‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 20 — Paulie Shows His Bad Side As The Target Shifts

Big Brother 18 finally decided to show the at-home viewers a bit of who Paulie is and what’s going on with him and Zakiyah. We also got to see just how much Paulie is running the house when Paul turned on one of his closest allies.

Oh, and don’t miss the part of this post where I mute the TV and recap the veto competition so I don’t have to hear Nicole speak. It’s some of my finest work to date.


The episode picks up on Day 45 right after Paul nominated Bridgette and Paulie for eviction. Paul lets us know that Bridgette is his target and Paulie is his pawn. Paulie wants to win veto, pull himself off so that Paul can throw Da’Vonne up there, Paul explains. Paul says if at the end of the week the house wants Day out, so be it.

And of course Da’Vonne is already suspicious that Paulie went on the block next to Bridgette instead of Nicole. Da’Vonne decides to do a little talking to Bridgette, but she decides that Day is the one she can’t trust instead of the rest of the house who has wanted Bridgette out all season. So Bridgette goes to talk to Paul and he makes her think that she’s actually a pawn and that Da’Vonne is the target. Paul still wants her out, but he’ll be fine if Day goes, he says.

It’s time for producers to finally introduce us to Zaulie. For the at-home viewers, Zakiyah and Paulie have been showmancing all season. And since Paulie has been torturing her lately on the Live Feeds, the show has to show us some of what’s going down because it can’t be ignored. So we get this segment that makes Zakiyah look like a stalker. And let me be the first to tell you, that’s now how it’s been. Paulie has lead her on all season and he’s suddenly decided that he wants ALL the girls out, including Z, and he plans to belittle them all along the way. Paulie is scum and the edit producers gave us didn’t show that enough. Trust me, the “never cared” line from his was nothing compared to the things he’s been saying.

Zakiyah decides to ask Paulie if he’s OK and that she’s not the one in the hot seat. And he continues to condescend her and makes her feel bad and brings her to tears. And again, what you saw on the show was nothing. Paulie is an a-hole and he loves it so I don’t feel bad saying it.

I’m not even going to address the Michelle/Paul segment. I’m too embarrassed for Michelle and myself for watching this show. Let’s go see who gets picked to play in the veto competition.


Joining Paul, Bridgette and Paulie in the competition are Corey (drawn by Paul), Victor (picked by Paulie via HG choice), and Natalie (picked by Bridgette). So Day is shut out … things could be looking bad for her now.

Paulie lets Nicole and Corey know that he’s over Zakiyah and she’s going to be upset when she realizes he’s making everyone target Da’Vonne this week. So he plans on winning the next HOH and putting Z up on the block. And of course Nicole, who is playing not with the guys, but for the guys feels all comfortable and great (despite the fact that a girl never wins and rarely makes it to the end when they’re mixed in with a guys’ alliance). So much dumb gameplay this season.


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  1. I have no problem with mastermind gameplay and strategy. Problem is Paulie’s letting the power get into his head. Atleast with Dan and Derrick they actually maneuvered their way without their heads getting too big.

    • I feel like once again that was a super one sided view of the argument with him and Z, she did a lot of immature jealous catty things and I don’t think his nasty tone was needed but I can see y he was upset with her

      • They are going to make him the villan, now that Franks not around slapping butts anymore. Evil Dick is on Twitter talking about how he treats people poorly. Really? That’s rich coming from him…

      • I love Evil Dick – he didn’t have a girl toy on the show. He told them exactly what he thought, and unlike Paulie, he didn’t turn around and let them in his bed

      • Yeah of course it was one-sided, because it was written by Branden. I agree with what you’ve said, and even with what Dan C Roxas said before you because despite actually liking Paulie as a player, I’m not blinded or biased towards the negativities he’s bringing.

    • Exactly! Dan and Derrick never berated women. They both had wives and Derrick had a daughter so they knew not to go that far. You would think since Paulie has a sister he wouldn’t scoop to that level but oh did he scoop alright! Scooped all the way to the bottom of the barrel and ate a whole crap load of sh**! Forgive my use of language. :)

    • I’m sorry I’m confused as to how Day had to go thru hell with Frank and Tiffany for weeks. Somehow I failed to see that. Playing the victim doesn’t become Day, especially since she was the catalyst for downfall of Frank and Tiff. How’s it feel Day?

      Great write up Matt! I was laughing out loud – literally

      • That’s exactly what i was thinking. Day plays the victim all too much but that didn’t stop her from getting all coconut when her targets walked out the door she kept laughing in her dr saying “swing and miss” but now she’s been hit hahaha karma karma

      • She’s definitely a little coconut…lol

        I agree though, it’s karma after her actions towards others being evicted. I wish somebody would give her the same taunts on the way out, but I doubt they will, unfortunately. Two seasons now I’ve wanted her gone, last season it was fairly quick, this season sadly she’ll be in jury at the very least. But I’ll take that over not being evicted.

      • Day is never satisfied. You can’t stir crap early on, and not expect people to realize you exaggerate. She brought this on herself, and I hope if she has return ticket, she goes right back out next week

      • That’s what Day does, she plays the victim. She called Frank a douche right before he calls her a slut, then she cries about being called a slut. She wanted him gone because of an ass slap, aka more personal logic. Let’s add in she’s absolutely terrible at competitions. The only thing she has going for her is being observant, and yet so many want to call her a good player and want her to stay for that. I hope they stick to the plan this week and evict her, and I badly hope she doesn’t have the round-trip ticket.

      • Too, too bad she only observes others and she uses that Bible read just like she uses her mommy card.

    • Talking about master game players and Paulie is not accurate… Yet. We still don’t know what will happen in the future of the game for him. As of now power is getting to his head, he’s getting more abrasive towards other HG’s, but ultimately, he still has the trust of every person in the house. He hasn’t won BB18 and a lot can happen so let’s not mention him and Dan or Derrick or Will in the same sentence. Now onto the Zakiyah thing. People who have played the game, and played it well, all had a ride or die (Paulie and Paul) and a person who was blindly loyal to them (Paulie and Zakiyah). Other examples of this gameplay are Derrick who had Cody as a ride or die and Victoria as a blind follower, Dan who had a ride or die of Memphis and a blind follower in Keesha. Now the difference between Dan and Derricks treatment of their blind followers and Paulie’s treatment of Zakiyah is that they were always extremely nice to them and they always made sure that their loyalty was always with them. Paulie on the other hand has been shifty and weird/rude to Zakiyah. He’s given her more than enough reason to hate him and she refuses to hate him. Now Paulie is playing a solid game. No one can argue that, but he is making a potentially disastrous move by being mean to Zakiyah. He should be taking her to F3 or F4, not saying he will evict her next week. If Paulie is as good a player as people are giving him credit for he is keeping up an act with Zakiyah that he hates her but in reality they are working together, similar to what Derrick did to Victoria towards the halfway point. Overall Paulie is playing a great game but he needs to chill out and start making game moves that involve Zakiyah as his own pawn, rather than being mean to her.

      • I hope you’re right! That would be a good strategy on their part if this is true. I don’t see him wanting to take her to final 3. ?

      • That’s a great summation. Well done & I kind of feel the same.
        He IS playing a good game but he needs to rein himself in!! A lot!

    • Very much agree that Branden is hilarious.Use the mute more often,try to make stuff up then find out you nailed it!

  2. Tell it like it is, Branden! Great read. Aren’t you afraid of making the Gottifiore’s angry?

  3. “And let me be the first to tell you, that’s noT how it’s been. Paulie has lead her on all season and he’s suddenly decided that he wants ALL the girls out, including Z, and he plans to belittle them all along the way”

    Branden, are we even watching the same feeds? I’m not saying Paulie’s innocent in all this, but you can’t say that Zakiyah is blameless in all this. She’s as clingy and obsessive as Nicole’s been with Corey.

    • I’m not saying he’s an angel, but basically I see a guy that’s fed up with having to tip toe around her emotions. Honestly I think he feels stuck. He had a flirtmance going but she took it to another level. She all but begged him for a kiss. She moaned and groaned for days to Nicole about wanting him to kiss her. And already talking about having his babies. Seriously? I think if they weren’t in a house that you can’t leave he’d just end it and be done. He vents to his Bros because he can’t say what he really wants to, to her. He’s handling it poorly but I can see his frustration when she starts her clinginess and its all he can do not to spew. He’s got himself in a jam here. Should have listened to his brother… No showmances!

    • I dont like the strategy, but by upsetting them, it messes with their thinking and their sleep, and of corse their game but he could find another way. When you see a man deciding to berate the woman then throw them out, you kind of wonder what kind of a father figure did this guy have? And how can I root for a guy like that? I wish he would man up a little and stop being so heartless. He seems to want to be Paul, but I dont see Paul as this kind of @$$hole.

      • What’s interesting is Paulie’s Cody’s brother, and I don’t remember Cody acting anything like that during his season. Same father figure, most likely, though.

      • I didn’t really see him berating her. I think he just told her he wanted to be alone. The girl is after him constantly

    • I don’t blame paulie at all s seems like the kind of girl who would not leave a guy alone outside of the house like she asks for him to s-*** on her in my opinion.. Girls allow guys to treat them how they think they should be treated and she plays stupid games trying to start stupid fights just so they can make up.. It’s little girl crap and it’s so obnoxious. Nicole does it too but not as bad.. She’s always asking Corey why are you maddddduuuuhhhhhh

      • I agree. It’s like people get a mob mentality over one houseguest. First it was frank, now Paulie. They showed have showed more of her childish behavior on the show like the jealousy, and pretending to have a nightmare so he would hold her. He’s a jerk to her, but she doesn’t do anything about it and people are acting like she’s a poor little girl that’s being abused by a grown man. I don’t think it’s right the way everybody attacks one person’s character especially when the other person involved isn’t completely innocent. The show will probably continue to show him being a jerk without everything that led to that point, and the mob mentality will get worse against him. It’s one thing to have a villain for the show when it’s game related, but this is wrong.

      • Sorry but I think he is too over the top with his plotting on how he’s going to tear them down then throw them out. She better watch out for the kind of sick F#+ks that may go looking for her just to have someone they can treat like that and worse when BB is over. Do these people forget that millions of people are watching, and their not all normal.

      • She will be the one seeking them out. She’s grown and should know when to get out of a relationship that’s not healthy, and if she can’t recognize that then maybe her family should encourage her to go to therapy before she ends up in a codependent relationship.

      • Completely agree! But the show is showing a little bit of her pettiness that leads to the fight like last night’s. It’s a little too subtle for me but at least it’s there. Did you see it? It showed when Paulie was in the kitchen talking about where he would sleep. Then it cuts to Z going to the HoH room and repeating exactly what Paulie said, trying to be a smartass to either get him to feel bad or to start a fight. (I think she ALWAYS aims for the guilt trip and it ALWAYS backfires on her.) Well she got the fight instead. And I LOVED how it showed her running upstairs and then running back down stairs. Who does stuff like that?? If she wouldn’t have done that then there never would have been a fight.
        I mean we all get it, Paulie’s an a**, we know. But that doesn’t mean he’s going at her for no reason. That’s what everyone acts like and it’s dumb. She’s supposed to be a grown woman not a child. She needs to be held responsible for her actions too. If that was my daughter of course I would be mad at Paulie for being like that but I would also be furious at my daughter for acting the way she does and for not standing up for herself. It’s embarrassing for both of them.

      • Well said – I also didn’t think she got a bad edit last night. She acts like that all the time

      • Yes, and I would be disappointed in my daughter if she obsessed over a guy, especially one who treats her like that. I also would be upset if they gave my son that edit and let viewers think that he’s being emotionally abusive.

      • She is a grown woman, not a child, and she’s annoying. She also comes in when he’s having a conversation, and lays on him. It would get on my nerves – but I would never do that

      • Oh, she is not innocent…she definitely needs psychological help. But, her (and others) allowing him to treat her that way is also sick! she obviously doesn’t have any self respect and is used to always getting what she wants (ie: throwing herself literally on top of him) This still doesn’t mean she should be treated like this, he could be a man and tell her enough and not go back for more himself. She’s the type when they get out, to watch it or listen to others and hurt herself…again, she needs some serious help! He does too…he’s not a god, he looks like an ass how he talks and acts. my opinion

    • I’d have liked your post if I was able to, but I post as a guest. It’s become pretty clear that Branden is just going to take every chance he can get to rip on Paulie. It’s not unjustified, but it is biased. It’s one thing to have an opinion and not like a player, that’s up to the person, but it’s another to ram it down throats at every turn. Lately I don’t see anything posted by Branden that doesn’t have about 2-3 criticisms of Paulie.

      • Yeah, and constantly beaten to death and rammed down throats. The horse is dead. Let it be dead. We don’t need to constantly hear about it.

      • It’s his opinion. There are other sites if you don’t like it. I enjoyed it and he said what most of us are thinking

    • Yeah, Brandon is off on many things.

      Paulie’s getting all the girls out ideas are not new. He has discussed them for awhile first with Corey and now with Paul.

      As for leading a girl on, this is very hard not to do in the BB game. Its not like real life. There is no walk away. Tell them lets be friends and tomorrow they’ll still be in the same house, with nothing to do and way too in to you. And if you push away too hard it is an actual strategic blunder.

      And no , I am not saying Paulie is handling this well. His bromance with Paul is bringing out the worst in both of them. But Zakiyah has been the (very jealous) pursuer all season long.

    • Z keeps coming back for more. On BBAD Paulie and Paul were talking. In walks Z gets on Paulie’s back with a blanket and laid on him. That would get old

    • The short version: Michelle hit Paul in the back with an apple (I think) and he has a slight bruise. Michelle is all sobbing because she’s afraid she’s injured Paul and she’s in the DR sobbing because she’s afraid Paul will be mad at her. I think she got scolded in the DR, and that brought on all the tears. I think.

      • Yes, Michelle was immediately called to the DR after hitting Paul with the apple. CBS edited that out of the show.

      • I think she only acted as tho she regretted hitting Paul because she realized she could be off the show for it and since BB apparently didn’t want to do that, they needed her to be sympathetic.

      • I know, right. Let me slam you with an apple then burst into tears. Yeah, sure. She didnt want to get evicted that way.

      • I thought spraying hairspray /chemicals into her beverage was far more offensive than her throwing an apple. I wonder if they said anything to him about that.

      • Thank you! I am amazed he didn’t get in trouble for that – I’m amazed he would even do that!

      • But you can’t throw stuff and hit somebody. I would have been furious over the hairspray, but I would have used my words. Ones he wouldn’t forget

  4. paulie is using the D.E.N.N.I.S system from “it’s always sunny in phily”
    credit to imdb poster

  5. Paul is an asshole. You dont lead others on and then decide because they start caring too much that you cant handle it and be a total pr***. Karma is a bitch and I hope it comes back in the form of a girl that will rip his heart out.

    • Paulie is handling this poorly but there is a fine line between “caring too much” and being crazy.

    • He doesn’t lead her on – she is all over him. She comes in when he’s having a conversation, and lays down on top of him. She’s annoying

      • Yes! Last night I nearly threw up because she did that, then has one leg across him with her a** hanging out of her sting outfit or whatever that thing was AND THEN she was flat out straddling him and doing grinding motions pretending to whine and throw a fit. Gross! She’s always talking about her momma and how her mom watches the feeds. Seriously?! Do you really want your momma seeing you act like that?! I would be embarrassed and livid!!!

      • Omgosh, Valerie. Your description is worse than Jokers. I almost turned my TV on today to watch it on DVR while I was dusting my bedroom furniture. I’m so happy that I didn’t see it, just read about it. I’d probably have a hard time getting it out of my mind. As a mother, I would be doing all I could do to get my daughter out of that house if it was at all possible. She is a teacher, or was a teacher. She’ll probably be hunting her a job when she gets out of that house.

  6. Even though I really don’t get y a lot of people like and root for day, can u all incl her please just acknowledge that SHE was the one who first started targeting nicole and Corey, so I’m really annoyed that she’s like I don’t trust them at all. Also SHE was the one to flip the vote and keep Tiffany but yet uses that as her excuse for targeting them. I feel like I’m watching/ reading a different show then everyone else

    • As far as I can remember when they formed the 5 member alliance Da was nervous about being in an alliance with 2 showmances which she told Nicole. At that time Nic was still downplaying her relationship with Corey. Nicole was the one that went to Frank and started talking about getting Da out.

      • Nicole wanted to work with Frank before that and Frank wanted Da out before that so no that was not the first time they have talked about it. That was when Frank got obsessed about it.

      • Don’t waste your time explaining the timeline of events. Some people only see and hear what they want too when it comes to Day.

      • yall can say what yall want about davonne but she was right to target the showmances. without them the power in the house wouldn’t be so one sided. From a gameplay perspective, it was a correct move, but going to james with that who is n a showmance wasn’t smart. some of her other moves were suspect too. besides when you’re the black person who’s not timid, you’re gonna be a target every time.

    • Well she should have expended that energy she used to get Frank and Tiffany out. Instead she acted like they were coming for her and others to get them out. She deserves to go home

  7. Paulie agh. Feel like throwing up. That guy is so unattractive and unwanted. He is the biggest p—k after chill town in bb history. Can’t stand him. He thinks he is the “fairest of all”. Hate that attitude. I hope he gets evicted sooner than later. If he goes all the way then we have to believe he is a fiend of production. Get it????✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️??

  8. I am officially no longer bashing Paulie and his horrendous actions. After the live feeds returned, James again ran to report to Paulie. He has morphed into Paulie. He’s cursing and bragging about telling Michelle off. These are all adults. If they feel good about their actions, that says a lot about them as a person. James has even thrown Natalie under the bus. I guess Paulie’s done with his girl, now it’s time for James to dump his. Let’s hope he won’t use the same tactics

    • How did James throw Natalie under the bus? I don’t have the feeds (sorry). Was this after she told him she came to play the game and not “that”?

      • It was shortly after the feeds returned after the party. Natalie told James that Paulie is going to coast his way to the finally. James went straight to Paulie and told him what Natalie said.
        So Natalie is now on the hit list

  9. This was a great recap. I hope they get the Cala-furry out next because if not the only thing I’ll be enjoying are these recaps.

    • What is it with his stupid sayings? That’s so sketch. And now tonight instead of saying tipsy, he says tips. What is he a valley girl?
      And for a non smoker he coughs all the time.
      I want to see his face getting evicted. With my luck though he probably has the round trip ticket.

      • Perish the thought. If he has the ticket the season is over for me.
        Sketch is a word that needs to be banned from BB vocabulary. So glad I don’t have live feedsfeedsfeedsfeeds.

  10. Branden, enough. We get it, you don’t like Paulie. You’re also a writer for a site that gets a considerable amount of hits (I would guess) and should be more professional about it, not even mentioning the constant spelling and grammar mistakes. Sure it was entertaining that you recapped the Veto competition while on mute, but ostensibly muting something you’re recapping just because you find a voice annoying is unprofessional.

    Back to the point — you don’t like Paulie, and you never will. Cool. Some do, whether or not you can make sense of that. You dislike him so much that you don’t miss a chance to take shots at him for things he may not even deserve shots for. For example him trying to comfort Zakiyah before breaking bad news to her; that’s despicable how exactly?

    You’re on his case for having an all-guys mentality, so where’s the criticism when season after season we watch female players make grand plans about all-girls alliances? Ignoring for a second the fact they pretty much always fail, the idea at the core, of sticking to one gender, it’s alright when they do it but not when a guy has the same idea?

    I hope Paulie wins this game. He’s actually playing the game, he’s winning competitions and thus deserves it, and whether it’s stupid or not of the other houseguests to allow it, the bottom line is he somehow has them under his control and whether you like it or not, that’s a credit to what he’s doing in there.

    And at this point part of hoping he wins is beginning to become just to piss off people like you.

      • Thank you jacquie and saturn0205. Kay Oneil, I completely get where you’re coming from, and believe me while I am in Paulie’s corner as a player, wanting him to win due to that, I’m not biased enough to not see the negative side of what Paulie’s been doing. He’s definitely far from perfect, and my cheering for him to win is mostly because he’s one of very few in that house who’s clearly trying to. I’ve always been one to side with players who try to win every competition they participate in. I agree though that the personal stuff could be removed, and some of the other stuff could be toned down, for sure.

    • It’s one thing to be a good player and another to make hateful personal comments behind their back. What he’s doing with Z is called gaslighting. It’s a pretty common intimidation tactic that abusers use. Paulie is a good social player but he is also needlessly being an ass. He’s used the phrase “she’s a wounded animal” a lot this season, with regard to different women, and he seems to get off on it.

      • Could you please tell me who hasn’t made hateful personal comments behind someone’s back? It’s a disaster all around.

      • What does there being other sites have to do with this? I prefer this one. Matt writes well and writes more often, and I never said I have a problem with absolutely everything Branden does. I didn’t like this particular recap. Good for you if you loved it? I really don’t get your point.

  11. Can we “roast” bb house guests here Can they handle being “roasted”.

  12. That was hard to watch. I know we didn’t see it all but that was enough. I wish V would have some pride in herself and self respect. She’s going to hate it when she gets out and I don’t like people to be humiliated. I also wish the girls would have stuck together instead of hanging on the guys. If Nicole makes it farther she will just be like Brittany.

    Leave it to a group of guys to embarrass the crap out of a girl. It was a lil funny though. The Michelle breakdown was just hard to watch. She doesn’t want to be seen as violent but crying a lot is ok. Nobody date Paul based on what he said in the DR, lol. And lastly, I hate that whole bro thing the guys have. It happens every year and it’s just so juvenile to me. Granted I was never a 20 something guy but still. I roll my eyes every time. Talk in complete sentences already.

    • I feel bad for Z every once in a while and then I watch BBAD and see her looking at the camera and being very satisfied with herself, so I think she won’t be humiliated at all. She will go for the sympathy card and blame the viewers.

  13. If Paulie got off for whatever he’s doing then this writer got off writing about it I think. He must say yes yes yesssssss after he’s done. That’s why he muted the tv, huh, to hear his own voice?
    Anyway, HGs bashing each other, the writer and commenters bashing the HGs, same thing.
    This writer is getting cockier in writing by each post like his nemesis Paulie. Know your enemy well, right?
    I am not rooting for Paulie anymore and I don’t agree with whatever he is doing but I expect at least any sense of profesionalism in here, even it’s just a blog. There, my 2 cents, bash me all you want to voice my opinion, NEVER CARED!

    • I was kind of thinking much of the same thing, like, geez, Branden, maybe you are actually a phantom HG, a little too attached, a little jealous, maybe? Are you in love with maxZ? Can’t stand watching her jump all over Paulie? Oh, boy, this is getting rough. These HGs bring out the worst in everyone. Watching BBAD last night really set me off. A bunch of disgusting hoes and holes, not going to blame Paulie, it’s all he has to work with and he’s the only one playing the game. Hate it. Never cared.

  14. liked Vanessa last season, and Paulie this season. Yeah, Paulie could be a little less of a douchebag sometimes, but he’s playing the game, and by any means necessary. I love that stuff, I’ve always been ultra competitive and hate to lose more than I love to win.

    Paulie begins planting seeds and has houseguests start planning for next week, before this week’s eviction has taken place. But that’s because he’s already planned this week, and next, and several more after that. I think it’s funny how he’s playing Derricks undercover cop routine with Paul, making him feel comfortable or that Paulie looks up to him, meanwhile Paulie is just using the crap out of Paul. It’s hilarious!

    Come on people, it’s a game, these people are characters, it’s entertainment to keep me occupied on Wednesday night of my boring as crap life.

    • I’m with you … I just wish some of these HGs remembered that it’s a game and started playing instead of acting like middle school, hormone infested groupies. This is like some kind of twilight zone … they can’t be real … please.

      • I think probably some of them really are … these people didn’t get that way overnight, altho they are long past the age where they should be over whatever bad parenting they had and developed their own self.

    • The issue, as usual, is there simply aren’t enough HGs playing the game.

      It leaves Paulie mowing through and being cutthroat with nobodies from central casting. Even his bromance Paul isn’t really a game player.

      Its nothing new to cast a bunch of cannon fodder but it is always worse on vets vs newbs seasons, and this year the vets are horrible, too.

  15. Paulie turns my stomach. Watching him on the live feeds this past week has been truly, truly terrifying.

  16. That’s what Z gets for being attention needy. She is 100% to blame for what happened.

    • I’m beginning to think they belong together because I wouldn’t wish either one of them on anyone else.

    • Z is sickeningly pathetic. If Paulie was a decent man, he would and could put a stop to her making a fool of herself. Any man that would repeatedly allow a girl to rub, suck, and kiss all over his body, and he knows that he is going to laugh at and put her down behind her back, that man is repulsive. He and his ego are enjoying themselves immensely.

      • It will be quite embarrassing when Z gets home.
        If more people other than her mom are watching, I doubt she will ever mention being on this show to anyone else. The sad part is that she doesn’t seem to have learned anything from Paulie’s gaslighting and things could get worse for her after the show since she is a young girl.

      • I’d say Z’s mother probably bragged to people about her daughter being on the show and is now wishing no one knew. Z will be in for a rude awakening when she gets back to real life, I’m afraid.

      • Lol. I was thinking the same thing as I typed. I thought that her mother probably had weekly viewing with some of their friends and family. The good thing is that I don’t believe many people other than her mom, if she doesn’t work watch the feeds and BBAD where they show most of Z’s embarrassing moments.

      • I’m not up on all of the technology, but I heard it said this P/Z thing was being talked about on social media, like Twitter, etc., and Paulie was getting the worst of it.

      • I don’t watch the feeds, but what I have seen on BBAD I think Paulie is mostly at fault because he is treating Z horribly. It is actual emotional abuse and the producers could ask him to stop it. This show may be reality, but it is mostly scripted and even if it’s not physical, abuse is abuse. He shouldn’t get kicked out, but definitely a serious talk will be suffice. Zakhya is a young girl, but at 24 she is an adult and this hopefully will be a learning experience for her. Z is a leach and even after Paulie treats her like dirt she keeps coming back for more. Many women suffer through this when they are in an abusive relationship and may seem unaware of it. In my opinion she is infatuated and nothing or anyone but Paulie could stop her.

      • They are both beyond despicable, but let’s talk about what Paulie could do if he took maxZ up on all her “invitations” … the sky is the limit and Z has “invited” Paulie to the Paris Room more than once and as disrespectful as Paulie is, he has held back and in ways that a lot of men wouldn’t, so some kind of ridiculous credit goes to Paulie and that’s what tips the scale for me. Not to mention that I cannot forgive her for that atrocioius orange yarn thing she thought would bring him “all in”.

      • I’m with you, Linda – I will give him that much credit (for not doing all the things she wants to do with him).

      • I agreed until I read on jokers what’s she was doing last night. Loving all over him and sucked his fingers. She has no self respect and after the mental breakdown he caused her in the Paris room, she is bringing it on herself. I would not even give him a look. She should not allow him the pleasure of her company. This is just wrong. All the guys laughing at what he is doing. Wrong. I know it is a game, but really. You can play the game and keep your integrity.

      • Oh he is – on Twitter anyway! Not to use Paul’s word but people are REALLY ANGRY at the way he treats her. REALLY angry.

      • do yall know that most of these people are wanna be actors and actresses? it’s a way to maybe somehow someway get noticed to maybe somehow someway get a real gig like a low budget commercial or reality show to parlay into something else. Look at Jeff and Jordan. Im so sick of them. They won’t go away. And Rachel & Brendan. If he was so smart with his rocket science why are they still trying to do reality shows.

      • Yes, but unfortunately they don’t make it out of BB. Look at Frankie Grande acting like he is of importance, but a year later is a has been doing another BB.

  17. Paulie certainly is despicable in terms of how he treats Zakiyah.

    But this edit didn’t make up Z being clingy. This is the girl who was once very mad at another girl for TALKING to another girl who had dared give Paulie a backrub.

    The truth is in between. He is having fun being mean and manipulative. She is not in the house to play the game and a tad obsessed with Paulie.

  18. This was funny.
    I didn’t mute the TV, but went to the kitchen when Nicole was reading the instructions. Paul repeats the same idiotic word over and over so anyone could assume that’s what he is saying. Paulie is horrible, but Zakhya doesn’t realize that she is in an abusive showmance and should be happy that none of that will be happening after the show.

  19. Brief comments about last night’s episode:
    After Bridgette saw how Day ruined Frank and Tiff’s game I can certainly understand why B. doesn’t trust Day or want to work with her in the future.
    Nor was Day able to convince B. that Nicole was the real problem in the house.
    Apparently Zak is jealous over the growing bond between Paul and Paulie and for the only time since she’s been in the house attempted to play the game of BB by suggesting Paul is too dangerous to keep around.
    Since this is Zak’s first attempt at gameplay (to my knowledge) I’ll over look how bad of a move this was – but hey, she’s trying.
    Believe it or not there are a few Nicole fans around here who haven’t written Nicole off just yet even though Branden seems to have done so.
    Why would Nic want to play with the gals this season?
    By the way they are playing so far this is probably a good move for Nic to abandon them to their fate as long as she is able to survive another day in the house.
    As long as Nicole survives in the house she knows there will come a point where the males start taking each other out. At this point Nic has a chance to survive even longer in the game.
    I’m not saying Nic’s chances are looking good that she’ll make it to the end but I don’t think she made a bad move to abandon the girls.

  20. Page one of this is tough to read while page two is completely unreadable. I see some people like it, though, so I guess I’ll just skip future recaps.

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