Big Brother 18: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 6

The Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony is coming up later today and the Houseguests are getting ready for the big event as everyone now seems to be aware of what’s going to happen and what this could mean for the week.

Paul works on his renom plans for BB18

With the Big Brother 18 Veto comp results revealed we knew a decision was going to be made for a renom and that went back to plans already in place for the week. Now just hours away from the meeting this week’s Backdoor strategy appears to remain locked in and moving ahead as scheduled.

Da’Vonne is in a bad spot. Paulie was on the Block, won the Veto, and is about to clear a path for Paul to put his former teammate up in Paulie’s place. When that happens Da’Vonne’s game will be in a critical state and unlikely to survive the week. Now after a talk with Paul on Sunday she knows things are looking very bad for her.

Flashback to Sunday 7/31 at 4:20 PM BBT as Da’Vonne has arrived in the HoH room. She wants to know who is going to be Paul’s renom. He hesitates and starts rattling off why he couldn’t renom this Houseguest or that Houseguest giving weak excuses for each of them. Paul says he doesn’t want to put up Nicole because she wasn’t already getting to paranoid about it and Zakiyah hadn’t been to the Block yet so he suggested it’d be too unnerving for her. Paul claimed he needed someone who could be trusted to not get paranoid.

Da’Vonne isn’t buying Paul’s story as she sat there doing her “yeah, yeah, yeah” response we’ve seen her use before. It’s a terrible attempt by Paul at covering his plans and she’s seeing right through it. Paul promises her she’s safe and he wouldn’t risk her while suggesting no one would go against the HoH. Day reminds Paul that his power ends with the meeting and it won’t be up to him anymore.

Paul refuses to openly admit he’s going to do what he’s clearly going to do: renom Da’Vonne. She leaves the room disappointed and discouraged before heading down to talk with Zakiyah where she gets teary and frustrated. She doesn’t understand why Paul, her own teammate from the start, would go against her.

I really do think this is a bad move for Paul. Da’Vonne isn’t coming after him and he’s only feeding in to Paulie’s plan for the season, not his own. He’ll be strengthening Paulie and weakening his own future in the game by eliminating allies in favor of potential enemies. Bad move at this point, but maybe it’ll work out best for Paul afterall.

The ladies are aware of what’s going on as it gets closer to the meeting. Last night around 8:45 PM BBT Michelle spoke with Zakiyah about needing to stop this from happening. She was upset that the promise to go after Bridgette had slipped away. Michelle suggested Paulie was becoming the new Frank with his approach of pushing plans on the other HGs.

I don’t think the women have a chance of stopping this train and the rest of the night slipped away without a strong push to make it happen. Michelle did speak to Paul and Paulie around 10PM BBT and urged them that Da’Vonne wasn’t coming after them. Well, we know Da’Vonne has said she wants the showmances, like Paulie, targeted, but I’d agree that Day isn’t going after Paul.

Later James, who had spoken of trying to stop the BD Day plan, told Paul and Paulie that he didn’t think Day would try to put him (James) up but would probably come after them. Well that won’t help her chances.

The Veto Ceremony should be later morning or early afternoon today and when that happens we should expect Paulie to use the Veto on himself and Da’Vonne to go up as the renom. If the vote were held today immediately after the meeting then Da’Vonne would most likely be evicted. Even with three days to work on it I don’t think things look good for Day at all. She’s this week’s most likely evictee, but maybe she’s got that Round Trip ticket!

We’ll have the Veto spoilers as soon as the meeting is over. If you want to get an alert when we have the formal results then grab our Big Brother App and stay connected to find out what’s happening throughout the week right when it happens. You can also join us on Facebook & Twitter.


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  1. I don’t think you are giving Day enough credit. Remember what she did to Frank and Tiffany? She may not win comps but either did Derrick until the end. She has the gift of persuasion and uses it very well. If the guys goal is to take each other to the end then I think this is a good move for them to get Day out as I think she would go after the boys the first chance she gets with either her or one of the girls winning HOH.

    • I am hoping she loses it and start throwing everyone under the bus that way it will seal the deal.

    • The best thing Da’vonne could do is try to convince James and ask him to do the same to Natalie. Paul could decide at the end if there is a tie, but D needs to convince him that Brigitte is after him.

      • Doesn’t matter I don’t think Day has the votes. Victor and Paulie want her gone, Nicole and Corey want her gone. Natalie promised Bridgette she wouldn’t vote her out. There’s 5 votes to evict Day.

      • Well James said Day might go after Paul, Paulie, and I think Corey. I don’t think there is anything Day can say at this point.

    • The whole reason Day is on the block is because of her actions towards Frank and Tiffany. She pitted them against each other when neither was coming after her. She is really bad at this game.

      • Yeah I really couldn’t figure out what her motivations were there. I’m all for making big moves in BB and getting someone else before they have the chance to get you. But she was in SUCH a good spot and really jumped the gun on turning the house against each other.

        I get that she saw Frank as a threat early on; probably because he plays the kind of game she *THINKS* she plays – the Dan/Derek/Boogie/Will I don’t have to win comps I can talk myself into power (side note – Paulie plays this game too). And she probably saw an opening and decided to go for it…maybe not realizing Tiff and Frank would start targeting each other so quickly but by then the ball was already rolling.

        That said – why on earth did she pick the two HGs that were probably the most closely aligned with her? Everyone else had paired off and she sends the two people that probably trust her the most at the time going after each other…dumb dumb dumb.

      • Absolutely, she brought it all on herself and I don’t feel sorry for her. Gameplay based on constant lies won’t get you very far once people figure out who the liar is.

    • That’s why she’s going because of what she did to Tiffany and Frank. Stupid move as they were all in an alliance together.

  2. I think it might be time to see her go. But I may be speaking too soon, let’s see how she plays this week. So far her strategy has been pretty good but she also hasn’t really been on the Block much either. If she is going up on the Block it’s going to be seriously fun and interesting to watch as she tries to wiggle out of it. In theory, she should be able to push the house towards Bridgette by reminding them of Frank and how she allied with him to the potential detriment of everyone else. She could argue that Bridgette didn’t care about them then and is only pretending to care about them now. Or something.

    We shall see.

  3. I would love to see Da go home. That being said, I wish Paul was making his own decision rather than allowing Paulie to run the show. His HOH is going just like Bridget’s did. (Paulie = Frank, Paul = Bridget).

  4. I don’t see how putting Day up and having her evicted will weaken Paul. Paulie is more an ally to Paul at the moment than Day.
    Day might not target Paul now but soon she will while Paulie clearly wants to have a F3 with both Paul and Corey.
    Day is unpredictable and Paulie is straight as arrow, too arrogantly straight I may say, but it’s a good move on Paul’s part.

  5. I’m hoping they evict Day and she comes right back in via the round trip ticket AND wins HOH… Oooo the drama!!

    • Yeah drama that I won’t like to watch. Tired of Momma Day’s constant bitchiness in the DR I guess.

      • She plays up her ego in her DR’s that’s for sure!! Now she’s the one out the door after bragging about taking one swing at Frank last week!

    • She has better odds of having the ticket than she does of winning HOH when she gets back, considering she still has yet to win a single comp in her 2 years on the show.

      • But in her last 2 HoH comps she came close tho. Second to James and tie second to Paul. So she’s improving. Too little too late I guess.

    • Yes, Gus. At least from what I understand. (Only started watching last year, so I’m still learning)

      • It could be a 7-member jury this time coz Julie didn’t mention anything about it last Thursday.
        I found it a bit strange to be honest because last year it was mentioned so early in the season when the jury would start.

      • She never mentions it until the live vote. She always says the person voted out today will be the first member of the jury. So if she doesn’t say anything on Thursday then I would assume it’s going to be 7.

      • I remember last year, Shelli was upset because she and Clay were on the block together and Clay would miss jury. It was mentioned quite early it would be a 9-member jury and jury started after the fifth eviction. And DE to start the jury.
        I guess this year it could be 7-member jury and DE to start the jury again.

      • I have every season on DVD and don’t ever recall that. I’ll watch last season again. But she always says right before the vote on every season the next person voted out will be the first member of the jury.

    • I don’t believe so as Julie has said nothing about it. I’m predicting a 7 person jury this year. Also jury typically begins with a double eviction.

      • She usually announces it before the live eviction. Now that they’re down to 11 if it is going to be a 9 person jury then she will let them know before the vote. So we will know then if it’s 9 or 7. And the DE will probably be next week only because of this round trip twist.

    • Probably. We will know Thursday before the vote. That’s when Julie will say congratulations house guests you’ve all made it to jury.

    • Well Julie normally says when jury starts, but she did not say anything last Thursday, so I don’t know.

  6. Even if Day is voted out, she may have the roundtrip ticket and come right back. At any rate, we’re all just waiting for finale to see Paulie crowned the winner. This is Paulie’s game to lose…there is no one in the house that will take him down.

    • A few of the girls started figuring things out last night. And I believe that if given the chance, James might go for it.

      • Assume you’re talking about Meech and Z. Well, they blew it by telling Nicole, who went right outside to let the boys know what Meech and Z were saying about wanting Bridgette out. Paulie convinced Meech again that BD Day was the best strategy this week.

      • It is the best strategy for him (Paulie) – There is still a few days before the eviction. I hope one of the HG is able to start flipping votes just to prove to Paulie that he has no right to dictate, the same way it was done to Frank. (I doubt it will be done….but I can dream :)

      • I’ve loathed Day’s unsportsmanlike behaviour these past few weeks – esp her ‘goodbye’ shots at both Tiff and Frank. She’s also proven to be a Zero at comps and has been rather obvious and reckless in her gameplay so far.
        Despite all this, she’s still the STRONGEST female in the house this season and isn’t afraid to actually play the game.
        I think there is some real potential for her to flip the votes once she’s OTB if by convincing the other girls – and James – that Paulie is turning into another Frank. She’s going to mount an all-out effort and will raise all kinds of stink for Paulie
        I think her odds of staying are a bit better than 50/50.

      • I feel you…Day is still trusting Paulie. She hasn’t figured it out that Paulie is the reason she’s OTB. By the time she figures out what Paulie is doing, I’m afraid it’ll be too late. Paulie has wisely made strong ties to everyone in the house plus he’s won a lot of comps. I don’t see anyone brave enough or strong enough to go against his wishes.

      • But it doesn’t matter because Nicole wants Day gone. She knows that Day has been after her. And Corey, Victor and Paulie are for sure voting her out. That’s 4 votes and Paul breaks the tie. And he will never go against his hero Paulie. But I don’t even think it would come to a tie because Natalie promised Bridgette she would never vote her out.

  7. Bridgette is at risk of going home so it would waste your vote for ACP 2 wBridgette & Da prob on the block at end of week

    ACP2 Void 2 Votes: Victor (he could shake up HOH votes next week)
    ACP3 Super Safety: James or Bridgette (they may need it for DBL eviction)
    ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette or James
    ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey, Nicole or Da. (TBD too far away yet).

    * you can vote 20 times a day
    ** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically

  8. I do wish she knows or make up lies about the boys alliance and throw that out there with the plans for them to take out Nicole or Michelle next. Tell James he’s at the bottom of the boys’ alliance and no way they’re taking him to final 3 and they are calling Nat faked tits. There plans to use Bridgette against the girls. That would save her 5-3 votes. What does she have to lose. If you don’t know the truth tell lies!!

  9. I hope she goes on Thursday. She has so many final 3 and F2 alliances who knows who she would put up. She’s mentioned Paul’s name before. She messed up her own game by going against her alliance in week 2. She was sitting pretty with the guys going out first and a strong 5 girl alliance. I hope any girl but Bridgette wins the next HOH and goes after one of the guys. Would love to see Paulie and Paul on the block together. One comes down and Victor goes up.

    • I love how they’re starting to figure out Paulie is running the house. I think Michelle would nominate Paulie and Paul, but would Zakiyah or Nicole do it?

      • I don’t know. I think if Zakiyah won HOH Paulie would be running it. She is too goo goo eyes for him. If she only knew he wants her gone. And if Nicole won I think she would talk things out with Corey. But I think she will do what’s best for her game. Just like when she got the first HOH. She wanted it but played like she didn’t. And she wanted Jozea gone and that’s what she did. I really would like to see Nicole get it if it’s not a DE.

      • Which is exactly why he made that effort…he heard Z and Michelle were beginning to question the happenings in the house and he wants to keep Z under his ‘spell’.

      • Nope, I don’t think any of them would put Paulie up. It’s what Frank said, they don’t have a backbone. They’ll likely take the easy way out and target Victor or Bridgette if they were to win HOH next week.

      • Heck no! Z def wouldn’t do it. She keeps talking about having Paulie’s babies, lol! That girl is delusional.

    • Day was never sitting pretty in that house. The first couple of weeks, alliances don’t count IMO. If you’re talking about the 8-pack alliance, they were all turning on each other just as much as Day.

      • And Day started it. She also had the 5 girl alliance. She would never of been a target if she wouldn’t of started stirring things up.

      • Frank started it and Day ended it by getting him and Tiffany evicted! Five girl alliance, so what…the boys have an alliance!!! She’s supposed to sit back and get picked off like the rest of the girls are soon to be.

      • No Day started it. Do you not remember when Day went up to Frank and said Tiffany was after him? Which was a lie. Then she went to Tiffany and said Frank was after her. Which was a lie. Then she told Nicole that she lied to Frank about Tiffany. Which is when Nicole stopped trusting Day because she was turning people in their alliance against each other. I watched it all play out on the feeds. Day ruined her own game. Bad bad game play. And that’s my point about the girls alliance. The boys are sitting pretty because they’re staying together. Day screwed up the 5 girl alliance that had her back.

  10. I hope she does go and I hope she doesn’t have that ticket. She’s the main reason why everyone came after Frank. She started rumors and made a big deal all about Frank. It would be great to see her evicted immediately after Frank.
    And yes, Paul is an awful liar! Its very entertaining to watch him stumble through his words. lol

      • That’s the only thing I would of liked to see. Frank in jury with Day walking in right behind him.

      • Some have pointed out that Julie never said anything about jury yet. Lets hope it is only 7 jury members this year.

      • If so Day would get what she deserves. Lets hope and pray its a 7 person jury. Expect the unexpected!

      • I’m afraid Day would be a sour grapes sort of person and could make life pure he!! for the other jurors. After all, she probably thinks she deserves to win since she’s a mother.
        What’s this about Zak and Paulie last night? Has the deed been done by any chance.

      • More with the hands. MaxZ must have enjoyed it she had to put the blanket over her mouth and smiling from ear to ear.

      • WHOA! Thanks for the update then. Bet that doesn’t make the next episode either.
        Impatiently waiting for Paul to put Day on the block.

      • I haven’t heard anything definite that the jury starts this week. They could be going with a 7 person.

  11. On BBAD that gross slob Michelle, was spending a lot of time popping pimples on Paul’s back, then when she was done she wiped her hands on her shirt, and proceeded to rub a wooden house spoon on his back, all without ever washing her hands! She is one disgusting person.

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