‘Big Brother 18’ Popularity Poll – Week 12

Our latest poll is open for the final round of our Big Brother 18 popularity contest where you can vote up your favorite Houseguests of the 2016 season. We’ve also got our results from last week so we can make our new rise and fall comparison of the summer.

Big Brother 18 Memory Wall featuring Houseguests

Once again all sixteen Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

We’ve just opened our very last popularity poll of the Big Brother season and we’ve got our results in the finalized results from last week’s poll below and those are interesting results for sure with the top bracket of players.

I believe this is the first time all season that we’ve got the top eight Houseguests holding steady from the previous week to last week’s results. That means Nicole held on to her top spot over James and Victor kept himself in third place over his Sitting Duck ally Paul. Natalie held strong in fifth while Corey was once again the least popular active HG. Dudsville for sure on that guy.

The middle ground is held by all the previously evicted players with Frank holding steady in 8th then Da’Vonne climbing three spots and Bridgette coming back up four. Those climbs bumped Glenn back down a few ranks along with Paulie and Tiffany.

Perhaps most noteworthy this week is that Jozea did it. He finally did it. Jozea has risen! Two spots that is, as he is in 14th place for the week and, for the first time all season long, not the least popular Houseguest in our poll. Nevermind that it was just six votes that kept him out of that spot. Jozea’s losing streak has ended as Bronte dropped to the bottom of the heap with Zakiyah just a nudge above her in the votes.

Check out all the results from last week and see how they performed when compared to the previous round’s results for gains and drops then be sure to scroll down and vote for your current favorite in our latest poll.

Big Brother 18 Popularity Poll Results – Wk 11 vs Wk 10:

  1. Nicole Franzel – 29.9% (+0)
  2. James Huling – 27.7% (+0)
  3. Victor Arroyo – 20.6% (+0)
  4. Paul Abrahamian – 8.3% (+0)
  5. Natalie Negrotti – 4.9% (+0)
  6. Corey Brooks – 1.9% (+0)
  7. Frank Eudy – 1.3% (+0)
  8. Da’Vonne Rogers – 1.2% (+3)
  9. Bridgette Dunning – 0.87% (+4)
  10. Glenn Garcia – 0.81% (-2)
  11. Paulie Calafiore – 0.78% (-1)
  12. Tiffany Rousso – 0.49% (-3)
  13. Michelle Meyer – 0.44% (-1)
  14. Jozea Flores – 0.19% (+2)
  15. Zakiyah Everette – 0.18% (-1)
  16. Bronte D’Acquisto – 0.16% (-1)

Vote in our new poll to support your favorite Houseguest for Week 12 of Big Brother 18.


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  1. Victor should win AFP! Don’t know who is voting for James in these polls. Victor has also been #1 on Jokers for the last three weeks, too.

    Let’s get the vote out for Victor and send production a message that we are not fans of Nicole, Corey or James.

  2. Yes. I don’t see how there’s such a difference in the polls between this one and the one on Jokers. Victor FTW AFP.

  3. I love watching this poll each week, When I voted exactly one hour ago, this was the results:


    For the past 3 weeks Nicole has always started out lower like that but ended up on top in the poll rankings.

    • I cant either I voted for Victor and when cbs has Americas favorite I will vote for him I wish sloppy 2nd Nic would go on the block so sick of her saying she has never ever been yet she has that evil look and laugh when someone else is

  4. I agree vote for Victor don’t vote for someone who played their games in bed good ole Nicole is already wondering who her next showmance will be I wonder if that means she will be on the cbs all access one I wont pay to watch it feeds are down now until tuesday

  5. Since we are in a black out until 9 pm Pacific time Tuesday night, I would love to hear what each of your opinions are as to won HOH and possibly the POV comp. Who do you think James teamed up with today and who do you think will be the last to leave before F3.

    I will start and keep in mind this is only a guess and we can’t hold this against anyone nor should we ridicule those we do not agree with.

    I think James will team up with Paul, Paul winning the HOH and then Paul putting Nicole and Corey on the block. James winning VETO and keeping the noms the same with Corey going to jury.

    I know most won’t agree with this but I want to hear your thought’s too.

    • If James is smart, he’d partner with Paul…but IMHO, he has no right being in the F3, None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

      • Totally agree with you. James has played – if that’s what you call it – one of the worse, if not the worse games this season.

      • And yet he’s in the final four. So who’s playing a better game? As we have seen over the years, there are many paths to Being the winner.

      • James is very street smart… One thing i like about him is that he always comes through when he needs to. If you think about it, James flipped this entire game with his care package. I just wish he had aided in the steamrolling of Nicory. Other than that, i think his game is decent. I just wish he wasn’t working with nicory, in a perfect world.

      • It is more that James lucked out and not because of his strategy. Victor and Paul just happened to be bigger targets than him!

      • I think that was his strategy. Remember, he’s a vet, not good at comps and also not dumb. Now, I’m not a James fan, but i dont believe he’s been sleeping the entire game like most people. However, I mortified if he wins. He would have been out weeks ago if he played aggressively, they always threw his name out there as disposable. He hardly had any protection actually. He had no choice but to try and get lucky with Nat. Btw (I knew he would never pull that one off). lol

    • Agree that that scenario is what I would like but I would prefer Nic going to jury to better Paul’s chances because at this point Paul is my preference to win.

    • James already got a large lump of cash for being a vet and him and sloppy 2nd nic have a pre game deal of 10 grand so he wants that so he will stay with the Big Dummy and sloppy 2nd Nic lol

      • The $10K was not the pre-game deal (if there was one). A pre-game deal would be only to get James and Nic to F2. The $10K deal came much later in the game.

    • I’m not going to make a prediction, but let me say this, James won’t team up with Paul because he doesn’t have financial incentive, at least that we know of. James isn’t looking to win, so I think the payoff in the end promised from Nic is key for him in his so-called game.

    • I think Nicole wins HOH nominates Paul and James. Corey wins POV and votes out Paul. Nicole wins final HOH and votes out Corey.

    • I think Nicole wins hoh. Puts up Paul and James. Paul wins veto and sends Corey home. The thing is Paul is in a bad spot. Because even if James flips on nicorey and gets one of them out, Paul would have to win the final hoh. James May flip on one but he’d never flip on both of them. On the off chance James did win the final hoh( I know it’s a long shot) he’ll definitely take the remaining member of Nicorey to f2 and vice versa.

      • So true, but sure would be a breath of fresh air, just for a moment, seeing one of the “Children Of The Corn” twins (NICORY) leave.

    • There is a 2 out of 3 chance the next evictee will be either Corey or Nicole. That is assuming everyone is trying to win that $500,000 James and Paul probably will team up and target Corey and Nicole.
      Now, who will they target? I think it should be Corey because he is stronger in HOH and VETO. Common sense dictates that Nicole would be easier to beat in the best of 3 HOHs! Corey also, has played a decent enough game compared to James and Paul.

      • Yea but Cory wont win over Paul or James. The jury is like “eh” with Cory’s game. I think i will get Nicole cant leave her in! Any of them shouldn’t keep her. If she’s left after veto, they had better take the shot. I will deal with Cory later.

  6. Who is voting for James?! People who enjoy someone who throws comps?! Jiminy Cricket—WTH, people? Someone explain the appeal to me, because to me, James is like a limp rag. He’s played the worst game. The worst. Worse than Glenn. What is this—‘get out and vote early and often?’
    SMH. I don’t get it.

    • Think it has to be a holdover from last year when some people liked the pranking and clueless crush on Meg. Pretty sure he’s not getting any new voters from this season. He is pathetic and his play has been pathetic this season IMO

      • He just seems to me to be quite immature for his age and not a go getter. Not a surprise he hasn’t been able to attract a steady GF

      • Yup, he’s worse than the James of last year, and that James was bad enough. Heck, everyone I read last year voted for Johnny Mac for AFP. I was surprised when James won.

      • You will be surprised at what fans will do! In DWTS, the fans ruined it by voting for their favorites over those dancing way better! I stopped watching altogether. This looks to be the final season for me too on Big Brother! I just hate the casting they have had the past 3 years and I am sure the online Big Brother would have the same casting choices which is crap!
        I will stick to Survivor where the tribe members play to win that $1,000,000!

      • There is a completely new entity doing the casting for the online season. You might want to give it a chance. It could be what we’ve all been hoping for.

      • I said the same thing. I used to watch every season of BB until BB8, stopped and started back at 15. These last two were awful. It came back to me last season why I stopped watching. I was going to purchase acess to BB19, but not now. Awful!

    • You have to remember, the above poll is a popularity / favorite poll. It has nothing to do with how each HG is playing the game.

    • Have given this a lot of thought. Decided the only answer are all the people who sympathize with him. Who maybe enjoyed his shomance & were pulling for this one to be the real deal. Down the toilet it went with gnat shredding him at the end. Just really nasty slams.Thinking that people are showing mercy & just feeling badly for him. Like maybe “Hey didn’t get the girl again,but We all still love you!” Other than this wild guess, haven’t a clue why he’s winning AFP.

    • James, Zakhya and Corey have been the most boring players this season. James was horrible at comps and in entertainment.

    • It was a total waste of a player to bring him back again. He brought nothing to the game, heck he barely played the game.

  7. what hospital does sloppy 2nd Nic work for it looks like she would be an embarisment to them ith her bed hopping

    • Why? Because ER nurses don’t have sex? It’s not like she was hooking up with everyone in the house.

      • I’m with you on this one. I’m disgusted with the way people are talking about her. First: She’s 24; 24 year olds have sex with their boyfriends. Second: She isn’t the first to have sex in the house and won’t be the last.
        I don’t get why everyone is slut shaming her. Last time I checked Corey was involved too but Nicole seems to be the only one who is getting the heat.

      • Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way. Some people have made very nasty disgusting remarks about her. And yes I like Nicole but that has nothing to do with it. I didn’t care for Z and I feel the same about the nasty filthy remarks about her too. It makes me sick.

    • Comments like this are so nasty and unnecessary. When live feed ‘fans’ start to make assumptions and judgments on these peoples’ personal and professional lives. There’s no value to it.

      I don’t care if the same people continue to gang up on me because they find me sticking up for others “inconvenient” for them. Comments like the one above are wrong. People deserve to be treated decently.

      • You’re right but try not take any offense comments like that. Nicole is horrible in this game. I’ve lost all respect… People are just venting. They don’t mean any harm….Even production makes fun of them.

      • They do mean harm. Some ‘fans’ of the show are responsible for these people losing their jobs. Like what Mary did. They judge someone’s actions in the game and they apply it the houseguest’s personal and professional lives.
        They constantly dehumanize them (like samsaraJello referring to Nicole as a “hole” for Corey to use) and that makes way for the actual death threats houseguests and their families have to worry about when they come out of the house. Just yesterday we had people talking about how Nicole is an incompetent nurse. It’s not okay.

        It doesn’t matter if you think Nicole is horrible at playing Big Brother. She simply does not deserve the disproportional amount of personal attacks she gets around here. And this is coming form someone who is not her fan.

        Instead focusing your attention on me for sticking up for someone, why not turn your attention to the people doing the harm in the first place?

        It’s fine to criticize people’s gameplay. That’s part of what makes this site great. But the personal attacks and bullying of both the houseguests (particularly female) and fellow commenters has gotten out of control.

      • I definitely disagree with someone’s rude comments on a blog got them fired. An employer can see just as well as we can. Whom ever’s life was in ruins after being on big brother, I’m sure is the persons fault, not big brother post. They think they can go on national tv and not have after shocks, thats ridiculous! Even people running for president gets bashed. Get over it! Its their fault.

      • Comparing the act of running for president to going on Big Brother is just silly.

        Regardless, you (hypothetically) and others can use any justification you want for going out of your way to personally attack someone. You’re still personally attacking them, though. I guess we disagree on whether that justification stands or not.

  8. James is on top of the Poll here, and climbed up to 3rd on Jokers. He has a solid fan base to begin with, and knows how to talk to them. The edit he got last night reinforced the fans (and Productions) undying love for James. lol

    • Yes, they always give him a good edit. I didn’t vote for him last year and won’t vote for him this year. If he wins AFP again I’ll be disappointed. I still can’t figure out what people find appealing about him.

      • I know..I didn’t hate him in his first season. He was funnier, his pranks were fresh, but it didn’t work for me this season. I didn’t vote for him, I voted for JMack for AFP. James game was mediocre then.

  9. Everybody, don’t be fooled by these poll numbers. It has started out very similar the past three weeks and Nicole always comes from behind to win out.

      • From what I hear, there are a lot of people that make good money in bed. She might have a real profession when she gets out. Out of the house, not out of the bed. haha As far as whether it was great or not, I would leave that up to Doofus to answer. I do think he will be dismissing Dingus as he will no longer be needing her services, bless her heart.

      • Nicole is Dingus because in her season she was called fruit loop Dingus. Corey is doofus because well…he’s a doofus.

      • No, not really. Your rhetoric is gross and sexist though. Comparing Nicole to a prostitute is not only harmful, but just gross in general and has no place in a forum like this

      • Dingus chose to go on a nationally aired tv program and have sexual exploits with a guy she doesn’t even know at the risk of her reputation and embarrassment to her family…for what….for money. Gross, yes, she is. She absolutely deserves any judgement and condemnation she gets for it. She made herself fair game to the public. If you get your kicks and enjoyment from watching it, that’s your issue. As far as I’m concerned, she obviously has no self respect. Do it in private if you don’t want to be called out for it. :)

      • The fact that you’re getting your kicks from judging someone for having intimacy with someone they care about says a lot about your ignorance/ intelligence.

        Not only are you comparing someone who has exclusively been with one guy in the house to a prostitute, but you are also denigrating sex work in general, but I’m sure that’s a whole conversation you couldn’t even handle.

      • If you are suffering from a guilt conscience, that’s sad for you. Everything I said is the truth. Point out one lie.

      • It’s not about truth or lies, its about your weird compulsion to attack people and tear people down based on their sexual exploits.

        I’m confused as to what you think i could be guilty about though

      • So you find it weird that I would give my opinion on an opinion site of a national tv show, more weird than a 23 yr old woman going on the show and bedding down for weeks with a guy she doesn’t even know for all the world to see. You do realize that this is what this site is for, to discuss what happens in the BB house?

      • Oh, you’re entitled to your opinions, just as I am entitled to call out harmful, mean, igonrant and sexist comments from you.

      • Well, bless your heart, so sensitive. You’ve obviously had a very bad summer with all of the talk all over the nation of Dingus and Doofus. Aren’t you happy that it’s almost over?

      • The sensitive one here is the one that’s clutching their pearls at the thought of a nice young lady daring to express herself sexually.

      • I find it weird that you live in a world where a 23 year old should be shamed for showing affection to someone they are attracted to after living together for weeks on end.

        I’m not sure what world you live in, but 20-somethings have sex with their significant others.

      • On national tv? If that makes you feel like she, and he for that matter, deserves a high five, you go for it. I think she will be regretting a lot while he will be bragging about his easy conquest. Like you said, she’s 23, she LITERALLY, made her bed.

      • A couple things here:

        No, this was not on national TV

        This wasn’t some exhibitionist display. It was some rustling under the sheets.

        Your need to dissect it and attack people for it is the creepy part here.

      • The feeds are available for people all over the nation and elsewhere. Dingus is aware of this and you know it. She has even looked to see if the cameras were looking at them. Yep, that’s creepy alright; knowing the cameras are watching you but yet not able to show integrity or have some morals. I think this is eating at your conscience for some reason. Maybe she is a family member.

      • O relax! Some of you get so uptight about about people posting insults and jokes! They are national tv competing in a ridiculous game show that has nothing noble about it, which makes people privy to comment however they want, no matter how distasteful. It’s all in fun. If Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have to endure it what makes them off limits?? Besides, if she wasn’t such a snake no one would notice what she’s doing. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE HER! GET OVER IT!!! I don’t blame them.

      • She agreed to go on a cheesy game show knowing cameras are recording their every move. Some pple no matter what age would never give a show like Big Brother the satisfaction of being filmed appearing to be giving a blojob under the covers. Its skanky! You can wait til the show is over. That footage is going to be there forever. If i were her and Liz’s parents I’d be mortified. Yes, for females , they look like sluts and the guys look like studs. Whether right or wrong, thats how the cookies crumble. Keep your panties on until filming is over, if you dont want to be judged.

      • I also love that you live in a world where sex is not only condemnation-worthy, but could ruin someone’s reputation. I didn’t realize Quakers were a major demographic for Big Brother.

        Are you planning on burning her at the stake for being a witch too?

      • You know something I don’t know. You sure jump to a lot of conclusions. I love milk and butter, the real butter.

  10. I just finally had a chance to watch the “butter comp”. I read that some people thought that Nicole and Corey had a “rigged” lane. My husband doesn’t read the spoilers or watch the feeds. He made the comment it looked like Paul was being “over dramatic”. I have to agree. I think he knew he didn’t have a chance. Bottom line, Paul is not very good at physical comps. I think James was throwing it since he knew he was not the target.

  11. I wonder how much better this season would have been if Johnny Mac had gotten the chance to return instead of James.

  12. Is BBAD new or is this a rerun? I haven’t watched it the last couple of nights. I know the feeds are supposed to be down.
    They have only shown Paul, James and Nicole. All in bed.

    • According to Big Brother Network, BBAD was taped in advance, so it’s “new” but not live.

      P.S. The houseguests this season all being in bed… what a crazy twist! :P

      • This is awesome news.

        Don’t know whether I’m happier that Paul is closer to winning some big money or that we are finally saying goodbye to Nicole or Corey???

      • For me, DEFINITELY the latter! I couldn’t bare to watch them riding high one more minute. I havent watched anything since that dreadful thursday night episode. Im better entertained conversing with you guys.

      • Same!! Couldn’t even watch last nites show because the thought of Nicole, Corey and James as F3 was depressing.


        Nicole will go home if she or Corey doesn’t win Veto.

        James will go home if him or Paul don’t win Veto

        Paul just need to win Final HoH and he wins the game yes.

      • I hear ya! I was not going to behold any of that. Not even if they played they the final 3 comps in my living room. Lol I gather you want Nicole out first, so do I. I DEFINITELY know Paul wouldn’t take her.

      • That would be ideal. But keeping in mind, her F2 pre-game alliance with James and the $10k bribe- we might get Corey out. Which would be okay too.

        Just one of them out to show them that
        they weren’t as smart as they thought they were but more importantly for talking all that smack about Paul and Vic after their F4 pledge.

  13. Okay super fans…

    So if Paul wins HOH, he can put up Nicole and Corey correct?

    Do you think James will finally wake up and aim for F2 or stay devoted to Dingus and Dum Dum?

  14. It’s all over on twitter, Paul won HoH, and Jokers too. Sometimes they get right, sometimes they don’t..I just hope it’s f****ng true!

    • Apparently she is a he. I saw that on Twitter, too. They say his source has not been wrong the last 4 times. He said he never trolls/jokes about spoilers. We will see soon!

  15. When I voted and it showed me the current results of the poll my FIRST thought was “Who on earth is voting for James?”

  16. This what was written about productions inteference:

    They want Corey evicted to add to Nicole’s “winner story” and also because a Paul/James/Nicole endgame is everything they’ve ever wanted since the first episode. Also yeah, James/Nicole F2 reinforcement without Corey next to Nicole.

    BB18 has undeniably been guided by production, because somehow the Paul vs. the Vets storyline is about to be the big F3 story.

    They don’t care if Paul wins Final HOH, because that will just mean a Paul/Nicole F2 and a James AFP.

    Production have ensured every result is their winning situation. Unlike the Steve/Liz/Vanessa F3 they probably weren’t enthused about.

    • At first I panicked when I saw someone upvoted this nonsense, but I was relieved when I realized it was just you upvoting your own comments like you always do.

      • lol, I deleted my comment because I think it was a little harsh. Thanks for being a good sport about it anyway.

      • Anytime. It’s BB and we are all very vested and passionate about its final determinations whether we admit it or not.

        Thanks for always holding your ground and keep your opinion heard.

        This is what makes this BB site far more superior than the others! ?

    • Idk when this BB after dark footage was recorded but im sensing this thick tension between Nicole and Cory. They are cooking in the kitchen and Corey seems to be irritated. He is very short with her in interactions. They sit down to eat and I gather she scheming. She asks badgers him with the question of: Do you think i can beat james in F2? He says “no” (really short). He wont even look at her. Something’s up. I’ve never seen him this way. But i like it! Lol

  17. This poll says Nicole is ahead but when you vote the percentages says James is, which is right!
    I watch Big Brother After Dark and for over 2 hours it showed them sleeping, wasteful footage!!

  18. How did the Top 7 not change even a small percentage from week 10 to week 11?
    Also- Does anyone know How many ppl vote in this poll each week? …

    I can’t imagine James increasing his lead over Vic from last week. James is barely even playing the game- I certainly hope he doesn’t get AFP. Hopefully Vic will pick up a lot of Paul’s casual viewer fans since he is F3 & a good chance of winning!

    • Thats my angle too! It annoys me how many people like her….I dont believe anything that comes out of her mouth…She may have problems in the real world after this. I know I wouldn’t trust her in or out the house. She reminds me of Andy bb15. Im surprised no one else has observed that. I also think they are friends. She mentions him sometimes but only briefly, probably to keep players from connecting the dots with them. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are relatives. They are both snakes, so i bet we will never find out from them.

      • She’s the type to tell on you and make you loose your job! bwahahahaha………….and act like she had nothing to do with it! smh

  19. Victor is so genuine…I enjoyed the footage on him especially the live feeds cause the show itself did not do justice. America’s Favorite all the way. James may be a nice guy but don’t like people playing up for the cameras like Nicorey and Natalie. Victor for the win

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