‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 11

The Veto Ceremony will arrive later today in the Big Brother 18 house and the final six HGs will gather around in the living room, chat briefly, and then disband and likely return to bed. It’s a no-brainer on how this event will go.

James and Natalie sit together on Big Brother 18

James and Natalie’s game together was already near doomed but they had a potential shot with winning the Veto, getting one of them down, and then working the house to send the renom out the door. Read on to see how that plan will work out.

When Corey was revealed as the winner of the Power of Veto this week the only question left was whether James or Natalie would be evicted. There’s no reason for Corey to use the Veto unless he was ready to hatch his season long plan of attack on Nicole. That plan doesn’t exist, so he won’t.

Corey will announce he won’t be using the Veto at today’s meeting and that’ll be that for Jatalie as they prepare to be separated. Maybe they’ll get back together in another week. The odds are in favor of that, but it’s Big Brother and you never really know.

As for which of them will be going out the door this week, it’s now looking like Natalie after Victor gave up on his plans to send James off to Jury. Overnight talks with James suggested to Paul and Victor that he may be willing to lean in their favor though I wouldn’t look for any new F3 deals between them.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Corey’s Veto plan? Is there any scenario that makes sense for him to use it?

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  1. Nicole should have put on her big girl panties and voted out Paul last week. The problem for her was she couldn’t get past the personal level of Michelle. Needless to say, Michelle was in the same boat with at least one other girl in the house, why oh why does these little girls act like they are still in high school.

    • Because the strong women almost never last in BB. Sometimes they make it, but for every Dani Donato or Rachel Reilly there’s 5 doormats who think they’re on The Bachelorette.

      • IKR? You’d have thought that the first time someone would have told him desperation is really unattractive. We decided the other night that all in all James would probably be a great BF except for that overwhelming neediness.

      • Definitely agree about the neediness and there have been a few other red flags for me — apparently he was charged for not paying child support and the jealousy: telling Gnat not to call Paul Babe.

      • Didn’t know that. The jealousy is an outgrowth of the neediness in my estimation and the other thing is just unforgivable from someone who’s gainfully employed.

      • Which is funny because Rachel and Donato later married their showmance partners. Ironic how that works.

        That’s kinda why I respect Rachel and Dani on another note, because they can step up their game and not rely too much on their partner. In 13, Dani played more of the villain in her game after her father and eventual husband left and Rachel fought hard after her Bookie left

      • When it comes to Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brendan, and Daniele and her showmance was it mutual. I don’t think any of those girls went in the BB house looking for a showmance, they actually wanted to win the game. Their relationships just happened. Unlike the girls now that go in looking for a showmance, it’s so irritating. That’s why I respect them, too.

      • Right, and Jordan and Rachael both won, so good for both of them that they never took their eyes off of what they were really there for

      • So you’re saying in the case of Jeff/Jordan, Brendon/Rachel, and Dani/Dominic the love came naturally? If so i agree. I was just pointing out the irony of these girls in this season (minus Bridgette and Day) are looking for boy toys, and the girls who got married to their showmance partners (Rachel and Dani) played a hell of a better game.

    • Heck its sad when Rachel of all people tell the girls to get together and pick the boys off. Yes we’re talking about Rachel who pretty much cries for her hubby 24/7, and eventually won without him. If she’s telling these girls to step it up that’s pretty sad.

    • I totally agree. The problem with Nicole is that she doesn’t seem to know how the Jury house feels about her. If she is in the F2, the only way she wins is because people feel bad about giving Corey $500,000 because they think he’ll spend it on baseball gear or something. I am not really a huge fan of Nicole this seasons, even though I liked her on her last season. It would be awesome if the veto was used and then Nicole could be the replacement and be sent home. She seems better as a Juror than a Winner.

    • Why do you keep saying personal? Just curious. Michelle has been gunning for Nicole for weeks and if she would of stayed and won HOH guess who she would of put up? Nicole. Even the night before her eviction Michelle, Nat and James were talking about Nicole going next. So I wouldn’t say getting rid of her was personal I’d say it was strategic and a smart move. Besides she would of pissed off Victor and then everyone except Corey would of been gunning for her. Now look where she’s at. Safe!

      • Just like when Natalie put up Victor and Paul, both of them were already targeting Michelle, James and Natalie before they knew they were going up. It comes down to it being personal and not strategy. If I didn’t like someone I would still work with them until the big threat is gone. Michelle and Nicole didn’t see it that way. Evicting Michelle was not a game changing moment but it was personal for her and her game.Michelle has her chance to put Nicole up but was convinced it wasn’t the right thing to do at that moment. She coul have told them screw it and did it anyway but she didn’t and that is what Nicole somehow couldn’t comprehend.

      • We’re just going to have to disagree. I can’t fathom why you would keep in someone who’s after you and then have the entire house after you because Nat, James and Michelle were definitely not putting each other up and Victor would of felt betrayed and been after her. Michelle played it personal not Nicole. Michelle wanted Nicole out simply for the fact Nicole didn’t tell her about voting Day out. Nicole wasn’t after Michelle at that time. That’s personal. Once Nicole knew Michelle was gunning for her then Nicole made it her priority to get her out to save her game. That’s strategic. JMO.

  2. WWillie – You could answer that statement with why did the little boys gang up and take out the girls earlier in the season rather than taking a shot at the guys who they thought were their competition?

    • Are you ignoring the all Girl Alliance? Don’t be mad that All Boys Alliance ended up stronger. He, the ladies even got a head start with guys being targeted early.

  3. The best part of Natalie being evicted (if it happens) is that there will be 1 more female in the jury house to help understand where his game went wrong…

  4. I have been waiting for natalie to get evited for a month now . About time her hoh was one of the worst hoh in bb history

  5. Can we just talk about Corey for a second? And I don’t mean his Harry Potter obsession (although I am sad that is not getting more attention). Corey seems to pull it out every now and then, usually when he has to. Remember that DE way back when? There’s Corey, winning it all. Here’s a guy who has done F-all most of the season, but when he has to, he wins. Paul and Victor should be paying attention to that. There’s lots of talk about James throwing comps all season. Phhht. Let’s talk about Corey.

    • Yeah and he won the Veto this week which sounded like a mental comp. Unexpected. Probably didn’t think he had to win before. Both he and Nicole have stepped it up recently

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