Big Brother 19 Veto Meeting Plans Week 10

Paul makes his next move on Big Brother 19

The Big Brother 19 Houseguests are preparing for the Veto Meeting later this afternoon and while the targeted pair is blissfully unaware the trio in charge continues to struggle with getting their group on board for today’s decision.

Jason and Alex are on the Big Brother Block right now and both are expecting Kevin to be the target. After last night’s Nominations episode it actually did seem pretty clear from Christmas’s speech that she was going after Jason while Alex was a pawn, but somehow it didn’t sink in. Today probably won’t change that perception.

Paul has the Veto and he is planning to save Alex so Christmas can renom Kevin making him and Jason the final noms of Week 10 in Big Brother 19. This works out great for Paul’s endgame but Josh knows it and isn’t happy about that.

Since Saturday we’ve heard Josh voicing reasonable concerns that Paul is fulfilling his part of the promise to Alex and Jason by opening a spot on the Block for Kevin to go up, but that leaves Josh to do Paul’s dirty work of getting out Jason. Josh wants Paul to leave Noms as they are to make it clear that it isn’t just Josh working to split up Alex and Jason. That isn’t going to happen though.

Christmas has been taking Josh’s concerns, most but not all of them, back to Paul and they are both getting frustrated with Josh. Paul has Christmas agreeing (not necessarily the same as convinced) to let him save Alex so she’ll renom Kevin. He also has her agreeing to let him tie the vote and shifting all the blame for Jason’s eviction on to her, Josh, and Raven.

While Paul has occasionally offered Josh that he’d not use the Veto if it really upsets Josh it’s unlikely that Paul was sincere and wouldn’t have simply turned it back around to telling Josh why that’s such a bad idea (for Paul’s game). Josh doesn’t like this plan and it isn’t going to sit well with him, but he doesn’t have any actual control over the situation.

Using the Veto on Alex today really is Paul’s best move. He’s going to do it and he should. This way he doesn’t lose Jason’s confidence or Alex’s trust in the next round thanks to the cover it provides. Jason will leave the meeting thinking he could still be okay, but he’s not. Jason remains the target and Alex is in danger for the next round with the Double Eviction arriving Thursday night.


  • Paul has the Veto, Christmas handles any renom
  • Alex & Jason expect Paul to save Alex as part of a fake plan to evict Kevin
  • Josh is upset at Paul for this move & doesn’t want it to happen
  • Paul will use the Veto on Alex, Christmas will renom Kevin
  • Jason & Kevin are expected to be the final noms this week
  • Jason is the target

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Paul’s Veto meeting plans? Will he go through with his plan or bend to Josh’s concerns and leave nominations the same?

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  1. Omigosh!!! Raven should have told them that Inverted Spine Syndrome was contagious. Now EVERYONE’S head is up their a $$. Except Paul of course, he must be immune.

  2. It would be awesome if josh could blow Paul’s game up but the thing is, no one will believe him. he would be public enemy #1. I do hope this is the last time they bring a vet, it’s very unfair and it essentially dumbs down the first time houseguests.

      • And that’s the rub – people suggesting to put Paul up … well, ok, but where’s the votes to get him out?


      • It’s also in the rules that comments that don’t add anything to the conversation will be deleted, but personal conversations can go on and on, having nothing to do with BB and they remain. I find it irritating. If you want a personal convo, take it off the board. Please.

      • i wish they would have a reunion after they have all watched the season and seen paul in all his glory and hear all the trash he talked about all of them

      • That’s why Paul should win! He’s played a masterful game and deserves it whether we like him or not

      • On the contrary, after the show, a lot of them remain friends. Some of them become best of friends. They’re all happy, getting along, going to BB events. After decompressing, they all realized, it’s just a game. It’s part of the process. Fans are the ones that don’t forget the BS.

      • Agreed, it is almost too late to turn on him, because he has set himself up that nobody will believe he did anything to get blood on his hands. In my opinion it would only be if he made the final three and didn’t win the last comp and got cut, just like Vanessa in Season 17.

      • If Josh or Christmas could somehow pull off last HOH, they may take each other instead of Paul. I don’t see any other way he doesn’t walk away with it. I guess he deserves it, it’s just so boring. And frustrating.

      • I think Josh & 12/25 genuinely believe that if they were in F/2 with Paul, they’d win, and this is why the “loyalty” to him. I mean…NOBODY would have another reason. (Would they?)

    • Paul deserves the win and it’s not his fault he was asked back. If the 25K hadn’t been taken.. and I actually like Paul but totally agree.. enough with the vets!

      • Hey I agree with that he deserves it, but his game being blown up would redeem this season. Lol but who am I kidding 😑

  3. Well Just another boring Veto meeting same old same old…16 days till BB 19 is over….Looking forward to the end…

  4. These people are insane for letting Paul play everyone of them, and dictate EVERY move! Of course he’s going to use the veto, but if the the situation was reversed, and say if Josh had the veto, Paul would pitch a fit for him not to use it. Of course he would abide. Frustrating and Sickening!

    • There are not allowed to talk to each other. Have you not seen what happens when you do?!?!? Ostracized, belittled, and yelled at.

      I cannot believe these HG’s. I say that just about every day. How do these people even function in reality? Do they all live at home with mommy and daddy and have no responsiblities in the real world?

      • funny story, when dom was doing her talk show, she said the hg’s jobs are in “sales” with air quotes! that always struck me as telling.

      • Paul and his group of Tattletales. Any little tidbit of info they gather they relay back to the bearded one.

  5. putting up kev and evicting Jason is just so tedious, xmas had the plan with her noms sticking until paul started screwing the pooch. another “BIG MOVE” from badass xmas

    • He is totally throwing Christmas and Josh under the bus. Raven can always say that she is voting for Jason for what he did to her and Matt. If Alex wins the HOH she will go after Christmas, Josh and Kevin.

    • Seems to me that Paul has the right to control her HOH as he’s completely responsible for her being HOH. Both times. Kills me that she acts like she earned it.

  6. Josh should let Paul take Alex off, and then get Alex Josh Raven to keep Jason. Then go after Paul and Christmas. Like that would ever happen.

      • Jason was liked by viewers till all of his sickening comments about that R word. Even his employer issued an apology saying they don’t condone that behavior.

    • I don’t think that Alex would believe that Paul would do that. As it stands Paul is going to vote to evict Kevin and make Christmas break the tie. The problem is with this cast is that as soon as someone wakes up and realizes what Paul is doing and voices that the first thing it gets back to Paul and he has done so much to cover his ass it would be extremely difficult to get anyone to turn on him. They all think Paul is their ally.

  7. This is the worst season ever for me, the only one playing the game is Paul. The other players just wait for Paul’s orders with no questioned asked. I hope they either have all vets or no vets after this because this is beyond ridiculous!!

    • Vets always seem to dominate the game when they return. There’s usually a big target on them coming in but they somehow manage to deflect this and end up doing well, even winning like Nicole did last year

  8. Josh should vote to evict Kevin to throw a wrench in Paul’s plan. Alex and Josh will vote for Kevin, Paul and Raven will vote for Jason, and Christmas (who should listen to Josh) can take responsibility for Jason’s eviction. Unless Paul votes out Kevin too…

    I hope Josh finds a way to put responsibility back on Paul.

  9. At this point, the only way Paul gets evicted is if Josh wins in Final 3 and votes him out. These houseguests are more blind than Raven’s mother’s pet’s friend’s cousin’s iguana.

  10. Paul has played himself into a corner, meaning he has to double cross everyone from this point on. It will be amazing if he escapes this unscathed.

    I think this whole plan is going to blow up in Paul’s face this week. When Kevin goes on the block after Paul uses the veto, Kevin will explode on Paul Paul is going to have to tell Kevin he is not the target and Kevin will tell Jason for sure. Then Alex will know this entire week was a setup. I can see the rest of the week being very lively as Alex goes after Paul and exposes all his lies. IF Alex wins HoH for the DE she will put up Paul and Christmas. One of them will go home. If one wins veto Josh will go up and go home.

    Paul should have just gone along with the house the next two weeks getting out Kevin and Raven. After that he could pick a side and go with the power. He has been playing Andy’s game until now but Andy did eventually declare a side to get to the end. I understand Paul wants a final 4 with all weak players but those players will see him as the biggest threat and vote him out.

    If Paul loses, this will be the week it all came crashing down for him.

    Then again I could say the same for Alex and Jason. Trusting Paul was a major mistake. Never throw comps this far into the season.

    • if your scenario depends on “kevin will tell Jason” then alex will know, alex has blind hatred for kev and might chose to disregard, thus extending pauls play.

  11. Sigh…SO, Josh wised-up and then shortly thereafter dumbed-down. I expect the same MO of the house now with a planned, vile fight to occur with both the target (once locked in) and the probable, likely target for next eviction…Sigh

      • Yep. Paul said we have to stage a fight, and Josh said he didn’t want to. Surprise, surprise! They staged a fight. So much for Josh’s new-found cahones.

  12. I swear, I can not believe these house guests!!! Isn’t any of them going to even TRY to get Paul out??. Come on guys!

  13. Of course, the sheep will follow Paul! I would wish that Holiday is so sick of Raven she puts her up instead of Kevin!

  14. I have never seen a season where the entire house is trying to win the game for another HG (Paul). Literally, everything he says or asks, these mouth breathing HGs do without a second thought. Embarrassing.

  15. After watching BBAD last night, I REALLY want Jason gone. Did anyone else see his ridiculous 3 explanations as to why he’s never served in the military?

    1) He wanted to join the Coast Guard, but he had to wait three hours before anyone came to him, so he said, “F***them,” and left. I guess he was waiting for someone to bring the forms on a silver platter.

    2) He went to the mall, talked to a recruiter, but was left in an office for, like, three hours. Left again. ( I’m assuming…They cut to a commercial)

    3) He wanted to be a Navy Seal, but was too tall.
    HA! He’d DOR just thinking about Hell Week.

    • did you raven go after kev, mocking him? doing duck lips?
      she really was vile, cruel and mean spirited.

      • I didn’t see that, I just heard Kevin say, “Really? You said , “F*** them, and didn’t wait?”—or something to that effect… BUT, I wouldn’t put it past Awful Alex to make fun of anyone… up until watching Jason, I was all for getting the Demon Seed out.

      • kev was wounded when raven asked every hg if they wanted chicken except for him. he told Jason that he would never do something so mean, game or not.

      • You’re talking about a young woman with 87+ diseases who appears to be a pathological liar. I don’t think there’s any room in that person for anything other than vile, cruel and mean spirited (except maybe mentally disturbed).

    • From what I read, there is no height requirement, just the 3 D’s:Determination, Discipline, and Desire of which Jason has none of, imo.
      Good AM, beautiful!

      • Hey Gorgeous! I know there’s no height requirement! That’s why I was po’d. It really got my goat. If he really had wanted to serve, he’s have wanted to serve. There’s no shame in NOT serving—NONE—but don’t pull that BS. I’ve lost too many in the Service…don’t make a mockery.

    • Lol. Joining the military requires patience and he wouldn’t have gotten in anyway if he demonstrated any frustration for waiting that long. It wasn’t meant to be.

  16. At this point Josh needs to win HOH next week and blow Paul’s and Christmas’s games up. By doing that he would win the whole. It would show he had guts and getting jury votes including Cody’s who hated him.

    The remaining HG’s are so dumb. At this point in the game there’s no loyalty. These HG;s are truly beyond dumb to throw any competition. Do they honestly think they will be beloved outside the house?

    • josh is agitated that he can’t swing easter to his side and as he laid in bed, he looked at the camera and apologized to bb fans saying he knows that we know pauls game.

      • LOL! Easter! I couldn’t stand Josh the whole season but it would be great if he got HOH and took Paul out. How funny would it be the final three if it’s Josh, Kevin and Raven? Alex, Paul and Jason would be in jury having to make a decision to give it to Josh or Kevin/Raven.

    • Prduction will need to gift him the win, I doubt he is able to do it on his own. Jason and Alex are the only comp players left. Production gives it to Paul when he doesn’t want to throw it because he wouldn’t have won anyway, so why not Josh.

  17. These are the stupidest HG in history, except for the Bully Paul, of course!
    Just hand Paul the check for $500,000 already!

      • Want his own show, a camera, make that, many cameras following him day & night, night & day. A comfy cough or divan he can slant his body of tats on and talk to the camera(s). He’ll have a couple of different segments of his show.

        One segment, a big one, on TATS. One tat of his a show: history, design, designer, why he got it, what it means to him, if and how he would change it to make it bigger and better, etc.
        He counsels others about getting tats, what tat, here a tat, there a tat, every where a tat tat. He also designs tats for others after he counsels each and every tat receiver.

        One segment: his designer clothes. giwh japj jywo hwv 8env jiuwp np ej jomtv
        and he goes national with hi company. Now, international. Raven can handle verbal correspondence since she’s so good at foreign communication.

      • He wants his band to perform the intro and exit music for GMA, plus he wants the interest from last year’s $500K, which he obviously thinks he should have won. And like everyone else this season, CBS will comply.

  18. years ago I came across an article about “after the game”. I only scanned it but recalled they claim severe paranoia, fear of facing people, becoming recluse and needing psychological help. does anyone have any info? is there wide shame or are they all just so narcissistic?

    • I think they all are narcissist to a digree, some more extreme than others but I have read about post show psychological problems. Paul talked like an hour about his post show disorders one night. I believed him because he mirrored the exact same things I’ve heard other past houseguests say over the years. I have a theory of why I think they have those post show traumatic stress disorders but I won’t go into all that here.

    • Many of the HGs including Paul have mentioned that it is extremely difficult to go to normal life after the show. Many HGs have said that they talk to themselves and have to remember that the cameras are not on them 24/7. They dream about BB and wake up thinking about it. It is similar to prisoners being in isolation from the world and their minds start to play tricks on them when they come out. many aren’t able to live a normal lives and become mentally ill.

      • I’ve heard Nichole mention it, Frankie, evil dick, Zach Amanda, James, Derrick Natalie, and few more here and there via YouTube, IG, interviews and stuff like that.

  19. Why doesn’t josh vote Kevin out (as much as I like Kevin) and tell Alex and Jason what Paul was doing. They may see things and join against Paul fiebthe DE.

    • Josh may have the thoughts, but either he doesn’t know how to translate them into action or doesn’t have the nerve to. When it comes to taking Paul off the path to F2, Josh, so far, is nothing more than a red herring full of hot air.

  20. Josh has the control to vote Kevin out instead of Jason after he has a talk with him and Alex. Alex and Josh vote out Kevin and Paul votes out Jason, so that will dirty paul’s hands. Unfortunately Alex is so trusting of Paul that she will run to him and tell him everything Josh tells her.

    • Yep Paul has himself weaved in pretty good. Josh’s best bet is to shup up before he gets evicted on DE. I hope so. Since Josh isn’t getting it, production may try harder and plant bugs in someone else’s head.

      • Maybe production needs to tell Josh to not say another word to anyone for the rest of the season. But, well, we’re dealing with Josh here, so the point is moot.

      • Paul is votingout Kevin.
        If Josh votes vote Kevin, too,
        That’s 3 votes to evict Kevin…
        IF Josh doesn’t tell Paul what he had planned.

        If he says, “Oops, I said the wrong name!” – Paul will be furious but what can he say?

        Kevin goes but then only Raven will have voted to evict Jason.
        Paul’s hands are still clean with Jalex.

        At the DE, Paul has to still gun for Jason. But if Josh wins HoH, Josh will play HIS game and target Kevin.

        That will leave Joshmas, Jalex, and Ra-Paul in the house.
        – A very angry Paul! Josh takes a dump on Paul’s game.

        Guess who brought a donkey to run in the derby?

      • Again, you’re so good on analyzing the game..Can we talk about who didn’t wash their hands after using the bath room? you know?

      • Lol. I think after Josh takes a dump on Paul’s game, that Paul will wash his hands of Meatball.

        It’s bahhhh-bahhhhhd.

        How are you today?

      • I’m good. Did you watch last night’s episode? I was laughing almost the entire show…they’re so stupid!

      • Me, too!!
        More like “Ready Stop No”!
        Meatball fell like he’s saving Private Ryan. What the h???

        I don’t know why everybody’s mad. I took a drink every time somebody said “Trust Paul”.
        I got schnockered!

        Even the opening line was Meatball in the back yard crying. Lol.

        And then there was Meatball holding his heart after Alex scared him in the dark, telling Alex she’s going to kill him.

        And rough kneecap syndrome.
        Yeah, I’m not sure how that happened…

      • Tell me about it! lol I don’t understand some fans compalining about this season. Yeah..yeah.. Paul is Charles Manson/cult leader, and he got the zombies, but that’s the funny part…it’s ridiculous!

      • Exactly. They’re hilarious. He’s working for it though.

        Jalex is playing chess.
        Paul is playing 3-D chess.
        Joshmas is playing checkers.
        Kevin is playing crazy.
        Raven is playing dance.

        Shoot, I applaud everyone in the hot tub who listened to Raven and kept a straight face as she rattled off her ailments…
        And then when she moaned as she was standing up…lolol.

        No way I could have kept a straight face.

        I can’t wait for the BB comics comp!

      • Since Paul is so aware of the ‘camera, Captain caught Paul saying something like ‘you don’t even need to make a joke. This is during the hysterical HoH Comp, where handicapped scooter Christmas WON..haha It’s bizarro!

      • I can’t imagine seeing another season like this. It’s infamous. This may be the silver bullet to prevent mixed casts in the future.

      • You two use plain old common sense logical reasoning with a whole lot of my kind of humor mixed in. It’s such a beautiful thing to behold and, well, a rarity here. lolol

      • You are so kind!!! Thank you!
        I’m here to have fun and get insight. Cy gives me both in spades!

        It’s just not that serious to me. It’s a game.

        Don’t get me wrong. I have my favorites and villains, too. And they aggravate me sometimes but at the end of the day, it’ll be fine. ;)

      • I had to change my mindset about it after last season. Bbadboy, I was utterly flabbergasted that 1st season I accidentally found this site and got the nerve to post a comment. My mouth stayed so dry from it hanging agape that I had to start using a special mouthwash. I haven’t been the same since. lol I had no idea what a spoiler site was or that they even existed. Discovering the real BB was not the television show that I had watched for years was a bit disappointing and took me a while to process it all. Now that I’m not as naive, I learned to enjoy it for what it is; a ridiculous game that you can laugh about or make yourself miserable watching. I choose to laugh and laugh often. :D

      • And its a DE. If josh does that and doesn’t win the next HOH he’s history. If the next comp is a mental one I’m pretty sure Josh won’t win. We can speculate all we want, Thursday will be here soon enough.

      • See, Barb, I think Paul has to keep emotion out of it. I think he wants to gun for Meatball but he has to gun for Jason first.

        Jason is the bigger threat and Paul needs Xmas’ votes still + Josh will vote out Jason if Paul puts him up. He knows he’s dangerous but he wants Paul to get his hands dirty. That’s what I think. ;)

        Steak for dinner –
        Meatball for dessert! :)

  21. Will he go through with his plan or bend to Josh’s concerns …? Paul, of course, will not bend to Josh’s concerns because … well, it’s Paul, and he isn’t concerned about anyone but himself. Realistically, that’s the kind of player the house should be full of but, for whatever reason (with a couple of exceptions), it’s not – and never was.

  22. If Josh doesn’t like Paul’s plan, grow some cajones vote out Kevin 3 to 1, work like hell to win HOH (which this week stands for hand over household to Christmas), put up Paul,evict his ass, and show the jury he’s done more than make one putt. What he should REALLY do is get everyone except Paul into the HOH room, lock the door and compare what Paul has been telling all of them. Just the locked door should scare Paul into some level of paranoia. Why Christmas believes she could beat Paul in the final 2, is beyond baffling.

    • I think it would be amazing if Josh flips the vote to get Kevin out instead of Jason. That would then put a hitch in Paul’s plan and would be amazing to watch. :)

  23. Why doesn’t josh vote to keep Jason and take a shot at Paul after he wins how? It would be the only way he even has a chance at this game. Is it too much to hope for some real game play. I’m tired of fights and bullying and all the hateful comments. This show is getting out of control.

  24. WAIT!!!!!! put on your tinfoil hats a HUGE CONSPIRACY THEORY just hit me like a ton of bricks! what if the reason production has stacked the deck for Paul this season is because they forced the jury to vote for Nicole last season???

    My hypothesis:

    hmm….it would totally make sense that they felt the need to pay Paul back. it also ties in with how Nicole won last season and finally it would make for production to have two seasons of production planning.

  25. Paul is the only one playing a strategic game. I am guessing he will take Raven to final two (if he can tolerate her that long) because he knows that she would be the only one more disliked by jury.
    Kevin should be AFP because he is the only one with a working moral compass and this season that should count for something! I also really liked Jason until he revealed his twisted side. Mark is also a decent guy. As for the girls on this season, would not want my son bringing any of them home! They are a disgrace!

  26. I was pulling for Jason but it serves him right for wasting his HOH on Matt. He should have taken out Paul instead. The other house guests would have thanked him afterwards.

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