‘Big Brother 18’ Veto Comp Plans In Week 9: Big Brother Storm Watch – Update: Players Picked

Saturday is going to deliver another pivotal Power of Veto competition for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests and the pressure is mounting as Big Brother has just introduced a sleep depriving twist to the new challenge.

Update: Feeds went down for the competition at 2:23 PM BBT. Check back for results soon.

Big Brother Storm Watch alert

Yes, it’s the return of the overnight memory game as Big Brother continues to periodically wake Houseguests and pepper them with Big Brother storms named after the evicted Houseguests. It’s making for some pretty funny details and very tired Houseguests.

Let’s first set the stage. Natalie won HoH and Michelle was awarded Co-HoH. On Friday night Natalie got the idea that Paul needed to be her main target instead of Nicole and Corey as the F5 had decided. Once Michelle got her power she was quickly swayed by Natalie to go along with the plan despite her obviously originally wanting Nicole and Corey on the Block.

Nomination plans held together and came through as expected sending Victor and Paul to the Block, but Paul wasn’t going to take it sitting down. After working Natalie and Michelle over to convince them the real threat was Nicole and Corey they’re now ready to work together to change these noms and potentially Backdoor Corey.

There are only seven Houseguests left which means all but one will be playing in Saturday’s Veto comp. Right now we’ve got Natalie, Michelle, Victor, and Paul for sure playing. At least one of Corey and Nicole will be playing as well, this is unavoidable. If Paul and Victor are lucky then James could get drawn and like he usually does I’d expect him to throw it so he can stay out of the way.

James actually doesn’t want to flip their plans and would rather keep his target on Paul and Victor this week. He expressed that stance to Natalie and Michelle. So maybe it’d be better for James not to get drawn, but I think he’d yield to Natalie’s pressure and could give in though I wouldn’t be shocked for him to win the Veto and sit on it to keep it out of play and the noms the same on Monday.

With this Veto challenge clearly ramping up to be a memory challenge we could be looking at an advantage for Paul. His memory is incredible as he’s been cleanly reciting all the weather announcements they’ve been hearing. He knows the numbers cited and details given on each of them. I sure wouldn’t want to be up against him.

Michelle pointed out that Nicole won the memory comp in her season so she advised her allies to avoid picking Nicole if it’s HG Choice and to instead go with Corey. Paul suggested they try to sabotage Corey and Nicole’s details by feeding them bad information, but that plan was discouraged and I believe abandoned.

The messages have been going all night long and Paul hasn’t been sleeping. He’s currently awake and sitting in the HoH room rehearsing everything he’s heard. Paul keeps waking up the other HGs to study and have them alert for the next message. Michelle is studying with him while trying to stay awake and seems to know these pretty well too.

Paul will be tough to beat in this as he really seems to know it but at some point he’s going to need to sleep or that could jeopardize his performance. He knows the pressure is on though and I think he’ll be ready.

Paul could end up with effectively three people playing for him if Natalie and Michelle stick to their new word that they’d change the noms and target Corey instead. Victor winning would also create an opening on the Block since he’d obviously use it. I’m not so sure James would use it but like I said he might not even want to win it. Then if Corey or Nicole wins the Veto they would definitely not use it because the other of their pair would go to the Block.

We’re going to keep watching for the players pick later to find out which two of James, Nicole, and Corey will be joining the other four in the challenge. I’ll update the post here once we have more information then you should expect the competition later this afternoon. If it’s just a Q&A then hopefully they get through it quickly and get back to us with results soon after.

What do you hope happens today at the Veto competition? Do you want to see Paul or Victor pull off the move to safety or would you prefer to have Nicole or Corey lock down their spot this week? Share your thoughts below while we watch for more updates.

Update: Players were picked. James is playing along with Corey. Nicole will host. Paul told Natalie they now have a 5:1 advantage over the opposition. Those are good odds, but it only takes one.

Nicole is worried, but Corey thinks they’ll have James as their second vote. Nicole doubts it and says she’s going to be evicted this week. Corey doubts it. (Latest plan was to get Corey out.)


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  1. I do hope Michelle flips the house on Nicole and Nicole goes home. Then I hope Vic or Paul wins HoH and sends Natalie or James packing. The floaters who have not played the game do not deserve to win. Of the remaining HGs, Paul and Vic have played the best for different reasons.

    Objectively, Vic has been evicted and had to wins 4 comps to get back into the house. Since then he has been a beast. No on ein the house has a great personality but Vic is earning his way to the end.

    I liked James last year but he has been a huge disappointment this season. I hope it works out for him and Natalie but he is not playing big brother.

    I would not mind if Michelle wins either. If she makes it to F2 it will take some great game play since she is really the only one who is alone at this point. She has blended into the house and survived a couple of close calls.

    • I wouldn’t mind Victor winning. JMO, but Michelle has been the most unpredictable and easily persuaded numerous times by different people. It’s been very difficult for me to trust her ability to stick to her guns. And knowing how DR plays people, she would be putty in their hands, and probably has been frequently.

    • I cannot believe they didn’t put up Nicole and Corey. I’m sick of James and Natalie. Michelle got co-HOH and does what Natalie wants

    • With all those wins that Victor has, has made him the biggest target (if they played the game it was supposed to be played) on his back. Least you forget that it was James that got Frank out via Paulie. If you go back, I believe I said earlier that James was laying low and now he has to play the game. Was a James fan last year but I was rooting for Frank then Bridgette this year. Right now, I am happy to finally see them turning on each other.

  2. I still say that James is realizing that Natalies decisions as HOH could come back to bite him…He does not want it said that he is controlling her HOH Any decisions made are hers

  3. On BBAD last night in kitchen, Nicole is telling Corey she is at more risk than Corey if POV puts one of them up. Ummm, Nicole, wrong again! You dont win comps. Hope this last flip works and Corey goes up as BD and is out of the house. A lot can happen in a week tho………

    • Right now there is two options this week. Option A: BD Corey, send him to Jury. Once Paulie see’s Corey there, it will freak him out and mess with his head. His game play for the returning Juror may be off and he doesn’t come back. Option B: Victor get’s evicted. He goes to play the Jury Buyback comp and beats Paulie because after all, he is a comp beast. We win because Paulie doesn’t come back. Any other option would mean that Paulie would have a greater shot at getting back in the house.

      • Maybe not, if it isn’t a physical comp. I hope there is someone in the jury that can outwit Paulie, unless it is a comp about what to expect from prostitutes. He has that down pat. He’d make an excellent pimp.

  4. These two girls are backpedalling so fast and hard that they’re going to hit themselves coming in the door

  5. I would rather see Paul/Victor in F2 or at least one of them (if 1, hope it’s Victor), cause I believe he has fought the hardest (other than Brigette). If she wins the Battle Back (which, my guess, that’ll be Paulie), I prefer her in the F3, then her and Victor in F2. Then, may the best man/woman take the Winnings Home.

    • It would seem that Paulie might have an advantage in most types of physical comps. I too, hope Bridgette gets back in if it is doofus or dingus that is evicted this week. Vic and Paul deserve another chance, imo. They might get it, but it does look like that Michelle is the only one going the extra mile by staying up longer to study to help insure one of them wins the comp.

    • I hope Paul is not in F2. He is a snake and is playing dirty. I do not mind Victor but, I cannot stand Paul. I hope Corey wins POV and Paul gets sent home.

      • I didn’t like him for a while. But, I would like him to win if Victor doesn’t and if Brigette doesn’t get back in during the battle back comp. However, I respect your opinion.

      • I agree. Everything they said about Paul yesterday was the truth. And he puts the blame on everyone else. Biggest lying snake in the house.

  6. It still boggles my mind that any houseguest would want Corey or Nicole out before Paul or Vic. They need to think strategically not on emotions. Paul and victor keep promising they won’t put them up… Uh yeah they will. 5 people can’t go to finale. As much as I like Victor he’s won To many comps to want him to still be there at f5.

    • Another note… Bet if Paulie comes back Paul and Vic would run back to him to take out the rest of the houseguests

      • don’t think sooo both made it they were no longer Paulies minions anymore Paulie would still have to side with Nicole and Corey

      • Agree, Paulie has to be in charge. Nicorey have worshipped at his altar before and would do so again. Vic and Paul have tasted power, won’t be Paulie’s boys again

    • Exactly. I was wondering the same thing. I would trust Nicole and Corey more than Paul and Victor.

    • Take out corey and u take out 2 players (nicole sucks @ everything). Need to get vic out next(evicted means evicted). Then paul. Leave it to james and the girls to fight o the ‘death’.

  7. This is a tough one for Nat and James. If they split up Nicorey then the numbers will definitely be in their favor even if Paulie comes back. It’ll be Paulie and Nicole vs the House. However, if they were to do that it would be easy for Victor/Paul/Meech to team up and take them out once they get rid of Paulie and Nicole.

    If they keep Corey and if Paulie comes back; Nicorey would likely side back with him. Knowing Paulie he would try to gun for James and then Natalie.

    It all comes down to a matter of trust. Who is more likely to betray them? Either decision could easily come back to bite them in the butt.

      • I don’t tweet, but it might be time to find another source of info. Either some people have fallen asleep on the job or completely quit at Jokers. It’s been bad of late.

      • I don’t tweet either. I do look at the Tweet Box thingy above though. And there has been a lot of information there the last few days.

      • I’ll have to check that out. On the BBN page or Disqus? I honestly don’t know what you are referring to.

      • I tried to reply to your post, but it was removed for some reason?? I did find the “What’s Hot…” section but under it was what looked to be a list of other sites. Maybe I was not looking in the right place. That’s ok, I’ll delve a little further. Thanks much, RSA.

      • Your welcome. If you find another site, other than Jokers, let me know please. I don’t mind keeping a few different options open at all times. Between all of them, I get a pretty good picture of what’s truly going on in the house.

  8. So I think it will be Vic, Paul and Michelle competing to take someone off the block, Corey competing to keep the noms the same and Natalie and James throwing it so they don’t have to take a stand on either side

  9. Victor can win it all if he smartens up and becomes his own man by getting Paul out of the house. But if Paul gets the girls to BD Corey this week then I’d bet on him to win it all.

  10. I don’t get this buy back…there is only four weeks left in the season. Why bring someone back now? I hate them..just cast two extra people at the beginning of the season..that would solve the problem. I am a believer of once you are out…you had your chance and that’s it!

    • Maybe it’s a safety net in case they end up with just the duds left in the house at that point?

      • It’s most def that and the audience gets attached to some players and every year someone who the audience wants to see do well leaves, so this way they can retain those people.

        In BB15 once Elissa was evicted I was out. A buyback would have kept me in. I am sure for Judd fans it did.

  11. According to what I’m reading at Jokers, Corey is acting pretty smug, like he doesn’t have a care in the world because he knows he’s not going OTB. Can’t wait for Thursday and he walks out the door. :) (I hope).
    He was acting pretty smug last few weeks, he just hides it in his dopey stare.

  12. I really wish for James and Nicole to get evicted from this game. They are the two left who are annoying me. I do wish for Natalie to get evicted, but first those two.
    Why would you pick two people on your side, over the ones that have been after you from the beginning.
    Nicole is now up Michelle’s and Natalie’s behind telling lies and dumb girls are falling for it.
    I’d rather Nicole go up instead of Corey. Corey doesn’t even talk game, but listens and agrees.

  13. Nicole was on the feeds last night lying about Paul and his actions. She’s such a backstabbing wrench. The bottom line is this. Paul is not a manipulator and a liar. Nicole is.

  14. James needs to bail out of his Natalie alliance or showmance or whatever it is. Nat has not only now made potential enemies of Victor and Paul; now she wants to change her mind and make potential enemies of Nicorey as well.
    James forgot to teach her about jury management I suppose.
    If Nat refuses to listen to his common sense advice I’m sure Nicorey would welcome him as a partner as they head to the finale.

    • James can’t make up his mind about his alliances except for Nat. He will throw comps as usual and we have to wait and see what his next move is. He better not join forces with Cory and Nicole the rat troll.

      • Since James and Nicole are both vets I can see a potential final 2 alliance between them once they lose their showmance partner.

    • People can’t know that the “producers told nat who to put up”. But we do know that they obviously played that manipulation card on Nat. She said that “Mom and Dad”(DR) wanted her to work with Dingus and Doofus(Nic and Corey). And referred to the fact more than once in statements she made after her DR session.

  15. Man, Nat had already flipped to back to wanting Paul out. Hopefully Paul wins Veto or this is going to be a long, long week.

    Paul and Vic need to leave sooner rather than later, but odds are Paulie is winning the battle back. Nicorey needs to be split up.

  16. Why in the world would Nat take advice from James? He did not come close to winning his season….and he still has no clue how the game is played….

  17. I hope Michelle and Natalie do not flip the house. Paul is a snake and needs to be sent home. He will come after Natalie and Michelle.

  18. James is the deciding vote and I can clearly see that he wants Nic and Corey to stay. That means that either Paul or Vic will be heading out the door on Thursday. I really want it to be Paul. He needs to go!

  19. So Natalie finally makes a big move and puts up two of the strongest players and 10 minutes later she’s crying about it and wants to change her mind. SMH

  20. Would be really funny if Mich gets to renominate…and puts James up….because you know Nic and Corey will vote him out!

  21. If HGs are stupid ough to keep Paul and Vic this week, Paul and Vic win BB most likely Paul. Michelle and Natalie are mental midgets for believing Paul.

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