Big Brother 18: Nomination Anticipation In Week 6

We’ve got a new Head of Household and a wandering target as the incoming HoH immediately put last week’s backup plan as the top of this week’s order, but not everyone was on board. With so much back and forth last night we could end up with an interesting week of competing interests.

Paulie makes an odd choice on BB18

With just one initial target the search was on for a pawn to go along side the first nominee, but what turned out to be an initially difficult task eventually turned to multiple offers of “put me up” that will leave you scratching your head.

It didn’t take long after Feeds finally returned for us to hear from Paul, the new HoH for Week 6, that he would need one of his allies to go up on the Block next to Bridgette. Corey and Victor were the first options he asked (8:30 PM BBT 7/28) and Victor was quick to shut that down explaining he was too vulnerable as returning HG.

Jump forward to 9:40 PM BBT to find Paulie and Corey discussing how to get things moved from Bridgette to Da’Vonne going home this week. Paulie did not want to risk having another guy on the Block so he decided that needed to change. Paul arrived soon after and didn’t like this idea at all. He insisted it was imperative for Bridgette to go this week. Neither Paul nor Paulie wanted to yield on this front.

Conversations continued as Paul searched for a pawn. Talking with Paulie around 10:30 PM BBT Paul finally agrees that he’ll use Da’Vonne as a renom if necessary, but he doesn’t want to put her up from the start. Earlier he expressed concern that Day would have all week to cause trouble if she was nominated and he’d prefer to avoid that drama.

As far as who won’t be a pawn this week, James told Paul that they’re not okay with him using Natalie as a pawn and he doesn’t want her going up. James is frustrated that Bridgette will likely be hanging around this week as he realizes the house is going to leave him out to dry with her staying while they also consider using his close ally Natalie for a pawn.

By the end of the night (1:45 AM BBT) Nicole was getting promises from Paul that “100%… 1000%!” he would put Da’Vonne up as the renom should Bridgette win the Veto and take herself off. In that case Paul promised Nicole Day would be the target and go home over her. Nicole finally agrees to be the pawn, but she remains hesitant and soon Corey is making the same offer to be this week’s pawn.

Well you can’t forget Nicole or Corey going up as the pawn because guess who eventually volunteered to go up and help Paul compete in the Veto? Oh that’d be Paulie. Yep, Paulie has offered himself up as a pawn after much discussion with Paul, Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah around 2:15 AM BBT last night.

Once that’s settled Paul admits he still wants Bridgette out and hopes they’d do it to make him happy, but he says he’ll surrender to the will of the house if Da’Vonne is on the Block come Thursday and decides they want her out. Now keep in mind that Paul has control over that renom and he could always simply deny them access to voting for Day by using a different renom if that comes up. He’s got a few days to work on that plan if it’s what’s in the back of his mind.

At last confirmation Bridgette and Paulie are this week’s initial nomination plans. We’ll be waiting to see when the ceremony is held since it had been early in the day to make room for Roadkill which is no longer in play. The meeting may shift back to its more typical evening time slot, but we don’t know yet.

Ultimately it does look like Da’Vonne could be in trouble here but expect her to pick up on the warning signs as she’s already getting hints from James and Zakiyah to win that Veto if she’s drawn to play. This should be fun.

We’ll keep watching to see when the nominations are made official and if Paul makes any last minute changes to the plan before the Ceremony. Who do you want to see up on the Block this week?

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  1. Please let Paulie be OTB and let Karma take a bite out of his behind with help from God and send him out to meet Julie this coming Thursday with NON round trip ticket back in.

    • But if he had the round trip ticket wouldn’t that be funny. He would come back with non of his herded sheep. Dead in the water with no support. That could be entertaining.

      Don’t get me wrong, I really hate his arrogance but I root for entertainment

    • Yes Paulies face would be priceless, if they would vote him out, but knowing how these jokers are playing, I’d say see ya Da

  2. Paulie, cocky competition winners with multiple competing alliances who can compare notes, who are also in showmances PROBABLY should not volunteer to be pawns.

  3. I think putting Bri on the block would just be Pauls way of saying I dont like you, but for what, shes no threat.Getting Da out works for me.

  4. So Paulie volunteered to be a pawn? Did he learned this from Derrick too? Ha! Great! I hope he gets evicted.

    • Should he stay on the block and Day finds out he wanted to backdoor her, he’s toast. Exciting!

      • I do too but I really want to see the look on his face when he has to leave knowing DAY is still in there LOL.

    • Does Paulie have a better chance of leaving if he was against Bridgette? I want Paulie/Paul gone real soon

      • It’s strange that no one is really talking about how dangerous he is. He’s calling all the shots and knows how to win comps. What 2 HoH’s? Not to mention he’s never been on the block. I’d say, good resume for the Jury already. He could be sitting with any body and it should be an easy choice, if they wanna have a chance to win the game.

      • Exactly. Nat seems to be the only HG that’s mentioned his name. What’s with the rest of them?

      • I don’t know Dan, it’s frustrating. Is Nat no longer eligible for the good package in the next few weeks?

      • I believe so Cyril, once a HG receives a package they’re no longer eligible for future care packages. Nat sure took a lot of heat for her win today. The whole house attitude toward her changed b/c of it.

        Hopefully she can stay off the block this week. The care packages seem to only increase in value as the weeks move on. The heat will soon be on someone else for winning it.

  5. I hate that all these HG were like “I’m not going on the block” when Paul was trying to find a pawn. Do they not realize that they don’t have an option because Paul can put up whoever the f*ck he wants. They did they give him an option when he was used as a pawn? No they told him that he was going on the block but only as pawn.

    • That is true Paul can put up whoever he wants. That doesn’t mean you have to agree to it that just make you the fool.

      • No obviously they are not going to want to go on the block but they were all being catty and saying if they got put up as a pawn there will problems. What problems is someone who doesn’t win competitions going to cause? Lol

      • That would be funny to see and then watch to see how the house divided after that but Paulie is one of the few HG actually playing this season. His cockiness is wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy overboard (“I’m bred for this”) which gets kind of annoying but either way I would still be content.

    • But Paul doesn’t have a back bone to make that decision. He wants the house to decide who should be the pawn.

      • Truuuee. It’s weird how persistent and adamant he is about Bridgette leaving but then can’t make the decision to put someone else up as a pawn. I’m gonna guess that Bridgette leaving is personal preference and not part of game strategy.

      • I agree. I didn’t think he was Bridgette’s target. She hates Michelle so I would think that’s her #1 target.

      • You got that right. James doesn’t have a back bone either. He cracks me up last night telling Natalie that Nicole only won 1 HOH and it was given to her. Yet his HOH was given to him and Natalie hasn’t won anything.

      • I would consider James’ even worse because he flat out lied to get them to give it to him. P.O.S for real

    • I hope the final 4 is Michelle, Zakiyah, Bridgette and Natalie. That way there will be an undeserving winner proving how terrible the gameplay has been this year. Last week they were worried if Frank came back, because 10 against 2 is really scary.

      • Haha I don’t see how it would ever come down to those four but that would be a ridiculous amount of float game going on

      • The HGs should vote for Brigitte as the winner since she is the only one who has actually tried to play the game.

    • If Paul hadn’t joined the cult of Jozea the first week he wouldn’t have been a pawn at all. Paul got himself into trouble and has to deal with the consequences.

      • Well I can’t blame him for all of them trying to get the vets out right away because the vets obviously we’re a threat since they end up taking control of the house originally and the always good logic of “they’ve already had their chance”. I don’t know what else you would have had him rather do?

      • He should’ve joined up with the vets instead of being so loud and obnoxious about wanting them gone.

      • But they believed that all of the new HG were together in thinking that the vets should go first. Could they have handled this situation a lot better? Yes but why would he have teamed up with the people that he thought everyone was against at that point.

      • I see your point BMC and it’s a good one. I just think Paul’s loud and obnoxious way of going after the Vets was a bad idea.
        Since Paul knew nothing about the game of BB when he arrived in the house I think his game has improved the most among the newbies.
        His only choice after losing Jozea and Victor was to snitch in order to find favor with Paulie and it’s worked to a large degree.
        I even think Paulie is starting to trust him – which is a very bad idea imo.

      • Oh I completely agree. He definitely started to make his game better after Vic left but he is starting to feel too comfortable and even believes that he is running the house now along side Paulie instead of just being one of Paulies carrier pigeons.

      • Poor guy, he just can’t seem to help himself. If he does get out Day I’ll be his fan for life.

  6. Z really going to talk about Natalie’s float game when Z floats so much she might as well be a boat

  7. James needs to keep his mouth shut. If it gets back to Paulie and Corey that she knows they need to keep James out of the loop moving forward. I’m hoping she goes this week. She’s a s#it stirrer. And her attitude sucks.

    • Yes but somehow both Paulie and Corey will think that Nicole is the one telling her. Such idiot’s in the house this year.

      • Honestly these HG are oblivious to what’s going on around them. I mean Natalie is the only one so far to question Paulie’s status in the house

      • Yep, Nat has been pretty good at gauging the threats that exist to her and James. Now if only she could better understand the opportunities for strategic partnerships as well. Her only ally is James at this point and that’s not going to work well for either of them in the long run.

      • She needs to team up with not only James but with Victor (which was on her original team), Bridgette and Michelle to even have a chance.

      • That wouldn’t be a bad group to run with…but did you just pair Meech and Bridge in an alliance? lol

      • I agree, except for Michelle. She will never ally with Bridgette. Her will Fwank feeling were too hurt.

  8. It would be the most hilarious thing if Da or Nat were to win the Veto. It would show Paulie boy that he can’t win everything and that No he was not ‘Bred for this’ -_-

  9. What happened to using one of the girls as the pawn? This is a stupid move since everyone knows Day is going after showmances, Never volunteer to be OTB; it can come back to bite you

  10. Oh if Paulie goes out as a pawn that would be so beautiful. Surely at least some of these houseguests is smart enough to realize that if they have a shot at the person who’s been running the house, they should take it.

    • I agree. Unfortunately I think it will be difficult to gather the necessary votes. Let’s assume noms stay the same, Bridge and Paulie. We’d need five votes from James, Nat, Day, Meech, Vic, Z, Nic and Corey to get Paulie evicted.

      The first three might flip against Paulie, but getting the other two votes from the remaining five HGs isn’t going to be easy when if Bridge is still sitting next to him.

      • Right but Paulie backdoored Vic… so he’s another potential vote and Nicole is a veteran who should know you don’t pass up on a shot like this. Especially since she has history with Paulie’s brother.

      • You’re right Neil and I agree mostly agree with you. But I think this scenario would require Vic to go against Paul (the person he’s most close to) and Nicole to vote against Corey’s wishes (his partner in the Strength & Honor alliance).

        I’d love to see it happen, but I think we’re gonna need something big to happen to sink Paulie’s game this week to make this more likely. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

      • Vic is convinced that Paulie voted to keep him along with Paul-dumb. That’s why he thinks he’s final 3

      • I’m behind on the gossip admittedly but Paulie was The backdooring HOH so he didn’t vote at all

  11. The only conclusion I can remotely come to as Paulie volunteering as a pawn is that he wants to ensure he plays in veto, and that’s it’s used, so Dayvonne is definitely back doored. Little does he know things don’t always or ever go as planned in this game.

    • Very true. I’m pushing for Paulie to get what’s coming to him as soon as possible. This guy pulls so much crap outta his ass…only he can understand his convoluted logic. Delusional this guy.

      • Idk why he thinks just bc he comes down that dayvonne will go up. Pauls deal was if Bridgette came down dayvonne would go up and that’s it.

  12. 5:05am HOH Zakiyah, Paul and Paulie (Exec = Victor)
    Talking about Victor being pissed.

    Paul – so yeah friendship.. boning..
    Paulie – Friendship.. boning
    Zakiyah heads to the toilet..
    Paul whispers to him that Bridgette is going or they will backdoor Da’Vonne, Never cared.
    He told the Diary room PP all the way friendship
    Paulie – we’re going to be sitting there final 2 lauhging..
    Paulie – hey everyone Bridgette is going home.. psych.. Da’Vonne you’re going home whoops

    Paul – dude EXEC is so pissed..
    Paulie – Bridgette we’re the only people you can trust.. next week your out whooops
    Paul – whoops..

    Feeds cut, when they’re back Zakiyah is now with PP, talking about competitions.
    Paulie says he’s going to go to Nicole on Saturday and blow Da up.
    Paul – what about MEECH
    Zakiyah says she’s closer to DA than her.

    Paulie is going to work on Michelle.

    Paul says Meech doesn’t have a thought of her own unless she hates someone than she’s got all sort of thoughts of her own
    Zakiyah agrees.
    Paulie says Da is roping Bridgette in
    Paul – Da approached me 30 times
    Paul adds she grills him every time he comes out of a room.
    Paul – if you came out a room with Genghis Khan I wouldn’t ask you so many questions..
    Paul says Da’Vonne is doing sketchy sh1t.

    They try to think of ways to prevent Victor from wanting to sleep in the HOH with Paul.
    Zakiyah – EXEC is going to get punched in the face
    Paulie – Ezxec has max 4 weeks
    Zakiyah – If I get he’s going home
    Paul – this week Bridgette or Da,
    Paul – next week ?
    Paulie – the other one…
    Paulie – the next week ?
    Paul – Natalie or the other one..

  13. James is proving to be the same clueless player he was last season.

    I cannot believe all these players volunteering for the block knowing every one of them is a target of Da’s.

    Also, doesn;t Paul intransigence about putting Da up turn on any light bulbs in anyone’s heads? Only James warned Paulie that Paul and Da are closer than he thinks.

  14. i’m still confused as to what truly happened with Day and Frank. It seems Day had opportunities to tell Frank what her issues with him were and he offered to even stop. so being that she couldn’t do that, i wouldn’t trust her and would love to see her up and watch the house go bananas!

    • Day is probably going to have problems with anyone that is controlling the game such as Frank and paulie because she wants to be the one running the game.
      I don’t like the way she takes things so personally and starts hating another HG – she’s becoming too difficult to watch for me.

    • What I have seen from Da’vonne is that she has played this game before and also watched the show. She knows how one person can take over the whole game and manipulate the whole house. She is smart and is trying to make sure that no one manipulates her and if they are after her she will go after them. She is my favorite this season because of that. Now if she only figures out that Paulie is trying to get her out and wins that veto. I hope she has the golden ticket, if Paul decides to let Paulie play his game.

      • If Day is BD, game over. Paulie has his pocket of every other player he want out and he will not have to win another HOH to do it.

  15. Paulie is doing WAY too much already this week. For as much as he talks about Derrick, he’s making an awful move by volunteering to go on the block. Derrick would be ripping him a new one right now if he could. Never ever ever volunteer to be a pawn. It’s horrible game play.

    Second, once he brought up the idea to Paul that they should target Day and Paul shut it down, Paulie should have zipped his lips and just gone with the flow. Paulie could get in serious trouble this week if word gets back to Day that he (Paulie) adamantly wanted her out; especially if Paulie is still on the block come Thursday.

    Paulie has been playing a very strong game up to this point. Why he would be okay with going on the block is beyond me. The risk does not outweigh the reward at this point in the game.

    • He’s just that cocky and confident. All the floaters fear that if he does not go home, they will be the next target for him. He can’t target everyone. Just like everyone can’t go to the end so someone has to make a move.

  16. Frankie annoying Grande on celebrity Big Brother and a bunch of has been older people.

  17. If Paulie wanted to be HOH this week he should’ve tried to win the HOH comp instead of throwing it away. I can’t believe he has already talked Paul into doing what is best for paulie’s game instead of his own game.

  18. Has anyone watched Natalie put her makeups on?? What a dumb question, everyone has watched because it takes so long to put it on.
    Natalie has OCD. She has a counting ritual that I’ve noticed.

  19. These idiots are targeting Bridgett because why again?! What on earth gives her a chance of winning, she’s alone. This season is seriously boring.

  20. I work from home so I’m glued to the live feeds all day. I CAN’T STAND PAULIE!! If I was on the jury, I would vote Paulie to win. He has manipulated and bullied every OTB nominee and eviction. It’s no question that he will be final two. Did I mention I can’t stand Paulie!!
    I wish I was in the house.

  21. COME ON!!!!! Nicole and corey both set themselves up to go and they let them off the hook. how stupid!!!!! da’vonne can’t be the only one to notice how shady nicole is. She’s been caught like 3 times. Michelle was there for one of the times after talking to Frank and mentioning it to nicole and da’vonne. what a bunch of idiots, just like last year. They’ll keep doing what the house (paulie, z, corey, nicole) until it’s too late. The reason they want da’vonne out is because she knows they’re working together and that nicole is a rat.

  22. What’s with all the Paulie hate?? He is certainly fine to watch, running around with no shirt!

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