Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 6

Week 6 was Horror Week in the Big Brother 19 house, and it was quite fitting, as there were so many victim noises and altercations that somewhere Big Brother 9 is side-eyeing this season.

Jessica and Cody share a cry on BB19

That means there are plenty of Ewws and Ahhs to get through this week, so let’s get to it!

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 6

Ahh. Jessica and Cody’s Strategy/Cody Wins Safety: Jessica and Cody were very aware that one of them had a good chance of going home this week, so they came up with the only plan that could’ve worked this week. Unless, you know, the HOH decides on another target … but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. Anyway, Jessica and Cody came up with an obvious, but great plan. Jessica would throw the temptation competition so she is automatically in the veto competition. And Cody would try to win. And he did win it. So he was safe for the week and Jessica was automatically on the block and secured her chances at winning the veto.

Ahh. Drama: Some people watch Big Brother for gameplay. Some watch it for drama. I’m a little in the middle. So I love when the Live Feeds are entertaining and that they were this week. We had plenty of drama to keep up with, even though some of it was below the belt and unnecessarily personal.

Eww. Christmas Uses Her Ring of Replacement: Just when you think Christmas and Josh getting a mind of her own, they go and do what Paul wants them to do. Neither Josh nor Christmas wanted to ring spent this week because they wanted to see Elena go. But Paul insisted if Cody is drawn for veto, the ring needed to be used. And she used it. She used it to block Cody from competing for a chance to save Jessica. I would have saved that for myself If it were me. But oh well.

Ahh. OTEV: I think this was my favorite version of OTEV yet. I mean who doesn’t love a foul-mouthed possessed pig?

Eww. Jessica Loses The Veto: I’m almost tired of this narrative so I think Jessica going home this week is fine, but I would have preferred to see a non-player go this week. Jessica was a playing the game and to see her get defeated when so many others get to stick around and do nothing is a bit of a bummer. But hey, it’s Big Brother.

Ahh. Raven is Nominated: Mark used the veto on himself and it was fun to see Raven take a seat on the block. Even though we knew she was safe this week, it was a fun fantasy to imagine her getting evicted.

Eww. Jessica Sealed Her Fate: As you saw, all week long Josh and Christmas, who appear to sometimes be growing tired of Paul running the show, focused a lot of energy and talk on targeting Elena. This was a week when a lot of people, including production, were encouraging a vote flip, so it could have happened. But Jessica picked the worst possible week to be the hotheaded one between she and Cody. She and Cody called Josh fat multiple times and just ruined any chances Jessica had of staying. There was an opening. And it could have happened. But she sealed her own fate. Bottom line.

Ahh. Jessica Is Evicted: I know this is going to be an unpopular thing to celebrate, but I’m just tied of this narrative. Let’s see what happens next. Will it be as entertaining as the Jody vs. the house saga? Who knows. But I look at Big Brother as a TV show and I like for stories to progress. This was going no where. Think what you will, but to me Big Brother is just a weekly saga I watch for entertainment purposes.

Eww. Alex Wins HOH: I wanted Cody to win HOH just so we could get actually get that new storyline going. Just because I think Jessica going home advances the season, doesn’t mean I want Cody to be out next. I think this upcoming week could be far more entertaining if Cody was HOH and made the rest of the house sweat and fight for their lives like he and Jessica have.

Ahh. No Jury Battle Back: I was so thrilled by this. I’m not convinced an eviction won’t be voiced or something weird won’t happen, but Julie was very matter-of-fact about the lack of a jury competition.

What did you find to be the highs and lows of Big Brother 19 week 6?



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