody. Jason thinks Cody would try to take them over while Paul is more willing to let them trade the lead. Jason still suspects Kevin made up a lie about Cody having a kid.

9:10 AM BBT – Jason doesn’t like Alex’s plan to get rid of Kevin first. He wants Josh out. Alex says Kevin is playing him.

9:15 AM BBT – Alex thinks it’ll be tricky to get rid of Matthew and Raven, but Jason says he isn’t afraid to put them up.

9:30 AM BBT – Talk circles back to Kevin. Christmas says Kevin makes her nervous because he’ll suddenly start talking & dealing with opponents.

9:40 AM BBT – Christmas tells the HoH crew that if they ever need to get Raven to settle down then just talk about her mom, her family, the disease, or cooking.

10:00 AM BBT – Cody camtalks that he needs Alex to renom Raven if he has any chance. He still doesn’t think it’s likely that he’ll make it to the end of the game.

10:30 AM BBT – Cody is working on Jason that they need him to help get to the end. Cody says if they can get Matthew out then they’ve got a good chance in the game. Cody promises to be the target if they keep him and he’ll cause problems to make sure that happens. Jason tells Cody they’d have to lock arms and steamroll to the end. Cody says Alex is too big a player to be making “safe moves.”

10:40 AM BBT – Matthew asks the HoH crew what they want him to say in his Veto speech.

10:50 AM BBT – Jason reports back to Matthew and Raven that Cody is angling for them to vote him (M) out. Matthew suggests they put a few votes against Elena to scare her. Jason and Raven agree.

11:21 AM BBT – Veto Ceremony is underway.

12:13 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Veto meeting results: Jason saved by Matthew’s Veto. Matthew stays on the Block. Cody renom’d.

12:20 PM BBT – Jason says Mark seemed mad about the Veto meeting. Alex is indifferent, in less kind words. Paul thinks that Kevin looked as unhappy as Cody was.

12:25 PM BBT – Kevin gets defensive when Jason mentions the optics of Kevin talking with Cody.

12:30 PM BBT – Jason lets the HoH crew know what Kevin was saying. Paul is annoyed, but Jason says Kevin likes him so not to worry.

12:35 PM BBT – Kevin joins the HoH group and discusses that Cody will be evicted 7-0 unless someone wants to throw a hinky vote at Elena.

12:50 PM BBT – After Kevin left Paul tells the group that Kevin is trying to make nice with all sides so no matter who gets power he will still be safe.

1:12 PM BBT – Alex is still obsessing over Kevin acting shady. Josh feels bad for Kevin but Alex tells him not to because he’s being shady and doesn’t deserve sympathy.

1:14 PM BBT – Kevin expresses his annoyance to Jason over people getting upset with him for speaking to Cody.

1:23 PM BBT – Jason takes the attention off Kevin and tells Josh and Alex they need to focus on getting the showmances out. They agree.

1:32 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas he thinks Kevin will be smack talking him in the next couple of weeks. He tells Christmas to let him know if he says anything.

1:37 PM – Mark goes for the Have-Not pass and picks the right box. He gets out of being a Have-Not now.

2:03 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas agree that Mark is a d**khead. Paul says he’ll do his best to send him out next week. Christmas says that’ll be so satisfying. She says he has no consideration for anybody else and Elena is the same way.

2:06 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas they need to put Kevin in check. Paul says if they don’t scare him a little he’ll keep doing whatever it is that they don’t like him doing (which seems to be just talking to Cody and Mark).

2:33 PM BBT – Mark tells Elena he took the Have-Not pass temptation because he was afraid that Josh was going to sleep in the same bed with her. He asks her if she’s happy he took it and can sleep with her and she says she’s happy he doesn’t have to eat slop. He asks if she needs anything and she says yes, for you to win HOH. He says he wants to then starts talking about who to target and he comes up with Christmas or Josh, not Paul.

2:36 PM BBT – Mark tells Elena he had so many people to depend on in the game but now he only has her.

2:40 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that if they get Cody and Mark out this week they’re golden. He says then it’s them all against each other. Paul tells Jason that one of them will get America’s Favorite Player and then two others will win money in the final two, so half of the six is getting money.

2:42 PM BBT – Jason tells Paul never thought he’d ever make it this far in the game.

3:13 PM BBT – Josh tells Elena that Cody is campaigning and he’s making some valid points. Elena asks him, Jason and Paul if she has anything to worry about. Jason says he could rally some votes and Elena flips out and tells Jason to stop saying stuff like that.

3:16 PM BBT – Josh tells Elena that Mark has been working with Cody the whole time. Elena says that if that’s the case then Mark is a genius and got that past her this whole time.

Cody is planting seeds and trying to rally votes, but Paul wants Cody out and that is all that matters as we’ve seen this entire season. Can Cody get through to some more people before Thursday? Probably not.

Read on through Monday’s Overnight Highlights Report for more events from the rest of the day.

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  1. It’s amusing to me that the majority is upset with Kevin because he chooses to talk with other people besides them. They all sound like controlling spouses picking who he can and can’t talk to.

    • And this 56 year old if very defensive about it. Yeah I talk to him so what should be his answer.

    • Paul amd Alex are on Kevins case because he talks to Cody.,just who in the hell do they think they are ,Kevin just needs to tell them flat out “I.ll talk to anybody i dam well please you don,t own me and i,m not listening to you any more so f–k off King and Queen a–holes”

    • It’s a game. Like tag. Except it’s a tournament. Inside a house. Every move is a game move inside bb house

    • Alex is not playing very smart the longer you keep Paul he will win. You all act like you you can’t think for yourselves and does everything Paul tells you too so very disappointed with these houseguest and this whole season. Keeping Cody could really add to your game.

      • Alex should’ve listened to the truth of Cody not going after her in this game. As long as Cody is in there he’s a bigger target than anybody plus if he does win Alex is still ok. She could swing a deal to also protect Jason and even Paul (though that would be temporary and less than half-hearted). But Alex, despite what she wants to tell herself, is following Paul. You know, the Paul that can and will win if he gets near the end, versus the Cody who wouldn’t beat anybody in final 2 due to spite and bitterness.

      • If Cody can’t win what is the point of him staying? Why should Alex trust him? She knows Jessica despised her. Why would she think Jessica’s boy toy would work with her. Cody keeps talking about playing for Jessica. Alex is not stupid.

      • Cody is kinda like Josh. You know he is not going to win but you unleash him as a distraction. Cody is there to throw off Paul’s game. Just like Josh throws off anyone’s game that Paul points him at. Thy are just pawn’s. Kevin had the right idea but nobody listen to him. They are all Block heads, LOL…..

      • I completely agree with this analysis. Cody is the biggest target and that is why you want to have him in the game. As a distraction to Paul. Beside who throws away a Veto over 5K. They (Alex and Cody) have a legit reason to evict Elena and Paul really can’t say anything about it. No argument there.

      • Paul and minions have no opposition so why Alex would run to a minority when she and Paul are besties? Would be interesting for us but will never happen, they switched eyes on Mark and Kevin and so on until final 3 might be Josh Paul and Alex depending on the dynamics from now on. Alex would never do anything out of line or break what she promises so if you expect her to make a big move don’t hold you breath! Mark can make a move, even Josh can make a move (of course besides Paul). Jason is brain washed each time he talks with someone…

      • Paul isn’t getting first place. Especially if it’s a HG they respect, Jury will choose the newbie over a vet.

  2. Jason is a dumb a**.
    The Nolan twins have a youtube channel. They answered many questions about BB19. Julia hates Paul and Liz likes Matt. She thinks he is a floater though.

  3. If Cody wanted to stay bad enough he would go to Paul and offer a deal.. Cody needs to swallow his pride take a deep breath and go for it….Codys got nothing to lose…I don’t think a conversation with Paul would get him a pardon…but he might get some insight as to where he went wrong…I think that Paul would be cordial unless Cody has said something that puts Paul in a bad light (don’t doubt it) and Paul knows it.. I’d love for the 2 guys to sit down and chat..and share game talk/play

    • Cody committed the ultimate sin of not worshiping at the altar of the bearded prophet — there’s literally nothing he can do at this point to entreat seriously with the cult leader.

      • cody’s ultimate sin was not playing any kind of social game and only wanting to smooch on his new gf

      • Exactly,Paul is a freaking little wimpy coward,he just thinks the beard and tattoo makes him tough CODY would rip his little wimpy ass apart,i dont like either of them ,Cody is an embarassment to soldiers everywhere,Paul is just a power hungry asshole.

    • He didn’t went wrong. He chose not to worship a fellow competitor. He played his game but for the pendant which shook the entire house, and the HGs never recovered even after protection was over for the rest of the game. Again, you really think it is proper for him to start worshipping Paul at this time? You can’t even say that to Dominic now.

    • I agree, he should’ve done that before, I know that jess wants him to play his own game, but he would’ve had to win the safety to do that.

    • Cody has asked paul maybe even several times to talk and get to work. But paul has declined and shot Cody down every time.

  4. They listen to everything Cult Leader Paul wants — especially Xmas and Alex (awful players). Cody is so toothless right now — no allies, no one would ever vote for him to win, and everyone is gunning for him — that it is STUPID to even bother getting him out now. They should get out a REAL threat. But Paul wants it — so it is said, so it is done. And now, obviously, Paul is mentioning Keven every conversation to people. So, Paul is ratcheting up the EVICT KEVIN theme. So it is said by Paul, so it will be done. Horrible horrible players this season. Hard to watch…I’ll give it a little more time before I turn it off. Dull, unless you enjoy The Paul Show. I don’t.

    • The cult will do whatever their bearded prophet commands and then thank him for the privilege of being allowed to obey him.

    • Alex and Jason should go with cody’s plan and just steam roll over them. The only way Alex will win is if she takes out Paul because he will not take her because he can’t beat her.

    • I’m not that sure Cody couldn’t win. He has lots of win, played alone against all and saved himself many time. Let’s imagine a F2 without Paul, Cody beats them all.

      • If Cody “could” make a Miraculous Comeback, & Win over all of the Adversity that he & Jessica had to go through….Cody would become a Big Brother Legend!

  5. I’m not gonna lie…them making Elena feel like she’s the one going out this week is genius, because it’ll make her paranoid to the point where she and Mark will think they are forced to strike a “deal” with the group

    • Elena is not respected for making deals and keeping her word..,Mark is tooo wishy washy… neither can be trusted to keep their word…

  6. I just don’t understand why they’re playing, they can’t see that Paul is telling them what to do and then dropping them, by the time there’s five of them, he’s just gonna start making up reasons to get people out which only leaves him, and that’s why I want Cody to stay, he’s the only one who can tell what Paul is doing.

  7. Ok,if I were Cody,my eviction speech would be like this.Paul I want to be the first one to congradulate you for winning bb19 and $500,000.As Jessica was trying to warn everyone of you last week at what Paul has been doing all season.He has been playing every one of you,making you think you are going to win the big prize by sticking with him and listening to him.
    Everyone who has figured him out has been evicted so far.He wants you to evict me today and follow that with Mark and Elena because we have been up with his scam.So again Paul congrats to winning $500,000

    • Except the same speeches are coming from Cody and Jessica, who decided to stay away from the rest of the house, act like arrogant a-holes and call people names.

      I don’t get the love for those two. They chose to alienate themselves from the rest of the house. They decided they were madly in love after 5 minutes and that their love of a stranger was worth more than the game.

      I bet Jessica is already preparing to kick herself for throwing away a chance at $500k for someone she just met and who is a total jerk.

    • I agree except for mentioning Jessica. That sounds like he’s copying her. I’d do the rest of it though. Nice speech. He might go home but he’d plant some good seed. See he’d be proud of.

  8. I think it is nothing but bullying, Paul got every one rapped around his finger just to stay in the game.Cody ,Mark and Kevin playing the game , why is everybody so afraid to make a move , it is no fun anymore to watch the game , because you allready know the turn out . I wished Paul would leave the game so people are not afraid to play .Christmas is a joke she should been trown out when she got hurt.Useless all we can say . Jason does nothing but back stabbing , try to make deals then goes to Paul and tells him what the said .The rest are nothing but crybaby and Paul’s followers. All what Cody did was but Paul on the Block and play the game and look where it’s got him ? If I remember Christmas head all for it ,and now she can not get her head out Paul’s Ass . Well I am a big bb fan but this year was disappointing. Blawblawblaw

    • The problem with Cody wasn’t that he put Paul on the block. It’s that he surprised everyone with that nomination. They all thought they were in an alliance with him and he nominated one and 2 of them. They lost trust with him.

      If he would had talk to the group about it and renom someone else then Christmas, things would had been different.

      • Yeah, but he had to nominate like 5 people, because Paul had that stupid 3 week safety, and the other chick left the house and etc.

      • It was HIS HOH. So ya….. it’s ultimately his decision
        He goofed up only cuz of the ‘fake’ 3 week ‘can’t vote Paul out’ ticket.

        Geez…… 3 weeks to build a cult! Who knew?

      • Didn’t need three weeks to build the cult. They fell in line as soon as Cody’s HoH was up, if not beforehand.

      • Listen, yes Cody took a shot. But all the HGs agreed they needed to get Paul out asap & It was codys Hoh and last I looked the noms are up to the HOH. I think Cody should have just said this is what I’m doing…… Alex just did the same thing. Put up Matt when Paul wanted someone else.
        Cody did what he thought was best for his game but perhaps these ‘players’ (and I use that term loosely) had already drank the koolaid
        Ahhhhhh BB come back….. where are you? Up Paul’s ars with the rest of them?

    • This talk of bullying needs to stop. Paul is not bullying anyone. I have yet to hear him threaten anyone. Yes, he argues his points and he is persuasive, but he is also well liked. People don’t like bullies.

      Maybe you find it boring because your favorite player is not winning, but Paul has an alliance that is working with him and they are all getting ahead. You want them all to turn on Paul, and they will at some point, by why should they do it now when its working?

      • And why turn to Cody and let him walk all over them when he has turned his back on all them to stay in bed and bone Jess. Now he needs help and they are telling him no! I love this game. Go Paul

      • I don’t really have a favorite player. Yes….. rooting for the underdog….. always do!
        But there has been bullying. How can you not see that? Unless you’re watching a different show?
        It’s been both sides bullying. Not that this makes it right, but after Paul sent Josh to bug the 2 lovebirds I suspect they may gave lashed out becuz they were backed into a corner….. and josh was relentless. And Paul sent him….. so inadvertently Paul is a bully!

        Production stopped it & things were smoother. Until Josh came at them again but this time he wanted to work with them….. but he certainly didn’t try too hard did he? He could have had a quiet, serious talk instead of letting them ask him to zip it!! 🤐 And then he did.

        Altho it was Josh’s HOH we all know that Paul hyjacks all of those.

  9. This is double eviction week right? Is so Matthew is a moron. You always pull yourself off the block. Lol

    • I agree it’s 101 big brother. But this week it’s very safe and strategic to do it.

      Why is this different because it’s a DE?

      • I agree, this week it was the right thing to do and the DE has nothing to do with this eviction.

    • Agreed…Except we are talking about Paul, & his Minions…They can’t Quite Detach themselves from Paul’s behind

    • Normally I would agree but this is a smart move by Matt. He knows there are two people on the block who are much bigger targets. Even if they decided to keep Cody, which is a long shot, they still dislike Elena. Matt proved he can be trusted and help the team at a time when they were questioning his contribution.

  10. This is the first season that I’ve actually stopped watching and started just reading about periodically…I hope CBS recognizes the error they made in bringing Paul back. He’s single-handedly ruined this season with his manufactured drama and need for permission for his allies to talk to his opponents. Alex, Christmas and Maven’s hero worship is equally gross. Stop casting people that just want airtime and IG followers for once!

    • Veterans of this web site are familiar with the fans who stop watching because the person hey hate is winning and the person they like is not.

      Derrick went and entire season running the house without winning comps. By the end, people were willing to give the game to him (Cody actually did) and Derrick is known as one of the best BB players in BB history.

      Whatever Paul is going, its working. He deserves as much credit for it as the other players deserve criticism. But he also wins comps.

      And honestly, I don’t see Paul as playing personal or emotional. He is certainly not Vanessa who played a similar game of running the house only far more aggressively.

      • Derrick ran the house as a gentleman and a competitor. Paul runs the house as a bully and a dictator. Derrick was likable and a nice guy. Paul is a loud mouth and reprehensible. Just my opinion.

      • Paul’s gameplay is WAY more aggressive than Vanessa’s. He alienates his opponents and scares any allies that socialize with anyone he deems unworthy. He calls out people like Mark for not standing up for people like Josh when Cody/Jess personally attacks him, but feels like he needs to get his opponents emotionally charged by getting his allies to attack their personal character. He’s the Amanda of this season, except I don’t really see a Detonators-type alliance getting together to get rid of him.

      • he has also been jumping all over other players for even talking to cody,that is a bully and i dont give a fat rats behind if people say it isn,t ,i,m 65 and know what a bully is ,PAUL IS A COWARD AND A BULLY,someone needs to rip that ugly beard from his face and wipe his a– with it.

  11. It would be so funny if somehow Cody gets the votes to stay. Then win HOH and put Paul up and evicted. Now that would be a good show…

  12. Someone should start calling Paul the tattooed midget. And, refuse to talk to him without his wearing a shirt.

  13. This season has had a lot of drama, which I absolutely love, but things have started to get ugly personally and the HGs have fully morphed into Paul’s sheep. Eliminating Mark, Elena, & Kevin wouldn’t be enough to turn the herd away from following Paul. Game Over.

  14. Paul wants Cody out… Everyone wants Cody out except Mark. Why is it so hard to admit Cody has played a terrible social game, he is unpredictable and sometimes boorishly arrogant?

    Cody was evicted once before for the same reason.

  15. 3:13 PM BBT – Josh tells Elena that Cody is making some valid points.
    This guy sometimes tends to be on his right but for too short a moment. Problem is he had been used as a tool to cause too much damage to those he could have worked with for his normal game. Alex and Jason will not be his right people when it his turn for Paul’s decision.

  16. Done watching give Paul His check and let’s be done his minions can’t think outside the box poor season its the Paul and bully show very disappointed!

  17. Cody told Alex, and Jason that they will be targeted by Paul eventually , and it went threw one ear and out the other? These people are complete morons, and they must think they are going to get a team prize or something!

  18. BB Network has been a great site for years. I always loved the banter from the fans. But this site should be called the BB Crying Towel now because all the comments are whining about Paul. Take a chill pill already!

    Jessica and Cody made themselves the biggest targets in the house with their own behavior. They were running the house in the beginning but some very questionable moves Cody made turned his own alliance against him. Then Jess and Cody decided that rather than being social, they would isolate themselves and treat everyone like trash. The fights they had with Josh were deplorable. Then, they got worse! The house has not noticed Paul because they hate Jess and Cody so much!

    If not for the battle back which brought Cody back into the house and the silly power that Jessica got from production that saved her a week, the two of them would be gone by now and perhaps the house would have turned on your most hated player already.

    Paul knows his days are numbered. He has admitted it multiple times. The house will turn on him in due time but not before they get the ogre out.

      • unheard of…3 weeks safety….here Paul, get a foothold in the house so you don’t get voted out early.

      • Yes, because she opened her big fat mouth up and spilled the beans and Paul being the smart player he is, flushed it out. She phucked that up, no one else but her.

      • NO Jessica was the smart one. Had she not told anyone she would end up on the block with Cody anyways…She told them in order to prevent them from sending them on the block and then be safe next week.

        Honey U r Paul`s puppet….keep barking

      • Exactly but when it’s anyone else aka Jess, it’s fair, if Paul’s get’s it, it’s a conspiracy. SMDH

      • I don’t believe Paul or Jess won those temps on Americas vote. I think that was all productions doing.

      • me too,i seen nothing about voting on here or CBS,PAUL got that pass as soon as he walked in that house ,i did not see any poll,no way jessica won either she was hated way too much

      • That’s not the same. Paul was safe for 3 weeks all-inclusive. Jessica was safe for 1 of 4 weeks so if she was in danger the first week her power was gone after 1 week. Paul’s was guaranteed to last 3.

        I’m not taking sides or complaining about things being unfair I’m just stating facts.

      • Paul had the biggest target on his back going into the house:
        (1) There has never been just 1 vet going back into the game – usually at least 3-4, and they can have each other’s back
        (2) He wasn’t going to get into a showmance, and
        (3) He has the reputation of almost winning last year.

        …So he needed that initial safety.

      • I guess if he really is that dominate as a BB player that people can’t handle all the winning.


      • He won $50.000 last year ,he should never have been invited to come back into that house,nobody who finishes in the top 4 from any season should be allowed to come back EVER

    • Yep, it’s annoying having to read the same thing over and over again. I tend to collapse all of those comments, they are worthless and lend nothing to the thread. I want to talk game and strategy with everyone, not listen to a bunch of whining pussies.

      • there is no strategy. It’s been the entire house against 2 people for half the season. After Cody goes this week. It will once again be the entire house against 2 people, Mark and Elaina. The only strategy that could happen is if Mark or Elaina wins HOH.

      • Ditto for the Cody haters…… so kinda balances out the discussions which makes gor a healthy exchange of ideas & comments….. right?

      • I may have found a way to even make those threads fun.

        BBN Comments Section Drinking Game – BB19
        (Drink and Comment RESPONSIBLY)
        Whenever someone talks about how boring the show is, pour your first drink
        Whenever someone asks why Xmas is still in the game, take a drink
        Whenever someone declares “Just give Paul the money,” take a drink
        Whenever the Goat shows up, FINISH your drink and pour another.
        Whenever someone talks about how great Jessica is, take a drink, while fingering the hole of your choice. (If it’s Lanza, chase it with a shot of Fireball)
        Whenever Fiddledeedee refers to Princess Butthole and the Surly Consort, switch drinks with the player next to you (if you’re alone, just switch up WHAT you’re drinking.)
        Whenever anyone refers to Raven talking about her illnesses, just put the alcohol away. No one should ever drink that much at one time…

      • Hahaha, I like it!! With all that drinking, the last one should be, have a paramedic on hand! LOL :)

    • Hey hey hey…… let’s not forget about the 3 week ‘fake’ pass that Paul got as well. Had he not had that this game could’ve had a whole different outcome…..

      I’m not a Paul hater. I don’t know the kid…… I agree he’s playing the game…. could be the best but time will tell.

      I just don’t want a vet to win. I wish there were no vets eve for again….. except for Jess & Cody! Lmao!

      Ok just kidding…lol …… no vets ever again….. it’s stupid how starstruck these kids are. I don’t see anyone else playing the game cuz Paul seems to have a stronghold on the players!

      Everyone is floating on his coattails & only one will not be flung to jury!

      • No, but have thought about doing something like that for awhile. Youtube shows how you can decoupage just about anything with a few supplies!

      • Thanks for the tip.
        I went by my old childhood home a few weeks ago. I used to go by every now & again. still live in same town/city!

        Wouldn’t you know…… it had a wire fence around it & it was going to be torn down the next week. I called the contractor & was able to get some bricks from the fireplace my grandfather & mother made. And a few logs off the backyard tree that we climbed. This all happened within 4 days. It was so sad to see the place taken down. We used to have a pool years ago but some owner filled that in. Crazy!

        That place was prob worth 2 mil easily. Real estate prices in the Vancouver area in Canada are outrageous! Stupid amounts of money for plots of land. Most houses are torn down to build these stupid, ugly monster homes!! Ppl that have lived here all their lives are bring pushed out of their cities/towns.

        I hate progress like this…..

        Anyway….. I’m hoping to make my 4 sistas cry when they see the finished product. Pictures of them & the family & house decoupaged on an old brick….. and make cutting boards with the logs…..

        I hope I follow thru with my claims….. lololol
        Remind me please…… heh heh!

      • You could take pictures of them and decoupage them onto one of the logs that a mill can make into a shape that can be used as a photo frame. My sister took items (invitation, photo of my husband and me and had Mr. and Mrs. in it) onto shaped wood as my wedding gift from her. That was 30 some years ago and it’s just been recently that I’ve wanted to do that with photos of my children in a collage like that!

      • My daughter is getting married Sept 2nd…… that’d be great! I love homemade gifts from the heart! And of course she likes the money we gave in support of her wedding….. haha! She’s a wedding planner to boot! Lol so not in a stat of panick at all….. YET!! Lol

      • I planned out my whole wedding (and others too later) and things happened out of my control, but I just laughed it off because you couldn’t go backwards to redo it..LOL I never panicked at all…weird, but I was that organized. Had planned it since I’d been 12 even to the kind of flower arrangements and wedding gown (wore my mother’s, so that was already taken care of). But that gift that my sister gave me was a huge surprise. I never in a million years would have expected something so personal like that from her! It’s a gift your daughter will treasure for years! Gotta take a video of her opening it too (I would have if they had video cameras back then)! And send her the video of her opening it as well! :-)

      • Oh yeh, I went to view my childhood home and it still looks the same as I’d left it 21 years ago except they made another room out of the garage…windows, driveway, roof were all we’d replaced before they bought it. The back street in the subdivision is what was shocking to see. They’d knocked down over 40 some houses along that to make the highway that ran alongside the back wider. Each person was given $80,000 for their home. There were times I wished we’d lived there and moved then…we got less than our list price of $55, 500 for ours on the cul-de-sac. Oh well. I’m just glad we got out when we were able to.

    • Ok and then what? How does this remain entertaining?

      Ok it’s not that entertaining now….. lol ….. but you get the jest! Lololol

      • What I meant was…… after Cody leaves how does this show/game remain entertaining? I get the ones in support of Paul love it!
        I don’t hate Paul but I find him extremely annoying. And a dictator.
        Heil Hitler….ahh commondont!

        Ok maybe a bit softer than that historical figure….. but…… uhhhh!


      • That’s why I come to BBN to keep me entertained when it gets obnoxious in the BB house. Always good for a laugh and fun here with the viewers that comment. It keeps my creative juices flowing too! :-)

      • Weren’t they all given a bag that had Big Brother Logo on the side? Did Cody walk into the house with garbage bag luggage?

  19. Here we go again. I’ve never seen a bunch of crybabies and the way they follow Paul on teaming up on folks and thinking it’s funny.

  20. For Mark to be a pillow thief, don’t these pillows have to belong to that particular HG instead of, you know, PRODUCTION!!!

  21. Mindless people……. just a note to anyone 💭 Thinking of hiring these blockheads after they’re out!
    Don’t bother unless you hire Paul with them!

  22. Favorite part – Mark takes the high road and leaves the room, and Alex does a happy dance cause she thinks she got to him. SMH

    • I was thinking Alex. She seems to be pretty tight with the group and has a good social game. I think she could sway people to keep her and vote Paul out

      • I honestly think even with Alex next to him the likes of Matt, Jason Josh would all vote for Paul. It’s just unreal. They need to be boo’ed when they leave as they eat each other right out the door

    • And ensure Paul goes home? I’d put Alex, but just for fun, I’d put Kevin or Christmas there! :-)

  23. I for real hope that this cast gets shxtted on when they leave this house. Not only for ruining our season, but also for being bullies. The bullhorn guy tried to warn you, and they just can’t learn a lesson

  24. Guys, I know that this is a very dire time for the fandom with all the negativity that’s going on in the Big Brother House. But I’m here to hopefully bring some positivity to my bitter self and others by starting a prayer circle for a Mark/Elena HOH on Double Eviction

    If our prayer works, we modestly hope that if Paul going home is too much for us to ask, one of Paul’s minions goes home, since we all need someone to cheer on and I’m not cheering for a bully, period

    Desperate times calls for positivity and love within this fandom. If you do not agree with what I’m saying then please be kind enough to keep your opinion to yourself. If you agree with me please support this prayer circle

    • I agree 100% with you, once again I don’t deny that Paul is playing a good game; but the season is becoming predictable, just Paul’s minions winning HoH, no power shifting; I hope the same, it looks like right now Mark and Elena are the only ones that can turn the tables.

    • It’s been one side of the house in power for the past 3 weeks. It’s definitely about time for a flip in power.

    • Somebody said a while back they were hoping Cody/Paul goes back to back in a DE…. was it tr3pping?
      Whoever said it, if it happens… I am officially a believer of them being psychic! Lol!! I hope it happens. That would be so epic to see Jessica/Cody/Paul leaving and then the others are forced to start playing hard

    • Kevin has a better take on this game than anyone else in the house. He wanted to take Cody and use him as a shield. I don’t know why people don’t see that angle.

  25. if cody leaves i will not watch the rest of the season because no one on this show should win .i have not seen anyone play their hoh for themself its all paul because no one has a mind of their own at least cody try to get paul out everyone else kisses his a–

  26. So Paul is using Josh again to bully folks and people on this site like Paul. Unreal. The man is nothing more than a little man that thinks he is the greatest unreal I see why his clothing line is tanking

    • He’s nothing but a little bully-man. I couldn’t stand him last year and I like him less this year. A decent person doesn’t need to threaten and intimidate to get people to “follow” him.

  27. From Reddit:

    Alex: “I can’t believe what’s gonna be trending about me. Gets petty about cat ears. Gets petty about pillows. Hashtag #SavageAlex.”
    2 of those 3 points are correct.

    • That’s what Mark said when the whole house was doing the same thing to Jessica and Cody and look what’s happening to him now

    • Matt protested when they were getting ready to call out Cody’s marine status. He was promptly ignored.

  28. I believe the House Guests misjudged Mark completely. He’s floating along like they are. He’s capable of winning comps and if he ever looks in a direction other than Elena’s, he would be a force to reckon with because he has no blood on his hands, everyone knows he isn’t loyal to anybody. Everyone is so worried about Paul and missing Miss Concierge, they are not paying attention. I wish Meghan would have screamed at Josh the way that Mark did, taking the situation into his own hands and shutting him down.

  29. Paul tells Jason that one of them will get America’s Favorite Player and then two others will win money in the final two, so half of the six is getting money.

    That is the funniest thing I ever read. Paul thinks he has a chance at America’s favorite player?????? ROTFLMAO. Maybe worst player.

    • Can we vote for America’s Least Hated and Most Hated Players this year? Instead of voting for someone you like every vote you click indicates a vote of hate towards a certain HG.
      Pretty please, CBS, I wannt get that satisfaction

      • Yeah, great idea! And by doing so, the most hated player loses all their BB money they would’ve made!
        Take it away from Raven, she’s a “con artist” anyways!!!!
        CBS should do the right thing and pull her from the game so she can NOT “con” any more of CBS’s viewers!

        I’m not kidding at all! CBS should truly pull her from the game! It’s unbelievable that they are still allowing her to play the game knowing Raven, her mom and her brother are nothing but “con artists” and now they have a “National TV Platform & her 15 minutes of Fame” which is going to fool (& has already fooled) a lot of CBS’s viewers that do not go online and find out the TRUTH that Raven is “full of sh*t” & all these “kind hearted Americans” (& Canadians) are giving Raven and her family “their hard earned money” because they believe Ravens BS “stories!”

        Shame on CBS!

        One of Ravens “Go Fund Me” pages has been deactivated by GOFME and GoFME is giving people that donated there money! Good for them!
        GO FUND ME is doing the RIGHT THING, WHY ISN’T CBS!!!

        Raven has been in the house therefore she would/should NOT know about the Go Fund Me pages set up for her asking for $200,000! However, she “speaks to the cameras on the live feeds” and “asks people to donate money to her go fund me page!” How does she know it exists! Clearly she knew her mom would be setting it up once Raven was in the house & started spreading her BS! Unbelievable!
        & what was really laughable was when some people were talking to Raven about receiving AFP (hgs & Raven I think Raven will receive it because she really needs the money for a new pacemaker!) & Raven said if she received the $25,000 for AFP she would “pay off her car” and Matt corrected her and said put it towards a new pacemaker and Raven was like oh yeah that’s what I meant”

      • Lol
        Raven is a disgusting human being! I am so angry with CBS for allowing this behaviour to continue! They owe it to their viewers to pull Raven from this game before she cons anymore of CBS’s viewers out of money! Not everyone goes online so not everyone of their viewers knows she is full of crap! I can’t believe they are OK with this!
        She is clearly a con artist just like her mother!

      • I agree! She tried to go on the Ellen show so she could “dance” with Ellen. She was trying to get Ellen to turn over a check. They turned her down. The other house guests have no clue that she is a big fraud.

      • No way really, she even tried for Ellen LOL too funny!
        I was watching her dance on a YouTube video in the HOH room and she truly was terrible LOL so I think she’s a fraud regarding her dancing also LOL
        She apparently owns to dance studios, A fully loaded Kia, travels quite a bit, has quite the designer clothing wardrobe! Yet she needs a pacemaker! She’s so full of it! I’m just so done with her! I’m so done with all of them

      • There another site and it has a huge write up about Raven and her family of scammers. There is something wrong with the family dynamics that goes way beyond Munchausen’s. Both of her brothers are sexual deviates. One had sex with a girl under 13 years old the other with a girl 14-18. One is on the Iowa sexual predictor list. Not sure about the other. The title is I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying. I’ve read less than half…its now at page 108.

      • Shut up! 108 pages!! OMG 😲
        Can anyone just add to it though? if anyone can add to it than anyone can type BS/rumors. Although at this point I wouldn’t put anything past Raven and her crazy family!
        I haven’t read anything about her brother being a sexual predator & I would need to see more facts, you know what I mean? She said she was sexually assaulted and I read that her dad was physically abusive. That’s why she sooooo afraid of Cody! Give me a break!
        As for her brother, this girl he allegedly assaulted could’ve been 13 years old and he was 14 years old and her parents were just angry about their relationship so they press charges, you know what I mean? Or is it fact-based? Like they have the charges, His sexual predator paperwork or whatever it is and the allegations etc.? I thought she only had one brother?

        But yeah, that whole family is messed up! I mean I don’t know about the grandparents or her dad but, Raven and her mom are definitely messed up! Whether they are con artists or Ravens mom has Munchhausen syndrome and pass that onto Raven or they are as you described! I don’t know but they are cuckoo & Raven SHOULD be pulled from the show! Raven owns 2 dance studios, a brand new fully loaded Kia, goes on vacations and wears designer clothing yet she needs a new pacemaker! As if!!!!
        I don’t know about America, but in Canada they are not going to be like “oh you don’t have the money to pay for it, well too bad then die!” I would assume in your healthcare system would give her this pacemaker (she so desperately needs) & then they would bill her? Plus I thought she said she “signed her life/body away to be researched!” Wouldn’t that include them paying for her (to stay alive) to be a “lab rat” like she says she is!?? SMH
        Did you read yesterday’s feeds? Matt got called into the DR room and Raven was annoyed and said “remind them I am here,” they haven’t called her in, in 2 days LMAO so they clearly are on to her and are not giving her any DR time. I haven’t watched tonight’s/Wednesday nights episode, so I’m not sure if they’re giving her any airtime? I hope not! She is going to be in for a huge shock when this game is over! She’s thinking she is going to be “America’s sweetheart” and get “AFP!” Ha ha! Not a chance!
        The nail in the coffin for me was a week or 2 ago when they were talking about what they would do with the money (I I don’t believe they were talking about $500,000, just money they make making it to jury) and Raven said the she would pay off her (fully loaded brand new) Kia and Matt had to remind her that she would “pay for her pacemaker” (she don’t so desperately needs!) oopsies Raven!!! I was like are you kidding me!?! You are as dumb as nails!
        Her mom has been all over social media trying to do “damage control.” When she watches Raven mess up like that on national TV she probably cringes LOL “no baby girl, has mama not taught you nuttin?” Crrrazzzy!
        I don’t know if you watch any of the Real Housewives? But if you do (or even don’t,) Vicki from the Real Housewives of OC had a boyfriend Brooks that faked cancer a few seasons ago! She played a role in it and she was crucified not only by the viewers & cast but also by people who didn’t even watch the show!
        So Raven is not going to walk away from this unscathed!!! She already is being crucified! Her cast mates will likely never speak to her again! I hope she gets everything she deserves which is a sh*t ton of negativity thrown her way everywhere she goes! & ALL the moms and dads who send their children to her studios, pull their children and her businesses go under!
        Wow 😳 Sorry hon! Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah LOL

      • Their mugshots were on there along with their pictures and all the charged. One was an official Iowa Sexual Predictor site and the other was from the mugshots site.

    • Pretty funny right! Sure Paul is playing a great game but that’s just because he is playing with a bunch of mindless morons that are happy simply to make jury and get their 15 minutes of fame! Being aligned with Paul these mindless morons clearly think their 15 minutes of fame is going to be levelled up!
      It truly is a pathetic group of people! And the only people in the house that say the word “NO” to Paul are/were Cody and Jessica! They were playing to win it! Jessica deserves AFP IMO
      As ridiculous as that sounds to some, I believe she deserves it! Sure she made mistakes, yes Cody ruined her game but she didn’t dump on Cody the first chance she got, start kissing Paul’s butt & run up his a$$ like everyone else has it done! These people are unreal!!!!

    • I don’t think Paul will get it…I think Jason or Kevin. Wouldn’t call Paul the worst player either (obviously, look at him running the house).

      • I think, maybe depending on the episode edit that he might be fine. Plus there’s the chance that Kevin will be seen as trying to play the best he can – especially being older and not a physical competitor (at least so far).

        ALSO there was him breaking down and crying this week.

    • A lot of people like Paul. Everybody should vote Cameron. Poor kid never really got to play.

      • I would not be upset one bit if Cameron won America’s Favorite. Heck the ones voted off are way better then the ones in the house by far.

  30. I was loving the game today but now i’m sick to my stomach and want to cry in my pillow.
    I can’t watch anymore, goodnite.

    • I had to take a break from it all! Just reading all this made me stay away from the feeds longer! :-(

      • I don’t know the whole story, but Paul encouraged Alex and Josh to pick on Matt so he won’t do well in the next HOH. It has something to do with pillows. Christmas was involved too.

      • good grief I’m getting tired of this whole ‘mob mentality’ stuff. Like literally if you’re an overwhelming majority, you don’t have to act like jerks!!! I get that it’s a game and I understand the strategy, but I still think this is excessive.

      • True, and they (in the “mob”) act as if they are clever by partaking in the mob actions. It’s always to join (or at least tag along with) a crowd.

        A week or so ago, Alex started wearing a black cap with “PETTY” embroidered on it. That fits her, Christmas, Alex, Paul, Jason, Josh, Matt, and Raven perfectly.

      • Yeah I still don’t know, just read bits and pieces. Apparently it got way way worse and the whole house pretty much is ganging up on Mark to try and throw him off of winning the HOH 3 DAYS FROM NOW!!!! Whatever Paul, I see right through you!
        Paul CLEARLY thrives on drama but he is too much of a p***y to do anything himself! Guaranteed Paul is going to get punched in the face by someone/BB Fan when he is out and about not safe and secure in the house! I do not condone violence at all but once in a while some jerks like Paul and Josh just need one punch in the face to smarten up!
        Ugh 😑 I dislike Paul more and more each day!
        How is attacking Mark on Monday night throwing off his HOH on Thursday!! UNREAL!
        So I clearly know Josh would be involved! Alex and Christmas also!? Probably Raven too! Matt? I think Matt is a better person than that but who knows anymore! What about Jason and Kevin? I also think those two are better people than Paul and Josh etc. so I hope they are not involved!?

        Sooooo it’s NOT OK for Cody to raise his voice at Josh or Paul, everyone of Cody haters/Paul lovers in the house and online puts down Cody for doing that and he’s the bad guy but Paul’s minions are allowed to do worse and that’s OK!! It’s OK for Paul to order his “well-trained wanna be Pitbulls” to attack someone for no reason whatsoever!!
        Why isn’t Kevin saying something about it? Matt??
        Why is everyone so afraid of freakin Paul!! I am so sick of it! I am soooooo tired of Paul sending his peons off to act aggressive in a mob like mentality & it’s acceptable!!! I am so fired up right now LOL why? I shouldn’t be! This is not my reality but, I am so tired of people defending Paul! He would not even in the house if he didn’t have that safety! Thanks BB!

        Got to go find out what’s going on LOL

      • Paul got everyone to pick on Mark so he won’t do well during HoH. What I can’t understand is that HoH isn’t for another 3 days, which is quite a long way away when you think 24/7 in BB house. So why gang up on him now? Paul’s just getting too ahead of himself. Wanted to wait til everyone calmed down before I go back to watching them.

      • Yeah I read somewhere that it got pretty heated and Josh was called to the DR room. But I have no idea what happened! Zero!

        Was it bad? Did anyone besides BB pro jumping to stop it? Was it full on bullying? Was Cody there? Did he say anything? Did Elena?

        LOL sorry for all the questions!
        Yeah why do it now when there are still three days until HOH!? Paul obviously wanted to just rile up his Circus Clowns for no other reason then to hurt Mark!

      • More like ambushing each one they called out. Not only did Josh get called in the DR for it, but so did Paul by suggesting to others to use whatever to rile them up so they’d do badly in the next HoH. Guess Production told both of them to tone it down some. Josh later said they should not do this kind of stuff in front of everyone, but take it privately. Cody got slammed by Alex for eating the whole box of cereal she gladly didn’t mind sharing some of and he ended up telling her to *F off. Josh called out Elena accusing her of playing sides. Mark had gotten ambushed by Xmas the day before. All of it was uncalled for because these types of arguments are not game at all, they’re personal. That’s not how BB should be played and those that did got their hands smacked by Prod! :-)

      • Yeah I ended up watching some YouTube videos and this goes beyond game! This whole season is a right off for me. I’m still watching it of course but, it’s truly pathetic! These HG’s are going to be in for a very big surprise when this game is over! People like Alex Josh Christmas etc. are not going to be happy with how they were perceived! But they have nobody to blame but themselves! They do not have to listen to Paul! They are grown adults. They are truly pathetic and super immature! I am beyond done with these people! No one deserves to win in my opinion! BB should take the $500,000 and added onto next summer’s BB

      • Paul commanding his puppets to harass Mark the same way they did to Cody and Jess. Also as Josh had done to Mark before. I stopped watching, but I just read Production put a stop to it. Thank goodness. Paul should get some kind of warning or punishment for this,.

      • Yeah I ended up watching some YouTube videos. They truly are pathetic! They are so immature and it’s disgusting to watch! This is not game! BB should take the $500,000 and add it to next year’s total for the winner!
        I have never in 19 seasons and five seasons of BBC seriously hated the entire crew! At this point the only people I want to see when the money is Mark or Elena! I’m so sick of everyone else! People like Christmas and Alex I expected way way way more of! And they have turned out to be the worst of the group! I expected it of Josh but not them!

    • I stopped watching earlier because of how they were bugging Mark. Even Josh was doing his old obnoxious games. Paul send people to be annoying, but does nothing himself.

  31. Worst season ever! They should have just given Paul 500k and save us a lot of time. I’m finished with this show, it’s time for it to go away.

    • Nope. And even if I did have an interest, I have a physical disability that prevents me from doing so.

      • Aw Sorry to hear :(

        It would just be cool to see someone who is really into the show from this forum go on and play

    • I would love too however I’m sure being close to 60 I’d never fit CBS standards lol. Along with 36yrs of military service I’d probably not fit their mental tests lol

    • I have a few gfs I’ve/ trying to talk into auditioning. I think they’d do pretty well; one, I think, could win.
      But they like just watching. :(

    • When I was in my 20s for sure. I could have handled the annoying people in the house. Now I’ll be the first one evicted. It is difficult to bite my tongue.

  32. Wow, Cody still thinks putting up Paul in week 1 was the smart move…

    Alex is smart and raises a great point – she is telling Cody that she thought he was in on Paul having that protection and was using it as an excuse to BD Xmas. She said that she knew Paul had to have some kind of protection because he was the only vet coming in, and there was no way BB would have sent in just 1 vet without safety.

    • Yes, Cody definitely made the mistake of “making a move too soon” however, if Paul did not have that safety then I believe the house would’ve voted out Paul & most of us would be saying Cody’s move was a brilliant one!
      Cody wasn’t afraid to make move too fast! Yes, he kept his alliance in the dark because he didn’t want them to be affected if something went wrong. (Paul having some type of safety) He was protecting them! His alliance wouldn’t have abandoned him. There’s no way!
      If Cody was able to put Paul on the block, Cody (and Jessica) could have easily smoothed things over with their alliance & everyone would’ve voted out Paul.

      Dominique and Mark were already on board, Ramses, Megan & Alex wouldn’t have voted out Jillian, Elena was still “into Mark at that time” so she would’ve voted with him, Plus the 2 showmanses would’ve stuck with the 3rd (Cody/Jessica.) & Raven loved Jessica (at the time) so she would not have turned her back on her! All would’ve been forgiven and Paul would be gone!

      I do think it was a risky move but I do not think it was a bad move at all!
      Cody used “his HOH” to get rid of “his biggest threat.” He did what HOHs are supposed to do when they are the HOH, “get rid of their biggest threat.” Too early, yes! Bad move, no!

      But of course Paul had the safety and that totally screwed Cody! And then he nominated Christmas which was a BIG mistake.
      I believe Cody’s only mistake was then nominating Christmas!

      Slow and steady wins the race, yes for sure! But look at the house now! Paul says “jump” & EVERYONE says “how high!”
      So, it truly was the best thing for Cody to do at the time. And I truly believe his alliance would’ve forgiven him once he explained why he didn’t tell them and also a few of them were already on board with getting Paul out immediately so I think they all would have voted out Paul!

  33. Everyone’s giving Mark the ‘get under your skin’ treatment that they tried on Jody a few weeks ago? Is this correct?
    Lol if so, the house really isn’t doing a good job of staying likable. I thought maybe it’d blow over and people would move on but if they’re doing it again… lol

    • It’s kind of like when you vote in an election and you wind up voting *against* one candidate instead of voting *for* another one. Instead of playing the game so they will win, these HGs are playing to sabotage others’ chances of winning. It can get really frustrating to watch.

      • Most of them have admitted their goal was to “make it to jury” so they are just happy with that! Plus most of them just want their “15 minutes of fame!” & clearly they also think “working” (if that’s what they “think it is” ha ha) with Paul will increase there “15 minutes of fame!!”

    • Staying likable? Were they ever liked? 😉
      Earlier I read that Paul was “ordering” his minions to “make Elena paranoid” etc. Now he also is “ordering his Mindless Morons to get under Mark’s skin?”
      Mark HAS to win the HOH on Thursday!! PLEASE BB GODS!

      Some HGs I initially thought were going to be my favourite but not so! They proved to be just “Paul millions” also. I thought I would really like Alex but she has been a “HUGE disappointment” & I thought Jason because he’s funny and seemed to be talk “game” (at times) but he goes running to Paul every chance he gets to “tattletale” LOL it’s pathetic! ALL of them! At this point the only HG I kind of like Kevin although he also tells Paul everything! But, I think if Kevin found out Paul was talking crap about him, Kevin would start making or at least trying to make moves to get Paul out of that house! so I do think Kevin is one (of no one else lol) that may flip this House upside down if he gets the opportunity.

      I was hoping that once Jessica was gone and they know Cody is leaving on Thursday that they would start “PLAYING this GAME to WIN it for THEMSELVES” sadly this is NOT happening! They are all still “contend” just “making it to Jury” & receiving their “15 minutes of fame!” Clearly 99% of the HGs also think working with Paul (a VET – Big Whoop) is going to “increase their 15 minutes of fame!”
      They are in for a big shock when they leave the house! Especially the “con artist” Raven! Don’t even get me started there LOL (read above if you want to know my feelings regarding her) 😜
      Even Cody said “this season is a dud” Yup Cody, you are correct! And you deserve the $500,000 for recognizing that! Ha ha…… And Jessica deserves to be in the jury house! It makes me ill 🤢 she does not get a say in the end! She is 1% of 3% that has been playing the game to win it! (Paul, Jessica, Cody!) The rest of them again or just happy with their fame! It’s unreal!!!!

      Sorry, talk to type LOL vent over :-) thank God right!?

    • Sh*t sorry Jackson! I didn’t realize just how long my reply was until I sent it! My comments and replies are never short but I do try and keep them a little shorter LOL sorry! 😜

      • Haha no you’re fine!! Doesn’t bother me one bit. I agree with you, although I’m expecting that if Mark wins HOH in the DE, we are going to see the biggest move of the season (Paul and Alex) so here’s to hoping for a huge shake up!

      • OK cool :-)

        I think I also said in that stupidly long message that I wanted Mark to win the next HOH? (I think I said that?)
        I am praying to the BB gods that Mark can win HOH and shake up the house! Unfortunately I think he would target Christmas and Josh not Paul! 😭
        If one of them wins Veto, Mark could back door Paul! And if these HGs has a brain (which is still debateable) they will use this chance to get rid of Paul. Wouldn’t that be funny and ironic (the ONLY 2 people that were playing the game to win) if Cody & Paul were BOTH evicted on Thursday, both sent to the jury house & were stuck together alone for a week!!! Too funny 😁
        But I don’t know if the HGs would vote to evict Paul! 😡
        It’s like Paul has some personal thing on each HG and they are afraid to do anything against him or he will reveal this person (whatever it is) on national TV! LOL kidding of course!
        I just don’t understand how he has 98% of the house fooled, manipulated, brainwashed, hypnotized!
        Oh right, I know why! Because they are all content making it to the jury house and receiving their 15 minutes of fame!
        Duh 🙄 I forgot ha ha

  34. LMAO Cody: “I hope Raven and Matt have the loudest laughing kids”

    Cody is clearing up Raven’s statements about Cody trying to kiss her and saying that he wouldn’t want to be with her because she can’t have kids. I believe him.

    (a) Raven went up to snuggle with Cody in the HoH room uninvited after he had already started a thing with Jessica.
    (b) Cody NEVER said anything about Raven not being able to have kids.

    Not a fan of Cody, but he seemed for real – and I know Raven lies about / exaggerates pretty much everything

    • Looking at it objectively, regardless of your potential personal distaste for Paul…Paul is more pissed that Kevin is promising him final 2 deals and talking like he is Paul’s ally…How is it new in the BB game for anyone to get pissed about someone going out of their way to promise loyalty then turn around and screw them over?

      It’s like when someone leads another person on in a dating dynamic. If you were just acquaintances with someone, you don’t care if they don’t ask you to spend time with them or do any kind or loyal gesture. But if someone tells you they want to be with you, you’re the one for them, etc…and then they f*ck your friend or throw you under the bus at work, you might take offense.

    • Paul to self: “Doesn’t that guy (Kevin) know that I’m boss in this house, and he takes orders from me. I don’t care if he is twice my age. Damn him! No one thinks independently while I’m around, and believe me, I will continue to be around! It was pretty cool of me to put those producers in their places when they invited me back — I’m basically running the show, and even they don’t realize it!”

  35. Matt is a gutless wonder. He should go home this week for doing the most bone headed move of the season. BB 101 – if you are on the block and you win Veto you take yourself off. Does he really think for one minute that Paul would have left himself on the block having won Veto? Or miss the excuse of “hey Elena through the comp for 5K how much does she want to be here”? Elena deserves to go home. She broke another BB 101 rule. COME ON BB – get some real players. This is one time you can hate the players and not the game – wow.

      • Never a bad move to keep a bigger target in the game. Specially when you are already on Paul’s hit list (that being Matt). And he has an excuse (with Elena) and can use Alex (who was PO that Elena took her 5K) to help campaign and smooth things over. It in the end throws Paul’s game off – having Cody in the game.

      • Think about this: Elena would go home. Mark would be pissed. Cody already doesn’t like Matt, so 2 people targeting him right there.

        THEN there’s the rest of the house that Matt would piss off. 7 people going after Matt/ Raven, neither of whom can do anything in competitions.

        Sure, the house would target Mark/ Cody and Cody/ Mark would be targeting Paul…but now Raven and Matt would be on the block every week from both sides of the house. And Paul has the votes to stay.

      • I agree with one exception, Paul may not have all the votes he thinks. If he ever goes on the block things might not go his way. Once the house has the opportunity to get him out it is very tempting and I think there are players that would take the chance and get him out. Like Christmas, Kevin, Jason.

        But Paul is the only person in the house that seems to be thinking long term and planning. He is a tough player.

        But when it comes to Cody, Matt and Raven (maybe even Mark) they are all pawns to be sacrificed. Santana was a Mexican General that used to gather Farmers and put them in front of his regular Soldiers as Cannon Fodder. Why waste your soldiers when you can mow down farmers. This is exactly how Paul is using Josh. Josh has no chance to win and both Christmas and Paul have realized this. So they both use him.

      • Why is Matt on Paul’s hit list? Or do you mean he would’ve been had he used the veto on himself?

      • Paul’s been saying break up the showmances. So Mark,Matt and Raven are all on his hit list. Elena is the person he is trying to protect. So get out Elena to get a rise out of him or Matt for his dumb move. Paul’s is still going to be frustrated at not being able to get Cody out. Actually I think the house should get out Elena to give Paul the Double Whammy. At this point you got to get under Paul’s skin to get him to make a mistake.

      • I thought Cody was a shoe in to go home? I fell asleep during bbad so did something go down and now Cody’s staying?

  36. Kevin’s son posted on a site saying that his parents marriage is fine. Mom’s not mad, dad’s a flirt and they aren’t ending their 30 year marriage. His son has a great sense of humor.

  37. Oh SNAP! Cody calling Mark out in the hot tub for his lack of loyalty. Not dramatic, just to the point (and surprisingly maturely).

  38. THAT’S why Alex called Mark out?! For his freakin’ VOTE?! What world does she live in, Fantasy Land?!

      • I want him to play puppet master only to let jury vote otherwise. If I were Cody, I’d start campaigning every one at the jury house

      • Ms. Munchausen needs to go. Matt told her if she gets to F2 they will all vote for her because she “needs” the money for medical bills. She’s driving a new car and I wonder why she didn’t buy an older car and use the money she saved for bills. Because she’s a fraud and a scammer.

      • I don’t think Christmas deserves to win. She can’t play in half the comps and doesn’t have good game.

      • LOL – I loved that!! Dan’s my #1 favorite BB player. There is almost no way you could let him get to the end…but again, you don’t know who he’s aligning with and know that you aren’t going to go down by going after him early.

        My BB style is to lay low, not get into any fights, don’t call anyone out…and sorry, but based on history and even my own success, align yourself with a strong vet. I’ve even had career success with that strategy (I work in Finance)

      • With this dumb group Dan would for sure be in the Final. I still can not believe that boy ( forgot his name) won over Dan.

      • Dan was awesome! I was legit worried that he had a breakdown! He’s one of my top 3 favorites.

        I would align with a vet too. They have experience and they a good meat shield. Personally I like Paul. He’s a bit rough around the edges, but I’m from NY and know lots of people like him. This cast seems a little extra “special” in the blindly following him, but that’s on them. The cracks are starting and I want to see who takes the first shot at him.

      • Totally agree this cast seems blind…I think I would be the most like Alex. I wouldn’t yell or get into beef like Alex has with Mark, etc., but she seems mentally on it

      • Also…come on, this is BB…you can’t make crazy moves early. I think I would be a comp beast as a female, but wouldn’t want to get blood on my hands early. Also..I wouldn’t get into a showmance…

      • First rule of BB, do not get into a showmance. Have none of these couples EVER watched BB before??? It has only worked out twice in BB history, that I can remember, Rachel and Jordan. Correct me if I am wrong, I know someone will…hehe…

        I forgot about the BROmance of Dr. Will and Boogie…my bad!!!

      • Danielle and Dominic – but then she made other bad game moves. Even her dad (Evel Dick) was like “what are you DOING?”

      • ^ Correction: It didn’t “work out” for Danielle game-wise, but that’s because she played too aggressively too soon. BUT she and Dominic did get married and I think they have a kid (could be wrong).

      • NOPE. I’m not saying I would be throwing comps, and I think I could win some of them. But I’m not going to play hard and fast. Dan’s season 10 was closer to my style.

  39. I guess Production doesn’t want Cody in the house anymore. I haven’t seen any changes of heart to save Cody from people exiting the Diary room. Maybe a last-minute Pandora’s box?? One can dream…

  40. Paul is playing a masterful game inside the bb house. All he needed was 1 person to shoot themselves in the foot… and Cody provided that. It’s been known not to shake the boat the first few weeks.

      • So was Frankies season he got the battle back no? It’s the cards he was dealt so they play with what they have… Nicole finished strong but she played with the cards she was dealt and won

      • I do not remember in BB history were an HOH put up over a third of the house and another player have three weeks of safety to run a muck.
        Even the all mighty Paul would be heading out the door had the tables been that way for him. He tried last year to fight the vets right off the bat and failed and even failed on who he took to the final 2. Let him play against the odds he was given this year.

      • Exactly, also while you can Play for HOH, & the POV with weeks of Safety. I was reading Evil Dicks Twitter, and he said that NO Veteran has “Ever” been given the advantages that Paul has received!! Then add to the fact that “Friendship Bracelets given to certain HG from Paul…Smdh

        Does Allison Grodner think that we are Stupid, & can’t see what is happening?!

      • That’s what I was thinking! Paul gets the safety, Paul hands out those ridiculous “friendship bracelets,” Raven (who is on a strict diet & likely can not eat the slop) receives the “no have not all summer pass!” Since when did they start handing those out, for the entire summer, at the beginning of the game?! Never!
        That simply showed me how this game can be and is manipulated! Don’t get me wrong, I love Big Brother! But, I don’t agree with a lot of the things they have been doing in recent years! Perhaps because Julie Chen said she “loves BB but it’s been 19 seasons and she’s tired.” She said her husband (Owner of CBS) tells her “the ratings are doing great” and she’s like “yeah but a part of her wishes they were not!” just get a new host then! Are they trying to sabotage BB?
        this is how I see the whole Raven special diet situation. Regardless of her being a con artist, initially we did not know that. So, of course we want anyone to be able to play BB, so because of her strict diet she cannot eat slop. Fine! But instead of manipulating a situation where she ends up at the very beginning of the season with a no have not pass for the entire summer, why not just be honest?? BB can just say “Raven is on a special diet and cannot eat slop therefore we have come up with another punishment for her when she is a have not!” Sounds logical to me!
        And why the whole “no have not pass all summer,” why not just make it a “no slop pass all summer?” She could still be a “have not!”…. Cold showers and Crappie beds!
        It’s exactly like you said, do they think we’re stupid!?
        CBS should be pulling/should’ve pulled Raven from the game a long time ago! But, that’s a whole other long comment that I posted in here earlier LOL
        They should not allow a “con artist” to be playing this game and still conning “CBS viewers” out of their hard earned money because of their kind hearts and because they believe her! But I will just leave it at that LOL I ranted about it earlier already. Several times he he

      • A huge gift!
        Without it, Cody’s back door plan would have gone through successfully! His alliance would’ve understood and the three showmanses would’ve definitely stuff together, plus Alex & Ramses would not have voted out Jillian so Paul would’ve been gone!
        & we would’ve been watching a much more entertaining season then “The Paul Show!” Everything handed to Paul easily!
        Don’t get me wrong, Paul is playing a good game however, Paul, Cody, Mark really seem to be the only ones playing this game to win and not just to make it to the jury house and receive their 15 minutes of fame!
        So yeah Paul is playing a game but the EASIEST game in the history of BB or any other reality TV show for that matter!
        This is a cakewalk for Paul and he knows it!

      • Yup!!
        & with this group of “HGs” Paul can easily play this game!
        I do believe Paul is playing a good game but only because he has easily controlled 97% of the house! That’s not a difficult game to play

        The control Paul has on all of these people is unbelievable! IT IS NOT difficult AT ALL!!
        I’m starting to think most of the HG’s are “unknown actors hired specifically for Paul!” What other logical explanation is there!?
        Of course I’m kidding but, what is it!!?
        Oh, right I remember now! These people that came to “play” BIG BROTHER actually didn’t come to “play” but instead came to receive their “15 minutes of fame!” Their “goal was to make it to jury” because leaving before jury would mean less fame!! (Aside from Jessica, because she was there to play! & contributed to the season being actually played!) These people are not even floating, they are just there to listen to Paul!

        I still watch because regardless of these very well trained puppies, I love BB & I really am hoping to at least get a few weeks of entertainment! I am hoping people like Kevin will start flipping the house! I won’t hold my breath though because I thought Alex would be the one to do it but she is farther up Paul’s ass! More then some of the others! They are all right up there, she’s just a little higher up gag 💩 LOL

        I also can NOT wait to see Raven get the boot! She’s con artist & I cannot believe CBS has NOT removed her from the game! But I won’t get into that, I did it on here already! LOL

        Sadly this is not at all the BB any of us know! This is not a group of strangers competing to win $500,000! These people are NOT there to compete and win and fight to get to the end! These people are there to enjoy a “free summer vacation in LA on TV” in hopes they “make it to jury,” and hopefully get “gigs” after BB! A huge disappointment, for me personally at least!
        At least there is BBC in the winter 😁

    • First, for the record I am neither a Paul hater or Jody lover! (Although I do favour Jessica and Cody because at least they were playing the game to win and not one of Paul’s “Circus Clowns”) 🤡
      I believe Paul is playing a good game, but it’s ONLY because he is actually “playing the game.”
      He is playing BB with a bunch of “mindless morons” who openly admitted they are “just wanted to make it to the jury house” and it’s pretty clear they ONLY want to receive their “15 minutes of fame” instead of playing for $500,000! UNREAL!!
      This is a very, very, VERY EASY Game for Paul to play!
      Plus Paul clearly has had Productions help so that just makes it even more easier for Paul! “Best Showmanse in the history of BB” Paul & BBPro!
      Again, don’t get me wrong Paul is playing a good game with manipulation & control! BUT this is NOT a difficult game for Paul to play, AT ALL!! He couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to Control! Pathetic!
      Not Paul but his “Well-Trained Puppies!”
      Just sayin

      • Actually it seems like Groundhog Day with Paul’s puppies in the house. Same thing daily….. Paul watch me…. take me….. Paul Paul Paul Paul!
        Blah blah blah! Ugh!

      • If I was playing the game I’d certainly want to be the leader of this group too. Though once Cody leaves it will be a different ball game. I think the next HOH will be the one to make the moves.

      • The long and the short of it, Paul is playing a great game. He took what personalities(I use that term loosely) that were in the house, and tailored his game to that. It just so happens that he got a bunch of followers in the house, and only a few leaders. One of which is already gone, and the other who will be leaving this week. Maybe if Alex decides to start playing her own game after Cody is gone, we’ll see someone else actually play the game. It’s not Paul’s fault that he has these people in the house. He is merely taking advantage of it, to the extreme. He is playing the game, HARD. He is looking past this week and the next two. He knew that the DE was coming and gave up HOH so that he could play for HOH in the DE week. Great foresight. You may not like the guy, but you have to give him props as he is playing a great game so far. I am not a Paul fan either, by any means, but I have to give credit where credit is due. I would much rather see a house “ran” by Paul than a house “ran” by Jody, for sure.

      • What a nightmare if would be if Paul was out, and Jody was at the helm!!! Ugh, I shudder to think of it…

  41. Jury won’t pick Paul. Not especially with Cody there… I’d be campaigning just how Jason lost bbott

    • What do you mean jury won’t pick Paul because Cody is there?
      I am also confused about your other statement regarding Jason. Did I miss something? LOL

      • Right, that would make sense. Although I was not able to watch BBOT because I am Canadian! Lame 😒

      • Bbott was last years “cbs all access” season. Jason (the vet) played a similar game as paul did and used his past bb experience to get to the finale, only to lose.

      • Yeah I get BB After Dark but I never ever watch it. No time Plus I am so over these people! No, I don’t subscribe to the live feeds because I need somewhat of a life LOL I would be glued to it 24/7. Plus at this point I would’vestopped watching anyway. These people make me sick!

  42. I have been into BB since day 1…but i am over this season….so boring…why is Christmas is this game….what does she do….this season is “The Paul Show”….and Kevin is to blame for taking the first temptation….blah….

    • And we can’t forget about Raven! Why has CBS not pulled her from the game for being a “con artist?” CBS is allowing “their viewers” to be conned out of their hard earned money because they believe her! Not everyone goes online & knows this girl is nothing but a HUGE LIAR & a total con artist!!
      I am a shocked CBS is allowing this to continue! The owe it to their viewers to stop her!

      • Tinalee, how are viewers being conned out of their money while she’s in the house? I get that before the show she conned ppl altho I’ve never heard of this girl. Maybe cuz I’m Canadian?
        I agree BB should screen the game players closer. Much closer…… & let the vets alone. Stop bringing them back & giving them free weeks.

      • I am also Canadian :-)
        Ravens mom started up several go fund me pages and is calling all the attention to it while she is on BB (even though Raven said her mom was in the hospital and was going to be in the hospital the entire summer!) she’s not and she keeps creating go fund me pages.
        Raven is constantly on the live feed’s asking people to donate to her go fund me page that was started after she entered the BB house. So clearly that was set up by her mother and her prior to her going on the show!
        People who do not know any better, I mean don’t know the extent of her lies etc. CBS fans/viewers are being conned thinking this cute little innocent girl has not one but two terminal diseases so CBS’s viewers can go to the go fund me page and donate.
        I just mean the innocent kind hearted people that believe her. In a nutshell that’s what I was getting at LOL

      • Ohhhhhh! How can that be legal?
        I think I saw her momma on some show being exposed but I wasn’t listening.
        That’s disgusting! Anything for the ultimate dollar! What ppl will do……

  43. No respect for Mark’s game play. Elena is showmance #2 ruined by her man’s game play. I liked him because he seemed genuine as a person, but on a game level he is so shady and weak. And Josh is calling him out right now in the best way.

    • I agree. At first I thought Mark would be a force to be reckoned with. Watching him in action is disappointing because he’s Elena’s little puppy dog.

  44. I love Paul even more after this season. He’s a standup guy, and he’s not doing anything that some one who has not experienced assh*ole bullying whether 1st or 2nd hand wouldn’t do. Mark is a p*ssy who is used to getting by on his face (the puckered lips are getting old) and Cody is used to getting through on intimidation. I would LOVE to have a friend like Paul in real life.

  45. Josh needs to quit arguing the same point with Mark over and over and over. Everyone knows he is a flip flopper. He just won’t drop this. He acts like made a huge discovery.
    Before I watched this I read that this fight was directed by Paul. It absolutely was not. Neither was Alex blowing up about the pillows.

    • LOL you made me giggle! Josh made a huge discovery LOL

      Alex blew up regarding pillows? Yikes, these people really are strange!

      Thanks for the laugh my friend! ❤️

    • Josh also needs to stop saying I like you as a person but then totally attacked them personally and then say I like you as a person and repeat! It’s not a good look LOL
      & Josh REALLY needs to stop referring to himself as “your boy!” No, you are not my boy!!! thank God! I would be horrified if you were!
      Josh, You are not a fan favorite, not even close! You sound like an idiot every time you say it! So just stop already LOL
      Get your own line “boy!”

  46. Did anyone else watch Julie Chen on the James Corden show? I’m not sure exactly what it was but it’s on YouTube. You should check it out!
    Perhaps BB is trying to sabotage their own show because Julie Chen “enjoys hosting Big Brother but it has been 19 seasons and she is getting tired!!!” (NOT exact quotes)
    She said her husband (Owner of CBS) told her “the ratings are great” and she’s like “yeah” but “a part of her wishes they were not!” (Again NOT exact quotes!)

    Check it out on YouTube

    I love BB, it is my favourite show & has been since season one!! I look forward to it every year and thankfully now every winter (BBC) & I would be super upset if it got canceled! Are they actually trying to drop in the ratings??!! If Julie is tired of it, get a new host. And go back to how BB used to be! PLEASE!!
    Are they trying to sabotage BB?

    I am still watching this season (worst season ever!) mostly because every week I keep hoping things are going to change! They don’t, but then I just hope the next week it will be better, It isn’t! So I pray to the BB Gods that next week its going to be better, it wasn’t! Sooooo I’m hoping now once Cody is gone, some of the HGs will start “playing to win” instead of just trying to get their “extra 15 minutes of fame!” MAYBE the closer they get to the money, the more their eyes will open up and see they might actually have a shot at winning $500,000 if they stop playing this game for Paul! Start making big moves, first one being get rid of Paul! Because no one deserves to win if they are next to him in the F2!
    “Things that make you go hmmmm”🤔

    PS…..IF there is ANY chance Raven could make it to the F2 if these HGs start playing the game, then PLEASE HG do NOT play the game! DO NOT listen to us! Give the money to Paul!! Keep doing what you’re doing!!! By doin nothin!
    I would lose my mind if that con artist made even second in this game!!!!! nonetheless was the winner of $500,000 gag 🤢 NO NO NO SOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!
    BAD BAD BAD!!!!!
    Just the thought makes me not want these people to start using their minds LOL LOL ITS ALL GOOD HGs!!!! GIVE THE MONEY TO PAUL! THATS TOTALLY COOL WITH ME………..!! No No No Raven! No no no! Yikes 😬 🙄 😡

    • Eh…you could make the argument that she has the job b/c of her husband so yeah…if she ever left, the show wouldn’t skip a beat. She’s synonymous with Big Brother, but she’s so wooden in her delivery.

      • Yeah I agree, I do like Julie but if she decided not to do it any longer, I would hope it would not be the end of BB. It could easily go on without her.
        BBC during the first season I wasn’t a huge fan of ArIssa’s, (she is no Julie) but I started to like her more and more as the season went on.
        BBC is super good! They have casted a great group of people every season thus far. I will be the first to admit (as a Canadian) that shows like the bachelor, bachelorette amazing race etc. are never as good in Canada but BB is just as good, if not better than BB US. Especially the season! And the house itself is super cool. They have had some really good twists although they have had some really bad ones also. I am not a fan of twists at all (or any outside influences) however, I have enjoyed some of their twists. Anyway blah blah :-)

    • It’s probably because her husband is the head of CBS that she’s allowed to say those kinds of things.

      • Probably although he probably wasn’t very happy with her when he found out about it LOL it wasn’t a “big deal,” I just thought it was a little strange that she said that.

  47. Curious, I just saw the YouTube clip of Paul extending the olive branch to Cody if he ever needs to talk. Was that genuine? It seemed genuine! But at the same time, I don’t understand it! No one else can talk to Cody about anything not game related but Paul can?!

    And then after hearing bits and pieces about what happened on Monday night when Paul “ordered” his “well trained wanna-be pitbulls” to attack Mark to “throw him off of the HOH comp” that was still 3 days away, that makes me sick! The bits and pieces that I heard make me sick!

    What is up with this kid??
    I think he’s just trying to get Cody’s jury vote! “Hey Cody, I’m the only person who came to you when you had no one left and extended the olive branch!”
    Oops 🙊 Did I forget to mention that I ordered everyone else not to speak to you! & I am super pissed off that Kevin speaks to you! Even though it’s not game related! He’s just being a nice guy! Now Kevin is one of my targets! What a goof!!!

    • He did not “order” them.

      Josh went off on his own. Same old Mark is a flip flopper speal that he has been going on and on about for weeks.

      Alex went off on her own too. Gave him crap about taking a pillow of her bed in the money room.

      • Thanks for clarifying that up for me hon…. I had just read bits and pieces last night & some people said Paul had ordered his minions to “get under Mark’s skin!?”
        So “pillowgate” had nothing to do with Paul etc. trying to throw Mark off so he isn’t thinking straight on Thursday? During the HOH? “3 days” from then LOL
        A few people said they turned off their feeds because it got so bad.
        I watched some of it on YouTube, it was pretty clear they were trying to get under Mark skin because they were laughing about it whenever he left the room.
        I was under the impression it was something really mean that they were doing….. although I do think it was super immature what they were doing! Sure, some college game but I also call it a bunch of people being super bored in the house and picking on someone. It is what it is! It’s what they signed up for. Do I like it…. No! But that’s just me. I’m not a big fan of adults acting immature like that! & I can’t help but feel sorry for Mark because he was bullied as a child so, I imagine it doesn’t feel good to be treated that way by grown adults.

    • It was all ‘fake’ news! Paul was just showing off to the followers that he ‘fixes’ everything. But only him. Christmas was going to cody but Paul jumped in.
      Cody just rolled his eyes in my opinion. Just ‘yep, ok Paul, thanks!’

    • Oh lord,quit blaming Paul for everything under the sun that happens in the BB house,these are adults that do have a mind of their own,not children..this is BB 10l.

      • I do not blame Paul for everything under the sun! I actually say a lot of good stuff about him! But thanks!
        I was asking a question correct? I was asking if Paul ordered this to happen because that’s what I read. I asked if Paul was being genuine…. correct? I wasn’t blaming him! Aside from saying no one is allowed to speak to Cody per Paul’s orders. Yes, they are all adults but for whatever reason they listen to Paul. That’s on them!
        If you read my comments, and reading correctly you would know I am not a Paul hater! I have said he is playing a very good game but a very very very easy game with these mindless morons!
        Please feel free to reread my comment :)

  48. Cody, Alex, Mark, Jason. It will never happen but that could be a dominate team. Send Paul to the friendship house.

  49. why can’t these people get smarts. it upsetting paul is running everything. i want cogy to stay turn this house upside down!!!!!!

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