‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Weekend Roundup Week 10

Another busy few days for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests since Thursday night’s show left off and we’ve got all the Big Brother spoilers and results to get you caught up.

Nicole Franzel gets ready for BB18

There was another HoH cliffhanger but on top of that we were waiting to find out which Juror would win the Jury Battle Back to return to the game. Now we’ve got our seventh HG, a new alliance forming, and a whole stack of results for you below.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 10 Round-Up:

Jury Battle Back: With Victor joining the other four evicted HGs this looked to be some stiff competition depending on what comp we they would face. This year it was another combo’d Jury & HoH battle set to The Wall which had me thinking we might see a lighter, smaller HG take the win over a bigger HG like Victor or Paulie. As it turned out those were the final two of the group after Da’Vonne and Zakiyah appear to have willingly dropped soon after the comp ended then Bridgette fell as well.

Victor ended up outlasting Paulie by just a minute so he was sure he won his way back in but had no hopes of hanging on as long as the others. Read More >>

Head of Household: There were only four regular Houseguests competing since both Michelle and Natalie had to wait on the sidelines. Corey was the first to drop then Paul hung in there for a long, long time but it all came down to Nicole and James. They traded promises of safety but Corey noted it looked like James was struggling and instead of landing his fourth Wall win he dropped and Nicole took the crown. Read More >>

America’s Care Package: This week’s ACP offered a $5K bribe to be used for any one action this next week and the agreement would be binding. No accepting the cash then going back on the deal. This was definitely not the big power Paul had been hoping to see but he got another surprise when Corey landed the prize instead. Considering Corey was the lowest ranked active HG in our poll for awhile I’m surprised by the outcome, but his association with Nicole no doubt helped his chances.

Corey has still not decided how to use his ACP power and so far there doesn’t seem to be much of a need for it this week. He has until the next HoH comp to put it in to play so maybe he’ll figure something out. Otherwise the power and the $5,000 vanishes. Read More >>

Nominations: Nicole’s initial plan was to put Michelle and James on the Block. Michelle is her target this week so there was no question on that pick for her but Nicole started to get nervous about so openly going against her deal with James after agreeing to safety for him in the HoH comp. Then again when has James kept a Wall promise anyway?

All the same, Nicole decided to pitch a new idea to her new allies Paul and Victor. They accepted and Paul went on the Block alongside Michelle who remains the target. Read More >>

Power of Veto: It was the return of the Stay / Fold PoV comp this week and Michelle’s game was on the line. From what we heard it may have come down to Michelle and Nicole so both had to suspect this was the deciding event for the week’s plans. Nicole pulled off the win and locked down her target. Paul was consumed with paranoia but Victor was quick to calm worries for both him and Nicole and Corey. Read more >>

Right now it looks like Nicole will not use the Veto at Monday’s Ceremony. Paul and Michelle should expect to stay on the Block and head to Thursday’s vote where Nicole has promised Victor and Paul that she would tiebreak against Michelle to the surprise of James and Natalie. Actually, they probably won’t be surprised because Nicole doesn’t want to do a blindside which is probably the right move to make. Busy week ahead.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. All Nicole needs to tell James is that she wants Michelle out and Corey is voting for her. She also suspects that Victor is not voting Paul out and that will get her off the hook with James. Next week whomever wins should put up James and Nicole together on the block so they each get 1 vote and Paul or Victor could break that tie.

    • I’d love to see James and Dingus on the block together as final noms. Since it will be a FF week, presumably, maybe they’ll both be gone.

    • If Paul or Victor win they already said they would put Natalie and James up together so one of them goes. And since James has no idea Nicole and Corey are working with P/V then if James or Nat win they want Paul and Vic up so one of them goes for sure. Nicole and Corey are in a good spot.

      • rather see nic and james on the block it will make the rest of the shows somewhat bearable to watch…

      • DO YOU TRUST WHAT PAUL IS Saying, then I have some Ocean front property in Arizona to sell! any bids? lol

      • YES. They were talking privately on the feeds and that’s how I know they want a F4 with Nicole and Corey. Otherwise when they were talking in private they would of been saying I’m putting them up, they’re idiots, etc. but they didn’t. Pays to watch the feeds.

    • That would be the best move for Paul or Victor if they win the next HOH. That would leave just Natalie, Corey and whoever survives from Nicole or James to battle it out with Victor and Paul for HOH and VETO! Odds hugely favor Victor and Paul because they are comp beasts! That is why you do not leave the biggest threats in the game! Very important lesson coming up for both Nicole and James!

  2. Nicole can only ‘break tie if Corey votes Meech. Did Victor play in Veto? Corey is really making 1st move to evict Meech. I’m glad it’s this way just tell Corey -he doesn’t waver or think of his own game lol. F3 I’d like to see is Nic/Vic/Paul. If Meech goes .. James face like? lol

    • Of course Corey will go with whatever Nicole wants. Victor and Corey vote Michelle while Natalie and James may vote for Paul if Nicole doesn’t tell them the plan in time.

  3. expected a screwy HoH from Nicole, who never knows what to do, not disappointed. Seems clear to me that she should be targeting Vic and Paul, the two biggest threats in the house, but nooooo, personal motivations dictate her game, not surprising. I hope she really screws up….

    • Nicole is a idiot player if that would be natalie hating Michelle natalie would vote out paul over Michelle

    • She’s the only one not playing personal. She’s making a strategic move. Michelle has been gunning for her so why would she leave her in the game?

      • And guess what anyone can win HOH. You don’t play with fire. Michelle could win this next one, target Nicole and she’d be gone. Paul or Victor will put up Natalie and James. They’re working with Nicole and Corey.

      • I don’t think so. She won OTEV which is a hard comp and she’s come in second on a lot of comps. She’s good at the mental ones. She just came in 2nd on this last veto. And with less people to compete against its anyone’s win.

      • Agreed. She was a very good player and she should have won. Now before everyone jumps on me…I didn’t like her one bit, so that has nothing to do with my opinion.

      • Big brother is like sports the best team doesn’t always win the championship like in big brother the best player doesn’t always win the game

      • I agree. But I don’t just want a female to win because there hasn’t been one win in many years.

      • The best female player is natalie because she is the one who laid the groundwork to get out paulie by telling James about paulie over flirting smart move and it was her in James Ear about the 2 eviction votes taken away that sent zakiyah out if it was not for her James would have did nothing

      • Agreed again. It’s my opinion Natalie is the best female player in the house. I don’t believe she’s the best player, however.

      • Natalie would have been higher in my ranking if she hadn’t have let James dictate what he wanted to see happen last week. She blew it with her HOH, imo.

      • Because he’s too good at comps.
        On the bright side, at least we have the same players in the top 3 even if we don’t agree on the order :)

      • What about her game move by telling James about paulie over flirting when she is doing it too

      • It was sneaky, but a means to an end, which she achieved. In that respect I think she is using him, but not on a whole..you know what I mean?

      • Say natalie gets evicted soon would they ever bring her back to play again she is 2nd in most popular behind james

      • How about this as a bribe Michelle goes up to nicole and Corey and says I will set out of the next hoh comp if you vote out paul

      • Keeping paul is a big mistake and if Michelle takes that bribe and Nicole votes out paul if will be Corey, james ,natalie vs victor that would force Corey to go for hoh he said he does not want to win it this week

      • Keeping Paul is a mistake for all of their games. But as far as Paul staying… I’m all for that :). Let the dummies keep him, lol.

      • There is a article online that natalie did fake feelings for James and the last few days she is picking on him if she is on the block i see him voting her out

      • I did notice she is pulling away quite a bit. Last night, James started pulling back because he could feel it, too. Today, Natalie is all over him again. (I don’t have the feeds, I read updates at Jokers.)

      • Corey bribe was a waste gave it to victor to vote out Michelle when he was going to vote her out anyway

      • As a fan you would probably agree getting rid of paul is the better game move over Michelle but as a fan would rather see paul stay over Michelle

      • But I think James likes Natalie very much. He is acting towards her like a person with a GF. He is really scared to advance the relationship. I am extremely proud of James respecting Natalie. He could be making sexual advances but James is acting like a true Southern gentleman.

      • I agree that Natalie is the best female player in the house, probably the best female player this season, however I also agree that production + James pressuring her into working with Nicole and Corey really kinda left a bad taste in my mouth, I wished Natalie would’ve stuck to her guns. But to be fair, everybody this season has been easily influenced

      • Yes. Natalie should have stuck to her guns. It would have turned out much better for her than I believe it will now.

      • Michelle was HOH last week and she din’t put Nicole on the block. I think she would have allowed James to choose the nominations if she was lucky to get it again. Nicole wasn’t going to get evicted anyway since they wanted Vic out.

      • But once Paul is gone, Michelle will most definitely target Nicole and Nicole knows that. And with a DE looming (so she thinks) Nicole will most likely go home.

      • The remaining live show tapings are scheduled for the following days all the way to finale night:
        Thurs, Sept. 1st – 6 HGs left
        Thurs, Sept. 8th – 5 HGs left
        Mon, Sept. 12th – 4 HGs left
        Wed, Sept. 14th – 3 HGs left
        Wed, Sept. 21st – Finale & winner revealed

      • But Nicole thinks it’s a double eviction next week, which means HOH will be a mental comp and Michelle is good at those. Out of the 5 people who would be playing HOH Michelle is the best at mental comps.

      • To me it’s a question of who can you beat? I think her strategy is shaky and bound to fail, but I could be wrong. With only 7 left, if you’re not targeting the biggest threats to win everything, you wouldn’t be me.

  4. Dingus just mentioned that she was baffled why Frank got AFP of his season and that sometimes editing makes a person look better. She needs to thank her lucky stars for the TV program only viewing audience because if they saw her engaging in casual sex acts with a man she does not know while on cameras for the world to see and in the same room with other people surely many of them would be totally disgusted with her behavior of being in bed all season. Good editing, Dingus, may be the saving grace for your reputation among many of your fans. But there will be talk in your little town, you can bet on it. Victor for AFP.

  5. Has James gone to the HOH to talk with Nicole? I have not seen anything on the feeds to indicate he has, other than he has been sleeping with or without Natalie. I hope Nicole does not tell him what the plan is or he will try to change her mind, which is not difficult to do.

    • No she told him to come up to the HOH but so far he hasn’t. Nicole doesn’t want to blindside him and make herself a target with him. She’s going to tell him that Michelle has been coming after her and she doesn’t trust her and wants her gone.

    • I remember reading they did meet somewhere and discussed it. Afterwards, he told the girls that Paul was the target. As of the last Jokers post, James still thinks Paul is the target.

    • For her sake she should tell him, but before eviction night. I agree that he will give her reasons why Paul should go instead. She may fall for it since she is a dimwit that can’t make up her mind.

      • This is why Paul should not be at peace with Michelle right now but instead should play a bank shot and blow up her game like I described in another post.

  6. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic, but if Paulie ever met me outside of the house, this is the face he’d be dealing with.

  7. Last Night After Dark Show, I kept seeing Salsa Jar that had Victor’s name on it! I thought maybe he owned a company that made it. He is smarter than ever won gives him credit for.He looks like company executive to me!!

    • There is a Victoria salsa. It must’ve been that.
      I did see him in a music video. He must be an actor or model on the side.

    • I think Victor is incredibly intelligent, saying during the roadkill competition that he was a fiance major in university. Sounds like an intelligent person to me.

  8. All Paul has to do is tell Michele that Nat has been calling Corey babe and winking at him and the whole thing would just blow up. When it comes back around to Paul, he should then throw Michelle under the bus. Michelle goes home and the house is upset and Victor and Paul can cruise to HoH with the only one who can prove that Paul was lying already in the jury house.

    • LOL its so true…and its funny and sad at the same time that something so simple could work..but simple minds so yea….

  9. According to Jokers the drone in the yard seems planned by production, but I hope someone from outside really sent it with a message for the HGs.

  10. Twitter has photos of the doll and what it said….trying to figure out how they got such great pics….

  11. If Nicole was smart she would veto Michelle and put up Victor. Paul and Victor are modern day Matt and Enzo in a final 2. They get to the end no one will beat them. But then again this is Nicole we’re talking about….

  12. Natalie vying for attention again…doing
    ballet spins in kitchen checking her self out in all mirrors…That girl kills me…

    • Never made sense to me that they wake up to put make up on and everything, but they’re not really going anywhere.

      • I suppose it’s maybe a way for them to anchor themselves in reality. But I guess we’ll never know

      • I’m not sure if production makes them do it, but whenever they go to the DR they put make up on. They have a close up shot in the DR. I would just go looking like I woke up so they would stop bugging me,

    • She does like attention. She’s a cute girl and probably grew up with people telling her how pretty she was, especially in school.
      I’m hoping she stays until the final 3 if Michelle goes.

      • I gave Natalie the benefit of the doubt for a month before deciding she was using James and is very self serving and self centered.. I don’t like the girl Honestly I would rather see her get voted out over Michelle..

  13. I feel like this is the weakest set of players ever on Big Brother. I mean the lack of strategy is daunting. Nicole is debating who she should put up between Victor & Paulie the biggest competitors they have, who would pretty much dust them in any competition? I mean they don’t really want the money do they, its about feelings and emotions….aaaahhhhh….its about $500,000 dollars idiots!

  14. If victor and Paul stay one is going to win. Everyone is so concerned with James. Nicole and Paul are the sneaky ones and Victor wins everything.

  15. Nicole is a straight up idiot! I like James but am dumbfounded that he believes Nicole and Corey want Paul out. James and Natalie have spent no time talking with Nicole and Cory since James GAVE Nicole the HOH. Paul and Victor have been up there butts every minute of the day.Why can’t James and Natalie see this. Even if you’re in the secrets final four you still need to spend time and talk game with the people you’re in the final four with. Sadly they’re playing a horrible game. :o(

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