Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up – Week 4

The game never sleeps for these Houseguests as they’ve been busy working their way through comps this weekend and delivering our Big Brother 18 spoilers off the Live Feeds to catch us up on the next twists and turns for the week.

Tiffany Rousso worrying on Big Brother 18

Since Thursday night’s Big Brother eviction episode when Bronte was sent packing and Paulie took over as HoH we’ve had nominations, the Roadkill comp and nomination, and even the Power of Veto competition. Find out what you’ve missed and what’s coming up next for the Houseguests.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 4 Round-Up:

Nominations: There was never any question for Paulie over who would be his target. It just came down to how could he make it happen. He wants Tiffany out and initially considered Tiffany and Natalie, then it was suggested to go with Natalie and Paul to try and BD Tiff. In the end he went with the most direct method and put Tiffany up right away along with Natalie. Read more >>

Roadkill Comp: Frank had high hopes to pull his third win here and while it wasn’t him it might as well have been as far as the rest of the house suspected. Tiffany actually got the win, but no one believed it and everyone accused Frank. She managed to keep it quiet for awhile but told Frank and then a few others along the way. Read more >>

Roadkill Nomination: Tiffany knew she had to choose wisely here to help draw votes away from her to another more tempting target. She went with Corey for this nomination. There was plenty of panic and worry among the “other side” as they feared it could be any of them. Tiff gave Day advanced notice it’d be Corey going up, but she didn’t reveal at that time that she was making the choice. Word has since spread as she sought to build trust. Read more >>

Have-Nots: James and Natalie are the last two on Team James and they drew the short straw. Actually it was based on their HoH comp performance as the first team eliminated during Thursday’s T/F HoH comp. They received beans, bread, and basil as their Slop accessory for the week.

Power of Veto Comp: With Tiffany, Natalie, and Corey on the Block they all had a vested interest in securing an escape while Paulie boasted he couldn’t be beat. Well Tiffany ended up the first one out while Corey went on to win. There’s been some slight pressure on Corey to avoid using it as no one wants to be the potential renom. We’ll see what he decides on Monday at the Veto Ceremony, but for now expect him to use it and Day to go up as the renom. Read more >>

Just like last week we’re at this stage expecting a Tiffany flip, but since she didn’t pull off that maneuver herself last week does that mean she’s toast this round? Probably, but I’m hoping we’ll see sneaky moves and drama along the way.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. WOW, little sweet Nicole lied right to Corey’s face on BBAD about making final 2 deal with Frank in the storage room in the very beginning of the season, although she probably didn’t mean it, she did do it!

    • I think he knew she was lying and I also think she looks guilty when she lies. I don’t know why she lied about it. He tried to give her an out by saying it was very early in the game and he knows how much she liked Frank.

      • But at least Nicole came clean about the Fatal Five to him. So he knows that both Day and Zakiyah blatantly lied to him.
        Anyway, Nicole lies all the time to protect herself.

      • At least she is lying to protect herself and not to blow up other people’s game.

      • Not sure how “lying” can blow up other people’s games. I thought telling the truth is considered as blowing up others.

      • When you lie to advance your game and make another person look bad at the same time is blowing up that person’s game. When they lie to protect their self, that is more of an implosion and just up their own game. Telling the truth, blows up the game could mean blowing several people’s game at the same time.

      • That’s why I always say, if you’re going to lie, make it good, remember it and expect the fall out well too.

  2. So tired of hearing – your boy, and friendship, and all the other lame stuff Paul says, and Paulie with his stupid mafia references, like he’s the capo of the house.

    • Never heard of a capo so I looked it up. Urban dictionary says it is the captain of the mafia family, so we’ll name him Paulie the Enforcer, along with Crazyeyes Corey, James the Gnat, Your Boy Paul(or Paul the Weasel) , and Frank “Toots”. Scary bunch of guys. Hope the girls off each and every one. :) Anyone feel free to add options.

      • Still … my NOT ANOTHER BOYBAND is better, no?
        Paulie – the cocky one
        Victor – the flirty one (if he wins Battle Back)
        James – the funny one
        Paul – the quirky one
        and of course Corey – the “gay” one (as in happy, of course)

      • You know the good ol day when Christmas was so “gay” (as in merry, of course) and Coco oops sorry Corey likes Christmas!

      • Hahaha. Btw I don’t mind Corey, he’s harmless, I just dislike his mean streak last week toward Tiff, probably because he’s on slops and slept on bumper car. He passed out on Friday and needed medical attention, did you know that, K?

      • Probably because those BIG spooky eyes let in so much light, they damaged his retinas.

      • I assumed that is what happened from something I read on Jokers.
        I don’t think he is gay, but whatever, he’s not my favorite either. It’s not funny when someone attempts to set an animal on fire. He laughed about the story. That is a not funny.

      • Apparently, Corey told what he thought was a funny story about himself and others at a party and how someone threw lighter fluid on a goat and then they were chasing it, trying to light it. Sicko.

      • Oh that’s it…no more jokes about that guy. Animal cruelty is worse that anything. Seriously. Thanks for telling me that. He’s no longer the least bit humorous.

      • Oh well. I still think he’s harmless. All the big talks but no actions. He might or might not be gay, who cares, none of my business, hehehe.

      • He said that a frat guy did that, then told everyone it wasn’t true after all. Without being a witness to that, I won’t comment on it.

      • He made it up? That doesn’t make him look a bit better in my eyes. I just read what Jokers posted about it, which wasn’t much, and what others on here posted.

      • I saw where you all had a back and forth on it once but it was obvious that it had been brought up before and I had no idea what it meant.

      • He was lying in bed in the HoH room staring off into the distance, talking about how he spent like $634.00 on Christmas decorations. He LOVES Christmas. He just kept going on and on. It was creepy. Those big spooky eyes staring off into nowhere, talking about Christmas decorations…

      • My husband’s grandmother once commented on my daughter’s socks telling her they looked very gay. She giggled from it! She never forgot the memory of that. So I told her it’s a good thing they were gay!

      • Cannot wait for that! They’d best get to it, cuz the guys are in the lead still for winning comps.

      • Paulie Walnuts…(Sopranos) He was little guy who ran around threatening everybody and was very resentful of the guy with the real power, Tony,

    • When will this group of people figure out it is time to ditch Paulie to further their own game?

  3. If women can hold a 9 lb. baby in until the doctor is ready, I don’t know why men can’t hold in a stupid little stinky-ass fart once in a while.

  4. At least the assigning the HN’s this year is a lot more fair or should I say consistent than some seasons. Like the season with Frankie.

  5. Nicole is such a snitch bitch. I’m done being nice on here. She is 2 faced like the Batman character. No loyalty from that so called nasally impaired nurse. She needs to get her damn nose fixed if God allows her to win the $500,000. I doubt He will.

      • Every time I see/hear Nicole I immediately think of Cindy Lou Who & “How the Grinch stole Christmas…” But I’m just weird like that..

      • I am aware. Besides her terrible nose, she plays both sides of the BB house and a horrendous player. That black Da on the other hand does the same thing and every person on here wants her out. Both of these filthy buttholes needs to get kicked off the show. I’m growing weary Julie Chen and producer Ms. Alison. Do something about this trifling predicament.

    • @Mr. Jew Your frustration about Nicole is understandable, deviated septum be damned. She acts more like she’s on “General Horsepiddle” than BB. It is unfortunate that she’s too popular to be gone quite yet. Now, back to you: are you a mere non-Hebraic kvetcher or Sephardic, Ashenazi, Mizrahi… how about a Hasid? Lol. It’s G-d, for chrissake, the unmentionable. Please keep being done being nice; very amusing.

  6. If tiff wants to save her butt she should
    Nominate Paul. I just don’t get it how people are being picked for have nots. M I missing something people?

  7. Bet this song is going through Tiff’s head right now: “Everybody’s talking at me. I don’t hear a word they’re sayin. Only the echoes of my mind!” Right?

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