Big Brother 19 Episode 19 Recap: Josh Sets His Sights On A New Target

The Big Brother 19 power stayed on the same side of the house when Josh won Head of Household this week, but Josh isn’t quite feeling the same as his team anymore. He’s getting bored with targeting Jessica and Cody, so he sets his sights on someone else.

The episode picks up right after Josh won Head of Household and he’s already in tears and Paul is already plotting against Cody and Jessica. But it’s not just Jessica and Cody who are sweating. Mark and Elena are a little worried also. And rightly so.

The majority group convenes and immediately bring up how not happy Mark and Elena seem that Josh won. Mark comes in, so the group shuts up. And then Alex comes in and announces to the room that she also noticed Mark and Elena don’t seem happy. And Mark is in there. Oops. She does her best to cover with Mark by telling him he is just clearly playing both sides.

Talk then turns to the temptation competition and Paul decides everyone should play in that just to make it harder for Jessica and Cody to win safety.

Josh’s power trip starts early, so he decides to talk to Elena about how she and Mark voted against him last week when Ramses was voted out. Elena tells him that she was just doing what the house wanted, but Josh is a live wire and Jessica and Cody as targets are already drifting away in his mind.

But Paul is still focusing on Jessica and Cody so when Josh mentions Elena’s name Paul is all ehhhh nah. But Josh has Christmas in his corner saying “I love Paul, but don’t do everything he says.” Josh lets Christmas know that he flat-out wants Elena out. And Christmas doesn’t try to talk him out of it like Paul did. She and Josh agree that Paul is too close to Elena and that’s a problem for them.

Not know that Elena is on Josh’s radar, Cody and Jessica decide to focus on winning the temptation competition and veto. So they both have to play the temptation competition and Jessica thinks it’s best one of them win and the other loses to ensure the one not safe can play in veto. And everyone else (aside from Christmas) decide to play in the temptation too.

The Temptation Competition ends up being the house black out competition that fans might have seen during Big Brother Over the Top. They all have to go throughout the dark house, avoiding haunted house frights to decipher clues. The person who solves the game fastest wins safety.

Let me just say, that competition is so much fun to watch. It was so fun that I didn’t even take notes while watching. So let me just say, if you didn’t watch it, go back and watch it. So much fun.

It’s time to find out who each person did in the competition. Mark finished in 7:06. Kevin finished in 3:11. Elena’s time was 12:31. Jason’s time was 12:07. Jessica’s time was 15:00. Raven finished in 9:00. Cody’s time was 3:00. Matt finished in 3:42. Alex’s time was 3:06. And finally, Paul finished the competition in 3:34. Cody won safety and Jessica becomes the third nominee.

It doesn’t take long for the others to figure out that Jessica threw the game so she could definitely play in veto. And Mark and Elena realize they’ll probably be going on the block now that Jessica is already up there and Cody can’t go up.

And this all helps Josh with his plan to target Elena this week. But of course Paul isn’t just going to let Josh have his own HOH so he keeps pushing for Jessica to go. But after a heated talk with Elena about being a pawn, Josh is even more convinced he wants Elena out, but Josh still will need the votes at the end of the week.

But first Josh has to pull the trigger on his nominees. At the nomination ceremony he indeed goes with Mark and Elena as nominees. So it’s Mark, Elena and Jessica on the block ahead of veto. Will Josh or Paul get what they want this week?

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