Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 9 — Frank Continues To Control And Offend The House

Tonight on a special episode of Big Brother 18: Frank learns a hard lesson on sexual harassing women who aren’t his Nanna.


Before we get to all the Frank you can handle, let’s start at the beginning. The episode picks up right after Bridgette won Head of Household. And by Bridgette, I mean Frank.

And Da’Vonne knows that as well. “Bridgette being head of household is almost the equivalent of Frank being head of household. There’s no telling what he’ll put in her head.”

And it takes Frank no time to get to work. Bridgette has no idea what to do and Frank sees his opportunity. But really, Da’Vonne shouldn’t be that upset since Frank actually thinks they’re working together and has the power to keep her safe. But Day and Zakiyah are both worried because they don’t have a relationship with Bridgette.

Frank fills in Day and Paulie that Bridgette is clueless so he’s going to get her to put up Tiffany and Bronte. They realize that Bronte is her best friend and surely isn’t that wrapped around Frank’s finger so Frank says maybe it’ll be Tiffany and Paul.

Tiffany realizes that everyone knows Frank is her target and she starts sweating. So she’s trying to figure out how to not be her target.

Now it’s time for the segment where Grodner tries to show us that Frank is a prankster and not a douche. Wait, maybe Grodner was off this week because they’re showing us everything. His remarks to the women, his touchy-feely-ness and just the general meatheadedness.

And just when you thought the Who Wants To See My HOH room segment was gone, we get to see Bridgette’s. Oh yay, thanks Big Brother! Just what I wanted to see!

Luckily Bridgette’s HOH reveal is overshadowed by more of Frank’s chauvinism. Da’Vonne and Nicole are so angry at him. Day is brought to tears and says she’s trying to keep her mouth shut this season after her mouth getting her in trouble last season, but she’s at her wit’s end. She was one of Frank’s biggest fans, she says, but admits she understands why Big Brother 14 players wanted him out.

And then Frank goes one step further and hits Day on the butt. And she’s again brought to tears. And rightly so. Frank comes in and realizes he’s seriously messed up. Day goes to the Diary Room just to get away from it. She tells us that she doesn’t want her daughter to see that happen and think that it’s OK for guys to treat women like that.

Oh here we go. Here comes the Frank isn’t a bad guy edit. Frank lets James know that if he pinches your butt it’s because he feels close to you. He says he pinches his mom’s butt and his nanna’s butt. Oh, thank goodness that’s all it is. Phew.

Frank apologizes to Day and tells her that he doesn’t want to offend someone he feels close to. Day tells us she has to go along with his apology because he’s running the game this week but she’s still going to “get his ass next week.”

At the nomination ceremony, Bridgette makes Frank’s nominees of Tiffany and Paul, so no shocks there. But she does let them know that the can come up and talk about it over Hot Cheetos. She tries to explain to us in the DR why she nominated Tiffany, but we all know, girl. Don’t bother.

Showmance alert: James and Natalie. Who would’ve thought. Go, James!

But enough of that, it’s time for more of the very special Big Brother Frank episode. During this half of the episode, Frank continues to repaint that negative picture of him by winning the Roadkill competition. Awwwww. There’s that America’s Favorite Player no one actually voted for in BB14!

Frank buys himself some time by letting his alliance know that he won Roadkill and will be nominating Bronte in the third spot. And that’s what happened.

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  1. Never watched BB14 (that was before my time). Frank is kind of a scumbag. My opinion of him is radically different than it was week one.

      • I hated him on BB14, but I decided to give him a chance and he was okay for a little bit. But he has gotten really bad, much worse that he ever was on BB14 imo. He was being heavily influenced on that season. On this season is is just plain being an a** with no one to reign it in.

  2. OK…I just watched the episode a little late..did I just hear Day say that she is going to work on getting Tiffany to stay?

    • yes she has it out for Frank and since Frank wants Tiff out she does not I hope she goes next I dont like the way she plays mama Day.and Bridgette please that girl cant decide anything lets discuss it over hot cheetos?

    • yes. She wants to do the opposite of what Frank wants, but that will not be a good idea until someone else wins HOH and Veto.

  3. James and Natalie are a cute match in the BB house, but once they go outside if she keeps acting like a spoiled little girl it will turn him off.

    • Except she’s playing him, she’s all over Corey now and apparently told him she doesn’t like james, so much for her not being about looks!

      • I’m thinking she is, too, Jacquie. I’ve read that she told Corey she didn’t like him that way but in the DR she said she’d date him outside the house.
        But she was into into Victor 1st and he broke it off with her and they said online that she kept bringing up his name, how much she hates him.
        Then they said she flirted with Corey (she did claim to be Flirty Spy) telling him how sexy he was doing chores or something. Corey/Nic debated telling James she wasn’t into him like that. But decided not to.
        Looking at the body language, I don’t see romance from her. I see friend zone/playful, like Meg.
        Now I read that she asked Janes about how popular Big Brother show is – he told her about 7-8 million viewers and told her he got a bunch of hashtags last time & prolly has a lot this time too.

        Not one thing but all these things together, right now my spider sense thinks she’s playing him.

      • I’m so glad Nicole and Corey didn’t tell James the bad news – some things are better left unsaid; at least for now anyway.

      • Michelle just told James that Natalie has been flirting with the other guys. James wasn’t having it. Michelle told him to be careful. James said she cares about him. I don’t know if Michelle has seen it herself or is going by hearsay.

      • I’m afraid all of this is going to hurt James’s game now as he seems to be under Nat’s spell.
        I haven’t been over to Jokers yet to get the low down – raining bad here and having trouble getting a signal.
        Could be that Nicole told Michelle to tell James.
        Poor James, I’m pretty sure he’s never had a hot and gorgeous chick come on to him as Nat is doing and he could be hurt by all of this.
        I’ve changed my mind, they need to tell james before he becomes even more attached to that hussy.

      • I might be graduating to the sl** word if she doesn’t calm down.
        Do you know anything about her doomed showmance with Victor and why he dumped her? I didn’t read Vic’s eviction interview so I might need to check that out to see what happened.

      • LOL…No, I don’t, just what I read on Jokers. It was short, and obviously not so sweet, and over with by the time the first show aired, I think. Nat can’t seem to stop referring to it for some reason.

      • I’m going to see what I can find out, I suspect Vic saw something in Nat that he didn’t like or trust or she was flirting with all the guys that made him change his mind.

  4. Ok so I’m def in the minority here buuuut what they showed compared to what was posted on the updates sites is a lil different. No one ever mentioned that day called frank a douche so in return he called her a slut. To me that’s not that bad, that what happens when u call someone a name they call u one back!

    • Yeah I agree, although his comeback was a little more harsh lol. But even still, him calling Zakiyah a hussie, smacking Z and Day’s butts, telling Natalie she needs a slop diet….. it’s pretty disrespectful. Even if he is just kidding

      • That I totally agree with I was only talking about the comeback remark, u can’t use that as an excuse when u started by calling that person a name first

    • I agree and the part where Day says she doesn’t want her daughter to think its okay made me so mad. She says she doesn’t want to confront him because it would be bad for her game. So she’s basically showing her daughter that money and winning is more important then standing up for yourself. I don’t get these women they talk so much about girl power but never say anything to the guys when they’re being rude

      • I didn’t even think of that but ur right, she should have stood up to him if that was the case UR pride should be worth more than 500k

      • The point is that Day CAN’T say anything, or Frank might take it as an attack against him, and send her ass home rather than be slapping it.

        She’s in a game. Not in real life. You can bet your life that she would say something to him in real life; that’s undeniable. But she’s putting up with it just for a week or two… That’s it. What’s the point of throwing away your game just to talk down one a**hole? If she wins, she can pay for her daughter’s school forever. So it’s pretty obvious that she’s keeping her anger underwraps for now, just to save herself.

      • It is only 500 thousand, after taxes she will be lucky to clear around 250 thousand. Can’t pay for school forever on that and try to better yourself too.

      • Perhaps by her not saying anything puts her at a lower level in Frank’s head?? If she says something I believe he’d have more respect for her.
        If anyone stands up for themselves I always have more respect. But that’s me!

        Yes, Frank has gone wayyyyy toooo farrrr….. PRODUCTION…. You’ve still not done a darn thing about the Frank being obnoxious situation. His apology was for the TV world! All fake! And he continues with this crappy attitude! Becuz production isn’t doing anything & the girls aren’t either.

        Please don’t think for a minute I condone these actions!

        Kudos to Paulie for trying tho!

      • That not fair to say, u don’t kno him personally and as soon as he saw her upset he was truly upset that he hurt her and u can tell he didn’t kno he was hurting her…. THATS NOT A DOUCHE, a douche would say oh well get over it bitch

      • “I simply cannot believe all the females (note I did not say “women”) defending him.”

        What in the world does this comment even mean?

        I’m about as progressive/liberal as you can get… and even I think you’re insufferable.

      • I agree with joethehobo…… Your comment doesn’t have a point??!

        If you have something to say maybe be more direct!

      • Sorry you don’t say or do what he did to someone you don’t know very well and not be considered a douche.

      • #bb18 has been going on and on about how the contestants don’t know each other despite the fact they’ve been stuck in a house with each other for the past month…

        …And then goes on to say they know Frank enough to know the content of his character after viewing a total of about 8 minutes of footage of him an episode. Gotta love the bbnetwork forums.

      • But Frank keeps on doing stupid and disgusting things to the women, apologizes and then says something disrespectful again. Is he really that stupid?

    • I agree she just tells part of the story to everyone just like when he told her to shut up he was playing because she told him to move his big ass feet

  5. I’m honestly surprised we got the Frank and Da’vonne segment at all. Season after season, there have been plenty of sexist guys, calling the girls this, that, and the other thing. What makes this season so different that they actually have to show it on air?

    • I think production took things way out of context. You had to listen to the whole conversation go down, not just pieces of it. Day did throw the first punch by calling Frank a douche and it escalated from there. Frank learned not all can take a joke like he feels they should. That’s it. Day overreacted big time though by going to the DR to tattle on him. She could have just told him to stop due to the fact she has a young daughter at home and doesn’t want her to see this as being okay. I believe production took every single thing Frank did in the past three weeks and rolled it into one evening. Not all that they aired happened in that one evening!

      • Actually Joni, Frank did much worse than that. I kinda rolled my eyes towards the end since it felt like a redemption edit, Frank’s a playful guy who’s so sorry that he annoyed a girl. Seriously?

      • Guess it’s one of those, “had to have been there” from the get go! I’m not saying it was okay, just that it went further than it had to. So now that that’s out of the way, maybe he’ll stop all the talk and actions he’s been displaying. I still think Frankie’s was worse than Frank’s have been.

  6. Honestly they should have told Frank straight up that they didn’t find what he was going funny. Laughing and playing along with is only make him think they feel the same way he does.

    • As I stated earlier, it doesn’t take a genius to know that you don’t smack women you barely know on the ass.

      • The Big Brother house isn’t the real world. You are locked inside with these people day in and day out without a break. These people know each other. Sorry, it’s just the truth. Not only that, they need to trust each other. People have various ways of building trust/a rapport with people, including physical contact. Tactile people like Frank do a common ‘butt slap’ to show camaraderie all the time. It is not a sexual thing. However, if the person has a problem with it, they are perfectly within their right to call for it to stop. Something tells me if someone DaVonne didn’t secretly dislike showed her the same gesture she’d just laugh it off, like if Paulie did it.

        As I said, DaVonne is perfectly within her right to tell him to stop. And now that she did, if he went ahead and did it again anyway, that would be totally out of line. You could see on his face when he saw she was crying that he felt terrible about it. He had no idea she felt it was inappropriate. Now that he does, I’m sure it will never happen again.

        I guess what I’m trying to say is that you need to put down your torch and your pitchfork and realize that the Big Brother house is not the real world and that the ways of interaction are completely different. And they DO know each other. Stop pretending they don’t.

        I am NOT shaming DaVonne. In fact, I think it’s genius the way she is using this to turn the house against Frank because she personally wants him out. Bravo to her. It’s great gameplay.

        All I’m saying is that the guy doesn’t deserve all the hate he’s getting. He seemed genuinely remorseful when he realized she didn’t appreciate it. He’s not the monster people are making him out to be.

  7. I’m not trying to condone Frank’s actions, but it really irks me when someone does something to offend one or a few people, but the parties offended don’t make it clear that they’re upset. All these clips show people not speaking up or joking back with Frank. It’s now escalated so far that everyone hates him, but they all have a hand in allowing it to continue. He seems like the type of guy who didn’t realize he was offending someone and is genuinely apologetic.

    • It doesn’t take a genius to know that you don’t go around smacking women you barely know on the ass.

      • Locked in a house for an entire month with the same people day in and day out with nothing to do but talk with each other? I’d say they know each other by now…

        The Big Brother house is not the real world. Stop pretending it is.

      • Yes I see your point. However, that does not give him the right to put his hands on another women’s a**. Especially since he has a girlfriend back home.

      • Did you read anything I wrote? Again, I’m not condoning his actions, but these people needs to stick up for themselves. If that had been done to me I would’ve taken the person aside and explained why I didn’t like it. He seems like a very reasonable guy who apologized once he realized what he did upset her. Another example, Natalie didn’t stick up for herself when he said she was chubby. Was it wrong? Yes. Did she do anything? No, she just gave him the finger behind her back. He’s walking around calling people names for fun, in a completely different mindset than they’re in, but they’re NOT telling him it’s different for them. They’re simply calling him a douche in the same joking tone and then shocked when he come back with, “Awww, you’re a slut!” He’s got a goofy smile. He’s already demonstrated that he would apologize when he did something wrong. He was clear in his DR sessions that he didn’t mean to get these reactions out of people. Again, not condoning his actions, but some fault lies with the other houseguest for not voicing their frustrations when it first happened.

      • I get what you’re saying, but at the same time since Frank is running the game, everyone is afraid to tell him that. He maybe reasonable, but people still feel like he’ll make them feel bad.

        Is that fair to say?

      • But they were joking back with him. If they said “don’t do that”, then there would be no problem here.

        Don’t joke around with someone offending you. Step up and be clear about how you feel.

  8. I have a confession – I stopped watching bb years ago and have only just returned this season. I stopped watching the season that had that creep Dan and his daughter in the house. It really looked like Grodner totally protected that guy. It was that season that also made me realize just how tacky Grodner had made the shiw compared to the earlier pre – Grodner seasons. I even joined a ‘Fire Alison Grodner’ FB page.
    I see that she’s still around but instead of being sole Exec Producer, she’s now sharing the credit with at least 3 others. Does anyone know if she’s been effectively demoted or is being forced out? Thx

      • Skip to season 10 and watch till season 14 then skip 15 and watch 16 and 17.

        9 was put together at the last second due to the writers strike and the winner went to prison for using the money to fund illegal drug business.

        15 13 out of the 16 house guests were racist sexist or homophobic

      • Evil Dick went to prison for drugs?!

        Thx for the heads up. Do you know if Grodner has been effectively demoted?

      • No..the guy who won Season 9..I think his name was Adam something…he went to prison..not Evil Dick.

  9. Jesus, so all the women I’ve worked with (Da is in his alliance and he was only doing it to people he was working with) they were secretly degrading me when they’d pinch or slap my butt? I had one lady I work with keep poking my butt with a pen. I guess I should have been super highly offended and cried? I almost feel offended that you’re saying women are weak crybabies that can’t defend themselves. Having been raised by my mother and having 2 aunts always around, I respected women. It is not respectful to women to treat them as inferior and as daises. I saw Frank apologize the SECOND he was told she didn’t like it, and he hasn’t done it since. Has it crossed anybody’s mind that FRANK WAS EXCITED AND PUMPED UP HIS ALLIANCE WAS DESTROYING THE COMPETITION, and Da was pissed off because Frank was the target but he was safe that it annoyed the F out of her 50x worse? Because his little joking around (with only people in his alliance and his male alliance members too) was consistent and never once showed some sort of sexual gratification.

    Anybody that uses the WEAK excuse that “you wouldn’t do that to strangers”. No sh*% he wouldn’t do it to strangers, he wasn’t doing it to strangers. He’s in the 8pk with Da and the 4 Vet alliance too, while dominating. He knows her, he’s winning with her, and Da is actually playing so damn well (up until that point) that Frank has zero idea he was the target that week)

    • Once again, it doesn’t take a genius to know that you don’t go around smacking women you barely know on the ass.

      • He knows them, he trusted them in a game to win 500k “barely know”… Yeah, and they’ve been working together and it is on them to curtly tell him it is not funny to them. He does not read minds, and don’t provide an anecdotal story and pretend it means 100% of people never are ok getting pinched or slapped on the butt with friends. It is simply not true.

      • This #bb18 person said the same thing to my post. Is it right to pinch/smack someone on the butt without their consent? No, but everyone in the house are throwing a pity party for themselves all while NOT talking to Frank about this the issues they have with him. He seems very level headed. He apologized to Davonne and discussed it in the DR. It’s like they’re instituting a law, not telling people, and arresting them for breaking it. I couldn’t agree more with your first comment.

      • “An assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with a present ability, to commit a violent injury on the person of another”

        you honestly going to tell us that Frank was trying to commit a violent injury on someone? Good lord..

      • **rolls eyes** you’re what’s wrong with comment feeds. ONCE AGAIN: I’m not saying he was right to do this, HOWEVER there is still fault with the houseguests condoning his actions. Now, you’ve been quick to rip this guy a new one, but what’s your take on the houseguests not sticking up for themselves??

      • Not if u grew up with it being ok, in his world that’s how u greet friends and show affection. U can see on his face the second day was upset he was horrified he had no idea

    • What world is he living where its OK to slap people you barely know on the ass? Being in an alliance with someone doesn’t mean you are close to them to do that. He didn’t even make sure they were fine with.

    • I just watched Michelle slap Zakiyah on the butt 5x without permission. Anybody triggered? Or is your ire personal, one-sided, and sexist?

  10. Dang, all you Frank wanna-bes have all sorts of excuses for him. Have fun in your misogynistic worlds.

  11. You know what you get when you combine a playful jock and a easily offended black woman? Not 500,000 dollars. Congrats day and frank, you’ve ruined both your games.

  12. Holy crap, Frank’s a bully and you people can’t see that… you’re what’s wrong with this world.

    • No hyper sensitive people like u are. A bully doesn’t care, frank clearly cared and realized he was wrong. Seriously dude one sided, trying to cause problems when they’re aren’t any people like u ARE the problem with our society. He did EXACTLY what a good person would do when they find out they unknowingly offended someone

    • A douche, yes. But I think bully is overstretching it. If he was a bully he’d do it out of malice. It wasn’t the case. I’d say its more that he’s too high and mighty and doesn’t know when to stop. Heck he even realized he was wrong.

      I could call him a douche or ass yes but not a bully. That’s more Amanda Zuckerman territory.

      It’s sad when a guy who doesn’t like Frank could disagree with you

  13. This whole thing could have ended the second it happend with this: day”frank can we talk, Im really not comfortable with u slapping my butt, U might be just kiddin around but it bothers me and I don’t want my daughter to see it”. I’ll bet u anything he would have said I’m so sorry I don’t mean it in a bad way at all but I understand and I’m sorry I upset u I didn’t mean to

  14. Say what you want to about Tiff, but she started calling Frank on his DB behavior almost from day 1. When she tried to resolve things in the way some here are suggesting that Da should have, she became an even more isolated target, thanks to idiot trolls like Bridgette. Is it any wonder that Da doesn’t want to risk the same thing?

  15. Honestly despite people saying Day overeacted or not, it still doesn’t excuse Frank for being a complete douche. He’s getting way too comfortable in his position, and now he made more enemies than he needed to.

    • I agree, and I’m tired of people saying that, there comes a point where the douche needs to be put down. Time for Frank to go imo!

      • Right and if it wasn’t Day, its Zak and Tiffany. Heck even Frank’s own ally, Paulie, thinks he’s out of control

  16. I forgot about the first RK, but last week’s RK host was Paulie, the HoH at the time, shouldn’t this week’s host (the one explaining how the game played) be Bridgette? Ok who am I kidding … The HoH is clearly Frank. D’oh!

  17. I don’t have a clue what happened to frank this year. He was my favourite in his last season.
    I think vets should stick together if they want to go far in the game. Common frank get it together, u can not go around touching people bum. U r and they are all grown ups?
    But I still don’t care who goes home this season. It’s kinda flat season for me.

  18. I’m not a Frank fan, but man, people are so thirsty for another Aaryn situation they’re willing to grasp at ANYTHING so that they can feel outraged.

    I feel like DaVonne is being smart and making mountains out of molehills to turn the house against Frank. That’s fine. That’s the game. But viewers on the outside grabbing their torches and pitchforks for such minuscule things… That’s not the game.

    I’m a 26 year-old gay man and even I think this country is too sensitive about things. Calm the hell down, people. He hasn’t done anything that bad.

    • I can tell u that getting even a slight touch on your sensitive body parts can feel like sexual harassment. Good thing is davon spoke up and didn’t try to hide it. And good thing frank apologized.
      A lot of young people watching the show will get the message that it’s wrong thing to do.

      • DaVonne spoke up, said she didn’t like it, and Frank understands now. It’s done. You may personally feel one way about receiving a common, innocent butt slap. Others may feel differently. He knows how DaVonne feels and I bet you he will stop.

        Have I ever butt slapped someone? No. But I’m not pretending people who do are monsters.

      • Ok enough of this frank and his butt slapping. No one calling frank a monster. Actually I have been watching bb18 after dark and frank’s behaviour is pretty normal and actually nice. It’s just when bb18 shows the whole week show in one hour, it has to be interesting. ??
        I’m putting stop right now about frank. ??

  19. BB Showmances that will never happen. Frank and Brigitte, Corey and Nicole.
    Posiibility Zakyah and Paulie, James and Natalie.

  20. Frank is supposed to be a grown man. He should not have to be told his behavior is offensive-they teach that in kindergarten. It is unbelievable at the amount of people defending his actions. I don’t care how one was raised, you just don’t do some of the things he has done. Hopefully, he will keep his hands to himself from now on. BTW, why doesn’t he pop the guys butts or trash talk them?
    I know that I would have been evicted or expelled for sure if he slapped my butt. He would have been kick in his boy parts and cussed out while he was rolling on the ground.

    • Thank you. I was beginning to wonder if I had had a stroke that caused my thinking to be all Franked-up.

    • See what you think about all that after you watch BBAD Sunday night … sooooo many mixed signals, how does anyone expect anyone to read anything. It’s OK now, but not then. It’s OK for you, but not for him. BTW, Frank does pop the guys butts and trash talk them. When Da complained about Frank calling her a slut … she called him a name first (douche), but of course that was OK for her .. and when he returned the favor by calling her a slut, in the same kidding way she called him a douche, now it’s not only not OK, it gets upgraded to sexual harassment and then when Frank is talked to seriously and he realizes and gives what seems like a sincere apology, she doesn’t want that either and she hands him a fake response. Da said she didn’t want to address it because it might cause drama and be detrimental to her game … however, everything else she did after that just made it worse … so why didn’t she do what she should have done the first time it happened which was to look him in the eye and tell him seriously what was inappropriate? Because she is drama and she chose to go the poor me and give me sympathy route and add in a little “I’m a mommy example” and stir up some crap that really amounted to very little. That whole thing was a mountain out of a molehill thing which could have been stopped immediately between the two of them and no one would have ever even noticed it. Frank is crude no doubt, but after Sunday night’s events, they all are and Frank is the only one being held responsible. In closing, I appreciate your comments and I really, really hope that if such an incident happens to you, you will handle it in an adult way and don’t reduce yourself to the offender status.

  21. Frank was way out of bounds in how he handled Nicole in the pool. That could have ended up in her being injured. I don’t care who you are you don’t force someone’s head under the water and he did it twice. Then his picking her up, twirling her and throwing her was dangerous as well. James pulls pranks, Frank hurts people (whether he means it or not). I believe he was sincerely sorry and yes they should have said something, but it sounds like Tiffany may have tried and failed. I thought him arrogant his first season and really feel he is more so this season.
    As for Day she didn’t secretly hate him at first, she was a fan of his. She said as much. Yes, she should have said something, but again if Tiffany had tried to and we all see what happened to her, why would Day or any of the others at this point?

  22. Frank is such a douche he should have known that it would offend a woman if he pinches her butt! Then he makes it worse by saying when he pinches a womans butt he likes them! I just dont know how Dav didnt punch him square in the face!

    • According to one of Frank lovers in here last night, Frank is blameless because that’s the way he was raised.

  23. Frank isn’t a bad guy. You can clearly see he does not want to make anyone feel bad. He is just trying to be funny, but a lot of what he does goes too far. He is very comfortable with himself and others where many other people are not comfortable enough with him. Everyone is different. Some people take personal space very seriously and some have no personal space problems. Frank is a person, very similar to myself, who is rarely offended and has no problems with personal space. That makes him say and do things that may offend people even though he does not find it offensive. I have done many of the things he has done, although to people I know well not people I met a few weeks ago. It is not a malicious thing just a personality difference.

    • He’s a crude, rude dude and not at all funny. I don’t think he is a bully; he has no tact and needs to learn not to say much of what he thinks.

      • A bully isn’t necessarily mean or antagonistic. A bully uses power and/or strength to intimidate. Frank is a bully.

      • By that definition (which is the correct definition of bully) everyone who has ever won the game or been mildly successful is a bully.

      • I disagree. I find many of the things he does funny, not all, but many. He seems to be a nice guy. He just offends people because he has an unusual sense of humor. I have many friends like Frank and I would say our humor is similar. It is just a personality difference between him and many people in the house.

      • That “personality difference” would get him kicked in the balls or slapped in the face where I live.

      • My personality is similar and many of the things he has said and done I have and I have never been kicked in the balls or slapped in the face.

      • That is a crude, rude question to ask. :D
        Where I live, that is the mind set of self-respecting females from 16-90; has nothing to do with age.

      • From what I have seen younger people are more comfortable with what Frank does and older people are less comfortable. It could be a generational issue.

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