Big Brother 18 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

Eviction time for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests as another person will be evicted after Julie Chen reveals the vote. Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning are about to see their alliance split up unless this late arrival twist shakes things up, but for now let’s get ready for the vote.

Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning on Big Brother 18

We’ve got nine votes this week on Big Brother 18 despite there being only eight last week and we evened out on Houseguests after losing one and gaining another. Well, the Roadkill twist ended and dropped us back to two noms, not that a single third nominee drew a single vote this season. So who goes tonight? Let’s get to it.

Oh it’s going to be Frank. There is zero chance he’ll be saved from within the house. At this point only Michelle appears to want him to stay, other than Bridgette who can’t vote since she’s on the Block. Michelle might want Frank around but she don’t expect her to lift a finger or her vote for him considering she wouldn’t even play the Veto on his behalf.

I could run down the list and explain why and how each Houseguest will vote tonight in the DR, but it’d be a waste of everyone’s time. The house has been led by Da’Vonne and they can’t wait to get Frank out especially after he’s burned his potential allies like Nicole. The faster she can get him out of the house the better as he continues to spill her secrets all over the house.

Even if Frank convinced Michelle to vote in his favor he’d need another four, FOUR, votes to skate past this eviction. That just isn’t going to happen, especially when he’s been very passively campaigning thanks to his promise with Bridgette that they wouldn’t turn on each other this week.

I’m expecting a 9-0 vote at the end of the night. What happens next will come down to a one in twelve chance in this new Big Brother twist. Do you think Frank can pull it off or is he about to ride off in to the sunset?


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    • Most would agree but he has a 1 in 12 chance of returning this week. Odd are stacked against him and I don’t see him coming back. Don’t get me wrong, I want him to come back and I want him to win the HOH but right now that is just a pipe dream.

      • i thought i read somewhere on this site, maybe the comments that when Victor picked one of the envelopes, he could not bc they were assigned to each person already?

      • Seriously though, what’s to keep Production from simply swapping any envelope for another if they wanted to. I’m aware these conspiracy theories happen every year, but why doesn’t Production do something that ensures the viewers and the HGs that it is not a possibility? They could if they put some thought into it and really cared about the integrity of the game. Maybe there aren’t that many like me, but I admit that I am a suspicious person by nature and I think if Production wanted an outcome bad enough, they would make it happen.

      • You can’t really prove to anyone that something is not happening so suspicions are always going to be there, but I think it is for sure that if the game is truly rigged especially regarding these tickets, then it would be found out and announced somewhere and that would totally compromise the whole deal. Now, inserting this particular twist when and where they chose to, I would not call rigging so to speak, but I would call that something the producers might do, but it still would have no influence on who picked the return ticket. I don’t recall them ever telling us that all of the challenges and twists, etc. were determined and set in a sequence prior to the determination of players.

      • The envelopes has to be kept somewhere safe so the other HG’s Namely Paulie and company (mostly Paul) does not go and get either Bridgette’s or Frank’s envelope and open to disqualify them.Not that he would do that mind you (sarcasm inserted here). There has to be a better option say like place all envelopes in a box and leave a key in the DR room so the first one to vote to evict can bring the key out and give it to the evictee after they get evicted so they can grab the envelope as they leave.

      • IMO if someone(say Paulie) tampered the with someone’s envelope ( Frank’s or Brid’s) either they are evicted (Paulie) or save the owner of the env. (Frank/Brid). Just saying.

      • You would think there would be a foolproof method to prove nothing was tampered with. I’m never said that it is rigged for Frank. But for someone to deny it is not a possibility that Production could be holding the only round trip card and could switch it at any given week is absurd, unless they have some proof to the contrary.

      • It’ll be easier to dissect if the twist could be corrupted after the show tonight…I still have no idea how will they execute the whole twist from beginning to end.

      • I understand what you are saying and I agree. I know there will always be skepticism about the integrity of BB because there are so many things that could be called into question, from what comp is played when, to when any given twist happens to come into play. I’m just trying to say that the skepticism is warranted because BB doesn’t seem to be concerned about it and does nothing to dissuade it. Of course, there are those who just love conspiracies, too.

      • i am not a conspiracy theorist, however in this case when it is said there is no way it’s rigged bc they each picked cards and there is a 1 in 12 shot, i can’t help but see that same possibility of production swapping cards out when they are on lock down.

      • Exactly! Should he be left out of having a chance to get the round trip ticket to appease conspiracy theorists? #SMH

    • I know that’s not technically true but that is exactly what I have thought too.

    • You still cannot say for sure it is rigged even if Frank gets the return ticket. I don’t believe it is rigged and Frank has a 1 in 12 chance of getting the ticket. I buy lottery tickets sometimes, so if I believe I can win with a 1 in gazillion chance, then I have high hopes for Frank!

      • Housepets…that’s the perfect way to describe them all…Paulie’s house pets LOL, b/c they follow him around like a darn puppy!

  1. There’s a PA waiting in the vestibule between the house & the studio, they swap Frank’s ticket. Frank magically gets the Round Trip and wins the Wrestling Trivia themed HOH. Because Grodner.

    • One would think that but there would be no way for that to happen. Haven’t you ever seen the HG’s leave? the doors stay open to long for that to happen.

  2. Where are the tickets? Do the house quest have their own? Or did they return them to the DR? I know they said if it was tampered it would become void.

    • Each person apparently has a numbered envelope and must keep it sealed until evicted and then turn it over to Julie who will open to see if they have the “return ticket”.

  3. Once frank leaves, the couples will rule the house, and paulie will go far :/. I wish thered be more flip flopping in the house.

    • If Bridgette does manage to win HoH I think she will put up Michele for sure and maybe James. She knows Michele wants her out more than anyone.

      I would put up James because he promised not to put her up this week and then broke his promise. Anyone who does that deserves to be put up on the block and I think the rest of the house would understand. I don’t think James would go home but its the principle of the thing.

      Having said that, I too would like to see her put up Da and Paul – the two most obnoxious people in the house by far.

      • I agree james should a stuck to his word bridgette coulda won the head of household if they didn’t make a deal,then james goes back on his word just to keep the rest of the house happy eventually you have to flip the votes or youll be out as well

  4. Hope Bridgette wins the next hoh, then these people will be scrambling to get into her side esp day and all these people ignoring her right now.

  5. I’m glad i record BBAD, because i can fast forward past Paul, and Paulie, and some of the other idiots.

  6. I am honestly just curious, do people really even like Frank? And why? There are a lot of houseguest I don’t particularly care for, but I get why they would be seen as someone they want in the game. I just don’t get Frank

    • Yes, I really like Frank .. as someone said earlier, he may not have the perfect strategy, but he doesn’t play to hurt and he doesn’t take things so personally … he moves on with the game and tries something else.

    • Huge Frank fan. Many reasons the show wants him. He’s a great competitor considered to be one of the greatest physical competitors in big brother history. As many house guests have said he is a great talker, not Will good, but he can talk. He takes the game seriously, but not too seriously. There is nothing personal, nothing mean done, nothing to hurt people (at least not intentionally). He is basically just a really nice guy who is there to have fun and compete. Season 14 he was America’s favorite player.

  7. Frank has a sarcastic sense of humor, and people who are insecure about themselves, always take offense to that.

  8. I want to see tonight being a double eviction. Frank gets voted out, Julie opens his ticket at sends him right back in, Frank wins HOH and sends Paulie or DaVonne home.

    • The fact that James called a house meting, then Paulie took over and told Frank he was leaving, I would love to see Frank go back in and make sure Paulie leaves. I think Day would be on board with this because she get’s to break up the most strongest showmance.

  9. Please please please Bridgette win HOH and make MEEN MEECH & Bully Beard Boy sweat on the block! My life would be so complete if that happened LOL!

    • If and I mean a big damn IF Bridgette wins HOH, then I see her and MEECH team up to get someone out and it could be a even bigger player than Frank.

      • It would not matter because the group has the votes to keep her safe. I find it funny day tells James we have to get the show mances out. He said but I am a show mance. Day. Oh not u James. Lol

      • I don’t think showmances are as big a deal anymore. They seem to be looked at as any other alliance.

  10. My BB conspiracy theory: since they cut the feeds once the house guest picked a card, we never really knew what happened but were lead to believe it was all random, production had all the cards not have the “get back into the house” prize but some random prize for every houseguest until it was Frank’s turn and then they switched all the remaining cards to the “get back into the house” prize. Once he chose his card they went back to all the cards having the other random prize. So it never really was an 1/12 chance but a 0% chance all the houseguest but Frank would come back into the house. Having the viewers believe it was at random. Good times.

  11. I like Frank. His personality reminds me of myself. As you get older, you get more comfortable with who you are as a person and get to the point of not giving a crap what others think. Not nervous to joke or flirt or jokeflirt, because what the hell ~ why not, I’m not getting any younger. He’s self aware (comes with age), and is actually pretty genuine, made mistakes with some of the girls ~ but I think he just read the situation and attitudes wrong.

    He doesn’t beat around the bush, and actually is playing the game. I like Frank.

    Question: has there been any deals proposed at ALL other than Frank trying to swing some stuff in that HOH comp? That DaVonne immediately broke her end of the deal (which was great BTW, but since nobody is making deals it’s not a problem when DaVonne breaks it)

    • I completely agree! I’m the same age as Frank and I can see where he is so much more comfortable with who he is than the others who are a good 10 years or more younger than him. I actually do like his personality, no so much some of the things he does to the girls, but we all make mistakes i guess lol!

    • I brought up this point a few weeks ago when the Frank hate started. I said how he is just very comfortable with himself and others are less comfortable. I didn’t even consider age as a reason, but it does make a lot of sense. People were not happy with my statement.

  12. If Frank actually campaigned hard enough he could have stayed. Michelle/Zakiyah don’t like Bridgette. Natalie expressed that she preferred Bridgette to go, All he would have to do is talk to Da’Vonne and Victor. He could tell Da’Vonne that her name is being thrown around by Nicorey. He could also tell Victor that they are using him.

  13. House-puppets. Surprised to see Michelle is a jealous witch.I doubt Frank was interested in either girl.He’s just there to play the game.How original =]

    • Hi Cheryl here. So true, and did you see BBAD last night how jealous and stupid Z was acting and talking after she saw Nicole playing in Paulie’s hair? Then she went to vent to Da and Michelle about it, and Michelle was agreeing with everything Z was saying. After all of that, it of course got back to Paulie, and he is soooo ready to dump Z.

      • As a woman it’s sad to watch Z. Her mother should call and pull her from the show. This is not game play, she is head over hills and it’s pitiful the way she acts.
        She can’t possibly think Paulie is taking her to the end or that they will be together when it’s over.

      • I know, he said on the outside when girls act like that he’s done with them, so Z blew it. She still has A LOT OF GROWING UP TO DO, you know what I mean? Yes, Paulie is a touchy feely guy, something Z is not use to in a man she is with. She knows she blew it and maybe she’ll come around and try having an Adult conversation with him, and him her, because IF he really does like her like that, he needs to man up and talk to her and they REALLY NEED to get to know one another. For real…I like them together, in the house and who knows maybe even out of the house. But the real is is that, they really don’t know each other, they really haven’t talked to each other. In all maybe they will end up just good friends which will be a great start for them both.

  14. This is Frank’s own fault. He should’ve just left things alone, and let Bridgette win the HOH.

  15. When Frank was talking to Michelle about using the veto on him people kept walking in the room trying to break it up. He missed a perfect opportunity to say, “if they really trusted you they wouldn’t keep trying to break up our conversation because they trust won’t use it. They keep walking in the room because your not a part of the group and they don’t trust you, so they need to keep an eye on you.” All you need is a little bit of doubt for the paranoia to seek in.

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