Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 3

This week Big Brother 19 isn’t as easy to gauge when it comes to the best and worst moments. I’m a bit torn on everything that’s been happening in the house, so I’m not even sure who this one’s going to play out. Usually by now, I know what my Ewws and Ahhs are going to be before I start writing, but this week I’m just too uncertain. I’m going to decide as I go. So let me see if I can figure out what I really thought about Big Brother 19 Week 3.

Eww. Endurance No Longer Means Endurance. I really miss the days of when houseguests would stand on a wall or hang from something all night long if they had to. Now we’re lucky if we get three hours out of them. For TV-only viewers, this is never an issue, but for the Live Feeds fans watching in real time, it’s a pretty big disappointment.

Ahh. At Least We Got To Watch. I shouldn’t complain how short the endurance competition was because at least it wasn’t blacked out like many of the competitions are (ah, that was the best thing about Big Brother Over The Top, no comp outages).

Dominique Cooper on Big Brother 19

Eww. Dominique Messes Up Her Game. For a minute, it seemed like Dominique was in a great spot in the house. She was good on all sides and one of Paul’s allies. And then she hosted that talk show last week that sort of set in motion her final week in the house.

Ahh. Drama, Drama, Drama. There was a lot of drama in the house this week. I am on record (on Twitter) as saying, watch some Netflix this week because it’s going to be boring. As soon as Alex won HOH, I was certain it would just be a week of everyone targeting Jessica, and since she is all alone in the house, she’d have no reason to even campaign. But things changed. We had Jessica vs. Christmas, Paul vs. Dominique, Josh vs. Mark and Josh vs. Jessica. It was indeed an eventful week.

Mark and Josh fight on Big Brother 19

Eww. The Snake Drama. Some of you who only watch the TV edit will know that Paul dressed as a snake for the Veto meeting, but if you don’t watch the Live Feeds or frequent the Big Brother 19 hashtag, then you missed the season’s first controversy. There were a lot of people upset with the wording Paul used about dressing as a snake, and it even ended up on TMZ and E! News. I’m not getting into it here, because we like to have fun here. Just know that it wasn’t a good situation all around and definitely gets an Eww this week.

Ahh. Jason. Who knew it would take a recruited rodeo clown to be the voice of reason this season? If it wasn’t for Jason, I’m pretty sure Alex would just blindly follow Alex until he cut her. Jason is doing a lot of thinking and reasoninf for Alex and it’s a bit impressive considering. Jason has his hand on the pulse of the game. For now.

Eww. Dominique’s Isolation. Oftentimes in the Big Brother house when a target has angered everyone, they spend the week alone and a lot of the times, give up. That was basically Dominique this week. The HGs claim that she isolated herself, but no one was really trying that hard to keep her in the mix. That being said, she still could’ve tried to fight to stay and she really didn’t. Sometimes it’s obvious your time is up in the house, but you’ve still got to try and fight to stay. She just didn’t.

Ahh. The Den of Temptation. This week’s temptation was the sweetest one of the three and it went to Jessica, who is not among the house majority. That says a lot about what fans want to see happen in this game. Fans clearly don’t want Paul and his “minions” to rule the entire season. Some fans out there were ready to throw Jessica a lifeline and likely Cody, if he wins the Battle Back and is placed back in the house.

Eww. Big Brother! Yes, I’m throwing a big, disgusting Eww at Big Brother in general this week. Thursday night’s episode was a big bunch of nothing. We have no idea what the Battle Back will consist of and all we ended up with were more questions. Julie said the winner MIGHT get to re-enter the game. MIGHT? What does that mean? Are we really going to watch four people battle for a chance to return just to have the HGs reject it? I don’t like the sound of it. It was just a really disappointing episode. Here’s to hoping tonight’s Battle Back episode is more revealing!

What were your best and worst moments from Big Brother 19 week 3?


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  1. I am not a fan of “battle back” contest…I think when a person is evicted they are supposed to be gone ..skidaddle ..hit the road..vamvoose just leave please…Oh and the Jessica winning the HH was a wee bit sketchy…considering her and Codys actions his last week in the house….If Paul is a snake then Jessica is a leopard and her spots will not change…just keep watching..

    • Amen! That is too much power. Production doesn’t want Cody getting sent back out. Four weeks is just too much tho. Why so many?? Two would have been reasonable. Victor didn’t get any protection, he shouldn’t either. Production didn’t want Jessica out either and I think they put Paul up to changing the target off Jessica. This whole week has been fishy. I didn’t like Dom at all, but to target her was unnecessary.

      • I think Jess can only use the HH at one eviction ceremony..not four…unless understood it wrong.

      • They know if she has something, but if Jessica is smart she won’t tell anyone what it is.
        Well, let me correct that, they suspect she has it.

      • If Dom was targeted Cody was responsible…Not Paul.. Dominique did not help her case where as the talk show outed an alliance and threw shade on several HGs…There is a saying in show business “The performance brought the house down” Well Dom brought the whole house down “On herself”….

      • I’m aware Cody attempted to frame her and Mark and I know about the whole talk show thing, still, it was fishy to me because Cody actually cleared Dom and Mark’s name to Paul before he left. So Paul no reason to distrust them. Paul had his own agenda, just don’t know what it was. Dom would have never come after Paul, and he knew that. His safety is more in jeopardy with Jessica in the game than Dominique. Something isn’t quite right there. I think there are some hidden narratives we the audience aren’t in on.

      • I didn’t see him clear anything, I saw him throw them both under the bus. But Paul is very skilled at taking any information and twisting it to get what he wants.

      • I didn’t see/hear Cody tell Paul anything but that Dom & Mark knew of his plans to backdoor Paul….

      • Yea that’s why I said Paul has his own agenda. He cleared them both in the hoh room when he and Paul were alone. Cody was such a bad liar that he wasn’t able to fool Paul so Paul asked him twice did mark and dom know about his backdoor plan and said they didn’t. But they had a little small talk about xmas. This all happened the night of Cody’s interview with Dom, after. I see a LOT of ppl didn’t catch that. I did.

      • I thought it strange how baffled Cody appeared to be when he saw that Dom was the evicted HG. I mean, he pretty much set things in motion by telling Christmas and Paul about Mark and Dom knowing his plans, right? I imagine most of his shock was that it was NOT Jess, lol.

      • He probably was surprised because he didn’t believe that they would take his words seriously….but a sharp Paul used the info to his advantage to start the ball rolling to get Dom out.

      • No. Cody admitted to Paul they (dom and mark) didn’t know about the backdoor Cody planed for Paul. This was all Paul’s doing to target them. Paul never wanted Cody’s allies. He was on the outs of that remember in the beginning. Paul inherited Cody’s gang. He never wanted them. He hates couples. It’s why he tried to put Mark up next to Dom. He was going to try to get mark out until Dominique went crazy and he had to cut her. Its why he was pushing so hard for Mark to go up after veto.

      • Cody stacked the wood and Paul lit the match, Dominique poured the gas on the fire. There is no one person to blame….BTW this is Big Brother and that is how the game goes.

      • Too much power?? What about Paul getting safety for three weeks? That, to me, was ridiculous. The HH power can only be used once in the next four weeks but Paul got his advantage for three straight weeks.

        I wonder if BB realized that was a mistake (giving Paul 3 weeks of safety) and decided to change the game up and help Jess win the HH and make it possible that Cody could win the Battle Back.

      • Well Jessica has 4 weeks to use her power and Christmas has all summer…DUH…so why whine about Paul getting 3 weeks?? Or is the fact that it was Paul that was awarded the DOT that has everybody acting crappy…..??? Like it or not Paul Jessica and Christmas were awarded the bonus plays by “American viewers/fans…

      • I had the temptation wrong. Someone corrected me. I thought she could stop the next four evictions if she so chooses, THAT is too much power. So it’s fair since Paul got 3 weeks safety. I just hate Jessica and Cody and you probably hate Paul so both sides got a little help from production. I call it even. I’m fair.

      • Jessica only gets to use it one time over the next four weeks and then it’s done. She doesn’t get it/pretty much safety for four straight weeks.
        That would be BS for sure!

    • I’m suspicious as well…I think production likes the drama and said she won, I seriously doubt people voted for her to win the HH over Alex. As far as Josh and Mark, I thought they both overreacted. What a dumb thing to argue over. I expected it from Josh, Mark surprised me.

      • production does it for ratings and to keep the show interesting. I know for a fact jessica wasnt supposed to be the one to get it

      • Yeah, I’m not really a conspiracy theorist but this really didn’t pass the smell test for me…Unless a bunch of young teenage boys were voting.

  2. I also don’t think Mark should have been allowed to throw the drink or whatever it was in Josh’s face. That is unnecessary behavior.

    • While Mark was wrong to throw the drink..Josh was an ass for being a sore loser..The entire house told Josh that he lost the dam game but he kept insisting that he won..Josh is not a team player and his little boy antics are annoying…His blow ups could at some point put a HG in danger of being physically harmed…

      • I totally agree that Josh was wrong…he lost that game and is a big baby. But years ago there was a situation where one of the HGs pulled a knife and they were immediately eliminated from the game. While I am not saying what Mark did was as severe as pulling a knife……it shows that he cannot control his temper. Does he throw his fists as quickly as hot sauce? what if it were boiling hot water? He physically did something to harm another player and that should never be allowed.

      • Evel Dick poured tea on Jens head and went on to win the game…There was also an incident involving Evel Dick smoking and Jen trying to knock the cigarette out of EDs hand…Jen got burned from “her” actions.. While some said that ED burned her purposely that was not the case. Jen put her hand out to touch a lit cigarette….Porsche and Natalie (I believe) tainted some kind of power drink to cause stomach problems for HGs that were scheduled to play in a comp….And the list goes on..

      • I never knew about the tainted drinks. Wow….I guess anything goes. Thanks for the great details.

      • Mark could have crushed Josh with one hand after Josh retaliated and threw the ranch/bbq sauce or whatever it was. But he did not. Mark was clearly laughing. I do think Mark overeacted by throwing the pickle juice/hot sauce but I do not think he intended harm.

    • Nobody should toss hot sauce into another person’s eyes! That moment was reckless and wrong. Mark should have been held accountable. In the context of Week 3’s drama, however, this bad incident is being given too little attention and concern.

      • It might as well have been water for all the reaction Josh had. If you have something in your eyes that is stinging it is immediate. Josh continued to argue and shrug it off as if it didn’t affect him at all. Only with hindsight after he rinsed his face did he come up with the burning eyes thing. As usual his reaction was all out of proportion to the deed.

      • Good observation….if he got hot sauce in his eyes…he be running for water to rinsed them out…they would be on fire and would be standing around arguing with Mark

      • Agreed, plus he had clear enough vision to throw a tantrum (without going to the shower or pool), then go into the house and find the condiments to throw on Mark. I wish a BB punishment would be to play a loud baby cry every time Josh opens his mouth.

      • He went into the house and washed his face in the sink in the kitchen rinsing his eyes. What you saw on the show was clearly edited based on time.

    • Your right….he shouldn’t have…but he wouldn’t have if Josh wasn’t a cheat….he clearly double hit the cue ball and scratched….he lost the game just admit it…there were a lot of witnesses you said he did but he insisted that he won. He calls everyone meatball but he’s the biggest one….then he starts with his diarrhea mouth in the pool….a total loser.

    • I’m really disappointed there wasn’t some kind of punishment, blowback from his behavior. Even though the HG’s clearly hate Josh, there should have been some support for him after SkidMark threw that stuff in is face and eyes. They just sat there and chuckled. Mob mentality behavior.

  3. Eww to Jessica winning. How is it they can win stuff when all the polls have other people leading.

    • Seems JASSica has been shown a little BB favoritism, as she is most likely use to in reality. I wonder who she knows? She should have racked up enough penalties for NOT wearing the frog costume to get her evicted by production. And really, has she tried (or succeeded) to stick things in Paul’s butthole? That’s just sh!tty.

    • I will admit that I voted for Jessica to get the DOT not because I like her but because I hope it will help Cody if he returns. I can totally see her winning it, there are a lot of people that do not participate in the polls that just watch the show that voted, they may base it off of feeling sorry for her that Cody left, or they were like me and they like Cody especially after his exit interview. The game would be boring if we just left it to Paul, someone needs to pull a Bridgette on him and turn the tables they did to Paulie last year.

      • I voted Jessica too…only because I knew she alone in the game and for sure on the block with no chance to save herself…the only thing a Bridgette wouldn’t work here as it seems the tables are turned and the girls are making Paul feel uncomfortable…the rubbing and fondling…something wrong with that guy.

      • No I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man (any man) expressing to a touchy grouping female that “He” is uncomfortable with her actions…If women can complain so can men…Maybe Paul is a man that does not believe in being “woman handled” with 100 cameras watching…Just because ur in the BB house does not mean that u have to lower ur standards when it comes to relationships and having a sexual encounter…I don’t watch BB to for the has nothing to do game play which is the reason I watch…

      • He did a shout out to his little burrito, and when someone asked him who he was talking about he indicated it was a female companion. I think what he is saying is that he is spoken for.

      • I think production’s involved. Paul needs an enemy. The house as is likes him and is handing the game to him. So i get it.

  4. I’m guessing that the ‘might’ be able to re-enter the house will be because there will be a temptation offered. Like a really good prize instead of getting back in the game. And it will unleash a consequence to the rest.

  5. I was irritated when it was implied the temptation acceptance had something to do with the battle back and was like, seriously, you kept those four in seclusion this whole time for absolutely nothing? And then it made you question that they just randomly decided to do this after Megan left because they didn’t mention it to Jillian on her exit interview like they hadn’t decided what to do yet. Then, and I hope this is still it, that all the halting hex curse is that an eviction gets stopped and that once it is enacted, it guarantees the next week is a double eviction week (thereby making it a curse on the whole house, like say, Jessica uses it next week to save Cody but she isn’t on the block, it would seem natural that makes her more target no. 1 in the double eviction). The might as to the Battle Back made me groan again but I hope it either means they were just covering their base in case the hg is almost immediately targeted or if its like a final challenge, they have to compete in the HOH competition and if they don’t finish in the top 5, they don’t get back in. But then, they did say three competitions, that would leave one winner. This just feels very unplanned.

    • Starting with Cameron, none of the evictees was shown any HG farewells by Julie Chen, so you know they were keeping them on ice and in the dark.

      • I know, but sometimes I think they don’t necessarily like that aspect of the exit interview. Especially if you get houseguests who are at all paranoid about production, they stay on message. And I could see that paranoia in this house.

      • Sometimes a “farewell” message gives out toooo much info…especially if u going to Jury…

  6. The worst parts were Paul dressing up as a snake and Josh’s emotional outburst. Best part was Jessica getting the temptation.

    • Where did Paul get that makeup and garment? From one of the girls?

      Totally agree with you on Jessica getting chosen for the temptation…and her accepting it!

      • He wore a dress that was faux snakeskin, he was doing it to get under Dom’s skin. BB did a poor job in not putting it into the episode and explaining why he was wearing the dress.

      • Yes I know he did it to irritate Dominque. I am glad Big Brother did not show more. I kind of find this immature of Paul.

      • Hahaha, Big Brother is all about having fun, loosen up a bit and live.

  7. I wonder if it means they battle back, win and then have to win HOH in order to get back in. That would be a way for the houseguests to keep them out, they all band together to make sure the battle back winner loses HOH and therefore can’t come back in?

  8. A conversation with Dom was like pulling teeth, she was like Donny, never giving information. She talked in riddles, vague responses, or condescending, pontificating statements. Who would want to bother with that when you can eat, sleep, or play grabass?

  9. ok but there was no hoh competition last night so this battle back is prob going to have the evictees join the hoh comp and last evictee standing could get back in and yet still have a chance at hoh too like last year with the jury comp. anyone else think this is what might happen?

  10. The worst episode to date. The editing was awful and didn’t add up to what happened in real time. I hope this isn’t the point where the show really starts to fall apart and we just hobble from one set up to the next. Jess getting the halting hex wasn’t a big surprise, nor will Cody coming back into the house. It’s all too predictable.

    • Chile wsnt it horrible! The other night they made it like dom got Paul together in that hoh room when it was the complete opposite. I was pissed!

      • Lawdy, the worst. I didn’t even know what was going on, and I have the FEEDS, that’s how bad it was.

    • Hey Fiddle, I came back here looking for you. We need you back posting. Some of those posting lately drive me crazy. Please come back!

      • Awwww, thanks tr8ppng, that was really sweet. I’m not commenting anymore, tired of being hassled. Takes the fun out of it and Big Brother is something I enjoy with all of my heart and I want it to stay that way. I’m upvoting to show my support for now, maybe later on I’ll join in again, we will see. 💚💋

  11. I’m so glad to see Dominique gone. Constantly lecturing people showed herself as self-righteous and arrogant. All that talk about snakes and tempters, and refusing to just say what was on her mind was boring. This is not a show that she should ever have come on.

    Seeing Jessica try her best on the Amazon competition, struggling, and then not being able to a win was tough to watch because she has been in that position on each competition. At least she was chosen for the Den of Temptation.

    I don’t get why Mark or anyone would play a game of any kind with Josh. With all that the house guests have seen of his erratic temperament, that’s was just asking for trouble. I would not have thrown anything in his face, though.

    Matt shoveled down a few bowls of cereal.

    Ramses? Who’s Ramses?

    When Big Brother Season 20 is broadcast, will anyone be surprised if Paul’s name is in the credits as Creative Consultant or a producer? Not me.

  12. Please get that cry baby Josh out of the house!!! He obviously doesn’t know the game rules of pool and is nothing but a little child!!!

  13. OK this is what I still don’t understand……
    Dominique’s “demise” was her ‘talk show’ with Cody. I still don’t get it!?
    Yes she mentioned an “organic alliance” but, Paul & his alliance was not a secret. Sure, stupid to just call it out but, it be so big that her entire alliance turns on her??
    So what am I missing there?
    & Dom questioning Cody to tell everyone who the 2HG’s were that knew/wanted Paul/Christmas gone. First of all why would she do that if she (Dom) was one of the “two people,” (her and Mark) telling Cody to put up Paul/Christmas??? She would be “ratting” herself out if Cody ended up giving names during that “interview,” Wouldn’t Mark be the one who should be mad at her? Not Paul?
    So why was Paul ‘especially,’ soooo angry about it? Mark and Dom were these two people!?!? One would think Paul would want to know that!?
    So again, I don’t understand why Paul would be angry with her questioning Cody!? It makes no sense whatsoever!!
    I clearly am missing “key elements” b/c it just doesn’t make any sense!!
    Help! LOL I know this was” so last week,” but I still don’t get it!

  14. I am the type of person to give people a “second chance.” Soooo regardless of what Jessica/Cody “did” when they were on the block, I am excited & hopeful Cody comes back in the house & I am happy Jessica got the DOT.
    Like Branden said, Jessica having the safety will make things more “interesting/entertaining.” Paul & his minions will not be in FULL control therefore this providing us more entertaining. Personally watching Paul/his alliance pick off people one by one sn’t entertaining! We have seen many seasons of BB where this happens. Thankfully this season started off with a lot of drama and hasn’t stopped. And, I think we can thank Cody for that. The second Paul walked in the door Cody saw him as a threat and wanted him to walk right back out the door. Cody wasn’t afraid to make moves, early! Love that! Right? Paul got to hand out those “friendship bracelets,” stupid! Cody stayed ‘true to himself’ and did not kiss Paul’s a$$! Love it! Right? Good for him! Yes, Cody & Jessica alienated themselves from the house once they were on the block (they had no hope) but, they still managed to keep it entertaining for us. Sorta
    Cody goes home, Jessica is alone!
    Well……when Cody was HOH Raven for example was Jessica’s BFF. Every episode Raven was literally clinging to Jessica holding her hand, cuddling with her or whatever! Then Raven drops Jessica in a second! Now Jessica & Elena are getting closer, and Raven is pissed off! I love it! Again, Jessica causing drama without even trying to. She’s just doing her thing. People say she’s sucking up and what not, but I think she’s just back in the game/ hanging out with everyone. What else is she supposed to do? Stay hiding in the have not room? As if!
    Anyway blah blah…… I just think we have Cody to thank for starting the season off strong! & I personally don’t see anything wrong with what Jessica is doing. I don’t watch the feeds, so unless I am totally missing something, isn’t Jessica I just back in the game so to speak? Just hanging out?
    Lastly, I just hope Jessica is smart enough not to tell anyone what her DOT is. It’s pretty clear, at least it was clear?? That the HG’s were on to her!? So, she just needs to not tell anyone. If she tells someone (aside from Cody if he comes back,) then she is showing all her cards, stupid live! She either needs to think of a lie to tell everyone about what she got (not the best idea either) or just completely keep it to herself! If not, she’s just gonna have to use it next week because she’s going to go on the block and people are going to tell her she’s going home. And that ends her safety.
    The End 😉

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