‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 7

Later today the Big Brother 18 Houseguests will gather in the living room to hear what this week’s Veto winner has decided to do and what decisions the Head of Household may have to make. After days of planning by the HGs there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Victor lets his Veto hopes be known

Heading in to the Veto comp I thought we might have a stack of players looking to throw the competition, but I noted one of them may have a harder time allowing that to happen then trying to talk his way out of the trouble that would follow if he didn’t. Sure enough…

Paulie went and won himself the Veto after Zakiyah picked him to play for HG Choice. Like Zakiyah you might be expecting Paulie to save her with that Veto, but no, that’s not going to happen.

Paulie is confident that Michelle will be voted out this week on Big Brother 18. Saving Zakiyah would only, um, I’m not sure why he doesn’t want to use it really. Everyone knows he thinks he has Zakiyah in his pocket and they’re a couple on some showmance level. Paulie definitely doesn’t want her leaving so yeah I don’t really get his decision not to use the Veto and make sure he doesn’t lose his pawn, but that’s what he’s planning to do. Apparently he was also bred to take unnecessary risks.

Victor is happy to hear that news because he doesn’t want to go naming a renom and upset a third person this week. He has been working on building a relationship (friendly only, not romantic) with Bridgette so he wouldn’t want to put her up though I imagine he wouldn’t mind applying the heat to Natalie instead. Neither of those will happen though.

When the HGs sit down for the meeting they’ll have Michelle and Zakiyah on the Block with Paulie holding the Veto Power and chance to change up those noms. He’ll announce his decision to leave them as is and we’ll head towards Thursday where one of them will be evicted in the first of two eliminations for a Big Brother Double Eviction event.

Now Paulie is fully expecting that first HG to be Michelle, but late overnight whispers could be shaping up to take things in a different direction. Paulie may end up regretting his decision not to make a move at today’s meeting. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

We’ll have the Veto spoilers as soon as the meeting is over. If you want to get an alert when we have the formal results then grab our Big Brother App and stay connected to find out what’s happening throughout the week right when it happens. You can also join us on Facebook & Twitter.


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  1. If Paulie gets wind of the possibility of James cancelling votes that would ensure Z is evicted, he could use it on Z. I have no idea who V would renom. If James is smart(I know), he’d make a deal with V to ensure he or Nat isn’t renomed in return for him using the CP votes to make sure V gets his target, Z. That would only leave Nic, Corey, Bridgette, and Paul available for renom and I don’t think he would renom Bridgette or Paul. I think it would be Nicole. Lots of ifs, but just discussing possibilities.

    • If Paulie was to use the veto and pull down Z ..Victor would put James up. He was talking to Paulie about it yesterday. There is no love loss there.

      • In the scenario I was laying out, James would ensure that wouldn’t happen, and as much as I dislike V, I do think he would keep his word.

      • not sure if Viictor would believe/ trust James…Victor has been given warnings by Tiffany and Davonne and he has yet to heed those warnings..

      • Victor will report to Paul and Paulie. He is blindly loyal to them both. Then Paulie will totally agree with Victor about James going out.

    • James using it wisely instead of wasting his power is what I was hoping for. We’ll soon find out whether or not Paulie will use the veto or keep noms the same. I think the sole reason Paulie didn’t want to use the veto is because he was afraid Vic would renom Bridgette or Corey and he doesn’t want that at all. That’s why James (and Nat) didn’t converse with Paulie or even Paul or Vic about anything until after the Veto ceremony.

  2. be funny if Zakiyah goes home after she picked Paulie to play POV and he won, and then doesn’t take her down.

  3. I am still disgusted with “The Executives”! Paulie the qu**r twinsie and “Your boy” just need to go. And until they do, this season will be boring and predictable since the only few who would have made big moves and go after them have already been evicted. >sighs< just waiting on #BB19 James is annoying as well! He was my favorite last season but now seeing him this season just made me realize he just wants to be locked in the. House to chase pu**y around like he did Meg

  4. Soooo Paulie FINALLY threw Paul UTB to Nicole and Corey the other night. Hmmmmm…cracks are starting to form. Could it possibly be someone’s getting ready to make a big move. I thought Bridgette was in Paulie’s back pocket. After last night, not so sure about that. Natalie and Bridgette just maybe the spice we need to liven things up a bit!!! But, James will have to follow through and cancel out Nicorey’s votes to evict Z and keep Meech. Let’s hope for small favors!!!

      • Yep hope so but its a big move and right Natalie is the only one who has his back.. He can’t make a deal with Michelle cause she will start crying because somebody farted and blab the plan…so it will take a lot of thought and planning..

      • Granted Meech is a wildcard, but she’s noticed how PP have been controlling the house and how Nicole is playing both sides of the house. It’s time to draw a line in the house and let everyone know who’s on who side. Gloves are off!!! If I’m James, I tell Victor and Meech everything I know about PP & Nicorey and even fess up to my part in some things. It’s time to choose a side.

      • I’d throw Bridgette in that mix…she can verify a lot of info and Victor has somewhat of a kinship with Bridgette

      • Yep, James could definitely enlist Bridgette’s help to bring Victor onboard. Right now, Victor’s ideal alliance is Victor, Corey, Bridgett, Paulie and Paul. James and Bridgette have to find a way to convince Victor their better for his game than Corey and PP.

      • James knows Nicole is playing both sides, if he just said to her ‘hey, we are doing this now, either get on board or get run over’ kind of thing. But we all know that isn’t who James is.

      • I see a new alliance of James, Nat, Bridgette, Meech and Victor if James uses the CP to save Meech. It’s a strong alliance too in terms of physical and mental strength. They could gain control of the house putting Paulie, Paul and Nicorey on defense.

  5. I believe that unless James cancels out Paulies vote that he will vote to evict Zakiyah and blame somebody else…Like Bridgette maybe???

  6. I just don’t see Vic and PP making it to F3.. No way. They are all alpha males and it’s already starting to unravel. Just like the girls never make it to the end, I don’t think all the guys can either.

  7. PLEASE have a flipped vote this week! This season has been so pathetic. I don’t really have feelings about either nom (they’re both annoying in their own ways), but not giving Paulie everything he wants will make me happy for at least a day.

    • I’d just like to see how he adjusts his plan, we haven’t seen something not go his way yet.

  8. It confuses me to the core. Everything about this season does. One thing I feel the need to speak about is Victor’s speech last night to the Noms. Totally unnecessary and pathetic. Yes Victor, YOU ARE PATHETIC. You want to nominate two people who literally have had no control over anything going on in the house and claim its a “BIG MOVE”, but you don’t stop there, noooooo. You go on to give the speech that will go down in history as the worst put together nomination speech in history (and here I thought Zach was bad with the whole Fruit Loop Dingus but that was nothing compared to this idiot) and to make matters even worse you throw beads at them while one is sobbing already uncontrollably. I am no fan of Michelles by any means, but i am also not a fan of bullying at any level. As a human being seeing anyone cry like that where you can obviously see how uncomfortable and awkward it is and you continue to do it makes me sick. Your family must be soooo proud of the immature dumbass that’s on tv representing them. And then you have the other a holes laughing around the table. No one stopping it or trying to. Thats the part that really gets to me. You have Z and Michelle who have done there dirt in the house but still nothing like the dirt Paulie does etc…. Victor your pathetic, way to go on this “big move” and I truly hope your evicted next. I was really rooting for you, for the win, but after last night youve lost it buddy. Congrats to Natalie and Bridgette who seem to be the only ones awake in that house.

    • Those girls got everything they deserved which was quite entertaining. Have you seen the feeds and how disgusting they are towards nicer house guests?

      • What comes around goes around, Michelle is getting hers back right now, just like DaVonne did last week. Karma’s a bitch.

    • How was this a bad speech? Michelle is an childish, insecure bully. If she doesn’t get her way, the fangs come out or she cries like a baby. Zakiyah is no better. They treated the other girls ie Bridgette, Natalie, Tiffany and Bronte very bad so what Victor did was payback.

      • I get it. I also am aware of the type of girls Z and Michelle are. But 2 wrongs don’t make it right. Its my opinion that it was a horrible speech because I expected more from Victor. I guess I should’ve added that to my comment. I expected more from him. And I don’t care what they have done (the girls) he mentioned in the speech how Z doesn’t show him affection which I thought was uncalled for and kinda made him look like he was jealous she liked Paulie instead. And I forgot all he said about Michelle but I just didn’t like it. Alot of what i said came from anger. Im angry at the fact that he came back only to be another pawn in paulies game. IDK guys, this season just really has me going nutz.

        But one thing is for sure, you guys are all right about Karma….

      • I just had to rewatch it again just now to make sure, but he said Z didn’t give him attention, only Paulie got her affection.
        He did say before that Z never tried to connect or be friends with him. They hardly ever talk. I don’t think he meant he wanted Z to hook up with him, those were just poor choices of words I guess.

    • Victor is from New Orleans. Those were Mardi Gras beads usually thrown at people during the celebration so I don’t think it’s an insult, he meant it to be funny, but like many jokes, not everyone gets them.

      • I usually see beads thrown at “tiddays” lol that’s why i thought it was uncalled for, and im just done with this season I feel like im looking for any reason to be unhappy with this season aside from the obvious one…. everyone playing Paulies game
        The only “tiddays” id wanna see in the BB house are the ones everyones sucking on……Paulies…. hahahahahaaa

      • Having a bad day, and read this and im literally in tears with laughter. itty bitties hahahaaaa

    • I agree, but I see it both ways. The girls haven’t been all that nice to some of the HGs and they had it coming. Vic could’ve been a little more tasteful though.

      • Victor was a total dick. Those girls aren’t or will never be a threat to Vic. Pauie and Paul will. Bad game play imo.

  9. Big Meech or Z, whoever goes doesn’t really matter. None of them has a chance of winning at the moment. But Z should be the stronger of them two, so yeah I agree with Paul for once.

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