Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 2: Tuesday Highlights

It was an oddly quiet day in the Big Brother 19 house, possibly the quietest day during week 2 from recent seasons. That’s mostly because the house is set on evicting Cody this week and he and Jessica haven’t decided to start fighting for him to stay.

Cody and Jessica at the pool on BB19

It probably wouldn’t do much good for them to put up a fight anyway. Right now, Cody is focused on winning the inevitable Battle Back competition to put himself back in the game.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 11, 2017:

10:15 AM BBT – HGs are getting up with a late start to the day.

10:35 AM BBT – Jason is camtalking to his family. Alex joins in.

10:50 AM BBT – Cody and Jessica along with Jason have returned to the pool since it’s a costume-free zone for them.

10:55 AM BBT – Big Brother called an indoor lockdown so the HGs clear out the backyard. Costume time again for the Toads.

11:30 AM BBT – HGs hanging around chatting between the kitchen and living room areas.

12:10 PM BBT – Some of the HGs are playing charades while on lockdown. Slow day.

12:35 PM BBT – Christmas follows up with Raven and Matt about her talk with Jessica.

12:45 PM BBT – Matt says he just wants to make Jury and doesn’t care after that. They discuss how well Alex has done to turn her game around.

12:48 PM BBT – Josh tells Dominique that he wants to play the game with her from here on out. He says he trusts her 100 percent. He promises to never lie to her.

1:37 PM BBT – Jessica is in tears in the lounge. Cody tries to comfort her as she says the house has broken her and she never expected it to be this hard.

2:10 PM BBT Raven comforts a still upset Jessica. Raven gives her a hug and offers her some tea. Jessica says she’s so embarrassed for being so upset.

2:30 PM BBT – Cody apologizes to Jessica saying she’s losing her ally and effectively punished because of the risks he took without considering the impact on her.

3:08 PM BBT – Christmas brings up the fact that Cameron wasn’t at the photoshoot with them. They wonder if he’s in sequester or was sent home already.

5:30 PM BBT – Dominique is quizzing Elena on her relationship with Mark. She questions their decision to make things intimate.

5:45 PM BBT – Dominique encouraging Elena telling her she is worthy of being loved and having a guy who appreciates her. They’re continuing their long talk when Mark arrives in the room and hangs around.

6:10 PM BBT – Matt can’t decide if they should go after Ramses or Jessica next and which of them is the bigger target. He notes Ramses is the smarter of the two. Mark says he wants Jessica out first over Ramses. Dominique agrees that Jessica will be the stronger competitor.

6:20 PM BBT – Matt questions if Jason is all there or not after listening to his talk with Dominique. He jokes that Jason has been kicked in the head too many times at the rodeo.

6:58 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason that she at first thought Paul was just here to play the game for his fans but now she knows he’s there to win the game. She tells Jason that she wants Christmas out of the game. She says she feels bad about her injury but tells Jason she’s been really salty toward him and wants him out.

7:35 PM BBT – Raven tells Matt her eviction order is Jessica, Ramses Jason and Josh.

7:44 PM BBT – Christmas reminds the HGs that she should be out of surgery by 9 PM Wednesday.

8:00 PM BBT – HGs working out in the living room as they’re on lockdown.

8:14 PM BBT – Raven is wondering if they should keep Ramses around longer as a target. Matt says they have to think about the mental competitions at which he could be good.

9:06 PM BBT – Christmas has packed up her overnight bag for her surgery.

9:21 PM BBT – Alex, Kevin and Jason discuss nominations next week. Kevin wants to make a bold play but Alex says they don’t have the numbers to make a move like that. She says they’ll have to go with the house if one of them wins HOH. She says they’d just come for them the next week so they have to put up the people the other side wants out first and then go after them after.

10:00 PM BBT – After Cody has joined the rest of the house Kevin tells Jason that maybe Cody should have shared some of these social skills last week instead of not talking with anyone.

10:30 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica are laughing and having fun. So far they aren’t putting up any kind of fight to get Cody to stay.

10:55 PM BBT – Kevin and Jason discuss targets. Jason says he doesn’t know who he’d put up, or at least he doesn’t want to say. Jason thinks the other side is worried about him. Kevin points out that’s what gets you put on the Block.

11:55 PM BBT – Cody admits to Kevin that he’s 32, not 27. Kevin asks why he lied and Cody explains the ages are usually so much lower.

12:30 AM BBT – Mark and Paul look to next week’s plans. Mark really wants Jessica out but Paul is pushing for Ramses to go. Paul warns Mark that Christmas isn’t driving as hard against Jessica as she had been.

12:40 AM BBT – Christmas warns Paul that while Kevin seems to be with them he may not feel included and they should try to ask for his opinion on things to fix that.

12:45 AM BBT – Jason asks Josh who would be his target. Josh says the house is rallying behind going after Jessica and Ramses. Jason doesn’t like the idea of this groupthink. Josh suggests the group will split before too long, but to try and stick with Paul because he’ll know when to make that move. Josh tells Jason that once Jessica and Ramses are gone then they can start going after HGs like Christmas and Dominique.

12:50 AM BBT – Josh tells Jason he’ll try for HoH this week because he doesn’t trust any of them.

12:55 AM BBT – Elsehwere, the HoH crew is discussing throwing the comp to Josh so all of them can still play the following week.

12:55 AM BBT – Paul believes next week will be the last of the Den of Temptation twists. Christmas expects it to be replaced by something else.

1:05 AM BBT – Ramses promises Jason that he did not vote out Jillian. He points out that Kevin has gone upstairs again as he often does.

1:30 AM BBT – Ramses is trying to convince Alex that it wasn’t him who voted out Jillian. He notes how Kevin has been acting strange when discussing the vote. He mentions Kevin warned him about a possible hinky vote this week against him. Alex fears Kevin could end up causing them to get evicted by accident while working with the other side.

2:30 AM BBT – Mark and Josh alone in the bathroom area talking game. Mark lets Josh know he may throw the comp to him especially if he’ll go after Jessica, but not to let anyone else know that. Mark promises him anything they discuss stays between them and he won’t even tell Elena.

2:55 AM BBT – Josh is still awake and camtalking about his game. He thinks Matthew is sneaky and wants him out. Josh says once they reach the Jury mark he’ll start playing harder to win competitions, but he still wants to get this week’s HoH.

3:05 AM BBT – Josh heads back to bed and the house is quiet for the night.

Just another day and a half of the calm life before we get to reset the week with a new HoH and target. Let’s hope someone is ready to shake things up as there’s certainly a growing consensus by the outsiders to come together. Can they pull off an upset on Thursday night against the majority?

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    • I know, I just hope Jason can keep his mouth shut! Its kind of curious, its entirely for her sake that I am hoping Cody wins the Battle Back, he might prove a more reliable number 2 for her.

      • Whistledick will never be able to keep his mouth shut, that boy is a flake and a blabbermouth. He’ll be gone soon enough, thank goodness.

      • I know, he is third on everyone’s list, and its really the sole reason why I am hoping Cody comes back because while her name won’t be up just yet (Josh is due for another emotional breakdown) he might have taken some of the social lessons he is currently faking and come in all mea culpa but he and Alex might be able to do a version of Dan/Memphis in season 10. Alex just does not have a Keesha to help spread the word to save him just now though. Too bad about Jessica, she kind of had the makings of that type role, but who knows she might make it through next week.

      • But Alex (who I am rooting for at this point) needs foot soldiers, cannon fodder and weapons to get her to the final 5 where the game kind of changes.

      • She started out on the wrong side of the house is her only problem. Strategically, i would have never gone against Paul. Even if I didn’t like him. We’re talking about $500,000 dollars here. I would want to get as close to it as possible. A lot of ppl don’t like Paul’s personality but he was loyal in his game play plus he’s smart and has a hell of a social game and he’s a fan favorite. You have to think that way, weigh things out. But she’s coming along. I do like her though.

      • Which is both sad because it was that the showmances is what divided the house and why it bothers me that Paul just doesn’t fully team up with Christmas and Dom.

        But Alex’s situation is so reminding me of where Dan found himself at the beginning of season 10, being pulled into an all guy alliance on day one, his biggest ally going all crazy and pissing the whole house off and him being the only vote to keep him and really being the next one on the bloc for about four weeks before other people started to annoy their competitors, then not really finding Memphis until like week five when Memphis was on the block and on his way out the door, and then Keesha took it upon herself to change the vote and still didn’t know that America’s Vote was there that week so she had Dan no matter what (and considering that was what he wanted to do but he was really thinking about just continuing to lay low and vote ‘with the house’). Then Keesha pulled a lot of the house’s attention to her and she got into some of the best fights in Big Brother history with, well, everyone, but the rest of the house seemed to take forever to get that no matter what she did, she was part of a solid four voting bloc, even if there were only three votes of that bloc available because Dan and Memphis agreed that Dan could win HOHs and Memphis could win vetos just based on the type of competitions they were planning out to be and they just had to hold on during alternating weeks.

        Alex has found herself behind, but she has rallied so that, like Dan, even the houseguests who didn’t like her, are all starting to like her like she’s their kid sister. She just doesn’t have a ride or die that she can count on and the other outsiders are too flighty. I weirdly could see Josh being like the Keesha though, but last I checked last night, he’s annoyed with her.

      • I didnt watch that season. I took a break from 7 to 15. I hate josh. Players like that piss me off. Paul would rather not be in with so many shomances but now he has no choice, he has the numbers now so he has to go with it. He’s smart enough not to try and mess with that right now alex is smart enough to start trying to develop relationships with the other side. Her and Paul are the best players in that game. Im rooting for them to get together. It’s forming though and I know Paul is looking for a strong ride or die to break up couples. Only thing is you must be careful because couples count as two votes. They are good for numbers in the beginning but dangerous toward the end.

      • I couldn’t tell you much about 7-9 (I really didn’t start watching until season 6) but season 10 to me is still the best overall season and had the most stories and straight game play. And some of the best fights, well, you should just search on You Tube for something like Keesha’s birthday fight, or who wants cake fight (it was, in fact, Keesha’s birthday but Keesha, and I want to say April but I don’t think that had fully dissolved yet, but I know Keesha and Libra were involved and it went all over the house, and the camera men were on point for following the action because somehow it was about Memphis, but Memphis and Dan just hid on the couches and tried not to laugh during all of it, and then it ends with Libra standing alone in the kitchen offering cake to the house). But I swear it started the use of pawns on the block as active agents as opposed to just the randos, because Dan was like always nominating Memphis and if he didn’t win Veto, Dan likely did and Dan would then save him. And Dan didn’t really bring out the “mist” he became famous for until the final four when somehow he convinced Memphis to vote out Keesha over Jerry and Memphis took the total blame for it when Keesha figured it out. And it was back when the jury had like loads of time to question the final two and somehow it didn’t blow back on Dan.

      • Lol you have a good memory. For me, after the season is over i cant remember much. I’ll have to look that up.

      • Like i said, that’s why I wouldn’t gone against Paul. The players are foolish to think production would let him be evicted the first hoh!… U have to think think think!

      • Yeah you are right. Cody is a Texas Alpha Male and I lived in Plano Texas for 20 years. He is Bullheaded and has a major touch of brainless brawn.

    • I don’t understand Alex’s logic. She tells Kevin that they need to go after Ramses and Jessica for the other side because they don’t have the numbers. But once Ramses and Jessica are out, Alex has FEWER numbers and will be one of the top targets.

  1. I never felt so sure that a person would make final 2 at this point of the game until now. With Paul being given these three weeks of safety by CBS (c’mon, everyone at CBS knew he’d get the first temptation — nobody else was known at that point!) and the fact that the whole house went into an uproar over Cody daring to evict Paul, makes me think he has this locked. He’s got these newbies all believing in him (sans Cody), and it’s way too easy. This, despite that he is as two-faced and hard playing as you can get on BB.

    • how is he two faced? last season he only stabbed people in the back who did it to him first. He was loyal to a fault. He made a dumb move last year doing what Cody did this year (try to be too bold too soon) and like Cody it backfired on him, but unlike Cody, Paul adjusted. At the end of the day, it’s a game, Paul plays it excellently.

      Furthermore, once they get Cody and Jess out of the house, Paul and the other’s common enemy is gone, and Paul will not have the numbers anymore as the others are more of a core group. Paul will have to play smart if he want’s to win. Being the only vet is a huge disadvantage. I have seen nothing that indicates Paul has made any game long alliances or friends, just a common enemy who is soon to be gone. This game is way too early to call. Kevin and Alex are two folks to watch. Kevin is laying low and letting everyone else do the fighting and staying out of it. Alex is a beast who, if she can lay low and keep a target off her back, can come in late in the game and take control and win it. I would be shocked if Paul made it to final 4 to be honest.

      • He is already making Kevin beholden to him. Brought Josh under his wing. Christmas and Mark are up his butt. Are Elena and Raven even playing the game?
        THe only people willing to go after Paul are Jason and Dominique.

      • I think your wrong too I’ve been watching every day just like everyone Paul has worked his but off trying to keep from getting stabbed in the BACK AGAIN !!!

      • Yes, Paul has worked his butt off. He has an advantage of being a Vet and being given 4 weeks of safety. He has used his time well. Like I said, the only person willing to go after Paul and not do what he says is Jason. Dom is onto Paul and will wait to make her move, probably too long.

  2. Quick observation: Alex keeps talking about not having the numbers, so they have to go along with the house. Does she realize she is further eliminating her possible allies? She will never have the numbers if she keeps going with what the other side wants.

    • Here’s another thought.

      Alex is correct in her thinking.

      Right now there is nothing that she can do.

      Win HOH? Evict one of the “in” kids. She becomes target number one until she is eventually nominated and voted out.

      Now if she can get Jason to win HOH, that may play to her advantage. ONLY, ONLY, ONLY if she stays out of the HOH room and let Jason or Ramses (I think Kevin is too smart to win HOH at this point) take ALL of the blood from the eviction.

      As a general rule of thumb, the only reason to win HOH is because you HAVE to win HOH to stay in the game. And if that’s the case, especially this early in the game, you are most likely not going to win the game anyway.

      Alex seems to understand what many here don’t grasp, the power alliance can’t hold forever. In the next few weeks it WILL splinter. (there was already some anti-Christmas talk going on last night).

      If Alex stays quiet, in the background and continues to “play along”, she will be able to shift the balance of power to her preferred side of the splintered power alliance.

      Right now, for her game (and Kevin’s, although his is starting to unravel a bit) it is best to lay low and wait. Her time will come.

      In the end, Alex will prove to be a real player in this game.

      • I don’t like how Alex rolled over so quickly on Megan and Ramses. I wouldn’t want considered her friend.

      • So you would sacrifice a chance at $500,000 for a “friend” you just met less than a month ago?

        These people all have lives, loves, friends and families outside of this game. Anyone foolish enough to put a temporary friendship above their real family and friends deserves NOTHING.

      • Alex did not have to believe Megan was trying to start a race war.
        She didn’t have to believe Ramses would vote against his best friend.
        She could have quietly supported both of them.

      • Which makes it a crime that the producers have rigged the game at least for the first month in favor of Paul.

  3. What a bunch of non competitors first threw the HOH to Paul then the POV, now going to throw the next HOH to Josh, gee where do they get these gutless people.

    • Throwing the HOH to Paul was smart, he already had immunity from being put on the block so it was not a big deal to give him the HOH…

    • I’d replace “non competitors” with “strategists”. They made a smart move for their collective games. They raised the odds that one of their allies would win HOH, and it paid off for them. Who cares if it’s gutless? Cody made a gutsy move, and look where he is.

  4. Omg! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Josh says that he promises, to the cameras, that he will start playing harder to win comps when they get to the Jury.

    That really made me laugh. I don’t see it!

  5. I think dom will be the first one to take shots at her side once jury hits. She probably will not put up josh since hes made it clear she takes priority over anybody else in her side along with paul/xmas

  6. I just watch a pre game interview from k-frog with Jessica. It’s hilarious how she did the exact opposite in the house as what she said she would do. For example no showmance, not being part of a big alliance (like the 9 poeple on week 1!!!), liking blond guy with green eyes, being very social… It can not be more the opposite. I guess she really doesn’t know herself!!!

    • It’s often amazing how high stress situations can bring out the very worst in people.
      It takes real courage to know one’s self. She and Cody are bullies. Bullies are cowards.

      • I absolutely agree, the sooner those 2 are out, the better! Jessica is a cowardly liar and Cody thinks showing his young daughter that winning is more important than showing integrity

  7. I really like watching Evel Dick’s show. He talks the truth about these (Hg’s) “Players” **cough**cough**! And it is so Funny too….. it’s true!

  8. They outsiders are too focused on what the house wants to make a bold move. THey need numbers- they need Jessica and Ramses. Instead of bringing them in they are pushing Ramses away. Jess- she is just a lost cause. What a waste.
    If Alex wins HOH I fully expect her to nominate whoever Paul tells her to- most likely Ramses and Jess.

    • A couple observations.

      Alex is too smart to win HOH this week. Why win HOH when it’s clear she is in no danger of eviction from anyone in the house?

      I wouldn’t trust Jessica as far as I could throw her, why would Alex want to align with her?

      • Well, if Alex were to win HOH and nominate Ramses and Jessica, she’d build some trust with Paul & some of the others. It might help her get an “in” with the other houseguests and put her in a better position in this game.

      • She has already built some trust with Paul and the others. All winning HOH will do is make her seem a bigger threat.

        Alex should lay low, vote with the house, keep her ears open and wait. The campers will start getting restless very soon.

    • While I get your point from a game perspective, Ramses and Jess have proven they can’t be trusted. Jess treats everyone like dirt and Ramses is all over the place. So a miracle has to happen for that plan to work.

  9. They’re throwing HOH now?? It’s week 3!!! And to Josh of all people?? God I really hope this was just a bunch of bogus cam talk. Josh is one of the worst HOH possibilities, he’d change his mind 87 times them nominate the dumbest people.

    • Josh is the PERFECT patsy to win HOH this week!

      Everyone is on board with the targets being Ramses and Jessica. If something goes wrong or a pawn is needed, Josh will take the blame. AND next week everyone but Josh will play in the HOH.

      The better question is why would any SMART player NOT want Josh to win HOH?

      • I see ur point but its soooo risky what with Joshes child like mentality.. It could totally backfire…

      • In what way?

        Josh would seem to have the same targets as most of the house.

        Jessica and Ramses.

        Danger may be introduced if one of the two nominees win veto, but I think the power alliance would influence Josh to nominate Jason.

      • Josh made the comment about not trusting or liking Matt and wanting him out. That tells me he’s not on board with the Jessica Ramses plan and will do something out of left field and nominate Matt and Raven. Not good for anyone’s game.

      • Josh made the comment about not trusting or liking Matt and wanting him out. That tells me he’s not on board with the Jessica Ramses plan and will do something out of left field and nominate Matt and Raven. Not good for anyone’s game at all.

  10. Dam…Josh becoming HOH is a train wreck waiting to happen…HGs will be wanting to self evict and it was their idea…Josh being HOH is a curse on the entire house..

    • I wouldn’t throw anything to Josh but a shoe at his head. I hate that idea. That’s giving your car keys to an 8y/o, plus a whole to watch Josh with POWER! Smh o my goodness. Only fun part is watching him nominate Jessica.

  11. I hope Jason heard the difference in what Alex told him versus Josh told him (Josh saying to fall in line with Paul; Alex basically saying they have to lie in wait….oh, geez, I am now going to have that section of “Wait for It” stuck in my head all day) even though it amounts to the same thing which is like tow the line right now, next week Jessica means nothing to them, Ramses only slightly more but we don’t trust him so its not a big deal if either of them go.

    • alex will throw Jason under the bus in a hartbeat she is already wants chrismass out so she can be pauls number 1

      • Eh…she has a longer relationship with Jason (plus, she likely was just jumping on the doubting of Christmas that Paul actually started), but she right now knows she can ride Paul further, but I sense she’d toss him aside too.

  12. Please let Josh win HOH. It will be the best thing to happen to the house, there will be turmoil, drama, entertainment at its finest.

    Christmas, she needs to be let go. For a number of reasons, first being the injury. Next, it’s not fair to the others that she is going in and out if the house, yes I understand it’s for medical purposes, but HG’S would give anything to interact with the human world while they are locked up in the BB house. It gives her that slight edge and boost imo, regardless of her inability to perform physically. She’s been and will be given time to decompress from the pressures of the house. That is a huge advantage. Of course there is also lost bonding time/game talk she will miss out on, but all in all it’s a positive for her, time to get her out of the house

    • Exactly my point. The big brother experience is to be locked up with same poeple in a house, no outside view and camera on you 24/7. She get luxury to interact with other people, breaks from other houseguests, no camera… it’s not what this experience is about. Don’t tell me they will guard her room and make sure no one will talk to her. Who knows she might be able to get access to a cell phone and read about the show.

      • I don’t think Christmas would risk it. She has to much to loose, I’m sure she will respect the rules.

      • Probably not. But she still go out of the house, the cameras and take a break of the drama.

        I guess the fact that Megan quit is why producers keep her in the game even if it doesn’t make sense.

    • I agree Christmas should be released.
      I have a friend who suffered a broken foot on March 4 of this year and she is STILL recovering. She needs physio twice a week and still needs to carry her crutches around for stability.
      It sounds like Christmas’ break is also serious – even if not as bad as my friend’s break, it’s unlikely she will recover in time to do ANY physical comps this summer.
      I honestly don’t understand why Production hasn’t forced the issue. Maybe they’re waiting until after surgery when there will be a more definite prognosis of recovery timeline?

      • Christmas discussed that with Paul. She said they will remove the screw, she is getting today, in 4 months. Then she will do physio. BB will be finish by then. At this point, I’m sure all she hope is to make it to jury, so she can relax in the jury house.

    • Its sad because she had a lot of potential in this game.
      She’s not a quitter, she’s a fighter.
      She could make it further if its not for the leg.

  13. If the HOH comp is endurance I don’t think Josh has a chance of, sad to say. What I’m afraid of is Messica possibly pulling out a win because of her smaller stature/build. EGADS

    • Yeah, he sunk his ship on that one, but I *hate* when fans get someone fired. I think the one that did him in was making the “joke” on McCrae’s mic and then people falsely claimed it was him speaking about himself. The whole thing was stupid and dumb by all parties involved.

      Spencer was a dummy on the things he said, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone who loved his job as much as that man did. Spencer never shut up about how great that job was.

  14. Hey y’all! New here but I love this show. I like the interaction you guys have with each other. NO ONE I know watches Big Brother so I’m all alone :( Jessica should be eliminated next, why vote out Ramses who did nothing and keep someone who will definitely be playing with vengeance???
    I feel so bad for Ramses. He didn’t do anything yet he’s getting all the blame. I get that he appears to be bright, so he might do well at mental comps, but damn! Finish what you started. Mess around and not vote Jessica out and she starts doing good in the game. Probably won’t happen, but why chance it? Cody may have went far if he talked to people instead of talking at them. The power trip of having a team rather than working with them was his downfall. And his response of death stares whenever someone he didn’t like would talk to him. It’s a game man, you have to talk to everyone. It’s like working at a job where you hate most of the people, but you have to talk to them to get stuff done. I like Paul and all, but I’m rooting for Alex. She’s a spitfire, plus she’s physically powerful. Imagine had her and Cody teamed up! I would have loved to see Christmas in physical comps and yes, I do think she low key feels angry at Jason for her injury. But I think he’s going to end up going home soon, especially since everyone thinks Kevin is innocent. I think he is probably somehow related to Jonathan Knight, his younger pictures were crazy!
    NKOTB flashbacks.. lol! But Kevin/JK is very sneaky and when the jury sees how he really plays the game, there’s no way he’s getting their vote. I think Mark will stay for a while, his demeanor is pretty chill and he’s always making mini alliances in his own way. Josh does the whole floater thing too, at least he’s calmed down a bit though. Poor thing. He’s so emotional. I think Raven could go far as well, especially on comps like the one with the comics on the wall. It seems like there is more of a “groupthink” thing going on, I agree with Jason. Dominique and Paul seem to be teaming up, that could get them very far in the game. But I agree with the homie Alex, the whole guy-girl/showmance thing is getting old. Even when Howie and Janelle linked up, they still were really powerful players in their own right. I think had they played separately, they still would have went far. I’m so excited to see how the rest of the season plays out! Sorry this is so long, but I was excited.

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