Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 3: Monday Daytime Highlights

Things heated up once again in the Big Brother 19 house today as the Veto Ceremony came and went and Dominique’s target continued to grow. Dominique apparently called out Paul and his “minions” at the meeting, so the HGs spent the rest of the day talking about it and securing votes to evict her this week.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 17, 2017:

9:15 AM BBT – Feeds cut for HG wake-up.

10:06 AM BBT – Jason and Alex wonder if Paul is telling them to use the veto but telling others he doesn’t want them to. They agree for Jason not to use the veto and Alex says he has to tell Paul. Jason says he doesn’t have to tell Paul because he’s not their parent.

10:10 AM BBT – Alex says she knows Paul won’t backstab her because his reputation is at stake. She says his “Friendship” means something and he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans. Jason says he doesn’t believe that and thinks Paul is still capable of backstabbing her. She does think that Kevin is more important to Paul than her, however.

11:18 AM BBT – Feeds are down for the Veto Ceremony.

12:15 PM BBT – Feeds return. Jason didn’t use the POV. Dominique called out Paul and Elena and Paul’s “minions.”

12:19 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that Dominique made herself look like a fool. They agree that she sealed her fate this week.

12:20 PM BBT – Jessica play cries over Cody’s memory wall photo.

12:21 PM BBT – Dominique tells Alex that she hopes she protects herself because if they do it to her, they’ll do it to you.

12:22 PM BBT – Elena and Dominique are exchanging words. Paul jumps in. Dominque tells people if they want to talk to her, to come talk to her. Argument switches to Christmas and Dominique.

12:28 PM BBT – Mark and Jason talking about who they want to work with moving forward. Jason says no one is going to want to nominate Matt and Raven. Mark says he might be surprised.

12:33 PM BBT – Alex is talking to herself about Kevin. She says she knows that he’s the one who has been voting weird. She said she’s going to send him home, directly or indirectly.

12:36 PM BBT – Christmas tells Elena she’s disappointed in Dominique because she claims to be this one kind of person but as soon as she is in trouble, she starts spewing hatred. Christmas says she’s sorry Dom threw Elena under the bus during the veto meeting.

12:38 PM BBT – Christmas, Elena and Raven agree that Dominique made herself look dumb in the meeting.

12:39 PM BBT – Alex is obsessing over Kevin to Jason.

12:49 PM BBT – Paul tells Kevin he won’t let Alex or anyone come for him.

12:54 PM BBT – Josh asks Alex who she thinks the hinky vote was but she won’t tell him because she doesn’t want to falsely accuse someone. They both agree they don’t think the weird vote was Dominique.\

1:00 PM BBT – Kevin asks Jason what’s going on with their 5. He says he feels like they’re breaking up and he doesn’t understand why Alex suddenly mentions them being good through Final 8 when it was originally Final 5. Kevin wants the Final 4 to be him, Jason, Paul and Alex. Jason says that’s great but if he starts questioning, it could sketch people out.

1:13 PM BBT – Matt tells Paul he wants to talk to Alex and Jason to thank them about keeping him safe this week and that if he wins HOH they’re safe with him. Paul tells him that’s a good idea.

1:29 PM BBT – Jessica and Dominique talking about how people treat them when they’re on the block. Dominique talks about something about the serpent and the BB house and getting bitten. I don’t know.

1:31 PM BBT – Dominique tells Jessica that she needs to be careful with Raven. Jessica says she knows and she sees it all. She says when someone has six different voices for every person she talks to, you know not to trust them basically. Jessica says it’s game time.

1:40 PM BBT – Jessica tells Christmas that she doesn’t want Dominique to go through this alone this week because she and Cody felt that last week and it’s not cool. Christmas says she just wishes that Dominique would have handled it better this week. She says she just cut ties with everyone and is isolating herself.

1:45 PM BBT – Jessica says she doesn’t want to throw her game away again for being there for Dominique but she also just wants to console her. Christmas says no one should think that and that they’re just disappointed in Dominque’s behavior. Christmas says she’s mad that Dom keeps saying no one came to her to talk when they all left the door open to talk. She says they shouldn’t be forced to chase her down and make her talk to them. Christmas says she can’t be sorry about that and there are a lot of conflicting feelings coming with all this.

1:47 PM BBT – Christmas tells Jessica that she thinks Dominique needs someone this week and thinks it’s a great idea for it to to be Jessica. She asks Christmas if she hears anyone saying anything about Jessica talking to Dom if she can kind of squash it by telling them Jessica just doesn’t want Dom to feel all alone this week. Christmas says she definitely will.

1:57 PM BBT – Christmas says her foot feels a little better every day.

2:30 PM BBT – HGs are lounging outside. Some are sun bathing, others are in the pool. Game talk has died off for now.

Even though Jason did not use the veto on Jessica, it sounds like Dominique has one foot out the door and will be battling for the chance back in the house at the end of the week.

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  1. Paul is a snake and he needs to go, anyone that’s not/w him is against him. Look what he did to Dom’s reputation. People in the house need to wake up and see the whole picture!!!

  2. They need to play their own game and stop asking and following Paul Jason should have took Dominique off the block and see what everybody would have done because Paul started all the mess with Dominique

    • Cody planted the seed about Mark and Dom. He told both Paul and Christmas that they were the twopeople he was talking about knowing he wanted Paul on the block. Dom made her own mess when she started throwing Elana under the bus to Alex. Elana was asking Alex to keep Dom safe. Dom was telling Alex not to trust Elana. Alex thought that was sketchy. Dom is actually the one who is jealous of Elana and Mark. Not the other way around.

  3. After that explosion it’ll definitely be Dominique, Cody, Jillian, and Cameron battling it out. Anyone else rooting for Cameron? He’s free agent AF! In a perfect world though this next temptation won’t get taken and there won’t be a returner.

  4. Interesting ‘flashbacks today (post veto ceremony). A lot of s**t went down…i guess.

  5. I like how Christmas says she’s disappointed but she went off when she was nominated ok girl…

    • I’m with you 100% there! I’m pulling for Christmas but she’s definitely sounding like a hypocrite right now! But I will say what goes around comes around. She absolutely has no idea that Paul is talking trash about her and wants her out the house. Not to mention the other houseguests, she had better wake up and stop kissing Paul’s ass and turn into Miss Badass CrossFit ASAP!

      • Thank you I was rooting for her to but she’s just under Paul’s spell 😒 I really wish they would stop bringing “vets” back and have a new cast or all stars geeze

  6. Did anyone hear about Paul suposedly conspiring to black face Dom or was I the only one?

  7. I have mixed feelings about Paul, but is he is using every opportunity handed him to full advantage whether it’s the Grodner factor or the acquiescence of the other players. It’s really not his fault that the rest of them are such weak sisters.

    • No mixed feelings at all here, he’s playing balls to the wall and good for him. No reason he shouldn’t take this opportunity and make the most of it.

      • He’s playing a good game. If he wasn’t, I wouldn’t defend it. Thank you! :)

      • Maybe Paul is standing out so much for playing the game because the others are like sheep. He’s using everything he learned by years of watching the show as well as playing in it last season. Some of these people play like they’ve never seen the show before.

      • They haven’t seen the show and anyone whom thinks otherwise is naive. BB rarely brings in people who know and understand the game anymore. Paul didn’t even know how to play the game last year. He has said a few times he hadn’t watched it either until sequester last year, hell, he didn’t even know what back dooring was, someone had to explain it to him, last year. Same thing with the majority of BB players, they are introduced to the game in sequester.

  8. Paul is letting his chicken burn to be in everybody’s business. Hoping his name doesn’t come up of course.
    Dominique decided to talk to people a little too late.

  9. Thoroughly disappointed in Alex. No love lost for Whistlebutt, but why the hell should he have told Paul he wasn’t using the veto? She blew it this week imo, even though I’m glad Dommy Faye will be exiting the house, Alex ran a messy and chaotic HOH. One which she contributed to, along with her sidekick fizzlenutz.

      • OMG Been missing you, wondered where you were. Sorry you were sick, I hope you’re feeling better now.💋💚

      • Much better! Thank you, hon. :)
        OMG! Summer colds are the WORST! I was in bed for almost all of last week. It took me all day yesterday & today to catch up on BB & I was like WTH! Dominique went from like low key to public enemy #1!!

      • Yes, Domarosa has ldone lost her ever loving mind. Been some pretty good feeds and chat as well.

      • I’m not seeing the similarities. Da wasn’t even close to the sheer nuttery that God Dom has displayed.

      • ??? They both pushed things way too early thereby blowing up their respective games when they each could have just laid low for at least a few more evictions!
        I do agree that Dom is a whole ‘nutha level of batsh!t cray cray tho.

      • I saw. Her & Paul seriously got into it.
        I like how Paul & Alex are sharing the heat for this week
        However, I think Paul needs to keep an eye on Alex, if he thinks she’s on his side, he is dead wrong.

    • Alex’s aligning with Paul was the messy part. At least the whole house is all over the place now. Next HOH we will see how many different alliances will come out of it.

    • I still think Alex is going to come out of this week better than how she started it. The huge alliance is broken up, Mark/Elena have expressed interest in working with Alex/Jason going forward, no one is mad at her despite how much the house was shaken up… She’s in a good position now.

      • Clearly the house doesn’t see all that we see, but from a birds eye view, she kind of blew it. I think there is enough stuff that happened during this week that many could use against her, it’s kind what happens when things get messy.

      • Yes, there is that but only if these people get together and talk though. Right now, she hasn’t left that impression on them.

      • But this what, week 3? Lots of time to share and compare and come up with all sorts of conspiracies. LOL

    • I’m not so sure, she got out Dom, who had aligned herself with the showmances. She’s getting the players on the outskirts of the alliance, because like you said it’s only week 3. She took the head of the snake and now she has a showmance and Paul/Christmas on her side. Although she should have convinced Jason to use the veto on Jessica, because things can still turn around and she can be sent packing. I have faith that Dom is digging her own grave at this point though.
      But yeah, Alex was on the outskirts now she’s in the middle of what appears to be the newest “alliance but not an alliance” so she’s in a better spot this week if nothing else.

      • I agree but I think it was so chaotic and as I stated in another post, there wasn’t a clear mission statement and it led to chaos and could come back to bite her in the butt. When people are confused, they tend to blame the person in charge, and she was in charge.

      • That’s pretty fair haha
        Well here’s to hoping, especially with all this new Josh drama, that she’s ok!

  10. Omg! Its trending Paul has upset fans planning to paint his face black with the snake suit for the veto as a dig to Dominique!

  11. Ramses, Kevin and Jessica have nothing to talk about. Awkward silence in between words.

  12. Watching feeds and Matt just told Raven she is needy as hell, LOL. I hope he dumps her soon.

      • KInd of, he said babe at the end. He’s a very passive kind of guy. It would never work for me.

      • That’s what others are saying too. People are saying he has the hots for Jess more than her, not sure I see it but I don’t pay attention to him, BORING.

      • I like Matt, but he’s too lackadaisical to suit my tastes. I need a manly man, if you know what I mean. Not a crazy man like Cody, but a guy who knows where his line is and is cool to defend it. Like Beast Mode Cowboy!

      • Ugh, you lost me on BMC. I absolutely HATE him, with a passion, almost as much as Frankie. Another stalker/creep in BB. I felt so bad for Amber. He really phucked up her game. Still love ya girl. :)

      • Hahaha! I actually couldn’t stand him at first either, so no worries at all hon. Love ya too.

        I didn’t start liking Caleb until after Amber left and liked him more on his interviews after the show.

        However, even if I loved him from the get-go, I will agree with you…he blew her game up BIG TIME! Totally weird!

      • I’m signing off for the evening TG. So glad you are feeling better, missed you tons. Bigs kisses and hugs and I will see you around tomorrow. *mwah

      • Loved him! He was so loyal and such a gentlemen. I lil creepy with Amber but southern men are like that when it comes to courting a woman. Like Rhett Butler. Very confident and aggressive. Some like it some don’t. That was good man! He and Donny were such gentlemen.

      • I’m with you, FiddleDee….He wasn’t charming on social network, and he kept getting invited on Survivor like that makes him more appealing. I see someone named mg loves Caleb. I wonder if she’s seen his actual feelings about the former President and those that are not of Calebs church beliefs. Sigh I live and let live but crazy actions and words, changes the game. Cody went to Ferguson to watch it go down. I lived through the fallout from that time and had to go to court as a witness to the carnage. It wasn’t a movie, it was real. I don’t know if he found what he came to see.

  13. Just watched the 4:23 PM ‘fall out. Mark vs Josh Obviously Mark was trying so hard to cover his tracks, but he was losing the battle. Josh is wack! lol He’s a liability..On the other hand, it’s watching ‘one flew over the cuckoos nest.

  14. Btw, I’m looking online on Twitter, and the Den Twist this week will be a total tossup. People are starting rallies to vote for Dominique…but they don’t understand that if Dominique leaves on Thursday, she can’t get it. I think they think the temptation will be given out right before the eviction, but it can’t be, because they need 4 people for the Battleback competition. So a complete wildcard may get the temptation this week just because everyone is trying to hop on the Dominique train and “flip the house”

  15. Ha ha! I know Jason is not a fan favourite but, I love that he told Alex he doesn’t have to tell Paul anything because he is not his parents!!! That’s funny! So true! I kind of like Jason even more now! (I never didn’t like him)
    Question, whatever happened with Alex backdooring Christmas?
    Was it mainly due to Dominique’s behaviour after she was nominated? She became the sole target? Dom clearly ruined her own game! I am surprised she is acting the way she is. Before she was nominated, she seemed very levelheaded, kind etc. it is quite crazy what the house does to you!
    I think it’s nice of Jessica to not isolate Dominique, although Dominique is doing it to herself, I still think it’s nice of Jessica to console her and be talking to her. Just my opinion….. maybe it’s bad for Jessica’s game but at this point, no one’s willing to work with her! & I don’t see that changing ever. Maybe if Cody comes back but who knows!

  16. Also, all these alliances all over the place! I can’t keep up anymore.
    Is Alex, Jason, Paul and Kevin’s alliance real? I mean clearly it’s real for some of them but all of them?
    Are Mark/Elena, Matt/Raven, Paul, Christmas and whoever else I am missing still in a strong alliance?
    Does Josh have any type of alliance? Hope not! I wish he was going home this week!!
    Do you think Paul is staying strong with his alliance with Kevin? Or will he easily break that one? What about the one with Alex?
    & lastly LOL 😂
    Why would Jason and Alex talk about Jessica & Ramses being there next targets!? That seems really stupid. Especially if Paul, the couples, Christmas and whomever else are still in a strong alliance? Of course Alex and Jason don’t know that though.

  17. So, in short can someone give me the rundown of the real alliances and the fake alliances? I am having a hard time figuring out which ones are real and which ones are fake? It seems like Paul has a lot of different alliances, some out there pretty much in the open, and some secretive example Alex…… from what I understand Paul seems to really want to take Kevin to the end!? But also Alex now!? Or was that just because she was HOH!? Help LOL 😂
    TIA XO 😘

  18. I think Dom is playing one of the worst games ever. She has such a high opinion of herself and irritates me with her bringing God into all her game conversations. God has enough to do, He doesn’t need to worry about BB game play.

  19. Paul has told people not to talk to Dom and that’s a crappy thing to do. He just doesn’t want her to start spilling the tea about him. At this point I don’t think she’s smart enough to stop talking in riddles.

  20. Dominique had to see this coming. I mean, as soon as she did the talk show…what made her think any of that was ok? Now everyone’s jealous of her talk show where she is low key revealing alliances? Then says Elena is jealous of her relationship with Mark? Can I have some of whatever she’s smoking? It must be a far out dimension in her head. Poor thing. And Elena tried to protect her right away, even though Dom isn’t even part of the whole showmance thing. She’s the third wheel all three time, maybe that’s why she’s so irritated.

  21. I say this every year but this really is the worst season. Everyone came out and showed their hands..arguments were left and right..this was truly a wasted week cuz I’m still trying to figure out why Dom is the target? If I was Alex I would have rallied everyone up and dropped names to get Paul out..why are they so dumb!? It’s annoying to watch. And Elena is such an attention whore..I can’t stand her

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