Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 7

It was double eviction week in the Big Brother 19 house and even though everything went pretty much as anyone with half a brain expected, it was still an exciting week filled with a lot of ups and downs. So let’s get to this week’s edition of the Ewws and Ahhs.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 7

Eww. Cody Throws The Safety Ceremony: I don’t have any idea why Cody didn’t just try to win the compassion this week. Most people when I discuss this tell me it’s because he was too distracted by Jessica poised to be evicted while all the clues were played and he didn’t keep track of them. I guess he thought it would be easier to lose the game and ensure he would play in the veto. But then he didn’t even throw the competition correctly and got one correct by mistake, giving Matt the loss and the auto-nomination.

Ahh. Mark Wins Safety: It was looking good for a house flip this week if Mark was safe and Cody could get picked for Veto and win it and take Elena off the block. Then the other side would have to cannibalize each other and that’s the kind of Big Brother I live for.

Eww. Alex Continues to Follow Paul’s Rules: Alex is not playing her own game. She does everything Paul wants and it’s really frustrating. That kind of gameplay makes the season boring and predictable.

Cody isn't amused by your games on Big Brother 19

Eww. Cody Doesn’t Get Picked For Veto: When Alex (Paul) nominated Elena and Jason (Jason as the pawn), the only hope for an unpredictable week was Cody getting drawn for Veto. And that did not happen. So operation backdoor Cody is pretty much a go. Unless, Matthew, the third nominee wins the veto and uses it on himself.

Alex faces off with Cody on BB19

Ahh. Veto Drama: Elena decides to take $5,000 from Alex instead of taking the veto for herself. This also meant Matthew won the veto, so maybe there is a chance that Cody stays this week. Right? Wrong. Come on.

Eww. Matthew Uses the Veto On Jason: Sometimes, though rarely, people in the Big Brother game use the veto on an ally to further their game. Matthew believes that’s what he’s doing, but little does he know, he’s so low on his side’s totem pole, this would have been the perfect week to save himself and team up with Cody, Mark, Elena and Raven to make this a real game.

Eww/Ahh. Cody is Evicted: Since this had to end eventually, let’s just call it done. That storyline has run its course so let’s move on. Cody had the right kind of fight in him to keep the house on their toes, but he and his showmance made too many missteps along the way, so I’m just ready to move on from it at this point.

Eww. Jason wins HOH in the Double Eviction: Boring. Another Paul HOH, basically. And that’s exactly what happens. He nominates Mark and Elena, just like Paul wanted. No one is thinking for themselves in this game.

Ahh. Mark wins Veto: Well at least Mark gets to stick around another week to try to take out someone (ANYONE) from the other side.

Eww. Elena is Evicted: I’m actually kind of natural on this, but since it was predictable I’ll give it an Eww.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 Double Eviction night

Ahh. Paul Survives The DE: I know it sounds like I’m anti-Paul above, but I’m really not. I think Paul is clearly the only one playing the game now, so he deserves to stick around. Until someone takes him out, he’s the only person who deserves to keep moving forward. To Paul haters: Sorry not sorry. To Paul fans: You’re welcome.

What were your favorite moments from the week?


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