‘Big Brother 18’ Popularity Poll – Final Week Results

The end of the Big Brother 18 season marks the end of our popularity polls with the last results of the season recorded and we’re ready to rank them out one last time as we prepare to say goodbye to these sixteen Houseguests.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

We’re adding in the final round of results from last week and have gone back through the entire season to graph out everyone’s rise and fall throughout the past twelve rounds of voting.

It’s interesting this week to again see our top spots holding steady with very little variance as the top 9 spots didn’t change at all from last week’s results. Even the ones below there had very little change aside from Glenn dropping 4 spots after his random climb to 8th then 10th then back down to his previous range for the entire season.

I’ve got the past week’s results at the bottom but your stronger interest may be in the line graph here that shows how everyone did charted across the past twelve weeks. Take a look and share your thoughts below. Click on the graph to get the full size view which is a lot easier to review.

click image to see full-size graph

Big Brother 18 - Popularity Poll rankings all season

Then below are the previous week’s results compared to the week before showing their rank shift in parentheses. That’s it for the season of our popularity rankings and it’s been a big one with 158,442 votes over the season across all the polls combined. Thanks for sharing your opinions all season!

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 12 vs Wk 11:

  1. Nicole Franzel – 33.1% (+0)
  2. James Huling – 28.4% (+0)
  3. Victor Arroyo – 21.2% (+0)
  4. Paul Abrahamian – 6.85% (+0)
  5. Natalie Negrotti – 3.0% (+0)
  6. Corey Brooks – 1.76% (+0)
  7. Frank Eudy – 1.53% (+0)
  8. Da’Vonne Rogers – 1.28% (+0)
  9. Bridgette Dunning – 0.68% (+0)
  10. Paulie Calafiore – 0.6% (+1)
  11. Tiffany Rousso – 0.39% (+1)
  12. Michelle Meyer – 0.36% (+1)
  13. Zakiyah Everette – 0.23% (+2)
  14. Glenn Garcia – 0.21% (-4)
  15. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.19% (+1)
  16. Jozea Flores – 0.09% (-2)


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  1. Did Bronte put that graph together for you lol? That is very interesting how the returning players were definitely helped initially and in two cases I believe held up by their former popularity and gratifying to see how Vic and Paul earned popularity over the course of the season from their actual game play. Kudos for the effort you put into compiling that info.

  2. Hope the info reported on another thread that James did win AFP is incorrect (the person reporting the info seems to believe he has a reliable source), but it in no way would shock me. We need Ernst and Young accountants tabulating the votes and insuring their accuracy.

    • yeah, wasn’t it reliable sources that indicated that Gore won the election? and we know how that turned out. I’ll wait for tomorrow night before I get upset

      • A little known fact about Gore. Had he done the recanvass of the entire state of Florida, he would have won that state. He only wanted it redone in the counties of the majority of Democrats and he actually lost it there. The state did do the recanvass about a year after the fact and this is what they reported.

      • Holding out hope for that to be wrong. :(
        You entertain me with your drawings, or whatever the heck they’re called. :D

      • LOL, thank you very much! I can’t get any emoticon apps to work on my laptop so this is my answer to it.

      • I agree with you if James wins this I will be so disappointed and find it hard to believe. I have read articles where polls have been conducted by those who don’t have feeds and Vic has always been leading by a wide margin. Both Jokers and Morty’s has Vic leading by a lot. I read an article where Julie Chen said she voted for Vic along with many past BB players. I personaly haven’t read in any chat rooms that I have been in where anyone has voted for James. Majority of people said he didn’t deserve it and I hate to say it, but will feel this season has been fixed for both Nicole and James if Nicole wins the grand prize and James wins AFH. For me if that happens this whole season will conclude with it being a major failure. It’s another reason why I hate it when they put past players in with newbies. I don’t care if the newbies had the numbers they never played before and the vets have. They were protected first by having teams so the newbies wouldn’t just be able to vote them out. Even the care packages went to two of the vets and two others went to the newbies who were connected to those vets. The only one not connected to a vet was Meech who was a super fan. Grrr can you tell how mad I will be if Nic wins and James gets AFH? Sorry just had to rant.

      • Ha, no worries, rant away. I’ve been doing it all season season long. Completely agree with everything you said. Paul for the win!

    • That doesn’t surprise me. Julie says “expect the unexpected”. I expect the expected. Lol I think this show has run its course, or viewers like us have outgrown it.

  3. That is interesting but it also shows me how those polls don’t reflect reality for some reason. I have no idea why people who are clearly not popular always rank so high while people that are clearly popular are always ranking so low.

    • I voted on this sight EVERY DAY just to find out it meant squat. So next year I wont bother. Now imagine how many others know its crap and wait for the official vote. See, those jokers and BB thread votes are for who feels like voting and to give people something else to talk about.

    • No different with DWTS where popularity trumps dancing ability! That is why it is a joke now! Don’t bother to watch it anymore. Not happy with the casting for Big Brother for the last 3 seasons so, this is my last season as well! There is always Survivor and the Amazing Race! James has his legions of fans so, you can expect he will be back!

      • The only time I ever watch DWTS is on their annual Disney Night, lol. I love the costumes and routines they come up with to match the themes.

  4. These polls are B.S. They are what production wants. I monitored the online polls very closely the past few weeks and Nicole was nowhere near the top and James was usually second but to Victor who had a large lead.

  5. Some of the colors on that graph look pretty similar and the whole thing is confusing.
    From all of the weeks that I have seen the polls on this site, it seems that James and Nicole are America’s favorite, or at least the people who vote here.
    I see Nicole winning both prizes.

    • Yeah, and whether or not Nicole is selected as the BB18 winner or has to settle for second place, if this poll is accurate and she wins BB18’s AFP, then it’ll be 2 HGs who’ve made BB history.

      • I think that’s Nicole’s plan.
        She wants to be the first woman sitting against a man to win the game. It may have been one of the reasons why she wanted to get rid of all the other girls. I’m not sure if she is after AFP as much as James and Paul are.

    • For me it is a shock because I haven’t been able to spend much time on this site this season. For whatever reason it’s almost impossible to type and no matter what I haven’t been able to fix the problem. Yet on the other sites as well as different chat rooms where I have spent my time Nicole has spent the majority of the time near the bottom of their rankings. James started out at the top, but then took a nose dive and never made it back up. HGs that were long ago eliminated were rated higher than both Nicole and James. Victor has been rated #1 for a long time with Paul at #2 or #3. The chat rooms are all about Vic for AFH with a sprinkling of some of the other HGs, yet I haven’t seen anyone mention either James or Nicole for that. Some would like Nicole for F1, but more are for Paul. As far as James goes the majority felt he threw his game away and some of them had been huge James fans. They thought at first he had been holding back until the last few comps, but would start to win then. When that didn’t happen they said he didn’t deserve it. Any polls I voted on were at other sites and didn’t reflect what is shown here, so again I am truly shocked.

  6. So this poll is just one of many polls that fans like us vote in. James held the majority of the lead most of the season so just on this site alone, if you add up all the votes from week one to now then just on this site the leader may not be who we think it is or should be. And this is just one site.

    • Right, but just like any poll, they’re not always 100% accurate. It always depends on who’s doing the voting. And these polls don’t take the casual TV-only viewers into account, which always alters the voting results.

      • These polls are “accurate” in the sense that they represent the collective views of the readers here who voted. The polls here are not intended to 100% match CBS’s own polls which wouldn’t match our results, Joker’s results, or any other poll out there. They are only a view of our readers who decided to participate.

    • This is the same popularity poll we put up every week. These are the results from those polls each week of the entire season. We have not changed any of the results so if he/she won Week 1 back in Week 1 then that’s what you’re seeing here in the summary graph. We have not included anyone else’s results either since we don’t have any insight to their results.

  7. Don’t mean to bragg, but I will for a few seconds. Lol I heard Paul practicing his speech to the jury and it is almost word for word that I predicted in previous posts. All the angles I said he needed to argue are all in it. Paul has won! Hehehe;-). I used to think the producers were wanting Nicole to win, but now I think it is Paul because he didn’t receive a care package that is going to a MASSIVE point against Nicole and James. ;-) Big Brother doesnt care who we LIKE, they have a separate catagory for that. Thier objective is to give us a show and no one else could have given us this much suspence for the finale than those two as F2. Personally have never had this much anticipation for the finale. They took us for a hell of a ride this summer! Lol

    • Paul is the rebirth of the classic bb finalists from the good ol days when they could barely make it. I hate those twists in stuff. I know they have to keep it fresh with new ideas but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! Lol I like when they used split showmances up before they could do unrepairable damage like Paul tried to do. Wake up people and play Big brother! Lol

      • Twists are good when they work. The Roadkill this year was a very good twist. Battle of the Block… ugh!

        As for the Battle Back twists? Well, we see those every year. I give them props for changing it up with the first one this year, but otherwise, it’s nothing new.

      • Really? You like road kill?? Lol That was my least favorite. I would welcome a twist like, a contestant can only bounce one check in the the game or something like that…or bind them to a safty deal if they one. It’s so easy to lie, I’d love to them strategically get themselves out of situations they made. Lol that would be fun

      • Maybe its me, but I used to be on the edge of my seat watching this game 10 years ago, but now I can predict more than half of it. Seem like they were more intelligent and better liars and manipulateres. LoI know that sounds bad but it was better to watch. These players wouldn’t fool me for a sec! I mean, Nichole, a mastermind?…are you serious? Paulie??? Frank???lol

      • The contestants were older, now BB brings in the teeny bopper crowd. I’ve been watching some of the older seasons and it is night and day with the maturity level.

      • I’m the same, don’t even really watch the show except for the couple of glances up from my laptop. I usually have the feeds on and I’m chatting in the chat rooms. They are a lot of fun and you can get a lot of info from the other feedsters.

      • You know I said the same thing! It was like 27 on up and you had to be SMART! I’m sorry I’m just not simple minded, I’m not challenged by these children and their child-like behavior. I took a 7 year break and started watching at 15 again, and I was like, are you serious?? Remember, they used to AFRAID to discovered in a showmance! Other players abandoned them like a plague and now its sensationalized and worshipped! Lol

      • Never been a fan of the showmances. That is not entertainment in any way shape or form in regards to the game of BB. Save it for later. Wrong kind of playing.

      • O I LOATHE them! McCranda almost made me lose several predigested meals! I love romance and courting and stuff like that but HATE it here!

      • Wouldn’t it be great to see a season with no showmances, just people playing the game the way it was meant to be played? Dream on, I guess.

      • It would be a dream come true; we can’t depend on the other players to be smart enough get rid of them. Showmances should be a group effort not just one person trying get rid of them. The ” keeping them intact to have a bigger target in the house” concept NOT effective and waay too risky. I mean, OBVIOUSLY they aint anyone’s target! Its a moot point! NO COUPLE should be a part of a FINAL anything if you had smart players. Smh

      • Amen to that. Why would a smart player leave any showmance intact if given the opportunity to evict one of the two? The showmances had some higher up protection, though, imo, so I can’t completely blame the other HGs this season.

      • I’m sure. I don’t know why how they tolorate that. If I caught whiff of that (obvious production favoritsm), as a player, I’d be so furious I’d blast the producers on a live broadcast and self evict. I couldn’t mentally be apart of that, I’d lose it in that house, you guys would get some good tv if it were me. I’d come to win, not be made a fool of national tv! The comps are degrading enough alone! Lol

      • There has to be something in their contracts that Production can point to and say, do you remember signing this? You know they wouldn’t put their butt on the line. It’s covered. Just disappointing for a lot of fans.

      • Oh I’m sure they do! That part of the contract would to be clear as day for me. So clear that I can go “yay or nay” upon evaluation instantly, but if it isn’t, and subliminally disquised in a utopia of legal “mumbo jumbo” we’re going have a problem. I’m a “rebel with a cause”. I’m “ballsy” lol.

      • The point I’m making is I dont care. Lol I will gladly accept the consequences of the breech. I’m always up for a challenge. The bad press will do damage even if I’m sued. They’d have to kill me in that house to avoid being called out. Nothing else would keep my mouth shut.

      • It only takes one person with the guts to do it and not feel intimidated. Have you applied? If not, what are you waiting for!!!!! :D

      • Although, that was hypothetical. I’m that way in the real world, if I were there I’d be the same. My gf wants me to apply really bad. Lol. I can’t lie and cheat ppl like they do for any amount of money. I’d lose horribly

      • Hopefully we will get players that can see the showmances aren’t good and play accordingly, but that is asking a lot from CBS.

      • They seem to worship them. I dont get it. The players leave them intact long enough to start winning comps and become intimidating, then they start developing a group of little scared pathetic, army of minions to protect them. Not a James fan but if her didn’t get Clelly out last summer they would have got far like Nicory, but Clelly should have been out at least 3 weeks earlier, but I’ll take it. Lol. Hate the showmances

      • Oh no, you came back to one of the worst seasons in BB history. How disappointed you must have been.
        Yes, the showmances this year have really gotten on my nerves. Can’t believe the other HG’s let them get as far as they did. That tells me they have no idea how to really play the game, a bunch of kids looking for their 15 minutes of fame, nothing more.

      • I sure was! I thought I watching beverly hills 90210! Lol It’s so hard to watch people play so stupidly? Even if a player that I like gets evicted , I dont even care because they disserved it. There stupid, careless strategy warranted it. Why would Vic strive to break a comp record after beating FOUR PEOPLE to get back in the game? I would have played that down, layed low and win to save my ass only! Lol Dumb! This aint the summer Olympics and theres no cash reward! Stupid game strategy. Smh lol

      • He could have been in F2 if it want for that because he was more palatable than Paul to the other playes twords the end. Smh

      • LOLOLOLOLOL I love your analysis on Vic, very astute and spot on. That was one of my grievances with Vic, he thought he was so wonderful,always playing up and talking about his invicibilty in winning comps, not a good move imo. I’m not a Vic fan. *ducking

      • I’m like is this guy on planet earth with us?? Does he himself speak??? I would cring! LOL I needs to go apply to American Ninja Warrior next summer, cuz winning everything has a quite different effect here.

      • I prefer. no twists or interfering.
        The comps should be different and more entertaining, like eating some disgusting foods or cockroaches. Like Fear Factor or TAR used to do.

      • EW too over the edge for me, but remember the food one where they had to mix a drink with horseraddish and other creepy food

  8. Is Paul BSing? First he bashed Vic a little by saying he was hard to work with, that he had zero social skills. Now he’s telling Dingus that Doofus would have won out of everybody.
    Vic’s social skills were not on par with Paul’s, but saying he had zero social skills is far from true.
    I’m simply SMH @ the thought of Doofus winning no matter who he was sitting at F2 with.
    Paul is running out of material. lol

    • Paul did have to keep Victor on a leash when he would get worked up. Funny coming from the likes of Paul, I realize, lol. But you know how it is to see other’s flaws and not your own. Paul just didn’t care when he would ‘snap’ or get cocky himself. All in all though, I think he’s BSing Nicole.

      • Paul wasnt cocky when he was eating chips, but I dont know if he sees himself as being cocky when he was being defensive. Of course we saw it

      • I think he has acknowledged a few times that he is cocky, an asshole, loud and brash. He seems to be the most self aware HG. Unlike Nic and James, they don’t acknowledge their behavior at all.

      • I think they both had to reign the other in at times. If all showmances were like their’s, just think how entertaining BB would be. If all showmances were like Dingdoo, might as well watch a boring soap opera. Most of those have been cancelled, right? Hmm

    • Could it be Paul was simply stroking Nic’s ego in saying “her man” was superior to Vic, that is how I see it.

      • She surely has been saying things that might stroke Doofus’s ego. Currently, that’s all she is able to stroke of his so she’s laying it on.

      • LMBO!!! Poor widdle Nic, she doesn’t have her other half to help her out, waaaaaaaaaaaah, She needs to get used to it, Corey is going right back to his old life, sans Nic.

      • Did you see where she said she didn’t want any of her friends to come to the finale because she doesn’t want to have to be introducing them to people, she just wanted her family? That just struck me as a little odd. Maybe it was relayed wrong on Jokers.

      • I did see that. She has also said that she doesn’t have girlfriends, which isn’t a big surprise at all. I don’t think Nic has a lot of friends period. She is that girl that goes from boyfriend to boyfriend and leaves her friends behind. Women who do that tend to alienate their friends at some point.

      • Whether true or not, her behavior towards women has made it appear that she has problems with female relationships. JMO

      • I saw something about her not getting close to the girls because of her last season. Hmm, Christine comes to mind. If Christine is really Meech’s cousin? Makes sense why BIG Meech doesn’t like Nicole. I’m still rooting for Nicole!

      • I’m about as fond of Dingus this season as I was of Christine that season. We all gotta root for someone, although maybe not very enthusiastically at times. :)

      • Do you remember when Christine went into the jury house and Donny started cheering, best moment of last season.

      • It’s listed on YouTube but when I clicked on it, it showed an error had occurred. I’ll try to figure that out later. I’m not good at this computer crap.:(

      • I hated Christine on her season. I am one of the few who still like Nicole. I do like Paul too. He really grew on me.

      • Hate’s a strong word. I don’t care enough about them to hate them. Now I do detest some of their behavior .Frankie Grande comes to mind as #1 on the list. Paulie is #1 this season.

  9. your ranking, since you only pick one, are so far off the way the actual outcome is. victor is an absolute lock to win afp (I’m still voting for paul).

    also since the audience here is far different than the feeders (the voting audience) the people that they know (nicole and james) are skewed far higher than on a more accurate poll on Jokers.

  10. what is odd, is that Nicole has been on the top of your popularity poll almost all summer, but for some reason she is also on the top of the list of who you want to see evicted poll. real head scratchier..

  11. How the hell are James and Nic at the top, this really doesn’t add up for me, anyone else feel the same?

  12. Interesting interview today in THR with exec producers Grodner and Meehan about the season and finale. Grodner very defensive of Nic’s gameplay this season. Describes Vic as cocky. Says they will have security for the finale in case Da’ and Paulie get into it. Also links to the jury they assembled which was mentioned yesterday I believe of former HG’s Rachel, Janelle, Johnny Mac, Britney, Judd etc. The majority would vote for Paul to win and those who replied said Vic for AFP except Frank of course

  13. How utterly adorable is this? Production could be heard saying “Hi Darling, this will be super quick”, as Dingus entered the DR room.

  14. I find it hard that Victor is not at the top of this poll and any others. All I’ve seen and heard is Victor, Paul, or even Nicole for favorite player but, everyone is sick of James….. EVERYONE!

    • I wouldn’t mind Vic winning AFP but some people may not think he deserves it because he practically self evicted 3x! Lol We love the guy but he had 0 strategy, social game not good until the very end and maybe they had no one else to talk to. Great guy, I mean I’d let him marry my daughter but not Big Brother material. Maybe they are considering those aspects when they vote.

  15. hopefully nicole goes out tonite with nothing! stayed in bed the whole season with Coreyyyyyyyyyyy aka Forest Gump

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