Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 4: Monday Daytime Highlights

The Big Brother 19 Week 4 Veto Ceremony came and went today and nothing changed, so there were no new fireworks in the house. But that doesn’t mean the house isn’t poised for another blindside this week. Cody and Jessica think the week is going to continue to go their way, but the majority of the house has another plan.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 24, 2017:

9:15 AM BBT – HGs are starting to get up for the day.

9:35 AM BBT – Most HGs back to bed. Kevin, Paul, Jason, Ramses, and Christmas are chatting in the Lounge while Jessica and Cody are back upstairs in bed.

10:55 AM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto meeting.

12:00 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Veto Ceremony is over. Jessica did not use the Veto. Ramses looks worried. Josh is playing the sad part up well. Christmas and Jessica are having a private talk in the Lounge.

12:10 PM BBT – Paul warns Josh to play it cool and not reveal his true emotions. Josh says they’ve gotta win HoH so they can target Mark, Elena, Jessica, and Cody.

12:15 PM BBT – Josh is laughing it up in the Lounge to the cameras. He can’t believe Jessica screwed this up.

12:25 PM BBT – Josh’s private celebrations continue complete with his Blindside Dance.

12:59 PM BBT – Christmas tells Paul about the conversation she had with Jessica earlier about wanting to be the one to give Josh a sympathy vote.

1:00 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul and Christmas he is all set to vote out Ramses.

1:01 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that Christmas asked for her permission to give Josh a sympathy vote. Jessica said that she told her having Ramses up there is really hard for her and she promised Ramses it would be a unanimous vote and that’s what she wants. Cody says Christmas is an idiot. Jessica said that conversation at least made her feel confident that people are really going go vote out Josh.

1:03 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas discuss Mark sketching Alex out. Christmas says Mark is making himself a bigger target every day.

1:08 PM BBT – Mark and Elena still think the votes are there to get Josh out this week. Paul assures them that’s the case (it’s not).

1:32 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason if he’s asked about his vote this week he should just say he hates Josh.

1:40 PM BBT – Paul notes that Ramses is very nervous and is going from room to room to talk to people. Paul says Cody and Jessica messed up this week.

2:10 PM BBT – HGs spread out around the house. No one is talking game or anything.

3:35 PM BBT – Josh cam talking again today. He says he’s going to torment Mark until one of them gone. He says this isn’t a game about who has the most muscles and says it’s anyone’s game. He mentions Steve winning BB17. Josh says Mark thinks he’s a badass now that he has Cody protecting him once again. He says after this week it’s game on.

3:58 PM BBT – Raven tells Matt that Mark was kissing Cody’s ass again today. Matt says they’re being ridiculous.

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So as of now, Cody and Jessica (along with Mark, Elena and Ramses) are being set up for quite the blindside this week. Jessica had her doubts about the house going along with her plan, but for some reason Cody convinced her to trust everyone. It should make for a pretty exciting Thursday night, especially with the Den of Temptation curse still looming.

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    • Even if he does, I highly doubt Paul and his people (maybe Kevin) would flip. I’m thinking Josh has to make a racist remark, death threat, etc. to change anyone’s mind excluding Kevin.

    • For real??? Or are you just kidding?? You don’t want Josh to stay do you? I know everyone likes a blindside but, Josh would be blindsided! He is so arrogant, he is such a baby, A bully and a victim! To see him go home while Jessica is the HOH would be priceless! He would have a hissy fit all the way out the door! It would be more entertaining than just watching Cody, Jessica, Mark & Elenas faces and on top of that, we now have to watch Josh for the next week walk around thinking he is super important & be the most arrogant prick we have seen in big brother history! A blind ignorance! b/c truly he is not even in the alliance, he’s just being used as a number
      Ugh 😑 I just can’t deal! I can’t 😭 I have never disliked a HG as much as I dislike Josh! 19 seasons +5 seasons of big brother Canada, I have never disliked someone as much as I dislike Josh! His drama/Entertainment isn’t entertaining! I want to reach into the TV and punch him in the face myself!

      • As usual, you took the words out of my mouth. I just have to add something. If Josh stays, God forbid, not only would he be walking around like a peacock, but Paul would be getting what he wanted. UGH can not stand either one of them. Hope some miracle happens……please?

      • LOL… Great minds think a like ❤️
        Well, for the past couple days I have been praying to the big brother Gods, also sending Jessica subliminal messages in hopes she would remom someone else and it didn’t happen so now I’m just going to shut up & hope for the best and expect the worst! I don’t think anything is going to change unfortunately!
        However, the one thing on my side well… Jessica and Cody side is the HH so they will have the last laugh!
        I truly hope Cody, Mark or Elena wins the HOH on Thursday buying Jessica an extra week to not use the HH and then the following week, whoever is the HOH doesn’t really matter! But I’m hoping it is Josh and he puts Jessica and Cody on the block, and that following Thursday karma slaps Paul, Josh in the face when she uses the HH and joshes HOH was useless! I am just truly hoping Jessica and Cody survive next week so they will make it to Jury!!! At the very least, one of them is guaranteed to make it to the jury because two more people have to go before so JOSH hopefully this Thursday, but likely Ramses & The following week I hope they are safe, and someone else goes home, then the following week they use the HH and they are safe however if next week Jessica is forced to use the HH, then no one goes home leaving still that second spot before jury open still & The following week it will likely be Cody or Jessica on the block although it could be Mark and Cody. And hopefully then Mark would go home and that would ensure Cody and Jessica both go to Jury which would drive all the other HG’s crazy living in the jury house with them LOL
        Anyway blah blah! I hope some of that made sense!? 😘

      • Nobody likes Josh but pulling the rug out from under those 2 smug slimeballs up in the HOH is worth listening to him for a couple of more weeks.

      • I completely disagree. But that’s OK, we can agree to disagree and it not be a big deal :-)

      • I am sorry but the idea of Jessica and Josh in the jury house for weeks now me smile. Keep him till jury!

      • Love Jessica/Cody or hate them, Josh is just on liked by everyone. He is a bully and a victim, a crybaby and just simply immature! He doesn’t deserve to be there!
        He is a hothead & just an awful person in general

      • Honestly, I think if they end up in jury together without Cody, I think Jessica and Josh will end up patching things up.

      • I get what you are saying and you are 100% right about Paul,BUT…I can’t stand Cody HE is the one who is so arrogant and a creep. I hate players who hook up within a day or two of knowing each other(scum bag and a skank) that would pretty much sum up Cody and Jessica, so yep I would rather see Josh stay this week. Sorry, that first sentence was suppose to say Josh, not Paul.

      • I don’t watch the live feeds and I barely watch big Brother After Dark so, I don’t think I’m really in a position to judge anyone’s character. From the sounds of it, Cody is a creep.

      • You are not alone! I cant STAND him!!! I want him out like yesterday! I wish he would pull a Megan lol

  1. I still think its possible Kevin AND Jason, Christmas, OR Alex flip. Kevin seems to be the closest of the four to Ramses. Jason for me is a toss up, and I don’t think he would be suspected of casting a hinkie vote for Josh. I think the same goes for Christmas, even though she’s close to Paul. Alex is the least likely to flip for the same reason, but like Jason I don’t think she’ll be under fire either for casting a hinkie vote. I think Kevin and Matt will get the most fire from a possible hinkie vote. Maven and Paul obviously are going to vote to keep Josh this week barring some catastrophe, so I didn’t question their positions.

    • As much as I want Josh gone, unless he does something super bad/crazy, I think he will be safe this week unfortunately! I hate to think of it but sadly I think it’s true

    • Alex can’t stand Ramses and neither can Jason. They’re always calling him sneaky. They will vote him out. The only person that might flip is Kevin but he doesn’t want to go against Paul.

      • I think Jason hates both nominees, but the only reason why people think he’s voting out Ramses is that he’s aligned with Paul right now. I feel that Kevin can do hinky votes all he wants; I think he’s guaranteed jury barring a major screw up.

      • Hahaha LMAO. Are you serious? Have you seen he posts once in awhile. I would never steal your boyfriend.

      • yes, they were talking about someone not taking a shower or something like that for a week, and I said, so Bob only takes one once a month and doesn’t have a problem with it the Samsarajello said “who is Bob?” and I said “Ask Lavendargirl” and she replied,”Is that her husband? Very nasty” and I almost fell of my chair laughing!!

    • As far as the HN thing, I long suspected that for the first time they made both boxes winners. Because if they see it work the very first time it seems like less of a gamble and more people would be willing to take that risk.
      So yeah I think it was rigged. Not necessarily just for Paul, just for the first person who happened to be Paul.

  2. Josh has serious mental problems. Why Paul and Cult are starting a war by lying to Cody just to vote out a nobody like Ramses is peculiar. Its not like Ramses is firmly on Cody’s side, and Josh is soon expendable too so why care so much about saving Josh? He’s worth the war that will follow?! And, Paul and Cult will soon find out that Jess/Cody are safe next week in this war they began.

    • There was/is always going to be a war between them anyway. Josh is a number for Paul’s side and Ramses is at best an isolated player that can’t be controlled the way they control Josh. It’s a no brainer to evict Ramses if you’re Paul and his side. Josh riles up Cody/Jess and is almost like a shield for now if things don’t work out in a given week. Also it wouldn’t surprise me if Paul is considering taking someone like Josh to final 2 if they both get to say top 6.

      • Well I don’t think Paul would take Josh to final 2. I would think that he would want to take Christmas because of her lack of playing in comps. I don’t see why the jury would vote for Christmas to win BB19 after being this inactive in the game physically and maybe even socially to some extent because she has to go to therapy or whatever.

      • Maybe, but if he has to turn on a lot of his current team as the game unfolds he may need someone like Josh beside him. Christmas could say she played a great social game and survived the worst injury in Big Brother history to date and still managed to make final 2. In my opinion people don’t respect Josh and would give it to Paul even if he betrayed them.

      • Paul would trust ticking time bomb Josh?! Paul is too crafty to tie his season to that dude.

      • I don’t think he’ll go out of his way to save Josh. I only think if it naturally works out and they get much closer to the end like I mentioned before about top 6 or so. At that point people start thinking who do I want to sit next to and I could see Josh being a popular option for a lot of people.

      • Ive never seen a crazy loudmouth taken to the end of any reality show. Too risky. Can blow up your game.

      • I mean I just don’t know how much her injury will impact her social game. I’m sure she’d be due for another check up sometime soon, but I’m not sure how often that’ll happen. Christmas, at least to me, is like the lesser version of Cody socially, despite being allies with Paul and Co., and her surgery might have something to do with that. I’d still think the jury would give the win to Paul in either case.

      • I agree! Just because Christmas stayed in the game, it was only because she’d rather be there than sitting at home watching it. I don’t think she would win against a majority of the house if she was in the final two

      • Paul would win hands down all over Josh or Christmas! For sure! Christmas has been out of the house several times which defeats the whole promises of the game and, all or at least most of the HGs didn’t like that and they didn’t want her to return so, just because she has somewhat of a social game, play the game with a broken foot and competed when she could, I don’t think that’s enough for them to look past what I just mentioned. Every other house guest had to play in every HOH and every Veto they possibly could whereas Christmas couldn’t and I just don’t think she could win. She could win if it’s her and Josh in the final two but I believe Josh is the only HG she could possibly win against. Just my opinion :-)
        It is still way too early to even speculate though. The game has moved so fast since day one, I think we are all feeling as though the game is a lot farther and then it actually is. they are still two away from jury

      • Yes, but they are safe next week! Paul isn’t. Paul doesn’t know, but now there will be no nicey nicey and it will be guns blazing by Cody, and Paul has ZERO way of evicting them next week. And he started the war — yes, its coming but it wasn’t here yet — over Ramses and Josh!

      • I still don’t see them having the votes to evict Paul next week. Tell me anyone in the house sitting next to him on the block and I can tell you 5+ of the 9 votes that will keep him.

      • Doesn’t matter, he’ll put up Alex and Paul, then maybe put up Xmas if they win veto. Will certainly get out someone on their side.

      • He would of taken someone from their side regardless next week if he wins. Say they followed orders and evicted Josh 10-0. You have the side of Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matt, Raven, and Christmas (Lost Josh if they vote him), Leaving Mark, Elena, Cody, Jess, and Ramses. Cody if he wins would of still taken a shot at the other side so might as well keep your numbers up and take away one of their potential allies in Ramses.

      • I agree! I still for the life of me cannot fully understand why Jessica made this move. The only reason I can think of is because she wants to play nice with Paul in hopes that next week her and Cody are safe, and then she can use her HH the following week. That’s my only guess

      • I think it’s more likely that Josh is getting under her skin more than she’d like to admit.

      • If cody follows his well established pattern, he will continue his disloyalty to jessica and keep supporting alex, regardless of cody being completely clueless about how much animosity alex has for himself. Will we ever know what transpired in the period before feeds went up that simultaneously made alex hate cody so much and created codys soft spot for alex?

      • In order for Paul to get evicted someone has to start spreading rumors and throwing Paul under the bus. They are under his spell so it won’t happen.

      • They will all say either they need Paul as a shield or they need Paul to help evicting Cody. At this point I think even raven would get evicted if otb with Paul.

      • Agreed. Say Cody put Paul and Raven. Paul would have Kevin, Josh, Alex, Christmas, and Jason which is already enough. He may lose Matt’s vote and then Elena, Mark, Jess but that’s still 5-4 he stays and that’s probably the closest scenario for him to leave next week.

      • I agree! It’s like they are all under a spell by Paul! It’s crazy! I want these people to start thinking for themselves! Good for Mark and Elena for being friendly with Cody and Jessica, I’m not being afraid to piss off Paul

      • Who’s gonna evict Paul? They have no alliance. Instead of rebuilding their alliance, re-grouping, recruiting. they locked themselves in the HoH rm and make out. They have no strategy in place for the coming weeks…They have to keep winning comps/veto/temp to survive. Their odds are bad.

    • A long as Josh is in the house he is a
      “Target”…a huge target for Cody & Jessica…He is a bigger ‘enemy” in their eyes than Paul…Josh is a “personal” eviction for Jess & Cody….Josh is not a threat to their game getting him out is not game related.. As long as Josh is in the house he is a bigger fish to fry than Paul at least in their eyes.. I hope my post made sense lol

      • Yup, your post made perfect sense :-) although, I think if Jessica and Cody had the numbers this week they would have put up Paul & dealt with Josh later. So I don’t completely agree, Cody is smart, well sometimes LOL and he knows Paul is a bigger threat than crybaby Josh

  3. No, I meant I hope he doesn’t blow it somehow and let Jessica and Cody know he isn’t the target before eviction night,

    • No, but on eviction night, blinded Jess/Cody will go straight for Paul, and Paul has no way to evict them next week. They are safe due to Halting Hex. And Paul stirred this up now over Ramses? Nobody likes Ramses….he’s a nobody. Dumb reason to start the war right now over this eviction.

      • I think Paul was justified in his actions this week. Ramses has proven to him hes not trustworthy (taking it back to that Veto comp he almost won and was supposed to throw). But not only is he getting rid Ramses he is also getting to see just how untrustworthy Elena and Mark are. After this week Paul & co. could target Cody and Jessica, if she uses her powers and get one or both of them off the block there is always Mark and Elena. Paul & co. remain on top…. Of course them winning all the comps here on out has to happen as well lol

      • Its funny to think that Ramses is considered untrustworthy be cause HE PLAYED TO WIN VETO when he was on the block! Shows you the danger of Paul and how he leads his Cult — he convinced them and you that that is untrustworthy play! Think Paul would have stayed on block and not tried? Of course not. Nobody does that.

      • He hasn’t convinced me of anything lets make that clear. Thinking as a player inside the house where numbers are crucial at the moment, yea hes doing the right thing for his game. Ramses should’ve thrown it, he knows it thats why hes so nervous now. Its a game at the end of the day, and the best player will win. Even though this game can have very obvious interference’s it can still be entertaining.

      • At least Cody and Jessica will know to trust nobody, except Elena and Mark. I hope Cody wins the next HOH.

      • Iff josh stays, will jessica allow cody to screw up her game anymore? She stated that her winning the hoh on the 3rd anniversary of her fathers death was and is super special for her. And, if by listening to cody, after he said he would butt out and follow jess’ lead, causes her target and tormentor to remain in the house and even make jury, squandering her special hoh, will she ever, long term, be able to even look at cody without remembering that sense of loss? That sort of remembrance dooms relationships. Cody, by being loyal to alex, has and is being disloyal to his girlfriend jessica. Being naive about the intentions and loyalties of those around you is bad (cruising towards the 2nd time in a row to be blindsided)(has any bb houseguest ever been so utterly stupid reading the intentions and loyalties of fellow houseguests?). But all of that naivete’ would have been harmless this week if cody had simply done right by his girlfriend, and honored his statement to follow jess’ instincts. Add to that the fact Cody simply has not recovered from his game getting blown up by production giving paul 4 weeks of safety. A one week window to boot paul before jury! How did jess waste her nominations and veto on ramses? She took the isolation approach and was successfully lied to when she sought advice. Howz that workin out?

      • I agree. I was never a Cody fan, and Jessica became so annoying to me when she started showing her true colors. Shes cocky, rude, and catty. AND even with all of Productions gifts to her and Cody for advancement in the game she managed to play Paul’s game instead, and he didn’t even have to work his friendship on her to do so.

        I was hoping for Cody to come back and make good strategic moves. Hes just repeating what he did his first time around.

      • Paul stirred this up…..NOT, Cody did from day one and I hope to hell he is on his way out sooner rather than later.

  4. Josh is such a bully. Then again, look who he’s hanging out with – the bully of BB18. However, if Paul can convince Josh not to be so obnoxious Thursday night, then I will be grateful.

  5. The good thing now is that josh is playing his role of being sure he is leaving so well that he’s passing his time isolated and alone. Everyone have a break of his drama.

    • We’ll need more than a week long break – we’ll need an entire year to get over Josh’s behavior.

  6. Ugh 😑 Very worst case scenario!
    Lame 😒 Gag 🤢
    In Jessica’s defense, aside from Cody telling her to keep the nominations the same, she was reassured over and over again by Elena who she trusts and who she thinks knows for sure where the boats are going! (Sadly she’s wrong!) Still a stupid move, especially when you (Jessica) have doubts but, we are not in the house therefore we look at it completely different. Jessica just does not want to “rock the boat” & she truly thinks Josh is going. It’s sucks, yes! But I don’t blame Jessica! I blame Cody and Elena!!

    • Right, I mean if you renominate Christmas, Raven, or Alex after POV, at least you’re taking shots at the other side of the house even if you’re only putting them up as pawns. I still think Jessica should get some of the blame because there were clearly HGs that were much bigger threats than Ramses that she was blind too. Even though she didn’t backdoor Cody (stupid), it still wasn’t the best thing for her to do, and Thursday’s eviction looks like it’ll show that Jody is still the minority in the house.

      • She and Cody were trying to get back on the right track with the other HGs, and if they picked any of the others it would have drawn a line. Ramses was a safe pick for them because he didn’t really “belong” to anyone.

      • I still would’ve taken a shot at the other side, knowing that I probably won’t have the votes to send who I want home. If Ramses ever got HOH in the future, he’d prob put up one HG from each side, and then a HG could prob win POV to change noms, and etc.

      • If you want to get back on the right track than you should actually spend time with them. They are still spending the majority of their time isolated. I don’t see how you can expect to move far in the game if you don’t get to know your fellow players. You need to know who you can trust, who are the floaters and who can get votes and who can’t.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I didn’t mean that she has no blame in this. But I can understand why she felt she could trust Elena & why she didn’t want to rock the boat.

      • I’m interested to see Elena’s reaction when she finds out she wasn’t included in the plan. I bet Paul will use the Mark can’t be trusted excuse…which is quite valid.

      • True, but I think she’ll still be pissed! Not so much with Paul but she will be with Raven especially because they are supposed to be good friends.
        This blind side, if it hopefully it doesn’t happen but probably will happen, will switch up the house for sure!

    • Blame Jessica, she told Cody when he came back they were playing HER game this time….well, so much for that!

    • The hoh was a good wake up call that the house was against them. She should use strategy an use a pawn that is not a number for her. Going with Alex since Alex nominated her, with Paul since he backdoor Cody, Mark since he betrayed them…

      • I completely agree with you! But we are not in the house so we just don’t fully understand and I think Jessica truly thought Ramses was the perfect pawn! But, regardless she should have put up Alex or Christmas or someone like that just to be on the safe side. Always cover your tracks in the BB house

  7. I think once Elena sees the blindside she will distance herself from Mark and move back over towards Paul. She’s not going to like being in the dark with the vote and she will quickly gravitate back to the majority. I just don’t think Mark is really her type and he’s dragging her down.

      • I just think that once the eviction is done, HOH comp will prob start, Paul would win HOH (just making a scenario up), and Paul would still put up or try to backdoor Marlena despite attempts to change Paul’s mind. Even if Paul doesn’t win, as long as Jody doesn’t win POV/HOH, Paul would probably find a way to talk the HOH into putting up/backdooring Marlena.

    • Interesting! That is a good possibility. Never thought of that. At this point Jessica should walk away from Cody LOL he ruined her game since week one, and just screwed it up now
      But that’s not gonna happen, and I understand. They are in love LOL

  8. On Thursday if/when this blindside happens, it is not just Jessica and Cody that are going to be a pest, Mark and Elena are going to be equally, if not even more pissed off that their alliance kept them in the dark/didn’t trust them. This should also be interesting! And gives Jessica/Cody 2 more numbers in their favor. And they can start building from there.
    I don’t think Cody could pull Alex back over, not at this point but there is hope…… & Kevin really likes Jessica, and I think they could bring Jason over as well. I am actually quite surprised Jason didn’t tell Jessica/Cody about the blindside. I thought he might! I was hoping he did! This just sucks LOL I can’t deal with Josh on Thursday being arrogant after he is saved!
    He is going to be so immature about it! I am going to want to come through the TV and punch him in the face myself! But I think Mark might beat me too it! Although I hope it’s vice versa and Josh explodes and punches Cody or Mark. Then bye-bye Josh! Unfortunately I think Mark has a bigger temper, Josh is just a big baby. All talk!
    Ugh 😑 I am just so so so so so so upset Josh is staying! I can’t believe it! It makes me sick!

      • I agree! They are all screwed however, Jessica will have the last laugh using the HH.
        Definitely a dumb move keeping Ramses especially when she had doubt! Trust your instincts! Why she chose him instead of one of Paul’s minions is beyond me!
        If she socialized with the house more, she could have caught on! Lame! I wanted Josh to go this week on Jessica’s HOH more than anything I have wanted from big brother, ever! 19 seasons! So I’m upset. Boo-hoo me LOL

  9. “Josh says Mark thinks he’s a badass now that he has Cody protecting him once again. He says after this week it’s game on.”

    As crazy as Josh is he has a point about Mark.

      • I’m not entirely convinced Josh doesn’t wear a ‘diaper’ still…. 😆
        & I am almost positive Josh is still being being ‘breast-fed.’ His Mommy probably meets him in the DR room for ‘feedings’ 😁

    • But is Mark kissing Cody’s ass or is Mark just being his friend? They were friends before the whole blindside week one.
      If you think about it, Paul and his little cult followers are only allowed to speak to each other? They are not allowed to be friendly with anyone else?
      It is a game, yes! But these are real people and friendships. They are in the house together 24/7, you can be friends with someone regardless if they are in your alliance or not.

  10. Mark is being so dumb, he’s kissing Cody’s @ss and trying to get on his good side. Everyone in the house sees it so it makes him look awful and playing both sides. If you’re going to play both sides you have to do it with intelligence. From his actions I hope Mark and Cody get nominated next week.

    • Mark showed his colors early on, he’s a floater and will go to whomever has the power. Paul now knows it, Cody now knows it. His days are numbered.

    • If this blindside holds up…Mark and Elena are going to be pissed on Thursday. Not being told about the votes to keep Josh. Mark might get so angry that he picks up a chair and throws it at someone..he has some anger issues! I see them siding with arrogant Cody and Jessica Rabbit…they are beginning to do that now. Should be interesting..I hate that Ramses seems to be getting blamed for everything..the 25K, the hinky votes, etc. ..he is a superfan and I wish he could have stuck around a little longer..Josh drives me insane..but it will be fun to watch him taunt Meatball for awhile.

      • They actually do have a valid reason for not telling Marlena. Mark can’t be trusted. Elena is a rational thinker and she would probably understand.

  11. I really hope Kevin and Jason make it to the end. The show is a complete bore without them.

      • Absolutely! But I am not praying to the BB gods or sending any subliminal messages because that was a huge fail with Jessica’s veto ceremony, and lack there of renoms. 😭

      • “Please root for me…thank you”. lolololol
        Anyone who missed Cy’s unique graphic starring Josh, please go check it out on
        ” ‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Meeting Plans-Week 4″ :D

      • Alex was my favourite until she got the HOH and let Paul control her and became one of his minions.
        I expected more of her!

    • I hope Matt makes it. The show just wouldn’t have been the same without him eating cereal all day in an orange tank top.

      • lol. I will be fine if he’s gone, but mostly that horrid creature he pretends to be his girlfriend.

      • I would not want to be the CBS accountant who has to justify to the producer why $100/week is spent on cereal for one contestant.

  12. OK, completely off topic here but I have been meaning to make this comment/ask this question forever now & I remember it again. LOL💡

    Raven won the “No Slop Pass” for the entire summer on day one-ish? (NOT a reward offered so early in the game!?!) So, my theory is sadly Raven has a disease & she has a lot of “dietary restrictions.” Slop would not be something she could eat, I can’t imagine it digests properly!?
    So, my question is was the set up on purpose? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ But it sure seems coincidental to me! I wouldn’t be upset as if someone like Raven (who has a disease) was just given the “pass” instead of it looking fake/set up. Don’t make her eat slop & just give her some other punishment if she’s a “have not”
    Right? IMO……..
    This just adds to the speculation that BB is not 💯% Reality, it is scripted & manipulated to some degree.
    Again, off-topic, not really that important, “SOOooooo 4 weeks ago” LOL 😂
    It’s just something I thought about when I found out about Raven’s disease (which is heartbreaking!) Don’t get me wrong, I am sympathetic & it’s great she can play the game! But it just looked set up to me!
    Why bother? 🙄

    • I never thought about that, but you are correct. The show is scripted so it should not be allowed to be called a reality TV show. When it comes to Raven they probably couldn’t just give her special treatment because everyone would bi*** about it. She didn’t really win it, but they gave it to her as if she did. If she is sick, then she should go home just like Christmas.

      • She does have a disease, I can’t remember what it is but her body is not able to digest food properly. I see NO problem whatsoever with her playing the game, I wouldn’t think it was fair for her not to be allowed to play because of her illness & although I am not a fan of hers, I am still happy she got the opportunity to play. My understanding is her illness/disease has no cure and will one day become fatal.
        However, again just with the slot pass. Yes not fair, but I don’t know, me personally I would understand if I were an HG
        It’s a different situation than Christmas. Christmas has left the game several times, could totally hear things about the game. Plus the whole promises of the game is that you are isolated from the entire world for three months. She had that break, well she had to break in her foot LOL but also the break in the hospital to decompress & what not without interruptions, over hearing people talking, blah blah blah… But that story is been put to bed.

    • You cannot go play paintball and ask poeple not to shoot at you because your allergic to paint. You cannot play big brother because you have food restriction with slop.

      Christmas is à all other story. I agree with the fact that she went out of the house it isn’t fare. But they don’t gave her a competition pass.

      Worst case say that instead of slop she would be on beverage like boost. I would take it better.

      And sadly, knowing a lot about her desease, it’s nothing terminal like she’s saying in every conversation. She wanted to get traction on that condition but instead she’s pissing of people that have the same condition by misinforming on the cause.

    • Well, if you recall on that challenge the never not pass was in her lane. I don’t know if there was more than one pass, but it was definitely hers for the taking.

  13. I do not think that Cody and Jessica will be the targets next week…I think Mark will be the target and Ramses (once again) will be the pawn…Cody & Jessica gave Paul an eviction pass this week..So in turn and if Paul plays as he usually does his target will not be C & J …unless there is a blow up in the house and he has no choice….

    • Lol. Ramses will get evicted on Thursday. I predict that Cody will win HOH, but hopefully Jason.

      • Now that would be sweet sweet revenge if Cody won the HOH. What do you think Jason would do if he won it?

    • How would Ramses be the pawn one he’s going home on Thursday??? Josh is staying, unfortunately! Paul and his minions are keeping him safe. You didn’t know that?

  14. Elena just said that the last time she showered was Thursday. Is she being serious because I find that so disgusting.

      • I get the hair, especially in the winter, but showering for females is sanitary. Females get their periods which need to be cleansed. My opinion. to each it’s own, but Elena is being watched and I’m judging.

      • There are times when I don’t have the opportunity to shower every day, but I make up for it the following day. I don’t think I’ve done longer than 2 days of not showering since I was in high school and rarely home because of drama club.

      • Yes. Excellent hygiene and grooming should always be paramount unless one is at home alone and chooses to do otherwise.

      • I have many hairdresser friend that all day it’s not good to wash your hair everyday. It dried your scalpe. They suggest 2-3 days but again it depend of the person and what you do over the day.

      • I shower every day but I wash my hair every two days three days. Keeps it healthy and shiny. Never ever gets oily

    • I have health issues that make it basically impossible for me to shower daily.
      The last time I washed my hair was about 9 days ago. *shrug* it really depends on how active you are and how much you sweat in a day.

      • Disgusting. She is outside in that heat all day and doesn’t have any health issues. I find people that don’t shower everyday gross. On top of that. She is all over Mark and Paul and constantly wanting men in the house to touch her. eeeeeww.

      • Well, skipping a day once in a while because you stayed home and watch movies in pajama is not the end of the world. But 4 – 5 day being active and under the sun with lots of peers around you it’s disgusting.

      • Of course. That goes without saying. If she doesn’t even do her personal cleaning the smell might be horrible.

      • Baby wipes!! They even make some specific for women refreshing. I just really hope she’s at least using that. But again, that’s to refresh….

      • If true, I don’t understand how they would let her get away with that. Thought there was some requirement that HG maintain decent hygiene. Gross

      • I do get if you are home alone and can be as dirty as she wants, but she is in a house with a bunch of strangers and rubbing her nastiness all over them. They are always so close to each other. She is also being watched live.

    • Wait, she’s not a HN, is she? Because I know they tend to skip days to avoid the cold showers.

  15. Ok I’m not all up in here like yall, but why is everyone getting don on Jess for not using the veto. Are we forgetting that we see things she doesn’t? What exactly do you want her to do with the information she has in the house?

    • The better question is where is the logic and the strategy with nominating Ramses. After the hoh competition it’s obvious people are against them.

      • I really think she just thought Ramses would be the perfect pawn.
        She had/has no idea Paul and his minions wanted him out but the logical thing to do for reassurance was to put up one of Paul’s minions or even Paul but, I just think she wanted to make it clear she doesn’t want to rock the boat, she wants to repair friendships and gain some trust so she just went after her enemy but she used the wrong pawn!

      • Wait the same HOH where everyone was piling on Cody and as far as I recall there was one instance here someone picked on Ramses and that was only after Cody got out? I’m confused as to what you mean exactly.

      • Lol. That exact competition where everyone clearly shows their target. Why nominating the only guy that you have on your side.. the guy that didn’t seems to throw the veto over the week you were backdoor.

      • & why didn’t she listen to her instincts! Why does she listen to Cody again? Clearly that was a bad idea already!

      • Ramses is not an obvious threat, but he is sneaky and unpredictable. Always eavesdropping and just showing up out of nowhere. In ten years he’ll be Andy (puke) but right now doesn’t have the ‘social’ game to pull that off. jmo

    • I have said the same things in many comments. Jessica is not privileged to know what we know therefore she was just trying to get out Josh. Simple! And she thought her Pawn was a good one but, she should have used Raven or Alex or Christmas or even Paul just for some reassurance.
      Ramses has no one!

  16. Jessica and Cody are stupid. I cannot believe how they have wasted this weeks opportunities. How do you have all the power and still lose? And it’s sickening how they can’t keep their hands off each other. That does not play well for their game. I was hoping they would get rid of Josh but now I hope they both leave soon.

    • That is exactly what’s happening to their game. They are stuck to each other all day and not paying attention to what others are doing. Josh talking to himself or always talking game with one of his alliance members. That is something happening right in front of their faces, but they are busy kissing each other. I cannot wait for thursday.

  17. uh oh…Jessica told Kevin about her Halting Hex award…and he swore not to tell a soul….yeah right…lmmao…Then she told him that the person who nominates her gets punished..(that is a lie)…Well we know what the hot topic in the HV room gonna be tonite..Kevins gonna keep a secret….lmmao (still)

    • Too bad they’ll know she lied about the punishment on Thursday before she could be nominated

      • True! Although they might find out after and Josh still could go home. YYY did she tell Kevin?

      • So that he would tell the others and they would then not nominate her. She should realize that that would then make them nominate her and Cody to force her to use it.

    • Omg! Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about or see that part yet.

      Ya, Kevin couldn’t keep a secret to save his life. This could actually change things and scare the houseguests into voting Josh out….which is fine with me.

      • Well, hopefully at the very least it will scare the HG’s into voting Paul out. So if something good comes out of her being an idiot, then at least that’s good and Josh is gone! I don’t care what happens after that!

    • No Way!!! Really??? No no no! Why?? This literally just made my heart go into the pit of my stomach!
      Although the second part she told him/the lie was good on her LOL no no one is going to want to put her up, and this will leave an open door for Cody to stay!! Meaning it’s doubtful now they will be on the block together.
      Did you tell Kevin how long she has it for?

  18. It’s painful to see Jessica make this error, keeping Ramses nominated instead of replacing him with Paul.

    • I have mixte feeling. I love the action it brings, but, she was having it all this week. So it’s bittersweet

      • She just didn’t know… She was trying to play slower (for lack of better words) than Cody. She really didn’t want to piss off Paul because she knows he has the “numbers” and she truly thought putting up Ramses was a safe bet, she thought he would be a perfect pawn.
        Sure, we all like to see blindsides, but if in the end Josh was blindsided on Thursday, that would be awesome! He would have a hissy fit all the way out the door! And on stage with Julie! That would be my perfect world!! Go home to your mama Josh! It’s time to change your diaper!
        And even though it’s likely Jessica/Cody will be blindsided, in the end they know Jessica has the HH, so she will have the last laugh!
        Karma is a biatch

      • Jessica was concerned about not repeating the type of errors that Cody made (keeping everyone in the dark about his plans AND making such a big move to evict Paul so soon AND putting Christmas up without checking first to see whether he would have the votes for it), and I respect Jessica for that. The unfortunate problem is that she is now trying to play an honest game (which confirms what I have believed about her character) with people who despise her all because of her association with Cody.

      • So very true! I thought she was going to do very well and be very liked by the HG’s and the fans. She has been watching BB since she was little with her dad. And, because of that she knows the game. She was making the right moves this by not targeting Paul and his minions. I totally agree with her doing that (she didn’t have the votes) however Ramses is and was a bad pawn! She should have known better than to leave a door open for things to change. But I do agree with you, she wants to play an honest game. She is a good person in my opinion. When Cody tried to back door Paul and then put up Christmas, Jessica was running around the house initially trying to repair any damage Cody did.

      • Also, what will be great is if Josh goes home this week he will Not get to go to Jury….and he won’t get anymore of that extra pay. He will have to go back to selling Shampoo back home!! Hahahaha!!

      • Absolutely! I do not want Josh to make it to Jury! No no no
        Josh going home when Jessica had/has the HOH would have been ideal! I would be very happy! But instead it’s going to backfire and I am going to be very angry! We are going to have to listen to Josh be totally immature about the whole thing! He is going to rub it in their faces big time! But what he doesn’t realize is, “his people” didn’t save him because of him! He doesn’t have people, they are just using him for a vote. Plus, Jessica will have the last laugh when she reveals her HH :-) karma is a biatch
        & now with Josh talking to “us” and referring to himself as “your boy” just makes it 10 times harder for me to watch! I just can’t stand it! What a loser and what a follower! “Your boy” NO JOSH we call you “the boy Baby” get it right idiot! LOL OK 👌🏻 crybaby!!

    • Yeah, it certainly sucks but in the end Jessica will get her revenge when she pulls out her HH
      Hopefully when Josh has HOH LOL

      • I guess it would be revenge, but I think it will be short lived. (Winning a battle, but losing the overall war.) Worst of all is Ramses. If he gets evicted two days from now, it’s going to be crummy to see him go while Josh sticks around. I know Ramses has not been a strong competitor, but actually he’s been no worse than most of the sheeple there, and he hasn’t tried to screw anyone.

  19. I know we do not yet know what the curse is for Jessica receiving the temptation but we know it will effect “all the houseguests.” Would that include Jessica? If so, it seems kind of unfair that Paul and Christmas received temptations but they didn’t get cursed but Jessica gets it and she also gets cursed. I don’t know, just kind of seems lame.
    But all of that aside, I know we don’t know (we find out on Thursday) what it is? Is there any speculation as to what the curse is? Good speculation? Solid speculation?

    • My speculated curses:

      Matt: Take away his cereal
      Josh: Take away his bottle and soother
      Raven: Expose her southern belle act for who she really is
      Elena: Tell her she can’t let her big, beautiful boobs show on camera again
      Kevin: Take away his plastic wrap
      Jason: Take away his cowboy hat
      Mark: Take away his tissues
      Alex: Tell her she can’t listen to Paul anymore. (Actually, tell all of them that.)

      • OMG, that is hilarious!
        Although I think Josh needs his bottle and soother Plus a huge diaper change! I think the curse for Josh should be he’s not allowed to go in the DR room anymore to breast-feed from his mommy

    • If you think about it, the temptation in itself is a reward and a curse for the houseguest who gets it, as it can make their game or ruin it

      • Yeah but Jessica’s not in a good place, so it’s good for her to have it. I don’t think it will ruin her game, I think it will just prolong it by a week or two
        But then again, things change so fast in that house.

    • Cross your fingers that it will be a Curse against Josh and Paul!
      **I would be jumping for Joy!**

      • Absolutely! That would be great although Julie did say it would “affect all the houseguests!”
        Perhaps even Jessica, which would be unfair because Christmas and Paul were not affected with the curse when they got there Temptation
        But, whoever said big brother was fair!?
        Definitely not this season!

  20. How could all of this play out?

    Ramses will get evicted on Thursday unless Jessica learns what’s really going on and manages to convince enough of the sheeple that Paul eventually will screw over each of them.

    If Ramses is evicted, and Josh stays, Cody needs to win HoH next week (otherwise he and/or Jessica will be nominated for eviction and Jessica will have to use her Halting Hex), and we all know he is capable of doing so since he’s great at competitions. If that happens, then Cody needs to put up Josh and Paul for eviction so that at least one of them goes.

    Above all, Jessica and Cody need to realize that they can only trust each other…except maybe also Ramses, but he’s probably got less than three days left in the house.

    • Yup! You pretty much said it all!!! Although I think Jessica and Cody might align with Mark and Elena because those two will also be blindsided on Thursday. Their “alliance” didn’t tell them that they are voting out Ramses b/c they didn’t trust them, Paul etc. thought Mark/Elena would tell Cody/Jessica so, those two are going to be pretty pissed off at their alliance on Thursday! Plus, Paul and his minions are already talking about targeting Mark because ever since Cody got back, Mark has been hanging out with him. So immature! I guess not the best move to hang out with the enemy but they like each other personally outside of the game and, they are stuck in a little house together.
      they will be blindsided on Thursday unless something big happens like Josh does something messed up! So, we can hope that Cody, Mark or Elena win the HOH on Thursday. Then I think Cody and Jessica will be safe and then the following week Jess can use her HH and slap them all in the face with a big blindside back! Hee hee 😜 Karma is a bitch!

      • Mark is just so wishy-washy. During the last (Sunday) episode on CBS, Mark kept saying that he didn’t want Cody back in the house. Then Cody beats Paul in the maze and is back in the house, and suddenly Mark is glad that Cody is back? Worse, Mark (and Elena) go in the HoH room and Mark talks about them all being back to how things were in Week 1? If Mark does support JODY’s efforts, great, but Jessica and Cody were right that Mark can not be counted on for loyalty.

        On face value, yes Mark or Elena winning HoH could be good for Jessica and Cody, but it would not surprise me if Mark and/or Elena were to play both sides, succumbing to Paul while acting like they are on Jessica’s and Cody’s side.

        In addition to Mark’s weakness is Elena’s. Remember the stoplight competition, when Paul whispered to Elena to tell Josh to shout to Christmas to not take any deals, and Elena obeyed Paul? To me, Elena can not be trusted. Also, when MARLENA went to the HoH bedroom to suck up to JODY, Elena was heard in a voice over basically admitting that she was putting on an act to appear supportive of Jessica and Jody.

      • Oh yeah for sure, none of them trust each other and a lot of it is just fake talk that’s for sure. They all admitted to that in the DR room

  21. I am just excited for Thursday. This game doesn’t have many exciting moments.
    I hope this boy doesn’t mess things up. Why do they constantly have to remind him to shut his mouth up.

      • I hate Cody and Jessica and can’t wait to see their faces. She will probably go back to the HOH room and cry for wasting her HOH, while Cody kisses her and she’ll forget all about her stupidity. Josh will probably act like an idiot, but when doesn’t he.

  22. Watching BBAD and listening to Jessica say how much she hates Alex. I think her anger is directed in the wrong direction. Cody is the one who called her Alex when they were in bed together. Still one of the best Jody moments so far.

    • Omg! I almost forgot about that. Yes, I remember that now….he called her Alex. Hahaha! That was funny! ;-)

      That is one of the Worst things you can do.

    • Oops 🙊
      I completely forgot about that LOL probably the worst thing someone could ever do! Oopsies My Bad 🤗

    • Perhaps she sees right through Alex and knows she has just become another one of Paul’s minions. Even Cody should recognize Alex’s changes. She was close to Cody before he left therefore he will see you now she is no longer wanting to work with him. I don’t know why he still protecting her. As far as I know Cody and Alex have not had any strategic conversations since his return. Plus, Alex put Dominique and Jessica on the block so Cody should be more observant and recognize he has lost her to Paul.
      & I am sure Dominique filled Cody in on what happened. I don’t understand why he seems to still respect her and want to work with her!?

      • DON’T U GET IT??? If Jessica was not in the house Cody would be all over Alex in trying to get in her bed…lmao…I like Alex cause she seems to be playing the game shes not looking for love or a summer hook up….

  23. All Jessica had to do was put raven and Elena on the block. If raven wins put of Matt and if Elena wins put up mark. She doesn’t have the votes to take out Paul, but this ensures someone in the majority (and one half of a couple) goes home.

  24. I will laugh my ass off if Paul or someone wins HOH and puts up Cody and or Jess and she pulls her temptations and the curse that “effects” of entire house is the past evicted house guest get to put up noms which would screw Paul BIG time and the veto will be NOT used for that week

  25. Not to worry folks…Production has something planned that will make u throw ur popcorn bowl at the TV Thursday nite…Just wait for it….

  26. its kind of far fetched but knowing how production loves to meddle with the game, i feel like they purposely waited to announce the den’s curse to see what they could come up with based on the days in the house this wk.
    i wouldn’t be surprised if based on this wk and the blindside that the den of temptation curse is for everyone to vote out who they want IN the living room, in front of everyone instead of the diary room in private. that would be major drama !!!!

    • I think (hope) the curse is that the all house is otb and America votes for whom they want out. That could be interesting if production doesn’t temper the result.

    • Interesting theory! I wouldn’t call that a curse unfortunately. I don’t think it’s big enough
      But maybe

    • The Hex is that they can nullify one eviction, meaning there won’t be an eviction that week.
      “Whether on the block or not, [the holder] can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night.”
      It sounds to me that what will follow will be a double eviction. Maybe it will trigger a 7 person Jury instead of a 9 person Jury.

  27. Why is Josh now keep saying, “Your Boy”!? That’s Paul’s saying!!


    • He still saying it?? I saw it on last night/Sunday nights episode in the DR room and I gagged! But I didn’t know he was still saying it ???
      Please say it ain’t so!
      Maybe if Paul finds out, he will evict him on Thursday LOL

  28. DR should ask these HG’s WHY they are compelled to take orders from Paul…. just WHY aren’t they playing their own game? I know Alex, Raven, Christmas & probably Elena now, all think they are Paul’s pick 4 final 2… but the others? why?

    • It might just be that their interests coincide. They like Paul. They don’t like Cody. Paul has experience and knows somewhat what to expect. Maybe they are using Paul to get farther in the game. Maybe that is their game. Let Paul take the heat. He’s the bigger target. Maybe Paul doesn’t treat them like they are something stuck to the bottom of his shoe like Cody does. What makes you think once they are assured of Jury they won’t cut Paul? That’s what he thinks will happen. He’s said he doesn’t think he will win.

  29. Please say it in so! Did Jessica tell Kevin about the HH??? And did he then go run to tell Paul? Or is he going to keep it quiet? (From my understanding Kevin does really like Jessica but enough to keep it quiet?)
    I can see him doing both, but I think he will tell Paul! Why did you do this Jessica!

    • He didn’t flat out tell Paul and them about it, he just said he thinks she got it and then gave suggestions of what it could be based on what Jessica told him.

  30. On bbad Cody has Raven going on an on about her condition. Lord. Smh. I forget he was off being an a-hole when she explained before. It’s a shame he’s just now getting to know all the houseguest, because come Thursday, back to the death glares and seclusion.

    • Ha! Everyone left Raven and Cody alone in the hot tub. Think they are sick of Raven’s harping on her disease.

  31. Jessica COULD still use the HH, tho …right ? I doubt she will , seeing as how she may need it for herself or Cody soon …but it’s still a possibility.

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