Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 3

This week Big Brother 19 isn’t as easy to gauge when it comes to the best and worst moments. I’m a bit torn on everything that’s been happening in the house, so I’m not even sure who this one’s going to play out. Usually by now, I know what my Ewws and Ahhs are going to be before I start writing, but this week I’m just too uncertain. I’m going to decide as I go. So let me see if I can figure out what I really thought about Big Brother 19 Week 3.

Eww. Endurance No Longer Means Endurance. I really miss the days of when houseguests would stand on a wall or hang from something all night long if they had to. Now we’re lucky if we get three hours out of them. For TV-only viewers, this is never an issue, but for the Live Feeds fans watching in real time, it’s a pretty big disappointment.

Ahh. At Least We Got To Watch. I shouldn’t complain how short the endurance competition was because at least it wasn’t blacked out like many of the competitions are (ah, that was the best thing about Big Brother Over The Top, no comp outages).

Dominique Cooper on Big Brother 19

Eww. Dominique Messes Up Her Game. For a minute, it seemed like Dominique was in a great spot in the house. She was good on all sides and one of Paul’s allies. And then she hosted that talk show last week that sort of set in motion her final week in the house.

Ahh. Drama, Drama, Drama. There was a lot of drama in the house this week. I am on record (on Twitter) as saying, watch some Netflix this week because it’s going to be boring. As soon as Alex won HOH, I was certain it would just be a week of everyone targeting Jessica, and since she is all alone in the house, she’d have no reason to even campaign. But things changed. We had Jessica vs. Christmas, Paul vs. Dominique, Josh vs. Mark and Josh vs. Jessica. It was indeed an eventful week.

Mark and Josh fight on Big Brother 19

Eww. The Snake Drama. Some of you who only watch the TV edit will know that Paul dressed as a snake for the Veto meeting, but if you don’t watch the Live Feeds or frequent the Big Brother 19 hashtag, then you missed the season’s first controversy. There were a lot of people upset with the wording Paul used about dressing as a snake, and it even ended up on TMZ and E! News. I’m not getting into it here, because we like to have fun here. Just know that it wasn’t a good situation all around and definitely gets an Eww this week.

Ahh. Jason. Who knew it would take a recruited rodeo clown to be the voice of reason this season? If it wasn’t for Jason, I’m pretty sure Alex would just blindly follow Alex until he cut her. Jason is doing a lot of thinking and reasoninf for Alex and it’s a bit impressive considering. Jason has his hand on the pulse of the game. For now.

Eww. Dominique’s Isolation. Oftentimes in the Big Brother house when a target has angered everyone, they spend the week alone and a lot of the times, give up. That was basically Dominique this week. The HGs claim that she isolated herself, but no one was really trying that hard to keep her in the mix. That being said, she still could’ve tried to fight to stay and she really didn’t. Sometimes it’s obvious your time is up in the house, but you’ve still got to try and fight to stay. She just didn’t.

Ahh. The Den of Temptation. This week’s temptation was the sweetest one of the three and it went to Jessica, who is not among the house majority. That says a lot about what fans want to see happen in this game. Fans clearly don’t want Paul and his “minions” to rule the entire season. Some fans out there were ready to throw Jessica a lifeline and likely Cody, if he wins the Battle Back and is placed back in the house.

Eww. Big Brother! Yes, I’m throwing a big, disgusting Eww at Big Brother in general this week. Thursday night’s episode was a big bunch of nothing. We have no idea what the Battle Back will consist of and all we ended up with were more questions. Julie said the winner MIGHT get to re-enter the game. MIGHT? What does that mean? Are we really going to watch four people battle for a chance to return just to have the HGs reject it? I don’t like the sound of it. It was just a really disappointing episode. Here’s to hoping tonight’s Battle Back episode is more revealing!

What were your best and worst moments from Big Brother 19 week 3?


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