Big Brother 19 Underdog Report: Week 2

We’re well into Week 2 of Big Brother 19, so we’re definitely starting to see the leaders of the house but also the underdogs of the house. And since most people love an underdog, we’ve decided to do a weekly underdog report.

The Underdog of the Week is definitely Alex. She started out Week 1 as an outsider as her allies were placed on the block. When Megan walked from the game, Alex was the replacement. It was beginning to look like Alex wouldn’t make it past week one, but she pulled out the veto win and has been rebuilding her game ever since.

With Megan and Jillian gone, Alex was left with only a few allies, and with those few quickly building targets on their backs, Alex has adjusted. Not only did she get Cody and Jessica to change their thoughts on her after that initial week, she managed to become a solider for Paul during his Head of Household reign. Alex is nowhere near the top of any side of the house, but she’s managed to not be a target for the next couple of weeks. If she keeps making the right moves, she could find herself placed pretty well in the game.

Of course there has been some talk from Alex that leads us to believe that she has already come to terms with the fact that Paul is going to win the game, but we haven’t heard her thoughts in the Diary Room yet, so until then, there’s a chance those words were just strategy. Not too many of the houseguests seem to be playing the game for themselves at the moment, so here’s to hoping Alex actually is.

Who are you seeing as the underdog of the game at the moment?

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  1. I agree. I do hope she is just saying things to make her not be the target. As of right now she is one of my favorites and I hope that she becomes the one to beat. If not she will be gone.

      • Definitely. She’s really impressed me with how subtle and careful she is. Too bad some of her fellow outsiders are knuckleheads. I’m worried Jason is going to inadvertently mess things up for her.

      • I get the feeling that Jason’s a shield for now but she’ll cut him loose when the time comes.

    • I’ve become a fan of Alex. I like her and Paul working together. I bet if they made final 2, Alex would win. I’m saying this being Paul fan. Go Alex!

  2. Christmas and Matt should go off and travel together. I don’t see him and Raven as a real couple. Maybe because she is young he wanted to.

    • I was shocked when I heard Matt and Christmas talk of all the places they been, up until now Matt has been so full with Raven clinging to him. I was shocked he worked a corporate job in Europe and traveled the world.

  3. I’ve liked Alex from the first night when she told Cody what to do with his suggestion that she should give up the comp. I do disagree with one of the statements above. I agree that Cody changed his thoughts about Alex but I don’t believe that Jessica did unless it was from not liking her to being jealous of her. I’m hoping that Alex can go far, she more than most in that house will be flexible enough to work with people from week to week as opposed to blindly aligning herself with a group.

  4. I really hope she is just playing along for now and I hope the show realizes she is on the precipice of being a person the audience roots for or just being cannon fodder we will forget about and that the veto comp episode is the perfect opportunity to couch her questions in dr. Because she is likely going to do something in her speech on Thursday (wishing Kevin’s mom a happy birthday) which will make the house really love her. But if the audience know she knows wjat she is doing, that would be helpful. Heck, some complaining about Jason would work too.

  5. I did not like her during her preseason interviews, but I like her in the house. I hope she goes far.

  6. I think the way she is playing is bad and stupid but at the same time that is the only way she will get far for now but cant wait to see where she goes in the future and if she will play a floater or a leader game.

  7. I like Alex, what I don’t like is her attachment to Whistledick.

  8. I agree. Alex is certainty an underdog.
    She’s become my favorite as of lately as someone who’s willing to play hard.
    She’s one of my picks to win.

  9. Alex should attach herself to the showmances + Dom if she wants to get any further…pretty soon, the outsiders will be all but gone and that foursome is going to need her for a vote to get rid of Paul/Christmas/Kevin who 100% will win if they make it to the end.

  10. I liked Alex until she jumped all over Megan. Although Megan had it wrong, Jessica didn’t fess up with what she actually said (and I can see how Megan thought she said what she did). At this point, Jessica was already showing her true colors and I was shocked at how quickly Alex took her side against Megan. Had she apologized, I might have changed my mind about her. So far, I haven’t.

  11. “Not too many of the houseguests seem to be playing the game for themselves at the moment” Nope. I think the intensity of the game play and the insertion of Paul appears to have many HGs taking background positions. Let the chaos play out and stay safe.

  12. I was a fan of Alex until she became obsessed over the fact that Ramses “voted out Jillian”. Girl, so what, you never made sure you had the votes. She is even saying if she wins HOH she’s targeting Ramses, I hope she doesn’t, it’ll hurt me seeing an underdog target another one.
    I’m also not a fan of her saying that she wants to work with Paul. If an underdog doesn’t have power in the game, he/she should at least have a good perspective on the game. For now I say she definitely has to do what Paul tells her to do, but in the long term if she’s still doing that then she can go.

    • I don’t like how Alex treated the dog walker, and I hope she hits the door right behind Cody, Jessica, and Josh in that order!

    • She did make sure she had the votes. She didn’t know that Josh and Kevin were lying to her. Which was stupid on their part because Christmas would of been gone, Jillian would of stayed and the outsiders would of had the numbers against Paul and his minions. I think she’s playing a great game. She’s laying low and is playing a great social game. The couples all like her now and she’s not anyone’s target. She’s the one that will get Paul out eventually. Just watch.

  13. Been a fan of Alex since her preseason interview and that was only strengthened with her fearless play to this point. I want to see her go far, no doubt. What concerns me is when I heard her telling Jason that Paul is a lock to win the season, but that one of them has a shot at 2nd place. Huh?? What happened to that go-get-em attitude? There’s been a number of statements Alex has made that really make me question her ability to make it to the end and be in a position to win. She’s got a lot of heart/guts…but I’m not sure about the rest.

    I think Alex’s two biggest shortcoming are her lack overall BB knowledge/prior-season gameplay, and her lack of strategy. She’s a good competitor, but having not watched much BB, she’s at a real disadvantage. She’s going to have to improve her strategic thinking, plan ahead to later portions of the game, and build on her relationships in the house to improve her odds winning. Just not sure she’s all that capable of this from what we’ve seen so far.

    • But in another conversation she’s also saying eventually those people are going to take out each other and that’s when you go after Paul. I think she means Paul’s a lock to win if nobody gets him out.

  14. Alex is definitely the Dark Horse this season. I think she, like most HGs, came into the house with a certain strategy. However, unlike most HGs, Alex has found a way to adapt that stragedy to benefit herself in the game, instead of just abandoning it in hopes to “at least make it to jury” or whatnot. I’m not convinced that she’s attached to Paul in the same way most of the house is. She realises that he holds most of the power, and she knows that if she’s going to get to a place in the game where she can move foward on her own, then she needs take a little advantage of the power he has. I’m really hoping that she wins the temptation this week. If she uses it wisely, she can put herself in a position to gain some more power and leverage with the others. And she can always save herself if need be. I’m willing to bet that if she gets the opportunity to choose who gets the curse, then she will choose Paul. Of course there’s the possibility that it could backfire if Paul found out that she deliberately chose him, but I think if done right then it might just be the boost she needs.

  15. I don’t understand why people like her so much, we barely know anything about her. If she won HOH who would she even nominate?

    • It’s because she’s willing to play her own game and not be a crowd follower but at the same time her ability to avoid being a major target

    • Yeah you’re right, we barely know anything about her, but how she handled her first adversity was flawless. Experience is good for a newbie. I don’t think she’ll hesitate back stabbing anybody in due time.

      • Which one? There’s a few, plus Matt and raven aren’t threats at all, they’ve won nothing.

      • If she wins this week, she said she’ll put up Jessica/Ramses in order to build trust with the alliance. It’s a good move. She’s not in the alliance, but she’s fallen to fourth or fifth in line of targets. That’s pretty great considering where she was last week. If she can just keep her head down for a couple of weeks and wait for the big alliance to crack apart, she could really find herself in a good position to go far.

  16. She had me when she told Cody to “go eat s***”, which is the exact opposite of what BB females usually do. Even Cody respected that. She’s potential final 2

  17. I cannot stand Paul, Alex is still on the outs and she knows it, she still true to help Jason every night and says just go with the house for now till they have the numbers, sorry Kevin is funny but I do t like him either, this cast is not the best tbh it is really boating, I am so sick of them constantly showing Jessica and Cody always all over each other I mean who really wants to watch feeds we pay for to see that ALL day and night…..i think the couple’s suck, Elana is so fake an ALWAYS needs someone to pay attention to her, she says she forgets about the cameras when she flashes but really, my A$$, I am so look sorry about Ravens medical conditions,,,, but now everyone says she should win because of it,,,, I DON’T and now she told Matt that Paul and her met before ohhhh hell no, that is wrong…. Alex is truly genuine and really works her but off….. this season is really boating on live feeds, Alex is still trying her hardest to save Jason or at least trying to get him to Jury, ppl are still saying they want her out of the house, the other girls DON’T EVEN TRY with the games because Their men are doing the work and saving them…. Com I do love her, she kinda reminds me of Davon, yes she is religious but…….. she also does some shaddy stuff… for Xmas, she is so look fake. It is not all Jason’s fault what happen stop blaming just him, it’s not like he picked you up and ran, girl you were riding him like he was a bull, now she thinks she is not sh-% and controls this game with Paul, all the girlie girls already admitted they were there for the publicity, so there you go, 3 REAL people that came to play, Alex, Ramses, and Jason…….. rant over , thank you.

  18. Well theres no point believing in Alex, because she obviously has this imaginary “curse” that everyone thinks is real, bc she walked in the house 1st.

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