Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up – Week 3

Houseguests have been busily competing away this weekend for Big Brother 18 as spoilers from the Live Feeds reveal a lot of activity and results that you’ll want to catch up on heading in to the week.

Big Brother 18 - Have-Not food reveal in Week 3

Since Thursday night’s Big Brother eviction episode we’ve had nominations, the Roadkill comp and nomination, and even the Power of Veto competition. Find out what you’ve missed and what’s coming up next for the Houseguests.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 3 Round-Up:

Nominations: Bridgette won HoH which means Team Frank is safe so everyone else was fair game. She ended up picking Paul, the weekly pawn it seems, and Tiffany, Frank’s main target. While the Evict-Frank alliance was disappointed he wasn’t vulnerable this week they seemed to be satisfied that they weren’t the targets for a change. Read more >>

Roadkill Comp: Yet again Frank pulled off the RK win. He decided not to keep it secret and shared the news with most of the HGs he feels are on his side of things. HGs have mentioned it was some sort of recognition or musical something or another. We’ll have to wait and see in Sunday’s episode. Either way, Frank is showing again just what a comp beast he can be. Read more >>

Roadkill Nomination: Frank already had his target, Tiffany, on the Block so now he needed a pawn that would be a good back eviction plan in case Tiff escaped with the Veto. That choice became Bronte, Frank’s next in line for elimination. Bronte doesn’t know who put her up, but Natalie does thanks to James, so that may eventually get back to her. Then again, Bridgette still doesn’t know that Frank nom’d her in Week 1 with the RK. Read more >>

Have-Nots: Team Nicole took over for Team Day in the Have-Not room. That’s Nicole, Corey, and Tiffany on Slop duty this week. They’ll also have popcorn and peanuts to enjoy while balled up in their bumper car beds. Corey has mentioned that production won’t let him sleep on the floor despite being 6’5″ and sharing the same amount of sleeping space as 4’11” Natalie. Go figure.

Power of Veto Comp: Looks like we’ve got the return of the exploding colors comp this week for the PoV battle. Tiffany needed this win to ensure her safety. She didn’t get it. Bridgette actually managed to pull off the Veto victory and can redo her noms at this point if she wants. On the downside for Bridgette, she injured her ankle while celebrating after the comp. She’s on crutches at this point, but says the ankle sprain is feeling better. Read more >>

It was a clean sweep week for Team Frank as they hold all the power. So what happens next? Veto Ceremony is on Monday and Bridgette is currently planning to leave noms the same. She could take Bronte down, but Natalie suspects she’ll be put up in exchange since it’d be up to Frank. She told Bridgette and Bronte that’d be fine, but both agreed that it’s better to leave things as they are.

From there we’ll press on to Thursday night’s eviction where it looks like Tiffany will be voted out unless something big arrives during the week, which it still could. Then with the next HoH comp Frank will be in danger again and he still probably won’t realize it. He could soon enough though.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. I will be VERY happy if things go as planned and Tiffany gets evicted this week, because she’s turning too much into Vanessa v2.0 with all the crying and paranoia, and all the same facial expressions, mannerisms and way of talking, and Van was my LEAST favorite HG last season, so I really haven’t been looking forward to a repeat of last season. Hopefully, she’ll go, and she won’t win the battle back either…

    • I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat of last season either. ? Which is why I didn’t care all that much for James and Da’s return, but… I liked James last year, so I’m tolerating the vets. ?

      Tiffany is annoying, so I don’t know why I feel somewhat sorry for her. ? Nah, let her go~! ?

      • Agree completely about Tiffany. I don’t mind Frank or Nicole. Day can be funny in the diary room. James’s pranks are way old.

      • DAY attack frank.. after she called him a douche he called her a slut.. WOMEN .. IF YOU SAY SOMETHING.. DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN YOU GET CALLED OUT.

      • Why do you think Da is attacking frank? I get so sick of whiners and political correct people.. she called him a douche so he called her a slut.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT.. WHAT WOMEN THINK THEY CAN SAY WHAT THEY WANT.. AND NOT GET PUT IN THEIR PLACE.

      • Exactly!!!! She started it with the douche comment then was a crybaby that he said something back. The real Da is coming out.

    • Dare I say that I actually like Vanessa MORE than I like Tiffany? And that says a lot since I didn’t like Vaneasa much at all. At least Vanessa played with purpose and intent behind everything she does whereas I feel like Tiffany has no strategy whatever. Once her sister identity was revealed, everyone held their breaths hoping Tiff wouldn’t be an emotional mess like Vanessa BUT tiff quickly proved to the whole house that her and her sister have a lot in common. At least Vanessa used her emotions as strategy and I feel like Tiff is just plain emotional.

  2. Tiffy was on most of the HGs radar as soon as they discovered her identity. Then, the first time she displayed any kind of emotions, she was targeted. Although seemingly unfair to many, I understand the fear the HGs have of a possible Vanessa repeat. I don’t think Tiffy is Vanessa 2.0 at all. I do feel a little sorry for her that she never had a chance, basically because of Vanessa.

    • I read on Jokers that Tiff was talking to herself about how she started the fight with Frank by accusing him of taking wine bottles or something concerning fairly sharing the liquor. Tiff was wrong and realized that by going off on Frank she had hurt her game.
      I agree with what you said about her inadequate social game too; she should never have been wearing large sunglasses with a hat pulled over her face either. How can you relate or build relationships with people if they can’t see your eyes.

      • Yeah, Just watching Tiff on TV is so exhausting – I never expected to ever have to endure seeing Vanessa again and then her clone shows up this season. Makes you wonder whose brilliant idea it was to cast Tiff in the first place.

    • On Jokers, Saturday 11:35 pm, Corey and Nicole are discussing whether or not they should tell James about what Nat said about him. Corey must’ve been the only person to hear Nat’s comments.

    • Tiff’s first mistake was withholding and not coming out first she’s Van’s sister. It makes them weary about it. Examples are Willie Hanz and Elissa. In this game people always look for something to hold against you. It’s unlucky, people can’t separate Van and Tiff. Paulie is a different story..”hey guys, I’m a Calafiore and he’s my brother, and he’s the best player” lol

      • I think if Cody had been as disliked as Vanessa, Paulie wouldn’t be as popular as he is, no matter his personality.

      • I’ve been on forums where we disliked Cody because of his flirtatious nature, him throwing shade at the others with the Bomb Squad and his ultimate knucklehead move

      • I remember some didn’t care for him, but Vanessa was literally hated. That’s difficult for a sibling or relative to overcome.

      • I’ve heard this from Vet players of BB and Survivor. In the first day or so, they have some ideas who they want to play with, or who they think they can trust. Of course that changes in the course of the game. I guess what I’m saying is, Tiff wasn’t liked by most players, especially the Vets. lol What’s funny is most of the newbies don’t know Van. lol because they’re all stupid. Bridgette thought Van won her season.

      • …and with her mannerisms omg!. I watching one of her was was Vanessa! lol

      • On Jokers, they talk about her, but there isn’t a lot of conversation posted with her. What is she doing all the time?

      • You see, she’ll be blindsided. She’s not doing s**t. Van would interrogate each and every HG’s like a suspected terrorist..Ha!…until they confess form their sins.

      • I feel a little bad for Tiffany because she is practically an identical twin with Van, so hiding the relationship was never really an option for her. However, if HG had any sense, they would get that she isn’t Van 2.0 at all. What I don’t get us the double standard of hating on her all the time while Paulie gets a free pass. Cody was ok, but he was Derrick’s B and I found his behavior with Christine to be pretty gross.

      • I was reading your comment and at the last part of your post I laughed when you mentioned the name she’s the nudist right?

      • Yes she was the nudist, that was married amd flirted with all the men in the house, and sttabed all the girls in the back including her bf Nicole

      • Well, I truely think some of the house guests wanted to work with Tiff UNTIL she flew off the handle and proved to them that she’s an emotional rollarcoaster. Plus all her hiding behind sunglasses and hats just sends off the wrong vibe.

      • I’m sure you meant Steve.
        Cody took Derrick to F2 two seasons ago.
        Steve took Liz to F2 last season.

      • No I meant Cody. Victoria was the floater that helped Derrick and Cody get to the end. Cody took Derrick over Victoria and that was his biggest mistake. Had he taken her, he would have won the 500 thousand dollars.

    • I don’t really care if she had a chance or not. She didn’t apply; production or casting or whoever contacted her. It’s not like she’s a huge fan and her dreams are crushed forever.
      ….yeah I’m in a bad mood. Sorry.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks, or at least hopes, that Tiffany still has a shot? It’s a shame that she still doesn’t seem to realize her position. If she does, then it’s about how she plays her cards

    • Tiffany has had a hard limb from the beginning and Da figured her out quickly as did Michelle. That being said, she probably needs to go on and leave as I don’t see her flipping the script at this point.

      I’d much rather see Bronte go this week but right now, it looks like Tiff is a goner. I think it’s too soon but looks like it’s happening. But we have some days before the vote. Plenty of time to overthink. Lol

    • I agree, I hope something happens to where Paul or Bronte get sent packing. As much as I HATED Vanessa I can still see the difference between her and Tiffany. Tiffany is just sensitive whereas Vanessa was pretty much bipolar. I think the HG’s just wrote her off as Vanessa and didn’t give her a chance. She hasn’t blown up at anybody other than Frank who is rude anyway. So why they think she is everything they say “she is” I just don’t understand.

      • The hats, crying, zit creams, sunglasses, paranoia and trying to get someone from their own alliance out. This is what Tiffany does, but not as original as her sister Vanessa who did all of it first.

      • Agreed. I can understand why they want her out. Quickly.

        OT – those Paul tatts just scream ‘HEP C!!!!!’ Disgusting.

      • Lol. Just his. To me at least. He’s got what looks to be the thickest most continuous sheets of tatts on his upper torso – the rest of em with tatts seem to have more localized discrete markings.

      • And I feel like Tiff plays BASED on her emotions with NO actual strategy whereas Vanessa played based on strategy and used her emotions to fit her agenda.

      • I get all that but that’s not what I hated about Vanessa. I hated that she would blow up at people because of her paranoia and justify it with a lie AND use her fake tears to get the other side to be on her side. She turned on her alliance quick for no reason. Tiffany is only going after Frank because he’s obviously an a**hole and trying to play everyone, which is why the rest of their alliance is going after him as well. She’s not after anyone else on her side. Tiffany is paranoid because she knows being Vanessa’s sister already puts a huge target on her so who can blame her for thinking everyone is out to get her. Is she wrong? Nope, she’s practically out the door already.

    • As I see now, she’s not really the biggest threat in the house. She’s not even aware. She hasn’t won any comps, then again she could be good later, but I don’t see how getting her out would be beneficial for Nic and Da’s game. I would break the Spacey Girls. ..or Paul.

  4. Why can’t natalie flirt with guys James does the same thing and people on here say nothing natalie does it people say crap about her

  5. Keeping the noms the same at this point would definitely be the best move. There’s no sense in mixing anything up because from all angles it looks like Tiffany’s the one going home anyway.

    …and besides why would Bridgett want to clue Frank in on her knowing that he’s playing her by changing any of his suggested nominations when their target is already on the chopping block anyway? Let Frank think that he still has a say in things until next week.

  6. Frank is an ass! And anyone that defends or says it is all in fun is being an a**clown. Just calling it like I see them. And for those who don’t believe he called Da a slut, HE did, just saw it on TV. Don’t care if it is for fun or not, you don’t do it, DON’T DO IT! No one should be calling anyone a slut unless given permission.

  7. Maybe I am watching a different show but please tell me how frank is playing everyone in the house he has been faithful to the 8 pack except Tiffany who came after him and tried to make deals just like Pauline with Corey and Nicole the all girl alliance with Davone Michelle and Nicole and the 5 with Davone Nicole Corey Pauline and other girl so please and James did same thing with Nicole that frank did with Bridgette seems house and viewers are hypocyrites because frank has been more loyal then anybody. Is a bit over the top but I think is just the way he is I think he was sincere with sorry to Davone but god forbid she accepts it or forgives

  8. so it is ok for Davone to call him a name in joking matter seems like a double standard or did you miss that

  9. I thought they were planning on keeping Tiff and voting out Bronte so Tiff can stay longer to hopefully get HOH and do the dirty work?

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